Obama’s Lofty Rhetoric Has Turned Boring

I didn’t listen to Barack Obama’s speech at his party’s national convention. I couldn’t.  I was too busy surfing through 500 channels of crap on cable TV, stopping every now and then to watch absolutely anything that would keep me away from his speech.  I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to his “lofty rhetoric” one more time.

The president can talk, I’ll give him that.  But we’ve heard it all before.  Many times.  And, just between us, I’m tired of it.  In 2004, even if you didn’t agree with him politically, you had to admit his speeches were moving.  Today, they’re boring.

How many times can we listen to this (seemingly) over-confident politician, who oozes coolness and style, tell us about his big, transformational, bold ideas – ideas about how if we only give him four more years, the sun will shine again in America, promises about he will not rest until every American has a good job, declarations about how he would heal the planet and harness the sun and the wind, assurances about how he will make sure families don’t go broke sending their kids to college, and how he will make life better for the poor and the middle class and the veterans and the downtrodden, grandiosity about how he will save our factories and small businesses and our cities and our farms.

Once this was stirring, rousing stuff.  Now, they’re just words — empty, tired words.

Yes, Barack Obama inherited a great big economic mess.  He didn’t start the fire.  But after four years, he hasn’t put it out, either.  Unemployment is still over 8 percent – and if you count people who are so discouraged they have dropped out of the workforce, the rate would be well over 10 percent.

Instead of a new green age with windmills and expensive electric cars that nobody wants, he gave us Solyndra.  Five hundred twenty seven million dollars down the drain.

Two-thirds of Americans think we’re on the wrong track.

That’s the reality, and even a masterful orator can’t change those facts.

When I was at CBS News, I knew an executive who was just like Barack Obama.  This guy could sell ice to Eskimos.  At first, everyone thought he was a genius, a visionary with fresh ideas about television news.  But everything he tried failed.  And people started to realize all he was good at was talking.  That’s when people figured out that lofty ideas get you only so far; that results matter.

Not long after taking office, Barack Obama told an interviewer, “If we can’t get this done in three years, this is going to be a one-term proposition.”  At the convention he told a different story. “It will take more than a few years to solve challenges that have built up over decades,” he said. (This reminds me of a story about a famous actor who told a man he had just met at a party that a woman walking across the room was the ugliest woman he had ever seen.  When the other fellow angrily said, “That’s my wife!” … the actor replied:  “In that case, I never said it.”)

This is how that executive at CBS News used to talk.  He got away with it for a long time.  The guy could be charming.  He had no qualms telling you it was sunny outside, even though it was midnight and a hurricane was blowing through town.

One day (after he left for a bigger job at another network) his bosses caught on.  They got tired of the lofty rhetoric.  They wanted results.  Empty words wouldn’t cut it anymore.  And they fired him.

We’ll soon see if Barack Obama’s bosses have figured him out – or if enough of them are still swooning over the lofty rhetoric.

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  • Rita

    Even today, there are still a few million Obamaphiles getting those E-mails two or three times a week from The DNC hacks, Plouffe, Axelrod and on occasion… Michelle and even the Presidant; giving pats on the back and a “reason to believe” in the next four years of soap operas. There is a certain mentality to folks who become absorbed in the soaps …they need fantasy. Obama and the DNC keeps it coming. The rest of us are fed up and have moved on! See AMERICA RISING ! Elect a real leader, not a teleprompter reader! 

  • brendan horn

    There is a phrase invented for precisely someone like Barack Obama:
    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000562472897 Renie Laster Keen Roseberry

      he did not fool me ONCE! he did not fool me at all.

  • Donnaeturner

    It aint either.  Lofty or rhetoric, that is.

  • Dennis Carstens

    I haven’t been able to listen to him for at least three years. What took you so long? 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PPL2AXPXJMWPEJWFN34MPC5RNY terry


                                         IF HE IS REELECTED WE MUST REQUIRE INTELLIGENCE TESTS
    FOR EVERY VOTER !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • George – CPA


    Since you are betting that I am a socialist Union Hack; I am
    betting you are a red-neck uneducated buffoon like Rush Limbaugh.  Or, are you some nobody who inherited a
    family business or fortune, where your claim to fame is being born into wealth? 


    I apologize if I have pegged you wrong.


    I am not a union hack. 
    I have a BS from Bradley University in Accounting – 1971, and I am a

    I did belong to the Teamsters in
    1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 – just over the summer, loading trucks for Bruce
    Freight Lines in Chicago, IL.  I had to
    work each summer, and over Christmas and Spring breaks instead of jetting off
    to Europe in the summer, Hawaii over Christmas, and Florida over Spring Break,
    as did many of the wealthy at Bradley. 

    wonder where Paul Ryan worked in College between summer semesters and Christmas
    and Spring breaks.  Or, did he fly off
    somewhere to ski, or lay on the beach? 
    The Ryan family has always been worth millions, even when he was 16 when
    his Dad died.  That pathetic commercial
    with his Mom at his side where he claims she needed the Social Security
    Survivor benefits makes me want to puke.


    I actually believed in the Republican Wealthy BS at one
    time.  But, then I grew up and saw how the
    mega corporations are bastards and destroying America’s middle class just so
    those at the top above the glass ceilings and the Plutocracy can make billions,
    while screwing the middle class up their Arases without the benefit of any KY
    jelly, which in this case would be decent living wages, job security and
    benefits.  Just Bastards that need to be
    taken down! 



    With reference to your comment “Stephen Boone

    YOU SAID “Our founding fathers did to intend for jobs
    to be outsourced to third world countries, nor did President Abraham Lincoln.”


    Come on… You’re one of his speech writers aren’t you?”


    No Stephen, I am not a speech writer for anyone; but, I want
    to write a book.  


    Do you think Bernard Goldberg would help finance me or published


    me either. 

    • Wheels55

      I glad you work hard. We need more hard working people in this country.
      I have always lived in Florida, but I do not get to jet anywhere. My wife and I just drove on our vacation this year.
      I have a BBA from 1977. I worked ever since I was a kid – if I wanted spending cash, I had to work. I worked full time at a grocery store while in college. I too am a CPA. I make a decent living. Not wealthy nor did I come from wealth. I have been rather middle class my entire life. I have always worked in either manufacturing or construction. I like being around blue collar work, even if I am an office guy.
      Our differences seem to stem from entitlement ideas. I lean toward the Libertarian thinking – less government is better. I know you believe otherwise – that is fine with me.
      I don’t know where Ryan worked. I just don’t see that someone having more than others being a problem. So, I don’t see your point about him. I will say I do see politicians seeking attention by saying what they think everyone wants to hear. Not new.

      • George – CPA

        Glad to see that we both had to work when we were young.  I was never middle class until after college – my family was poor and my Dad died when I was 15, and left with not enough insurance to bury him – we never owned a house and lived in cheap apartments.  My Mom and I really needed the social security benefits.

        But, Ryan is trying to sell us that he was poor and so was his Mom, they were not – they were worth millions.  That is bold face lying.  Paul Ryan is a two-faced liar.I have some real problems with how Ryan influenced the state of Wisconsin to give his brother Tobin and his Bain subsidiary a huge contract, which I doubt was properly bid.  Tobin worked for Bain.  I have a real problem with Romney destroing records about the Salt Lake games – I believe he used the 2.5 Billion from the Federal Government to give million dollar contracts to his Mormon friends without bidding.
        Anyway, I don’t hate the wealthy, just how they got their on the sweat of the Middle Class who have never been paid their fair share – the middle class keeps getting screwed by the Wealthy.

  • Wheels55

    Obama’s “I need more time” message is from his school daze when he never could turn in work on time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.boone.904 Stephen Boone

    My Obamamoment was the day I turned the radio on and Rush Limbaugh was talking nonsense for about 2 or 3 minutes…. Don’t tell me he does that all the time, what I mean is I thought it was some sort of double talk type joke.  The sentences didn’t seem to end up anywhere, it was just pointless word salad.    It was also very hard to stay on station but I wanted to see what the joke was supposed to be.     Turned out he was reading a long selection from the O’s speech the previous night.    Duh.

  • mykhel

    Much worse than boring.  It assumes the ‘fool me twice” caution does not apply to  someone as adored O-my.  We always knew he thought of himself as much smarter.  Now it is plain that he considers us much dumber.

  • floridahank

    Romney’s researchers are doing a poor job preparing him for media interviews.  He doesn’t have enough ammunition to make himself look strong.  For instance, yesterday one
    interviewer asked him a the Obamacare package. What Romney should do getting prepared for those kinds of talks, is walk in with a huge manual of the authentic policy, with some tabs and underlined yellow paragraphs, and  tell the guy ” I’m quoting, not
    givng any opinions, and say, it’s a 700 million deal, with  500 pages and 200,00 words,
    and I have to have 20 minutes to give you an accurate  answer,” or something like that
    and make the interviewer look stupid for wanting a 30 second answer for a complex
    question.   Put the onus on the leftist interviewer and make him uneasy.  And in fact,
    Romney could say “Do you want the full truth, or just a partial truth?” 
    If I were handling some of those jerk leftist journalists, I’d love to make them look stupid
    but I don’t think the GOP researchers  are all that bright.

  • Berryraymond

    If Obama talked about it , he did it.  That goes for him and the state media.  Most people have to accomplish something, not him, if he said he wanted to do something, it was done.  The state media is always demanding that Mitt Romney give them the details of everything he talks about.  Obama needs no details, first he is never asked, second if he wants something he actually did it.

    • jujubeebee

      Those Hope & Change buyers are still buying the BS promises.    Can anyone explain middle out stategy?   They never defined hope or change…now we get middle out.   What a bunch of BS!     He criticizes Romney for not explaining his 5 point plan yet he just has catchy phrases for the idiots clapping for him.  
      Obama never ran anything…never accomplished anything, was never successful at anything except campaigning, voted present as a senator…………and yet the idiots clappying for him eat up the motivational speaker in him.   He isn’t even good with that any more…nothing new or fresh….just recycled old speeches and slogans.  If he repeats lines over and over the idiots believe it….fair share, fair shake, whatever.
      How can our country be so dumb to re-elect this guy?

      • pepps

        it’s all about the stupid vote

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.boone.904 Stephen Boone

      Remember the medium is the massage?  Now it’s the tedium.

  • Nightlifeafterdark

    we live in a new world where trying and hype is all you need, results don’t matter only that you feel my pain and give me a free check. thats our new world, thx to the progressives.

  • George – CPA

    Once again Benard, you are blowing smoke up our arses. 
    This time you are spewing your nonsense on how President Obama has had almost 4 years to turn around the worst economy since the Great Depression.  It took President G. W. Bush 8 years to create this mess, and you think it can be corrected in 4 years. You are a funnyman.
    We will ignore the damage caused by President ‘Cowboy’ Reagan, and President G. H. Bush, and just concentrate on President G. W. Bush, who had 8 years to destroy the economy with tax cuts for the wealthy, two unfunded wars, huge government spending and deregulation of the banks.
    “WASHINGTON — George W. Bush, despite all his recent bravado about being an apostle of small government and budget-slashing, is the biggest spending president since Lyndon B. Johnson. In fact, he’s arguably an even bigger spender than LBJ.”
    Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2007/10/24/20767/bush-is-the-biggest-spender-since.html
    Do the math – over 20 million jobs have been outsourced, and over 15 million are unemployed or underemployed.  Bring those outsourced jobs back to America and there will be relatively few unemployed and the economy will grow rapidly.  And, the job outsourcing has nothing to do with high corporate taxes and over-regulation; it is all about greed.  The Plutocracy does not care if it destroys the middle class.  And, you know that Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan, and most of the Ryans in Janesville, Wisconsin are members of the Plutocracy, as are you Bernard.
    Who will you folks blame after President Obama wins a second-term in November?  Maybe that empty chair?

    • dominic


      you are the reason why people in this country can not have a serious dialogue about politics.  you are an ideologue.  and despite the avalanche of evidence against our current president, all you can do is attack and blame.  newsflash, g.w. bush is no longer president. and guess what? i agree. he was somewhat a disaster.  but to disregard the miserable job that mr. obama has done, isn’t intellectually honest. it’s just not intellectual.  you are obviously a liberal democrat.  and no matter what happens. no matter what metric points to the unmitigated failure of this administration, you will stand by it.  i doubt you read niall ferguson’s rather convincing piece in last week’s newsweek about the failures of mr. obama.  you didn’t because it would disrupt your narrative.  after all, who is niall ferguson besides a hoover fellow, harvard prof and one this generation’s most influential thinkers? (according to TIME magazine.) by proxy, who is bernard goldberg? he’s just one of the most respected journalist and political commentator in the media.  so i don’t know, maybe professor ferguson and mr. goldberg are really “blowing smoke up our arses” as you suggest.  or maybe george, cpa and savvy political analyst is. 

      • George – CPA

        Funny, you still don’t get it – you will never accept the facts.

        As far as Bernard being a great journalist, sure no argument that he does write well; but, the content of most of his writings cannot be proven, and are just his conjecture. Bernard somewhat reminds me of John Stossel, just telling 1/2 of the truth, or misstating the numbers to prove his point.  

        If Bernard Goldberg and Niall Ferguson deny that the the outsourcing of over 20 millions jobs just to make the Plutocracy wealthier is not destroying America’s middle class, they both are full of it.  

        Again, do the math!  Do you know how to add two plus two?  It does not equal 5.  Do the math for me, 20 millions jobs have been outsourced, 15 million are unemployed because of the outsourcing.  Now here is where the math gets tough for you and Bernard, if you bring back 20 million jobs, and 15 million people can now go to work at a decent job, how many unemployed to you have?  Not many!

        When are you going to get it.  The 99% will rule America, not the 1% and jerks like Romney and Ryan will have to finally pay their fair share of taxes as a percent of their taxable income; and, after the silly tax loopholes for the wealthy are eliminated, they will pay much more.  And, to make sure there is plenty of funding for  SS and Medicare, they will pay  FICA taxes on  every dollar they earn with no limits.  No more of this nonsense that dividends are not a form of wages; they are!.  That tax loophole needs to go now.  And, sheltering your money offshore is what criminals do; Romney is a criminal and fraud!  Both he and Ryan should be in jail for illegal acts.  PD Ryan for landing a huge Wisconsin contract for his brother Tobin, who just so happened to have worked for Bain Capital – small world – I guess not for criminals.

        We will have Universal Health Care like Canada, the greedy Health Insurance companies will be brought to their greedy knees, and we will pay all workers a “living wage” just like is paid in Canada.  No more overpaying all those above the glass ceiling.

        Anyway, will you blame the empty chair after Romney and Ryan loose by the largest margin ever?

        • jujubeebee

          Outsourcing is done because it is necessary for a profit.   Look at the policies causing why it is done.     The top percent is paying more than their fair share.   Even if you took all their wealth it would not be enough to take care of our debt and even if you taxed them 100% it would not be enough to run the country.   Now we have big problems….we can’t actually make policies forcing companies to make it all here because we owe our souls to our creditors.   Americans want bigger pay than the Chinese.
          The Healthcare companies or insurance comapanies are not as greedy as you think (or Obama has drummed into your head to think)~their profit margins are not all that great.  
            When you get your socialism you will be so very disappointed.  I almost feel sorry for you….except that you are bringing everyone down with you.
          I believe that Romney will lose and I will be holding you accountable George CPA.  
          If you are a CPA….look at this:
          Obama is a wealth redistribution guy and it is not just about redistributing within the USA….he is a global redistribution guy.
          You can vote for Obama but when he wins don’t think those jobs will be in the USA because Obama doesn’t know how to save jobs, much less create new ones. 

    • jujubeebee

      Jimmy Carter did the community reinvestment act and Clinton doubled down on it…forcing banks to give money to people who really did not have the means to keep up their payments.   Democrats took over on 1/3/2007 when they took over the House and Senate.  Bush was a big spender but for those believing it was all Bush’s fault need to think about whose policies really caused the housing meltdown.   1/3/2007 Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking committee.  The meltdown happened 15 months later and was in the Banking &Financial serices.   Barnie Frank and Fannie & Freddie Mac caused the trillions of dollars of toxic loans to be dumped on the economy.  Bush asked congress 17 times to stop Fannie & Freddie …starting in 2001 because it was risky for the economy.  Barney blocked it and called it a “chicken little philosophy”.   Bush may have this on his watch because he was driving the car but the democrats had their foot on the gas pedal.  They controlled the purse strings. 
      It was not the Bush policies that brought on the meltdown.  If Obama inherited anything it was the mess the Democratic policies started.

      • asl3676

        It was Clinton’s fault for 9/11…it was Barney Frank’s fault for the housing collapse….Bush never asked Fannie and Freddie to stop…There would be no housing market inn America without Fannie or Freddie…Wall Street blew up the housing market….If you want to read whay haapened read the book “Too Big Too Fail” by Andrew Sorkin….At least learn the facts…

        • jujubeebee

          Wall street was allowed to make the bets that the Democratic policies made happen.  It is about unintended consequences.  You have to go to root cause.

    • asl3676

      The people on this site get their info from Limbaugh and O’Reilly so they are somewhat clueless about how the Republicans have screwed them over for the past 30 years….

      • jujubeebee

        maybe you are the clueless one because you get your info from media…… you have no idea who made what policy that resulted in what consequence….you just repeat the same old stuff the rest of us have all heard on MSNBC!      You need to actually listen to both sides and not just your side because you are a clueless idiot.

    • jujubeebee

      If outsourcing is the full problem ….then the policies that created the incentive to outsource is the root problem.     As a country we cannot compete.  If you want to believe America is finished then do so.
      I can’t agree more that GW spent too much.   Our problems are not a R/D thing.   This election is about choosing direction of the country.  
      I don’t believe Romney is Bush.  He is more frugal than Bush and more successful as a businessman.   If you lump all Republicans together and elect party then please also look at the Democrats. 
      Again you repeat the Obama talking tax points….rates versus revenue.
      you ever hear from the Obama people is about rates, not about the amount of
      revenue.Clinton collected about $12.3 T from 1993
      thru 2000, Bush took $17.1T in taxes out of the economy in eight years. Bush
      cut tax rates, not taxes. Raising rate percentage means nothing.  It is how much money you actually get to
      use.   By cutting the rates, you allow
      companies to grow and they produce more revenue coming in.    Oh, yes, there will be natural eb and flow and up and down with the economy.   Clinton was president in time of peace and internet explosion, but he also was smart enough to pull back on welfare.
      If you make this a Democrat versus Republican race then you are overlooking the severity of what is happening with our debt and our borrowing. 
      This time we need leadership.  Obama is not up to the job.  He has no experience other than campaigning and talking.  

      • George – CPA

        This is a fight between the Plutocracy and the rest of us.  It is class warfare – pure and simple.  

        The mega corporations have to taken down for their evil deeds and screwing the middle class and all workers.

        American’s minimum  wages laws are pathetic compared to Canada, and Canada has Universal Health Care and businesses in Canada are doing fine.  The people in Canada are paid a living wage, and they don’t have 20 Million illegals destroying their economy. 

         The Bush Presidents and Clinton, and Reagan did not do hardly anything to stop the flow of illegals, or employee verification.

        Cowboy Reagan was supposed to beef up border security and employer verification after the last Amnesty in 1986 that he signed, the Amnesty that was supposed to be the last and final amnesty; but, it did not happen.  The Plutocracy wants cheap illegal labor and tells Congress not to enforce existing laws.  

        Although I am voting for President Obama as an independent
        voter, I do disagree with him on certain immigration issues, and I am somewhat
        disappointed that he did not pass a full Universal Health Care Law instead of
        this small bandage – Affordable Health Care, which is better; but most Americans
        – mainly in the middle class, even lower middle class, will still have to pay
        too much for health insurance to greedy insurance companies, and many still will not be able to afford the premiums charged by the greedy bastard insurance companies – America needs
        Universal Health Care NOW!


        That being said, we need tougher immigration laws and
        employee verification – no illegal should be able to get a job in America.  We need more employer raids, especially in
        the hospitality industries in the major cities, Chicago, New York, Los Angles,
        etc.  Millions of illegals, mainly
        Hispanics and Latinos work in hotels and restaurants at less than minimum
        wage.  These hotels and restaurants
        should be raided and all illegals arrested and sent back to wherever, and the
        owners of these businesses fined millions for the first offense and closed for
        the second offense; and their businesses sold to Americans that will not hire


        President Obama’s silly statement that a moat with
        alligators would not work is correct; mainly because we would need at least 2
        million alligators (i.e., a thousand alligators per mile) to cover the entire
        length of the approximately 2,000 mile long US-Mexican border and feeding those
        2 million alligators, digging the moat, and keeping it filled with water would
        be too expensive. However, a properly equipped and manned double fence would
        work great and not cost as much as the upkeep on 2 million alligators.


        The border double fence needs to be completed, with at least
        2,000 observation towers with state of the art surveillance equipment, and manned
        with an additional 20-30,000 additional border agents or troops, thousands of
        armored vehicles, drones, helicopters, spotter planes, and guard dogs.  And, the Mexican government should be told
        that they need to beef up their efforts stopping the flow of illegals and drugs
        into America, or America should stop all aid to Mexico and close down the
        borders to tourism until they do.  And,
        the ruling “100 families”, e.g. Carlos Slim (Mexico City) in Mexico should be
        forced to pay billions more in taxes and pay billions more to the Mexican workers.  And, the Mexican minimum wage laws need to be
        increased ten-fold and be comparable to those in America.


        Once the double border fence is finished and properly
        equipped and manned,  less than 5,000-10,000
         illegals would get across the US Mexican
        border annually, versus from 250,000 to 300,000 that get across annually now.  The Berlin Wall worked great, and Israel has
        border fences that are sufficiently manned and they work great too. Sorry, I drifted off subject; but, illegal immigration and the Plutocracy are destroying America.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      So George, do you really think that Obama wants to bring those jobs back to America?  If you do than you are a true disciple of The One.  Until the libs realize that it isn’t the incompetence of this fraud that has caused this nightmare we will continue to be the sheep being led to the slaughter.  Everything Obama does is wholeheartedly intentional.  Why the hell do you think the man hired 50 unvetted CZARS to run this country?  I know you are a smart man, George, but the common sense factor has been lost. 

      Have you been watching Joe (Foot in Mouth) Biden and the Fraud in Chief running around the country bragging about the bailout of Government Motors (GM).  Mr. CPA, do you know that part of the bailout deal was Obama hand picking the CEO and that jackass has outsourced most of the Government company to China.  All this happened with mine and your money while dealers and bond holders got screwed.   What is pathetic is the fact that the brain dead media allows these two fools to get away with this criminal activity.  Check out the Youtube about Government Motors becoming China Motors under the watchful eye Obama’s CEO Dan Akerson and Obama himself.  


      • George – CPA

        Where did I say that President Obama was going to do
        anything about job outsourcing; I was explaining the facts about job
        outsourcing and unemployment.


        But since you have mentioned it, President Obama has
        addressed the job outsourcing problem and talked about incentives to bring jobs
        back; it will take much more in my opinion – much  more. 


        What are Mitt and Paul going to do about job outsourcing –
        not a damn thing – the Plutocracy would lose lots of money if the 20 million
        outsourced jobs were brought back to America – Mitt, Paul, and Bain Capital
        would lose lots of money.


        Paying very low wages and no benefits to workers in third world
        countries – e.g., Chinese workers are paid 51 cents per hour with no benefits –
        saves the Mega corporations hundreds of billions annually and trillions over a
        decade, increasing EPS – Earning Per Share and stock prices substantially.  Outsourcing is not done to help America, it is
        done to help an elite few; it is done so the Plutocracy can increase their
        wealth exponentially, while screwing the middle class.  So, it will take substantial changes in the
        way business is done in America to stop this nonsense that is destroying America’s
        middle class and turning America into a two-class society – the Plutocracy and
        everyone else.


        Again do the math: bringing back 20 million outsourced jobs minus
        15 million unemployed equals very few unemployed.


        Will it be hard to do this? 
        Of course it will.  The Plutocracy
        who controls Congress will fight it; they will lose billions annually,
        trillions each decade in dividends if those jobs are done in America; but, they
        will still make more money than they could ever spend or need; they are greed idolaters
        – they have been screwing the middle class for over 70 years – not only with outsourcing,
        but with shitty minimum wages.  And,
        without the Federal and State governments and the infrastructure, no mega corporations
        or businesses would exist, except at the very small farm community level, when
        goods were bartered.


        We should have minimum wage laws like Canada, where everyone
        is paid a living wage, e.g., waitresses are paid about $10 per hour plus tips,
        as are farm laborers.  And, Canada has
        Universal Health Care, which works great. 
        A recent Fox Business program was talking about how great it was to have
        a business in Canada; this Fox Business program got it right. Businesses thrive
        in Canada with much higher minimum wages, Universal Health Care, a General
        Sales Tax, etc.  Canada cares about its
        people, all its people, not just the upper 20%, the Plutocracy.


        What everyone is missing is that without the middle class,
        there would be no American economy and none of this would be possible.


        The system is broken in favor of the wealthy and controlled
        by the wealthy.  It most likely will take
        another revolution to fix it.  We kicked
        the wealthy King and all his royal friends out of America in 1783; we can kick the
        Plutocracy out of power and control again. 
        I hope it can be done peacefully; but, I seriously doubt it, unless we
        can kick all the very wealthy Republican and Tea Party members out of Congress.  I don’t worry about wealthy Democrats in
        Congress, because they care about the middle class and poor.


        President Obama has talked about incentives to bring the outsourced
        jobs back.  That might bring back a few
        jobs back.  However, it will take mega fines
        and penalties and the threat of taking all those corporation overs through Eminent
        Domain if they don’t bring all those outsourced jobs back to America.  The Mega corporations should be told that if
        they don’t bring back all outsourced jobs, the Federal Government will take all
        their land, buildings and machinery under Eminent Domain and sell everything to
        Americans that will keep those jobs in America. 


        I hear what you are saying; that that just will not
        happen.  Well, that is why I am saying
        that it most likely will take another revolution to kick the ruling Plutocracy
        out of power.


        And, please don’t tell me that lie about how it is about “Free
        Trade.” Outsourcing 20 million jobs has nothing to do with Free Trade.  That is just another Republican lie, like
        trickle-down economics.


        Now, if I have to keep listening to you Republican and Tea
        Party morons moaning about how the National Debt is the problem, I will scream.  The National Debt is easily fixed by cutting all
        discretionary military spending and ending all wars and most deployments all
        over the world and taxing the wealthy.   


        We would have a surplus in ten years if we cut all tax
        breaks and loopholes for the wealthy,  taxed
        dividends over $500,000 at 50% and dividends over 1 million at 75%, taxed
        estates over 1 million at a 75% and cut all corporate Federal subsidies, and
        cut all corporate tax loopholes so that all corporation that have a profit pay
        corporate income taxes.  See how easy
        that was, just a few simple changes.  So,
        quite moaning –  99% of you folks are not
        members of the Plutocracy anyway, and it would have no effect on your
        disposable income.


        And, if I have to keep hearing you Republicans and Tea Partiers
        moaning about how the wealthy pay most of the taxes, I will scream again.  The wealthy (top 1%)  pay about 40% of all Federal Income taxes and
        almost no FICA taxes, but, they also make and have most of the wealth – so why
        shouldn’t they have to pay much more in Federal Income Taxes?  America’s economy was much better off when the
        marginal income tax rates went up to 91%, like they were from 1945 through 1964,
        when it was reduced to 77%.  I would
        settle for the 77%, if all dividends over $250,000 were taxed at a marginal
        rate up to 77% too, and all tax loopholes for the wealthy were eliminated.


         “Why the Rich Pay 40%
        of Taxes…the top 1% share of income grew nearly five times faster than their
        share of taxes.”



        The wealthy, the Plutocracy should pay 60% to 70% or more of
        all Federal income taxes because the top 20% of the wealthy own 97% of all the
        wealth in America and earn most of the income. 
        So stick you moronic comments up your arses!


        Do you understand the math now?


        Again, will you blame that empty chair after Mitt and Paul
        lose the election by the largest landslide in history?


        I am not a religious man, but I pray that both the House and
        Senate end up with an over 50% Democratic majority.  Then, America can be fixed, and the middle
        class and poor, the 99% will represent America again, not the elitists in the

    • Wheels55

      The only way Obama will try to bring jobs back is if they are all union jobs.
      Some nice tax incentives to make us more competitive with the rest of the world would go a long way to bring jobs back. Try as he may, Obama can’t force even his GE jobs czar to bring jobs back.

      • George – CPA

        You have no clue what you are talking about as it concerns corporate taxation – Neither does Senator John McCain.  What is worse is that you don’t want the truth.  You belong on this page with Bernard.

        I do agree with your comment about GE. GE needs to be taken over by the FED under Eminent Domain laws and sold to investors that will not outsource jobs.

        • Wheels55

          I know corporate taxation as well as you do, maybe better. It affects the bottom line. Decrease it and watch corporate BODs meet to discuss relocating back to the USA.
          GE tries to do right by its investors – as they should. GE is would fail under government control. Is that what you want?

          • George – CPA

            No crap, it effects the bottom line, you must be a CPA too, but you still have no clue.

            Do the math!


            Chinese factor workers get 51 cents per hour with no
            benefits versus even just the minimum wage in the USA $7.50, ignoring benefits
            paid in the USA that are not paid in third world countries. 


            Let’s do the math on just 10,000 employees working a
            standing year of 2,000 hours (50 weeks times 40 hours per week).  20 million hours are worked in a year by
            10,000 employees (10,000 employees multiplied times 2,000 hours = 20,000,000


            Multiply that times 51 cents per hour (20,000,000 X 51 cents
            =’s) $10,200,000 or $10.2 million paid to the Chinese workers. 


            Now multiply that by $7.50 (20,000,000 X $7.50 =’s $150,000,000)
            or $150 million that would be paid to American workers, prior to benefits. 


            So if only 10,000 jobs were outsourced, those outsourcing
            companies would save $139,800,000  or $139.8
            million per year in just ordinary wages by outsourcing those 10,000 jobs to
            China.  So, again, corporate taxes have
            little to do with why jobs are outsourced.


            However, over 20 million (20,000,000) American Jobs have
            been outsourced, not 10,000.  What is the
            math on 20,000,000 outsourced jobs?




            Multiple the savings noted above on 10,000 employees or $139.8
            million per year by 2,000 (20,000,000 outsourced jobs divided by 10,000
            employees).  Let me turn on my
            calculator.  Wow, that is $279,600,000,000
            or $279.6 billion in labor savings per year, or $2,796,000,000,000 or $2.796 trillion per decade or 10 years.  And, that is prior to benefits that are paid
            to American workers and not to the workers in the third world countries.


            So each year, the companies in total that have outsourced
            over 20,000,000 jobs are saving $279.6 billion in labor costs per year and $2.796
            trillion per decade – just on wages without benefits. 

            They can pay a lot more in dividends to the Plutocracy each year and screw the American workers who need those jobs.

            Can you really tell me with a straight face that those
            20,000,000 jobs have been outsourced because of high corporate taxes and
            regulations?  I will let you reconsider.


            But, if you still say that those 20,000,000 jobs have been
            outsourced because of high corporate taxes and regulations – you are full of

          • Wheels55

            I can now see that you are a socialist union hack.

          • George – CPA

            I think all these Mega corporations that have outsourced jobs should be taken over using Eminent Domain and sold to investors that will not outsource jobs. 

            And, if GE brought back all outsourced jobs. it would not fail. Especially, if it were not a stock company, but employee owned.

            You all have been told lies and a bill of goods by the Plutocracy. 

             The investors did not create America, the
            workers, the 99% created America – You better open your eyes and understand

            We, the 99% are taking back
            America from the Wealthy.


            I hope you are on our

    • Paul Courtney

      George:  Outsourcing is another word for fundamental economics-people exercising their “right to choose” a lower price for a good.  One would think a CPA would never lose his or her grasp of such a basic fact of life.  At a higher level, John Kerry (plutocrat) chooses to “outsource” his yacht to Conn. even though he knows this means less money for health care in MA..  At our level, we choose low cost (fill in blank) chinese made goods at Wal Mart, where we don’t worry about mixing with plutocrats.  Whine all you like about it, but the cause of outsourcing cannot be denied, American labor and manufacturing costs too much more than Mexican, Chinese (just two examples) labor and manufacturing.  How would you “bring those outsourced jobs back”?  What have your friends the Dems done to bring them back in Obama’s first term?  If you really want what you say you want, how can you stand by and let your party use emissions rules to shut down coal-fired electricity, while China opens a new coal-fired electric plant faster than Nancy Pelosi can blink? 

      • George – CPA

        That is a lie and BS.


        American Labor cannot compete with Chinese labor and it shouldn’t
        have to compete. 


        Our founding fathers did to intend for jobs to be outsourced
        to third world countries, nor did President Abraham Lincoln.  


        President Abraham Lincoln, the Illinois Rail-Splitter, told
        his audiences that,


        “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital.  Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could
        never have existed if labor had not first existed.  Labor is the superior of capital, and
        deserves much higher consideration.” 1861


        President Lincoln also knew what bastards the “money powers”
        were back in 1861. 


        “The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and
        conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy,
        more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces
        as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.
        I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in
        the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.. corporations have
        been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the
        money powers of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon
        the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a
        few, and the Republic is destroyed.”


        Are you too stupid to understand this or too selfish?


        So you monied powers can go screw yourselves.


        This is all about greed and the Plutocracy.   We would have cheaper prices if all corporations
        were employee owned – dividends and exorbitant salaries and egregious bonuses
        were no longer paid to those above the glass ceiling, and everyone worked for
        the benefit of all the other employees and all profits were plowed back into
        higher wages for everyone.  Is that socialism,
        you bet it is!


        Capitalism is dead! 
        Karl Marx got it right.  Wall
        Street is gambling for the Wealthy elite and needs to be shut done.  America is for the working class, which is
        mainly composed of blue collar workers and lower income white collar workers;
        not the Plutocracy. 


        All you wealthy elitists can get the Hades out of our
        American and move to a third world country, e.g., China or India, or to one of
        the offshore islands or Sweden where Mitt hides his ill-gotten gains. 


        You folks either join the 99% or get the Hades out of our
        America.  We, the 99% are taking America
        back; you better get out of our way or move – we will trample you if you get in
        our way.


        You might be laughing at those statements right now; but,
        when the streets are lined with millions of protesters and cities are shut
        down; we will be the ones that are laughing last, and laughing the longest –
        mark my words.


        • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.boone.904 Stephen Boone

          YOU SAID “Our founding fathers did to intend for jobs to be outsourcedto third world countries, nor did President Abraham Lincoln. ”

          Come on.. You’re one of his speech writers aren’t you?

        • Paul Courtney

          George:  Ever occur to you that our founders (whom you lefties normally tag as greedy rich slave-owning white one-percenters) held “jobs” outsourced from England?  Many were merchants who shipped goods in and out of this country, a right you would deny them (and they went to war against such impositions).  My lefty college prof. liked telling us naifs that Lincoln was a wealthy attorney who represented the robber-baron railroads; his “log cabin” backround (like his speeches you quote) were to create yokel appeal.  Other Lincoln speeches and policies would show he understood well the economic truths I note.  You’ve made too selective a study of Abe.  Just so you know, I think Abe was second only GW as greatest Pres.  Obama is, what, 44th?

          • George – CPA

            Your lefty college professor must read different history books.  As far as I know, President Lincoln had an ENW
            – estimated net worth of less than 1 million.


            Washington’s ENW = $525 million

            John Adams’s ENW = $19 million

            Thomas Jefferson’s ENW = $212 million

            James Madison’s ENW = $101 million

            James Monroe’s ENW = $27 million

            John Quincy Adams’s ENW = $21 million

            Andrew Jackson’s ENW = $119 Million

            Martin Van Buren’s ENW = $26 million

            William Henry Harrison’s ENW = $5 million

            John Tyler’s ENW = $51 million

            James Knox Polk’s ENW = $10 million

            Zachary Taylor’s ENW = $6 million

            Millard Fillmore’s ENW = $ 4 million

            Franklin Pierce’s ENW = $2 million

            James Buchanan’s ENW = less than 1 million

            Abraham Lincoln’s ENW = less than 1 million – he was 16th



            So, the first 14 US President were much wealthier than
            Abraham Lincoln; and, James Buchanan – the 15th President –  and Abraham Lincoln had an ENW of less than 1


            So, I really don’t know where you liberal profession was
            getting his misinformation.


            He was a “Prairie Lawyer. 
            He had a few large railroad clients (i.e., Illinois Central




            Where the owners of Railroads Robber Barons?  Of course, they were.  Did the owners of railroads get tons of money
            and land from the Federal Government?  Of
            course, they did.  

            This again is another
            example of how the private sector did not really created anything by itself;
            the private sector has always relied on the government for something, e.g., the
            infrastructure, without which the private sector (e.g., businesses,
            corporations) would never have been built, and could not be built now.  

            Railroads needed millions of acres of land,
            which they received in land grants for free. 
            The land the railroads did not need for the railroads was then sold by
            these greedy bastards for a huge profit and those funds were used to build the
            railroads – all free land received from the Federal Government.  

            They greedy bastard railroad owners paid
            worker shitty wages with no benefits to build the railroad, and they made
            billions.  Ship owners needed canals,
            which were built for free by the government. 
            Merchants needed roads, then interstate highways, bridges, etc., which
            were all build by the Federal Government for free.  Yet, Republicans claim private businesses
            never need the Federal Government’s help, which is pure lies and bullshit by
            these wealthy morons, who think the public is too stupid to know the
            truth.  Apparently many at this site are
            too stupid to understand the truth.  

            Then this republican
            small business owner get on TV and claims he did it all without any help!  Hardly, without the Government and the infrastructure,
            canals, and railroads that small business would have no business and nowhere to
            sell his products, except vary locally at the farmer’s market, or a few stores

            Why don’t you folks grow up and face the facts.  No business can be build without something created by the Federal Government.  Then there is the free money and cheap loans that most small business owners get.  

            And, without a public transportation system, most workers at large corporations and businesses would not be able to get to work.  

            Without the internet, which was created by the Federal Government, no business, small or large, could exist.  So, once again, the Federal Government made these businesses possible.

  • jujubeebee

    I can’t seem to bring myself to have the
    empathy the obama people want from me.  
    I look at the goodies given to people and think about how I never got
    any of that and I did alright.  Why is it
    mandatory to make life easier for some when others are really working so much
    harder to fill their responsibilities.

    I was never actually starving so yes,
    I think we should feed the starving.  I
    just don’t see the Obama Santa Claus bag as one for the really needy.  I see it as his attempt to redistribute or
    punish the successful.   The problems in
    our society are not about the financial but about the morality and about
    responsibility ~personal responsibility and family responsibility.   We are
    borrowing to give these gifts to people and the santa obama toy bag has a
    ticking time bomb of debt that is close to exploding on all of us.    

    I want to help the helpless but not
    the clueless (just like Dennis Miller says).  
    They dummy up the numbers so much that you cannot trust the numbers or
    statistics given.  Our poorest in this
    country do not have the bloated stomachs of those mission photos.  They are obsese.  It is an image of entitlement and not real
    need.  If there was real need the people
    in this country would rally without the government.  

    I believe the government wants to
    expand for control over all of us.  Our
    founders were against this for a reason. 
    I stand with the founders and I trust the good people of this country to
    take care of the helpless without being forced to give to a fund that is wasted
    on the non-helple

    For me personally, the greatest gift
    of my life was a family who taught love through living.  It didn’t take funds to do that.  It was time spent with grandparents playing
    cards and enjoying ice cream together, it was watching my dad stand by my sick
    mother and come home every night to the family and it was knowing I was loved
    and that every member of my family loved one another.  I was required to attend church every week
    and required to do my homework and be polite. 
    I look back on those years and wish that I could give my parents a big
    hug right now and a thank you but they are gone.  I know others do not have this but why is it
    not pursued as strongly as gifts to the poor. 
    Love and family is truly the gift that endures.

    • asl3676

      So you and your family have never received anything from the government?
      No social security, medicare, student loans.social services, medical care, schooling, highways. bridges etc.? 
      Where have you been living all of these years in a cave? Worried that the poor are living too well? How sad to see older Americans embittered and hateful and not even being able to figure where their interests lie…

      • Jeffreydan

          Bitter, hateful, yada yada yada.

          Go buy something new, and bring it next time you visit. Take your time by all means. 

        • asl3676

          If the shoe fits wear it….Your just mad because it’s easier to be against things than for them…

          • jujubeebee

            What are you for asl3676?    
            You have a party that parades of bunch of women who want all of us to contribute to their BC pills. 
            I can pay for my own bc pills.   
            A leader who says he is for the middle class….yet causes the prices of everything the middle class has to pay for go up in price with his QE1 &QE2?     Your leader is a liar and you are just a dope who believes in a liar.

      • jujubeebee

        I was more disgusted with the DNC audience than with Obama.  They are a greedy bunch.      My parents received some medicare coverage and some social security but I am not that old yet.      We all have access to highways and bridges but we all pay taxes for that.    And my parents did pay into that SS and medicare fund.    I have not lived in a cave.  The home I grew up in was about 900 square feet with 7 people.  We had one car and one tv.  It was fine.     I did not go to public school but everyone’s taxes pay for that even if you don’t receive the benefit of it.   
        The poor in this country will be taken care of.  That audience was not poor but they were clapping for Obama whose whole plan is to divide based on how much money you made or have.  I find it disgusting and I find the audience greedy.   The tax rate is progressive enough.    The country is going bankrupt and the only plan Obama has is to take from the top and tell the rest they will be okay and they clap for that.  They even boo God.  What kind of country is this?   

        • asl3676

          Who in the audience at the DNC is greedy? What are you talking about?

          • jujubeebee

            The middle class clapping for the speakers.   They are the ones who are willing take their goodies and clap.   The country is at a point where the debt is our biggest threat and they want to throw the country over to get ahead further.   The rich are paying more than their share of the burden.  The policies are about borrow and spend.  The President is asking for votes with bribes and the audience is clapping.   You can take what you want from that DNC but that is what I saw.  I saw an audience of people (no bloated starving stomachs there) clapping in favor of taking what they did not earn to better themselves and a President appealing to the greed in them and using divisive politics.   Taxes should be about revenue and not tax rates. All
            you ever hear from the Obama people is about rates, not about the amount of
            revenue.Clinton collected about $12.3 T from 1993
            thru 2000, Bush took $17.1T in taxes out of the economy in eight years. Bush
            cut tax rates, not taxes. Raising rate percentage means nothing.  It is how much money you actually get to
            use.   By cutting the rates, you allow
            companies to grow and they produce more revenue coming in.  

    • asl3676

      If you have no empathy that means you care only about yourself… I doubt that’s true….You just believe that there is a difference between people on welfare and millionaires who don’t pay taxes….You know better than that

  • Phil

    It’s a style-over-substance culture, Bernie. People are too lazy to actually delve into these issues and learn from history. We reap as we sow.

    • asl3676

      They are not going to learn anything from Bernie Goldberg except how to whine….

      • jujubeebee

        I think we heard enough whiners at the DNC…..womens right to free abortions and BC pills.   Pass the plate around!

  • CognitiveOne

    No greater testament to the slobbering love affair between the media and progressives (thanks, Bernard) is the lack of media coverage that Joe Biden’s slap and tickle biker chick  photo is getting. Tell me how a parallel photo of an American Republican VP would be covered. It would be 24/7 demands from the media and feminists for his resignation and indignation by liberal spin-masters and pressure for the President to ask him to step aside. This guy ( good ‘ol Joe being Joe) and the media? It’s crickets…

    Bernard — if the mere charge of playing fast and loose on the campaign trail could sink a conservative candidate, then why can’t an image like this be positioned as a “Dirty old man who is so out of touch with women that he would sink below the level of his office?”

    Is this Obama’s vision for shared sacrifice and shared prosperity — a dirty old man sharing a biker’s girlfriend? Completely unaware of his office and the lack of respect it demonstrates to his wife “Kiddo” Dr. Jill Biden?

    I watched the speeches to do one thing — track the misdirection and spin. At the end of Clinton’s droning on about his legacy and lying about Obama’s record, my dog honestly jumped up on my lap and threw up. The family room burst out in tears of hilarity.  I took it as a poignent metaphor of shared prosperity and sacrifice delivered by a dog. If my dog gets it, why can’t America?@CogntiveOne:twitter 

    • asl3676

      “The Republican Party is where it is because that’s where the base is,” Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “And you watched that whole primary process; Republican candidates had to appeal to their base, which is by and large elderly white people arguing with empty chairs.” This would appear to describe ZBernie Goldberg’s fan base….

      • jujubeebee

        Who was Obama appealing to ~if not his base? 
        You are an idiot.   This is not about race.  
        If the country goes down (and it will if Obama is re-elected) it will be the fault of idiots like you.    You can’t see the big picture as you are so caught up in the weeds.  
        Obama’s fan base is a bunch of stupid idiotic people who think this election is like all the others ~and just ignore the budget or the possibility of our country actually being Greece or the economy collapsing.   It can and it will if Obama is re-elected. 
        Grow up asl3676 because what you think you need right now is not what you will be begging for later.   You have no idea what freedom is or means.
        I am not impressed by the Nobel Prize recipients….sorry to burst that bubble of an argument!

  • Efvanp

    I gave up on OBH and his rhetoric  in the first year when he did the credit card reform and screwed every American by allowing  the companies to double the Interest rates before the Law went into effect. cards went from 5-10% to 15-20% just because they could no matter how good your credit .People have to realize for every action there is a reaction sometimes for the worst.Mister President please stop trying to help us !!!!

  • Bt Ombacr

    I concur. However, there is a generation who was reared to blame everyone else but not themselves. “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill 

  • Sbgranny

    You have correctly echoed my sentiments.  Let’s hope that enough people feel this way to vote him out of office.

  • Malabu

    I couldn’t listen to it wither!!!!

  • Wheels55

    The good news for Obama is that he will get $50,000 for speaches that he gives after January. People will pay to listen as if he has something to say.

  • Wheels55

    He now says that maufacturing can create a bunch of jobs and he wants businesses to do that. Hmmm, I thought he created jobs. I thought businesses “didn’t build that”.
    If you notice, Obama has a great way of saying what he wants and envisions, but not what he will do about it. He should have been a cheerleader.

  • jujubeebee

    I think he sounds like a kid running for student council or a Miss America contestant reciting her World Peace answer.   He does all the same style of speaking, pausing with the long “and” and punctuating his joke attempts.   The speech had no substance.  It was the same old infrastructure, education, trust me, rah rah speech.  Last time he ran I wanted the words hope and change defined with specifics.   This time I didn’t even expect that much out of him but I sure expected a better speech.  He had time to prepare and he had a telepromter.


    Obama’s rhetoric has become so boring that during his convention speech, I found myself thinking of what he was going to say next. I have listened to practically ever speech he has given and now find him rhetorical. 
    Clint Eastwood said it best with the empty stool. Haven’t done a good job, and its time to go.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049947822 Jill Cohen

    Bernie, he loves this mess. He doesn’t want to put out the fires, he wants them bigger so his muslim brotherhood pals can take over the nation. 

  • Kelly

    He caught me and other business owners off guard with the extreme measures he wanted to punish prosperity in his first term. If he does win re-election, I’m prepared now to go to the mattresses for four years to hunker down so my business can survive, and thrive after he leaves the office.

  • DrSique

    I feel pretty certain that Americans are smelling the BS at this point. I can’t wait for the new hit song, Bye Bye Barry!!!

  • jujubeebee

    Obama didn’t really say anything new about how he planned on fixing anything.   That infrastructure and education rhetoric is a bit old.  He took over 7 billion for a stimulus that he sold us on building infrastructure and less 3% of the 7 billion was actually spent on it.  How many times can he bring up infrastructure and education?   I don’t see Obama as capable of fixing anything.  He has no real experience in running anything.  He is a motivational speaker.    His base wants to feel good and he motivates that emotion in them.  He makes promises but he really is incompetent.   I understand trickle down economy.  Middle out economy is a slogan.   I am tired of hearing about tax rates and tax cuts.  Tax revenue is what matters and you cannot build that with what Obama is doing.  You have to have an economy where there are people working and companies making money.   They first need to cut spending.   I looked at what the Republicans and Ryan had planned to cut and all of it was fat and unnecessary to begin with.  The country needs to be run like a business.   Obama is not the CEO I want doing it.   He is repetitive for a reason.  He wants to drum those slogans into the brains that he wants voting for him.   He didn’t sell me.

  • FloridaJim

    “Empty, tired words” describes Obama’s speeches daily.

  • S10md3141592

    I try to be open minded but I just couldn’t watch his speech. Frankly I was afraid my head would explode.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049947822 Jill Cohen

      Same here . . . lolol

  • Brian_Bayless


    I dont care for Obama personally, but it’s quite clear that a lot of you posters just want to hate him. You didnt watch the speech but comment on it anyway. What a waste. These things are all wankfests anyway. The sole purpose of this is to stroke the ego of the candidates. You make generalizations of every Democrat, giving them the worst traits yet look at all things Republican with rose-colored glasses. Do you know what that is called? The answer is bias. Sure there are slimy Democratic politcians but Republicans can be like that too. You refer to Liberals as the “Elites” yet everytime someone posts a remark challenging anything Republican, its met with name calling. I’m not talking about the trolling posts either. Telling someone that there opinions means that they are “Looney” or that they “Drank Kool Aid” or are a “Libtard” means you are puting someone down because you think you are better than them, just like an elitist. The coment section here is basically a  Conversative cheering station.

    There are several good posters here but the rest are either insane or jsut blaming the problems of the world on the “Liberals.” Personally, Republicans and Democrats are heading the country in the wrong direction together. They are refusing to work with one another and resort to cheap tricks. Sure, they are some who attempt to work with the opposite party but if they are perceived as straying to far, they get chastised by the majority of their party. The “SendtheClunkerbacktoChicago” poster seems to be crying out for mental health treatment with his ramblings.   

    In closing, I really find it getting tough to post here. For a website from an author who wrote a book about “Bias,” the comments sectioned is filled with nothing but.

    • http://www.facebook.com/michael.oulie Michael Oulie

      I didn’t watch any of the speeches either, it’s just painful to watch such a large room of people go through such lengths to ignore utter failure.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Biff-Wellington/100001958679931 Biff Wellington


      I’m not sure I understand your point.  If you are claiming that most all politicians, regardless of party affiliation, are slime, then I can believe you. And I do agree that much of the comments are from hateful children are so much nonsense.

      But it you are here to claim that The Messiah doesn’t deserve the harshest criticism for his immense failure as president, then I think perhaps you are missing the point of Mr Goldberg’s piece while allowing the morons to bring you down to the “ugly zone.”

    • jujubeebee

      I watched it.  He is a good speaker….appeals to emotional types.  What we really need is a fixer and not a talker.    I don’t care much about cheering.   I care that our country is going down.    My family was all Democrats.   I don’t even think Obama is a Democrat.  The party has changed.     My experience with liberals that I know personally is that they don’t have the stuff to debate on the issues.   They either repeat the same stuff  (same phrasing and slogans) that has been drummed into their heads from the coordinated media……….or they say to me “Let’s agree to disagree” without actually saying anything else…………or they say “I make it a policy not to talk politics”.    That last comment sounds elitist to me.   They basically put you down and shut you up because they cannot argue their points.  They don’t have the stuff to do it but act like they are smarter or better to avoid the argument.  

    • Paul Courtney

      So Bernie, a conservative, hosts a web site that becomes a conservative cheering section, objectively viewed it’s a success.  Why do you see it as negative?  Here we see name callers left and right, for some reason you only mention the right.   When you find a politics site with no name-callers, give us a link.  Until then, yeah it’s tough, but I hope you tough it out.  It’ll help you recognize stuff, like the scam of the AP article yesterday, an “unbiased” take on how Americans feel safer than they did four yrs ago.  Do the “fact checkers” ever check the AP? 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000049947822 Jill Cohen

        What I’ve noticed on conservative sites is the liberals trying to kill not just the message but the messenger as well. This was tried during Biblical days and look at the mess Israel was in as a result of not listening. Maybe it would be a good idea to pay attention, do some homework, and stop shooting those who have done the work and report their findings.

  • Grwilliams20

    Obama’s world is that of Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”, where thought is as consistent as the taste of white bread.

  • Cwhitneyr

    Right on Mr Goldberg. I have always enjoyed your perspective. Tell O’Reilly to shut up long enough for you to finish your thoughts. I’ll watching and listening.

    • asl3676

      Bernie cant get a word in edgewise because he has his nose up Bill’s butt and its hard to talk when your tongue is busy..

      • topgun_1959

        I see you’re still around, launching your grenades with no knowledge of what you speak. If you watched The Factor (1) you would find that Bernie is quite good at getting his point across and (2) you might learn something.  You, my friend, are an absolute bore.

        • asl3676

          I sometimes watch the Factor to see how much bullshit O’Reilly can throw at his audience. Bernie adds nothing except to whine about the media and to play the victimization card…You might learn something by reading the newspapers not watching Fox News whose audience wants to be ignorant of facts

          • jujubeebee

            You might learn more by not reading the newspaper accounts and going directly to the sources, the facts, the figures and the actual language in the bills.
            Obama is appealing to his base with promises like Santa Claus but his toy bag has a bomb in it and it is close to exploding.  The bomb is our debt.  He has done everything he can to distract from it.   He
            is going after these groups strong:  
            African Americans, Hispanics, Women, and the youth (students).    As a
            woman I find it insulting to be treated like I’m ignorant.     He
            is dangling carrots in front of them and appealing to the worst in human
            nature~the selfish need to satisfy oneself.  
            Look at what he is doing and saying. 
            promises to the ignorant and greedy, Obama is demonizing his opponents and
            using Saul Alinsky tactics.   They will
            call them names like racist, homophopic, war on women and anything they can to
            make the other side look bad…….even going so far as to blame them for their own
            mistakes and shortcomings.  (example Senate Democrats won’t pass a budget but claim the congress is a do nothing).  
            If he tells his flock….don’t worry …we are just going to take more from the top….the titantic is still sinking because there is not enough money at the top to cover what is being promised and borrowed.   There will be pain but the voters wanting free stuff and perpetuating these politicians who can’t restrain themselves is what is causing it.   How many votes can be bought with false promises?

          • asl3676

            First, what are Alinsky tactics? Second, it’s easy to talk what you don’t like, tell me what Republican policy you favor…Will he fact that Romney is a proposing a tax system where he pays alsmost no taxes help you?

          • DrSique

            Ha Ha Ha Ha, that’s rich!!!!!!! A liberal commenting about playing the victim card. That’s all you people know to do. War on women, war on immigrants, war on every body!!! Most Americans seem pretty fed up with all of YOUR whiney BS. Go back to the daily kos and wallow in your self pity there. Adults are having a conversation here.

          • Bob Hadley

            “Ha Ha Ha Ha, that’s rich!!!!!!! A liberal commenting about playing the victim card. That’s all you people know to do.  ”

            Don’t kid yourself, many right wingers are experts at whining about unfairness while, at the same time, accusing left-wingers of being whiny and “pathetic” (their favorite word).

            If you don’t believe me, take a critical look at Bernies columns and the commentrs section on this website.  It might be exhausting and scary for you to think critically, however.

  • greatsnowman

    Like you, I could not bear to watch the speech, or any other, from the DNC convention. It has become tedious to me to hear people fawn over Obama’s speeches and fail to mention that every speech is a rerun of his first.  I am so tired off hearing people talk about Bill Clinton as a beloved “senior statesman” when he is, in truth, an abuser of women and a perjure. Perhaps the height of stupidity is Chris Matthews’ account that Clinton would know how to procreate with Martians.

  • kegan05

     The only thing Comrade Obozo SAVED was the UNION GOONS.  Mitt Romney would have handled the Bankruptcy very differently and the American Taxpayers would not have been screwed out of 40 BILLION dollars!

    The morons who think this was a good deal have room temperature IQ’s!

  • kegan05

    I tuned in, fully intending to watch Comrade Obummer’s speech but could only take 15 minutes of his lies, obfuscations and and ignorant arithmetic.  There was nothing new and he droned on and on to the rousing cheers of his brain-dead Base.

    If this corrupt, divisive HACK gets another term, it will be a total DISASTER for our country because he will completely disregard Congress and use his Executive Order for everything he wants to accomplish, whether the people of this country likes it or not!

    The fact that he will have at least two and maybe 3 more Supreme Court candidates makes my blood run cold.  An Uber-Liberal SCOTUS will change this country forever.  I weep for my children and grandchildren.

    We must see that this FOOL is thrown out on his sorry, lying BUTT on November 6, 2012! 

    Vote Republican, or suffer the consequences of a vastly different America than we have ever known!

  • silentmajority

    lie lie lie take take take spend spend spend.thats the differecnce between Dems and Reps.One thinks your money belongs to them, One thinks your money belongs to you. Reps lost there way and in 2008 paid the price  .In 2010 with a new mandate they turned Congress over and put the breaks on Dems, why do you think the Prez is freaking out ,he knows the party is over .If you think its bad now imagine if they still had both Houses we would be 17 trillion in debt. The battle is only half done and will be complete Nov2012 the silent majority are no longer silent change is on the horizon 

  • Vincen06066

    Whether you agree with Obama or not he has gotten a lot done.  He ended the war in Iraq, he pursued and killed Osama Bin Laden, he got a legal, comprehensive health care program passed, he saved GM and he got rid of DADT.  I don’t even agree with getting rid of DADT, but he has achieved more than a lot of presidents have in 2 terms.  Though not thrilled with Obama, I have not heard alot out of Romney Ryan that has persuaded me to support them.  Ryan is a liar and a hypocrite.  He lied about who was in office when the GM plant in his district closed.  He sought stimulus money for his district after railing against it.  Romney really doesn’t have a clue when it comes to what the experiences of the middle class are.  While I not come out of the voting booth turning cart wheels, as between Obama and Romney I see Obama as the lesser of 2 evils.    

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Curt-Parker/1267641897 Curt Parker

       Saved GM? They haven’t paid back the second loan yet and used that money to pay back the first loan. Plus, they’ve stopped making the Chevy Volt because nobody is buying the bloody thing. Vincen, you need to see the documentary, “2016.” It’s based on Barry’s own book.

    • kegan05

       YOU are either totally IGNORANT of what Paul Ryan really said, or you are lying through your teeth.  He did NOT lie about the date the plant was closed down.  He merely said that when Obummer visited the plant he said it would be open for another 100 years if he was president.  Nice try, but no Banana for you.

      Anyone who would vote for 4 more years of the most corrupt, incompetent, divisive, finger-pointing IDIOT we have ever had in the oval office needs to see a mental health professional, ASAP!

    • jujubeebee

      What has Obama done for the middle class~ QE1 & QE2 to cover his overspending which is basically stealing out of every dollar the middle class earns.  Obama is a liar.  His health care plan is designed to go to single payer because no employer is going to actually pay 14% when they can pay the lesser fine.  You won’t get your doctor, your plan and you will have a board of idiots deciding what you will be covered for and end up paying the higher price for all the waste.   Obama is putting our country in jeopardy with the debt.   He has not done anything as far as I am concerned….except allow the Seals to take out Bin Laden with the help of enhanced techniques which he opposed.   His administration has leaked information.  GM ended filing bankruptcy after taking taxpayer money and if Romney was in charge it would have had the same result without the extra waste.  Ryan did not lie because he was only talking about what Obama said~you were not listening to the source but only listening to the spin.  The biggest threat to this country is the debt and your guy and his party are not doing a thing!  They can’t even make a budget in the whole 3 1/2 years.   There is only one evil and it is Obama!

    • jujubeebee

      Vinceno6066:   We will all be going down with the ship if Obama is elected.   I want you to look at this short video.  This is probably the best explanation of the debt problem that I have seen.  These are numbers that I have personally looked up on the government website and they are accurate.   This is safe.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I3W44PGXL7LAOMGJXO4MX36GOE Gerald

    There are in my mind two issues more important than JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.  They are
    the future makeup of the Supreme Court and are we headed forward to a dictatorship?

  • Joel Wischkaemper

    How many times can we listen to this (seemingly) over-confident politician, who oozes coolness and style, tell us about his big, transformational, bold ideas – ideas about how if we only give him four more years….

    The big, transformational, bold idea hit me as silly back then.  You don’t go to Congress and change the Nation: Congress changes you.  When he told us he was going to split from Congress and persue his goals, silly was updated on the spot.

    But then the executive orders.  That one put a very cold fear in my gut.  I kept looking at the Vermont Senator Leahy, Richard Durbin, Charles Schumer and Harry Reid, and I feel now, and felt then, those guys could do a lot more with those executive orders.. and would perhaps.  I think this country is in a scary place now. 

  • bbf



  • Brushfour

    Best comment I’ve heard or read so far:   ” You CAN get elected on Hope and Change, but you CANNOT get re-elected on Hope and Change. “

    • kegan05

       I also like these two quotes:

      “Barack Obama is the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

      “A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Barack Obama.”

      Clint Eastwood

      Sept. 7, 2012

      The Carmel Pine Cone

      Carmel, California

      • kcinco

        Gotta love Clint Eastwood.  I too believe people are finally seeing that actions (or lack of them) speak louder than words.  But the scary thing is there are so many obama followers that are in a trance over this guy. He can say or do no wrong. It is a cult.    

  • Brushfour

    Yep, a lot more of the same. Grand ideas, grand visions. ” I want to make sure every household in American owns and Lexus,..and cure cancer once and for all.”  Great words, great ideas,…and absolutely NO specifics on how any of this can be accomplished.  If you want to know, this was my criticism of Newt Gingrich.  Gingrich could come up with a hundred ideas a day, but only ten of them were good, and maybe only 1 or 2 were realistically possible.  I suppose one difference between the Gingrich ideas and the Obama ideas was that Gingrich would lay out more specifics on how the thought each idea could be accomplished.  Obama just spews the rhetoric,…

  • Urai45

    After watching the fake Indian, Elizabeth Warren ramble on incoherently, I decided to chit- can the entire DNC freak show and watch something of more value. 

  • delble

    Bernie, you are right on!  I watched an old Humphrey Bogart movie instead of Obama. Empty words, empty coolness, empty grandiosity, promise them anything, but no results,  encourage class warfare, cry racism and play the victim whether it’s true or not (mostly not!) –  spend, spend, other people’s money — an empty suit.  Harvard should hire him back as a part-time lecturer.  He could impress the Freshmen, those who still have to experience life, jobs, careers, who have not yet had to be accountable and can easily be deceived. But lectures about the efficiency of Saul Alinsky’s philosophy should be off limits.  He’s used  those principles most of his life and and Americans despise them!

  • Drew Page

    Bernie  —  Over the past four years, Obama has proven himself to be a compulsive liar.   I have long ago quit listening to anything this man has to say.      I can’t understand why anyone would want to listen to more of the same.   

    Obama’s campaign of class warfare, blaming Bush and villifying Republicans in general and Romney in particular has gotten real old.   The problems America has suffered over the past four years have nothing to do with Mr. Romney.  Mr. Obama has been in charge over the past four years, not Mr. Romney.   The first two years of Mr. Obama’s term of office included Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate.    If he didn’t like the current tax structure why didn’t he change it during those first two years?   If he had put together a realistic budget during those first two years, the Democrats could have passed it.   Instead he chooses to blame Republican obstructionists in Congress when he couldn’t get a single Democrat to vote for it.  All Obama is good for is B.S. and poetry.

  • Gwiliffejr

    We did not watch it either  instead we watched History channel repeats

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=559782814 Ellen Sue Chadkin Lerner

    Bernie, both conventions (and I did listen to most of them) are like big giant Pep Rallies. Lots of platitudes, good entertainment at times, not much in the way of actual plans for their administrations and most likely lots of facts left out that I would like to know. I would like to know form both of them if their personal religious values and beliefs will interfere with how they run the presidency. After all what that believe could impact many people who do not believe what they do.
    I don’t think any religious belief should interfere with the running of the government, but somehow these are human beings running for the presidency ,no doubt it could be  difficult for them to distance themselves from what they believe personally. Of course Obama leans way to the left, which is what I have seen so far. But I don’t think abortions or marriages or any issue arising from religious views should be a part of what is going on federally. some of that may have to be handled on a state by state basis and the federal govmt should stay away from it. Most  decisions need to be handled between a person and their physician and religious leaders, not the government or the insurance companies, especially health issues, abortion issues, marriage issues. It is very complex, I realize, but in all honesty I don’t have faith in either one of the candidates. Both are scary to me.

    • captdot

       Hi, Ellen. I agree that the government should stay out of healthcare decisions. That is why Obamacare is so dangerous. It is insidious in the way it dictates the what is required to be covered. Had there not been the regulations stipulating coverage, there would never have been the blowup regarding contraception.  Previously, did we women expect someone to pay for our contraception? I don’t believe so. This “free” stuff is not “free”. The cost is just spread over all the folks. Redistribution…

  • Ahalbert

    It was tough to listen to Obama’s speech, but I forced myself to.  Would he would explain what he would do differently in a second term? No, just more hope and change. All it takes to get a Democrat’s vote is a promise of more government benefits.

  • floridahank

    The USA is still a great country, and Obama had his chance to change things and make
    us great again.  He didn’t do it and it’s time to get rid of him and give Romney/Ryan to
    try.  I believe they have a more patriotic view of America as different than Obama, who
    seems more concerned with all the other countries.   As a President, his attitude should
    be America First!!!!

    • kegan05

       Obama is a pathological liar and proved it once again when he told his Base that he would use the money from 2 Wars to reduce the Debt.  Pfft.

      How does one used BORROWED money to reduce the debt?  This Charlatan is unbelievable but his stupid Base clings to his every word. 

  • brelyn11

    It just doesn’t matter, his supporters are like those religious cult, “moonies” I used to hear about when I was a kid. Families would hire de-programmers to abduct their son or daughter in an attempt to bring them around to reality. I work with Obama supporters and he can do no wrong in their eyes. If I do try to sway them with the facts or the truth..it gets twisted around as, “just lies from the right.” I fear for my country. I make and effort to hear both sides and do my research. I find it mostly common sense that does it for me. I am saddened by the blinding ignorance I come across, when I try to have a discussion over Obama’s policies, I get the -fingers in the ear while saying la la la -as they tune me out look.  Obama will be elected just for spite. 

  • ulyssesmsu

    I wish you guys would stop saying that BHO is a masterful orator. His speeches are moving like Hitler’s speeches were moving–only to the willfully blind who love to worship evil. He is not now, and has not ever been, a “masterful orator.” He’s just a self-righteous, arrogant blowhard who is far more impressed with himself than he ought to be.

    • Drew Page

      Masterful orator???    If this birdbrain had to deliver a speech without a teleprompter in front of him, you would swear he needed a speech therapist.  I will give him this, he can read someone else’s words very well from his teleprompter and deliver the correct flourishes and gesticulations, just as Clinton used to, with his lower lip biting and his closed fist clutching that imaginary pen.  

      • kegan05

         Everytime the Bozo goes off Telepromper he says something stupid like,
         “You didn’t build that.”

        He is an ACTOR, not a LEADER!

      • Parker

        Bush used a teleprompter as well. Everyone has speechwriters nowadays. Only calling out Democrats for it is half of the story.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Gorak/1042415972 Dave Gorak

    Of course, as you pointed out in your book, Obama is where he is today largely because of the media generated Messiah Road Show that millions of Americans fell for.  Nobody asked this guy any tough questions and nobody really bothered to look into his background.

    Oh, well . . .  

  • venter

    I am not a fan of Obama’s but  I wanted to see what he was going to say .  I even hoped he had a new idea.  Got bored.  Turned him off and started talking to the empty chair in my family room!

  • GailWehling

    Couldn’t agree with you more Bernie.  Yes, how do you tolerate O’Reilly???

  • Patrick

    Essentially, the reason that President Obama’s retortic has become boring is that he’s long given up talking to all Americans and is now more focused in firing up the base and making sure they’re getting out to vote because essentially, he’s not going to get any votes that he didn’t get in 2008. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming months.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andrew.domenitz Andrew S Domenitz

    obama and his ilk have been selling this sh*t with cologne on it for over 150 years an the guy named bastiat wrote a book called “The Law” over 150 yrs ago which explains it like any idiot could understand. read it and weep people. its what will always be coming from these we are better than you and know better than you types. they want top down control in what amount to the experiment of life that is always bottom up. people left alone to do what they want without killing, hurting, stealing,enslaving,locking up and respecting property rights of others try experiments and when they work for the best the are adopted by the societies they are in. top down experiments are always are always kept alive by force until someone resists. you are all the intelligent people who seem to care enough to figure things out and participate in the discussion, so get to it and figure out how it works and make it so. by the way failure is mandatory in this world and it has to happen, even to the best of us. look up the life of any great anybody and find out they failed and failed and failed until they figured it out. the point is they knew not to stop trying.


    It does not matter one bit with all the opinions posted here. The only thing that matters is that Obama has not corrected it in 3+ years, That is enough. He needs to be replaced and if thenext person does not correct it in 3+ years another replacement is neede.

  • Yackeem

     Ohh, poor Bernie.  Obama bores you.  Big smart Bernie is bored by smooth, lofty Obama.  Tough guy, man of the people Bernie would rather channel surf than be bored by the nefarious trickster, Obama.

    The boredom routine. Bernie, it’s the oldest trick in the literary arsenal.  It is also one of the weakest, laziest tricks a writer can conjure.  However, having read many of your articles, it does seem par for your course and the writer’s worst nightmare–your writing is routine.

    Perhaps, Romney claiming he has more important things to talk about than our forces and our wars perks up your interest.

    • John Daly

      This is one of the worst attempts of trying to get under someone’s skin that I’ve ever read. lol.

      • Yackeem

        Yeah, so bad that you posted about it.  Do you know what irony is?

        • John Daly

          Oh, I often call out the really pathetic stuff. It amuses me. I know I shouldn’t bother. You were just trying so hard, bless your heart.

          • Yackeem

            Oh, you  often do, do you? How thrilling.  

    • floridahank

      What do you interesting in your spare time?  What kinds of books have you
      recently read?  You sound like you have a lot of good advice  to everyone so
      please enlighten us with what we don’t know.
      By the way, bye, bye Obama — you were a mistake and the vast majority of people are sorry you were our President.

      • Yackeem

        Which is why he is leading in every poll and 10 of the 12 battleground states.

        You really want to go there, hoss?
        Guadalcanal–Richard Frank
        Blood of Heroes–new Donovan book on the Alamo
        Maps of Antietam
        The Art of Fielding

        That’s the last month.

        • floridahank

          With the leftist controlling the media and probably the polls,  there’s nothing that’s given to the public that should be taken as valid.  There’s no question that the Obama trend is downward.  The commonsense public has seen what he has said and what he has not done in 3+ yrs.  There’s no way people with any intelligence
          will reelect him.  There are probably 80%+ blacks who will vote for him regardless of their own situation — many are still unemployed.  The leftist media are brainwashed with a socialistic/communistic viewpoint and will continue to
          push Obama’s propaganda.

          But in Nov. the intellent, hardworking people will vote of R&R.
          Good bye Obama,  you were a big mistake for the USA and we can’t get
          rid of you soon enough.   Hope you’re looking for another bogus job you can

    • Ahalbert

      Hey, I agree with you! Obama is nefarious and boring. Boring because he repeats himself ad nauseam and has no new ideas. Nefarious because he never tells you his real motives.

    • Drew Page

      Once you know a liar for what he is, most everyone gets bored with him.   Bernie is far from the only one bored by Obama the lying wind bag.    The sooner Obama is gone, the better.

      • George – CPA

        Don’t hold your breath – you will get 4 more years or
        President Obama, one of the best Presidents ever. 


        Speaking of being bored and surfing past their channel, I am
        very bored with FOX NEWS and everyone on it; they are a group of fact distorters
        and liars.  I don’t know who is a bigger
        distorter of facts or liar?  Bernard
        Goldberg, Bill O’Riley, Megan Kelly, Neil Cavuto, or Sean Hannity (does he
        still throw that silly Nerf football around). 


        But, their propensity for fact distortion is not surprising;
        after all, Fox News is owned by a big yellow journalist and fact distorter – Rupert


        Is O’Riley still having phone and video sex with his co-workers?  How many did Attorney Megan Kelly have to sleep
        with to get her job.  I feel sorry for
        her husband.


        “On October 28, 2004, O’Reilly and Mackris reached an out of
        court settlement, and dropped all charges against each other. It was widely
        rumored that O’Reilly paid Mackris close to ten million dollars to “shut up”
        and destroy the tapes. The fact that the story disappeared from the media soon
        afterwards remains a mystery that people should question.”




        Compared to all the above and Mitt and Paul, President Obama
        is a far better orator and much more believable. 


        and Paul are two of the biggest two-faced liars in recent history.

    • M.

      I have rarely read anything so obnoxious. 

      • Yackeem


    • kegan05

       Mitt Romney spoke before the National American Legion the day BEFORE his speech at the Convention.  Barack Obama turn them down!

      Furthermore, Mitt will not GUT OUR MILITARY, the way the IDIOT in the White House wants to do!


      • Parker

        Military spending is what caused the debt to escalate, birdbrain. Barack is not gutting the military. Troops are still serving and dying in the Middle East.

    • Yackeem

      Funny that none of you addressed the basic, flaming flaw in Bernie’s posturing.  How can he be bored about something yet take the time to write about it in detail?

  • Bethany Carol

    Well, even without the “wind-bag” speech — you can tell a lot about the party by the fact that their “Golden Boy” is still the morally bankrupt Bill Clinton …..  

    • Yackeem

      Clinton has a 67% approval rating, including 44% of Republicans.  Try some other line of twaddle.

  • BonnieU2

    Bernie, you could have done what I did. Make a game out of it! Just fill a card with squares of all the things Obama pledged, promised, said sincerely when he was campaigning for President, Transparency, No money from PACS, Reduce the deficit, etc. Then place a Bingo token on that square when he said it again on Thursday night.
    I  had to pay attention because sometimes he said the 2008 thing with slightly different words, like  “infrastructure” instead of “shovel-ready” and “investment” instead of “stimulus” but if I had been at the Catholic Church playing, I would have won lots of prizes! It’s called  LIARS BINGO!

  • Tall Ted

    I follow you here and on TV.i have bought and read your book.
    Thank you for your opinions.
    Very well said.
    Our great nation is on a bad path, a downward spiral.

  • http://twitter.com/omajean Jean Randolph

    Great article Bernie, but only those who understand and desire the American way will appreciate you.

    • asl3676

      Those of you who desire the American way from 50 years ago….The good old days…

      • Drew Page

        Back again?    Why don’t you go back to MoveOn.org, you ‘nattering nabob of negativism’?

        • asl3676

          Good to see you can remember a quote from a former great Republican leader and convicted crook Spiro T Agnew…..Romney will follow in his rich tradtion and be indicted for tax fraud…

      • M.

        mmm. surely not 50 years…
        only to the eighties with Reagan. And yes, asl3676, I would love to return to those days. You may want to consider that Obama and the DNC would like to return to the good old days of Clinton because this term is a disgrace.

        • asl3676

          Hard to move backwards when the world has changed around you…..I wish you luck getting there…..Put a picture of Reagan next to your bed and dream wonderful dreams….

  • Richard Gronowski

    Bernie Goldberg for President and Bill O’Reilly for vice president

    • asl3676

      Great idea….They can run on the Grumpy Old White Man Party..aka the GOP…

      • Richard Gronowski

        I’m sure you wouldn’t object to that turkey O’Bama and Alan Colmes

        • kegan05

           Now there’s a couple of winners!!  lmao!

      • Jolly

        You are a racist.  You should look at the loon Louis Fari-con for all the anti white, white devil remarks, also the Reverend Wright.  Oh, by the way they are all BO’s friends.  Hanging out with BO at his church is like a white person being in the Nazi party and thinking that is OK.  Double standard black racists all of them, so common.  Throw the bum out in Nov. 

        • asl3676

          These black guys scare the crap out of you….Be afraid..be very afraid..

  • http://twitter.com/Jcdavidson37 John C. Davidson

    Selling hope to the hopeless amongst us, now.

  • James King

    Barack Obama’s bosses are ill-informed. P.T. Barnum would have been proud of BO knowing the lack of knowledge of audiences. It is the end of America a lot sooner if BO is re-elected. He just hastens the establishment of an immoral government more than the GOP. They get you to the end slower.

    Still, I will vote for Romney. Why? I still love what the founders created and don’t want it to end even as I know it will regardless of who wins. American will be the ultimate loser, and much of the citizenry is too ignorant to understand. BO is the head of the fifth column established 100 years ago, and the GOP helped to create it too.

    • asl3676

      If America is near it’s end can we presume you’ll be leaving when Obama wins?

      • James King

        No, but I’ll be dead soon in that I am old and have had much of my income taken from me by force, meaning government. I am not a fan of government because I understand why humans actually need one, but apparently you do not. Here it is.

        A nation needs a military to protect if from acts of aggression both foreign and domestic, like people like you. A moral government only responds to aggression, it does not start it, like a war or forcing citizens to hand over their property for something a collective wants to spend it on. Wars must be declared and must be response, not to the threat of force. And the economic and governmental systems must be laissez-faire, let it be free.

        Now you might be one of those liberals or conservatives who disagree, and you would have a lot more company than I. But I am for a moral government, not an immoral one which we have had for most of our history regardless of who holds the White House. You, like most people simply do not understand what is moral and what is not, and it has absolutely nothing to do with a human created deity.

        But you’ll be around and I won’t, at least not much longer, and that should make you happy to keep using the feel/good/feel bad language to justify what cannot be objectively justified, your committment to legalized theft. And it will not be me who is hurt but you, if you are young enough for it to work its way down to you.

        • asl3676

          Mr. King,

            With all due respect it would appear that you don’t believe in taxation and you believe government is immoral. It would also appear that you seem to feel you are qualified to decide what is moral and immoral which is difficult being morality normally involves shades of grey….

  • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

    what garbage. he’s done okay considering the 11+ trillion $$$ debt, the two unfunded wars, unfunded pharma, and unfunded tax program. AHCA *is* a bipartisan bill; DA-DT, crredit card reform, and positive job growth (hampered greatly by the Obstructionist On Wheels House). High unemployment? ask McConnell and the Koch kids if they give a freaking d*mm.

    • http://twitter.com/omajean Jean Randolph

       you could only feel that way if you want the gov’t to hold your hand and pay your way.  Obama’s goal is to bring this country down to the level of all other countries and to be dependent upon and rely on the gov’t to take care of us.  I was not brought up this way nor did I bring my kids up this way.  Americans can take care of themselves and build their own way through sweat, tears and determentation.

      • ronk1957

        Don’t try to reason with us. We are members of AFBO. Our club claims that it’s Anybody’s Fault But Obama’s. We are currently trying to somehow place the blame for his failures on Jerry Sandusky but we’re not sure yet if he is a Republican.

    • Drew Page

      You talk about an $11 trillion debt that Obama inherited, he boosted it by $5 trillion more in three and-a-half years.  You talk about unfunded wars, unfunded Medicare D and unfunded tax cuts.  Well, your pal Obama had Democrat majorities in the House and Senate for two years.  Together, they could have increased income taxes to pay for these things; they had the majorities to do it but they didn’t.   Instead of fixing the problems they complain about, they chose to do nothing but blame Bush and the Republicans.   Obama and his Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate during his first two year could have passed a budget, but didn’t.   so who were the obstructionists?   It couldn’t have been the Republicans, they didn’t have the votes.  You want to blame the Koch brothers for high unemployment?    The Koch brothers own businesses which provide jobs for thousands of people.  They, like all the employees they hire, pay taxes.
      Assuming that you have a job, you must be part of the 50% of wage earners who don’t pay any federa;l income taxes.

  • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

    “boring” to you and Fox and the NRA and the RNC? your writing has gotten more hacky since the Obama inauguration. You rail against the mainstream media and it’s Y-O-U who have nothing to say, if it’s not vilification of a man named Barack Obama.

    • James King

      Phil, you are like many other Americans in that you can’t see the forest for the government and union jobs. BO is immoral. Why? He is for the collective over the individual and remember this; when they have finished taking my freedom they will take yours, even if you have video showing that you supported their theft. The collective does not care. It just is.

    • http://twitter.com/Jcdavidson37 John C. Davidson

      Phil, you have no facts to substantiate your claims.

    • Tall Ted


      You are among the stupid who elected him before and will most likely elect him again.
      Most of the electorate, like you, is uninformed.
      The man had NO experience.

    • Drew Page

      Obama is fully deserving of all the villification he gets.   He’s earned it.

  • Iklwa

    Perhaps the lofty rhetoric would be more inspirational had we seen prior evidence of even limited success in achieving the goals he continues to waive like bloody strips of meat to his starving constituency. Even those who were once thralls of Mr. Obama’s oratory powers now begrudgingly admit failure all along his battle lines.
    Was this a general three years into a campaign filled with carnage, when the losses were so great that even the creative book keeping of his mathematical minions could not hide the destruction, would he retain his position of command?
    I think not.
    I will admit the President has some sort of uncanny power to disconnect himself from the reality that surrounds him. He looks down into the water and without so much as blinking, speaks to the drowning man saying, “Things are better than they would have been. You could be treading water with lead weights on your legs. I’ll tell you what; just continue to hold your breath a little bit longer. I’ll send you some help soon but first; let me finish this round of golf.”
    Continued disappointment in performance begets the boredom of which we are all afflicted with President Obama’s speeches.
    My problem is: It started for me in January of 2009.

  • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

    True, but the predictable Johnny-one-note monotony of the conservative anti-Obama attack machine isn’t any more exciting than Obama’s lofty rhetoric, so they cancel each other out. 

    • Ahalbert

       Yes, the rhetoric cancels out, but the wrong direction of the country remains. Obama will increase the number who pay no taxes and the number on government assistance. I guarantee you if he is reelected he will pursue unlimited cap and trade, control of innovation and manufacturing through the EPA, radical tax increases, control of private savings, control of media, control of private property rights, emasculation of the U.S. military, abrogation of sovereign rights and personal liberty to the UN, and income caps. Hugo Chavez, you ain’t seen nuthin yet. Obama will not give a rip about the unemployment rate, job growth, rate of inflation, or any other metric relative to the health of the economy. He will finish helping to sell GM and other pieces of America to the Chinese. Democrats will keep smiling as they are promised a rosy future. Obama’s work will be done when a “global citizen” is asked who the greatest country in the world is, and the answer is no longer America.

      • http://blog.cyberquill.com/ Cyberquill

        This kind of talk may be music to the ears of those who’ll vote Romney no matter what anyway, but it does little in the way of luring fence-sitting independents like myself—i.e., those who, according to Bernie, are too dumb to vote (but who, alas, will decide the election)—into the Romney camp. All it does is make the Obama haters look hysterical, in both senses of the word.

  • Roadmaster

    I would have watched but I needed to clean the cats’ litter box.  Then I had to trim my toenails, and after that, spray around the house for Black Widows.

    Rush’s side by side comparison of Carter’s acceptance speech in 1980 and Obama’s drivel the other night was STUNNING!!!  Same false claims, same idiotic ideas, same philosophy – just re-phrased.  Socialist/statist/progressives believe in one thing – all power to the gubmint…

    They don’t work for us; they work to control us.

    • asl3676

      You had to clean the litter box becuase you peed in it while you were listening to Rush?
      Hopefully you’re sending your Social Secirity check directly to the Romney campaign as a signal that you cant be controlled…LOL

      • Roadmaster

         No, but I got a thrill up my leg when I got a rise out of you.

        • asl3676

          Can I assume its the only place you are able to get a thrill anymore? Try some Cialis..it will take your mind off your hatred for Obama..

  • TransplantedTexan

    I thought Obama was Shakespearean in his elequence – “A tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

    • Deny916

      Texan…THAT was beautiful!  Totally beautiful!!!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5Z3L7DFVLUSXNDXRRIAMSMQYD4 General Zod

    keith olbermann (aka bathtub boy) is that you?
    did you know that keitholbermann.com is offering you an internship?
    you should think about taking it as no one else wants you anymore.
    this was a response to factman.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5Z3L7DFVLUSXNDXRRIAMSMQYD4 General Zod

    i like the line ” promises about he will not rest until every American has a good job”
    well, he may not rest but- he certainly will golf.

  • Robustoman

    Clinton’s speech was ground rule double (not home run) that got the runner to 3rd. Obama went for a sacrifice fly. But the runner forgot to tag up before heading home.

  • Factman

    more empty,  tired words from another angry jew….   turned away from CBS,  bernie has found a home at the always angry fox news channel…    find some good in the world bernard or you might just as well cash in it…    you say you’re tired of him…
    well guess what  –  lots of us are getting tired of your sorry ass whining all the time…
    zip it for a couple of days !

    • Deny916

      If you don’t like what Bernie is saying then why are you reading it????? 

      • Factman

        to learn deny,  to learn.    what do you do ?   just read shit that you agree with..   no growth there,  my boy !

        • Drew Page

          The only shit I read here is the stuff you post.

          • Factman

            brilliant,  drew

        • Deny916

          I read a lot more than you think dude–enough to know BS when I read it too.   From your answers doesn’t looked like you’ve learned much!

    • asl3676

      I am 60. white, jewish and make a very comfortable living and I think Obama is great….I guess I don’t qualify as as “angry jew”…

      • Factman

        No,  you don’t qualify.   And there are many others like you.   Thanks,
        for you logical and courteous response….

      • kegan05

         Maybe not “angry,” but very stupid!  Anyone who thinks that Bozo has done a good job is not playing with a full deck!

        • asl3676

          Compared to Bush, Obama has done a great job…What I can’t understand is your’e hot for Romney who wants to impliment the same policies as Bush including possibly war with Iran….Can you explain your logic?

      • JRawl

        You don’t even qualify as a thinking human being, 

        • asl3676

          Thank you for the intelligent comment so early on a Monday morning….now go listen to some Limbaugh and Hannity….

    • Drew Page

      Uh oh, now you’ve gone and done it.   Calling Bernie “another angry jew” identifies you as —   A RACIST   — .  

      No one respond to ‘Factman’ anymore, he’s  A RACIST and as such should be forever shunned on this thread.

      • Factman

        settle down drew….   you’re making a fool of yourself.

  • Reactoroperator

    Oh, nevermind the nearly 300 filibusters by the republicans. Nevermind the 5 trillion dollars in tax breaks the republicans want to give the top tier. It’s all Obama’s fault. You know that whole obstructionism thing? Yeah, it’s working. It’s screwing the country seven ways from Sunday and you cretins just keep blaming the darkie for not cleaning up the lube.

    • Iklwa

      As for your “obstructionism”:
      The democrats controlled both houses of Congress for the last two (2) years of Bush’s term and he pretty much went along to get along.
      President Obama had that same Congress for the first two years of his administration and we still never saw budget #1. If all that the President wanted was so wondrous and true and right, why could he not persuade his own party to back him?
      The now republican House of Representatives was elected in 2010 to specifically stop what Obama was trying to push. Perhaps you will recall the flurry of leftist legislation that came from Nancy Pelosi’s office once she learned she was in control of a Lame Duck majority? It only served to prove the point that the majority of those participating in that election were fed up with the direction in which the President and the democrat controlled Congress were heading.
      If putting the brakes on socialism and the destruction of the traditional family is “obstructionism”, I guess I am partially to blame as well.
      Context, context, context…

      • asl3676

        Do you know what the term “filibuster” means…Obama had 60 votes in the Senate for 3 months…..I know the facts don’t mean much to Republicans but don’t be an idiot.

        • Reactoroperator

          Oh, you must not remember Lieberman and the Blue Dogs. There was never a 60 vote majority to ram through legislation. A few things got done, but not much if it didn’t include a handout for the wealthy.
          As for IKLWA, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Wanna know how I’m so sure of this, of how misinformed you and Bernie’s readers are? Socialism. You misuse the term. You either have no idea what Obama does and wants, or you don’t know the definition. Furthermore, you can’t see what’s right in front of you. This propaganda coming from the right, filled with hate and fear, stinks of the Third Reich.

          • JRawl

            Yeah, that’s it–start with calling anybody that has different ideas than your Liberal/Leftist/Socialist/Fascist ones a Nazi, when you and your ilk are the Nazis!

        • Iklwa

          “…nearly300 filibusters” whos’ being an idiot and what prompted republican fillibusters?

          • asl3676

            What prompted filibusters was Republican strategy of obstruction…They would rather screw the economy then let Obama get reelected….

          • Iklwa

            If you hadn’t seen my previous comments, I said that the reason the republicans were elected into the majority in 2010 was to stop the loony, leftist, wrong-headed travel down the road which the President and the liberal houses of congress were taking the country.
            You would also have us believe that were the shoes reversed, the democrats would not have done same?
            It does not take many brain cells to recall the policy of destruction the democrats were bent upon during the Bush administration. In fact, all it takes is eight cells, one for each year of their and liberal media’s efforts.
            I was born at night but not last night.
            One can not vouchsafe a group by pointing an accusatory finger at another group. I know you will try; however, that dog don’t hunt.

          • JRawl

            Stuff it as(sho)l(e)3676!  By the way, you should change your tag to 

  • Growney

    The only thing the democrats have is tax and spend…that is exactly why they can’t be in charge. Clint hit the nail on the head and those that want America to lead again have to vote against Obozo and the immoral minority…

    • Parker

      Republicans borrow and spend, which increases the debt.

  • Suellen Fitzsimmons

    Type your comment here.In response to Barack Obama’s e-mail after his speech last night that said     “So…what did you think?”

    I hope you remember me. I was in a short docu film that some of your people put out explaining how you and the gov’t will provide for me from the beginning of my life to the end(provided I’m not the victim of an abortion.)

    From Julia to The President of the United States:
    “It was so nice of you to reach out to me Mr President. So I thought I would ask you a favor. It’s obvious that you are the only one who is dispensing the money and ‘the things’ to the American people. I wonder where all that money comes from? You must be very wealthy…… I must be mistaken but I thought I was taught that there were three branches to our government.  I guess not, because you never talk about a cabinet or Congress or a Judicial branch or anyone else that you have to go through to make all of this happen.I hear a lot about executive orders!!”

    “Everyone who speaks on your behalf, talks about how you want to give women this, the illegal immigrants that,the Unions and the car companies billions. I think the teachers and the green people get stuff too. Now I know why you and Oprah are friends.You both give things away that are paid for with other people’s money…..that’s really nice of you.”

    “Since you are freely giving away money that isn’t ours anymore(I think I heard that we borrowed it from China and others) I was wondering if you could send me (on top of birth control of course), some new nail polish, some hair color,a new T.V., a new car,teeth whitener,a few steaks,some coupons for gasoline(it’s so expensive because of George Bush),new shoes,some really good deodorant and maybe a couple a packs of cigarettes. I’d really appreciate it if you would just cancel or pay off my college loans. You are already paying for my healthcare and food. I’m trying to think of some more things since I have your attention. Oh well, since you have written to me personally, I can get back to you later.”           dependently yours,  Julia

  • jjn205

    All Obozzo is missing are the red hairs sticking out of the sides of his head and the floppy big red shoes. Incompetent, inept, hoax, fraud, empty suit, no talent, in over his head ex constitutional law genius that has spent more time on the golf course, vacationing, riding around AF ONE fundraising/ campaigning than actually working/governing???  I agree with a prior comment that says he knows he is toast, along with his wife…they both know it.  I tweeted Romney to invite Bush43 to the WH on inauguration day so that he can hold the back door of 1600 open for BHO and FLOTUS as they go their merry way! BAM…the door hits him in the a**.haha.

  • Falconman2002

    I agree Mr. Goldberg.   Thankfully my mind was made up nearly 4 years ago.  I wish that people would realize that “talk is cheap”. 

  • sean1

    terrific piece

  • pauldHberger

    I listened Bernie. I never did like or trust the guy, but as you say, he is an excellent orator. His performance at #DNC2012 was weak, uninspired and tired. He looks defeated, he pleads to his base for 4 more years because he knows he WILL BE FIRED on November 6.  He has failed miserably and now must rely on the sympathy votes of his drone supporters. Rational Americans will prevail. The non-performer will be replaced by Romney/Ryan who will give Americans new opportunities and a chance for success.

    • asl3676

      Do you like or trust any minorities? Your old fart candidate lost in 2008 and your old fart white guy will lose again in 2012…….

      • Jeffreydan

          Go ahead and keep repeating that until your little man-child gets beaten, race-card boy.

        • asl3676

          What are you going to do if Obama wins? Better buy a supply of Cialis so you can keep your hardon for Obama for another four years…

  • Skyshark6

    Excellent article Mr Goldberg. I refused to watch him also.. Cant stand to hear any more of his propaganda. If he still lived in Kenya he’d surely be a dictator. Rocco Bo Bamma is completely incompetant, toast in November and everyone knows it. I predict a landslide defeat the likes of Jimmy Carter..

    • Parker

      Calm down, psycho.

  • Patriot Fever

    Bernie, I agree, except that he not only failed to clean up the mess, his policies are the equivalent of pouring gas on the fire. His personna is incompetence encased in false promises based on false premises. Keep up the good work. We must stop this bozo. He poses an existential threat to our individual liberty and our national sovereignty.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5NYKDIGDA3KNAZRWYQYGXTDHAE Faye H

    I couldn’t listen to it either.  For the past two years or so, every time he comes on whatever channel I’m watching, I change channels.  I’ll watch old “Friends” reruns to avoid hearing the sound of his voice.  I don’t want to hear his socialist rhetoric.  I don’t want to see his arrogant face.  And yes, he does look arrogant.  I simply do not want to hear his voice.

    • Deny916

      OMG Fay you sound just like me!  I have almost worn out the mute button on my remote!  I can’t stand to hear his voice any more, and I can’t stand to look at him either!  I watched “The First 48” re-runs during his speech.  It’ll be happy days when we don’t have to hear him or see him come November!!!!!!!

      • CCNV

        There are others out there? I cannot stand his arrogance, ugliness and his flaring nostrils…not to mention the First Hag!

    • asl3676

      Have you sought psychiatric help for your condition? I believe there is medication for your bitterness and hatefulness…

      • JRawl

        I only wish there was some help for you as(sho)l(e)3676!

      • Deny916

        Yeah…the cure will be Romney/Ryan in 2012!

        • asl3676

          Unless you make over $1 mil per year Romney’s policies won’t mean a thing to you….”The Republican Party is where it is because that’s where the base is,” Krugman, the Nobel Prize-winning economist, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “And you watched that whole primary process; Republican candidates had to appeal to their base, which is by and large elderly white people arguing with empty chairs.”

  • zyzak

    Hope and change has morphed into dope and strange

  • Bruce A.

    As a Bull Thrower the President is in a class all by himself.  I find it amazing that people will still fall for the same tired excuses. 

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/PPL2AXPXJMWPEJWFN34MPC5RNY terry


  • EddieD_Boston

    I sometimes think Obama doesn’t like the work necessary to be a good president. Talking is easy. Working to get results is the hard part and Obama doesn’t seem capable. Nor does he seem interested. Maybe he deep down doesn’t want the job of being of being president. He seems like he only likes the title and status.

    • JRawl

      My sentiments, exactly!

  • mikeroat

    Same ideas and promise diff election, he is working hard
    To destroy what took over 200yrs to perfect. Either he doesn’t
    like the US or he doesn’t understand it I don’t know which.
    But he has to change it’s structure and the dems want to stay
    in power so bad that they accept it, surely the don’t agree
    with all of it. But they don’t want to be called a racist and
    just go along.

  • nepakandy

    I’ve been re-reading “A Slobbering Love Affair”, 2009 and in the chapter “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (about Rev Wright) Bernie writes about the waffling Obama did, first, to nobly say he wouldn’t disassociate himself and later, couldn’t denounce the man fast enough.  He’s been doing this for years now.  Now, it’s God and Jerusalem, in, out, back in…

  • Tkalal

    I watched Gunsmoke reruns.

    • Deny916

      I watched re-reuns of “The First 48”.  At least that show has some substance!

  • http://www.facebook.com/delano.olds Delano Olds

    Just like the Platte River:  A mile wide, an inch deep (if that deep).

  • Pat

    That ‘weed’ analogy is perfect.  I said to my hub. this morn…he’s like a weed that grows very near the original plant…and looks much like the original plant. Looking closely…you see the difference…you pull it out…in 1/2 hr…it’s limp and dead.  Wish it were that easy with the  Oweed…Out in Nov.

  • @MikesOpine

    Disasterous week for Obama http://tinyurl.com/96aeqss 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KT3FRQUPAONF37JUEFH6R3ACRA Byron Thomas

    Obie is a Professional talker.Most of the liberal hicks in the audience are so dumb they don’t give a crap about obie f-ing up the US as long as he gets re-elected.Obie is like a used car salesman,smile in your face while saling you a lemon.

  • Patspots1010

    The Man and his team are like a weed,and sorry to say the weed is to big to kill,it’s rooted and I’m very worried about America. Clinton gave a better speech,lies and 1/2 truths but better than President Obama’s. So he can talk,you see 2016,you think Obama would be president if not BLK?

  • Pat

    Dear Bernard..I think so highly of you…won’t miss a minute when you’re on Fox.  This Obama has hoodwinked that poor population at the convention. A good analyst could only realize what he said…like Krauthammer…who said it was flat & empty. To us  I noticed how he stole our  platform..embellished it and spit it out. Amazing. The faces in the crowd were almost like…watching the Sec.Com’g of Jesus…Pitiful, bleeding hearts..believing itall.
    NOW..only God Himself must intervene. Pray very hard by the hour if necessary…call down His Mercy on this country…we have gravely fallen.  ~ your assessment was right…but sorry you didn’t hear it…but Rush was physically ill, having to listen. The O must go..his covertness is Soviet style treachery for this country. Too many credited sites convey this but few want to believe his kind of power…Thanks for your insights….Pat Rutter

  • Mtaricani

    You nailed it. President Obama is just a lot of words without substance. I watched the crowd shots last night in amazement. People were almost in tears over his words as if he saved their lives. Yet he hasn’t done anything.

  • Sbgranny

    You are echoing many people’s sentiments. Wellsaid!

  • http://twitter.com/NobamaNetwork NobamaNetwork

    I totally agree with every word. In fact, I was saying the same thing to those near me. I didn’t watch a minute of the DNC. If I want to be lied to I have a husband who will do the job admirably. As badly as things look for Obama in this campaign, I am still filled with fear he will rise from the dead, like he has done so many times before, to win. I hope your keen eye will be on the voter fraud this election day! There was an awful lot of it in Las Vegas four years ago.

  • Bohara204

    Couldn’t listen either.  Loaded up on Dramamine for the spin; but just couldn’t make myself do it. 

  • Darkstar1661

    You didnt miss anything; exact same speech he has been giving for 5 years now – just with even less detail and slightly lowered hypothetical results…