Obama Has a Halo; Newsweek Has No Shame

Newsweek magazine’s cover shows Barack Obama with a halo over his head, a tribute to his announcement the other day that he personally favors same sex marriage.  The line at the bottom of the cover says, “The First Gay President.”

The slobbering never ends.

Let’s get a few things straight (I didn’t mean it that way).  Barack Obama was for same sex marriage before he was against it.  And he was against it before he was for it for the second time.

Back in 1996, when he was running for the Illinois state senate, Barack Obama filled out a questionnaire from a gay and lesbian newspaper and said: “I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, and would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages.”  He was unequivocal. He said not a word about civil unions.

Then when he was running for president – realizing that he would have to throw his principles under the bus in order to win the election — he was no longer in favor of same-sex marriage, but favored … civil unions.

Now, he’s for same same-sex marriage, again, telling Robin Roberts of ABC News, “It is important for me personally to go ahead and affirm that same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

Despite his full support for gay marriage, the president said it should be up to the states to decide what to do about gay marriage.

But if it’s a matter of decency and equality for all, why not push for a federal law legalizing same-sex marriage?  The answer is obvious:  it wouldn’t be politically prudent – not now when he’s running for re-election.

Every now and then – rarely to be sure – a politician comes along whom we can proudly call a profile in courage.  Barack Obama is not one of them.  He’s for same-sex marriage when he thinks it will help him politically.  And he’s against it when he thinks it will hurt him politically.

And wasting no time to turn his most recent stance into a political wedge issue, he told a fundraiser at George Clooney’s house that his current position is “a logical extension of what America is supposed to be.”  And he made sure everybody knew that he was on the right side of history while the Republicans weren’t.  His position, he said, “grew directly out of this difference in visions: Are we a country that includes everybody and give everybody a shot and treats everybody fairly?”

The president and his loyal supporters in the media call his different views on gay marriage part of his evolution on the subject – even though evolution usually goes in one direction, not back and forth.  Of course, if a conservative Republican “evolved” this way, reporters would call it flip-flopping.

For what it’s worth, I agree with the president regarding same-sex marriage.  I’m also for it.  But I understand that for many Americans, marriage is the institution that forms the basis of our culture and our civilization and it should only be between one man and one woman.

Government support of gay marriage, of course, should not infringe on what religious institutions choose to do.  If the Church is against gay marriage, that’s up to the Church. Priests and ministers are under no obligation to perform same-sex weddings.

We live in a big country with diverse values.  Reasonable people, as the saying goes, may disagree.

But on this there should be no disagreement:  President Obama is not a transformational figure in American politics.  He is not the messiah Newsweek thinks he is with a halo over his head.  He “evolved” in 2012 right back to where he was in 1996 which makes him nothing more than old style Chicago politician.

Let’s hope the American people “evolve” him out of office and send him back to Chicago.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PPL2AXPXJMWPEJWFN34MPC5RNY terry


  • bbf

    Maybe Newsweek was actually (and facetiously)  trying to tell us what Larry Sinclair told us so many years ago…?

    A judge threw out the libel case against Larry Sinclair brought by
    Daniel Parisi over his book about him having sex & drugs with
    Obama in 1999!

    Axelrod supposedly paid $750,000 to rig a polygraph Sinclair was
    to take with Daniel Parisi.  Parisi asked Sinclair to take the
    polygraph and he would pay him $10,000 but IF he passed
    it…$100,000.  Sinclair took the polygraph and failed.  Later,
    Parisi ended up paying Sinclair $20,000.   When Sinclair ‘s book
    came out, Parisi sued Sinclair for libel.

    NOW a judge has thrown the case out because Parisi did not give
    enough evidence that Sinclair lied in his book.  Parisi could not
    PROVE malice or that any untruths were written in the Sinclair

    Vindication for Sinclair?   What for Obama??


  • Mary

    I agree with Nancye a pair of horns is much more fitting!  I really believe Obama
    thinks he can walk on water!!!! He said that he has evolved. I would like to see him revolve in a door and not come back.

  • http://atheistsofutah.org/ Dan Ellis

    I just don’t get it. I don’t understand why even members of the LGBTQ community are STILL trying to beat up the President for his record on civil rights as they relate to the LGBTQ community. Obama has done more to advance those rights than _ALL_ of the previous Presidents *COMBINED*. Period. End of sentence.

    Prior to the presidential election that swept him into office he backed gay rights in speeches and legislation more than a dozen times as a state legislator and US Senator. And while he was a US Senator he also stated publicly that he favored marriage equality. In order to win the office of POTUS, he softened his stance on marriage equality in favor of civil unions so that he could be elected and work to improve gay rights, and he’s done a metric fuckton (comparatively speaking, of course) since then. 

    Here are just a few of his more noteworthy achievements since taking office:

    * He has appointed more openly gay people than any previous President.

    * He has called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) “abhorrent” and directed the Justice Department to stop trying to defend the constitutionality of it.

    * He signed the Mathew Shepard and James Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act. This is the very first federal civil rights legislation to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.”

    * Directed the Justice Department to include people with AIDS and HIV in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    * He not only promotes them, but has actually been in one of Dan Savage’s “It Gets Better” videos.

    * Directed the State Department to include LGBTQ members in Family Medical Leave Act so they can take care of their children when necessary.

    * He has ended the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT) policy, stopping nearly two decades of LGBTQ service members having to serve “in the closet” for fear of being kicked out of the military. They can now serve proudly and openly.

    * Penned a Presidential Directive to make the Department of Health and Human Services require that all hospitals that get Medicare and/or Medicaid must allow medical decision and visitation rights to LGBTQ patients.

    * Directed the Office of Personnel Management to end discrimination based on gender identity.

    * Expanded same-sex benefits for federal employees.

    * Awarded the Medal of Freedom to Harvey Milk and Billie Jean King.

    * Has now said that not defending DOMA isn’t enough. He wants it repealed.

    All of which leads us to his most recent act in supporting LGBTQ rights: saying that he wants marriage equality for everyone.

    If you really think that setting historical precedent with such wide support of gay rights means he’s a chicken, or that he is just employing cheap political gimmickry, you are obviously unaware of all he has done and the political price he has paid for it. Right-wing politicians still manage to stir up their base by bashing the LGBTQ community. Calling the President names _AFTER_ getting so much support from him is hardly going to help anything.

    I’ll say it again; Obama has done more for the LGBTQ community than any of the 43 Presidents who came before him COMBINED, and has done so in less than one term. What else would you like him to do?

    • Drew Page

      Yes Dan, Obama’s position on same sex marriage is still evolving.  but best remember a quote from the author of ‘Dreams From My Father’,  “If the political winds shift, I will stand with the Muslims.”   Muslims, by the way, do not “embrace the diversity” of the LGBQ community as much as you might like.    If and when those political wind shifts, it will be interesting to see if Mr. Obama’s evolution will continue.

  • technical_chuck

    It’s sad to see to see the current direction of journalism. A few years ago, Newsweek showed Obama as Lincoln on its cover and Time showed Obama as FDR. I suppose showing Obama as a saint was inevitable. Next, he’ll be God. It used to be that a reporter’s first responsibility was to accuracy. Now, journalists openly talk about wanting “to change the world,” which means, of course, to change it to their own preferred view. Many years ago, there was an old journalism saying: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.” Today’s version is, “If your mother says she loves you, find out if she’s a Democrat or Republican.” 

  • Tim Ned

    I think, Bernie, the slobbering love affair is official over.  They’re picking out curtains!

  • Drew Page

    Is there anysuch thing as “normal” anymore?   Is society in general supposed to embrace and promote every abnormality in the human condition?    When in college, I took courses in psychology, including a class in abnormal psychology.  Yes, believe it or not, there were college professors who not only believed such a thing as ‘abnormal psychology’ existed, but went to great lengths to identify it and how to recognize it.    In today’s climate of moral relativism, I would be greatly surprised to find many college professors embracing the concept of ‘abnormal’ anything.   Identifying anything as ‘abnormal’ today would certainly be at best, politically incorrect, at worst it would earn you a nasty name , most probably with an “ist” tacked on to it.  

    Jeffry Leving is an attorney out of Chicago who has specialized in fathers’ rights in matters of divorce.  Over the years Mr. Leving has gone to great lengths to produce statistics  that show the negative impact on children when there is no paternal influence in their lives.  I would surmise the same would be true absent a mother’s influence in their lives.   Yet, despite this evidence, the courts have granted same sex partners the right to adopt and raise children. 

    As a society we seem to have moved away from what is best for children to what is best, or convenient, for adults.   The most obvious confirmation of phenomenon is the legalization of abortion.    Many proponents of abortion like to say, “My body, my choice.”   Yet is it really their body they are destroying, or someone else’s?  After an abortion a mother’s body is still intact and alive.  When it comes to the raising of a child by a same sex couple, whose best interests are being served?

    • Ken Besig

      Of course a child needs both maternal and paternal influences to develop into an effective adult, just look at the social, emotional, and psychological problems the children of single parents often suffer.
      We as a society are already paying a high price for destroying the nuclear family through divorce, and as if to make sure of that destruction, we now have homosexual “marriage” and adoption.  What new and even more insane ideas will left wing radicals come up with next to destroy out society?  

  • Bruce A.

    Did Newsweek cover the sputtering US economy or the impending finan.crisis in Europe or is gay marrige of such importance it must dominate the news?


    Did anybody else have the thought that a pair of horns would go better on Obama’s head than a halo.  Just sayin. Sometimes I can’t help myself.**************************Good point!  Obviously the halo on the cover of Newsweek is the only halo Obama will ever get.  I also notice his usual Mussolini nose tilt.

  • FloridaJim

    After Obama’s big announcement what he said was”it, is a state’s right issue” where is that in the reporting? Democrats want all Christian thought and actions abolished so they will not be reminded of the sins they commit minute by minute.

  • Will swoboda

    You it did again as usual. I believe that “Bias” should be reguired reading in all high schools and then the students should be allowed to discuss it. The problem I believe we’ve come to is that we are not allowed to discuss issues, only agree or disagree. I do not believe that people of the same sex can marry simlpy because of the diffinition of the word “marry”. I do believe in civil unions in order to help kids better understand what’s going on. The statements on baby outfits on O’Rielly ‘s show last night are impossible. Biologically, we can’t have two daddy’s or two mommies. We can’t chose, but we have to have one male and one female in order to reproduce. Also, when I was a kid, I wanted to be like my Dad and uncles. Most were boxers and veterans of WWII. No one should assume that a boy brought by two men would turn out to be anything other than a homosexual when icam toe to other men. Boys want to be like their
    Dads. It really is as simple as that. You can argue about bad parents but I’m talking about kids in general.
    Thanks, Will

  • Elizabeth

    And Gary Johnson, who has backed gay marriage on the principle of it, not for political expediency to win a few undecided voters, is ignored. Gary Johnson wants gay marriage at a Federal level so gay marriage is recognized across state lines. But will he MSM acknowledge Gary Johnson on this matter and Federal recognition? Nope.

    Bernie, I would love to see your take on how the media is ignoring Gary Johnson, and also the blatant non-reporting of Ron Paul.

    Also, how Ron Paul’s statement not to campaign in new states is being heralded as Ron Paul is giving up. Apples do not equal 4. The issues are separate, yet being declared as if this is giving up.

  • Dan_Thinks

    Did anybody else have the thought that a pair of horns would go better on Obama’s head than a halo.  Just sayin. Sometimes I can’t help myself

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Koffer/1020263329 Dave Koffer

    The incredible bias of the radical, hypocritical, left-wing lamestream media is simply breathtaking….and pathetic.  Hopefully, the current occupant of the White House will be gone come November!

  • dman

    I was looking at the interview of Mr. Goldberg on Bill O’Reilly’s and alway’s wonder why people think there opinion is news when it’s not. It’s apparent that most people’s political views are now placed on these boards as a means of displaying their personal opinions about the president that they didn’t vote for anyway for whatever reason. The national debt is always the issues it was already 11 Trillion when he came in to office to include an economy that was ripped off by the republican administration and their friends around the world. 

    • Dan_Thinks

      Why would any of us take their opinions to be news? Their whole purpose is to give opinions on the news. I for one value their opinions. That’s why I read Bernie and watch Bill. As far as how we express our personal opinions here, again it is because that is what this message board is for. I don’t know if your 11 Trillion number is correct but even if it is Obama is doubling down on it now. To blame the Republicans for the mess we are in now is not only ignorant but it is getting old 

    • Drew Page

      Okay, let’s agree that Obama did inherit an existing deficit and unemployment.   In my opinion, he has done nothing to fix these problems, only make them worse.   The defict is $5 trillion higher than it was when he came into office.  The near $1 trillion he borrowed and spent didn’t significantly improve the unemployment numbers.  When you count the number of people who have exhausted their unemployment benefits and those who previously had full-time jobs and now have taken on part-time jobs at minimum wage and no benefits, unemployment is well above 10%. 
      It wasn’t Bush who promised all those “shovel ready” jobs the Stimulus was going to create.  It wasn’t Bush that later laughingly said, “There weren’t as many of those shovel ready jobs as we had expected”.   It wasn’t Bush that brought 2008 gas prices of $2.00 up to $4.00 a gallon in 2012.   It wasn’t Bush that put a moratorium on drilling in the gulf, who said no to the Keystone pipeline, or to drilling in ANWAR.  It wasn’t Bush who said Iran has a right to develop its nuclear facilities.    It wasn’t Bush who told Netanyahu that  Isreal should give back the territories it conquered in the seven day war started by the Arabs.   It wasn’t Bush that went around the world apologizing for America.   

      Obama has had nearly four years to fix things he complained of inheriting, instead he has blamed his predecessor, skirted Congress by issuing Executive Orders and appointing agency heads to do his will through regulation instead of through legislation.  He has used his Democrat majorities in the House and Senate to ram through Obamacare, resorting to bribery in the Senate and arm twisting in the House, signing into law a 2,400 page bill neither he, nor his Democrat majority bothered to read.  

  • Randy

    The scary thing to me is that he probably does think he’s Jesus.  He certainly does have to be the smartest man in the room.  How else can you explain Biden as a VP pick?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ted.wight Ted Wight

    Is he the first black, gay president?  Or the first gay, black president?  OR the first blackgay or gayblack?  Either way he is the worst president in our history.  Please get out and win this Second Civil War and send Obama to San Francisco.

    • chas615

       Applying the logic of the New York Times he would be the first “white-black gay president”.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DGT5LFXDWHPKRWLSI2WPBXIGXE Wil

    Bernie, You say, “Let’s
    hope the American people “evolve” him out of office and send him back to
    you tell your faithful followers, why Romney would make a better

    • 1LonesomeDove1

      Because he’s not a Marxist socialist.

      • Brian_Bayless

        You care to explain to me the “Marxist Socialist” actions of this president.

        • 1LonesomeDove1

          Take from those according to their means

          Give to those according to their need.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Because he’s not a fool like Obama. He actually had a real job before entering politics and ran a state completely hand-tied by a state house 85% democrat.

      You don’t see this Wil. It’s why you’re a liberal. You don’t get it.

    • Jeffreydan

        Besides there being no law of science making it possible to sink to Obama’s badness? 

  • wally

    I agree with many of your  articles. This one is wrong. Marriage has been defined as a union between a man and a women for over 2000 years. Tell me what right does the government or anyone have to redefine the word marriage. Oh the left does it all the time to suit their agenda and some conservatives go along with it. If the government can change the definition of words on a whim, then maybe we should change the meaning of democrat and /or republican. Sure lets call them both the same word either democrat or republican. Or change both to just legislators. that should solve the problem so we could do away with voting completely. That would really save a lot of time and money. Better yet let’s change the president name to king. By calling the union of two of the same sex as marriage, we insult and change everything. I have no objection to having  same sex unions called civil unions or fairage or any other term they like but to change a 2000 plus year definition is totally wrong and I for one will never vote for it.

  • rbblum

    Within the next four years it is likely to be the (so-called) elite media that will FUNDAMENTALLY  TRANSFORM  to become tomorrow’s tabloids. . . . assuming they are still around.

  • Bill Marshall


    I didn’t think the elite media believed in religious symbols, yet they chose a halo.

  • Mary

    Newsweek has not shocked me, I have one word for this cover
    IF  our forefathers could see what’s happening to this country they would want
    to die all over again. If Obama is re-elected,say goodbye to this great country
    as we know it!!  what a shame

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    He evolved, or, after parsing, revolved. The slobbering is so gooey, one can hardly read the text.  If he ‘evolved’, the he denied himself the great deliberation of ethics of which, in his mirror, he’d be a paragon. When he took a stand against the issue, an observer recognized “design”. So the Great Dissimulator has closed the gap between evolution and design.
    Balancing the Nobel on the mantelpiece he can position his “Darwin”.

  • dlr

    I have heard of law suits being filed when Gays were denied the opportunity to have their wedding reception held at their favorite wedding reception center.  I have also heard of another law suit when a religious minister refused to perform a gay marriage in his church.  I am sure that more law suits will follow in the future because the history of the gay movement has consistently been to not only legitimize homosexuality but to spread the practice of it.

    Talk about bigotry I have seen more open hatred on the part of gays who can’t tolerate anyone or anything that does not embrace homosexuality with open arms.  For example “art” that has feces smered on a picture of Jesus dying on the cross.  We can’t sing Christmas carols in schools, but we can publicly exhibit art that demeans Christianity.  One is considered “hate speech” and the other is considered freedom of speech.  Personalty I don’t like where all of this is going.

    I think that straight people have been more than tolerant of gays, but I think that gay people should speak out more regarding the intolerance of some of their own.

  • Jphales

    Marriage is no longer a sacred vow to commit your life to another. People play at marriage and divorce as if with a yoyo. Why not get married? If you don’t like it, you can get a divorce so easily. BUT, for the ones that DO honor it’s sanctity, marriage is a lifelong commitment, only broken by unrepentant infidelity or abuse. The tradition of marriage has long been abused by most people. BUT, it still belongs (and has for thousands of years) to heterosexuals; one man married to one woman (IMHO). Gays should not be discriminated against for any reason, but restricting them from the official marriage ceremony is not discrimination. There are ways to get the legal benefits of a married couple (wills, trusts, POAs) without the ceremony.

  • Kathie Ampela

    There are plenty of people who support gay marriage..there are just as many who are opposed to it. I say, if being able to legally marry makes the gay couple down the street a little happier, it’s fine by me.

    What I HATE is gay marriage being shoved down our throats by the MSM. THEY are deciding for us what’s right and what’s wrong. If I decide to be in favor of gay marriage, rest assured, the media had NOTHING to do with it. 😉

  • Paul Courtney

    If Newsweek put Jesus on the cover, the halo would have to be photo-chopped out to avoid offending somebody.  ‘Course, He didn’t support gay marriage.  To earn a halo, you have to stand on principles and loudly pronounce them…after an election…unless your addle-brained VP runs his mouth, and donor-prospects stop writing, mid-check, until you declare your long and deeply held position.  Gotta give credit to Newsweek, where they understand that one must lie about one’s deeply-held principles to get elected by a bigoted electorate.  Think about this-last week, Obama was just another bigot, how easy it will be for the rest of us to earn the forgiveness of the folks at Newsweek.  And a halo!

    • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

      “To earn a halo, you have to stand on principles…” Theren lies the rub, Paul.
      Great synthesis with an economy of words.

  • Brendan Horn

    President Obama came up with his new belief about gay marriage at a convenient time. He became in favor of gay marriage after polls have come out showing that more than fifty percent of people are in favor of gay marriage. This is not a coincidence. Politicians in America generally come to epiphanies when public support goes above 50% on any issue. 

    I strongly dislike when Obama uses the word “fair” to support his policies. It makes him sound like a six year old child complaining about how unfair it is when his older brother gets a new bicycle and he still has to ride a tricycle. Obama wants to be the dictator of what is “fair”. I don’t think we need a referee of fairness from our president. 

  • genann59

    Mr. Goldberg, I agree with you, again, and as usual (redundant?) You write as I try to think, using logic and facts. therefore I enjoy reading your articles, as you state things logically, factually, and simply enough that even I can easily understand what you are saying. And you lay your feelings and beliefs out there straight and plain and do not try to put a hidden agenda in there, you leave nothing to the imagination as to what your feelings are. I like that. I admire that as well. You do not see enough of it in the media anymore. That is a real shame.

  • Kenhe

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about Newsweek’s blasphemous cover shot of the Prez, only three or four people acutally read the rag anyway.

    • RonKean

      It was going out of business a year or so ago.  A conservative publication wanted to buy it for good money but they wouldn’t sell.  Finally,  a wealthy man bought it for one dollar.  It was worth every penny of that.

  • Pasekfred

    I’d like to see Romney flip-flop on this one too. But he should wait until after the elections..:)

  • mick0746

    Bernie, Lets send him back to Hawaii, we don’t need him in Illinois.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5NYKDIGDA3KNAZRWYQYGXTDHAE Faye H

    His new motto can be, “I was for it before I was against it before I was for it.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5NYKDIGDA3KNAZRWYQYGXTDHAE Faye H

    I live in NC where the Dem Convention will be held this summer.  Also where Amendment one just passed defining marriage as between one man and one woman. Our Governor says we’re acting like Mississippi, whatever that means.  Thankfully, she is not running for re-election.  She knows she could not win.  A lot of Dems want to cancel the convention here.  It would not bother me one bit if they did.  I think they’re about to give up on us as a swing state.

  • Dan_Thinks

    Senate Bill 1172 bans “reparative therapy” administered to patients under age
    18 by therapists, psychologists, counselors, and parents. Violators could be
    subject to arrest, fines, and possible jail time.

    This is what worry’s me about these activist. They don’t stop with just regular rights. They will take it to the extreme. I can see the day when if a church refuses to marry gays they will be sued. Never mind that such a thing would violate the church’s beliefs and put them out of step with God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=544036781 Nalora Burns

    Marriage is a sacrament of the church. The State should have nothing to do with it. If we are merely redefining a “legal term”, then what other legal terms might be changed on the winds of political climate in the future?

  • Terry Walbert


    The folks at Newsweek (ironic name) wouldn’t have any idea of what you’re talking about, with this talk about journalism and integrity.  And do some still question your conclusions about bias.

  • Renabuz

    My old Grandmother had one word that most aptly applies to Obama and his ass kissing media worshippers: “FEH!”

  • JohnInMA

    To me the adoring reaction by not only the typically fawning media but also by liberal gay activists and their supporters is proof that there is serious desperation in the air.  What Obama has said is neither significant nor surprising.  If he were serious and not afraid of his own political shadow, he would back it up in policy beyond the repeal of DADT in the military.  So, in fact, his words do nothing but sooth certain people.  Their struggle continues apace, and it is a valid argument that the setbacks may grow.  Obama SAYS he will continue to allow states to decide, and that track record speaks for itself.

    Of course, perhaps the giddy group sees the winking we don’t.  Perhaps they know something will change after November 7, if all “goes well”.

  • Jenna

    The people who support him, I find, are really not very smart. They’ll accept the lies and the fakeness. Unbelievable. If Romney was a single ounce as phony as Obama, the news would be just sickening about it.

    One small story from Romney’s HS days and the gays’ onlines posts are rampant about how he’s a bully.

    Obama’s bullying all Romney donors but that’s OK.

  • EddieD_Boston

    It is gage inducing to see how much the media relishes in being Obama’s sock puppets. Apparently nobody sees actual journalism as their job anymore.

    They don’t even seem to care how silly they look. I guess adulation from like minded liberals is enough for them, integrity be damned.

    • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

      It’s the market niche, Eddie.
      “I guess adulation from like minded liberals is enough for them, integrity be damned.”  As to “how silly they look”, it all a great big “Carnevale`”. But they’d have life imitate art.
      Think of pre-revolutionary France and the costume balls while its debt was sky-rocketing.  The ministers of state were more concerned about how to word a scoff at an elitist salon`.

  • Anna

    How does the meaning of a word get changed?   Marriage conjures up a union of two opposites for me.  Maybe marriage should be left up to religions and civil unions left up to civil authorities.  Then us religious, heterosexuals can do both and non religious homosexuals can do the civil thing if it is approved by the majority.  Those religions that are unbiblical can perform their unbiblical ‘marriages’ if they choose. 
    I guess what bothers many of us is the fact that  it would give some legitimacy to this immoral situation.  Our children would learn at home that the practice of homosexuality is sinful and when they speak out in situations that they are exposed to, they would be treated as bigots and told that their parents positions are bigoted and wrong.