"Mainstream Media" Must Go!


Main-stream (mayn-streem)

Main or current thought or behavior:  the ideas, actions, and values that are most widely accepted by a group or society, e.g. in politics, fashion or music


Since there is very little mainstream about the so-called mainstream media, it’s time for all of us to stop using such a misleading term – and come up with something new.

Is the New York Times or NBC News really mainstream when they ignore the Van Jones story?

Isn’t there something wrong when Glenn Beck, who doesn’t even pretend to be a journalist, scoops the “mainstream media” on all sorts of stories – from Van Jones to Acorn, to name just two recent examples?

The fact is there are lots of stories that Americans care deeply about that simply hold no interest for so-called mainstream journalists.   I get the impression that if FOX News decides to run with a story that may, for example, reflect badly on President Obama or one that puts a spotlight on some liberal judge who let’s child molesters off with (barely) a slap on the wrist, the mainstream media won’t go near it.  That may be regrettable, but I fear it’s true.

So, here’s where all of you come in.  What term should we come up with to replace “mainstream media”?

I await your brilliant suggestions.  Keep ‘em short.

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  • Rejolyn

    What a bteauiful and moving story! I am a donor as well and hope that I will be selected one day. God bless you.

  • Rega

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    • Salma

      naostdomesticoted September 30, 2011 Kat, I think he would notice a meat swap haha. There’s some tricks I can pull, but subbing turkey for beef is NOT one of them!!

  • http://bernardgoldberg.com David

    Down-Stream [P] Mess.. The Daily Tilt..Broken Beacon…The Left Expose[d] The New York Days (are over) ..CanNotNews .. N [orth korean] Y Times ..CanBelieveSocialism MoreSocialistMockBumblingConservatives..AlwaysBelittleConservatives ..NeverBelieveConservatives…

    These are some serious considerations for today’s national press furthermore I recommend visual press corps move their studios over to the Saturday Night Live news set where they’ll be viewed more credible-hey at least they remain in NY! As far as the paper press-well the only good place for them would probably have to be in the bathroom-replacing toilet paper. At least it would serve some good purpose!

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  • Joan

    The current race bait scam known as Journolist is another Vast Nifong Media Scam. Its an obvious example of how the Nifong Media attacks non-democrats with fake racism accusations.as a way to aid and abet democrats.

  • Maurice

    NAZI media or NAZI News Media reflects how the media is controlled by the state – the socialist democrats. Long ago prominent communists said they would take control of the US media and now they have. The democtat run media publishes propaganda instead of truth. Socialists, Marxists, Communists have always resorted to propaganda and lies. When the ends justify the means as Marxists claim, then truth, ethics, murder, morality, don’t matter. Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others demonstrated it repeatedly. Has the USA forgot WW2, Hitler, the NAZI party, Stalin? The world should not have to learn this lesson yet again.

  • Laura

    Socialist Media or Democrat Socialist Media is an appropriate name because the left wing media promote the same things as Obama and the democrats. Obama surrounds himself with socialists like Van Jones. The socialist media and democrats are roots of the same socialist hemlock plant. The media in the USA has become like that of communist nations – controlled by the state, the democrat arm of the state.

  • Karen

    Just finished reading a lot of these new name ideas for the left wing media. I vote for nifong news media NNM. The way big media is always trying to play race cards for the dems is just like what Nifong did to get elected by using the Duke lacrosse players as race bait. The NNM and career race baiter Al Sharpton even helped provide a national platform for Nifong to launch his initial accusations against the lacrosse players..

  • http://msn velma moore

    i personally just call them the lamestream media and let it go at that.

  • Barak

    Nifong media describes it best. The nifong media hushes up even the biggest story if it doesn’t support democrat politics.

    • Barak

      Yeah, thats it – nifong media. The nifong media helps democrats with all the race bait games. Without the nifong media helping them, the democrats couldn’t play the race card effectively.

  • BN

    In view of the fact that the national lamestream media have gone from mere bias to outright intellectual corruption (as you have noted on O’Reilly), I suggest that we change their name to “shamestream media.”


  • Jill

    Sorry to get off-topic, but Mr. Goldberg, I saw your appearance on O’Reilly tonight. You were commenting about ABC – the Disney-owned broadcast network – paying that horrible baby-killing Casey Anthony $200,000 for exclusive rights to videos and so on, and you made the ironic comparison between ABC and Disneyland. All I can say is, the irony is all too appropriate, because it’s clear that Disney isn’t Walt’s company anymore. It is utterly bereft of his spirit, moral fiber, and class. You think the Anthony incident was outrageous, well get this: Disney has hired Jason Segal to write and direct a movie. In Segal’s last movie he exposed himself on-screen. And what movie did Disney hire him to write and direct? A Muppet movie. Seriously, should a guy who exposes his “junk” for laughs be writing, directing and starring in a children’s film? What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Frank Sainburg


    I was glad to hear you say that the political correctness is out of control, with regard to the use of the word, “retarded.” As much as I am pained to ever defend a Democrat, and if it were a Republican they would have been lambasted, the word “retarded” is not a slur. Everybody is looking for a reason to be offended.

    Also, tell Las Vegas and its mayor to quit being so sensitive when Obama says, “Don’t blow your money in Vegas.”

    So many crybabies.

    Keep up the good work.

    Atascadero, CA

    • Franco57

      I agree with you 100% But it’s funny that political correctness, long espoused by the far left, comes back to bite them on the butt!! On the other hand, the right has to be careful not to protest too much as they did in the Harry Ried “negro” statement, as we start to sound like a bunch of shreiking harpies. As usual, Bernie is “right on” again!

      Lake Tahoe CA

  • John

    The mainstream media should be referred to as :”Fox News. Conservative propaganda for weak minds.”

  • http://none john t. clark

    …in reference to “mainstream media”…except for Fox that tells about everything, the rest are ridiculous if it`s a negative story about Obama or any appointees, who tend to be corrupt…the Messiah syndrome…in reality, it`s a minority with a checkered past who may not be who he says he is…they attack only Conservatives…ridiculous ! …their job is to report news, honestly…that`s it…end of story ! i call it the BBC…the Baby `Bama Chronicles

  • http://none john t. clark

    …wanted to make sure i commented on last nite on O`Reilly-1/4/10, Mon. …Bill asked you what do you think when referring to Eric Holder and New Gingrich…Newt just smiled after Bill closed…you said the same thing as Newt did on Holder…you and Newt hit it right on the head…i liked your explanation better when pointing to Bill`s family…i liked your answer so well, i re-played a couple of times…Bill says often he was schooled at Harvard…maybe he was…he sure sounds stupid sometimes…you always make sense, Bernie…just keep pounding Bill with the facts on this corrupt administration ! …you`re doing a fantastic job !

  • John Hunley


    I appreciate your use of the term “lame-stream media”, a term I coined more than three years ago in letters to Bill O’Reilly and other news sites.

    That phrase, along with the description of our legislators as “obscene congress-critters” explains how we may have gotten into this mess we now face.

    The lame-stream media wouldn’t report the shortcomings of the annointed one, such as his complete lack of experience in running anything-not even a lemonade stand, total lack of foreign affairs experience-except living and schooling in muslim countries, getting a “foreign student grant” to attend Occidental College as “Barry Soetoro”, his ties to unsavory characters, many of whom he has now taken into the White House as “advisors” and appointees to run this country into the ground.
    No, No! they were too busy feeling that “tingle up my leg”.

    Our obscene congress-critters have determined that the “Constitution” is an optional instrument and that “we the people” are too stupid to know what we want and need. Somewhere is lost the meaning of the Constitution that government shall be “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Those rascals fail to see that they work for us and doggone it, the voters aren’t able to see or willing to realize where they are leading us and put a stop to it.

    Go Green, recycle congress! Throw the bums out. Veto them, vote ’em totally out.

  • storch

    The media machine will always exist because their business model is not based on expected business principles. They serve a purpose; being the espousing of political beliefs to further one’s cause ( meaning, the owner’s cause ). No matter how unfathomable the approach, the goal is to brainwash the masses.

    A brief reflection of history readily reveals other times when the “media” served a purpose besides informing the public. It’s daily propaganda folks. I watch Fox News and yes, they do the same thing from time to time. ” Believe none of what you read…”

  • joel o’connor

    hey man, i just watch ur commentary about the guy who holds the most guniess book of world records for stuff like pogo stick jumping etc… I just want to say that you came across as very condecending toward that man. Why were you constantly implying he was crazy? Did he make you feel insecure? And why did you tell him during the fireman carry, “if you drop me, you’re a dead man.” ??? You just came across as a very affraid, insecure old man…..sorry, but you did end it nicely. I suggest you read a book call by G.K. Chesterson called Man Alive, the main character is Mr. Innocent Smith. Read it. Trust me, you need to. I love you….joel;)

  • http://www.april-images.blogspot.com April Harlow

    Bernie,…you are brilliant,…I feel refreshed after listening to your comentary. Thank you for all that you do. I also love listening to Bill Oreilly, Juan Williams and Charles Crautmayer.
    How in the world can Obama admin ignore Fox News? They treat foxnews like the obsene phone caller,..by just hanging up.

  • steveb

    close-minded one sided media;

  • La in TX

    Mouthpiece Media

  • John

    Soledad O’Brien is such a phony. In April 2008, Reverend Jeremiah Wright gave a speech in Detroit to the NAACP.  One of the things that  he said in this speech was that black and white children learn with different parts of their brain, and then gave an “unflattering imitation of the way white pastors speak.”  Peoples comments were that he gave a racial speech. Soledad  O’Brien, on CNN, was quoted as saying, in a gushing manner, that the speech was a “home run” and “really funny.” When questioned about the things he said in the speech, she would say things like, what he really meant was …..or what he wanted to say was… Once again she’s covering the truth and being racist.  Just as with the Henry Gates incident.  In an appearance on Anderson Cooper, the night or so before CNN’s “The Moment of Truth” she appeared enraged that it was a racial profile against Gates. She said that she got calls from her FRIENDS saying it was all about Gates being black.  She went on that show with the purpose, at all costs, to destroy the credibility of the white police officer and throw him under the bus.  When Cooper was talking she wanted to make the point that Gates said “Thank You” to the police officers.  By mentioning that, she was purposely misrepresenting the truth by playing down Gates’ belligerence and racial remarks, which she didn’t even mention.  Even Gates’ attorney and friend, said to the media that he used very strong language. Colon Powell and President Obama both said he should take blame in the incident.  I have seen this in many occasions with her, where she doesn’t speak the truth and hides the true facts.  Another time on Anderson Cooper, Cooper said to O’Brien that Senator John McCain hasn’t brought race into the campaign, like he said he wouldn’t.  You would think her response would have been something like, that’s great because he shouldn’t.  Instead she strongly insinuated that he would, even in the last week of the campaign. Also, her questioning style, in interviews  is completely different with a white person than it is with a black person.  Like in her interview with Henry Gates in “The Moment of Truth”  She just went along with his lies. I have seen several comments on various websites about her racism.  There are many other examples I could give of her racial bias, dishonesty and hypocrisy. She seems to consider herself to be black. She mentioned in an interview that her parents made it clear to her “you’re black” and that’s all there is to it.
    She’s all about being #1, she wants the world to revolve around her. She comes first, before her family. She wants to be a celebrity figure and a star. In interviews she says she works 6 days a week, mostly out of town, and on some holidays. She goes to gala events, concerts, lots of entertainment events, as a single woman, leaving her husband and kids behind.
    I think Soledad O’Brien is a very poor journalist. What ever happened to the days of CNN with Bernard Shaw and Judy Woodruff? They were honorable journalists. You could believe what they said.

  • http://justanotherbagofhotair.blogspot.com Dan

    I think, since they have so little to do with “news” anymore (at least, the kind of “news” I was taught to gather and report), we just call them the “entertainment” media.

    In fact, the so-called “mainstream” has had very little to do with the way “mainstream” life really is since the demise of “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Mayberry R. F. D.” I mean, really – Federal or Military investigators behave exactly nothing like those in “NCIS” or “CSI: Miami.” And Eric Kripke is going straight to Hell for “Supernatural.” How is any of that “mainstream?”

    Until such time as one of these so-called news organizations reports on the facts of a story on a regular basis, they’ll simply be the “entertainment” media to me.

  • Roger

    How about alphabet media (ie: ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC). I was thinking that lately they act almost like a arm of our government just like the alphabet Federal law enforcement agencies do.

  • Rosalie

    Regarding your Sept. 29 O’Reilly appearance.

    I was disappointed in your “superior journalist”, above it all, criticism of the likes of Glen Beck and Sean Hannity, and bewildered at your taking issue with the “grass roots, cross section of America” description of the Tea Party participants. I have been to 6 or 7 rallies against government controlled health care and can assure you that “grass roots” is a very appropriate term for them. They are wonderful, sensible, logical, good humored, average Americans united by their refusal to give up their freedom to exercise control over decisions about their own health and that of their loved ones. These are people who are not accustomed to public demonstrations, and who for the most part would rather be anywhere else than to be on the street holding up signs. These are trying times and no one is more frustrated than the average American who is losing freedom and watching America’s greatness so carelessly and deliberately disgarded.

    We are being insulted and dismissed by Congress, disparaged by the Left Wing media, and now YOU? I thought you were a champion of truth, and logic. My mistake.

    If this downward spiral into Socialism is thwarted at all, (and at this point, it doesn’t look good) we can thank the likes of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, and Ingraham, and in fact, the entire Fox Network. A little “cheerleading” is certainly in order right now, and a lot of prayers.

    What were you thinking? While I’m no big fan of O’Reilly, I have been one of yours. I don’t understand your acrimony. You must be carrying a big grudge. What can you be thinking?

    Disappointed in you,

    Rosalie M

    • George

      Ditto to ypu Rosalie!

  • Anthony Ferreira

    When do you think Fox will start hocking “We’re #1” foam fingers on their website? I would like to buy one for a Vandy proctologist.

  • Anthony Ferreira

    Take 2: How about magalomania media?With best regards

  • Anthony Ferreira

    Hey Mr. G.

  • E. Jay Nilsson

    How about:
    * junk journalists or junk journalism
    * relic reporters
    * medieval media
    *museum media
    *moldy media or
    * musty media

  • Allan Edmunds

    The (not) Main Stream Media…call it what it is…the Lap Dog Media.

  • Zaz

    Mr. Goldberg
    I have been suggesting to leading conservative bloggers that they use the acronym LSM (i.e. Left Stream Media) for some time, but I have not been very successful. I am glad that you and Glenn Beck have hit upon this. The more I hear Glenn Beck refer to those biased media outlets as the Fringe Media or FM, the more I like it. They are definitely on the fringe. So I choose LSM or FM. FM can also mean the F*****g Media on those days when they tell the big whopping lies.

  • E. Jay Nilsson

    To expand on my earlier suggestion (that the “mainstream media” should be called the urine stream media), I proposed that because:

    * Urine is not significantly representative of our overall existence.
    *In fact, urine is one of the most unappealing aspects of our existence.
    *Urine contains formulations that will harm you if retained.
    *If you think about urine very much, you are or will become (if you’re not somebody like a medical researcher), as nutty as Jimmy Carter or one of his peanut fields.

    • Sagar

      If we start sunnhing candidates for giving straight answers and talking with true conviction, then all really is lost. Whether or not you agree with Gravel’s policies, he truly is a great model for any Presidential candidate, there is no BS with him.

  • Dana

    I call it the Pravda Media

    • E. Jay Nilsson

      Other, less earthy suggestions: side-show media, cotton-candy media, or polluted stream media.

      • Kalil

        Posted on Just sumlbted upon your website while doing a Google search. Great info BTW.. thanks !! very helpful post fantastic great awesome.

  • GeorgiaDawg

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaany time you wwwwwwwwwatch these stupid networks are read the
    NYT you fill like you will choke and puke,,,,
    How about the—–
    Choke and Puke Media…

  • Dat

    I simply refer to them as the Mythoholic Media. Like deluded drug addicts they keep denying reality and screaming for more of the same government poison that is causing the illness.

  • Janice Stevens

    New names for old “mainstream” media: Unfair-to-middling media
    Liberty hating Liberal Media ; Socialized Media
    Freedom hating control-freak media
    Obsolete, Mediocre Media
    Old fashioned Obsolete Media
    Out dated obsolete Media
    Past its prime time media
    shallow sophomoric media
    irrelevant media
    senile media

  • Rosalie

    I would call the formerly, and far from it, mainstream media, the PANTS ON FIRE media, because it acknowledges the lies, refers to pants as in heavy breathing, and could explain the tingles up Chris Matthews leg.

  • Ringo

    How about “Minion Media”?

    • Maria

      Pamela September 20, 2011 yay! cagornts Kristen! and I hope I win your headband..bangs make it kinda hard to run..the hair always ends up slipping from my berette :0(

  • Richard M. Wright


    Sorry to be late on this subject.

    I call the “mainstream media” DMOP, for “Democrat Ministry of Propaganda.”

    I think that’s accurate, and is easy to remember.

    On a separate subject: If you know someone who produces bumper stickers, how about one with BO’s stylized “O” logo, followed by “ceania” – spelling “Oceania. The Socialist police state of “1984.”

    I’d buy a bumper sticker like that in a New York second!


    Richard M. Wright

  • Gail Howard

    The mainstream media should now be ‘The White House Water Boys’ or ‘Water Boys’, for short.

  • Gail Howard

    The mainstream media should now be referred to as: “The White House Water Boys”

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Along with the Steam Media

  • E. Jay Nilsson

    How about “urine stream media”? It’s production is hidden, yet it’s old stuff when it’s newly produced; it’s highly predictable, useless, and a waste material. It’s offensive, so you don’t want to keep it around–and there’s only one place to put it.

  • johan

    Left Behind Lagacy Media

    Lapdog Legacy Media

    Lazy Left Legacy Media

    Dying Braindead Media

  • CustomsWiz

    How ’bout “waste stream media”? The media today is mired in a cesspool of elitism and arrogance and seems pitifully out of touch with reality.

  • Denny Lanigan

    Hey Bernie — How about a summary of the suggestions so far? I’d like to see the scorecard.

    Meanwhile, how about:


    oooooh scary!

    You know, like BIG tobacco and BIG pharma. In the leftie lexicon BIG = BAAAAAD (except government of course, everyone know’s THAT’S different) so let’s just stick it right up their (a’hem) nose.

  • Kirk Randall

    Pravda Press – Gets the point across, describes their politics pretty wel.

  • joe ferra

    At one time in the distant past they were referred to as the Watchdog Media, but as these so called journalists began shaping the news to fit their enlightened (re liberal) thought process they have morphed into the;


    Wagging their tails and licking the faces of those who they should be scrutinizing, they have become as worthless even as dangerous as a guard dog who instead of protecting the property from intruders just sits and gives the burglar his paw…

  • http://www.dangalloproductions.com Dan Gallo

    On my daily Bombastic Blogcast, I refer to the “mainstream media” as “The Propaganda Ministry”. And once in a while, to accentuate my point, I’ll print a photo of an oil painting of Dr. Joseph Goebbels with the logos of ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN underneath.

  • Rali

    Mickey mouse media they are cartoons

  • Lawrence Cheetham

    “Lame-stream media.”

    They are limping to the ratings finish line with one leg tied behand their hacks. Not to mention their stories *are* pretty lame….

    (Not my original idea, but a term one of my fellow office workers used while chatting up the O’Reilly Show lats week.)

  • Ann Matthews

    How about the Tri-Liberal Media. Keep up the level headed reporting. I’m always happy to watch you on Fox News.

  • Barbareebob

    I think they should be called the deadbeat media because they are so far behind they’ll never catch up.

  • LlightSaber

    The Puke Patrol — “All the Filfth That’s Fit to Print”
    Hired-Hands Nitworks
    Elba Island Broadcasting News Nitworks
    The Benedict Arnold Crier

  • LlightSaber

    How ’bout this?

    NewsRUs Media — gives it that playful, childish touch.

  • Sandra Childs

    The Ex-Media

  • Jay Galt

    Old Media

  • applnt

    Glen beck just got it right: FRINGE MEDIA
    loosely connect to the heart of the nation, flapping their jaws in the wind, an embellishment to the liberals.

    • Juanita Estrada

      Left Fringe Media

  • YojiYo

    Lazy dog media.

    The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog….

    Chambermaid media.

    • LlightSaber

      Or “chamber pot” media.

    • Ed

      Why does everybody get this sentence wrong?

      It’s, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

      NOT “jumped”.

      This is a sentence that can test the keyboard on a typewriter because it uses every letter. There’s no “s” if you type “jumped”.

      • YojiYo

        Ed, your right. My mistake. And I typed “your” on purpose, too…. Everybody needs an editor!

  • Michael

    In the IT field, where an application is being replaced by a new, improved and more powerful version, during the implementation phase, the dexisting, soon-to-be-replaced application is referred to as the ‘legacy’ application. I think the term applies very well to the media outlets formerly known as ‘mainstream’,

  • LA

    When Fox News opens up their evening TV shows with the hot ACORN story, which has huge financial and political implications, then I flip over to MSNBC to see what they open up with for comparison, which is the usual irrelevant slams on Joe Wilson, Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, Bush, Bernie Goldberg . . .

    . . . all I can think of is there is RELEVANT news and IRRELEVANT news

    MSNBC (and the others) clearly is irrelevant and just plays to their head-nodding liberal crowd with long winded irrelevant news topics, because they don’t even cover the top stories of the day. Joe Wilson is just a minor story, no matter how anyone feels about it politically. Their consistent irrelevant coverage shows that that their agenda is carefully planned out.

  • LA

    When Fox News opens up their evening TV shows with the hot ACORN story, which has huge financial and political implications, then I flip over to MSNBC to see what they open up with, which is the usual irrelevant slams on Joe Wilson, Fox News, Hannity, Limbaugh, Bush, Bernie Goldberg . . .

    . . . all I can think of is there is RELEVANT news and IRRELEVANT news

    MSNBC (and the others) clearly is irrelevant and just plays to their head-nodding liberal crowd with long winded irrelevant news topics, because they don’t even cover the top stories of the day. Joe Wilson is just a minor story, no matter how anyone feels about it. Their consistent irrelevant coverage shows that that their agenda is carefully planned out.

  • Mark Karl

    how about the “Has-Been Media” for a name?

  • greg_w

    Shamestream Media

  • http://www.righttrack.us Terry Dillard

    I heard someone on radio the other day call them the “Lamestream media”. Don’t know if that’s already posted here, but I sure like it!

  • Leland

    Mainstream propagandists.

    Latest evidence is the ACORN story. When someone from an organization that receives federal money is caught on tape assisting someone that wants to set up a brothel staffed with underage girls, that should be the lead.

    When something like that is ignored, the media ignoring it becomes an extension of an agenda. That is also called propaganda.

  • Richard Lynch

    “The Mindless Midget Media.”

    (Our daddies stood tall above the rest, but we drank too much Kool-Aid and along with global warming our brains and testicles have been shrunk.)
    I wish to offer Bernie an analogy to use — when Obama was in Africa, he commented that Africa, at one time, had a higher per capata income than South Korea and now look at the situation — offering a couple of lame-brained excuses.
    Here is my analogy — Africa is exactly like the Democratic party — made up of tribes, all fighting for the same resources. Example: unions, academia, gays, environmentalists, far left, moderates, athetists, ect. That is why Barach Obama cannot govern.

  • Dee Louise

    Instead of ‘mainstream media’:
    1) PRAVDA U.S.A.
    2) NewsGate
    3) NewsRags (where applicable: Hags)

    Submitted most humbly & appreciate such an important opportunity,
    LV,NV 89117
    P.S. Apologize, is this is not correct place to post suggestions. Heard Mr. Goldberg give his Website on The Factor to ‘contribute’ and which has taken couple days for me to find ‘you’. Thanks, again.

  • Ralph

    As we say in New Orleans… The faux media.

  • Mark Davis

    I think “Lame Stream Media” fits best and am not sure they even rise to that level.

  • NDpendent

    SOS Media for Same Ole S**T Media

  • Jaynie59

    I like the name Ace came up with: Past Tense Media.

  • Royly

    I wold call them Half truth media

  • to the maxx

    for the alphabets (ABC, NBC, CBS) + nyt – the Gang of 4


    1. Weak Stream Media.
    2. Left Out Media
    3. Osterich Media

  • Sandra Childs

    Marionette Media

  • Don

    Instead of “mainstream,” I suggest “Fringe.” (Heard it first on Glen Beck).

  • mvale

    The MIA Media.

  • amy

    “Establishment Media”

  • Marann

    How about the “Titanic” media as in ship that couldn’t be sunk but nonetheless did?

  • http://chuck@getawaytoday.com chuck

    The VainStream Media, or the LameStream Media,

  • Cindy Anderson

    Leftmost media OR
    Leftover media OR
    Liberal agenda media OR
    network media (vs cable media)


    Proud graduates of the Joseph Goebbels School of Journalism, all.

  • Bill Noren

    Bernie – I think we should call them “The Samestream Media.”

  • to the maxx

    How about “Lobotomy media’? The more you watch it, the stupider you get.

  • Floyd Elliott


    Three of the names I’ve been calling Mainstream Media (which I agree isn’t even remotely close),
    are “State Run Media”, “Drive-by Media” and lately I’ve been calling it “Lap Dog Media”.

    “State Run Media” – Of the Government, By the Government, For the Government.
    “Drive-by Media” – Just ride by, spout something out, have no facts to back it up, and have only “unnamed sources”.
    “Lap Dog Media” – In the lap (in the tank) of Obama and his cronies.

    Keep up the good work. Keep the liberals straight.
    Help us save our Republic.

    Floyd Elliott
    South Boston, Va. 24592

  • Max

    The Medium.

    This emphasizes the “singularity” of their voice (they not “media,” they’re a “medium”) as well as the fact that they seem to be able to divine, like a seance medium, the hidden truth.

    So simply, The Medium.

  • Texas Pete

    A lot of people are starting to use this one:

    Antique Media

    Pretty says it all: old, outdated, smells a little musty, covered in mildew, not much good for anything save rummaging through at the flea market.

    Hey Bernie, when are you going to pass judgement on these 1200+ suggestions you asked for?

    • Sandra Childs

      Antiques are often valuable and described as “fine,” so with all due respect Texas Pete, I think “Flea Market Media” is a better fit. There’s lots of worthless crap at flea markets.

  • Disgruntled Monkey

    Media Classic

  • brad darrow

    How about Legacy Media? Big, costly, cumbersome, outdated, and unsustainable.

  • Nick

    State Controlled (or State Run) Media

  • HobbesDFW

    Dinosaur Media – Ponderous, Reptilian, with pea-sized brains, and soon to be extinct. But still dangerous until they are completely gone.

  • Kurt V

    “No news for me, if it comes from the big three”

  • Ed

    The Legacy Media (legacy in information tech refers to outmoded but still usable technology like mainframes that are slowly fading away as new technologies take their place). I think that describes the “MSM” – fading, useful at times but destined to be replaced by newer more agile models.

  • Christine Dean

    Let’s cut right to the chase and call them what they are “The Liberal Media.”

  • LlightSaber

    “Mainstream Mentalists” in honor of Maureen Dowd who “heard” Joe Wilson say, “You lie, boy.”

    Or, instead of the regular use of “network news” as opposed to cable news, how about “nitwork news?” It has a kind of ring to it.

  • Barry Sotero

    I have been going with Blew Dress Media, after Clinton paid tribute on his #1 fan’s blue dress, likewise, the media are all Obama’s #1 fans and would love to be so tributed.

  • Joanne Hlava

    Mouthpiece for Social Media


  • Kim Sheftall Curtis

    I’m calling them the “Downstream” Media…the bear having pooped in the stream, which is obvious to anyone paying attention.

    Any cub scout or brownie can tell you, go upstream; downstream, the water’s polluted.

  • jackinthepulpit

    I like “managed media.” It has an alliterative quality about it.

  • Doc

    Can you say “Chapter 11” or “Chapter 13 Media?”


    • Sandra Childs

      It could happen!

  • John B

    The Pompous Press! They are arrogant and self-important.

    • P Toro

      We have a winner……hahahahahahahahah LOL ROFL

    • Karol

      Posted on Some ueavuiqocnlly glorious calm upon this internet site, appreciate we for contribution. Once, energy was deliberate the manly attribute. In fact, energy has no sex. by Katharine Graham.

  • Zak

    the irrelevants

  • Louis Sanders

    Past Tense Media

  • Atadoff

    Legacy Media. Seen this one floating around the ‘sphere.

  • Jerry

    Sergeant Schultz Media: “I knows nothing!”

  • Rita

    chicken meatiaheads (sorry peta – but chickens are supposed to be the dumbest animals!)

  • JD

    “Left Stream Media” (LSM)

  • M. Thatcher

    Dead Media

  • Guided By Voices

    Won’t Report, We’ll Decide Media

    It will infuriate the other guys. It is the antonym of Fox’s “We Report, You Decide”. It will remind them of who is cleaning their clock every time it is spoken.

  • tyler durden

    converter box news

  • ziznick

    As one who has been called a “teabagger”. I would suggest:


    • ThouBaldhead

      This is the best suggestion here, y’all. Look it up on Urban Dictionary if you doubt it.

  • Beverly

    LEFTstream media.

    The other names are funny, BUT they don’t convey that the “media” are almost wholly Leftist. And that’s their fundamental flaw. And why they’re such a distorting, destructive force in our nation.

  • Kendra O’Connor





  • Rod

    Missing Stories Media

  • Brennan

    Buggy-whip Media.

    Refers to the buggy whip manufacturing companies that went out of business with the advent of the automobile. Also alludes to attempts by some in the buggy-whip media to have the government prop up their industry in the face of falling demand for their services.

    • Sandra Childs

      Along these lines, “Model T Media” would apply too!

  • larryhot13

    STATE-RUN MEDIA takes the prize. Short, succinct, and precise. Rush is always right!

  • Kendra O’Connor


    (mala fide is Latin: “with or in bad faith”; “pretended, not genuine, sham”)

  • Rod

    “The Fishwrap of Record” By Michelle Malkin

  • Murph

    Lamestream media – 100% fact and information free.

    “If we don’t like the real news, we make it up!”

  • DJ

    I propose “Ditto media” because they just say the same things and all seem to come from a single source: Obama & his hucksters & puppetmasters.

  • http://www.pmanews.com Michael Hooker

    Obamamites: Termites eating away at our country’s freedom

    For the replacement of mainstream media: dam-the-stream media

  • http://proteinwisdom.com/pub dicentra

    Ace at Ace of Spades HQ coined “past-tense media” for their uncanny ability to pick up a hot story only after the consequences have played out.

  • Pissed Off Scot

    Passe Press?
    Bygone Byliners?
    Posterity Posters?
    Poltergeist Press?
    Pushing-Up-Daisies-Yet-Still-Propping-Up-Dems Press?
    Network Narcissists?
    Disreputable Derelicts?
    Bankrupt Broadcasters?
    Insignificant Ink?
    Trivial Tripesters?

  • Tim Newport

    “rigor mediatis”

    • Rajiv

      Posted on Thank you for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most deilnitefy have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important.

  • Scott Crawford

    Isvestia? (Nah, it’s old.)

    What about “Gonzo Media?” At least Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (the original “Gonzo Journalist”) was honest; “Don’t let the facts obscure the ‘truth’.”

  • i heart your mom

    We shouldnt name them anything. Ignore them. It is obvious that the “new” media can move stories. The “new” media can organize and make things happen. The “new” media get better ratings. So yes, dont worry whether or not they will cover stories America wants to see and hear about, quite giving them space. IGNORE them, we dont need them. They dont have the ratings to stand on anyways so its not like they can hold power or sway over any other median. Its their fault. We fell for it in the last election and we lost because of it when the “mainstream” kept telling us that the conservative movement was over, we start to believe it. They said Palin was only pulling a couple of hundred people at her rallies, come to find out it was ten to twenty thousand per rally. We fell for it. NO MORE. They are irrelevant now.

  • T.

    The statist media.

  • buzzsaw

    How about “Obsolete Media”?

  • Nicholas Smith

    The name that I would use to replace the Mainstream Media is the Antique Media. There’s fresh, new or even objective about them. Everything they a spout is old news. Use it!

    • Nicholas Smith

      I forgot the word nothing. I’m up to late

  • Luther Lunchbucket

    Here’s another good one:

    “EFFETE MEDIA” Margaret Mitchell knew what words to use!

  • jls

    Left Wing Media

  • RickZ

    My name for ‘elite’ journaljizm is The Fellatio Media. After all, they’d know about teabaggers.

  • IKe Andrews

    I propose we start using the name, Legacy Media. This is borrowed from the information technology (IT) field. In IT, a legacy system refers to a program using obsolete code running on an old and obsolete technology. In my practice, legacy systems were always first in priority for replacement with something newer and better. Extending this analogy to journalism, Legacy Media would thus refer to organizations using obsolete paradigms for news gathering and reporting and utilizing old and obsolete methods for filtering and packaging the news product. I’ll leave it to the readers of your blog to figure out what the “newer and better” replacement is. It should be obvious by now.

  • Alaskan Kate

    After listening to your discussion with O’Reilly on the subject, we came up with the perfect term – “The Irrelevant Media”. The word “mainstream” denotes representative of the majority of the population, and these individuals certainly no longer perform that duty. Few of us read their words with anything but distrust, fewer of us listen to their evening news propaganda. All we have to do is see a byline of these individuals or source of the wire story and we know the slant and the synopsis. We get our real information from a wide variety of sources, none of them associated with CBS, NBC, NYT, etc. In our world, those sources have simply become irrelevant.

    The Irrelevant Media. That’s what they are in our lives.

    • Brian F.

      Hello fellow Alaskans (Interior Alaska here). It’s interesting our comments were one after the other. I do like Irrelevant, and I agree with your sentiments.

  • Brian F.

    I sent this to O’Reilly after seeing you, Mr. Goldberg, on his show on 9/15. I think the name should be “zombie” media. After all, they’re dead; they just don’t know it.

  • http://www.therightist.com Ben LeJeune

    The Mainstream Media (MSM) is no more. Their new title should be, Media Czars (or MC’s for short).

  • http://www.nacilbupera.com Nacilbupera

    A lot of good ideas here. We have decided for the purposes of our blog to use the term “Old School Media” to refer to progressively-biased, far-left media organizations such as MSNBC and the New York Times.

    • Sandra Childs

      NO NO NO! “Old School” refers to the GOOD old days, when tradition and the tried and true rules of society ruled. Old is the new new! Google it, dude!

  • Ron Larson

    The ObamaGate Media

  • John DeCarlo

    Bernie, have admired you since way back when in your CBS days. Best of the pack! Loved ALL your books too. Keep up the great work, Sir.

    How about, ‘Lame Brain Media’

  • lydia

    How about a take on the “Mainstream Media” propaganda arm…..Media Matters and

    call it “Doesn’t Matter Media”

  • Guided By Voices

    Won’t Report, We’ll Decide Media

    • Guided By Voices

      It will infuriate the other guys. It is the antonym of Fox’s “We Report, You Decide”. I t will remind them of who is cleaning their clock every time it is spoken.

  • Christine Cole

    Radical Chic Media.

  • clancy

    name.. ” Old Media”

  • Patti in PA

    How about………

    “8-TRACK MEDIA” – –used to be a “must have” but so outdated and useless today.

    Patti in PA

  • Jeff Rothrock

    Great name for Mainstream media:

    How about LEFTstream Agend-i-a!

  • GeoorgiaDawg

    Mr. Goldberg , just a couple more names,this makes me fill like i may be getting even for all the crap they have forced down our throat…
    1..’A dime a dance media”
    2..’Song and dance media”
    3..’No bells,No books,No candle media”
    I catch most of your guest shots on Mr. O’s shows, you are greatly appreciated for your straight foward commentary…..

  • Alma

    In Orwell’s “1984,” the protagonist works at the department for Newspeak–The Ministry of Truth–abbreviated by George Orwell as “Minitruth.” If we call today’s corruptocrats the “Minitruth Media” it will describe precisely what they represent.

  • Kurt V

    How about the “mudstream media”?

  • Guided By Voices

    AXIS Media – All Xtreme Ideologies Serviced Media

  • mbabbitt

    I forgot one: instead of CYA — we all know what this means — how about CDA Media:
    “Cover Dems A**” Media

  • http://www.freedomisknowledge.com/ Gary Kallback

    Beck just named your suggestion perfectly! “The Fringe Media!”

    Oh, from someone retired from northern New Jersey to the mountains of WNC five years ago, I believe I am correct in saying to you Bernie, “Welcome to the area.” Be sure to visit the Corner Kitchen.


  • Guillermo O’Neil

    NYNW- Not Your News Media

    and multicultural variants:
    Not Yo News
    Not Youse News
    Nacho News
    Not Yall’s News

    • LlightSaber

      I like that Nacho News thing.

      NOTE (and an aside) Matt Damon’s movie, The Informant, came out today. Remember how he savaged Sarah Palin in an interview during the campaign last year? Turns out “Everyman” is an elitist after all.

      I’ll pass on the film. Free Speech cuts both ways.

  • Marky DeSade

    WOMS -Wimp Out Media Service

  • Bobby Calvery

    Down here in the South a small, insignificant stream is called a branch. Since the bias and one sided reporting of the mainstream media has made their audiences smaller and their value insignifiant to a great many Americans and not worthy of being called “mainstream”, I suggest “The Liberal Branch Media”.

  • Bhudda Belly

    MIAM – Missing In Action Media

  • Ginny D

    How about Lame Stream media

  • Gerald Ploen

    Down The DrainStream Media

  • Guided By Voices

    Won’t Report, Will Decide Media

    • Guided By Voices

      Won’t Report, We’ll Decide Media

  • Guided By Voices

    We won’t report, We will decide Media

  • Harold Hartley

    State run media

  • Mary A.

    Perhaps you’d get more descriptive responses if you ask the question differently.

    What name should we give shows like Springer and Maury?

    Now you’ll find your answer to the MSM question. (Giggle)

    My votes: Amateur Hour (replaces 60 Minutes)

  • Brian Nunes Sr

    I think a very appropriate name would be “The Ostrich Media.” They like to ignore things no matter how dangerous they might be.

  • Guided By Voices

    The Daydream Media

    A2/D2 – Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Media

    • Guided By Voices

      What Happened? Media

      Huh? Media

      We won’t report – We will decide Media Media

  • mbabbitt

    Useful Idiots Media

  • mbabbitt

    Dems our our Pals Media

  • mbabbitt

    Protect the Liberals Media.

  • S’easy

    They are the…

    HATE Media.

    They HATE us for being conservative — that’s why they sneer at us.
    They HATE America for being racist — or they should, because they certainly think America is animated by racism.
    They HATE people in flyover country.
    They HATE the south.
    They HATE freedom — they must, they constantly support government taking our freedoms away.

  • Andronicus

    Big Media.

    The left uses “big” to contrast them against the powerful forces they want to fight: “Big Oil”, “Big Business”, “Big Pharm”, etc. So use it against them and it fits. The left wing media is huge compared to those on the right. And it’s simple and direct, gets the message across. Use “Big Media” as in “Bad Media”.

  • Andronicus

    “Big Media”. I’ve long advocated “Big Media” rather than MSM, which sounds too, well, mainstream.

  • Anonymous

    Simple, call them what they are:
    LSM Left Stream Media.
    Most of the country has known it for years. Liberal, progressive thinking is “Left.”
    The Classic Liberals have long gone but even so “left” of center would fit them also.

  • Greg Breashears

    The Biased Media

    The Hidden Agenda Media

    THe Narrow Minded Media

    The Lost Media

    The Alice In Wonderland Media

    The Novice Media

    The State Run Media

  • Bobby B. in Big D

    Mr. Goldberg,

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to weigh in on one of the most important issues of our time – the dissemination by the press of critical information which we, the citizen, use to make informed decisions about representative democracy and the people we elect to safeguard it.

    The media is dead – long live the media………………………..

    My recommendation is strait-forward, descript and apropos………………………………

    The old media is now the D-O-W-N-S-T-R-E-A-M Media. Why?

    First – they take their philosophical and ideological orders from upstream. So editors and owners are not reporting the news, they are making it. Facts fall prey to censorship of left wing ideology.

    Second – just like a real river in a 3rd world country, the water (or information) you get downstream can be filled with who knows what by the time you get it. You will not be ‘drinking’ fresh water from the source. I have been in a third world country and seen the devastating results of this.

    Adulterated, Adulterous, contaminated, corrupt and approaching irrelevancy – – D-O-W-N-S-T-R-E-A-M is the word for what the old media has become.

  • char

    The covert, cognative dissonance, cult, ad hominen, ad nauseum, Goebbels, bandwagon, glittering generalities, intentional vagueness, labeling, guilt-by-association, groupthink, oversimplification, out-of-context, rationalization, red-hearring, scapegoating, stereotyping, transference, unstated assumption, manufactured consent, indoctrination, evolving theory, theory and practice, marxist praxis, dialectic process, conditioning, brain fog, communist psychological warfare media.

  • Robert Starnes

    Axis of Media
    Willfully Blind Media
    The Downstream Media
    Err America

  • Vicki

    How about calling MSM… 1) “Comedy Central” That’s already taken? How about 2) “Liars and the lying lies they tell” No?? How about 3) “Weasels R Us”

    Ok, that’s all I got…

  • jrush

    Special Interest Media

  • WJ


  • Steven Friday


    Refer to MSM as, are you ready?, the “LEGACY MEDIA”.

    Legacy is a term used to describe products & technologies which are DEAD, but haven’t yet gone away. I promise you they will hate this term!!!

    PS: I submitted this suggestion to foxnews.com/oreilly and billoreilly.com yesterday.

  • Dr. Rich Stiso

    How about The Soon To Be Extinct Media, The Former Mainstream Media, The Totally Irrelevant Media, The Head In The Sand Media, The How Can You Not Totally Idolize Barack Obama Media, or The I Never Heard Of ACORN Before Media.

  • Neil H

    The see-no-hear-no-speak-no media

  • PaulOs

    Newspeak Media is maybe best one so far. Misinformation and leftist bias is implicit in this name.

    Political correctness is kind of newspeak. It attempts to expunge certain concepts that are contrary to the materialist ideaology of liberalism/socialism/progressivism.
    An example would be the concept of RIGHT and WRONG or MORALITY, TRUTH or SPIRITUALITY.

    They eradicate the concept from human conscience by extirpating the FORBIDDEN words and FORBIDDEN facts.

  • Kerry Lohr-Williams

    May I suggest this appropriate name for the former mainstream media:

    DEADWOOD Media

    Deadwood (paper)

    Deadwood (useless)

    Deadwood (an overweight drag or hindrance on the issues of the day)

  • Mike

    Politically Correct Media (isn’t this obvious?)

  • Tim

    This one’s easy:
    “The Old Government Media”

  • Crook County Illinois

    1) Government controlled media
    2) Dinosaur media
    3) Horse buggy media
    4) Bought and paid-for news

  • Johnny Simpson

    “The Invisible Press”
    “Vein Stream Media”
    “American Pravda”
    “Lapdogs With Laptops”

    Even have a motto:

    “All The News To Print That Fits”

  • Mike Boyer

    May I suggest “LameStream Media?”

  • Show Me State

    You are so correct in pointing out that “main stream” does not define the major media, with only a few exceptions. How about Far Left Media…initials FLM.
    (If pronounced sounds like “phlegm”…Yuck, sure does fit!)

  • John Demas

    “agenda driven media” or how about just “former mainstream media”

    Since the mainstream media (oops) is foregoing its responsibility as the fourth estate should we reconsider the protections that it has. What’s hapened to “who, what, where, and why” journalism. My paper here – the St. Petersburg Times has become a complete rag. The friggin’ headlines are even spun!

  • Bill Carson

    “Last Resort Media”

  • Linda

    “tingly leg” media

    • Guided By Voices

      Laughed out loud. Wheres Chris Mathews when you need him!?

  • Dan

    Dinosaur Media. (True, it’s not original. But it fits so well.)

    Dinosaurs are long extinct, despite “ruling” earth for ages; in a decade or two, the Media Formerly Known As Mainstream will be extinct too, though some media remnants will of course carry on some dinosaur DNA.

  • Megalass


    Got that, all of you with the Question Authority bumper-stickers?

  • http://greenestake.blogspot.com Grant Greene

    How about Triple L: Left-Leaning Loonies?

  • Joanne Hlava

    UMN Useless Media News


    UNM Useless News Media

  • Victor Slade, Indianapolis


    slipstream (definition): 1) a stream of fluid or air driven aft by a propeller, 2) an area of reduced air pressure and forward suction immediately behind a rapidly moving vehicle.

    The (formerly) MAINSTREAM Media no longer seeks the truth, but rather propagates “the truth”. It is driven by Liberal initiatives, or, if you will, sucked along by them.

    Furthermore, SLIPstream is a minor, yet significant, modification to the term MAINstream, thus providing a link to the past.

    • Victor Slade, Indianapolis

      SLIPSTREAM Media

      . . . and, oh yes, they’re slippery.

  • Bobby B. in Big D

    Mr. Goldberg,

    Thank you for giving us an opportunity to weigh in on one of the most important issues of our time – the press’ obligation to disseminate critical information the public can use to make informed decisions about their country and representative government.

    There is a changing of the guard to those who will report facts regardless of philosophical or ideological slant.

    My recommendation is strait-forwad, descript and appropos………………………………

    The old media is now the D-O-W-N-S-T-R-E-A-M Media. Why?

    First – they take their orders from philosophical and ideological orders from upstream.
    2nd – just like a real river in a 3rd world country, the water (or information) you get downstream can be very putrid by the time you get it.

    I’ve been on a mission trip to Haiti and it is horrible to see people bathing and drinking the adulterated filth that come from upstream.

    Adulterated, corrupt, ideological and DOWNSTREAM is the word for it.

  • Linda

    “Kool Aide” media.

  • Texas Pete

    One more:

    The Last Century Media

    Could be modified to:

    The SO Last Century Media

  • Brian Dinicola

    How about “TASS” – it worked for the “Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union”, back when they were the official outlet of all news approved for consumption by the proleteriat.

    In this case, it would stand for “True Advocates (for a) Socialist State”

  • JOHN

    “Second String Media” or “Second Strand Media” because they are the opposite terms of what they claim to be.

    The opposite or counter to “Main” is a “Secondary” or “Second”…

    The opposite of a “Stream” of anything is a mere “String” or “Strand”

    Just like the second string scrubs on a losing “over 40” softball team… dressing up in a brand new uniform, $250 shiney new spikes, a $ 125 bat, flip down sun glasses, a bag full of sports bars and energy drinks etc… LOL… and they never get in the game. They huddle in a corner of the dugout and compare their latest new batting gloves and various other accesories…. never to be used in real play.

    Go sit in the stands losers.. watch as others with skill and talent play the game. Or, try something usefull, like coming down early and raking the infield, putting out the bases, wiping down the bleachers so the jocks girlfriends can sit in comfort…. but stop pretending.

  • Sandra Childs

    Journalist Free Media

  • Jeanine Gentry

    I submit: Secular-Progressive Sycophants
    to replace the antiquated moniker of ‘mainstream media’.

  • Laura B

    Here’s my two sense about a new name for the mainstream media:

    The Dinosaur Media
    Old, Out of Touch, and Soon-to-Be Extinct

  • Diana Mittelhauser

    I am going to stick with “Ostrich”.

    Thanks for all you do in informing the people.

  • fnord

    I call them the lickspittle press.

  • johan

    I suggest:

    Old Line Legacy Media

    Left Behind Leftist Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    I had a wiaerd experiance with Time Warner Cable in Raleigh NC. I was watching Megan Kelly as she was anounsing what is going to be in her Kelly’s court segment and the Emergency Signal drill went off on TV . Then when she started the real segment they stopped the whole cable. She was supposed to talk about the bus beating – I believe somebody at Time Warner made sure we don’t see Kelly’s court – bus beating edition – must be investigated.

  • http://www.twitter.com/vaes_mama Heather Winn

    propganda pundits, progressive pundits, insane stream media.

  • Capn Eddie Ricketyback

    Not having seen all the 1,100 comments preceding this one (THAT must be some kind of record!) I submit the following in case it hasn’t been submitted previously:

    Mainly Seditious Media

    One advantage to this term is that we don’t have to change the initials (MSM).

  • D. Wagner

    I believe Rich Lowery termed it “Legacy Media” yesterday on NRO.

  • ri



  • Jeff Cole


  • john

    Propaganda press

  • Phil Erwin

    I suggest “Elitist media.” It ain’t catchy, but it’s accurate: A media of, by and for the two-coast “elite” crowd, effectively ignoring the vastness of Middle America, just as did that famous New Yorker cover depicting America as comprised of: Manhattan, San Francisco, and nothing but empty wilderness between.

  • Pat S.

    In 1971 I took a communications course at the University of Alabama. The professor, who I thought at the time was insane, told us that the news media would cover only the news they wanted us to hear, and would report the news in a way to make us believe what they wanted us to believe. Now I realize how insightful that professor was.

    Because the mainstream media has such a hold over news outlets, maybe they are the “main stream” of what we are allowed to hear, but I would prefer we label them for what they are, “the liberal approach news”.

  • Kevin Hunt

    Bernie, Still think Lame Stream Media is the best!

  • AuH20

    Legacy Media seems to work best.

  • Tim

    MSM is the mendacious strongarm media.

  • Alan

    Careful, Bernie. You evidently can’t oppose liberal tenets (such as irresponsible government spending) anymore without being a racist bigot.

  • AuH20

    “Archaic media”

    “Predigital media”

  • carol

    I think we should just refer to the media as “Moe, Larry, and Curly”.

  • Chris from St Louis

    DMC – Democrat Media Complex
    LMC – Liberal Media Complex
    PMC – Progressive Media Complex

  • paige

    yellow belly journalism

  • John C

    State-run Media is pretty accurate.

  • sally

    They call you the “Right Wing Media” and pretend they are mainstream, which then can be misleading to the casual listener. They want the pretense that THEY are mainstream, and YOU are extreme to the Right.

    I think you have to tag them with “Left Wing Media” very directly.

  • Jim Lyston

    I believe “Old Media” says it best…short,sweet and to the point.

  • sally

    “Honesty is Not Going to get you the (White) House” Media

  • John F

    Loc News Media

    Loc = Left of Center

    sort of sounds like “Loch Ness Monster”, and like their obective journalism, very few people have seen it except for a few nut jobs.

  • Zbigniew Gorky


  • Fred

    “Mega Media”

    There’s something classless about the term, yet it exemplifies how they feel about themselves. It’s also born out of the only reason left for their existence, that they are part of and funded by each network’s regular and sports programming, the only thing that is really watched by the “mainstream public” anymore.

  • The_Q


  • Ralph Schuman

    My new name for the mainstream media is the — ” NOT READY FOR PRIMETIME NEWS ” players and papers .

  • jmaggs

    Mr. Goldberg:

    THANK YOU for your unwavering support against the forces of the LEFT. The country faces
    a terrible evil now, and we need patriots and clear-minded people like yourself.

    With respect to your question about a new term to call the “mainstream media”, please
    consider the following:

    ” Irrelevant Media ”

    As a person who attended the Washington, D.C. Tea Party protest last Saturday, many
    folks believe the media (other than FOX) to be completely complicit with those on the left.
    Therefore, they are irrelevant to clear-thinking and conservative folks.

    Thank you Mr. Goldberg for your ideas. We need you !

    John Magg

  • sally

    Mainstream News Suppressors

  • Mike M

    I agree that mainstream media no longer applies and two references that come to mind are:
    “Meathead Media” and “Minimal Media”. It’s interesting to note that some of my neighbors HAVE SWITCHED TO FOXNEWS AFTER I had told them of some of the news being reported on FOX and not the “Meathead Media”. They told me that they switched because FOX was the only outlet that told it like it is!!!!! And those folks were diehard NBC and ABC watchers!!!!

  • http://iusbvision.wordpress.com Chuck Norton

    At IUSB Vision we call them the “Elite Media Culture”.

  • Rory Page

    My name for the old MSM – the Irrelevant Media.

  • Tom Macey

    I believe in the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid, therefore, I humbly submit the following: Lame Stream Media.

    I have not read all of the posts so please excuse me if someone beat me to it with this name.


  • http://www.cmrlink.org Elaine Donnelly

    I completely agree that “Mainstream Media” no longer applies.

    I propose that the new name be “Charlie Gibson Media.” Clueless, Elitist, and Arrogant.

    All the best,

    Elaine Donnelly
    President, Center for Military Readiness

    PS: CMR specializes in military/social issues, including the issue of gays in the military. Sorry to say it, but even the conservative media is ignoring this issue, which is important to our military. Our website is http://www.cmrlink.org.

    • LlightSaber


      I’d like to ask Charlie Gibson, “How’s that Bush Doctrine thing workin out for you?”

  • Vince

    How about ‘Legacy Media’? Working in IT, that’s the term used when referring to OLD hardware/software which nobody really uses anymore save one or two die-hards who refuse to give it up. It really serves no purpose, there’s usually much newer/better stuff out there to do the same thing but it is still around for some unfathomable reason…

  • http://roordawrite.blogspot.com/ labwriter

    I haven’t read all 1,000+ entries, so perhaps this one has been mentioned: YSM, or Yellow Stream Media, an ironic paean to what cowards these “journalists” are, kowtowing to the Obama administration and refusing to cover major news stories because they are bad news for Barry O.

  • Bruce Johnson

    I like the term Vickie McKenna, brilliant conservative talk show host in Wisconsin, uses for the mainstream press…Sock Puppet Press.

  • LRKing

    State Media is the most accurate description of what used to be the main stream media in this country. RIP.

  • char


  • char

    covert media
    ad hominem media
    ad nauseum media
    loaded media
    Goebbels media
    dysphemistic media
    discredited media
    transference media
    trotsky media
    indoctrination media
    half truth media
    cult media
    brainwashing media
    Orwellian media
    dialectic media
    double speak media
    dogmatic media
    praxis media
    deceptive media
    morally bankrupt media
    psychological warfare media
    brainfog media
    re-education media
    euphemistic media
    communist psychological warfare media
    moribund media

    • LlightSaber

      Well! Now that we have that out of the way……..Feel better?

  • Zoomie

    Upfront – apologies/regrets for the more “enthusiastic” of the replying crowd. They do not, generally, share my view (although several do).

    I am a father of three, who has been personally experiencing two solid weeks of hacking and coughing, care of the “gift of parenting” — the same “gift of parenting” that these kids seem to demand at their age. Mind you, it also happened to be a “gift” that wasn’t explained to me by my parents or their ENTIRE generation BEFORE I became a parent — but that’s a gripe for another post…

    Having said this, I expect to survive — coughed-up wads of multi-colored goop notwithstanding…

    Still, I can’t believe this post. Bernie… really?! I’ve read “Bias”, “100 People…” and “Arrogance.”

    After all that writing, and the cases that you (rather persuasively) made, you’re asking me for labels? Labels?!

    I dunno. Maybe “Label-possible?”

    I wouldn’t “term” them with anything, because I still think of them as Americans (is that an appropriate label?)… and we all have our histories/blindspots/faults. I don’t doubt their heart-felt intentions – only their conclusions (and rather strongly).

    Does that make them worthy of any negative labels? A case might be made for such, if they choose to ignore obvious realities that were staring them in the face. After all, historically, such an ignorance of reality has been something that Americans do not tolerate well.

    Still, that doesn’t mean that they’re deserving of a “label” – it simply means that they’re deserving of our wisdom and experience.

    Then again, once someone openly and knowingly chooses the Dark Side of Statism, they’re on their own… and then I’d feel free of labeling them “Sith”…

  • Mark W.

    How about…?

    the Elitist Media
    the Managed Media
    the Legacy Media
    the Filtered Media

    MSM — the Managed Socialists’ Media
    MSM — the Mediocre Slanted Media
    MSM — the Manipulative Slimy Media
    MSM — the Mostly Stupid Media
    MSM — the Missed Stories Media


  • Keith

    I suggest simply “Left Wing Media” – It’s not cute, but it’s accurate and succinct.

  • phreshone

    Dumpster Fire Media
    America’s Fifth Column
    Pravda Lite

  • aclay1

    conventinal media
    reactionary media
    legacy media (the least creative, but the most accurate)

  • http://www.powerinnumbers.us Peter Tympanick

    Bernie – Instead of Mainstream, maybe a more appropriate name would be “TommyStream” media. Tommy being a take off from The Who’s song entitled, Amazing Journey.

    The lyrics that are so appropriate for this discussion go something like this:

    Now he is deaf.
    Now he is dumb.
    Now he is blind.
    The guilty are safe,
    But always accused by his empty eyes.
    Nothing to say,
    Nothing to hear,
    And nothing to see.
    Each sensation makes a note in his symphony.
    Sickness will surely take the mind
    Where minds can’t usually go.
    Come on the amazing journey,
    And learn all you should know.

  • http://islandturtle.blogspot.com Corky Boyd

    The name should reflect old (beyond its time), arrogant, and biased. Unfortunately there is no single word in the English language describes all three. Perhaps there is a word in Swahili or Urdu that fits. In the meantime here are some.

    Legacy media
    The stale media.
    Old media

    I think OLD MEDIA fits best, especially in comparison tO the new media. It also has a negative connotation to it, which its practioners will hate. It’s simple and not cutesy, and it gets the point across.

    • char

      i like the OLD MEDIA

  • Steve

    The Fox Trot Media

  • http://lineman2block.wordpress.com/ Paul

    SCM = State Controlled Media
    ITTM = In The Tank Media

    But seriously folks, I think serfer62’s suggestion of BIG MEDIA is simple enough to have some sticking power.

  • Louis Strutton

    Izvestia-USA-OB! The word “izvestiya” in Russian means “delivered messages” (Wikipedia). Since the “Diverted Stream Media” no longer reports the news, and now works at under the command and direction of the far left, it would be a fitting title as they simply deliver the messages of the Statist.

  • Steve

    Obama’s Fourth Estate

    The Van Jones Media

    The Monkey Never See Never Do Media

    The Marxist Media

    Yes We Can!! Media

  • char

    brown nose media

  • GeoorgiaDawg

    How about the, Goosestepping Media…
    or, Lockstep Media…

  • mbabbitt

    How about “The Lame Duck Media”

  • mbabbitt

    The “Let’s call everyone on the right a racist media”

  • Bart

    How about ‘Typewriter Media’, because it is getting left behind with the new age of the internet.

  • LlightSaber

    The Kabuki Tribune?

    Deception de jour Chronicle

  • Lin

    How about the “State Media”

  • b


  • http://bigbfiles.net Bryan Hewing

    Try the “Ancient Media”. . . it is a term that I have used to Describe the Mainstream Media for the past 2-3 years on my commentary site Big B Files ( http://bigbfiles.net ).

    Bryan Hewing,
    Chesterfield (formally Florissant), MO

  • http://www.comradebarack.info/ RED

    MSM – Methane Supreme Media

    A lame attempt at a logo may be found here…


  • LlightSaber

    The media should take a look at these. Not only are some of the names hilarious, it might actually strike a chord with one of them. Hope springs eternal.

  • LlightSaber

    Hi Bernie,

    This is my first time on your site although I’ve seen you (in fact, look forward to) on O’Reilly many times. I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought you’d be so much better at hosting the show. If O’Reilly interrupts you or anyone else one more time I think my head will explode. I only watch to see the other people. But it’d be “appointment tv” if you were the host.

    Anyway, to the matter at hand: How about Astromedia or the Conspiratorial News Network?

  • Bob

    They’ve been intellectually by-passed by evolution and are stuck with monkey brains.

  • David S

    Acording to the Websters New World, Effete means 1 no longer capable of producing; spent and sterile, 2 lacking vigor, force of character, moral stamina, etc. decadent, soft, overrefined.
    Thus, I suggest “the Effete Media”

  • Garet

    “The Party” Media

  • John A.

    Bernie, how about “Sympathetic Media”?

  • Wayne

    Methane Media!

  • George

    lame stream media
    bull stream media
    no clue media
    oldstream media
    take what we feed ya media

  • K31

    I’ve been calling them The MAN-CRUSH MEDIA thanks to Chris Matthews and the tingle he feels going down his leg.

  • http://mobrules.2bdot.com Theresa

    I have two, first: Ministry of Propaganda
    second: Mega-lo Media
    (that’s a play on Mega-lo Mart from King of the Hill – the impersonal “super” store in Arlen, TX)

  • Thompson, Larry

    I propose the “Know Nothing” media

  • cas127

    In honor of the “Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil” liberal press, how about…

    *Dumb Monkey Media*

  • Brian S

    The Outmoded Media;
    The Obsolete Media.

  • http://wingnutright.blogspot.com/ Scone

    I was advocating for another name earlier in the week as well. Here’s some choices: Oldstream Media. Mediasaurus (as in extinct). Retired media. Absentee Media. They’ve lost whatever shred of journalistic integrity they ever possessed and they have sown the seeds of their own demise.

  • Gary

    Andrew Klavan, in his “Take the Limbaugh Challenge” LA Times opinion column, coined the definitive term: “The mainstream media (a.k.a. the Matrix)…”

  • Roald A

    News Media Menace – I coined that phrase back in the ’80s when there was still a Red Menace.

  • Kay

    Slobbering Media

  • serfer62

    its my spinoff from Big Tabacco & Big Oil

  • Anonymous

    My suggestion is the “downstream media.” The connotation is that they are down and out of touch with America.

  • http://www.conservativeedge.com Brian Goettl

    Old School Media. Left Wing Media. Government Sponsored Media. Obama Sychophantic Media. Bubble Media.



  • http://ajamisonl@verizon.net Andrea Jamison

    My suggestion to rename the “Main Stream Media”, is the “Down Stream Media” or the “Vanishing Media”.

    Keep doing a great job.

  • Troy

    A local radio personality, Chris Baker, (by the way, he used to have Larry the Cable Guy on before I had ever heard of him) used to call the Kansas City Star the Kansas City Pravda.

    Tributary Media
    Is this thing on?
    We Heart Obamedia

  • Karen

    dinosaur media or RIP media or used to be media or in denial media or yesterdays news media or Zomby Media

  • http://n/a Raymond A. Bruno

    Large Print Media.

  • rockyk9369

    In continuation of Bernie’s “Slobbering Love Affair” observations, the best description is “Schoolgirl Media.” Total infatuation with Obama and instantaneous transformation to “mean girl” behavior whenever he is criticized.

    • Juanita Estrada

      Exactly, Pelosi wants to be head mean girl, however, she isn’t pretty inside or out.

  • M Henson

    OR better yet, ” Camelot Media”!
    Featuring “change” we suggest you believe in.

  • M Henson

    How about, HAS BEEN MEDIA ?

  • Robert

    I think we should call them the “state run media”………….

  • Doug Sposito

    the “down stream media”

  • Guided By Voices

    “Cut & Paste” Media (C & P Media)

    Whats the Times say? Media

  • http://www.ginamaddox.com Gina in Gulf Breeze

    Because the media is no longer doing their job and they have slipped into RIP status (retired in place) I believe it is fair to discharge them from their duties and bestow upon them the title of “the media emeritus.”
    e⋅mer⋅i⋅tus - an adjective meaning retired or honorably discharged from active professional duty
    OK, so they don’t have much honor but we’ll be nice about it.

  • Cara Claudel

    Unfortunately, they are still the mainstream media because they still control the many mainstream news disseminators (local television and radio stations and papers), which get their stories only from the Associated Press, the New York Times, and a few other sources. These outlets use traditional sources and most won’t report news if it comes from Drudge or Glenn Beck, so millions who don’t seek alternative sources will never hear it.

    We need to break that strange hold.

    Then the formerly mainstream media can be called the Benedict Arnold Media.

  • Guided By Voices


    “And now we shall dance”

  • ahem


  • Jef Park

    How about “Institutions of Deception”

  • Guided By Voices

    ITD Media

    Ignore Then Demean Media

  • http://ynotme@wavecable.com C.W.W.

    The Muzzled Media

  • http://www.HarrisGeorge.com Dean George

    The Myopic Media

    myopic – (adjective): unable or unwilling to act prudently; shortsighted. Lacking tolerance or understanding; narrow-minded.

  • Vlad

    The Free Criminal Press (FCP)
    -Ignorant at Best, Complicit at Worst!

  • http://to-god-and-country.blogspot.com AST

    TCM for Twentieth Century Media or Yesterday’s Media.

  • Matty

    There are a lot of cuter names, but “legacy media” really says it best. “Legacy” attached to anything means old, obsolete and dying – which describes the MSM best

  • mom’s watching

    stepford media

  • ValleyIsleLaw

    SECOND TIER MEDIA just about says it all ! ! !

  • Mike C

    Call them “The Chicken Little Media” since almost everything they say revolves around corralling individual’s into a collective mass of fearful and hateful idiot’s who can’t perceive reality or stand up for their right’s.

  • Thomas Scholler

    “Malignant Media”… best description of their behavior, personality, current and future condition.

  • ML

    The answer is simple:

    OLD Media (OM)……… as opposed to the Modern Media (MM)which actually reports in an unbiased, non-partisan and honest manner and is up-to-date on topics………..such as Acorn corruption.

    MM would include blogs, internet news sites, as well as Cable news (hmmm well maybe not ALL cable news) etc.

    • Mark

      OLD Media is good meaning of course Obama Loving Drones!

  • Oxnardo Albondigas

    Establishment media. Legacy media.

  • Paulsur

    Some bug mouth on the radio had the best title for them I have heard yet:
    “State run media”

  • Mac

    The Mammoth Press; ponderous, herd-like, unable to adapt and heading for extinction.

  • BAW

    I’m pretty sure I’ve heard it referred to as the Dinosaur Media which sounds right to me.

    And I think you and Bill considered the Elite Media but that would only work for me if it were the Elitist Media.

  • NDpendent

    The “Fringe Connection”

  • http://www.SpiritOfTruth.org Jay Adams


    • http://www.SpiritOfTruth.org Jay Adams

      Check out my latest blog on this issue:


  • NDpenent

    The “Fringe Connection”

  • jerry

    my wife votes for lowlife media

  • jerry


    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      I love it!

    • http://to-god-and-country.blogspot.com AST

      I’ve heard that and “drive by media” but they haven’t caught on. I like “dsm” though.

  • bonnyblue

    The Mushroom Media-they keep their viewers in the dark and feed them bulls***.

  • Dan

    The Downstream Media … Like Gibson, they seem to see an awful lot after it’s passed everyone else on the shores.

  • Terri

    I”ve called it Fraudcast News (or the Fraudcast News Networks) since Clinton’s term

    Gatekeeper Media


    “Mental Slut Media” They have all the moral anchoring of a five dollar whore.

  • Sa Tan

    OMS – Obsolete Media Service


    “Miscreant Sham Media” sums them up pretty well.

    Petchy in Santa Fe mentioned ‘Malignant Media’ which sounded fitting too.

  • Noob Salam

    SOGM – Same Old Garbage Media

  • Chavez

    SNS – Sellout News Service

  • Rich from Michigan

    The Corrupt Media
    The Pack Mentality Media
    The Slanted Media
    The One-sided Media
    The Judgemental Media
    The Liberal Midset Media
    The Tainted Media

  • Mr. Mao

    PMS – People’s Media Service

    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      Love the acronym and the motto!

  • Henrich

    GMS – Government Media Service

    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      LOL. Or… since “they” like to call the health care thingie the “Public Option”, maybe it should be “Public Media Service” (another PMS).

  • Solidad

    AL?M – Anybody Listening? Media

  • Clem Jeevers

    MSM – Mindlessly Stupid Media

  • Ivan

    MSM – Mostly Secondary Media

  • Dr. Prof

    I suggest a name for todays media would be, ( Incompetent Boob Antique Progressive Meida Numbskulls )

    • LlightSaber

      That has a certain ring to it.

  • Zardoz

    HBM – Has Been Media

  • stark



    “The Muddy Stream Media” or just plain “dried up creek”.

  • Marianne

    Newspeak Media

    The term Newspeak was coined by George Orwell and used in 1984 as propogandistic language designed to limit the range of thought.

    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      Great one! And so fitting.

  • Nerp

    POM- Public Option Media

  • eh?

    er…..MSM – Mid-STREAM Media

  • Royly

    Call them The lame street media

  • eh?

    MSM – Mid-Steam Media

  • Paulette

    sorry – left out another one, the American BBC (Blind Bafoonery Communications)

  • Tom

    LAME: Liberal Activist MEdia, also Liberal Activist Media goes Extinct (economic extinction, that is)

  • Paulette

    How about “Hear no, Speak no, See no Acorn”, or the American




    We could just call them “The Marxist State Choir” or “The Messiah’s Special Mouthpiece”

  • Paul Novak

    I would like to see some honest reporting from the right for once. Because I have heard better commentary on a playground. You all sound like fools. I am a proud libertarian and you all need a good punch in the f**kn mouth. Idiots

    • MCHnDFW

      If you are a libertarian then you are one of the most immature, emotionally stunted, and humorless ones that I have ever seen… not to mention inarticulate or just plain crude.

    • Blake

      Paul- you sure are intolerant, and have a mouth on you.
      Do you think you might be assisting in “coarsening debate”? There has been much more honest reporting from the right than from the left- do they need to do a better job? Yes- but you do not help the situation any here.
      Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

    • vrytix

      As a libertarian, you should be happy that “the right” revealed that ACORN employees on the east and west coasts are more than willing to engage in criminal activity. Now that Congress may refuse to fund ACORN, there may be more money for health care reform.

      But, as the Wash. Post reports, it is simply impossible to believe President Obama when he said that cutting Medicare and Medicaid costs won’t affect the coverage they provide and will basically pay for insurance for the uninsured.

      Since the government is unable to efficiently run services like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the VA efficiently, only idiots would believe the official line concerning health care reform although reform IS needed.

      Social Security, for example, is STILL sending out checks to some people who died 20 years ago. Somebody is cashing those checks. Would it be asking too much for Social Security to occasionally inquire about someone in his or her late 90’s or over 100 to find out if he or she still alive?

    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      Goodness. The foul language and name calling sounds more like a leftie than a libertarian. And not unlike poop-disturbing trolls that like to frequent decent blogs. Lighten up! Everyone needs a playground once in a while.

    • LlightSaber

      You sound like a racist to me.

  • vrytix

    How about referring to them as hyenas? When you google “hyenas” and read a little about their behavior, you immediately think of the slanted news-as-entertainment business.

  • myles osterneck

    Der Meinstream Media The foulstream Media

  • http://777denny.wordpress.com/ Denny

    Mr. Goldberg,

    In light of the soon-to-be posterchild, Mr. Gibbs, for the bought and paid for erroneously called ‘Mainstream Meadia (or MSM for short), I think it appropriate that we call these so-called ‘news’ sources of the Obama Administration the Obama News Media (ONM for short).

    Obaaaaaaaama News Media is surely in their ivory towers when major televison news personalities are CLUELESSLY as to the real news happening all around them.


    Thanks for listening,


    Media-Lite (at least 50% less substance)

    The Main Stopped-up Media

    The Mass Suicide Media

  • http://www.comradebarack.info/ RED

    Keep up the good work Bernie!

    Beta Media

    (beta software is still being tested and usually quite ‘buggy’)

    • Samuel Francis

      Hey RED,

      Close, but more like;

      “Beta-Max Media”

      or similarly;

      “8-Track Media

      Completely obsolete.

  • Sandra Childs

    Negligent Media. (And it isn’t benign neglect!)

    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      How about ‘Malignant Media’… a cancer on our intelligence?

      • Sandra Childs

        I like it! They are indeed like a cancer, and Bernie is part of the cure!

  • Petchy in Santa Fe

    Oooh, I love alliteration, so thought of another one:

    Myopic Media

  • Fernando


  • Rowan

    I suggest the “Flintstones” Media

  • bill mc dermott

    Substitution for Main stream news

    All the news we decide to print

    • Petchy in Santa Fe

      Great one! Or maybe, ‘All the News we Choose to Print’?

  • Petchy

    Minimalist Media
    Mindless Media

  • Linda

    how about the “dinosaur” media? They are truly still in the stone age!
    BTW, love it when you are on FOX with Bill O.

  • glenn

    Depending on context I call ’em the

    Lapdog Media. When they run a suckup to the Dems piece.

    Rollover Media. When the ignore a story like Charles Rangel.

    Bulldog Media. When I’m being sarcastic.

  • Carolyn

    How about ‘Asleep at the Wheel Media’?



  • Denise

    Did we already list:

    Drive by Media

  • Sandra Childs


  • Jane

    Veiled and Failed media

    Monkey Media – hear no truth, see no truth, speak no truth

  • Bill Strouss

    Here in San Jose, CA, I stopped reading the San Jose Mercury News years ago. Recently, for some reason they started delivering it to my house without even telling me. I have been putting it in the recycle bin for about a week until I get the time let them know I don’t read their paper anymore. However, on the 13th I couldn’t resist looking at the front page to see their coverage of the Historic Tax Rally in DC and across the nation. Knowing how historic this event was, I was shocked that the only mention of the event on the front page was a bottom of the page, one inch high, column wide reference to a quarter page article on page seven – so much for the big news of Sept. 12th. I did read the article – nothing much. The item of real interest was a page wide article at the top of the front page with the following header, “You can help us meet the challenge, “We need to talk”, by, Mike Cassidy. The thrust of the article was, the City Of San Jose still needs The Mercury, even though the readership and advertising is no longer enough to make a viable business. It seems they need more subscribers and he wants suggestions from the community. Being a community minded citizen, I called Mike’s office first thing Monday to explain how they could increase readership. Mike’s voice mailbox was full, so I dialed O for his secretary who explained that he couldn’t call me back because of the volume of calls – so much for, “We need to talk”. I wonder whose calls he takes? I really wanted to talk to him, I wanted to tell him why I don’t read his beloved paper anymore, I wanted to say that I need a paper that prints all the news fairly. A newspaper that leaves the most historic Conservative happening of the last two centuries off it’s front page forces it’s conservative readers to go elsewhere for the news. People like me, that unfold their hometown paper knowing that the front page will be covered with something that happened in their world, something so big that it can’t be ignored, that for once they will be the center of the news, are crestfallen when they, to their astonishment, have to search in the back pages to find THEIR story. Of course, I have known for long that this paper like almost all papers don’t treat fairly, the taxpayer, the wealthy, the fiscal conservative, the soldier, those that abhor socialism, the Christian, and those that believe in parental rights and rights of the unborn, as well as the traditional value holder and patriot. But how can anyone, even a modern progressive, be proud of their city’s paper when it’s editors and reporters won’t print BIG news stories for whatever reason. I know that printed media of all types is under pressure from television and the internet but not printing about conservative victories is not a path to more readership. After all, there are more than a few of us traditionalists out here. I personally would be very proud to believe San Jose has a really good newspaper and I like to read. I know the article on page seven tried to downplay the size of the event at the Capitol on the 12th of September but you can go to the internet and get the truth. It’s too bad that Mike didn’t take my call, I’m sure I could help him out, and he did say, “We need to talk”, he put that right on the front page.

    • John

      Bill, lots of us here like you. Take heart. One day it will be our turn.

  • Mike McVay

    The liberal media should be called the ELITIST media. It is an unofficial arm of the elitist radical wing that owns the democrat party.

  • http://mandmfriel1@verizon.net Michael Friel

    Suggestions to replace “mainstream media”:

    disgrace to our profession media

    sans reality media

    under the thumb media

  • Sandra Childs

    Back Seat Media. They’re not in the driver’s seat anymore!

  • Cindy

    Nyet Media

  • Marianne

    The mainstream media has morphed into the “meanstreak media”.

  • Jim

    slipstream media

  • BuckeyeJ

    Marxist Media! (It’s alliterative!)

  • gail

    How about Bi”czar” media (Bizarre)

  • Paul

    “Lockstep Media” ~ b/c they seem to be in lock step with the DNC agenda

  • janet

    They’re never there when you need them–

    the phantom media!

  • http://NameforMedia Mike H.

    They are the “Porch Dog Media”

    – They lay around snoozing most of the day
    – They only consume what their owners feed them
    – They sniff each others’ butts as a greeting
    – They’ll yelp occasionally at small animals in the yard, but never pursue anything of size or substance

  • Luther Lunchbucket


    You, sir, have credibility and savoir faire!

    • Luther Lunchbucket

      Continuing, after my MSN Premium “blitzed” me;
      Mainstream Media is passe’. I suggest:
      “Obtuse Media” – get your O&M here!


  • John

    POP Media (Past One’s Prime)

  • RamboCat

    How about Der Sturmer?

  • Gene

    How about FlatLine Media

    DEAD! Lights out! Kaapoot! RIP!

  • PaulOs

    The Delusion Ministry
    Cool Aid Delivery System
    Utopian Dream Machine
    Hippie Sustenance Project

  • mark

    Big Government Media

  • Nervous

    Establishment media

    (Please don’t identify me in any way.)

  • John

    3N Media (nary, nada, none)

  • Dan

    Weak or Slow Stream…………..media. They have enlarged prostates.

  • Scubafreak

    I think that LAMESTREAM media just about covers it…

  • Sandra Childs

    Flat Lined Media

  • Larry S

    Department of Information

  • Shakey the Moil

    HMM= Hive Mind Media or Borg= Barack org

  • Tyrone

    Tunnel Vision News. First thought of ” Politically colored myopic tunell vision news “. But that is too long.

  • John Hamblin

    I vote for DNW, which stands for Democratic News Whores.

  • john

    How about “Dinomedia”?

    Just cannot evolve. All we are left with is the fossils.

  • Amy

    I like gary’s “Media Cartel.”

  • Sam Pullara

    As long as BHO is in office it should be called the “Obama Media” since they take their cues from the DNC and the WH. Once he is gone it should be casually called the “Mainly Left Wing Media”, as in “the Mainly Left Wing ABC News reported today…” or “the Mainly Obama Media reported today…”

  • Bxntrk

    Main Scam Media

  • mic

    First, they *do* fit the second part of the definition of “mainstream”: “ideas, actions, and values that are most widely accepted by a group.” Unfortunately, it’s a very small group of out-of-touch elitists. Second, to paraphrase Fred Allen, it’s “called a medium because anything well done is rare.” But since this group of elitists doesn’t even qualify as being “medium”, my suggestion is:

    “The Mainstream Mediocre”

    Either that or

    “The Jurassic Media”

  • Paul Zimmermann

    Bernie – I think it was O’Reilly that said ‘Elite Media’ would be a proper name for them.

    ‘Elitist Media’ is more like it.

    ‘Elite’ would indicate there was something between their ears other than cobwebs.

    – PZ

  • Idahoser

    (that’s Ministry of Truth, as in 1984)

  • Idahoser

    MoT, of course.

  • jeffco

    Voice of the Gentry
    Old Gentry Media

    (from Baron’s column…i saw a pix of Tom Brokaw years and years ago in his finest tux with a martini in his hand, coming down a broad fancy staircase….Gentry sums it up)

    also, the Bubble Media

    didn’t read other 900 comments, so maybe already mentioned

  • K9LabLover

    How about “Myopic Media”? Webster’s definition calls “myopic”: a lack of foresight or discernment : a narrow view of something. Seems like that pretty much sums up what the networks and the miasma of corruption (NBS and MSNBC) spew daily.

    • Shakey the Moil

      LOL awesome!

  • DoTheRightThing

    The LDM: Left Dream Media

  • withrick

    The “unMedia”

  • John

    Antique Media

    • Sandra Childs

      Flea Market Media! Antiques are “fine” but you don’t find much of value at a flea market!

  • Sandra Childs

    How about the “Moribund Media?” The word is a “big” one but it’s perfect because it means “in a dying state.” (Scrabble, anyone?) Or maybe the “Mildewed Media.” Nice mental image there!

  • Rick Garner

    How about the “Keyhole Media” since all they care to see or know about the real America is what they can see through the keyhole of the doors of the immagined ivory towers.

  • gary

    I think the MEDIA CARTEL is most descriptive….

  • Kenneth Deike

    Bernie, I heard a person refer to the main stream media as the Lame Stream Media. Gibson and his ilk are Lame in word and deed. You are right they do resemble the ostrich media. It sounds good to me.

  • pAT

    upstream media

  • MPCpiano

    The Other Media

  • John Old

    Brown-nose Media

  • robert Holsten

    instead of Main Stream Media is should be Second Stream Media or the Blame Stream Media

  • http://www.judygruen.com Judy


  • MPCpiano

    The Jackass Media
    The Gibson Media

  • DoTheRightThing

    The Snooze Media.

  • Tim Newman

    inthedark media

  • David H. Evans

    I’ve been toying with calling the so called mainstream media the mediaocrity, but I think that’s still giving them too much credit.

  • Stevo

    Left Stream Media or O-Stream Media

  • http://mclaughlin1918@sbcglobal.net Mary McLaughlin


    You might consider wearing your glasses all day long. It may help your eyes.

    I have not changed my presctiption for glases for over 20 years. I will be 91 on November 11, 2009

    Cod Liver oil capsules are good for eyes and bran.

  • Greasy Gus

    Hans Christian Andersen wrote a story entitled, “The Emperor’s New Clothes” which I think perfectly describes the relationship amongst Big Media, the president, and the upstart media.

    How ’bout “New Clothes Media”

  • Linda Carnall

    How about, ad nauseum media
    because: they truly do make me sick!!

  • FoundersWeep

    I don’t think it’s a matter of whether it’s ‘mainstream’ or not, i think the question is really is it ‘news’.. ? Not from my perspective. Any organization, any ‘reporter’ that says he hasn’t heard of, what, the BIGGEST story in at least a week, isnt’ a reporter at all. He’s not a news person at all. He’s a lobbyist.

  • Bruce

    I read this one yesterday; “Paleo Media”!

  • CJ

    Mausoleum Stream Media (MSM)

    Mausoleum –noun, plural
    1. a stately and magnificent tomb.
    2. a burial place for the bodies or remains of many individuals, often of a single family, usually in the form of a small building.
    3. a large, gloomy, depressing building, room, or the like.

    White House POM POM Squad

  • Juan

    Old media. Short, simple. However, effete media says it all (synonyms: corrupt, debased, decadent, decayed, decrepit, degenerate, dissipated, enervated, enfeebled, feeble, ineffectual, overrefined). I am a physician, have read all your books and all I can say is thank god for you and Fox news.

  • http://www.unique-design.net/library/quote/propaganda.html ed davis

    The Fifth Columnists

    Sergeant Schultz Media

    Chomsky’s Chumskies

    2 TIM 3:6

  • Zim

    How about ” State Run Media ” or ” Obama’s Propaganda Ministry “

  • Chris A

    My suggestion: The Untelligentsia

  • Josh Slager

    SelectStream Media.
    Uniview Media.
    Demaview Media.

  • Popsdacook

    L.O.L. News = LOOK! OBAMA! LOOK!

    A.Y.T.Y. = “Are We There Yet” news. Repeat 78 times shouting it in our ears.

  • e.g.s.

    sorry andrea…great minds think alike. :)

  • Trevor Clements


    My favorite so far is LEFT STREAM MEDIA

  • e.g.s.

    how about lame stream media

  • Andrea Callahan

    LameStream Media!!!!

  • ScottyDog


    Communist News Media

  • ScottyDog

    State Run Propaganda Media

  • patriot251

    try the Subversive Media

  • ParkvilleMo49

    Bernie, here’s my suggestion already posted on Michelle Malkin’s site:

    Also to pick up on what Klaatu said lots earlier here;
    I think Legacy media is quite descriptive of what these news organizations are.
    ‘Legacy media’ is old, with entrenched and soon becoming obsolete journalistic rules, unable to be ‘retooled’ into something lean and truthful.
    ‘Legacy’ media’, in order to become mainstream once again must be shut down and a totally new organization with new rules built in it’s place.

  • http://moondogsports.com MoonDog

    Sorry for the second post – just thought of another one.

    May I Please Give Obama a B.J. Media

  • Scott Griffin

    How ’bout “Lying Liars Media” in honor of…dare I say it…Sen. Al Frankin.

  • Abraxas

    Mike Rosen, the conservative radio host here in Denver has refused to call them the mainstream media for a couple of years now. He refers to them as the dominant liberal mass media.

  • http://david-porta.livejournal.com/ David Porta


    Ostrich Media


  • Guided By Voices

    Social Reform Media
    2+2=5 Media

    • Guided By Voices

      2/2/5 Media

  • http://www.teresamerica.blogspot.com/ Teresa Rice

    How about The Biased Nutjob Media? Or The cover up for the President Media? The Media that really isn’t?

  • http://moondogsports.com MoonDog

    Cronkite We Ain’t

  • MDean

    Lamestream Media

  • mbabbitt

    Liberal Narrative Media

  • Guided By Voices

    Progressive Media

  • John D

    Hi Bernie,

    I have an observation in regards to your appearance on the O’Reilly Factor last night:

    Bill was concerned that with the overwhelming majority of Tea Party people being white, there might be a perception of racism. But there seemed to be no concern by anyone when 90% of African American voters voted for Obama. What’s the difference?

  • Jeroboam

    “The Sclerotic Media” or “The Sclerotten Media”

  • http://gankomon.blogspot.com StoneHead

    There is a word has somehow fallen out of vogue but that fits perfectly – Propagandists.

    Since they have shown for some time that they are interested only in printing or otherwise propagating information that will reflect positively on their preferred agendas and elected officials. How many times have we all played ‘Name That Party’? How many times have we noted the vast disparity in how politicians are treated depending on their party affiliation? How often must we note the information carefully omitted from the pages of the so-called news media? And all of these benefit the Democratic Party and their allies on the left side of the political spectrum.

    Let us cease this habit of diplomatic speech and call a spade a spade. The established media are in fact precisely the same as Pravda under the USSR. There are a few lonely voices still attempting to do real journalism (ie. Jake Tapper, John Stossel) but the media as a group has long since given up that effort in favor of performing as the Democratic Party’s personal propaganda corps.

  • http://twocentsworth.blogtownhall.com gepaza

    Mangy Socialist Media

  • Ed Wallis

    The Antique Media.

    After all, they BELONG IN A MUSEUM…


    They ARE already in a museum:

    The NEWSEUM! (on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.)

  • nancylou

    Sgt. Schultz Media (“I see nothing…that incriminates democrats”)

    Pravda v.2.0

    Pravda, USA division

    T-Rex tabloids

  • Guided By Voices

    ARM – Apathy River Media

  • Wayne in Minn.

    Left winged Ostrich media. They seem to have their heads in the sand.

  • P. Bunyan

    (1)”The Communitst Media” (CBS=Comunist Bull Shit, NBC= Nothing But Communists, ABC=Another Bunch of Communists, CNN= Communist News Netork, etc.)

    (2) “Lying Leftist Media”

    (3) Or just “Pravda” would suffice.

  • BillP

    dinosaur media

    I just saw this on the biggovernment.com website.

    Or, there is Rush’s new term for it.

    State-run media or State media.

  • Tom

    After last Saturday’s events the proper nomenclature is certainly not “main stream” anymore.

    Call them “ENE-media”

  • Walt Palmer

    Aren’t they all just “Tabloids”? Can’t trust the details or the sources, and omission of newsworthy info directly porportional to the political party it affects.

  • Walt Palmer

    Haven’t the daily’s become not much more than “tabloid” type newspapers? Only the believers will believe, and sources are always in question.

  • Faye

    The Less Than Medium
    This Failed Medium
    One Way Street Medium

  • PnPSmith

    Rush has been calling them the “Drive-by Media” for years, so that’s a label a LOT of people would recognize immediately.

  • Doug Gillmer

    Closed Eyewitness News @ 6

  • D.Phistry

    Iago Media

    Spin the tale on the Donkey Media

    Cover-ur-asset Media

    See No Evil Media

    Fairytale Media

    Sightless Media

    Got-ur-back Media

  • http://www.punditpete.blogspot.com/ Peter Boddie

    How about MIA Media (missing in action)

  • Michael E.

    It is the ‘Old Media’, ‘Last Century’s Media’.

    Thank you, Bernie, for taking a stand against calling them ‘mainstream’.

  • http://www.punditpete.blogspot.com/ Peter Boddie

    Or a simpler acronym
    Journalism No More

  • Bob

    What about KUP (kiss up politics) MEDIA…seems appropriate to me

  • D.Phistry

    How about “Astroturf Media?”

    Media that doesn’t represent America.

  • Alice Wigglebotton

    Call ’em what they are:

    the Democrat media

  • demoncrat

    The No News Media.

    • http://www.punditpete.blogspot.com/ Peter Boddie

      I like it. TNNM

  • http://www.punditpete.blogspot.com/ Peter Boddie

    Journalists In Hastened Advanced Decline (JIHAD)
    Journalism in Hastened Advanced Decline (JIHAD)

    Take your pick.

  • Patti in PA

    I like…….

    “Once Upon a Time” Media


  • Ray Simpson

    How about “slipstream media”
    or “media schmedia”

  • Cordelia Crockett

    A better name would be the “DEAD stream media”.

    As for me they did themselves in when they thumbed their nose at the viewers.

  • thomasSbordone

    How about the “Imperial Media” They certainly are above us rabble, only report what they decide thye want to, and are accountable to no one. I used to tell my children, that watching the 2,4,7 and CNN was like reading the fairy tale, The Emporer’s New Clothes. It would be funny if was not so infuriating. Thanks for listening. Regards, Tom.

  • http://rgazzetti@aol.com Russell G.

    Indecent Exposure

  • Jeff

    Call it what it is: the establishment media.

  • Robert Tinker

    My suggestion is “Antimedia”

    As in physics, the opposite of matter is antimatter(media).

    Example: the antimatter counterpart of an electron has a positive charge, and has an opposite “spin”.

  • caren goodrich

    dinosaur pages

  • Ken B.

    Plain and simple: Barrack Obama Fan Club (TV Edition)

  • Texas Pete

    How about a tip of the hat to our friends who live along America’s Main Stream, the mighty Mississippi:

    Oxbow Media

    Encyclopedia Brittanica defines oxbow thusly:

    “small lake located in an abandoned meander loop of a river channel. It is generally formed as a river cuts through a meander neck to shorten its course, causes the old channel to be rapidly blocked off, and then migrates away from the lake.”

    I like that “abandoned meander loop” part.

    Even better: since the Australian term for oxbow lake is billabong, maybe this would work:

    Billabong Media

    That’s sounds cool. So cool, that knucklehead MSMers would probably think we were complimenting them.

  • http://politicalabacus.blogspot.com/ Joe Dan

    Old Gray Media

    We’re working on our own “unflattering” piece re: the Media. We were just having this discussion last night.. so at least tentatively, we’re using Old Gray Media

    Joe Dan

  • DtMn001

    Or maybe call them “The Wonderland Media” since most everything they say is 180 degrees out of sync with reality.

  • Texas Pete

    Here’s a riff off a previous commenter’s suggestion of Dinosaur Media:

    Tar Pit Media

    The dinosaurs are in the tar pit. They’re not dead yet, and it’s going to take while unti they breathe their last. But they vaguely understand that there is something wrong in the world.

  • Robert


    look it up

  • Robert Gregory

    This term has been used before, but it is so appropriate.


    It’s the remanents of a bygone era. A relic.

    It is so-o-o-o true.

  • Tom Saunders

    Simply call it “The Party Media.” This is clear, concise, and easy to understand.

  • lydia

    “behind the times” media because, right now if you are reading the NY Times
    as your source of news, you are sadly behind the times, and possibly behind the Times,

  • WT Gibbard

    I agree with C.L.Palombi. I’ve been calling then Legacy Media for a while

  • DtMn001

    The Main Stopped-Up Media sounds pretty good too.

  • lydia

    “behind the times” media because, right now if you are reading the NY Times as your source of news, you are sadly behind the times, and possibly behind the Times,

  • Kent Gage

    “Downstream Media”
    as in “do not camp downstream from the latrine”

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey


  • Percy

    “Division III Media” – – – Maybe we should rank the media in a manner similar to college athletics. In this case, the News groups we are all talking about might be considered as “Division III Media” or even “Division IV Media”. Whatever the lowest would be.

  • http://www.attackmachine.com Jim Bass

    At Attack Machine, we call them Big Baloney for their propensity to use Big as a pejorative. Big Oil, Big Tobacco, etc.

    But they’re not looking so big anymore.

  • DtMn001

    “The Messiah Media”


    “The Voice of the King”

  • DaMav

    ***** Big Liberal Media *****

  • http://conservativewanderer.wordpress.com Chris Alexander, WY

    I am now calling “mainstream” media the “Media In Absentia” or “MIA” for short.

  • Clara

    Hi, Bernie!

    How about “The Blue Pill Media”?

  • DtMn001

    The Children’s Crayon Media would suit them.

  • PaulOs

    The Convenient Relative Truth Media

  • Lester Sullivan

    State-run media

  • Nganeer

    Left wing coastal media as opposed to “flyover country” media [Fox, Drudge, Bernie, Blogs].

    NYNYLACA [New York, New York & Los Angeles,California], or NYLA for short Media. Coastal Media, FlyTo Media, Two Coast Media, Looney Left Media, Slobbering Sychophant Media. Or just Irrevelant Former Media.

  • DtMn001

    Just call them the “Late-stream Media” since they haven’t been doing real journalism for years and couldn’t do it now if there lives depended on it.

  • Pat

    Agenda Driven Media
    Mission Media

  • PaulOs

    The Alternate Reality Media

  • RKV

    state run media (e.g. Pravda, Isvestia, etc.)

  • Char

    DINOSAUR MEDIA—without a doubt!. The meteor has hit ‘their’ planet. They are dying and DEAD (NYT) for the most part already and in the fossil FUEL stage. Their “fuel” has E-N-E-R-G-I-Z-E-D and created the new media of youtube,twitter,facebook, blogs,Drudgereport , FOXNEWS, talk radio……!!!! YEA!!

  • William

    Establishment Media…

    There was a time when many of today’s media executives protested the “Establishment.” Now, they are the Establishment.

  • http://simmer@elephantowners.com Simmer

    I was thinking BM for Barack Media, but I see that has already been suggested.

  • Tom O’Reilly(no relation to Bill)

    My suggestion is “Old Media”.

  • Pat

    The Irrelevant Media

  • Bill Knowles

    No question what it should be:

    The Alinsky Allies

  • PaulOs

    The weak stream media or weakening stream media

  • Pat

    Monkey Media – Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil…

  • Marann

    Haven’t seen this one yet.

    IM Media= Irrelevent Media Defined as not relevent, not pertinent and in law, having no probative value upon any issue in the case.

    Irrelevent Media, I like it!

  • texexpatriate

    My vote goes for Socialist Media (first choice) and Statist Media (second choice).

  • MarkWit


  • DtMn001

    Call them exactly what they are… Soulless smiley little overdressed and overpaid ACORN workers… who see nothing wrong or newsworthy about their cohorts advising others on how to setup and run child prostitution rings.

  • Leigh Barrett

    Yeller Dawg Repotus [Sorry – I’m from the South :) ]

    Lame Brain Media

    Has-Been Hacks or Half-Baked Hacks

    Liberal News Corpse [this is not a typo!]

    Blind Pig Media (because even a BLIND pig stumbles across an ACORN once in a while)

  • jay d

    How about we call them Little brother as compared to the cable news.

  • joe monte

    PS: Charlie Gibson on a Chicago AM talk show ( WLS, Don Wade and Roma) said he DID NOT HEAR about the ACORN videos!!!! He stunned the hosts and AMERICA!!

  • Randy Thrasher

    I’ve been referring to them since early spring as the “Administration’s Stenography Service” , or ASS Media for short.

  • joe monte

    How about “Inane Stream Media”?

  • novadine

    I adore your courage and honesty Bernie. I say call them the PPS…Puppet Press Stenographers. Of course, they may become all wee weeed up if you did not pronounce it correctly. HEHE


    Let’s be honest, and accurate. As Jay Severin (WTKK-FM, Boston) has noted, those of whom we speak are, by sins of commission and sins of omission, practicing advocacy journalism. Hence thy are to known as DAM – Democrat Advocacy Media. (Couldn’t get a final “n” in the acronym, damn it.)

  • Steve Ost, Pt. Orchard, WA

    We need to call it “The Lamestream Media” from henceforth.

  • Charles



    Archaic Media


    Endangered Media

  • Dan Strong


    Since the Main Stream Media has lost whatever spark of life it once had, we should call it the
    Zombie Media.



  • C.L.Palombi


    It will resonsate – most common, accurate descriptor across IT Industry and large corporate users since they refer to their “OLD” (established, incumbent) computer systems as “LEGACY SYSTEMS” for 20+ years.
    Long form definition:
    LEGACY systems are basically obsolete and of marginal value but since they’re already part of the infrastructure, providing ever declining functional value for years since being overtaken by “smarter, faster, cheaper” technology, they MUST be maintained because there’s no approvable business case to justify the cost of totally replacing them. Eventually they are turned off (coverted from) by some exoginous trigger event, e.g. vendor cutting off maintenance services or a new integrated system subsuming their limited functions.

    In the case of the “LEGACY MEDIA” the same natural decline to organic death has been taking place for many years. Eventually no one will buy or read them. Their advertising revenue sources are being overtaken by Google, and their Classifieds by Craigslist, Monster, and EBay. It’s just a matter of time.

    Then again a fish out of water, knowing it’s dying, can trash and hurt you if you’re not careful!

  • Shannon Lee

    Down stream media!! (We had a 9/12 rally with 1,000 people & local newspaper had nothing about it).

  • Frank Sullivan

    I still like “Government Controlled Media”.

  • Cynthia, Hampton, NH

    I’ve been calling the media:

    Big Media (BM, in other words), for short.

    The full name is:

    Big Media & Entertainment Complex,

    (aka: The Propaganda Wing of the Democrat Party. “News” in conjunction with the production of images in the entertainment media, produce a classic propaganda mechanism).

    Lots of good suggestion at this site!!!

  • http://www.MyEmergencyMedicalFile.com Dave Leake

    The term you and Bill O’Reilly are searching for to replace “mainstream” media is “legacy.”

    Nothing could be more insulting or appropriate in this digital age. Well, you might add “lefty legacy media.”

    Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legacy_system):
    “A legacy system . . . may include procedures or terminology which are no longer relevant in the current context, and may hinder or confuse understanding. . .”

    Wish I could claim credit for originality. Truth is, I Googled a reference to the term from 2004: http://journalism.nyu.edu/pubzone/weblogs/pressthink/2004/09/14/legacy_time.html

    Warm regards,
    Dave Leake
    Winter Park, FL

  • YojiYo

    Milk Maid Media

  • Bob Eberly

    “Obomadoggies” Now roll over and play dead. Good doggie, good doggie! MSM will always respond when I use this in e-mails.

  • Luke

    Silly answer: The Wee-Wee’d Media, The Tingle Leg Media

    Serious Answer: The Regressive Media (as opposed to their beloved moniker, Progressive)

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    I vote “Lame Stream Media” has that been posted yet?

  • http://AnnieOakley.org Karen Allen

    Exactly what Obama called Kanye West.

  • JoJo Texas

    I prefer: “The YellowStream Media” ’cause they piss away their credibility every hour of every day.

  • Margie

    The failed media
    The formerly relevant media
    The Progressive Propaganda Networks
    The Self Serving Media alt. The Self Stroking Media :)
    The Backpocket Media

  • FabiannaT

    the New Messiah’s Media

  • Chuck

    I think the reality is they are the “formerly mainstream media”!


    1. in time past; in an earlier period or age; previously: a custom formerly observed.
    2. Obsolete. in time just past; just now.

  • paresident

    In our house we call CNN the communist news network,
    ABC the All Barak channel
    NBC-No broadcast channel-they don’t broadcast anything important or factual

  • Thomas Sparks

    How about instead of main stream we call it the” short line media”.

  • http://mises.org/ MCHnDFW

    The Counterfeit Express, The Trojan Times, The Benedict Arnold Journal… the names are endless and they are all fitting for these intellectual traitor’s.

    Pravda is simple and well known and it pretty much says it all.

  • mike

    yellow media

  • Julie M

    Missed Story Media

  • Joe P

    Blind eye media
    Sgt. Shutltz media…”I see nothing”
    Play stupid media
    dishonest media
    community organizer media
    OutragousBlatentAssailedMisalignedAss media (Obama media)

  • Cheree Williams

    I agree Elitist Media works well, and also the Establishment Media works well. I think think that Small Stream media and Minor Stream media would possibly stick, though. None of us watch it, so Nonexistent Media is more like it.

  • Bette

    I heard someone on TV call it the ‘Lame Stream Media’ – I agree!

  • Eugene Pando

    It’s gonna be hard to beat “Presstitutes”. Besides that way they will know where to get good tax advice.

  • PaulOs

    Activist Media

  • sally


  • Eric

    How about The Three Monkey Media? You know…see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. We could just call them 3MM for short.

    • Diane

      Three Monkey Media gets my vote!
      Also, the Blind Pig Media – very clever!

  • http://lipskip.com Chris

    Gutter Stream Media –

  • Diane

    Bravo for bringing up this subject! For the past several weeks, I’ve been saying this same thing to anyone who will listen. I don’t have any real clever suggestions other than these:

    Out of Touch Media
    Liars Club
    Forget the Facts Media
    Corrupted Coverage

  • Ringo

    Call them what they are: socialist media

  • Tim

    Sansrkit News

  • Steve


  • matt in vermont

    how about the ‘Old School Media’? that pretty much encapsulates them.
    keep up the heat, mr. goldberg!

  • Dennis Shaper

    Marxist Stream Media

  • John

    The “Rather” lame media

  • C. K. Roll

    Suggest name for main street media. Elite Liberal Media (Elm)

  • http://mises.org/ MCHnDFW

    Do like the UK does and name all the mainstream state run channels like they do. BBC1, BBC2, ect. Only it would be called (Barack Hussein Obama) BHO1, BHO2 and so on… and get Chris Mathews a Baghdad Bob outfit, he would definitely look more appropriate in it.

  • S. Frog

    How about ‘The Democratic Party’

  • Franklin

    It’s gotta be SRM State Run Media or SCM State Controlled Media. I think the former is less of an exaggeration, but given our current direction, state control is not necessarily far off.

  • Schroborn

    or.. Puppet formerly known as Media

  • Samuel Francis

    How about;

    “Jurassic Media”.

    Or similarly;

    The “Wolly Mammoth Media”. Much as the wooly mammoth was thousands of years ago, they are large, lumbering, on their way to extinction yet too stupid to realize it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/c_w_leffel Charles Leffel

    Mr. Goldberg,

    I would like to suggest the following and the new handle for the media:

    The Establishment Media
    The Man’s Media

    I am a Libertarian and want to say it is a pleasure to see a real journalist; unfortunately that honorable and important profession is now on the endangered species list.

    Thank you,
    Charles Leffel
    Wichita Falls, Texas

  • Schroborn

    sockpuppet media

  • Bob

    The establishment media.

  • Big Ed

    “Old Media” says it all.

    Michelle Malkin suggests “Ostrich Media.”

  • LazRus

    FCC controlled media.

  • Marie

    Hate America Media

  • http://mises.org/ MCHnDFW

    Mentally Stunted Media would work too. After all, ignorance is a leftist’s best friend.

  • reliapundit@msn.com

    state-run media
    elitist media
    old media

  • Lynda Groenendal

    Has anyone suggested “Doublespeak News Coverage” DNC

  • Michael P

    Since they are now in the “minor league” of media due to their own lack of professionalism, how about we just refer to them as the Minor-Stream Media?

  • http://www.evantine.blogspot.com Evan Wilson

    My suggestion for replacing “mainstream media”….. “Old News”

  • Josh

    the misconduct media
    the brain-dead media
    the daydream media

  • sewg

    lemmings entertain you

  • Joann

    How about this: Traitors

    • BigGrader

      “Obomadoggies” Now roll over and play dead. Good doggie, good doggie.

  • http://Amik1@aol.com Marty Ellick

    Keep it simple:
    Just call it “The Former Mainstream Media.”
    In my opinion it tells the whole story.

  • sara

    hi horse media

  • Dennis Shaper

    The DNM- The Democrat National Media.

  • http://mises.org/ MCHnDFW

    We could name them the “Mass Suicidal Miscreants” since that is exactly where the policies they support would lead America.

  • Janice

    radical chicanery media

  • Senor Guapo

    My recommendation: The 50% Off Channel (Sub-Title: We’ll give you the left-half of the story).

  • Drew

    Hi Bernie:

    How about “Barely Media”?

  • http://CyberCiphering.com CyberCipher

    How about the BBW?…
    Baghdad Bob Wannabes

  • BFD

    Ministry Of Truth

  • Eh?

    Formerly Known As Media – FKAM

  • Kennyraisin

    Yellow-Stream Media, “No Clue For You” Media, In My Own Private Idaho Media, Clueless in Seattle Media, Crayons Are Us Media, “No Way Can You See” Media, Left Talk Express Media, Obama Butt Bongo Media, Gargle After Every Use Media, Count The Lumps Going Down Media, Carl Marx School Of Propaganda Media, Peoples Republic of Socialism Media, “We Tell More Lies Before 9 AM Than Most People Do All Day” Media…….

  • Rolando of SPI

    What about the SIM- “The Self Interest Media”. They do not serve the public or the Nation interests except their own.

  • http://CyberCiphering.com CyberCipher’s Collie

    Maybe they should call themselves the RJI…
    for Remember Journalistic Integrity?

  • Megalass

    They are The Establishment Media.

    And instead of the Media Elite ( which is far too complimentary) I prefer to think of them as The Media Clique.

  • Holly

    I like what Rush calls them…….State-run Media

  • Mike

    Ass Hat Media

  • Mike A.

    How about…

    “The Faded Media”

    The verb fade has 4 senses?

    (become less clearly visible or distinguishable; disappear gradually or seemingly)

    2. (4) fade, wither

    (lose freshness, vigor, or vitality)

    3. (4) evanesce, fade, blow over, pass off, fleet, pass

    (disappear gradually)

    4. languish, fade

    (become feeble)

  • Rick

    How about just an easy one:

    Former Media

  • http://www.tommcmahon.net Tom McMahon

    The Royal Media

  • http://mises.org/ MCHnDFW

    I nominate “Mindless State Mouthpieces”, after all, regurgitating and praising the pro-statist line is all they are good for anymore. When something doesn’t fit their agenda driven template they either smear it or just complete ignore it and continue drooling like the dolts they are expecting the masses to just soak up whatever they say.

    … or perhaps just “Mindless Sold-out Misfits” since their stance is totally thuggish and Un-American and very reminiscent of how Benedict Arnold betrayed his country for a king.

  • hanshan

    Paleo-media probably has the best ring. (…and might be a worthy payback for years of Neo-everything)

    Other options might be Antique or Archaic.

  • David

    Suck-up media
    Elitist media
    Dinosaur media (they hate being called dinosaurs!)
    Mediocre Media
    Milktoast Media
    Pay-no-mind media
    Mindless Media

  • Marta

    Old School Media

  • Danny

    non news media

  • Mike

    How about Dead Stream Media or Love Canal Media ?

  • Jim

    I like “THE MINDLESS MEDIA” because they’ve all been brainwashed and their minds filled with pure unadulterated hate.

  • John F

    Prog-Duh. Prog for progressive. Duh for its jounalistic quality.

    And it sounds like a well-know state-run media “Pravda”.

  • Mark Votipka

    New name for the useless Mainstream Media is “Ostrich Media” (Their heads are in the sand on all relevent and pertinent issues).

    Keep up the good work.


    Mark F. Votipka

  • Amy

    Move On Media: Move on, there’s nothing to see here.

  • redinblueyork


    Why don’t we just ignore the SRM (StateRunMedia) as they ignore us. Instead of coming up with silly monikers for them, perhaps we as an outraged group, should publicly and vociferously pull our dollars from their advertisers….much like they did to a certain guy on Fox News. I think that this would hurt them a helluva lot more than calling them silly names. Hit them in the advertising pocketbook where it will ACTUALLY hurt. That’s how the left operates, it’s time we started returning a similiar volley of fire!
    I dunno….I’m just sayin’!


    We love ya Bernie

    RE; other name for”mainstream media”

    Some ideas for you:
    Downstream Media, State Media, Obamas Media, Tainted Media, Untruthful Media, Illegimate Media, End of the line Media, Opposition Media,

  • Larry Disney

    Left Media, Elitist Media, Government Media, Big Government Media, Progressive Media, Progressivist Media, Left Partisan Media.

  • Dwayne

    I simply call them the Knee Pads. They truly have no right to use the word Media ever again.

  • Denny Lanigan

    Propaganda Press

    Not too cute, highly descriptive and alliterative.

  • Kasons4 Twitter

    How about MSM~Mainly Silent Media or Mostly Slow Media. Mostly Slow Morons, Mainly Stuptid Media. Most Snubbed Media.

  • Alamo

    Bernie is right. They haven’t been in the mainstream for a long time.

    Here’s a baker’s dozen, with my favorite at the top:

    Marginalized media

    Marooned media

    Aborted media

    Archaic media

    Forsaken media

    Fringe media

    Erstwhile media

    Meddling media

    Activist media

    Fetid media

    Decaying media

    Evaporating media

    Jilted media

  • https://twitter.com/Drew_Brandt Andrew Brandt

    OSM – Old Stream Media
    FSM – Former Stream Media

  • Scoot1965

    ” Dana says:
    September 15, 2009 at 11:40 am

    How about :


    This is PERFECT!

  • Concerned American

    I agree with you 100%. I have been thinking the same thing! I came up with “CON” The Community Organizers Network”

  • Jefferon Paine

    The Paleo-Media. Marxist Media. Obamedia. State-control Media. Demoncat Media. Partisan Media. Obsolete Media. Has-been Media.

  • Renee

    I vote we call the former MSM the “irrelevant media” No one listens to them anymore, no one quotes them anymore, they are bankrupt. The newest is that Charlie Gibson said he’s just now hearing about the ACORN scandal…….right!

    MSM now IM

    • Bette

      I just sent Gibson an e-mail and told him should retire today – since he missed a week’s worth of news!

  • Sondra

    Since we wouldn’t want to confuse these poor “journalists” with a new acronym, what about “Moronically Stupid Media” or “Massively Slow Media?”

  • Michael Scholtz

    Simply…the “obsolete media”…..this will drive them crazy to think viewers are calling them obsolete!!

  • Dave of Detroit

    Fifth Column Media

    fifth column: a secret or subversive group that seeks to undermine the efforts of others and promote its own ends.
    Encarta ® World English Dictionary

  • PersonFromPorlock

    Paleoflatal Press. ‘Paleoflatal’ is couth for ‘old fart’.

  • John

    The Obama infomercial media

  • MrsD

    Barney Fife Media
    Hubris Media
    Cloister Media
    Mastodon Media
    Teen Club Media

  • http://theautopsy.wordpress.com DocattheAutopsy


    The Mouthpiece Media. I even made a picture this morning, just for you:


  • Jeff Fehn

    How about TMM – Tri-Monkey Media. As in “See nothing conservative, hear nothing conservative, speak nothing conservative.”

  • Ed Small

    Second Class Media -or- Lower Class Media -or- Low Stream Media -or- Liberal Streem Media

    Bernie, keep us informed as to where you will be on what programs other than Fox. We like to listenen to your views.

    The BEST … Ed

  • kris

    the faux media

  • MrsD

    Members Only Media

  • Stuart

    “Partial Media” in all its connotations. Partial to liberals, Democrats, gays, etc. and only gives you a portion of the news.

  • http://lightduty.wordpress.com Lightduty

    Old Media

    It’s simple, clear, and fits in several ways:
    They have an outmoded way of viewing the world, and their place in it.
    They use old technology
    They’re typically slower to report news.
    They often have audiences that are older, demographically speaking.




  • mark B

    Oldstream media

  • Bill Knowles

    How about “The Warped Estate”?

  • sally

    “Sold Us Down the River Media” “Mainstream NO MORE Media”

  • Jules

    State Run Media. (I call ’em like I see ’em.)

    • Mike

      State Run Media – Where Ignorance is Bliss

  • Sandra

    I wish I’d some up with this, but I’ve heard them called the Past-Tense Media.

  • George Thompson

    I jumped for joy when I heard Bernie comment on the “Main Stream Media.” I have been suggesting to my friends for some time that they should be referred to as “Reality News” or Paparazzi. They lost the right to be referred to as news organizations or journalists a long time ago.

  • Whistle

    Simple, descriptive, and relegates them to appropriate status: “Old Media.” Second choice: “Dying Media.”

  • SeanO

    I read somewhere today someone call the State Run Stenographers. Very accurate,I think.

  • http://www.danicabotello.com Danica

    Oh – I like the “Yellow Stream” suggestion listed prior to mine – kinda combines the historical perspective of Yellow Media/Journalism with urine, which seems rather appropriate. Then I remembered I do like what Rush refers to them as – “The Drive-By Media” – in this case, they Drive-By any good story that would tarnish the Democratic/Progressive Party in addition to the typical “Drive By” style of spraying us with nonsense stories they think will instead tarnish any Conservative.

  • Dana

    How about :


  • Carolyn Swope

    Dear Mr. Goldberg….
    My suggestion for the new media name is …”Hip Pocket Media”….
    For they are in Obama’s hip pocket, puckering their lips and kissing backside….

    Thank you, Respectfully, Carolyn Swope, Interlachen, Florida

  • Blaise

    DoDo Media
    Carrier Pigeon Media
    Dinosaur Media

  • Jeff

    Condomedia- You get screwed with nothing to show for it.

  • qa_fan99

    I vote for Lamestream Media

  • Neocortex36

    The Also Ran Media

  • Alma

    I’ve referred to NPR as “National Proletariat Radio” for years–but that takes too much time for people to figure out that it conveys a disturbing ring of truth about it. Everybody already knows what the term conveys–even though it’s Russian for “truth.” It would take very little effort to get this brand associated with ABC, (MS)NBC, C BS, and CNN. The first reference to one of the alleged news sources could be referred to as “Pravda” with its corporate name in parentheses. Subsequent references simply to “Pravda” would link in every reader’s mind corruption, state sponsored media and dishonesty with the media source.

  • Henry Bowman

    Well, I rather like Limbaugh’s State-Run Media, but clearly he’s already using it, plus it is a bit too much of an exaggeration. I think simply Legacy Media such do just fine.

    And, please people, don’t insult <bPravda by linking the AP to it: Pravda isn’t what it used to be.

  • Anna Jokuti

    “Mindless Media” because it is quite obvious that there isn’t one intelligent mind at work there.

  • Markus

    Oops, my mistake.. Sergeant Schultz media. “I know nothing! NOTHING!” Think about it, Schultz, when confronted by evidence of the prisoners’ covert activities, will simply look the other way, repeating “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!” Also he was a Nazi and how leftist is the media these day?

  • DAvid C

    Irrelevant Media

  • http://www.danicabotello.com Danica

    Yellow Media – as in Yellow Journalism = Inflammatory, irresponsible reporting by newspapers. The phrase arose during the 1890s, when some American newspapers, particularly those run by William Randolph Hearst, worked to incite hatred of Spain, thereby contributing to the start of the Spanish-American War. Newspapers that practice yellow journalism are called yellow press.

  • Todd


  • James

    propaganda media

    Call it what it is.

  • Todd

    Yellow Media


  • Jackie Rowe

    I just thought of another DO LITTLE MEDIA

  • Markus

    Colonel Klink media. “I know nussink! NUSSINK!”

  • David

    Yellow stream just seems to fit ,as it is waste water. One only has to look at the drivel they do run with.

  • Jackie Rowe

    I think we should call it NO STREAM MEDIA or perhaps DRY STREAM MEDIA

  • Ardy2009

    Just saw a great one from B.J. Cole:

    “Agendatainment News”

    Or we coud use:

    “Agendatainment Media”

    Good one B.J.

  • http://VocalMinority.typepad.com EricTheRedVM

    The Do-Do Media.

    ‘Cuz at this rate they’re going to be Extinct!

  • TinkerBrendie

    Moribund Media
    Propaganda Delivery System
    WMDs – Weapons of Mass Deception

    And my favorite name for the MSM:

  • Buzz

    “AP” – American Pravda

  • Ardy2009

    How about:

    The Nutroots Media


    The Abridged Media


    Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals Media (ARRM)


    The Pseudo-Media


    The Quasi-Media


    The “Misleading Media”


    Media Lite


    The Delusory Media


    The Fabricated Media


    The Anti-Liberty Media


    The Statis Media


    The “oh, I didn’t know that happened” Media


    The “This is Different” Media

  • alan

    Legacy News Reporters

  • Dr. E

    Margarine Media. Not the real thing.

  • skucount

    I vote for Michell Malkin’s verbiage, the “ostrich media” really really fits.

  • The Right Side

    My followers, Bernie, have adopted my suggestion for the media. Its delightfully referred to as the…..


  • Percy


  • Wayne Elkins

    The most appropriate name I can think of for what used to be called the main-stream media is the “Tinkle Media”. They are barely a dribble now and certainly not a main-stream. Keep up the good work, Bernie.

  • MrsD

    This is my favorite so far:

    JeninCt says:
    September 15, 2009 at 10:58 am
    CheezeWhiz Media – thoroughly processed, dumbed-down, and what Americans with low strandards have come to expect.

  • B.A. Cole

    Considering the pervasiveness and selling of the news, My suggestion is “Agendatainment News”

  • Dana Reed Thurston

    Missed Story Media, Cultural Revolution Media, We are Right, You are stupid Media, Moron Staffed Media, God, I Widh It Were the Sixties Media…

    Thanks for what you do, Mr. Goldberg.

  • Scott

    Marginalized Media

  • Percy


  • Dr Praxis

    HUBA News – (Heads Up Barack’s A$$) News – Our crack talking heads bring you all the hope-n-change that we’re told to tell you.

    • James

      I have to agree with this one. I am an Independent, my wife is Republican. I did not like Bush, but with Obama ignoring the American voice and the the white house calling American people names for disagreeing with Obama. They are even using the race card with people who disagree with Obama. My best friend is black and I do not tolerate racism. It is the 21 century, anyone in American that looks at color is immature and does not represent what USA stands for.

  • peteorr

    Jetstream Media

    (flying high and fast with the facts…out of touch…all jetset, no journalism…)

  • Bobby J

    Bernie, O’Reilly suggested “Media Elite”, BUT how about “Media Effete”? Always enjoy your commentary. -BJ

  • Bruce

    New name for MSM
    ACORN Media


  • Michael Alexis

    “Painstream Media: Urine for a rude awakening.”

  • Sherry Hetz

    CBS – Can’t Believe Squat (or some form of 4 letter word that start with S and ends with T)
    NBC- No Body Cares
    ABC- Always Bad Commentary
    CNN – Communist News Network

    These are just a start. Give me some time and more will follow

    Thanks for your work Mr. Goldberg

  • JP_Texan

    Media Passé
    Impotent Media
    Disingenuous Media
    Duped Media
    Duplicitous Media
    Media Façade
    Myopic Media
    Liberal Media (call it what it is)

  • SteveM

    How about the “Lame stream media” or “No news here”

  • http://panzramic.com Andrew

    Dinosaur Media
    Drive By Media (Rush)
    Abacus Media (obsolete)
    Fringe Media
    State Run Media (Rush)
    Ostrich Media (Michelle Malkin gets credit)
    Agenda Media
    Lemming Media

  • Mike

    Goebbels Media U.S.A.

  • TucsonWilly


  • JeninCt

    CheezeWhiz Media – thoroughly processed, dumbed-down, and what Americans with low strandards have come to expect.

  • http://www.gunlaws.com Alan Korwin

    …And as far as “racism” in the lamestream media goes:

    Racism. n. A false charge, of devastating power, that can be brought against a person without cause, especially when no real charges are available, to gain advantage in a debate. (from my Politically Corrected Glossary, http://www.gunlaws.com/politicallycorrect.htm). Typically, the person charging racism is the racist, q.v. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc.

  • Don

    Left Stream Media

  • George

    Democratic Party Weaponized Media: Object: Provide information that will make their opponents DO something (thinking it is not enough) to neutralize themselves and/or others. Dems “kill” ’em later. Flip it: When (Conservatives) find themselves DOING something like “burning valuable air time” over e.g. Sarah Palin’s clothes: ask: Am I neutralizing myself based on a lie fed to me that will cost my opponent nothing and gain me nothing. George

  • Don

    How about Left Stream Media?

  • JP_Texan

    Lapdog Media

  • Jeff Day

    The Liberals’ Troupe of Bards and Minstrels

  • DocinMPLS

    anushead media

  • Don Bonaddio

    1) Their members are “clinging” to their newspapers and television networks.
    2) It’s a fact, less and less people go to them for their news and information.

    I’d call them “Old School Media” OSM

  • http://blograz.com len wilder

    American Pravda

    “Pravda” is fitting, since our media has become an instrument of propaganda as Pravda did in Russia from 1912, until Yeltsin shut it down in 1991.

    The name has connotations in the minds of many Americans of what a free press is NOT.

    Pravda also has a certain referential quality in the minds of Americans as propaganda.

    A play on words to temper it down might be best… America Pravda.

    No spin would probably just require “Pravda” – I think it has a ring to it.

    • http://blograz.com len wilder

      Pravda means truth in Russian, and we all know what kind of truth they promoted.

      Each time Pravda is used to describe the media it would remind us of media that was nothing, but a propaganda instrument of the state.

      American Corporations are doing the Pravda thing for this administration for money. They actually think they will be in a favored position. The radical activists that are “in charge” had no love for the multi-national companies during the Viet Nam era. They’ll turn on the America corporations running the media when the time is right.

      By calling the media “the American Pravda” it gentles the verbiage, but still gets the message across.

  • Larry Dotson

    Bernie, The former “mainstream” media has now become the Unilateral Media and in particular, the Unilateral News Networks. According to my dictionary, unilateral means “relating to one side only”, and “pertaining to only one of a number of sides or parties in a controversy” (Can you say MSNBC?) I appreciate all your appearances on Fox News and the credibility you bring to the discussion of bias in the media. Keep it up!

  • Denise Baltimore, MD


  • Carlos Vargas

    Sorry, but my previous comments were cut short.

    The 3 names I suggest are:

    b) Unethical Media
    c) Irresponsible Media

  • neomom

    Elitist Media

  • Chuck M.

    WeSaySo Media

  • Tom Crosby

    I’m sure you’ve gotten this one but how about ‘Lamestream Media’?

    • Tom Crosby

      I should have read the others first….

  • Jim from Nesconset,NY

    As a political wordsmith, I think the phrase that BEST describes the MEANING you are seeking

    is: ” ‘HAS-BEEN’ MEDIA”!!!

    It says it all in 3 simple words!!

  • Marann

    The Media has acted like Pravda did in the USSR during the Cold War or Bagdad Bob during the Iraq War. As if most Americans can’t see what’s really happening in some cases before their own eyes and ears.

    So they’re Liberal/Progressive Propaganda Media (LibProp)Media.

  • Carlos Vargas

    Great journalism Mr. Golbert. I do have 3 sugestions for the new names of the so called media stream

  • She

    My vote: Lapdog Media

  • Amy

    …lamestream media

  • Alma

    All the names with “media” appended end up being too long for their purpose. What’s needed is a one word term that conveys the characteristics of corruption and incompetence: PRAVDA.

  • Teeee

    Brownheads (one word) ‘cuz they got their head up where the sun don’t shine. It’s gross, but I call ’em like I see ’em.

  • Judith A Studer

    How about the Watch(R)/Lap(D)dog media?

  • Quiet Guy

    The “No Stream Media”

    Motto: “No News is Good News”

  • PAT

    The Liberal Democrat Media (LDM)

  • MrsD

    After 10 ZILLION Avadart commercials, how about:

    Weak Stream Media

  • Anita

    I’d call it “Infrequent Media”

  • MrsD

    main stream media = mean streak media

  • http://deathby1000papercuts.com Mondo Frazier

    The EMM: The Establishment Mouthpiece Media.

  • John Galt

    Statist Controlled Media – SCM

  • summersands

    You are so correct there are no words for how the media has let us down I’m very appalled by them I no longer watch what I USED to call MSM I have no trust in any of them

    Biased 24/7 coverage

  • Metro Gnome

    I suggest: Mid-stream media.
    I had to give a sample at the pathology lab recently.

    Maybe “up-the-stream (without a paddle)” media.

  • slvgg

    I would like to submit POCKET MEDIA
    They are in the pocket of the LW Liberals

  • Comrade Terry

    I call them the Legacy Media.

  • venus

    Since this is what they keep trying to call Fox, just make it “Entertainment TV” or ETV.
    Throw it back at them.

  • TheBigOldDog

    How about the CME – Corrupt Media Establishment? Bit catchy.

  • Richard White

    Western Provda Media

  • TheBigOldDog

    There’s only one real name although I’m not sure how catchy it is and that’s The Corrupt Media. because that’s what they are, corrupt to the core.

  • Richard White

    Glenn Beck calls them the Criminally Complisit Media

    I submit:
    Morally Bankrupt Media
    Elite Media of the Godless
    Lacking Integrity Media

  • hoosier nancy

    How about “It’s all about me” media – because you know it is!

  • http://p51pilot@bellsouth.net David Bell

    Mainstream media should be called “OSTRICH MEDIA” or how about “HEAD IN THE SAND MEDIA”

  • Kevin

    Whirlpool Media

    They just keep spinning around, never realizing they’re slowly disappearing.

  • Donald

    Ministry of Propaganda (MOP)

  • Keith Burwell

    Agenda Media

  • Karen S

    Fringe media
    Media for Dummies

  • Vince Picarello

    Mofia Media (M&M)
    Lying Media
    Non Reporting Media
    Opinion Media
    No Facts Media
    Government Media
    Black Media






  • Kelly

    “In His Pocket Media”

    MFS (Media For Socialism)

    We think your stupid and are not paying attention to what is really going on Media…

    Smoke and Mirror Media…

  • Club Soda

    Traditional Media

  • Linda

    YOU might already have this label instead of “Mainstream Media”: Ostrich media.

  • mari greene

    BlindEye Media – due to their constant “public silence” says it all… or

    Blindfish Media gives you that nice slimy feel, along with the total neglect thing we’re going for…

    tough choice…personally, I would intersperse the two at will, just for fun.

  • richard

    State run media

  • richard p

    PRM-Previously Relevant Media

  • Ben

    Some more descriptions of the “mainstream media”
    1. American Politboro
    2. Co-conspirator media
    3. Accomplice media
    4. F.O.S. (full of sh*t) news
    5. Non-objectice News (N.O.N)

  • Tom Dillon

    “Mainstream Media” should be renamed:
    Misleading Media
    Marxist Media
    Mad Media
    Mean Media
    Massive Media
    Massively Misleading Media
    Rabid Media
    See No Liberal Evil Media
    … Etc.
    Tom Dillon

  • Kathy

    I think “sidestream media” would be more appropriate. They are a sideshow for the current administration and certainly make no apologies for it. (I do like the lamestream media label also.

  • thinkingabovemypaygrade

    In honor of Pres. O’s Chicago roots, how bout


    (PS I predict Pres. O & Co. will soon RAM THROUGH the healthcare–and it will eventually MORPH into the system they want—despite any supposed compromises.)

    It’s the Chicago Way!

  • Jim

    I am like the “Left Behind” media

  • 2klbofun

    I agree with “LSM” — its only one letter off from “MSM”.

    It can stand for “Liberal Stream Media”, “Left-Slanted Media”, “Liberal Sock-puppet Media”, or “Lying Sack of Manure” or a whole host of other things!

  • Meg

    how ’bout the “Ball Lickers Club”.

  • Steve

    Lot’s of great ideas here to rename the “mainstream media”.
    How about “Pravda”?
    Keep up the good work.

  • Wolf Trapp

    Here you go Bernie…

    “The Lackey Media”

    Definition of Lackey:

    1 a : footman 2, servant b : someone who does menial tasks or runs errands for another
    2 : a servile follower : toady

    The media is clearly the servant of it’s self-ascribed messiah, Barack Obama.

  • http://corporateoff-leasecomputers.com Ken Roesler

    Bernie, here’s an analogy. During the recent US auto industry crisis, a term that connoted burdensome costs and bad practices within the ‘big 3’ nearly draging them into oblivion vis a vis foreign competition, was ‘legacy costs’. I agree the ‘mainstream media’ is no longer mainstream. They are losing ground to new media. I think we should start referring to them as the ‘legacy media’ i.e. passe. They’re bleeding red ink and if they don’t change their practives/behavior, as enterprises, they’re dead. I think framing them as ‘legacy media’ let’s them know the sound of the ticking clock is getting louder. Thanks for what you do!

  • Ed

    On the other hand, Gary Floyd’s submission suggests another name.

    “Obama’s Chorus”

  • Ed

    I second the “Liberal Media”.

    I’ve been using it personally for some time, now.

  • Kathleen Walker

    I have another acronym – UASR – Union of American Socialist Reporters – tied to, of course, the USSR – which is where we’re heading!!!!!

  • Gary Floyd

    Bernie,………..I respectfully suggest they be forever known as “The Fourth Estate Choir”!!!

  • Adam

    Hideously Disfigured Media

  • Dave

    The Un-Right Media

  • Bill Hilley

    We’re talking about “The Iron Curtain Media” in America. It’s every bit as difficult for Americans to “find out the truth” in this contemporary age as it was for the people behind the “iron curtain.” In the days of the former “Soviet Union,” The State owned and operated all news outlets. Other than names on deeds and articles of incorporation, how is that different from what exists in the US today? The media is in the pocket of the left wing extremists in Washington and offer no investigative reporting. Why not call ’em what they are: The Iron Curtain Media?

  • Chet

    Brain Dead Media

  • RBW

    In war, you must first identity your enemy and then determine their strengths and weaknesses. The current liberal media loves to “shroud themselves” in the idea that they are unbiased and a “servant” and not corruptable. That is all a lie. They are all corrupt and biased and serve only the left and their own interests. Expose the lie by calling them simply what they are, if it becomes common lexicon, will hurt them and finally open more eyes and ears in America to their lies.

  • Percy

    How about “IMAGE NEWS”. Perhaps the word “media” should not be associated with these so-called “mainstream” groups. After all, Hollywood is a media abuser that considers itself “mainstream”. The truth is, for now, we’re talking about NEWS JOURNALISM and the principled ethics that certain News Groups have consciously elected to abandon. Maybe we could refer to these people as the “IMAGE NEWS”. Let’s face it. Their primary objective in using the one-way media as their weapon is to employ “Pavlovian Conditioning” to create the selected “images” they want American’s to have.

  • RBW

    Lot’s of the above are “cute” but won’t be used because they are esoteric or denote anger or are in some other way inappropriate in many common settings. A moniker to stick, must be descriptive and something that anyone can understand with out explanation, and must be such as to be suitable for widespread use in all settings in America. From Fox with Friends to RedEye in the middle of the night. That all limits the choices. Something that middle, average, normal America can embrace. Something civil, extremely descriptive, revealing, and cutting to the bone when the folks at NBC, ABC, NYT, CBS, CNN, etc, hear it describe them. Something that can roll off the tongue and catch on with not only pundits and talk show hosts on Fox, but radio hosts and people in the street. Something that describes that the “Emperor has no clothes” and that America is on to them and is ignoring them. That calling them out and then ignoring them is the hurt they can not abide.

    Left Stream Media or simply the Left Media

    Take a page from the Sol Lewinsky book for radicals. Use your enemy’s tactics to defeat them. Identify your true enemy and put them on the defensive and keep them there.

    • Kelly

      Excellent… Most Excellent!

    • JenH

      RBW — Simple and effective. I will refer to the Left stream media or Left media from now on.

  • Tim

    Maim street media

  • Al

    How about “Maudlin Media”

  • mike G

    The “OLD” Media

  • http://bruceattar@aol.com Bruce Attar

    How about…….”THE LIBERAL MEDIA”

  • Victor Slade, Indianapolis


  • Dave

    The Effete Media or EM for short.

  • david Z

    KPBAM – “Knee Pads and Bibs Adorned Media”- because (like porn stars) they slurp up and swallow whole-heartedly anything everything the DNC and Obama administration spews out.

  • Dee

    Dinosaur Divas

  • doug m frederick

    i agree wholeheartedly that the media now presented is not “main stream.” perhaps, we should begin to refer to it as “a slobbering left” media.

  • J Frank Rust

    How ’bout . . . . MEAN SCREAM MEDIA ??????????

    where they serve the Truth . the HOLE Truth . A-HOLE Lotta UNTRUTHs

    Loved most the above

  • T

    I’ve been referring to them as the “Old Guard” media for several years- I refuse to refer to them as “mainstream”…

  • Ray

    Let’s call them as they truly are, Lamestream Media: lacking meaningful or desirable substance: WEAK, INEFFECTUAL

  • Delores Dady

    Call them the “Left Behind Media” It applies in more ways then one.

  • Delores

    Bernie, How about calling them the “Left Behind” media? It applies in more ways then one.

  • John

    SEMA: Abbreviation for Sanctimonious Establishment Media Apparatchik. 1. Propaganda arm of a bigoted, intolerant political class with diminishing influence on current events; 2. an elitist organization totally incapable of original, independent thought; 3. unlike most whores, SEMA does not provide value for services rendered

  • Karen

    JOKE MEDIA Just Outta Kilter Everytime

  • chris robling

    OK, Mr Goldberg, having now skimmed the 470 posts above, here are some ideas:

    a) I still suggest “Libstream,” because it is accurate, descriptive and short.

    b) “Lamestream” seems to be getting the most endorsements. I agree with the feeling, as I do with your head-exploding friends re the Times, to which I remain a subscriber despite its perfidy, but I think if you are to adopt a new name, it should be neutral to gain wide acceptance.

    c) I further suggest “State media,” or “Statist media,” which I have not seen endorsed, instead of “State-owned” or “State-run,” which have, because the worldview of the Times, AP, CBS, etc. is unflinchingly statist. They are, however, not in fact state-owned or state-run, though federal bailout ideas and rumors persist and I suppose will continue indefinitely. For the time being “State” media is simple, short and a bit arch in its description. It also depicts the Bananastan-style breathless admiration the Times and co. proffer daily.

    d) I am surprised no one suggests Rush’s “Drive-by” appellation, the derivation of which I have never understood, but which he uses whenever I happen to hear his program.

    Thanks again and best regards.

  • Joe

    Not sure if I’m putting this in the right place, BUT the main stream media should be changed to THE LEFT WING MEDIA

  • Karen Brownstead

    WHAT MEDIA? We Hate All Truths

  • Dr. Dudley T Porter

    Bernie, keep it simple, a lot of us gave up on them years ago, so I think of them as the “PERIPHERAL” media, since they only cover (with bias no less) for their selected peripheral of America.

  • Brenda

    Hey Bernie,

    How about ‘Opinion Media’, ‘Factually Challenged Media’, ‘Public Option Media’, or ‘Michael Moore Media’?

  • mickey de socio

    Bernie, I know you can’t say this on t T V but the new youk time should change their motto to

    ” All the news that’s Sh_t to print”

  • http://response39.blogspot.com Steve G.

    I am partial to:

    “Legacy Press.”

    They developed a reputation only from the fact that they’ve been in place for so long.

  • Tom L

    2nd one……

    White House Press Corps

  • caver8

    Main Scream Media

  • Tom Z

    Fact-free media

  • roger

    bernie how about “main extreme media”?

  • Cheftiger

    Dominant Media

  • Tom L

    Left Stream Media

  • http://marshalsandler.com marshal sandler

    Watched new Leno Last night- Television as Mainstream Media is Dead As Custer, my mainstream media at 73 years old is http://www.steverubel.com/

  • chris robling

    Have not read all 469 above, so apologies if this has been suggested: “Libstream media.”
    Thanks and thanks for all of your contributions.

  • Bob

    No news is good news

  • Victor Slade, Indianapolis


  • http://www.letfreedomringblog.com Gary Gross

    Here’s the term I’ve been using for the NY Times & other likeminded media organizations:


    Simply put, the NY Times & NBC aren’t invested in reporting important & verifiable facts. They’re invested in selling the Democrats’ agenda. PERIOD. If that means they’ll suffer a financial hit, they’re prepared to take that hit.

  • Tom Middlemore

    The Old Guard Media

  • http://www.theantcrat.com Xian Do

    Many ideas…many funny ones, too.
    A serious idea, though?

    I think “Elite Media” suites them perfectly.

    • http://www.theantcrat.com Xian Do


      Instead of just “Elite Media”…

      Why not “Elitist Media”?

  • Robert Blum

    I still propose using the term MOTS (Media Of The State) to describe the old national news platform of delivering the news.

    HOWEVER, regardless of what new or descriptive term should be regarding the national media, the time has come for a more reliable, efficient and contemporary method for an individual to obtain timely and pertinent news and information.

    SUGGESTION: Establish an open-source, flexible platform to automatically notify individual users via e-mail OR send a compilation to the individual of new/updated news stories of specific interest by subject matter (previously selected by the individual).

    QUESTION: Who will devise such a comprehensive platform? You Tube? Google? FOX?

    And, what will be the name/term designated for such a news delivery system in such a new era? The News U Customize (TNUC) ?

  • Tina

    Mr. O’Reilly and Mr. Goldberg,

    May I suggest “Imperious Media” in lieu of “main stream” or “elite media”? The latter inferring an obtained accomplishment, i.e.. an elite athlete.

    Imperious: marked by arrogant assurance : domineering (www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/imperious)

    cc: Mr. Bill O’Reilly

  • Guided By Voices

    Sgt. Schultz Media – SSM

    “I see nothing, nnooothing!”

    • Guided By Voices

      Minor Ditch Media
      Minor-League Media

  • Adam

    Time-Delay Media
    Day Old Media

  • Warren West

    This could and would roll off all each radio talk show host lips if they would just start saying “Special Interest Media” as they are not looking out for Main Street America but just for the special interest groups.

  • Guided By Voices

    Another one Bernie.

    Instead of MSM, Main Stream Media — call it:

    MRM – Myth River Media

    You can even have a tag line. The M’s are of course equal however R comes one letter before S, so tag line for MRM could be:

    “Always trying to be one-up on ya!”

    • Nadine

      I love the previously mentioned “Fraudcast News.”

      And, of course, we need a name for its print companion, so how about “Pap-papers.”

  • Patrick Satta

    I like what Rush calls them, the “State-Run Media”. I think that says it all.

  • Glen A. Gallimore

    Mr. Goldberg:

    How do you like this one: MENDACIOUS MEDIA!

    I’ll see if any other ideas come to mind.

    P.S. – I still like Lamestream Media.

  • Terri

    Status Media

  • Guided By Voices

    How about:

    Groucho Marx Media —– I believe it has several applicable meanings 1) they are grouchy so Groucho works, 2) they are … well Marx seems to fit rather well, 3) the saying below pretty well spells out their current situation every time they open their mouths – HA!

    He is one of the individuals attributed with saying “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”?

    So is Abe Lincoln, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, and a few others. More than likely a simple maxim.

    All the confusion and disagreement surrounding both the author and the wording of this saying leads one to suspect that it may be a simple maxim, not attributable to any single person — which is not to question its wisdom.

  • Terri

    The Beltway Bubble Media
    Beltway Bubblehead Media

  • Chris Sommers

    Call them “Old Media” you and Fox are “New Media”. or call them “Old School Media” you’re right they are no longer mainstream.

  • Terri

    Fraudcast News

  • brent_davis_2001

    New name for Main Stream Media.

    Rejected Media.

  • The Seeker

    The Lamestream Media – but of course I didn’t come up with it, I hear somebody that is fairly well-known use it quite often…

  • Jere

    How about Blind Stream Reporting because no matter what the left does it turns a blind eye and their reporting really is just a bunch of BS.

  • Minnesota Conservative


    I’ve been a fan since your CBS days and DEFINITELY since “Bias”… my wife and I would like to submit as a replacement for “mainstream media”:

    The Dinosaur Media (big, dumb, dying – soon to be extinct)
    The Kool-Aid Media (meaning is all too obvious)

  • Mike Boyer

    Let’s call a spade a spade!

    How about the LibDream Media?

  • Ron Kuivinen

    How about Urine Stream Media because they are alway P…ing on us. I would say Midstream but that’s supposed to be the pure part of the urine sample.

  • http://www.wearecoming.ning.com Charley C.

    Kudos to you, Bernie! Here are a few I thought of:

    Mean Street Media
    Losing Streak Media
    Forget the Main Media
    Whitehouse Paid Media
    Afraid of Racism Media (ARM)
    MoveOn.Org Media
    We Don’t Care Media
    Paid Off Media

  • dee

    all good fishermen fish “upstream”.
    they’re not catching any fish, so they should be called the “downstream” media.

    • dee

      and, to borrow from Beck, they are

      The News That Makes The Blood Shoot Out Of My Eyes

      Thanks to Fox News for saving my sanity.

  • Owen MacIntyre

    Three Wing Circus

  • http://banjoker@webtv.net Bob McGuire

    Mainstream Media ? No. How’s Lame Stream Media ? Fabrication communications? Hokum Hook-Ups ? The Media we Feedia ? Or
    Perjury Performances LTD. I disapprove of Socialism, big government, Big Brother and aGovernment that couldn’t see or oversee the economy’s collapse. Unemployment levels are higher in ohio and Michigan with many of those jobs never to return. and trying to destroy a system that needs repair., not oblivion. Passing laws they don’t bother to read. Playing the race card on those who disagree with them. Pretending the dissenters are KKK or Neo -Nazi agitators. We should send Congress back to school for an American History lesson. I hope we can burst their bubble in 2010..

  • http://Tapdatom@aol Tom s

    You can use this if you like.

    Your right its no longer the main stream media,
    I believe they should be refered to as
    (The Lap Dog Media) at least thats how I think of them.

  • Rick Green

    National Propaganda Media to match National Propaganda Radio. We then have NPM and NPR.

  • Anand Narayana

    I am so turned off by the partisanship of the earstwhile mainstream media, that now I largely get my information on line. The old media is an accomplice in ushering in the repressive totalitarian regime to our country and eventually make it a third world country.

  • Michelle

    I have a question, if a prostitute is a perfomance artist, is a crack dealer a pharmaceutical rep? Just wonderin”

    • John


  • Michelle

    How about

    Nutcase news, Numskull News, Misled Media, Nonsense News, Radical Reporters, or just plain Journalistically Challenged Media

  • http://captainmarlow.blogspot.com/ Captain_Marlow

    The Choir (as in preaching to)

  • Gary

    I think Old Media kind of does it all. For the current times Obedia kind of sums it up, but he will be gone, and the term needs to live.

  • http://sleepyeyedwhiners.blogspot.com Jay

    My preference is Legacy Media. Second choice: Liars

  • El Dooley

    I agree that “Downstream Media” is a good, more accurate description of present day news offerings. However, I believe that the name does not give these print/broadcast companies due credit. (Benefit of the doubt).
    I would like to submit that the truer reference might be “Bottom Stream Media”. (This is where the worthless sludge settles and awaits its stirring by the self important “news”).
    Go FOX

  • Paulk1

    Marginal media, there is nothing main stream about them.
    I don’t listen to them and I don’t care what they have to say about anything. You wont hear the truth from them because they don’t speak the truth they have their own agenda.

  • Carol Van Keuren

    Instead of “Main Stream” media they should be called “Last Century Media”

  • Wendy Bloedt

    I do like Rush’s “state run” media as well.

  • Anonymous

    “Lap Dog Media”
    that way it applies to whoever’s butt they are kissing that week.

  • Lynda

    Bernie ,I also watched you on the Factor, I think Mr. O really doesn’t understand ,even though we do not live on the east or west coast, we are educated and surprise, surprise we can even read and we understand politics. We know when there is corruption, we know when someone is talking out of both sides of their mouth. And we also know when the Dems are desperate they resort to the racial slur.Most Americans do not care what Maureen Dowd or Eugene Washington have to say, they are irrelevant. And lastly please do not refer to these morons as “elite media”, there is nothing “elite ” about them. Thank you

  • Wendy Bloedt

    Neal Boortz got it right here in Atlanta. “Lamestream Media”

  • Bob Johnson

    How about we just call ’em uneducated mindless automatons.

  • Dennis

    Is the current media establishment much different then an activist judge? or progressive judge? not sure if those are the same. “legislate from the bench.” “report from the left”

    Progressive …

    To make the transition we’ll have phase it in using these definitions:
    Mainstream Progressive Media for 2-4 months.
    Then goto Mainstream Progressive Reporting/Reporters 2-4 months.
    Then finally get to what it Really is “Progressive Reporting” or PR

  • kathleen

    Thanks Bernie for giving people a chance to share – “the federal media”owned by Obama also I’d really like to say thanks for bringing up the racist problem – yes, people are getting very sick of it – it’s really old and it has nothing to do with the color of ones skin it’s all about your belief system – actually if Michael Steele were running for president I’d vote for him on the Republican ticket – I think he’s great – good morals and right on with everything – so it doesn’t matter about color – it’s what you believe about policies – Obama has no regard for the American people or what we stand for – he has no regard for the constitution or how we got to where we are today – talk about a racist –

  • Dave

    Kool-aide drinking media

    Governmental Media

    Socialized Media

  • Marilyn

    How about the OSM? (One-Sided Media, pronounced o-s-m…but, then again, they might take it as a homophone and start calling themselves awesome–they already think they are…hmmm…I’ll think of another name.) : )

  • Stephanie

    White House Messengers
    Stool Pigeons
    King Obama’s Scribes

  • Norman

    Demedia sounds kind of like dementia, the dem part of it stands for democrats who control de media, and de media instead of the media reflects how dumb they are.

    • Norman


    • Norman

      Taking a page from big government, big business, big labor, the media could be called simply “big media.” The term left wing media has been around for a long time and it accurately describes big media.

    • Zulu

      Lying media

    • Zulu

      devious media
      misleading media
      disinformation media
      cover up media
      dishonest media
      fascist media
      crooked media
      liberal media
      socialist media
      bs media
      democrat controlled media
      corrupt media
      deceitful media
      propaganda media
      communist media
      treacherous media

  • Guided By Voices

    Hey Bernie! Love ya! How about:

    P2/D2 Media = Print Propaganda/Digital Deception Media

    “Help us Bernie Goldberg, your our only hope!”

    or an acronym:

    PaNATT MaBeTeC Media = Pay No Attention To The Man Behind the Curtain Media

  • dilligras


    “That’s Dumas.” [/prospective reader/viewer]

  • polkadot

    Wrong Wing Media

  • Ed De Cosmo

    I agree that “mainstream” gives the liberal media too much credit. Another pet peeve: Let’s drop use of the word “reform” when speaking about legislation. It means absolutely nothing.
    Most Washington “reforms” make life worse for most Americans. Medicare was reform. How can diluting it be reform. Graham-Steadman was a reform of finance laws that led to the Depression. Congress and President Clinton repealed it with another reform that again permitted banks to securitize mortgages. That led to a near-depression. Please, let’s eliminate all “reforms.”

  • d. gahs

    I just emailed Newsweek to ask Jon Meacham to cover a story about the recent ACORN issue re: prostitution. I did mention that Newsweek is mainstream media (as I hoped his staff would listen)-knowing, of course that NEWSWEEK is anything but mainstream in U.S. at this point. NEWSWEEK is so liberal left that it is a joke!!

    Mainstream is not Newsweek and is not NBC, CBS, ABC or any of their little stepchildren.

    There is no MAINSTREAM MEDIA now, except that more and more people are listening to FOX NEWS and some – like me – continue to try to listen to CNN and the crazy nutcase MSN and find that they only support Obama’s Socialist/ Facist agenda that most U.S. citizens do NOT AGREE with.

    Mainstream media should be called “elite media” – or “I kiss Obama’s ass” media. This will clearly differentiate American’s who bow down to the NY Times and Washington Post, Newsweek etc. from those who truely agree that Obama’s agenda will hurt/destroy America. Thank you.

  • Ron

    State Run Media

    • Jim

      Rush Limbaugh has it nailed:

      “State Run Media”

      Since they are given their day’s talking points every morning at 8:15AM by the Rahm.

  • Mike McDermott

    Big Media, or BM

  • Pamela

    Leftist Media.

  • Greg Bergman

    I think it should be referred to as the “Social Media”. I don’t think I really need to explain, as it seems clear, is short, accurate, and says it all. Many subtexts can be inferred…

  • BethAnnE

    I couldn’t believe when you told Bill O’Reilly, tonight, to stop saying Mainstream Media. This weekend I told my husband and daughter the same thing. Since then, I’ve been thinking of what to call them. Here are a few possibilities, and thank you for asking: The Once Media, The Medialess Media or just The Medialess – we’ll know who they are, The BlameStream Media, The Shadow Media, The Masked Media, The Look in the Other Direction Media, The Rose has Another Name and Mysteriously Looks Like a Weed Media, The Pictionary Media, The Group-think Media, The Cry Racist Media, The Kool-aide Media, The Just Don’t Get It Media, The Truthless Media, The Emoticon Media, The Ghost Media, The New SoVile Union Media, The Empty Media, The Media No More, The Follow-the-leader Media, The No News Media, The And Now You Still Don’t Know the Rest of the Story Media, and Ha Ha, you never will. :-) Thx for the fun, Bernie, As The Slobber Flows.

  • Just one of the people

    I would call them Pravda, but that would be an insult to PRAVDA; which has been telling more about what is really happening in our nation than the Propagandist Media we have here.
    How about the Marxist Media. I don’t trust them and how they are trying slant the information to shed the best light on the Government and tell us what they want us to think, and believe. They have a role to play in our Republic that they have tossed away, and the American Citizenry is paying the price.
    I won’t even watch, or read them any longer. I don’t think I think the truly informed in this country do either.

  • Chuck Reid

    Bernie, in regards to a new name for Main Stream Media which it is not, WHY NOT CALL IT “UNRELIABLE MEDIA WHICH IT CERTAINLY IS. Chuck.

  • Justine Rain

    Love you, Bernie.

    As a former radio producer and talk show host may I offer…

    Painscream Bleedia: hemorrhaging America’s intellect, infecting its values, killing its moral virtue.

    Who me?? Cynical??


  • John

    Clueless Media
    Official media
    Legacy media
    Federal media

    But lets face it. The are politically left and proud of it. The Liberial or Progressive press fits well.

  • Chuck Rebeck

    I think the so called main stream media is more like the media of the former Soviet Union, there for it would be more accurate to call them the Polit Bureau. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute. Chuck

  • Pete

    The Media Mafia.

  • StopAbortionNow

    “See B.S.” Evening News
    NBC Nightly Blues
    A Cray-Z News

    Best 3 hours of media every weekday: Mark Levin … MarkLevinShow.com — the man has made me politically charged. Never got off my duff until listening to him last year. Celebrated 9/12 Tea Party with other concerned Americans. Vigilance is the price of liberty. Thank you, Mark.

    • J Calhoun

      Great abbrevs!

      Isn’t that how they derived ACORN – the Rathke bros: A Couple Of Real Nuts?

  • Evelyn

    I’d suggest “Moonstruck Media” — that way we can still use the “MSM” abbreviation in referring to them.

    Alternatively, “Lockstep Media”.

  • Capt. EGV USN (ret)

    Ministry of Propaganda, Official Organ of the Party, that’s what we called them in Cuba before I escaped.

  • Chris Cornelius

    Pixie dust press, I believe about sums it up.

    • J Calhoun

      Pixie dust is too nice. How about Litter Box Media.
      NY Chimes in(c).

      • Chris Cornelius

        Good point it is nice but at the same time hits on the fairytale mentality that the press has for this administration.

  • John Oaks

    For the first few months of the Obama administration NBC looked like a nightly infomercial for the president. I write on Chuck Todd’s blog fairly regularly and have been calling NBC “American TASS” for some time. Chuck doesn’t like it but this is America and we are all entitled to our opinion. ABC and CBS also act as the voice of the party so the description would fit them as well.

  • J Calhoun

    Plain Mean Media
    Once Upon A Time Media
    Media B.C. (Before Computer)
    Sasquatch Media
    Vaudeville Media
    Annoying Pest Media

  • Beverly

    Communist News Network = CNN
    Alphabet Media Channels
    I think of them as the state-run media.

    Thank you so much for your comments on O’Reilly tonight! I stopped watching the alphabet media channels back during the democrat primaries because of the sexism desplayed toward Hillary Clinton (which was a slap in the face of all women) and then because of their blatant bias. I was researching the candidates on the internet and finding out background information about Barack Obama that I never once heard on the alphabet media. All the complaints in the world didn’t seem to do any good. I now get my news from the Internet, bloggers, and a few FOX shows. It was an accident I heard you on O’Reilly tonight.

  • Radical Conservative

    Far-Left Media

  • flowerlady

    Useful Idiots?

  • http://bernardgoldberg.com Boyd Louderback

    I watched you on the Oreilly show, which I enjoy you both. I do believe we should change the words mainstream, I watch a little msnbc friday night just to see what they were saying and oh my gosh, all the protestors were right wing white government hatters, unbelievable! I also saw juan Williams on the show after you, saying about senator Wilson from S.C., he (Juan) ran him down because he was a member of the sons of the confederate. Would you explain why everyone can be proud of their history except the white male or if you are a chirstian! Williams was running down the confederate flag, which had nothing to do with salvery, hell the war didnt at first either, the south was trying to succed from the north, just like we should now, the government is trying to take over our everyday lives that they shouldnt have anything to say about!

  • Hank Jameson

    After reading a few others’ suggestions, I vote for Downstream Media. I think it captures the idea that they are both past and polluted.

  • http://n/a Raymond A. Bruno

    I would like to be as silly and dramatic as others….but know that you need to ‘get serious.’

    How about……..”Print Media”?

  • deja

    Mr. Goldberg,
    Words matter, so I commend your campaign to change our lexicon. If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, you know he has already changed this term to:


    Though this is fun; I suggest we Keep It Sweet & Simple and follow our leader on this one.

  • Marty Mercereau



    I hope that one of these works for you! Good going!

    Marty Merc

  • Jim Bergland

    PC Media.

    For obvious reasons.

  • http://none Carolyn Reeves

    The last time I asked someone to watch “mainstream television”…September 11, 2001 when I woke up my husband (we were living in Central Calif. at the time) and told him this is something you need to see NOW. There’s way too much nancing around the truth from politicians and their media. Thank Goodness for FOX Network…at least THEY are making a dent in all this corruption in this country. We are only 2 people and I’m so glad FOX is staying on top of all of this and thanks for pulling the covers on Acorn!! KEEP UP THE WORK FOR THE COUNTRY.

  • Thomas Scholler

    Great job on your honest journalism. I agree, Main Stream Media should no longer be used to identify the older media establishment. I feel they should be referred to “The Malignant Media”. This phrase best describes their behavior, personality, current and future condition.
    Keep up the great work!!
    Tom Scholler

  • Susan

    Wee-wee’d up Media

  • Virginia Hewett

    How about the “mendacious media” or the “delusional democratic media” or… how about the “what are you smokin’ media” or let’s just call them looney tunes and be done with them once and for all. What we know for sure is that they are the freaking fringe so who cares. Anyone still watching them is drinking the kool-aid.

  • Bill Z


    •they constantly repeat themselves
    •they try to sell you something you really don’t need
    •they sucker in the gullible ones
    •they replay the same infomercial spots over and over
    •they have nothing to do with the real world
    •they’re all scripted
    •the same message gets played on 20 different channels
    •they have terrible actors/news correspondents
    •they’re shameless in their sales pitch
    •they sell their wares for one purpose – make themselves and their product look better than they really are

  • Susan

    What? Me Media?

  • Hank Jameson

    It’s probably already been mentioned, but I now refer to them as the State Media, always capitalized.

  • Steve Sheffield

    Heard you tonight; great job on “name change”.
    They are EFFETE, thus call them what they are: The “EFFETE”MEDIA”.
    Sounds similar to “elite” per Bill O’ this pm, but accurately describes them as essentially non-fertile and impotent!
    They are neither main stream nor elite.
    Thanks. Spread it around!!

  • BadArt

    Unreality TV … WE report, WE decide
    Defunct Media
    Perfidious Media
    Mendacious Media
    Prevaricating Media

    I have had pretty strong feelings about the media for some time.
    It all started with my local Snooze, both print and Television.
    MSM became PMSM in my mythology long ago.

  • David Granderson

    I honestly think we should call them the ‘Old Media’

    This gives a sense they are out of date, irrelevant, and about to be history. I think this would get under their skin better than anything else. Not only that, it’s accurate. Which is even better.

    By the way, I saw you on Fox tonight, it was a great segment. keep up the good work.

    • David Granderson

      You can quote me on that 😉

  • Liam Yevrag

    Anti-American Media

    Bernie, We need to stop calling the National Socialists (Democrats) Liberals. The application of Liberal got applied because of their liberal spending. Liberal is a person for Freedom which is a Conservative. Furthermore all the Socialist programs are called, even by the conservatives, progressive programs when they are regressive.

    Conservatives must stop falling into the Leftist trap of the Leftist language.

    Anne Coulter, Newt Gingrich, Laura Ingram, Bill O’Reilly, Glen Beck, and other have to stop using the word LIBERAL when speaking of the Leftist Democrats.

  • Susan

    Down Stream Media (way down stream!)

  • Steve Hill

    Miserable Media
    Moron Media

    People who use race have no solid principles on important issues to justify their positions.

    Keep up the good work Bernie. Love your segments on Fox and especially your sports stories on HBO.

  • http://Usermrgurk@Insightbb.com Sherman Tite

    How about The Unjournalistic Media…

  • andrea

    SHAME stream media! they live up to it with their biased coverage….
    and the way they inject racism into everything is absurd.

  • Connie Catalano

    You are right on target…I wonder why they are called MSM everytime I hear.
    How about the new name DECEPTIVE STREAM MEDIA – DSM or PANSIE STREAM MEDIA…since they seem to be acting like pansies for someone! I am waiting to see an exodus of their employees.

  • Bob Rhinobuster

    NBC is Nothing But Crap! I own 20,000 shares and can’t wait to dump them. Jeff Immelt is a fraud and needs to be replaced.

  • truthteller

    As far as I’m concerned they are the: Go take a “piss in the stream” media–The PITS for short!

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    Dried Up Stream Media

    Polluted Stream Media

    • Tom Frisque

      Dear Bernie:
      Thanx so much! FINALLY someone with media clout is talking about this obvious disparity!
      They are not ‘main stream’… they’re ‘MEAN STREAK MEDIA’. THEY are the ones full of racism, condescension and hatred… not us. We all need to pray for them! Best 2 U in Christ, Tom

  • Jeff

    LEGACY media…The correct term is “LEGACY media”.

    One of the definitions of legacy is:

    “of, relating to, or being a previous or outdated system”

    Nothing mainstream about them…just their legacy…

  • William smith

    The Lamestream Needya

  • Mike Y

    Out of Touch Media

  • http://www.icantriclub.com Todd Waldner

    Bernie, I saw you on O’Reilly tonight and came right to my computer to post this when I heard you talking with Bill about this subject.

    They think they are the “Mainstream Media”. Well, I have NEWS for you! They are the “Downstream Media”.

  • Gordon

    Legacy Media or Left-Stream Media?

  • cay

    The truth is as a culture we care more about the ROCKSTAR information of every part of our lives. It needs to be called the
    We need to stand up and put a stop to this type of interest, who cares how someone is living…especially when all eyes were on the rockstar emphasis of the last election. Now we have a ROCKSTAR instead of a president. At least everyone is waking up.

  • Bill Z

    Watercooler Media

  • Bob

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. finally! Someone is asking the question I have been asking for years – why does everyone call them the mainstream media? there is nothing mainstream about most of the media today.

    So I call them the ‘alphabet media’.

    PS: The last time I watched any evening network newscast – probably CBS – was about 1987. I want to know what is going on, so why would I watch the evening news?

  • Tom Bruner

    Seagull media

    – They look pretty much alike
    – They all sound alike
    – They tend to ignore anything too far from a coast
    – They gather in great crowds around the smallest tidbit

    • John Oaks

      and they crap on everything

      • Tom Bruner

        Right. Especially SUVs.

  • Rowbow

    How about: Say What Media or U don’t say media?

  • Henry Meredith

    GULP (Great Ultra Liberal Press)



  • david

    gov- run news mdia

  • Bill Z

    It’s all already been said, so I have a few ideas:

    Mean Stream Media
    Downstream Media
    Polluted Stream Media
    Team Obama Media
    Malcontented Media
    Turncoat Media

    Alright, done…

  • thegre8_1

    Pelosi’s Puppies

  • http://moroni10@q.com Martin e. Lee



  • Rowbow

    How about: say what media, or u don’t say media.

  • T. Dodge

    I like the term Peestream Media or for short Pstream Media

  • Keith Kibbe

    Legacy Media is the name you are looking for. In the same sense as a community refers to an obnoxious old waste dump as a “legacy waste problem” , meaning an obnoxious problem from the past that you can’t avoid, the so called “mainstream media” is nothing more than an obnoxious problem from the past that we wish were not there.

  • Penny Lechtenberg

    Liberal Lapdog Media

  • http://www.blog-sandiego.com Chuck Jones

    Hey Bernie… Its not Mainstream media….. It’s LAMESTREAM MEDIA :-)

  • Bob Rhinobuster

    The MSM should be named the Lame Stream Media. Your opinion poll regarding the popularity of presidents supports the bumper sticker I came up with in January which is
    Obama Makes Carter Look Smarter

  • http://rartee.wordpress.com RoxannaDanna

    NewBusters.org coined the phrase “LameStreamMedia” and I think that’s pretty accurate.

    • Bob

      Ok, forget the media label I just posted. ‘Lamestream’ is better.

  • http://moroni10@q.com Martin e. Lee

    My suggestion for mainstreet media


  • Norman Mincer

    As for the so-called media,
    I would call them the gunsel media.

  • http://www.havenmediaproduction.com Adaias do Ouro


    • J Calhoun

      very cool. Them are ‘they’ as in ‘they say…’.
      Brevity is the soul of wit!!

  • rex


    nyet comrade!!

  • Colleen

    Bernie, you are soooo right (as in, correct)! The TRADITIONAL news sources are no more mainstream than Hollyweird.


  • 1talkinghead

    Great Idea Bernie and you are bang on for it. For me it’s always been ” Yesterdays media sources, the New York Times, WasPos, La Times etc” Always framed as the same “Yesterdays media”.

  • Eric

    The Marginal Media (MM)

  • Robert

    They are Legacy Media.

  • Mike Boyer

    Hi Berine:

    How about the MainScream Media?

    the LibScream media?

    Loved Slobbering Love Affair

    Thanks for being you.

  • John Mahr

    Bernie – I believe we should trash the term “mainstream media” as well and replace it with – “CRT MEDIA”. Because, they are the media we all watched when we were stuck with “cathode ray tubes” for televisions.

  • http://www.gunlaws.com Alan Korwin

    I’ve been calling it the lamestream media since 2006,
    and my Uninvited Ombudsman reports have been
    reaching huge and growing crowds:

  • Owen MacIntyre

    The only name that comes to mind regarding the MSM is :

    Regressive,Progressive Media

    • J Calhoun


      Were They Talkin’ to Us? Media
      Talking with their mouths Full Media
      2 cents Media

  • Tony

    How about the ” Babbling Brook Media”

  • bjnbear81

    Main Scream Media

    Extreme Media

  • Mike

    The Dead Media

  • Brian

    I have been calling newspapers this for several years….. “Yesterdays News Tomorrow”

    • Jack Flash

      Great peice Bernie…you hit the nail on the head!

      I refer to THEM as the “StatistMedia” and their “reporters & audience’s are Obmatrons!

  • Concerned

    How about just LIARS. It seems to be the most accurate.

  • rob4671

    How about the Kool-Aid Media?

  • Intimidator

    Mainstream Media no longer fits. Sh*t Creek Media is more appropriate.

  • Maggie Mae

    SOM……”State-Owned Media”

  • Jeannie Mac

    Without a doubt “The Mickey Mouse Media”

  • Gary

    Bernie, I agree, it’s just the Media – and when is someone at Fox going to startup a 60 minutes style program to investigate corruption? we need it now! And like u, am tired of Racism card always shown by left/media – It’s not about the race, Obama is the President and we don’t like where he’s taking our domestic policy. So when anyone asks if I’m a racist, i say yes, i do like to go fast!

    • John Oaks

      Great idea. Build a staff of reporters around Bernie.

  • Pastor David Philbrick

    I think the so called mainstream media should be called the over the hill hippie media they are so biased towards the left and Obama seems to be their Love Child. We need more reporting like we see on Fox News and the Conservative Bloggers on the internet. We need the truth not the filtered liberal biased fluff we get from the New York Times, the LA Times, The Washington Post and the Boston Golbe and others liberal media outlets. The best thing we can do is not watch there Newscasts on TV or buy their Newspapers or Magazines and they will go out of business. Because if we do not watch them or buy the print media advertisers will not advertise thus seriously damaging their income and they will fold.

  • Mark In St Louis

    This one is easy Bernie.

    Of you’re not of the mainstream, you are an outlier. The Outlier Media woudl therefore be appropriate.

    I enjoy your work, and look forward to more of it.

  • tom

    lamestream media

  • T K

    IMOs–Irrelevant Media Outlets. “Irrelevant Media Outhouses” works too.

  • Georgine Scott-Codiga

    It’s no longer the main stream media it’s now “old news” or “yesterday’s media.”

  • Georgine Scott-Codiga

    The mainstream media is now “Old News” or “yesterday’s media”.

  • we3scotts

    How about “Jurassic Media”? They’re extinct, old, and don’t matter anymore. Simply a part of ancient history. Not to mention brains the size of a walnut!

  • JDP

    Dear Bernie,
    I have long felt the same way. Why “honor” them with a false title of “mainstream”…they are not!!! Few suggestions: “agendamedia,” “complicitmedia,” “organmedia,” “scriptedmedia,” or “slobermedia!”

  • Charles Hagan

    Call ’em what they are…..the “Obama-nation Media’.

  • Richard Moore

    Here is my suggestion: government influenced media?

    It’s most certainly true and it describes what many think about today’s media but don’t bother to say.

    Thanks for the opportunity to provide a suggestion.

    Richard Moore

  • http://www.CSAHPS.com C Parks

    I was so glad to hear Bernie say the he was SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING THE “R” WORD !!!
    Bill O asked, What can we do about it?
    What we can do about it is in every instance possible talk about it like Bernie did. SICK AND TIERED OF HERING IT. Whether in papers on speaking to an individual, it all adds up against them.

  • Alan

    dying media
    former media
    poluted stream media
    weak stream media

  • Keith S.

    “The DLM” (Dear Leader Media)

  • Jill

    keep it simple…old media. ‘old’ implies irrelevance.

  • Karl Everett

    Call them “Sideline news.”

  • brian

    mind bending media

  • brian

    why does the media refer to obama as africian american and anyone that disagrees with anything that he does is a racist, I thought he is just as much white as black I think it is time to stop refering to him as the first black pres. and just refer to him as the president of the united states

    • Juanita Estrada

      Then the left-wing nut media should call us half-racist.

  • Dominic

    Mainstream Media? ……….Vainstream Media!

  • Scott K

    How about Obama’s Stenographers?

  • Juanita Estrada

    “Left-wing Fan Club Media”
    “Left-wing Fan Club Newsletter Media”
    “Left-wing Advertising Media”
    “Left-wing Sales Brochure Media”
    “Left-wing Infomercial Media”

  • Fox Fan

    LAME STREAM MEDIA is my choice!! They no longer have the slightest clue what the true patriots of this great nation want !!! Thanks, Mr. Goldberg for all you do in speaking out against the ridiculous and corrupt actions in DC. God Bless the USA!!!

    • Fox Fan

      And sometimes I call them the main-sleeze-media….but as one commenter just noted, we can’t really define them as media any more, can we?

    • Juanita Estrada


  • Dianne Korber

    Mindless media!

  • Olive Oyl

    I think the “new” media should be called Three Monkeys Media – deaf, dumb, blind (ABC, CBS, NBC).

  • Oso

    They are no longer media, but Progresso information telemaketers!

  • Pete


    How about The Mind Numb Media?

  • http://docle5@verizon.net Dr. Norman R. Lefebvre

    As to the alternate name for Mainstream Media, I would like to suggest:”Side-show Media”. Mainstream reminds me that when I was a child, I would rush to carnivals and stand in awe of the sideshow barkers who would shout and entice us rubes and townies to see the “awesome and ferocious tiger locked in a cage for your protection “. Whereby, I would pay my dime and enter a tent only to discover a tiger pelt played over a sawhorse within a barred wooden crate. I would then stand in awe at the trick of words and realized that it was a cheap lesson.
    An alternative name would be Sleight of Hand Media. It speaks for itself.

  • Steve in Knoxville

    “OLD Media” not Mainstream Media!

  • 907ie

    Obsolete Media
    Dinosaur Media
    Irrelevant Media

  • Dale

    Mind scream media?

  • Pete

    One more:

    The GSM (Gramsci State Media or Gramsci Stealth Media)

    Antonio Gramsci was a Marxist who advocated methodical long-term infiltration by leftists into positions of influence in academia, media and local politics by stealth to indoctrinate the public.

  • Rita

    We agree, Mainstream Media is out.

    My husband came up with: “Stagnant Media”; “Irrelevant Media”; and “Last-Gasp Media” (pretty good huh?).

    I think Rush’s “State Run Media” is frighteningly accurate, just as his “Drive-By Media” was.

    Or…how about: “Unfair and Unbalanced Media”…..(i.e. NOT FOX).

    Thanks for all you do and for letting us weigh in.

  • Bill Henderson

    My suggestion:

    The “Weak Stream Media”; journalistic integrity down the toilet.

    Bill Henderson

  • Dale

    Blamestream media…

  • Karen

    How about cencured, brainwashing media for the mainstream media name. You may want to throw in biased too. They aren’t giving both sides.

    It is outrageous that our media is censured except for Fox and conservative radio. Even Google is censured. Why? We spoke with my husband’s mom in Rhode Island this weekend. She doesn’t get cable TV so she knew NOTHING about the recent ACORN videos and findings, or anything about the HUGE rally at the Capital this weekend.

    How can this happen and how can this change? It is as if people who don’t have cable or listen to the radio are only getting one sided censured news on CBS, ABC, NBC and MSNBC. It is a form of brainwashing people to think things are a certain way, so they can’t discern for themselves and make correct judgments and decisions. This is America and is not right! Many people are concerned. Otherwise the people of the United States of America are only getting censured one sided news which is UNBELIEVABLE in this day and age. They aren’t hearing some of the very concerning things that are happening. Also they can’t stand up against what is wrong if they don’t know about it. Thank you for all you do to bring the truth out about the slobbering love affair!

  • Joe L

    The “Bullshit Brigade” would be more appropriate.

  • pjean

    I’ve been calling them the “Old Media” for weeks now. As one said, ” It’s simple”. “Old” in this case, is irrelevant, narrow-minded and inflexible. Yea, I’ll keep using “old media”. Also, when I tire of something, when writing or typing, I emphasize my point by making it lower case. Kinda like I use the reference, “this president”.

  • B Wallace

    Thanx for your righteous indignation re the NOT-SO-MAINSTREAM Media. How about The “Up-the Creek” Media, The Clueless Media, The Absentee Media or The Muddied Water Media?

  • nina–

    Out-of-Step MEDIA

    Elitest Media

    OffCenter Media

    Clueless Media

  • Big Wave Dave

    They are not mainstream now, and maybe they never were. We were all spoon fed their slop and we ate it up.but no more. Just call them OLD………OBAMA LAP DOGS

  • Suzy Moses

    Instead of Mainstream Media, how about Elitist Media?
    Love watching you on the O’Reilly Factor, and listening to you when Bill will let you get a word or two in!

  • JoAnn from Pittsburgh

    New name”NON-MAINSTREAM MEDIA” or how about “JUST 4 SHYTES N GIGGLES MEDIA” or “UP A STREAM WITH NO PADDLE MEDIA”. What a joke! Catch up to the real Americans and their real concerns. Forget bi-partisan, lots talk people and what is best for America as a whole–no race, no name calling, no acting like middle schoolers. Adults with real problems who want what is best for the greatest Nation in the world and it’s children. God Bless America and get with the program “NON-MAINSTREAM MEDIA”!

  • Kevin W

    How about “The 3 Ring Media”

    As in a 3 Ring Circus with President Obama (the Main Act) trying to walk the high wire above the Clowns (CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS…etc.) heads as they follow underneath the trampoline. Because when President Obama lands flat on his face the Clowns know their careers are over!!

  • Eric L

    Traditional media reminds me more and more of Josef Goebbels in a free market, a voluntary censorship of free speech and political propaganda arm of the left. so I suggest…

    Extra-Governmental Ministry of Propaganda (& Kool-Aid dispensers)
    EGMoP KADs for short

  • Susan

    It is quite evident the once respected Main-stream media is now The Puppet Press of The Prez

  • GarandFan

    DNC jr

  • George Stapleton

    The Defunct Red Media. The Defunct Media , The Defeatist Media, Hold Back the Truth Media

    Had them fooled Media, weave and bob Media, we peek Media, Fools Media, Backdoor Media,

  • Spedvet

    The Memestream Media

  • Pete

    The MIA MSM


    The nightly:

  • Jerry Reagan

    Thanks for bringing this to the front. They are NOT mainstream. Call them the “fringe” media or the “dinosaur” media.

  • Terry

    Based on the historical and nearly-forgotten Yellow Journalism: Yellowstream Media!

    • Juanita Estrada

      LOL, yeah and they are yellowstreaming on us.

  • Patrick Ryan

    How about minor stream media or no stream media.

  • C. Armstrong

    Ridicule is a powerful tool.
    The new name should be: MIN STREAM MEDIA

    People will ask – don’t you mean MAIN STREAM MEDIA?

    Answer: No, they have been minimized to MIN STREAM MEDIA.

  • Paul Robb

    How about BM for biased media?

  • Robert

    The Pravda Group

  • Annette Cobb

    I also saw you on O’Reilly tonite. Thank you for sharing most of our opinions on the media.  I was at the DC Tea Party also.  You have definitely got it.  We are tired of being labeled racist.  We are not.  There maybe a small fringe element, but that is because we are a sampling of Americans!!  We have been brought up with traditional American values.  If you work hard, are honest, have integrity, are caring, conscious of not being racist, believe in traditional marriage, are Christian, you are somehow in 2009 considered a narrow minded racist.  When the truth is we are educated, from many different economic levels, from all over this country, most important we pay attention to what is happening in this country.  We feel it is the responsibility as citizens of these United States to participate and give back to our communities.    We care and understand how important the constitution is to liberty. We are eternally grateful for our founding fathers and all the sacrifice that has occurred for our FREEDOM and we feel a responsibility to protect our freedoms.  These used to be the norm in this country.  We don’t feel we have changed.  What has changed is the craziness that has occurred in this country. We have heard for 40 years the same old rhetoric out of each party.  We have watched our traditions be trashed because of multi culturalism and political correctness.  Being Christians is now as taboo as being a racist.  We pay our bills on time, worked hard to get mortgages, Will work 2 jobs to make it through to the next month if necessary.  We believe in personal responsibility not handouts. We have watched our country fall apart because the government is so fiscally irresponsible with our money and always want more.  The mainstream media is in the pocket with liberals. We are just fed up and are not going to take it anymore.  We will not go away.  We are going to play fire with fire. 

  • http://www.angrywhiteguy.com Dave

    Don’t know why “media” has to be the new title so how about…

    Jesters of Journalism

  • pete

    I vote lame-stream media. Or swirling media..like when you flush the toilet bowl. Or this, http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Hear_speak_see_no_evil_Toshogu.jpg

  • Paul Robb

    Since CNN seems to have spawned this outrage,(Communist News Network and Company)

  • Joanna Archer

    Hows about “Katie Incorrect” or “MendaciousMain Media”, or simply “Mendacious Media”.
    “MuckrackerMedia”, “Chris Madeupnews”, “Rachel Madateveryone”. Keep up the good work. It’s very scary. Joanna

  • CJ

    I think it would be very accurate to simply refer to them as the “Blue Media”.

  • chuck

    mainstream media=Mediasarus
    Mediasarus came from Micheal Chriton of Andromeda Strain fame and he coined this term as he predicted the media’s demise as far back in ’93 in speech before the National Press club and later an essay for Wired Magazine which u can find in a Google search.

  • Jen

    I just call them Pravda – that goes for my local newspaper, the Raleigh News & Observer, as well.

    How about Boot Lickin’ Media?

    Hey Bernie – love your appearances on O’Reilly – tonight was especially good.

    Hope you’re enjoying NC – I used to live in the mountains too. That brings up a whole other problem – we need fair & impartial journalism locally. There’s so much corruption in Democrat-controlled NC politics. We have Fox nationwide but we DESPERATELY need fair news coverage for each state!

  • Arthur A. Hellman, MD

    I first noticed the left wing agenda of the media in 1970 when I came back from a 27 month long US Marine tour of duty in Viet Nam. The news did not depict the reality. It’s gotten progressively worse since then. My wife, who grew up in the USSR in the 60’s, sees our society and media deteriorating to that state.
    I suggest: mediacrity, left wing media & Hollywood media, but Lamestream media is apt.

  • sunkist

    Lapdog Media

    • sunkist

      LapDog Media (MSNBC, etc) versus BullDog Media (FOX)

  • Gin

    Shame on You Media

  • George

    How about “The Diverse Media”?

  • Jim Bunting

    I think it would now be appropriate to refer to the previously named “mainstream media” as the “former mainstream media”inasmuch as it is no longer “mainstream”.

  • Chuck Billinger

    Mr. Goldberg,

    I suggest that you keep it simple: “Old Media.”

  • armand angelillo

    thought of a few more

    the shame stream media
    toxic stream media
    mean scream media
    the cool =ade media
    the partisan papers
    the pre-wipe media :(
    ….just hit the bottom

  • Dave Levine

    YellowStream Media; MainScream Media; OneTheme Media; BrainDead Media; DownTheDrain Media;

  • Butch Wilt

    I am a member of several Email discussion groups, and we have been calling them the Lying Liberal Media, LLM for short, for years now.

  • Rich Ellis

    OLD-STREAM MEDIA. We don’t have to get it from them anymore ( thank GOD ) and relating them to the “old” way of doing things just thrills me.

  • john perez

    BIG MEDIA it would drive them nuts

  • Wendy

    I propose the “mainstream media” be renamed the Oprichnina. They were Russian Czar (Tsar in Russian) Ivan the Terrible’s goon squad that went around 16th century Russia disbanding ALL things opposed to the Czar and HIS policies. They used mass repressions and terror. They wore black clothes, rode black horses, and carried brooms with dogs heads posted on top. Their slogan was to sniff out, track down, and sweep out all opposition to the Czar!

    Interestingly, the root word “Oprich” in Russian means “APART FROM.” Sound familiar??? It was Ivan himself that came up with this name and the agenda for this group that suppressed all of the citizens rights, which of course were already limited for 16th century Tsarist Russia, but I think you see the similarities.

    It’s a well fitting name. Although, unless you know or teach history, you may not get it without explanation. Just another reminder that “HISTORY DOES indeed REPEAT ITSELF!”
    ~Wendy in SC (a former history teacher)

  • Mark in Minneapolis

    Lamestream Media; Anachronous (or Superannuated) Media; Detached Media; Intractable Ideological Media

  • Kenny

    Why don’t we call them the Insane Stream Media.

  • George Pereira

    I have always disliked the word MAINSTREAM as it has referred to Fads///

    The Faddish Uneducated Media

  • Mukade

    Is it overstaing to call it the Wicked Media?

  • Carla Johnson

    Here is a few suggestions:

    Unfair, unbalance media
    Status quo media
    Brainwashed media
    Misconstrued media
    Small minded media
    News for the uninformed and easily persuaded
    Pinhead media
    Fluff media
    Sheep media

  • Rob L.

    How about Post Main Stream or P.M.S. Media

  • HadaAbeche

    I like (MHM) ‘Meat Head Media’ ………..

    • Juanita Estrada

      LOL !

  • john perez

    state run media

  • Melanie

    Twaddle Press & Fawning News

    RIP Media

    O News (For Obsequious)

    Has Been Media

    Fawning Fraternity Media

  • Vicki Higgins

    While the left continues to practice the bigotry – against us – that they accuse us of, we still walk around on ice, apologizing all the time, and playing nice guys. Has anyone noticed that it isn’t working? We need to start taking the offensive approach. Jim had it right. They are the SOCIALIST MEDIA …. no ifs, ands, or buts. It’s time to call them what they are … SOCIALISTS. Their tactics have worked for a long time. We can learn from them. Keep saying it over and over again … SOCIALIST MEDIA, SOCIALIST MEDIA, SOCIALIST MEDIA, SOCIALIST MEDIA!

    • Cloyd Nobler

      What you sense here is the Stalinist approach to discourse; i.e. accuse your opposition of the morally unsupportable tactic that you, yourself intend to employ. It may be bigotry, or it may just be a tactic that has proven effective in the past. Either way, the correct reaction is our outrage at the unprincipled manipulation of facts and viewpoints to advance a repugnant agenda. Seize the mission of radical opposition to the establishment (National Socialist regime under Obama and Democrat Party), and do not shy from coopting the tactics, symbolism, artistic expression, and folkways of 60s-style radicalism. The greatest unwitting losers in the regime’s consolidation of power are the young. The left-wing educational establishment now in place (for the most part) is ripe to be rebelled against.

  • Ed

    It’s not as amusing as some here, but I think the pithiest and most accurate is:

    “Legacy Media”

    That’s what product managers call product once it has been discontinued and the only debate is how long to keep servicing what’s out there. “Legacy.” I think that describes them pretty accurately.


  • pugpugmom

    How about TSM – the Stepford Media

  • Sue Btrodhead

    I thought of this a few days ago and emailed others. Don’t call it Main Stream Media;call it Mute Stream Media. That says it all!

  • http://www.waltwhite.com WW

    How about “What’s left in the media”

  • M E Farr

    Hello Bernir! I enjoy watching you and Bill O. I will keep this short. The new name for the ‘main-stream medis’ should be changed to the “LAME-STREAM MEDIA” Enough said.
    Thank you M.E. Farr Phenix City Alabama

  • Dave S.

    Artificial Media….

    Laughing Gas Media …

    Backwards Media …

    Slanted Media

  • Randy

    Lots of blogs refer to it as the LameStream media. Let’s go with that.

  • Joni

    1. The “Bagdad Bob Bloggers” For all who remember that king of mis-information spewing
    his lies as our troops were marching into Iraq

    2. MIM – (Maggot Infested Media)

    3. MIM – (Mis-Information Media)

  • http://rmcneely@charter.net Mike McNeely

    My recommended new name for our “mainstream media” follows:
    “Historical Media”; it fits ‘what they are”.
    Mike McNeely
    Picayune, MS

    Love your presentations, on O’reilly!

  • Cloyd Nobler

    I’ve been puzzled over this oxymoron to label a news establishment that is largely morphing into a propaganda sector. My label for these bozos is “Entrenched Establishment Media”.

    (On a totally unrelated matter, while watching Sunday Night Football on NBC, I have marvelled at that network’s relentless push to cram Keith Olberman down our throats. That little putz comes across as natural as a high school senior at prom with his sister as his date, as he reads the one liners the writers prepare for him. Such is the mentality of the higher-ups at that network.)

  • Alan

    lame duck media
    old media
    legacy media

  • Anker Faust

    Call it what it is, Leftist Indoctrinator Media Posse or L.I.M.P. !

  • Dan

    “Old stream media”

    Simple. Clear. Factual.
    Accurate without spin.
    Draws a distinction without being disrespectful.
    Same number of syllables.

  • Julie Booth

    How about “POTUS Propaganda Central”

  • armand angelillo

    Here’s a few ideas:

    downstream media
    no-stream media
    weak stream media
    yellow stream media
    (see the direction?)

    My favorite is: The important issues are rarely found in the “weak-stream media”.

  • http://none Olgaisabel Navas-Paniagua

    Thank God for a place to comment on current issue without my net security returning it !! I just saw you on O´Reilly, ” The Old Liberal Media ” goes to the point. I am taking this opportunity to suggest that you, Mr. Beck, Mr O´Reilly, and Mr Cavuto and anyone else you want to please EXPLAIN THE HEALTH CARE BILL in full in a program to be seen in Central America, where I am, Managua, Nicaragua. Also, prove Obama deceitful one more time, by explaining that it was CONGRESS´relaxing of the regulations that caused the financial crisis we are in at the time, not the banks , or wall street, like he said in today´s speech . From listening to Obama, one could think that Congress is full of Angels!!!!Also, please, remind everyone it was Carter who recalled CIA agents from the field during his W. H. tenure, causing the 9-11-01 attacks easy to happen for lack of info; weapons of mas destruc. too.

  • Jennefer

    I have never commented before here. I saw your segment on the Factor. Bravo! My husband and I agree, they are not the Mainstream media. They are not even the elite media. Elite still gives the feeling of the best which they are not. I was at the DC march with 5 children on Saturday. I never saw a more peaceful, polite, respectful, helpful, group of regular conservative minded Americans. I felt safe, energized, and relieved to know that soooo many people share my grave concern for this great country. I would like to mention that we should look at the nationwide statistics of race in this country, and then compare that to the crowd. Of course there are going to be more white people. There were Asian, Spanish, African-American and so on. There were also from the very young to the very old. And 75,000 is a ridiculous figure. The National Park Service said 1.5 million. Thank you.

  • Don

    The first thing that came to my mind was RED MEDIA.
    In my mind they are a bunch of God Hating bastards that think they will be the Elite in the next order.

  • Corky & Kay

    Lame Stream is pretty good.
    Weak Stream might apply.
    I Hate Conservatives Media
    The Truth is What We Make it Media

  • Jerry

    How about “Trickle Stream Media”

  • Blaze


    Pap (an idea, talk, book, or the like, lacking substance or real value); Smear (to sully, vilify, or soil [a reputation, good name, etc.].

  • Vivian

    “Has Been Media”


    “Media Formerly Known as Main Stream”

  • Joan kepp

    Yellow stream Media

    They sure represent Yellow Journalism Appropriate for them That is what they practice.

  • John in PA

    Bernie: The name for “the media”, is so simply I’m surprised you and O’Reilly missed it… The Effete Media. As in (pick one:)
    1. lacking in wholesome vigor; degenerate; decadent: an effete, overrefined society.
    2. exhausted of vigor or energy; worn out: an effete political force.
    3. unable to produce; sterile

    That should settle the discussion.

  • Glen C.

    Lame Blame Media.

    Absolute Bull Communications

    None Believable Crazies

    Communist Bloviating System .

  • Robert

    Lapdog Media

  • Joel

    Oops! I forgot in my last post.

    Das Boot in Der Tuchus Media (the ch in “Tuchus” pronounced like you’re winding up to spit from the back of your throat).

  • erna lee

    Another name could be MAIM – STREAM since that is what they do – cripple , distort the facts.

  • AJ Howard

    The Principle Legacy Media

    The Diminishing Legacy Media

    The Leading Obsolescent Media

  • Anonymous

    Formerly-mainstream Media

    • Doug

      Bernie, here are a few of choices:

      The Legacy Media
      Old Media
      One-Sided Media

      or these gems:

      Stale Pieholes
      Uttered Flatulence
      The Munchkin Media

      Glad to be of help. Please forward royalties.


      • Guided By Voices

        Lollipop Guild Media

  • JoeInMichigan

    Well, first they should be known as the Vintage Media.
    Soon to be followed by the EX-media, since they are dooming themselves.

  • David Jones

    Bernie – Instead of Main Stream Media how about VANISHING MEDIA – cause that is what is happening – vanishing!!

  • john cochran

    In our home we call them “The Three Stooges (ABC,CBS,NBC) and their stupid little brother, MSNBC.”

  • Calvin Plitt

    Dear Bernie, For approximately five years I have been telling my small circle that they should abandon the term “mainstream media.” I strongly second your suggestion in this regard on the O’Reilly show today, 9/14. My proposed term for them is “Big Media.” This puts them in the same category they smear as big pharma, big tobacco, big business. It has the added bonus of the abreviation for them: BM. Mention this on O’Reilly and I’ll be grateful and honored. Keep up your noble work!

  • Dianne

    How about One Way Street Media

  • Matthew Conley

    How about Third World Media

  • Ed Yung


    My wife & I very much enjoy your appearances on Fox news

    I have been using the BEST name for the formerly big 3 & CNN for a year or 2.

    They are absolutely HAS-BEENs.

    They make a mockery of NEWS.

    They make a mockery of Elite. I’ve seen much more respectable street people; drunks & all.

    They make a mockery of the term Intellectuals; my 4 kids had vastly greater understanding of human nature & morality, & more common sense & intelligence at age 3.

    They make a mockery of Honesty

    They make a mockery of Virtue

    They make a mockery of PATRIOTISM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ed Yung
    retired Registered Professional Engineer
    Very high time pilot
    Lutheran Christian
    Reagan Conservative
    Tea party fan; first such activity

    230 Jefferson
    La Porte TX 77571

  • Anonymous

    Legacy media

  • Bob Camba

    How about ” the Has Been Media” ?

  • Joe Podolinski

    farout media
    misleading media
    hell with you media
    messiah media
    red party media
    obnoxius fruitcake media

  • jim

    the socialist media or the state run media.

  • Jack Barr

    Calling the dominant media liberal draws yawns in most liberal quarters nowdays and “Mainstream Media” sorta rolls off the tongue – easy to remember and everyone knows what it means. I’ve long objected to the reference MLM because it’s not “mainstream” in any way. Mike Rosen of KOA in Denver helped me realize the error of referencing to them in this manner. He has a name for them so I’m submitting my own entry – actually taken from the first sentence of this comment: They are the “Dominant Liberal Media”. DLM. Simple.

    Jack Barr
    Aurora CO 80014

  • Fred

    We should call them the the “legacy” media outlets. When IT comes in and updates your network, we call the old outdated one the legacy system. That’s what were seeing now with Fox, Drudge, and so many more. Let the legacy networks fade away.

    • Ed Yung


  • Richard Smith

    Rather than the elite media we should call them the “obsolete media” which is more accurate.

  • Kim Young


  • http://blog.jaykersting.com Jay Kersting

    Since they do NO investigave pieces, only regurgitations of what they are handed….They are….


  • Trish

    Please let us stop being naive the other news channels are so afraid of being called Racist and losing their phony, guilt ridden and truly “racist” audiences they should be all be called the “OPPRESSED” media outlets

  • Jim

    Bernie, just call them the Democratic Party……that is what they really are,aren’t they?

  • Meg

    The “LAMEstream” Media.

  • Charlotte James

    IM-the Irrelevant Media. Imbecile Media. Idiotic Media. Insignificant Media…..that’s it!!!!
    They are truly insignificant.

  • Dale

    Make Believe Media

  • Joel

    Flat Earth Media

    Down Stream Media

    Down Wind Media

    Swiss Cheese Media

    Liars Club Media

    Liars Den Media

    I can’t believe it’s media Media

    Where’s the beef Media

    Der Stürmer Media

    Jaundiced Journalism

    Das Kapital Media

    Pravda Media

    TASS Media

    Wrap Fish Media

  • bob

    Liberal are us or Liberal R US.
    Conservative views are leathal to us media.
    we need obama to bail us soon media.
    World view by blind media.

  • Jerry

    NeoMarx Media – BUT, LameStream is pretty catchy.

    • Charlotte James

      LOVE IT!!! Lame Stream Media….it works!! LOL

  • Tom

    How about “Old School Media”

  • Maureen

    I call them the Liberal Elite Media. Calling anyone racist that disagrees with you is so passe’. It now only aggravates most Americans because it is so untrue.

  • Yvette McLaughlin

    Hi Bernie, how about “The Pansy Media”. I love your books. Thanks.

  • sbenard

    Obamapologist Media

  • Tom

    How about “Old-School media”

  • JR

    Massgas media

  • paul wightman

    far left media.

  • roadmaster

    down stream media – that’s where all sewage ends up

  • timothy wahlen

    The Leftist Complex Media Arm

  • willdo

    Can’t name the irrelevant “old press” as “elite” press.
    Considering: . elite or elites = A group or class of persons or a member of such a group or class, enjoying superior intellectual…………………… Clearly inconsistent concepts
    Even worse than mainstream press

  • RuBegonia

    FTM acronym for “FORMER Top MEDIA” – easy to say, in line with MSM, respectful of historical position and descriptive of current status. RuBegonia

  • Randy

    Disdain-stream Media
    “Disdain: a feeling of contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior”

  • Pat Hershwitzky

    Trickle media
    Left Bank media
    Beached media
    Airbrushed media

  • David Higgins II

    Replace the old mainstream media name with Propaganda Bureau. I still like to see Fox News go nationally with a nightly news thru its Fox affliates to reach people like my parents that have no interest in cable or satellite TV. They are hard to convince that they are being lied to by the news Propaganda Bureau. (ABC, NBC, CBS).

    • Jim Staudt

      I like it, Dave

  • shipley130

    Mr. Goldberg,
    Here is another acronym to replace the old MSM
    MSM=Slain Dream Media

  • timothy wahlen

    The Leftist Complex Media Arm & The Leftist Complex Entertainment Arm & the one to pay most attention to —The Leftist Complex Judicial Arm

  • Lynn

    NewSpeak Media

  • http://www.americanconservativesthink.bloglines.com Steve Cotton

    How about “establishment” media?

    • sbenard

      I like this one! Very descriptive and accurate description.

  • Jim Staudt

    Pravda USA
    Upper West Side Media

  • Russ

    Obama Disinformation Corps

    DoublePlus GoodFact Media

    DNC Public Relations Department

  • Robert

    Downstream News (always reporting on water under the bridge)

  • Mrs. Robyn Schmalz

    How about calling those leftie media guys the “Status Quo Media,” since Status Quo seems to be the term O’Bama likes to use for everything that is standard and unchallenged?

  • Judy Leftwich

    The so called Main Stream Media should be referred to as


  • Cathy

    the elite lame stream media

  • De

    Sycophants Society (SS)

  • Dale


  • Randy

    Stinky Media

  • Twig

    I got beat out on “LAMEstream Media”..great minds SJ…

  • Henry

    How about “downstream media”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerseyj Jersey Joe

    Bernie!! I just made a great comic based on this subject… you need to see it!

    I call them the “PeeStream Media”…. hahahaha!! You should see the picture!

    It is clean and lighthearted in it’s humor, nothing vulgar or obscene… you will love it!

    See it on my Facebook page… http://www.facebook.com/jerseyj

  • Alex

    Dummy Media
    2nd Rate Media
    Last Place Media
    Media for Dummies
    Silent Media
    Mute Media

  • Dale

    The Red Media
    Progressive Media
    Hollywood Media
    New Stage

  • Rick T

    Let’s refer to the NY Times and the like as the “Lame-Stream Media”

  • Randy

    Subversive Media

  • jeanneb

    MediaCrats !!!!

  • Corey


  • Debbie Young

    This is it…..short and simple: LAMESTREAM media!

  • Lynn Clark

    “Venal Media” …. definition is corruptible, dishonest, fact or state of being for sale,

  • sbenard

    Instead of the term “mainstream media”, why not this?

    Propaganda Press!

  • Marcea

    new name for old “mainstream” media:
    Jollywood Media

  • Lynn

    “U. S. Pravda” Media

  • John Galt

    Kool-Aid Media…

  • Steven

    Trivial Media – Perfect word for them. They are trivial. I won’t watch anything on the 3 networks and Lou Dobbs is about the only one on CNN who ever seems to tell the REAL news.

  • SJ


  • Deni

    Barack Omedia

  • Robert Blum

    Media Of The State ( M O T S )

  • Russ n Dallas

    Misinformation Society

  • Allen

    The Shame-Stream media

  • Jim

    The Unwatched Media (or Unread, Unheard, etc.)

    The Goebels Media

    The Entertainment Media

    The Incurious Media

    The Democrat Party Communications Department

    The Ministry of Truth (a la Orwell)

  • Neil

    Instead of mainstream media:

    Model T media

    Horse and buggy media

    Donkey media

    Luddite media

    Blind leading the blind media

    Trainwreck media

    Matrix media

    Eutyches media

    Grasshopper media

    Neo-Whig media

    Cockroach media

    Dissembling media

    Garbage out media

    Bubble media

    Fractured media

    • http://none John Kuchar

      OT&B Media (Old, Tired & Bias Media)

      B&C Media (Bias & Clueless Media)

      UUU Media (Unfair, Unbalanced & Useless Media)

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    “The alarm light is not working because the light bulb is made by GE” Media

    • carl quattrochi

      hows the Babble media.

  • Bill

    I think the following are good descriptions:

    1. Paleomedia

    2. Grandpa Media

    3. Hippy-Dippy Media

    4. Lemming Media

    5. Nugatory Press

    6. Adulatory Media

    7. Accolyte Press

    8. Minion Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Cheerleader or Cheer the Leader Media!
    Give me an O! Give me the dough!

  • BoldPatriot

    Action Left News

  • chesterar

    Sorry if already posted but I heard this one on net somewhere months ago:

    Mid-Stream Media

    Perfect in a number of ways.

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    $Go$ $Green$ $Media$
    We recycle tax money!

  • http://CyberCiphering.com CyberCipher

    ALATT (All Lies, All The Time)

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    “Chavez goes nuclear – We go Green” Media

  • http://CyberCiphering.com CyberCipher’s collie

    Info’Ho’s R Us

  • Geezaloo

    Inconsequential Media

    Side Step Media

    Side Show Media

  • My5kidsdad

    The problem with State-Sponsored Media, Ruling-Party Media, etc., is that if a Republican administration is in place, they WON’T support it.

  • http://twitter.com/nanarcr NanaRCR

    Left Wing Media

  • My5kidsdad

    Dinosaur Media

  • Strick

    MSM = “Misinformed State Media” or Misinformation Spreading Machine”

  • Penny Crosson

    Misdirecting Sychophantic Media

  • Todd Wolf

    Goebbels News Network – “Inciteful” Propaganda

  • Denis Phillips

    How about Legacy Media or Establishment Media.

    • http://twitter.com/kulak76 an unrepentant kulak

      “Legacy Media” and “Establishment Media” both seem apt to me (and more serious, if admittedly less entertaining, than many of the alternatives on offer). “Legacy Media” has the added implication that these media organizations are, or are becoming, relics of the past, which seems to be the case. It’s also one syllable shorter.

  • Paul Libke

    Keep the initials — MSM — it now stands for Mainly Socialist Media.

  • Scott Griffin

    I suggest we change the name to “NASCAR MEDIA” because its one perpetual left turn…very boring!

    • Paul Libke

      Keep the initials — MSM — it now stands for Mainly Socialist Media.

    • Paul Libke

      Hey Scott, Sorry, I put my suggestion in the wrong spot. But I do want to compliment you on yours — I love your NASCAR Media and the “perpetual left turn.” I think it’s the best of all I’ve seen.

  • Tommy

    Irrelivent Media

  • http://n/a Kathie Ampela

    These are all so funny – I have to add 2 more:

    1) It’s cool to be a marxist media
    2) Obama-worship media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Sidekick for the Star in Power Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Progressively Pro-Power Grab Media

  • RSP

    I prefer “State-Supported Media.”

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    The Ruling Party Enabling Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Play Along Media
    Dancing with the Czars Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    In bed with the Boss Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Obama and Friends Media

  • 119298

    Corrupt Media.

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Media Promoting Trust – as in Government run Monopoly with taxpayer money

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    “You Lie” Media

  • http://libertarianmother.blogspot.com/ Mary

    The Lemmings Media! We do all the thinking so you don’t have to!! :)

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Obama PR Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Corporation Obama Megaphone Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Constellation Obama Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Join My Circle and We’ll give you piece of the American Pie Media

  • http://ellievellie.wordpress.com Ellie

    Ruling Corporations Megaphone Media.

  • http://www.rightalk.com agitator

    The MOP. Ministry of Propaganda because that’s what it is.

  • http://n/a Kathie Ampela

    I like weak stream media – try Flomax! Also, when CNN is run into the ground, which should be pretty soon, I’d like to change it from Cable News Network to Citizen’s News Network. I like the idea of a media outlet run by the people, for the people. I’ll send them my resume.

  • Elizabeth

    How about
    Downstream or just “Fishy”

  • Julie Opfer

    It used to be the job of the media to report the news, now they take it upon themselves to print their views. I don’t care for their opinion, I just want the facts, I can make up my own mind.

  • Kevin

    How about LSM for “Left Stream Media” or WSM “Weak Stream Media, (might need meds)
    or “Founding Media Sources” in reference to their age in the Media business

    Now that we have Spin offs such as MSM and the original spin off CNN and Head Line News, they are still spinning their skewed views of the America they want… Not the truth of what really is… Bill Clinton can give you the definition of “is”

    I really fear for our future, special interest along with the Liberal Media are sailing us down the proverbial river

  • Edward

    how about PRAVDA… translates to TRUTH so it won’t offend the left… but
    WE know better.

  • MI Phil

    The Shadow Puppet Media

  • John Hauner

    How about the “No Mas Media” as in I just wish they’d go away.

  • Bill Strouss

    This is for Jerry our estimator at Strouss Bros. Construction, who came up with one in less than ten seconds.

    KAM Kool Aid Media

  • Bill Strouss

    ITTM, In The Tank Media

  • Steve

    How about just calling it “Liberal Media”, thats what it is and who their target audience is.

  • John R.

    Old School Media

  • http://www.bobleesays.com BobLee

    “Drive-by Media” has already entered the public lexicon after Rush used it for several years.

    Don’t mention that one to BO’R though. BO’R is just a “tad” jealous of “Limbaugh”. Just “a tad”!

  • Capn Eddie Ricketyback

    Lots of good ones here. Wish I could come up with something more clever and / or catchy, but the only ones I can think of that I haven’t seen listed here are:
    1) Dinosaur Media
    2) Obsolete Media

  • Jerry Pfaff

    Progressive’s Press
    Sycophant Service

  • Beth

    How about: P.P.M. = Progressive Propaganda Machine

    No humor in that one… but so perfectly appropriate!

  • Beth

    L.P.M. = Liberal Propaganda Machine

  • Parris

    How about, “We the People” “WTP”

  • RichardD

    I kind of like:


  • Lee Hales

    An example for your next book:

    To the Professional Journalists of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    How does a leading Sunday newspaper cover Saturday’s Washington protest?
    1. Place the weekend’s biggest story on page 4.
    2. Lay out page 4 so that the reader’s eye moves naturally past the story to the inside column on Thursday’s “news” – two college professors’ opinions on Joe Wilson.
    3. Limit front page coverage to a tight photo of one person, rather than a wide angle of 100,000 or more.
    4. Pick a photo with no protest signs so that the nature and significance of the event is not inadvertently communicated on page 1.
    5. Pick a photo with an American flag to limit curiosity about the photo or its significance and therefore lessen the chance of turning to page 4.
    6. Obscure the significance of the event by using AP’s estimate of “tens of thousands” – misleading by an order of magnitude – without making your own easily-more-accurate estimate, or doing 5 minutes of Web search to get a realistic one.
    7. Spike the story for Monday’s edition, rather than clarify the event’s size, follow-up with those who attended, or include a more revealing photo.
    A news staff with liberal bias – one seeking to filter its readers’ worldview –would do all of these things. But because you are objective, you did not. I thank you for your professionalism and fine journalistic effort. You are the reasons why my children – from a family with journalists – will not subscribe; and why your future is so bright.
    Lee Hales
    23-year subscriber

  • Alan

    I must say that I’ve grown quite fond of how the liberal media classifies anyone that opposes its policies as a racist. If opposing irresponsible government spending makes me a racist, then I guess I’m doomed to be a racist until I die.

  • DeathofFreedom

    TB Treason Broadcasting a true disease

  • pkster


  • DeathofFreedom

    AAM = Anti American Media

  • DeathofFreedom

    Dead Media
    Tyrant Media
    Communist Media Reports

  • Dan

    State Run Media seems to reflect the times.

    For the TV networks, I always liked the Alphabet Media.

    To use their own terms ‘Progressive Media’.

  • Randy

    I always liked the term legacy media. It also indicates that if they didn’t already exist, they probably wouldn’t be created anew. At least not in their present form.

  • WendyBee

    Urine stream media

  • Richard Wahler

    I used to call them Big Media, but they’re not so large anymore. I suggest Old Media. Like Dick Cheney’s Old Europe.

  • Susan

    East Coast Media
    Main Street Media

  • http://mind-morals.blogtownhall.com Michael

    The only other thing to call them is the “Establishment Media.” They aren’t a “media establishment” anymore, as that implies that they wield power in comparison to the likes of Fox or internet news. Rather, they are the pre-existing relics that act as a voice for the liberal Washington establishment. Ergo: “Establishment Media.”

  • Bob Jay

    Fading Media

    Dying Media

    Biased Media

  • MPCpiano

    i think it is time for everyone to move on from the MSM, rather that discuss, questions, and get frustrated by it. Everyone should focus on New Media as the MSM, and ignore Old Media is irrelevant, not necessary, the minority. Treat the New Media as The Media.

  • DeathofFreedom


  • DeathofFreedom

    No More Media
    Tanker Down Media
    Tingle Up My Leg Media
    Don’t GAD Media


  • MPCpiano

    The Old Media. Not cute or fancy, but it gets the point across and distinguishes it from the New Media. Old, hasbeen, not useful anymore, low tech.

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com Bernie

      I agree

  • Mike

    Pro-Obama media

  • DeathofFreedom


  • http://windowsxp linda digiacomo

    Hi Bernie…… Because they act like the mob…… treat us with disrespect ……and the msm do the same I have been calling them …THE MADE MEDIA…… Its what they are !

    love you linda!

  • MikeyD

    Ostrich Media

  • Ines

    OPM = Obama’s Propaganda Machine

  • http://www.melandrewsgallery.blogspot.com Mel

    My choice would be “The Marginal Media”

  • Dan L

    LSA – Liberal Service Announcers

  • Tanya

    What about OLM — Old Liberal Media


    SLM — Sinking Liberal Media

    • Tanya

      Another good one … thanks Tanya!

  • Rob

    Complicit Media

  • Barryd

    Left Bank Media

  • Ed

    Myopic Media

  • Margaret Frassrand

    I think the terms “Irrelevant Media” or “Yesterday’s Media” are replacement names you could use and have fun with….

  • Alan

    The Obama Pep Squad.

  • http://www.mcjusa.com Annie Fields

    “mainstream media” = “The Politburo”

  • Bruce J

    Downstream Media as in toward the septic tank.

  • Annie Fields

    “The Politburo”

  • Elisa

    Selective Media
    Self-serving media
    Discriminatory media

  • Lilia

    I think Rush has the most accurate one; State-run media.

  • Nancy

    Left stream media or myopic media

    • http://www.bernardgoldberg.com Bernie

      Very nice, Nancy …

  • http://luciusquinctius.blogspot.com/ Frank Canzolino

    Conveniently Responsible American Papyrus

  • DeathofFreedom

    The No News Nimphos

  • DeathofFreedom

    Sticky Lickies

  • DeathofFreedom

    The Brown Noses

  • Michael

    Media Doesn’t Matter

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    Trained Seal & Lap Dog Association.

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    No Stream News we all want FOX STREAM MEDIA

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    Varsity Pom Pom Squad

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