Obama Stopped the Bleeding … But Was That Enough to Change the Momentum?

The Obama campaign promised a more aggressive, more assertive candidate in this second presidential debate.  And that’s what we saw, a feistier Barack Obama.  But that was inevitable.  The only way he could have been less assertive is if he had fallen off his chair and slipped into a coma.

There were no knockouts during this second debate.  Reasonable people may disagree, but I think Romney won on points, but not by much.

Expect the so-called mainstream media to say Obama made a comeback – which he did.  But he really couldn’t do worse than last time around.

As Chris Wallace said, Obama’s performance stopped the bleeding in his campaign, so Democrats will be happy.  I think Republicans will be happy, too.  Romney came off as knowledgeable and didn’t back down.

Missed opportunity for Romney:  Libya.  If Obama really believed that the attack in Benghazi was an act of terrorism, why did he allow U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to go on five Sunday talk shows and say a video touched off riots that led to the murders? But I’m not sure voters care enough about this to make a difference.  Stay tuned.

Voters do care about who can turn the economy around.  That’s their number one issue.  And I think Romney comes out ahead on this one.  And it’s why I think he narrowly won on points.

This debate didn’t hurt Obama … but it didn’t hurt Romney either.  And that may mean that Romney’s momentum has not been halted.  And that’s bad news for Obama.

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  • venter

    People who have been watching the debates are discovering what a fine human Romney is.  We have been watching a campaign for 4 years  People are worn out .  Obama’s campaign has gotten more vicious  with each year.  Now this man , Mitt Romney, shows up at the debates and he is nice and smart  and we are seeing something we haven’t seen in a long time.  A decent , human being who appears to be humble, and honestly religious .  Obama would like us  to believe Mitt is out of touch with Americans because he is very rich.  I am happy Mitt is rich because that is why we all came to America to have the freedom to work hard and succeed.  
      Romney is a businessman and understands he will have to work very hard to fix the business called USA.  His style is laid back.     It is obvious he listens . He is not a hollywood showman.  We had that!   We need a worker not a talker.  MSM jumps on every thing Mitt says.  Women  are smart  they want jobs, a good economy, a SAFE AND  SECURE AMERICA, and a president they can trust  Women are beginning to see him as a good man and porbably wish more men would be like him.  MSM  I have binders in my office I keep notes in them.  Only the left MSM   would like us to  believe BINDERS are a bad word like Chicago, peanut butter and jelly and on and on.  Obama has said nothing at the  debates  therefore the bleeding will be a hemorage unless he tells us what his plans are for the future, what he knew about Libya, what he knows about the video story,  how much more CHANGE he will make to America.  Where are the band aids?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NFY76ZLF3EWV6UNTVVUTL7LP74 Dennis

    Candy Crowley…nothing more than another so-called journalist Democrat hack.  Romney was debating 2 people, just like Ryan was with that other female hack Martha Raddatz. 

    • Dreqw Page

      She looks like Ernest Borgnine in a wig.

  • http://profiles.google.com/tbfh1955 tb thomas

    Romney’s response in the Libya exchange was revealing (in my view at least). What he doesn’t know about “Benghazigate” cost him an opportunity to clearly and unequivocally expose the President as a man who is perfectly willing to lie to the American people, in order to cover up the failure of his foreign policy, and the unravelling of this country’s ability to act as guarantor of stability in the global community of nations.

    Nobody pays me for the hours I spend every morning poring over various news reports, op-eds, videos and sundry background information relating to current events, particularly those related to the upcoming election. I do it at the expense of my day-job as an IT professional, because I realize that the future of this country is hanging in the balance.

    I would have assumed that the Romney campaign has either volunteers or paid analysts who do the same, and who’s responsibility it is to make sure the candidate is thoroughly briefed on the particulars. Apparently not. When he challenged the President’s assertion that he called the incident “a terrorist attack” the following day in the White House rose garden…he should have been prepared to make the point this way:

    “Not only did you not call the incident in Benghazi a terrorist attack, you carefully parsed your statement that day in order to associate the attack on our consulate with the Internet video. You then departed from that topic to the larger issue of terrorism as it related to the original attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, and condemned “any act of terrorism”.

    “That Mr. President may be confirmed by reading the transcript. Far from acknowledging the truth of what took place in Benghazi, you doubled down on the deception.  Having set the stage for the false explanation, you sent Ambassador Rice out on a mission to spread that false story to five major media outlets the following Sunday. And after that, you yourself reinforced the falsehood in your remarks to the United Nations, your appearance on “The View”, and on David Letterman.” 

    I understand that Mr. Romney thinks this election is about jobs, and certainly that issue is very important to many voters. But the most important issue (in my view) is the question of leadership, and the necessity that we hold all our Presidents to their oath of office. A president who purposely lies to the citizens, insults the office he holds. A president who presumes the right to selectively enforce our existing laws and obviate others, insults the Constitution.

    We have a president who has done both, and it is Gov. Romney’s obligation to make sure that as many voters as possible are apprised of that fact, even at the risk of appearing harsh in his judgement of President Obama.

  • suki33

    I’ve been thinking today about a little phrase that I think describes Obama, ‘ big hat, no cattle.” Since I wasn’t sure, I looked it up on the urbandictionary.com and sure enough, it’s a good description of the president, in my opinion.

    There are several variations, but this one will do: “when someone is so full of themselves, and loves to hear themselves
    talk, but it is all a facade, and there is never any action or substance
    to back it up.”

    Let’s hire a guy who can get the job done, and send the current President back to Chicago or where ever he decides to settle.

  • http://twitter.com/RussellMichaels Russ Michaels


    Love ya man, but I have to disagree. Perhaps Obama stopped the nail-biting by liberals  and the media, but the voters shifted again in monumental fashion last night. Voters abandoned him in droves. I expect Romney to have a double-digit lead nationally and Swing-States before the next debate. This puppy is over :-)

  • MarioP

    I can’t believe the Right is still talking about the Benghazi incident. There is no evidence that additional guards would have prevented the attack or whether even more American deaths would have been inflicted should guards been posted there. Since this was an act of terror, hence it was planned, the attackers would have evaluated the situation, either called the attack off, or engaged with more weapons and men. I think it’s pretty evident there isn’t much steam left on this issue for the Right, because during the two debates we had since the intelligence on the attack was revised, the Republican candidates could not hold a solid argument on Benghazi. Just drop it, will ya? There is nothing there.

    • Jim

      And Watergate was just a bungled break-in by a few crooks.  It was the coverup, including the president that was the real tragedy.  Same is true here, if that is what it turns out to be.  A planned coverup by the White House of an incident where our Ambassodor was killed is worse than Watergate in my view.

    • Paul Courtney

      Thanks for the suggestion.  Isn’t the admin calling for “full investigation”?  According to you, nothing to investigate.   Hope they investigate what admin did after bombing of consulate in June, in face of calls for help.  Yes, at that point, best response was to throw up hands, “more security won’t prevent attack”, leave Consulate out there like staked animal bait?  You’re such a fine security analyst, consider this- did admin even consider closing Consulate after June bombing, consolidate to more defensible Tripoli Embassy?  Must irritate you no end that, just as this was “running out steam”, Crowley stirred it up.  We see “nothing there”, too, but we’re looking at Obama in his foreign policy suit.

    • Frank P

      Nothing there my ass! It’s the most egregious dereliction of any President in my lifetime (a very long one). And the cover-up is much worse than Watergate ever was. Obama should be impeached. He has exposed the US as a  toothless tiger and the implications for the West are horrendous. If the electorate give him another term, then Kool Aid shares will rocket.

    • Drew Page

      You may be right about additional guards being unable to prevent an attack on our embassy  —  since the administration won’t let the guards guards keep live ammunition in their rifles.   On the other hand, perhaps a combat ready platoon of Marines on site might have made the “protesters” think twice about launching their attack.   I’m just sayin’.

    • venter

      I am trying to underdstand what you wrote.  Sooooooooo I bought  some Kool-Aid and that didn’t help.  The Right is trying to save you so you can be free to write your replies.  Did the video cause  Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis to build a bomb to  hurt  New Yorkers  again?   Or is there A Lot of Steam In The War On Terrorism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

      • MarioP

        Don’t give yourself so much credit, as in the Right being the only half of the nation that is trying to defend our freedoms. If it wasn’t for the ones, generally on the Right, abusing our freedoms, we would not need the government limiting them. The ones with poor, or complete lack of judgment put themselves and others around them in danger, and then they call foul when the authority limits us from expressing ourselves. 

        Imagine you live next door to Nakoula, and he decides to exercise his freedoms by releasing such insulting video on a monthly basis. What do you believe will happen to your property value? Do you think once the entire world will become aware of his home address and he remains at his residence, your family’s safety may be in danger? Do you think someone may park a rental van in front of his house? How about we put a little bit of care into our expressions, so even if you don’t care about your own safety, your careless actions will not harm others.

        And this koolaid talk, if you believe the Left needs some mind altering  chemical to become mentally challenged, well, the Right doesn’t need any such aid.

        • venter

          We don’t need the government limiting anyone but terrorists.  I will agree if he was doing  a monthly video it could alter the neighborhood you or I  live in.  The local  authhorities would have to investigate as they just did in NYC. .  However,  this was one video ,that few people saw until the government used it as a reason for  the  riots in the middle east and the attack on the embassay.  Extra guards posted with bullets in their weapons may have helped especially since it was requested.  An administration from the left has to governor the people not limit them. The same goes for an administration from the right . All the information coming out  about Libya keeps the steam going.

          • MarioP

            “However,  this was one video ,that few people saw until the government used it as a reason for  the  riots in the middle east and the attack on the embassy. ”

            The reason why the embassy in Cairo issued their statement on 9/11 was because the video, translated into Arabic, made its way to the Mideast the previous week and the atmosphere started getting tense. I guess the embassy could have just sat around and waited for any further developments, but there were rumors of protesting the video and the embassy tried to avoid that. Many different parties fueled the controversial video, including the Cairo embassy and Romney for wrongly calling the embassy’s statement an apology and then denounced the statement. You don’t think Romney’s involvement was viewed negatively in Mideast, adding to the hostility in the region?

  • Jhag39

    I thought Romney missed a couple opportunities to score  a KO, but missed them. I about fell out of my chair when Obama said Romney wanted to turn over health care decisions to non-elected bureaucrats !! Where was Ms Crowley when that whopper got laid?

  • Brushfour

    The first 20 minutes I couldn’t stand either guy.  Obama won some segments.  But after the black gentlemen stood up and asked President Obama what he’s done for the black community over the last 4 years….the debate changed.  Romney won the next 50 minutes straight.  The underpinning issues of the election have not changed.  Romney will continue his lead.  The Undecided Voter focus groups reflected Romney’s victory on Tuesday.  What the media says doesn’t matter.  Romney is headed for victory Nov 6 and everyone knows it.  What happens with the Republican Senate candidates however, is a different matter.

  • DB

    I just saw a replay on TV of Candy Crowley injecting her opinion during the debate.  It bothers me more now than it did last night.   I consider this to be malpractice by a moderator.  Does anyone else think the same?

    • Kathie Ampela

      I agree.  It definitely bothered me more after I thought about it.  We need non-journalist moderators in these debates. What about having timekeepers only? Hofstra could have supplied timekeepers and we would have learned more and had less interruptions. We’ve established beyond any reasonable doubt that most journalists can’t be objective and fair.  It’s disgusting what Crowley did, awful. She was a cheerleader, not a moderator. She helped confuse the Libya issue and the Gatekeepers of Obama’s narrative will only be too happy to continue to create a smokescreen which will help Obama during Monday’s debate.  Is it true BOB SCHIEFFER of ALL people will be moderating on Monday night???

      • Paul Courtney

        Kathie:  Yes, it’s true, Bob will be keeping both sides honest.  And by “both sides”, we mean Romney and.. uh…well, one side anyway.  And by “keeping honest”, we mean stepping in when Romney is blowing up another Dem talking point.  But that’s become ordinary, and it’s opening a can of worms for Obama admin.  This fiasco has legs, as they say, and networks covering Crowley’s big moment can’t avoid the context of Obama denying the obvious for weeks.  The fact that it’s hurting Obama is proven above, where MarioP insists we drop it.

  • venter

    The debate brought the old Obama to the chair  with his lack of  knowledge, because he never answered  the baby questions  picked by Ms Crowley?   He never answered Romney’s questions.  He was saved by the bell ohhhhhhh I mean Crowley.   We all know what was said in the Rose Garden about Libya and what and how many times Obama said  “it was a video that was the cause of all the riots”.  Poor Hillary Clinton, is that how Obama respects womens rights or is it only for  Ms. Fluke! 
      Romney won by giving information about his plan for America.    People see that he understands business. I agree that Romney had a few misses.  I don’t think he was  big winner but he lost nothing and probably won more women .  Obama was arrogant .   Economy, jobs, SECURITY  , our constitution are what we are voting for.  Romney has the knowledge in business and leadership he will bring these qualities to the White House to help solve America’s problem

    • Drew Page

      Can you just imagine the private conversations between Bill and HIllary after Hillary had to fall on her sword and “accept full responsibility” for the Lybian embassy being unprotected?   She had to say “The buck stops with me.”  I always thought the buck was supposed to stop with the president, or was that 0nly applicable to Truman?   After all the campaigning that Bill has done for Obama, sticking Hillary with the blame for insufficient protection of the Lybian embassy must really have his blood boiling, especially in light of the fact that our ambassador and those responsible for his protection had asked for more security and were denied.   To top it off, Biden goes on record and says he and the president were never told that more security was requested, leaving Hillary to twist slowly in the wind.

  • Rick Johnson

    I’ve been saying for the past 3 and 1/2 years, that the economic recovery,  or lack thereof, will determine the election outcome. Most people are too short-sighted to  worry about what happens in the rest of the world. Not much different than European leaders in 1938.

  • Dangremillion

    romney won because: moderator was biased to the left and lied, obama lied more than once and used alinsky tactics because that is all he had. debate was held at a liberal university. obama has been president for 4 years, romney 0. romney more knowledgeable. obama was all spin, ie, all hat and no cattle. 

  • texexpatriate

    Oh, blather!  Romney scored ten or twelve knockdowns.  If they’d been boxers, the match would have been stopped. 

  • NS Sherlock

    I think obammy was pretending to be Jerry Springer holding a mic…only obammy has less talent. And as far as the slobby pig crowley…she looked as if she could drop to her knees in front of obammy and do the lewinsky.

  • Iklwa

    At this point in the respective campaigns, if one expects to attract droves of committed voters from one camp into the other with even a stellar “debate” performance is a pipe dream at best and self-delusional at its worst.
    When any organization claims to assemble a group of more than 20 “undecided voters” this far along in the cycle, I can only wonder at both the claimants and the sponsors’ motivations. Who do they think they are kidding?
    More importantly, do we really want folks who still haven’t made up their minds potentially deciding such momentous events?
    I think not.

  • Jeff

    The debate was all Obama.  Romney fell off of his five or six FOX news talking points.  He never got to Solyndra….a subject that carried FOX news channel for four months, he tried to slip in Fast and Furious…..but those who don’t watch FOX have no idea what that is and Libya…..well he just fell flat on his face.  Last night I saw a certain look on Britt Hume’s face.  It was the same look he had when the three West Coast states lit up at eleven o’clock on the evening of the 2008 election.  He didn’t know whether to s–t, p-ss or go blind.  The Republicans are not going to lose this election because they’re wrong on everything, they’re going to lose because they’ve become evil.  The bumper sticker on my car the morning after this election will be “Barack still here…..Breitbart still Dead.  You may think that it’s an evil phrase but it brings me such a smile.

    • Cbkaufman

      As Bernie said, “Reasonable people may disagree…” By the tone and obnoxious comments in your post you’ve shown that you are not among the “reasonable” people who disagree, and that is why your opinion is irrelevant and not credible.

      • Deny916

        TOTALLY agree with you CB!

        • Jeff

          That’s why I’m here…..to make people like you agree with each other.  Listen, I live in Florida…….a state run by criminals.  Republican criminals.  Have a look at my Governor, Rick Scott.  He runs a healthcare company…..they get caught in a 1 billion 100 million dollar scheme to defraud Medicare…..Rick Scott takes the fifth amendment more than 75 times and what does the Florida Tea Party do…..they make him Governor.  Allen West is one district over from me.  After his article 32 hearing General Odierno grabs him by the shirt collar, pulls him close and says “Get out of my Army or face a court martial”….he leaves and what does the Florida Tea Party do….they send him to congress.  None of you realize what you’re in the middle of.  Over 200 Republicans sign Grover’s pledge and from then on they’re all involved in a blackmail scheme.  “Either do what I say or I’ll have your job”.  All criminals.   And now your Romney is part of that.  Not a bit of shame.

          • Brushfour

            You’re a little disconnected Jeff.  Obama is not going to win.  Larger issues,  not debates, are driving voters to polls for specific reasons.  Even if Romney did poorly tues night..(which he did not), he would still continue his rise to a Nov 6 victory.

          • Drew Page

            General Odierno grabs Allen West by the collar and says “get out of MY Army”?   Who the hell says the Army belongs to you general Castro? 

            Benedict Arnold was an Army general too, at one time.

    • Tetonka76

      I think you need to move to Chicago….you’d fit right in with Obama when he loses the election.  Perhaps you are already there….if so, do the country a favor and don’t leave!

    • Dangremillion

      and you probably believe in santa claus and the bunny rabbit. didnt you see the interview of the focus group after the debate. only 2 yellow dog democrat socialists/marxists  stood up for the president. if you would have been there it would have been 3.

    • Paul Courtney

      We’ve seen that smile, Anthony Hopkins does it well just before a meal.

    • Drew Page

      That’s not what the recent Gallup poll figures say.  They say Obama lost  —  big.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPNB6IPETRLINDT2YVYONNTUEY BARBARA

    Journalist simply can not get their egos out of being a moderator.  Please Please lets get the entire journalistic community out of our debates.  Let the think tanks moderate.  A perfect example was Crowley saying she wasn’t a potted plant, well she proved to be a plant, a plant for the Dems.  Obama almost 4 minutes more time to talk, yet Crowley repeatedly calls time for Romney til Romney starts discussing terms of her engagement which made him look petty.  She did a terrible job.  She should NOT have interjected her opinion and it was her opinion on Libya and the Pres. Rose Garden comments.   So far only Jim Lehrer has proved to have the self control to moderate under the terms of the agreement between the two campaigns and the Debate commission.   To date the Dems have been able to talk 9 more minutes than the Repubs.

  • Dispatch66

    I made my decision on the last debate between Paul Ryan and Joe Biden. I do think there will be a landslide victory for Mitt Romney this coming November. Most all my friends that were undecided are now voting the Romney ticket and some friends and family that were for Obama are now in the Romney camp. I can’t imagine four more years of Obama and Biden, just too many shady answers and cover-ups and spiraling debt. Obama and Biden are not nice people.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie:  Good column, particularly no mention of Crowley.  Some on right expect the red meat, an attack on the biased moderator, but she’s not the story here, and you obviously got that.  And staying tuned is what I’ll do, my sense is that CBS and ABC will do more on it, CNN is still giving it (by “it”, I mean Obama Admin mendacity and failure to see anything coming) some air time, and the Libya story must be harmful to Obama or NYT would not refuse to cover it.  I think some of Romney’s poll surge is due to this story, and I predict the martyrdom of Hillary will backfire on Obama.  She will get credit for taking blame, and he’ll get none.  His Rose Garden statement was followed by several weeks of “we don’t know if it was a terrorist attack”,  a great example of unforced error that gives hope to Romney folks.

  • John nazzaro

    The missed opportunity remains to be seen: the foreign policy issue was fortunately highlighted by Crowley’s intervention, and will certainly lead on Monday. Romney actually won significantly I think. Not because he was in the aggregate better-the advantage in political theater almost always is to the aggressor. But its’ a mistake to accept that stand alone style premise at face value: Romney’s articulation of Obama’s promises and subsequent failure on the economy was by far the most significant sound bite in the debate to an independent audience. And Obama’s flat out lie on energy access will lead to a continuing loop refutation from energy providers that will certainly affect his credibility. Similarly the emerging VP debate reality is Biden lost big: his assertion that religious institutions faced no compulsion on contraception/abortion was publicly refuted by the Catholic Bishop’s Conference and read from virtually every Sunday pulpit. The MSM failure to cover that doesn’t make it any less significant. In addition women found his manic antics offensive, particularly his foolish finger pointing in Raddatz’s direction. The premise that reaction of media types is the definition of success is a not uncommon conceit of your profession. I suggest you look to the cumulative results perceived by viewers as a primary data point in making the judgement.

    • nickshaw

       I agree, John, that style did win out over substance, as it did here according to CNN’s poll following the debate.
      I really can’t understand why Zero got the nod when the sub-polls within it all showed Mitt won on individual subjects handily.
      Can someone explain this to me?

  • nickshaw

    I have to disagree, Bernie, when Mitt didn’t follow up the Crowley assertion that Zero did call the Benghazi attack terrorism in the Rose Garden with, “Why then, did the president and his subordinates continue to blame it on the video (making excuses for muslims unable to control themselves!) for the next two weeks?”, it made Mitt look disingenuous or worse, a liar.
    Only the wonks, like you, me and most here heard Crowley’s walkback after the debate and even that was at odds with her own words during a Sept 30 interview!
    I would have also liked to hear Mitt use Zero’s own words when describing coal (we will bankrupt them) and electricity (will necessarily skyrocket), as well as, this administration’s actions in regard to oil and gas on federal leases and the sharp drop in production from these areas during Zero’s term.
    These two things alone, the cost of gasoline and electricity, hit the middle class hardest and could have been used as a cudgel when Zero said he had cut taxes for that same group as in, “Mr. President, whatever tax relief you may have given the middle class was negated by the increase in prices, caused by your policies, for food (closely tied to fuel costs), fuel and electricity!”
    One final thing. I would have liked Mitt to ask what was the very first bill signed by this Resident.
    It was one in which tobacco taxes were raised.
    I ask you, who was most hurt by the raising of taxes on tobacco products?
    That’s right, we poor schlubs down at the lower end of the income scale. In fact, the lower contribution to payroll taxes signed later, did nothing to alleviate this additional tax for most smokers.

  • Superamerican

    Same old, same old.  The Republican answering the Liberals.  Romney didn’t have much of an opportunity to get out his ideas.  He was too busy apologizing for his wealth — mumbling something about Obama’s pension plan…Dumb.  He had the opportunity but blew it.

    But he’s likely to win barring some last minute Hail Mary October Surprise by Obama.  (A high-level banker’s arrest or killing some poor Muslim who gets blamed for Benghazi.)

    • nickshaw

       Corzine’s going to arrested, Super??!!
      That would be great! But it won’t help Zero. 😉

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/2YDX5I5GQXZ2KHVHKKTLRICZUY American Veteran

    I agree that Mr. Romney won on points.  As a matter of fact on every point.  I also agree that the economy is the most important issue, but the Lybia debacle did not come out (as well as it should) because the “un-moderator” leg-tripped Mr. Romney.

  • DB

    From the debate, I came to the conclusion that ANY action is better than stale rhetoric and failed results. Trouble is the debate was so long and the rhetoric so boring that I had to keep reminding myself I was awake and listening.  I am glad for your input, Bernie.  This one I couldn’t tell if the rhetoric still works.

    I thought the moderator became unprofessional.  She started to remind me of the elementary schoolroom boss.  She must OWN the opinion even when it is incorrect.  Not sure if that represented media bias or just moderator bossiness.

  • Walt

    It’s pretty tough to win a fight when you’re in a fight with two people, your opponent and the moderator.  Ms. Crowley was wrong by backing Obama, and her assertion was wrong.  Obama came out like a bull in a china closet, but his campaign manager told him to do that if he wanted a chance at reelection.  As someone on Fox mentioned last night, I think Obama drank all the Red Bull and Five Hour drinks in the building.  He definitely was alert, but his argument had no substance.  It’s just the same ole, same ole with Obama, telling lie after lie and the I don’t think the American people are buying it anymore.  I believe Mitt Romney had the edge and if he has another performance like the last two, he  stands a good chance of winning the election…

  • James King

    BHO is going to win this election, if, as was mentioned by someone, I don’t remember who, he has been in Ohio for 4 years. If true, this means he has a better “ground” game than Romney. BHO is now full of Useful Ohio Idiots, if he has been working them for 4 years. It also means he has more workers than Romney, and also because Romney didn’t knock BHO out last night.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      The Tea Party and Evangelical Christians ground game is stealth and deadly.  The Evangelicals came through for Bush on two occasions and now you can add the Tea Party to that ground game.  They will overcome anything that the Obama community organizers have to offer.  Joel Gilbert has sent out 3 MILLION copies of his DVD to house holds Ohio, exposing Obama as the Marxist/Communist that he is.  Three MILLION is no small adventure.  

  • Gerpac

    Agrtee with your assessment of the debate. Crowley showed her liberal bias. Frankly, I am damned disturbed with the Republican members of the debate committee for agreeing to allow four liberals to moderate the debates. I think the GOP should come on right now and demand that Bob Schieffer not make the same bias decisions af the first three moderators.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/VinnyBickler Vincent R Bickler

    BO not only stinks, he is toast come November 6th.  His inability to retort to Romney’s outline of all of BO’s failed policy is the lesson of this second debate.  The Nevada focus group run by Frank Luntz summed up the results perfectly.  Many ’08 BO voters were converted last night to a real leader–Mitt.

    • James King

      I’m against BHO too, but if you think the Luntz group was filled with people who did not have a pre-conceived bias for Romney, I’m sure I can find some land somewhere to sell you. If you think the Luntz group who nearly replied in mass that they were converted from BHO to Romney, I think you are wrong.

      BHO showed up last night. He has always been a liar and last night was no different. The problem is that Romney failed to show it where it was easy to do with Obama’s response that he called it a terror action. He did not. Look at the transcript. But Romney didn’t call him on it, and he could have won the “debate” if he had done so.

      I put debate in quotes because these are not really debates because of a moderator. To have true debates they would have to be told that when they went past their time the seconds or minutes would be deducted from their next response time–no moderator–just a clock.

      • Drew Page

        If you are against BHO too, you have a funny way of showing it, and I don’t mean ha-ha funny.

  • Bruskie

    What Obama has needed to do is stop the American economy from bleeding to death!  This is where his failure lay.

  • Renabuz

    Maybe the Obama administration’s failures in the Bengnazi murder of our ambassador will not affect voters but Obama and company’s stupid dishonesty regarding the cause will be their kiss of death. They invented a precipitating cause for it as being some dopey movie in order to sustain their oft repeated claim to have whipped the Muslim gangsters who are waging war on us. They repeated it for days and, when confronted with the overwhelming evidence that the movie had nothing to do with it, went on to repeat it, deny it, claimed never to have said it, blamed their people for misleading them and many other weak nonsensical lying exaggerated excuses—all making them look very much like the lying incompetent, desperate, cunning miscreants that they are. They will be finished as a result because they tried to do the one thing that the public will react negatively to and that is the big C——COVER UP!  AND the sychophant media can’t gloss this one over for them because next Monday on television seen the world over Romney is going to shove this thing up Obama’s ass and there isn’t anything he or anybody can do to stop it.  

  • Ahalbert

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that Obama talks but never offer a concrete  plan?

    Invest more  in green energy, kill the Bush tax cuts, unleash Obamacare taxes, and probably carbon taxes, and print more money, and “make sure that everyone does their fair share”.

    Oh yeah, training. We’re gonna train you…for what? Anyone in the Obama check with business to see what their expansion plans are? Of course not. The Administration simply knows the economy will become wonderful because things are more FAIR.

    A business speaker once said “Never mistake activity for productivity”. Sums up the situation pretty well.

    • James King

      He is never made to answer just what he means with his fair share statements.

  • rlpincus

    Ahh, more whining about the mainstream media.  And the oh so terribly biased moderator who should be imprisoned at the AEI for two years.

    Romney’s momentum slowed three days ago.  Watch for the Obama surge, especially now that Romney has been painted as a Bush corollary.

    The third debate is going to be fun.

    • rdgeorge

      I assume this is tongue in cheek.

      • nickshaw

         Sadly, RD, Pinky’s tongue is firmly planted on another cheek.

        • rlpincus

           Hard time differentiating between “in” and “on” when fumbling for the cheap laugh?

          • nickshaw

             You assume I was “fumbling”, Helen?
            Grasping at the slimmest of straws today are we?

        • rlpincus

           No, whoever you are, I didn’t assume you were fumbling. I watched you fumble.  There is a difference.

          • nickshaw

             Perception tends to become distorted when viewed from the left, Helen.
            I’m afraid yours is about to become moreso in a couple of weeks.
            Stay away from the liquor or drugs. They really don’t help with depression or perception, hear?

          • rlpincus

            And your acute perception prompts you to address me as “Helen”?  Or is that more of your fumbling attempts st humor?

    • Bruskie

      Bernie is well known for being critical of the MSM and rightfully so.  Yet to you this is just “more Whining”?  At one point during the debate, Romney had to debate two people, Obama and Crowley, this was just pathetic!  She too has to fight for the President during a national debate?  Of course Obama wasted no time jumping and hiding under her skirt. 

      • rlpincus

         Yes, when you make a gigantic point that the president never used the term “terror/terrorism” in his response the next day, then act like he was perplexed that he did, you are going to answer for not knowing that point of fact.

        • Bruskie

          This comment or statement or whatever it is makes no sense so, no I can’t answer! 
          CAN YOU SAY THAT A LITTLE LOUDER rlpincus?

          • rlpincus

             Obama called the Libyan attack an act of terror the next day.

             Mitt looked perplexed and said the president didn’t.

            Crowley had to remind Mitt that the president did in fact say it.

            Should I capitalize all of this for you?

        • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

          If Candy Crowley didn’t take the football away from Romney at that time Romney would have been able to finish his statements.  It turns out that Crowley went back into the replay booth with Romney’s football and reversed her call, too late, damage was done (ya missed that one rlpincus).  However, the next debate is on foreign policy and Romney has the football back in his hands and he will expose all the LYING that has been going on for the last three week and run the ball into the end zone this time sticking the fork in Obama. 

      • rlpincus

         Yep. and Bernie isn’t part of the MSM–unless working for a multinational news organization, writing books for a multinational publishing house, and appearing with other mainstream sports journalists on HBO is the mainstream.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      The third debate is on foreign policy and Romney will take that “football” that Candy Crowley grabbed from him and will run the Libya LIES right into the end zone.   With all that lying that has been going on about the Benghazi murders and the riots all across the Middle East Obama’s foreign policy is looking pretty pitiful.  

  • Fox56

    Thanks Bernie. I knew before the debate that Crowley would not be unbiased and she proved me right. As moderater did she break any rules?

  • Caren

    During the VP debate we saw who the grownup was in the room.  At last night’s debate we saw who the leader was in the room.  There is no defending Obama’s abysmal record of failed policies.  The final debate on foreign policy, and especially Libya will be the final nail in his coffin.  

  • fweaver9

    In the words of Ben Stein, “America won”, How ever I’d like to say Romney stayed focused on the economy and that was important, His response on immigration was good as well. Overall I think Mitt answered the questions better than Obama. I re-quote Paul Ryan on Obama says he has a plan and then makes a speech.  My opinion Obama hasn’t stopped campaigning for the last 4 years. Most of that is blaming someone else for not getting anything done. 

    • rdgeorge

      Thats precisely Obamas flaw. He does not know what leadership means. He is always evading, blaming or shifting responsibility to others rather than doing what a leader should do which is find a way to make it happen. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, can complain about obstacles in their way and most people do and thats why so many fail. Obama is literally useless most of the time because of that flaw. Mitt Romney might make a lousy President and he might not but with Obama we have proof. To be fair I lost what scintilla of respect I had left for him due to his behaviour with regards to the Boston Police Office and the so called ‘Beer Summit’. I hadn’t to that point seen such brazen un-Presidential behaviour. Even Clintons issue was conducted in private and the evasion that followed showed some respect for the gravity of the circumstances. Obama just didn’t seem to care that he was President and that that role comes with enormous responsibilities.

  • http://twitter.com/tcd24035 Thomas Duke

    Romney won in what wasn’t his best performance but is enough to show Americans that there is an alternative to this bozo. The classic line came from OBama when he tried to link hiugh gasoline prices to a surging enconomy.

    On reflection – OBama is on the way out of the building….

  • kayakbob

    I do agree last nights debate “stopped the bleeding” from the Presidents’ base….the media.  

    I don’t think it does anything for anybody to crack on the moderator. But I just want to know one thing:  What does it say that the President of the United States needs “help” from a debate moderator?

    That is what got him into the pickle of the first debate. He was ill prepared for debate #1 precisely because he has been protected like this for 4 years.  

  • Wheels55

    If Romney fumbled on the Libya issue, Crowley knocked the ball from his hands. She was not supposed to be a player in this game.
    Still, Obama did not fully recover from the first debate.

    Most people who watched and are still making up their minds are probably tired of the whole fact checking thing.

    I see the last debate as being important for Romney to continue to look and act Presidential and come across as caring for Americans first.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      I heard the talking heads at Fox and Bernie say Romney missed an opportunity when Benghazi came up.  Wheels55 got it right, he didn’t miss an opportunity, Candy Crowley took the game ball and went to the replay booth after the debate was over and confessed she blew it.  To late for the folks watching the debate.  Romney held his own debating those TWO folks and would have done much better if Crowley allowed them to run the plays.  

      The Benghazi event is far from over Mr. Goldberg, they media will be talking about this until next weeks debate which will keep the door wide open for Romney to get all of his ducks in a row and hammer Obama on that specific event.  Romney will make the “Arab spring” look like an “Arab nightmare.”  My only fear is that we have another hard core liberal hack moderating that third debate.  Romney will be battling two people again. 

  • http://twitter.com/Angelheart1023 Bren

    Obama & Candy both lied abt the RoseGarden statement. Its not a word game, its lying. If he believed it was terrorism on 9/12 then why keep talking abt the obscure video? Why send Susan Rice out on all the Sunday shows? People get the facts straight, Susan Rice does NOT work for the State Dept, she works directly for thr WH.

    Obama lied on oil drilling, coal, energy in general. Romney in 2 debates now has had almost 4 mins less time to speak and Biden had almost 4 more mins than Ryan, shows flagrant meda bias.

    Obama never answered the question: Who and why refused/denied security for EMB Stevens? Why was he sent to Benghazi which was clearly not up to security standards on 9/11? He was unprotected and put up like a lamb for slaughter.

    If there is any American not ticked off and asking these questions, we have to question their motives? We the people and moveover the families of the victims deserve the truth!

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Sooner of later these all so smart journalist will realize that it was President Vallerie Jarrett who sent her FRIEND Susan Rice out there to make a fool of herself.  Isn’t it amazing how the glorious feminist always end up being the door mat for powerful men (Hillary multiple times, Madame Albright for Clinton and now Susan Rice).  

  • wally

    The moderator injecting herself into the debate was clearly the wrong thing to do and to be wrong makes it worse.

  • Janet0405

    He probably stopped the bleeding for his followers, but I’m not sure he did for independents.  Even the independent focus group interviewed on MSNBC were leaning more for Romney.  And the ones on FOX had overwhelmingly changed from Obama to Romney.  Bottom line I don’t see Romney’s momentum abating.

  • Get Rid of O Now

    How was Romney supposed to go for the jugular on Libya when he was confronting a clearly lying President and a lying moderator that kept interrupting and interjecting herself when Romney spoke?  Romney did great not backing down before a lib, lying Obama, an extremely biased, misinformed moderator, and a room full of deep blue state DEMs falsely claiming to be undecided.  Yeah, the women with the Bush, AK-47, and equal pay questions were all decided I’m sure /rolls eyes.

    • John Daly

       Was watching Good Morning America just now. They made a big deal out of Crowley ‘correcting’ Romney in the Lybia comment, and even defended Obama on it. No mention of Crowley’s admission later that she was wrong.

      It took Paul Ryan to do it later in the show, and even then, George Steph. tried to convince him that he was wrong. Unbelievable.

  • Kathie Ampela

    We have to get away from confusing minutae on the language Obama used on 9/12 in the Rose Garden because it’s merely a word game and not what’s important. We know the administration went on a campaign to disinform the public for weeks after.   The Gatekeepers of Obama’s narrative (aka the Media) are seizing this word game to create a further fog of disinformation and preventing us from asking the REALLY important questions. In a way, I’m glad the Libya issue wasn’t really brought up that much in the debate because it would have given Obama an opportunity to give a fluffy answer that would have gotten him off the hook. The next debate is ENTIRELY on foreign policy and that is where Romney must attack. There are so many layers to this story getting caught up on “Did Obama call it a terrorist attack” is ridiculous because they told so many lies after that it doesn’t matter.

    There was a CIA safe house at the embassy, surely the WH and State knew this.  You’re telling me they didn’t know what happened at a CIA safe house? If true, we are in a lot of trouble because they are unprepared for disrupting potential 9/11 attacks. Intel got it wrong as Biden tried to peddle at the VP debate? Here’s a question that SHOULD be asked rather than did Obama call it a terrorist attack…were American weapons meant for the Libyan rebels used to kill the ambassador and 3 others? How did AQ pull off such a sophisticated military attack for 6 hours, no less? Why were the Navy seals there? It certainly would not have been politically convenient 2 months before a big election for a U.S. ambassador, 2 navy seals and 1 other american to be killed by Al Qaeda using American weapons meant for the Libyan rebels.  And you are trying to tell me the WH and State had no idea? Charlene Lamb watched the attack in real time for 6 hours…no one tried to help them for 6 hours?  Was any intelligence taken from the location…like the names of any Libyans helping the Americans?

    People in the this country are not yet interested but they will be.

    • Richrln

      Not a word game . Words matter and President Obama purposely did not call Benghazi a terrorist attack to advance the video narrative . His admission last night that he knew in the rose garden it was a terrorist attack confirms they were misleading

      • Kathie Ampela

        You made a good point, but I respectfully disagree. I woke up this morning and I couldn’t believe the big deal the media, even Fox News was making over the wording in the Rose Garden on 9/12..did he say”terrible act” or did he say”act of terrorism?” Anyone can put together a video montage of hilariously false statements made (after 9/12) by the administration from Obama on Letterman and The View to Hillary Clinton at the memorial for the 4 dead americans to the $70,000 ad campaign put out by State and shown in Pakistan condemning the so called anti Muslim video starring Hillary and Barack even after they knew the video had nothing to do with Benghazi to Susan Rice on 5 Sunday news shows to Jay Carney multiple times to Uncle Joe at the debate last week. The important questions are getting lost in the fog and the clock is running down.  I’ll bet we are going to waste the rest of the news cycle this week on “did Obama say terrible act or did he say act of terrorism?” and on Monday driveby America will get the feeling the whole thing is nothing but a political pissing match.  The IMPORTANT questions have to get out there:  it’s indisputable that the administration told OUTRAGEOUS lies for weeks even if Obama did say “terrorist act” on 9/12. I personally think he didn’t mean to say “terrorist act” on 9/12 and realized he f*cked up royally and that’s when all the outrageous lies started.

        I saw the pictures of the embassy on fire the night after it happened…there was no mob, the street was empty. How could the government not know? If they didn’t know, we are not safe because our intelligence aparatus is broken…if they did know, they deliberately lied to the american people.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      I have breaking news for ya Kathie Ampela, the next debate is on Foreign Affairs and this time Romney will have all his ducks in a row and he will expose the incompetence and outright cover-up that went on throughout the pre-Benghazi terrorist attack and the post-Benghazi cover-up of the  terrorist attack.  The only thing standing in his way will be a liberal hack named Bob Schieffer and I don’t believe Romney will allow this to happen a SECOND time, he will plow right through Schieffer and Obama to get the facts out to the American people. 

  • EddieD_Boston

    Romney did the right thing by hammering home his plan to drill the oil we have here. My only complaint is he didn’t call out Obama on his foolish notion that wind and solar are going to replace oil and also state that these technologies are WAY too expensive and aren’t worth the $.

    Romney even agreed that we need alternative energy. Maybe we do but it isn’t going to be wind and solar.

    Fact: Cape Cod Wind, forced on MA utilities by our looney liberal governor, will cost 20 cents a kWh. Right now we pay about 8 cents. For the slow in math that’s 150% more expensive and NOT economically viable.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KVRYU4KN4OLOL3IEMHGPZTAUUM John

       Earth to Obama:  WIND ENERGY is the technology of the PAST!!  Prior to rural electrification, every farm had at least 1 windmill to pump water, and most had one to generate a little electricity. The principles of solar energy have been known for thousands of years, too. 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3OWN6HAJYLKRLCWBBCFRLJAMU VermontAmerican

    Obama is equivocating when he says he called it an “act of terror.” Of course it was an act of terror. (Armed bank robbery is also an act of terror.) The relevant issue is whether Obama recognized it as a preplanned attack or as a result of a youtube video. Obama claimed for weeks it was the video, in order to deflect any criticism that he did not protect Americans in Libya on 9-11.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3OWN6HAJYLKRLCWBBCFRLJAMU VermontAmerican

    How could Crowley have possibly remembered one minute detail from one line from an Obama speech from more than one month ago? She had to have been coached by Obama staff to expect it so she could back Obama up on his assertion that he called it an “act of terror.” 

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Crowley does have a position at CNN perhaps she will pick up the ball that she took out of Romney’s hands and run with it on her show at CNN.  Should I hold my breath.  She could pass it off to someone else on the show.  As you said Vermont American, she has the details and your right, she may have been coached.  

      So how are we going to deal with another liberal hack named Bob Schieffer in the next debate?

  • Harry2248

    At times it seemed as though the President was trying to remember his lines from a part he was playing in a movie.

  • zyzak

    Crowley should go and hide. 

  • Jim Harris

    Obama seems very presidential with frequent, articulate use of the phrase “a bunch of.”

  • Jim Harris

    On Benghazi, Crowley cut off Romney before he could finish his knockout combo on Obama.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPNB6IPETRLINDT2YVYONNTUEY BARBARA

      Crowley not only inappropriately interjected herself into the debate, she has entered this lie into the American conversation.  She came on CNN and hemmed and hawed and told her peers that Romney was “correct in the main”.  She should have to VERY PUBLICLY correct her comment and then be sued for malpractice.

  • John Daly

    For the most part, I agree. But I think Romney won by perhaps a little larger margin than you do.

    There’s no doubt that the media was eager to declare Obama as the close winner before the debate even started. And since he did better than last time, they didn’t feel too embarrassed doing so.

    However, when I try to put myself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t follow politics all that closely, and just evaluate the candidates’ performances, I still think Obama came across as someone who has far less of a command of the issues than Romney does. He seems less comfortable and more scripted when talking about them as well.

    I’m not so sure Obama even stopped the bleeding with his performance tonight… maybe just showed it down a bit.

    • Jeffreydan

      “I still think Obama came across as someone who has far less of a command of the issues than Romney does. He seems less comfortable and more scripted when talking about them as well.”

        I’m convinced that Obama will not look comfortable in the third debate, and he sure as heck didn’t in the first two. He’s so accustomed to being pampered like a newborn and worshipped like a deity, it shakes his entire existence to be challenged.

        The only thing I’d predict for the final debate: if Obama wins at all, it will be debatable and certainly not a blow-out. I just don’t see a power-addicted child like him being in absolute control when the stakes are so high. As thoroughly vainglorious as he is, deep down he knows he’s inferior to his opponent. He’s a Pee Wee football player trying to flex his muscles at a Green Bay Packer. 

  • poetreviewer

    Am I the only one who thought it odd that the instantaneous example of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, according to Obama, was “gang-banging.”  That word choice troubles me along with his many other answers, most of which skirted around his inability to create jobs and improve the economy but instead blamed past administrations.

  • Andres Trevino

    I disagree. I think those voters that were taking a second look at Romney came out with the conclusion that he is more able to handle the economy. A net plus among undecideds. He was also clearly more sheepish in the first half an hour, although he picked it up later.

  • http://twitter.com/stephshar Stephanie Sharf

    Obama’s thin stature and geeky pencil neck don’t help.  Looks like a good stiff wind could blow him over.  Is he ill?  Why haven’t his medical records been released? I feel Romney looks presidential, Obama looks like a wannabe. Don’t underestimate visual impact.

    • MisheyZ

      Very good point – Stephanie!  That’s what put Jack Kennedy over the top in the Nixon-Kennedy debates!  Kennedy looked “healthy” – Nixon was sweating!

      • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

        Obama has a huge ugly scar on the side of his head, is there not one curious journalist out there who would like to know how the hell he got that scar (huge).  Did a truck run him over?

        More importantly Stephanie, it would be his college records that many people would like to see and not to find out how dumb or smart he is.  They want to know who paid for his education?  Was he a receiving money based on his “foreign student” status?  That would certainly pose a huge problem for him according to the US Constitution.  

        It would also be important to have access to President Obama’s passport information.  The last person who attempted to do it under the table was murdered.   His name was Leiutenant Quarles Harris, Jr. 24.  I post the scoop on that below.  Perhaps Bernie Goldberg and Bill O’Reilly would like to use their journalistic skills to investigate this. 


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/OPNB6IPETRLINDT2YVYONNTUEY BARBARA

      Obama’s appearance becomes increasingly important when the citizens look at Biden as his backup man.  Scary thought to have Joe the Igmo as #2.

  • Sharpie1009

    According to Frank Luntz’s group tonight, Obama didn’t stop the bleeding. Thank God. Four more years with the #traitorinchief will fly destroy what was once a great nation.

    • Gros

      If you think one person can destry our great nation in 4 years, you must not have much faith in the American system and American resilience!

      • Dkogok1

         Haha! No, not in four years, but give him 8 and we’re there buddy

  • Beachbored

    Best comment I’ve’ heard post debate is ” where’s Obama’s plan for the next 4 yrs?”I guess it will be more of the same, & that is just not going to work!

  • Baxley Kirk

    Romney wins , Obama does better (could only have done worse by not showing up).
    Once Candy interupts Romney the point abt Libya is gone.

  • Cynthiawww

    Romney did well tonight. He is confident and believable.  I hope Romney keeps saying what HE will DO. And remind voters that Obama had four years and  look at the results of Obama’s policies. Obama can’t tell us what he will do the next four years, because his last four years of misteps are hung around his neck.

  • Undecidednomre

    I am confused I am 17 first debate…
    Did obama answer romneys question re blaming the video
    Cause it seemed like Obama started sweating and CROWLEY ACTUALLYANSWERED AND THEN WENT ON FOR 1 minute in romneys time answering romneys question for Obama …am I crazy ? I thought CROWLEY WAS THE MOderator not debater?

    • Shanester70707

       no he didn’t he just talked about how he mourned with the family’s that all e didn’t explain why he didn’t take action earlier that might of saved those people. totally avoided it. 

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/2Z3FJT6GSKS2NSOK66OEFVVNSM John

         Since Romney had to debate Obozo and the liberal loon sow, he totally won.

        Vote R&R for an America’s survival.

  • Undecidednomore

    Crowley was shockinglyinappropriate… I am literally in shock..my husband turned to me and said OMG just as I said OMG
    She was like obamas mommy helping him answer
    Iswear my husband said she probably was wishing she could jump in his place
    I have never seen such inappropriate moderating and that is saying a lot

  • Richard K.

    I agree with you Mr. Goldberg reasonable people will disagree and in my opinion this debate was a draw, however, the expectations and the soft spot for Mr. O will present it as a win for the president!

  • Gradivus

    Obama waited until the very last second to make his 47% attack, so there was no time for Romney to answer. Sleazy.  It must have been planned that way; otherwise he’d have mentioned it early and often, since its absence last time was so criticized.

    • Gros

      I’d call it great timing. Mitt should be happy he didn’t get slammed for it in the first debate. He better have an answer for it in the last debate:)

      • Gradivus

        He’s already answered it, for those who paid attention. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ellen.a.rouse Ellen Anderson Rouse

    Once again, Romney was clearly more intellectual, better informed, more presidential.  Obama looked like yappy little dog, the bully who’s found himself cornered.

  • generationimmigrant2

    First learn how to spell. Second, Romney won, Obama bs’d all night. This means he lied all night because he has no record to run on.

    • Gros

      He didn’t lie about getting Osama now… Mission accomplished!

      • Ahalbert

         Al Qaeda is resurgent. Mission accomplished.

      • damocrapicthinker

         u r missing the boat.   the only reason obama went after the osama was that, i info i had obtained early in this, was that a staff member mentioned that he had better go after him as it was known that the administration had this info on his location for a longer time that the indicated [substitute the word ‘lie’ for this].   so basically he went after osama to cover his a** and not because he wanted to.   obama makes a big thing about his “gutsy decision”  but that is easier than hell to do when you are sitting in a air conditioned room in the white house.  as a vietnam era vet,   this administration is full of the 60 vietnam era radicals and too many college professors who rode the educational deferments and kept themselves safe from the military.  i have an a college degree and education and a honorable discharge from the military.   like to think i am fair and balanced in what i do.  your apparent lack of perspective or perhaps just plain bias in believing your  ideology does its best to have you not see what is true.  perhaps it is really the line in ‘a few good men’  that is true and that is “You can’t handle the truth”    and by the way i am a damocrap.

  • generationimmigrant2

    Charles Krauthamer and journalistic professionals such as yourself give Obama too much credit.  Obama was spinning all night and he kept telling Romney what Romney’s programs/plans are which I found exasperating. I think Romney lost a littlel patience here too. Obama was feisty but no matter how you spin it he is still an empty suit. He was defensive and lied all night.

  • pplcol06

    I am not sure the bleeding has been stopped.   They may have put a tourniquet on the wound, but they are hurt badly.   The wound will rot and they are in a slow death roll right now. 

  • Malemodel Rick

    Everbody saw rommey loose your just a rasist bigget!

    • Nc worker

      I’m a racist too. That’s why I want a job before 2016.

      • nickshaw

         Rick wasn’t talking to you, Nc.
        He was talking to “rasist bigget”s.
        Whoever they are. 😉

    • Artlouis

       I checked the Guinness Book, malemodel, and you have set a new record for the highest percentage of misspelled words in a nine-word sentence.

      • Fox56

        Thanks Art. But will malemodel be able to read what you wrote.

    • Jeffreydan

        Marian Degner, that is quite a nickname you have. What’s the story behind it?

        Wait, don’t answer! Please don’t answer! For a moment there I forgot about your spelling & grammar.

    • nickshaw

       Didn’t I see you in Zoolander, Rick?

    • NS Sherlock

      It’s Marian Denger in drag.

  • dmh

    You got it just about right.  

  • Lstannard1

    Early in life everyone should learn among the other lessons of life: never, never lie, and you can never hide from your past–more true than ever in our over digitized everything last forever world.

  • http://twitter.com/DCass11717 D Cass

    Obama had a better showing, but Romney won again on substance. Obama can’t defend his record and Romney continues to stress his vision for the US economy.

  • Juggy

    Obama needed a knockout tonight. I’ll be generous to Obama and call it a draw, which does him no good.

  • Dlkmrose

    Romney appeared strong and held his ground.  Obama’s bold faced lie about Libya proved that he cannot be trusted.

    • Gros

      Romney’s the one who lied about Obama’s statement…

      • Jeffreydan

        Explain how Governor Romney lied, please.

        • nickshaw

           Hmmm, 6 hours since you posted, Jeff, and Gross still hasn’t thought up an answer.
          I don’t expect one either.

  • http://twitter.com/20wattVEW Eric Witcher

    Mr. Goldberg, the veterans most certainly consider it an issue relating to his character.  The UN still thinks we caused the terrorists to plan and carry out assassinations of our Ambassador and highly trained and respected military contractors in support of this country.  

  • Lstannard1

    Crowly should get the distinguished service medal from the MSM!

  • austenfan

    Romney DID bring up Rice after Obama (& Crowley) claimed that Obama called Benghazi  an act of terror. He was interrupted by Obama & Crowley.

    Otherwise, completely agree with your analysis. 

  • Rami Rakheram

    ROMNEY WON!  FACT are more Important than points!! Why was Romney the only one answering the questions?  I felt like Romney was in an ambush scene. He was not allowed to opine. Where is EQUALITY when Romney had less time and Candy was trying to help the other side?

    • Gradivus

      Actually, in modern American politics, emotion is much more effective than fact.

  • Mwdiet

    My sentiments exactly.  Good analysis of debate.

  • BU_LB55

    I had debate with a slimmer edge for Romney than 2 weeks ago. The most shocking thing for me was the Luntz focus group showing big swing of Obama voters going now for Romney after this debate. I am starting to think the polls are flawed like they were in Wisconsin.

  • Twiljr

    The President spins his own words knowing MSM will agree with him. ” rose garden speech”

  • Cabsplus

    When you see the focus group react without the input of the pundits they overwhelming saw that Romney won and Obama looked small.

  • Russ

    I’m getting so tired of moderators not moderating, but participating.  They need to be neutral! 

  • http://twitter.com/FayettnamHog Reaganite

    I think the debate did hurt Obama.  Romney had a damning indictment of the last four years and it REALLY resonated with the Luntz group of former Obama voters, most of whom now say they will vote for Romney.