Question: What’s So Mainstream about the Mainstream Media?

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  • Charles Stuber

    Bernie… I just thank God we have clear thinking Patriots like you to continue holding up the walls of this Great Republic. God bless you.

  • steve

    In the 70’s 80;s 90’s the big 3 networks were more interested in being the first to report on what was going on and never took time to stand and take time to care what the other one said about them individualy..Now with the likes msnbc and the big 3 take time to bash Fox news to what they report…they don’t take time to reporting on whats going on@ they become lazy,,and want to kiss the Anti-Americans ring to put him as the greatest thing since slice bread..They don’t take time on the 9.8% unemploment rate,,hire taxes,,witch i never would belive become popular and looked as no problem to them…A lazy media @ the Pres. that can’t do anthing wrong and is able to take power to do anything he wants to the private sector is the same waters in witch hitler made his rise..He’s promisede everyone everything and he can’t deliver..BECAUSE IT’S IMPOSIBLE…IT IS ALL ABOUT POWER…FOR THE HAVE’S AND THE HAVE NOTS…BY THE WAY HOW MUCH HAS HE DONE FOR MINORITYS??? NOTHING…WHATS SO GREAT ABOUT THIS GUY?? HE IS THE MOST UNFEELING President since Wodrow Wilson..

  • Tim N

    I’m glad Bernie that you have been a voice from within the industry to champion the bias that exists. It appears to me that the MSM tries it’s best to diminish the reporting by organizations like Fox.

    I suspect you are not high on the MSM “Cocktail” invitation list but I was wondering what type of blowback have you received based upon your reporting.

    • Bernie

      They don’t talk to me. Ask me if I care.

  • http://NA John W

    Love it Bernie! Listening to you has really opened my eyes to the idea that one must consider the source when consuming news. This is really a shame (or a good thing depending on how you look at it) because it forces me as a news consumer to seek multiple sources for the same story and then try to form an opinion on my own based on what the facts appear to be.

    I think the problem is that when a reporter has a particular political leaning they tend to see things through their own little ideological prism. Even if they are trying consciously to be fair they can’t help but subconsciously be biased in way or another.

    The problem with that of course is that the overwhelming majority of news people seem to be on the left and that slants the hard news coverage in that direction whether consciously or subconsciously.

    It is helpful to have someone like you pointing out this stuff when and where you see it. Thanks for the continuing education!

    • Bernie

      You got it exactly right,John W! And thanks for the kind words.