Sarah Palin: The Only Thing the Hard Right and Left Agree On

There’s one thing die-hard liberal Democrats and hard-core conservative Republicans have in common:  They both want Sarah Palin to run for president. That’s where the similarities end.

The hard right wants her to run because they love her and think she can win the nomination and then beat Barack Obama.   Liberals want her to run because they think she’d get clobbered by the president.   It doesn’t happen often, but here’s a case where the libs are right and the right is wrong.

A recent CBS News poll (taken June 3-7) found that two-thirds of all voters — and 54 percent of Republican voters — don’t want Palin to run.  Nearly 6 out of 10 of all voters have an unfavorable opinion of her.

The hard-right (like all true believers) lives in a bubble.  They don’t care much what people on the outside say.  Listen to conservative talk radio for 10 minutes and you’ll “learn” that the only reason Palin isn’t doing well in the polls is because the mainstream media have convinced the American people that she’s a dolt.  And since conservatives can’t let the liberal media call the shots, that’s another reason they want her to run.

But they give too much credit to the “lame-streams.”  It’s true that the media have bashed her maliciously and often unfairly since she first came on the national scene in 2008. But that’s not why her poll numbers are low.  Sarah Palin is why Sarah Palin’s numbers are low.  The American people have seen her, they’ve heard her, and they’ve formed their opinions about her.  Let’s just say they’re not impressed.

This means nothing to the hard right.  They love her and therefore, they figure, the voters will come around and love her too.  This is how bubble people think.  The hard right always wants the most conservative candidate out there to win the GOP nomination in any primary battle.  That’s why they’re so passionate about Sarah Palin.

Then there’s the William F. Buckley wing of the party, of which I count myself a member.  We want the most viable conservative to win the nomination.  The key word being viable, as in the most conservative candidate who can actually win.  And if that means voting for a Republican who isn’t the most conservative in the field, but one who has a better chance of beating the liberal Democrat, that’s just fine with us.

The ideologues on the right see this as selling out.  Compromise, to them, is tantamount to treason.  As articulate as some of them are, especially the ones who make a living on the airwaves, they don’t really understand politics.  They come off as incredibly unsophisticated, not understanding a simple rule of politics and of life:  You can’t always get everything you want.

For the rest of us, the second — or even third — most conservative Republican is better than any liberal Democrat. We don’t see that as selling out or as treason.  We see it as smart politics.  Or as Charlie Sheen so elegantly put it:  Winning!

Sarah Palin can do many things to help the Republicans.  But running for president is not one of them.  And she surely knows this.  If a majority of voters in her own party won’t support her, then there’s no way she can win.  She won’t run.

If that makes some conservatives sad, this ought to cheer them up.  It’s another number from that CBS News poll.  It shows that only 37 percent of the American people think President Obama is doing a good job when it comes to handling the economy.

And, for most voters, it’s still the economy, stupid.

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  • Sue Nolan

    Bernie, I really enjoy hearing you speak as a guest on Bill O’Reilly’s show. Your gift for writing is just as good. Today is the first time I have read your Newsletter, and you hit the nail on the head every time. For family reasons I live outside the U.S. but follow the politics very closely, especially now that I have Fox News. I had actually thought about moving back home after 35 years abroad, but frankly, I am scared beyond words about what I see happening in the U.S. What would you think about a Mitt Romney/Michelle Bachmann ticket, then nominate Newt Gingrich for Secretary of State, Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General or Homeland Security, Eric Cantor as Secretary of the Treasury, Donald Trump Secretary of Commerce, John McCain Secretary of Defense, Sarah Palin Secretary of Energy, Herman Cain Secretary of Labor, Randy Forbes Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Mitch Daniels as Secretary of Transportation, Rick Perry for Housing and Urban Development, and Ron Paul Secretary of the Interior. Wouldn’t that be a good start to getting our country back on its feet again? If I left any position out, then add Bill O’Reilly’s name! Keep up the good work!

  • will swoboda

    Hi Bernie, Just finished several of your books and just laughted out loud. My wife thought I was reading comedy and I was. But real comedy has to have an element of reality in order for it to be funny. I’m really looking forward to a “Slobbering Love Affair”
    Anyway, your right about Sarah Palin. I think she can do very good things for the party and running for president isn’t one of them. I enjoy your spots with Bill O’Rielly. When are you guys going to do a show together? The convention center in Baltimore would be nice.
    Will Swoboda

  • Rocko

    One of many reasons I want Sarah Palin as President ~ she is as honest as they come.
    She put the finger on crooks like Blagojevich and Obama, when she was in office.
    I’m tired of all these d a m n crooks in office ~ Can you for-see what would have been in Obama’s “24.000 emails” ~ forget about it………He and Michelle would be in jail now.

    Sarah’s no punk either, it took big ones to go to Madison Wisc. and stand-up and call the Union bosses crooks.
    She was the only one that had the courage to go and support Gov. Walker……..Did you see the big mouth crook Christie from Jersey there, h e ll no……..When asked what Christie thought of Gov. Walker’s plan, he said “not my biz”….(wimp)

    Palin/2012 ~ Mark Levin, Sheriff Joe, Herman Cain, Jeff Sessions or Allen West as Sarah’s Vice President.

    When Sarah says “Game One” ~ you will see her supports come out in force with unwavering dedication and energy though-out her whole campaign………believe me when I tell you.

    Google: c-span then click on video archives then in c-span’s search type: “Sarah Palin and Joe Biden’s debate”
    In the debate, Palin had to keep defending McCain thru-out the whole debate ~ had she been able to talk about her achievements in her 20 years in public service ~ Sarah and someone other then McCain would be in the White House right now.
    That debate like the one coming up between Sarah and Obama will go down in history as the most watched ever.
    Palin/Biden was the most watched ever, 85 million viewers including PBS.

    Because Obama now has a record, Sarah will come out swinging big time..(she’ll waste him)
    Mark Levin and Joe Biden debate will be pathetic for Biden.

    Sarah Palin will be a bonanza for the media……….she will get many hours of free air-time.

    Interesting what the General had to say about Sarah Palin.
    Alaska has the biggest National Guard in the country, first defense.
    No other Gov went to see how she could help her troops during war, like Sarah did.




  • Nancye

    In my not-so-humble opinion Sarah Palin should do one of two things: Commit herself to running for the presidential nomination in 2012 or say that she won’t run. She should quit playing this “cat and mouse” game with, not only the media, but the rest of us as well. By not saying one way or the other, she’s taking away the attention from those who have already thrown their hats in the ring. Since the media follows her around like a puppy, she is doing a great disservice to the rest of the candidates by not committing one way or the other. If you’re not going to run, Sarah, take your van and go back to Alaska.

  • Cameron D. MacKay

    Bernie: I don’t think that anyone can seriously argue with the main thrust of your article which I take to be that (1) the Republicans have to choose someone who can win the General Election and (b) Sarah Palin though a person of integrity, solid American values, and highly attractive among grass roots conservatives is not that person.
    However, the implication of your article is that a “conservative” cannot win the General Election and therefore it has to be some “middle of the road Republican.” Although you may be correct on that point, I respectfully suggest that this may be a misreading of the American electorate.
    As a Canadian who monitors American politics closely, let me make a few observations for my Republican and conservative friends.
    First, it seems that Obama got elected largely as a propitiation for the “sins of slavery.” I do not think that the American public recognized how much penance they would have to pay for his election as President. With all due respect to Obama supporters, the man is viewed by the rest of the world as incompetent, stuck in a left-wing socialist ideology which lost credence by 1980, clueless about foreign policy, and completely un-presidential as he is always in partisan campaign mode.
    Second, I think a plurality of the American voters see this man as completely over his head when it comes to managing the American economy and simply out of his league when it comes to being the leader of the free world.
    Third, I think Americans must be completely frustrated when they discover countries like Canada [under a Conservative/conservative Prime Minister] has performed remarkably better than the U.S. during this current recession.
    Fourth, I am getting the feeling that Americans want substance in the White House and not just some guy who is smooth with a teleprompter; they want someone who admires and reflects American values not someone who equivocates and apologizes to the rest of the world for no valid reason; they want a person of PRINCIPLE sitting in the Oval Office who is prepared to make the hard decisions and continue to lead the free world; they want a President who will lay down economic policies which will end uncertainty and enable Americans to do what they do best … which is to transform business enterprises into success stories.
    If my fourth point is an accurate assessment of the sentiments of the American electorate, then it does not follow that a conservative Republican could not win the General Election. Pawlenty, Bachmann, Herman Cain, Senator Paul Ryan, and I’m sure there are many others who should be able to best Obama given his pathetic and quite frankly embarrassing performance as President. In essence, Bernie I am not sure that the usual “consensus politician” is what the American people are looking for after having not merely endured a recession but had to suffer from policies which have aggravated the economic difficulties of Americans. In short, I think all the Republicans have to do is find an intelligent, serious, principled, economic conservative and he/she should be able to contrast nicely with the dithering disfunctional person who presently occupies the Oval Office.

  • wally mattson

    I agree with Bernie on a number of issues but this isn’t one of them. Primaries are specifically for determining who is the successful candidate. Although we can have an opinion on who we think can beat OB, it is up to Palin and her advisers to decide. I think she should give it a try. If she looses the primary, I’ll support the winning candidate. However; if she makes an impressive stand, she will at least be able to influence the Republican platform. As a side note, I wonder if any woman can win the presidential election since many women find fault in another for all kinds of reasons. Its mind boggling.

  • Alan

    I’m what many would consider hard right, and I don’t want Palin to run. Leftists think that she’s a regular on Saturday Night Live; and with Tina Fey making speeches in Palin’s stead, Palin won’t win.

  • http://happyharry Harold Jaffe

    I think they should give Weiner a tv show.

    • Ron Kean

      Yes. The host asks the questions. The contestant with the wrong answers is the loser. The one with the right answers is the Weiner.

  • Ed Thomas

    Yes, the media is like a bully – and like all bullies, it continues to attack those who cannot defend themselves and put themselves in a position to be attacked. Palin fits both these criteria nicely. Instead of offering an intelligent, specific response to criticism, she automatically becomes over-defensive and quickly lashes out, finding someone or something to blame other than herself. Of course, this opens her to more bullying. This is why she’s singled out and she will continue to until she can become a serious, intelligent, relevant public figure.

  • Dan Farfan

    “If a majority of voters in her own party won’t support her, then there’s no way she can win. She won’t run.”

    I categorize this conclusion as wishful thinking. I believe “don’t run if I can’t win” is far outside the Palin calculus. :-)
    ( see usage #4: )

    My hunch is that Mrs Palin’s decision process works more like this:

    Am I more likely to remain considered relevant/newsworthy if I run, make a good showing, don’t get the nomination, pull out beaten but without harming my reputation and image AND possibly win another shot as VP on the ticket
    is it more likely that I can remain considered relevant/newsworthy if I don’t run but I do A,B,C?

    If she doesn’t “run” she has to DO something else to stay mentionable and mentioned.

    If I were advising her, I’d put together a “not run this time” plan that put her on Fox News (and website) weekly (actually earning the “contributor” title) 3-6 minute segments (probably not live) commenting on the GOP primary and general election.

  • Pamela Grothaus

    Totally agree with you, Bernie. I liked Sarah Palin when she emerged as McCain’s running mate, but it didn’t take long for her to turn into a circus sideshow. While I share her values and love of country, I think she needs to remain on the sidelines.

  • bellez

    Because her fan base believes in her and wants her to run..Some of you all may be too young to remember but this is exactly what Reagan faced..Only worse since he started out hard core liberal… You all have no faith..She will run..she will win..she has light..she has truth..she has cajones that are severely lacking in any one of the Male population that we’ve seen..She was only one to contront media-Obama last 3yrs while everyone stay quiet not to upset their chances 2012..That isn’t leadership or showing more concern for Country then being attacked..I don’t believe 1/2 of any liberal turned “republican” because heir base value still belong to Dems..abortion-gay rights..

  • Scott

    I don’t believe that Sarah Palin could win the GOP nomination nor a Presidential election. However, she plays a huge role in rallying Conservatives and also tweaking the Left. For that I really like her because for all the negative comments that the Left has said about her, they still find themselves fixated upon her which garners her even more attention. She’s definitely a tough woman and I doubt that there are many people who could tolerate the level of vicious comments made against her and her family and come out stronger than ever.

    • RecknHavic

      I agree Scott,she plays a pivotal role in rallying us conservatives. I’m thinking Palin as Secy of Energy in a GOP Admin.

  • Jeffreydan

    Someone here suggested the treatment President Bush got wasn’t as bad as what Obama and Clinton experienced.

    Did a major news anchor zealously report, without caring to verify the facts, that Obama was guilty of skipping out on an important obligation in the past?
    Did a radio talk show host speak out in favor of Obama getting assassinated? Was a movie made on the same subject?
    Did a widely-known filmmaker make a documentary filled with half-truths, false accusations, and crafty editing for the sole purpose of preventing Obama from winning the election?
    Did any political ads against Obama feature a relative of the victim of a heinous murder implying a link between his work in office & the crime?
    Was Obama falsely accused of insider trading?
    Was Obama branded an idiot for his occasional verbal gaffes?
    Did members of the Legislative Branch say Obama was less trustworthy than Saddam Hussein, accuse him of going to war under false pretenses, or call him a “loser”?

    As for Clinton: whatever level of vitriol he got, A) was not from the overwhelming majority of the media, which supported him through most of his corrupt presidency, and B) certainly didn’t match the heinousness of his conduct.
    On numerous occasions during Bush’s presidency, liberals either tried to create scandals out of whole cloth, or accuse him of having a role in anything that could be characterized as a scandal. Clinton, by comparison, was a turbo-charged scandal machine.

    • Bob Hadley

      Although I paid close attention to national politics through a wide variety of media and networks during President GW Bush’s terms in office, I have not heard of half the things you mention above. I’ll accept your word that these smear tactics took place, but they obviously did not receive much or any prominent air time or print space. GW Bush was obviously subjected to much abuse and even hate. But, the abuse Bush got was not as loud or as constant as that of President Obama.

      This is not due to the Left’s lack of effort. It is mainly due to the Leftwing smear machine not being as effective as that of the Right. In essence, Obama was asked for his papers. When he presented his legal, official papers before he bacame president he was told in Orwellian fashion that they were not legal or official (up is down, good is bad, facts don’t matter). This was publicized widely in the news media and thoughout news networks–even on CSPAN. The clamor grew so loud that Obama, at the time that he was part of finalizing the plan to eliminate Bin Laden, sent his lawyer to Hawaii to get a special waiver from the Department of Health to get his unofficial, non-legal papers in an attempt to redirect the news media, the talking heads and various demagogues. Then, a picture was painted of him being a flunky in school, with no credible evidence whatsoever.

      Obama has been called a communist and a Marxist. One prominent Republican, a presidential candidate, said that his administration is more insidious than the Nazis. He’s been called a secret Muslim. I could go on and on about the abuse he’s gotten. Just listen to talk radio and cable news. The anti-Obama drum beat goes on and on.

      As for President Clinton, you must be a Clinton hater to call his conduct heinous. First, the Lewinski saga was during his second term. Here, his conduct was obviously shameful, selfish, incredibly stupid and possibly spilled over into criminal misconduct. But it was not heinous. A cold-blooded murderer’s conduct is heinous, whereas Clinton’s was not.

      From the time Clinton first entered office in 1993 (and to some degree before that time) he was vilified by various Republican operatives and politicians, talking heads and talk show regulars. All you had to do was turn on the news or watch a talk show or listen to Rush and you’d hear all kinds of vitriol aimed at Clinton personally. And this was before FNC!

      The anti-Clinton drum beat grew so loud that, in the summer of 1993, Barry Goldwater called for Republicans to back-off Clinton and give him a chance. Why is it that retired Republicans can act like adults?…

      There were congressional investigations galore over petty things. Only a couple of the investigations were valid, however. And don’t forget “The Clinton Chronciles” and David Brock’s hit-job pieces.

      The so-called MSM did not generate all the Clinton hate, but they fanned the flames. And why not? It was profitable to give generous air time and print space to the Clinton haters. As a bonus, some of the Clinton haters were female and good looking blonds. Anything to keep the viewers’ juices flowing, so to speak.

      The Right can argue that the Left started it. There was the Towers, Bork and Thomas hysteria, for example. In the 1990’s John McCain appeared on a talk show and, to his credit, admitted that a partial motivation behind all the Clinton investigations was pay-back.

      • Jeffreydan

        You clearly were not paying the close attention you say you were during Bush’s presidency. You don’t remember Dan Rather’s fake documents about the Nat’l Guard service? You never heard of Fahrenheit 9/11? Rhandi Rhoads’ hatespeak on Air America?

        No contest whatsoever, and I’ll tell you why: the degree to which the MSM investigated candidate George W. Bush was thorough in general, and stunning if compared to BO. Bush’s selling of his stock in Harken Energy was assumed to be done illegally. He was believed to have fled before finishing his National Guard duty (which was his way of dodging the draft in the first place). His grades at Yale were unacceptably subpar, his education bought by his alumnus father. His drinking habit (gone since the mid-’80s) was a red flag.
        Compared with the MSM’s approach to candidate Obama, well, you can read Bernie’s latest book if you want to see just how gently and affectionately they treated him, but in brief: unlike Bush’s 100% above-board sale of his Harken stock, Obama’s real estate deal with criminal Tony Rezko merited some real investigative reporting by the networks–but was ignored. Obama never came remotely close to military service, and yet the MSM suddenly didn’t see any need for a candidate to be a vet. They didn’t know whether or not Obama had good grades, and weren’t terribly concerned that he refused to show anyone his transcripts. Their expectation that a candidate earn his way into the Ivy League was noticeably absent when Obama, whose education was at least in part made possible by affirmative action, was in the running. And last time I checked, cocaine use was a tad less acceptable than drinking.

        You must be a Clinton-lover if you don’t find his conduct heinous. (See how I flipped it?)
        Just because you wouldn’t use the word isn’t proof he didn’t act in a heinous manner. I’ll help you: first look up the word. Then take a long, objective look at his behavior towards people, especially when he was trying to cover up his perjury.
        It is only your OPINION that “heinous” is too strong a word, not a statement of fact. You might not share my distaste for sexual harrassment, lying under oath, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, and character assassination dished out by a grade-A cheater, but my position is absolutely arguable.

        This actually seems silly, debating with someone who thinks President Bush got better treatment overall than Obama gets, and on Bernie’s site of all places.

        • Bob Hadley

          You need to read carefully before imploding. You keep trying to change this into an argument over whose media coverage was worse. My posts address a somewhat related but distinct issue: whether the volume of personal abuse and hate was greater against President Clinton, President GW Bush or President Obama. But I’ll digress with you,

          Yes. I remember Rathergate. The Dan used a corroborating document that he failed to authenticate and that was phony. The primary evidence was authentic but not conclusive. I saw Fahrenheit 911. It was much more of an opinion piece than a documentary. Similiar to your posts, some of the facts presented were one-sided, some were incorrect but many were very true. I don’t know who Rhandi Rhoads is. I rarely listened to Air America. I haven’t heard of a few of the other things you mentioned in your previous post. And, yes, I carefully national politics during all eight of the Bush years.

          I’m glad you mentioned candidate GW Bush. During the 2000 general presidential election campaign the coverage of Vice President Al Gore was unfair and Bush was, maybe with a few exceptions, given a pass. Even many conservatives concede this. And I’m not even addressing FNC’s coverage (and FNC IS part of the MSM). (And remember, the DUI story about Bush was not generated by the media, however, but it was blown up a bit.)

          The news was agog with Al Gore’s wardrobe and his supposed effort to be an Alpha male. His message was greatly de-emphasized. In addition, there was continual emphasis in the news about Gore’s “serial exaggerating.” The supposed Love Canal gaffe of many years prior was really a slight but important misquote. At any rate, this coverage was severely over-blown.

          Much of the news coverage of one of the debates focused on “still another” misstatement or exaggeration of Gore’s. In the debate, Gore said he met with the head of FEMA in Texas with Bush when he had actually met with the asst. to the head of FEMA in Texas with Bush (he met with the head FEMA and gov’s of other states). In the same debate Bush said that a “hate crime” law was unnecessary for the two guys who dragged a black man to his death in Texas because they both received the death penalty. Actually, only one received the death penalty. That misstatement was hardly mentioned. I didn’t consider either misstatement worthy of much comment.

          The unfair coverage of Gore wasn’t motivated by hate or even by politics. I think the news media was just tired of Clinton/Gore, and found Gore especially boring. They saw Bush as new and possibly exciting.

          And yes, the coverage of Bush during the 2004 campaign was much different.

          But saying that Bush misled us into the Iraq invasion is NOT hateful or personally abusive toward Bush. Although it has personal overtones, it was grounded in Bush’s political conduct. There is ample evidence on which to base such a political accusation. Bush and his minions talked about “yellow Cake,” aluminum tubes for nuclear bombs and delivery systems that could reach the U. S. They repeated their refrain that the “smoking gun might be a mushroom cloud” over and over. I’ve talked to baby boomers who say that kind of talk scares them. Bush and his minions also said that they had reliable information. Later, we found out that the info about Iraq’s nuclear program was not nearly so solid. Bush, who is a decent and honorable man at least in many respects, decided invading Iraq was the right thing to do. Then, he did a sell job to the American people.

          You completely missed the boat on the coverage of military service. It wasn’t because being a “vet” was considered important. Bush’s s was investigated because he entered the Natl Guard during the Draft and as an alternative to serving in the military (in addition, positions in the Natl Guard unit he joined were coveted). Remember how they went after Clinton’s record during the ’92 primaries? In fact, they went after Clinton on a lot. I know I know I know. Clinton deserved it, and Bush didn’t. Right? And, of course, Obama came of age well after the draft and American military involvement in Vietnam ended.

          As for Obama’s academic record, we can be sure that he excelled at HLS. Only students in the top of the class (at least during the first year) are admitted to the law review. Grades are determined by final exams in the substantive first year courses. Student are prohibited from putting their names on the final exam blue books. Instead, they’re given exam numbers that the professors do not know. Feel better now?

          Of course, your position on Clinton is arguable. Almost any position is arguable—ask a truther or a member of the Flat Earth Society. Whether it’s reasonable is a different question.

          Contrary to your claim, Clinton did not commit perjury. Perjury is a legal term. It is a MATERIAL lie told under oath. Judge Wright, who presided over the Paula Jones case, confirmed this in her opinion written after Clinton’s grand jury testimony. Judge Wright found that Clinton lied when, during the Paula Jones deposition, he said that he was never alone with Monica. She knew this because he went into detail about how he was alone with her during his grand jury testimony. But Judge Wright admitted that this was not a material lie because she had already dismissed the Paula Jones case (meaning that even if all of Jones’ factual allegations were true, she still had no case) and the appeal from her dismissal had been withdrawn. The judge also said that even if her dismissal were reversed on appeal, Clinton’s lie was, at best, of marginal importance. The judge instead found Clinton in civil contempt.

          The judge also admitted that Clinton’s deposition testimony that he did not have sexual contact with Monica may or may not have been a lie and, that even if it was a lie, it also was not material. At the deposition, when Clinton was asked that question, he initially was given a three part definition of “sexual contact.” After objection and argument, Judge Wright eliminated two parts of the three part definition. The remaining definition was whether he touched Monica for the purpose of sexual gratification, as opposed to Monica touching him to gratify him. Clinton denied it. There was no affirmative evidence to the contrary until Monica’s testimony before Ken Starr’s crew came to light. Then it was “he said, she said.” ) The blue dress did not bare on this issue. Personally, I believed Monica. But, so it goes….

          “…his conduct was obviously shameful, selfish, incredibly stupid and possibly spilled over into criminal misconduct.” That’s what I said about Clinton. If you call that Clinton loving, then you have a perverse idea of love. See how I re-directed your flip?

          In addition, the news media was merciless with Clinton during the Monica scandal. They were hyper-ventilating. Yes, they had to give certain coverage to the story. But that’s all they talked about. This was not out of malice or hate, but primarily to get ratings . So much for proportionality.

          Getting back to the subject, yes there was a lot of hate and abuse directed at Clinton, GW Bush and Obama. Most conservatives will probably say Bush was the most maligned, while most liberals will probably give that award to Obama and/or Clinton. But, any fawning over Obama by the news media, is beside the hate and abuse that is slung at him every day.

          • Jeffreydan

            Advice: read a little more from this site owner’s books on the topics of Bush’s and Obama’s respective treatments. You’ll get it.

          • Bob Hadley

            I’ve read much of Bernie’s stuff, esp. Bias, and listen to him regularly. Sometimes I agree with him and someyimes I don’t. I’m what is known as an independent thinker.

            My point is still that I’m not addressing the coverage given various candidates or presidents by the MSM (minus Fox News) per se, but the volume of hate and abuse given the last two presidents and the current president. Often the MSM merely reports the abuse and the hate. In that case, I have no beef with the reporting. The hate comes from certain talking heads, politicians, fellow travelers, so-called pundits, etc.

            You need to be critical of everything you read and hear, even that with which you agree.

          • Paul Courtney

            Bob, you’re rolling in apples and oranges here. One anecdote should do. Do you recall, in Nov. ’92, before blogs, before FNA, before Rush, when the cheer erupted at NPR announcing the end of 12 yrs of (ugh)Reagan-Bush? The Times, Post, Networks at least were still professional enough to contain their joy a bit, but the surge of the Dems, yr of the Woman etc, was all the news, and the MSM was all the news at that time. If the Times etc. had been even a bit fair (never mind being anti-Clinton, as you suggest) then, Rush Limbaugh would have never attracted his audience. You say FNC is part of MSM, bet the NYTimes would not agree. Beck, Hannity, all of Fox, Rush, blogs all put together don’t add up to audience of MSM put together. To say Beck attacks on Obama somehow outweigh NBC News attacks of Bush is not a fair comparison. But if you really saw MSM bringing up Bush’s old DWI and noticed MSM turning complete blind eye to Obama selling coke and still believe the above, I may be wasting your time.

          • Bob Hadley

            Paul, Paul, Paul, I’m rolling in apples and you and Jeffreydan are rolling in oranges (or vice versa if you prefer). You need to read my posts carefully. I wasn’t addressng the MSM coverage of candidates at all, and only incidentally the MSM (minus Fox News) coverage of the last two presidents and the current president. You need to read the first paragraph of my post immediately above–I was digressing for Jeffreydan’s sake in that post.

            But, I’ll also digress with you. In November of 1992 Rush had a radio show with a large following, and he was doing the same schtick as now. Rush even had a TV show back then. I still remember him giving a campaign speech on behalf of Pres. HW Bish,saying “This election is about character, character, character” (or somethnig close to that).

            No, I don’t remember the NPR cheering, but I take your word for it. It’s not surprising. I’ve told you several times in other interacting posts we’ve had that I acknowledge a lot of left leaning in the MSM. The right wing haters of talk radio and FNC would still have a sizeable market even if the MSM were completely balanced. Many ideologues and just plain haters think that any coverage that doesn’t tilt their way and shows fairness to the other side is biased–this goes for the right as well as the left. Noooooooo, I’m not saying all or even most liberals and conservatives are haters or ideologues.

            For example, to your credit, you have admitted that FNC leans right. Many other conservatives have said this as well. (It is noteworthy, however, that some conservatives–Burt P., for example–complain that FNC gives much too much coverage to liberals.) But there are many who say that FNC is simply fair and balanced.

            I didn’t say or imply that the MSM was anti-Clinton or, for that matter, anti-Gary Hart, anti-Jesse Jackson (remember his love child), anti-John Edwards, anti-Gary Condit, anti-Anthony Weiner, etcetcetc ad nauseum. I could be here all day listing Democrats (and Republicans) the news media over-covered. First, foremost and last, the MSM (including FNC) is pro-ratings! Yes, the majority of those in the MSM lean Left and it often spills into their coverage. I get it. I’ve told you that many times. But news is business. Profits/ratings come first.
            I read a piece on here that Bernie wrote awhile ago, claiming that the coverage by MSM (minus FNC) of political scandals was imbalanced according to affiliation and political leaning. While there may be some truth to this, as i recall Bernie indicated that the hypocracy angle was just an excuse for this imbalanced coverage. I hope I’m accurately characterizing what Bernie said, as it’s been awhile since I read it. Anyway, whether or not Bernie really did indicate this, I strongly disagree with this idea.

            If a politician is going to try to win popularity and support by preaching or, as Newt did in the mid-90’s, extolling family values, then it is not only fair game for, but also incumbent on, the news media to aggressively cover any corresponding transgression I believe in proportionality, but hypocrisy must be a significant factor. Likewise, I would have had no problem if the MSM (including FNC) had given Charlie Rangel’s problems a little more airing. And I had no problem with Jon Stewart (of all people!) lambasting Rangel more than once.

            Your statements to the effect that FNC is not part of the MSM are, with all due respect inapt. First, I do not care if the folks at the NYT disagree. Although I listen to what they and many others say, I think for myself. Is this a novel idea on this website? To compare the audience of the Obama haters on FNC to the audience of the entire (non-conservative) MSM, or one hater on FNC to the entire NYT is inapt. Let’s be fair.

            Compare FNC to another individual network or commentator to commentator. Compare the influence of Glenn Beck, for example, to the influence of some unnamed editorialist for the NYT. And wasn’t Glenn Beck instrumental in inspiring the Tea Party movement? You can also compare FNC to individual networks like MSNBC or ABC, or CNN. Yes, the MSM generally does lean Left (how many times will I have to repeat this?), but it is not as homogeneous as you make it out. The MSM comprised newspapers, radio networks, TV and cable networks all throughout the country. Yes, it does generally lean Left (must I say it again?), but it has some strong conservative elements within.

          • Bob Hadley

            One more thing Paul. In the post above I mentioned the news coverage of GW Bush’s DUI/DWI days before the 2000 election. That story was generated by the Gore camp, as I recall. The MSM covered it. Did they over-hype it? Maybe, maybe not. But if the Bush camp had released something comparable about Gore just before the election, I’m almost certain they would have given it comparable coverage. Back then the leading elements of the MSM were generally in the mood for a change.

  • RecknHavic


    As a Palin fan I don’t find her brilliant.. I do however agree w/ her on many,many issues and when i see her attacked I recognize it as an attack on me and my values. I understand that she cannot win (not solely because of the merciless attacks by the MSM) but because she cannot adequately respond to those attacks.

    As far as electability goes, a conservative will win the GOP nomination this time.This won’t be your typical election, anymore than the last mid-terms were typical.

    Still a Goldberg fan, but we don’t see eye to eye on this. But, I won’t call you closed -minded for disagreeing w/ me (wish you were as magnanimous) . I know, it’s a big word and from someone on the hard Right no less.

  • rwilymz

    How about a libertarian?

    I don’t mean a Capital-L Libertarian Party Libertarian who is a closet isolatio-pacifi-anarchist; I mean a REAL libertarian. Gay marriage not because “gay is good” but because saying no violates Equal Protection – and Equal Protection is more important. Kill Obamacare, not because health insurance is The Answer, but because it’s not the job of the feds under any but a hallucinogenic reading of the Constitution. …and if STATES want to make universal health care and go broke to attain it, that’s what the 10thAM is for, Mitt. Knock yourselves out, … at the state level.

    I mean, if you’re going to go for devisive, then go all the way with it and to a degree that, if successful, the nation would actually accomplish something.

  • Paul Courtney

    Bernie, I’m a Sarah fan who hopes you’re right, she does not run in ’12, but uses all this attention to push a fellow conservative ahead of Romney, then Obama. Just want to say thanks for this, you knew you’d catch hell from a chunk of your own fan base but you say it anyway. and we may need to hear it.

  • David Walker

    Bernie, my comment would be if we keep electing these same old established so called conservative Republicans…in 10 years from now the current Democrat Party will now be officially called the Progressive Party. And the current Republican Party will now be known as the Democrat Party.

  • Claude Bullock von Hamchester IV

    Ms. Palin has no chance! Read these numbers and weep, you NASCAR-watching hicks!

    • CCNV

      Maybe she doesn’t have a chance, but she sure gets under your skin, doesn’t she?!? Just mention “Alaska” and your blood boils! hahaha

    • C. Deniston

      And comments like this make all Independents proud not to be called a Democrat. Oh and by the way Obama likes Nascar (or so he says).

  • Al Squantz

    So we should nominate a squish? Why is it that the last time we had a democrat President as bad as Obama, we elected a man that was just as polarizing and polling just as bad as Palin? In the end he seemed to pickup a few of the independent voters and even democrats.

    Compromise and you get people without conviction like McCain, Dole, etc.

    A presidential election is about ideas and leadership. Who among the current crop of the committed could be considered a leader? I’m not seeing anyone. It amazes me that so many in the media I trying to get her not to run. Many of these same people voted for Obama because they wanted “change” and he was the smartest man in the room.

    Who did you vote for, Bernie?

    • Paul Courtney

      Your reference to Reagan brings to mind the word, “affable”. Mind you, I don’t blame SP for being hostile to these people, but RR faced hostile reporters and managed to come across as chummy-eventually wearing alot of ’em out (Dan Rather, Sam Donaldson and a few others nursed the grudge for longer). It’s a rare talent, and I still hope Sarah can learn it.

  • Claude Bullock von Hamchester IV

    Mr. Goldberg makes a brilliant point here. Look at the political scene today: The media is preparing to analyze, line-by-line, some 20,000 emails sent by Mitt Romney years ago. Their motivation is clearly to find something to use against Mr. Romney because (as intelligent folks know) Mr. Romney is an expert on economic matters. For example, did you know that MA ranked 47th of 50 states in job growth during his time as Governor? Did you realize that it was Mr. Romney’s landmark, brilliant healthcare law that spawned our national healthcare reform? Mr. Romney didn’t have to read the bill to find out what was in it, because he wrote it.

    The media is clearly trying to destroy the man who poses the greatest threat to Obama. Why else on earth would they be slogging through 20,000 emails? This is so simple even the idiots who listen to Rush Limbaugh could figure it out.


    CBH IV

  • EddieD_Boston

    I want Palin to win so I can watch Maddow and Mathews have nervous breakdowns on national TV (ok, maybe there are only 100 people watching) on election night.

    Pass the popcorn!

    • T

      The problem with a Palin win is that we’ve already seen how the media intends to treat her. From day one, her administration would be saddled with such vicious attacks that it would inhibit her accomplishments. The media and Palin critics (but I repeat myself) would then say “See, we told you she was incompetent,” even though such incompetency would be much of the media’s own doing.

      I actually think Krauthammer is correct here. She should not run now, but continue to re-make her brand 1) by displaying in depth knowledge where she is thought to be deficient and 2) by continuing her war to neutralize the media as her critics. These are both long-term projects, but both well within her demonstrated capacity.

      • Paul Courtney

        Agreed, distasteful though it is to decide based on what the MSM has done/will do.

        • T

          Distasteful, yes, but isn’t it just the way that pesky “reality” thing works? Such recognition is the difference between Conservatives and utopian Liberals.

      • Ron Kean

        True the MSM is her dedicated enemy. What about this? To my knowledge, our host, Mr. Goldberg was the first to put a crack in the edifice of the MSM with his book Bias. I was a proud member of LGF (at one time) when they, after getting a tip from Powerline, busted Dan Rather. The John Edwards baby story and others including the recent Weiner episode are more cracks.

        Ratings and subscriptions keep going down. Bernie said at the beginning of the MSM elitist controversy that the punishment the MSM may suffer would be irrelevance.

        We conservatives want to see the influence of the MSM diminish. Dams and windshields crack and bust or need to be replaced. Could Palin be the straw that brakes the back of the MSM? Can enough people turn it off or not buy it? Can enough people get angry at Chris Matthews and Bill Maher? If it’s possible to push the MSM over the edge to irrelevance, she might be the one to do it.

  • Jack

    Fifty-two percent (52%) of Likely U.S. Voters say their own views are closer to Sarah Palin’s than they are to President Obama’s, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.

  • Jack

    Sarah Palin’s negatives are the result of nonstop attacks by the MSM and the REP establishment; they have done everything they can to vilify Sarah Palin and her family and created a caricature of her.
    Its this “caricature” people think is the real Sarah Palin.

    And as far as her “electability,” that decision rests with voters, not with those media and establishment voices who are decidedly desperate to shove her off the stage and to shape the 2012 presidential narrative.

    • http://Google Lloyd Olson

      If the people we have elected today are smart, [ they can’t add 2+2 ] Who is it that says that is smart ?
      All things come from Washington DC, [ Smart ? ] or dumb as a rock, ? what would you call it.?
      Governor Palin would say, [ all things do not come from Washington DC, who is smart ? ] Keep money local, let locals take care of local issues, This is Palin , Smart ? is this smart or dumb ? The federal government is all things to all people. ? Smart ? This is what we have today. A, I’ll take from them and give to you ! Smart ? When Palin knows it’s her time you will see quite a lot of her, the USA is lucky we have such people. She came up from her shoe laces and keeps going up, [ Smart ] what would you call it. Just weigh the person, starting from nothing to where she is. Will everyone agree with every thing she say’s. Never in the history of man kind has that happened. Just weigh what she has done, where she has been and where she is going. Palin will get there from what she is.

  • Jack

    The left doesn’t want Sarah Palin to run; they have almost done everything they can to vilify Sarah Palin and her family but despite a massive effort to destroy Sarah Palin, she is still on her feet.

  • brian w.

    Bernie –

    Exactly on target. Very good article. We can only hope Sarah recognizes this herself and is not blinded by the appeal she sees whevever she goes, and listens instead to the legitimate polls and the members of the part. I agree with Krauthammer than she is not broad enough and hasn’t focused her own edification during the past 3 years on international affairs to be a viable candidate.

  • T

    Mr. G,

    I understand the philosophy behind the “Buckley Wing” of conservatism, but I have one basic problem with the approach. If one believes that the second- or third- or fourth-most conservative Republican is the only type of conservative who can win, then one is perennially stuck with voting for the second- or third- or fourth-most conservative republican. In fact, this mostly excludes serious conservatives from even running as one could make the argument that a purer conservative/libertarian could never be elected.

    Here is a question for which I do not have an answer: If we are now at a time where people like Prof. Glenn Reynolds (Prof. of Law, Univ. Tennessee at Knoxville, and Instapundit) are willing to say that they would vote for a “syphilitic camel” (his words) before they would vote for Barack Obama, would this not be the perfect time to advance a more conservative candidate rather than a third- or fourth-level conservative poseur?

    Think about the 2008 election, Obama won by 53% to 47% of the popular vote. Does one really think that Obama’s performance has convinced anyone who initially voted against him to vote FOR him now? I submit that conservatives only have to convince 4 to 6% of former Obama voters to change their mind, and I suspect that Obama has already done that himself. (n.B., I realize that the distribution of those votes vis-a-vis the elctoral college would have to be considered).

    • Paul Courtney

      T, if Prof. Reynolds thinks he can predict the Nov. ’12 voter based on May ’11 polls, I hope for his sake he has tenure. As a hard right conservative who likes Sarah P., and wishes she could be Pres., reality is a bitter pill. I, too, would live for the look on Brian Williams’ face if she won, but she’s not ready to run if she thinks every question from a hostile press is a “gotcha” question. What I think we are seeing is a person who’s good instincts to give a simple answer to a simple question is being overridden by her suspicion of the press. Her suspicion may be well-founded, and it’s fun to watch the press hysterics, but she is not handling them well. If she runs, I’ll support her, but I can’t pretend that she’s a sure winner. Blame the press for her negatives if you like, but if the result is she comes in second to Obama, we’ll have more than four years to regret it.

      • T


        I don’t disagree. I, too, want a Republican who can win (see my reply above to EddieD_Boston @ 11:26), but we must also recognize that the Buckley outlook was formed when Dems were in iron-clad control of both houses of Congress, when Dem programs were accepted virtually without challenge as benefiting the nation, when money was flush and when unions had real power. Things have changed. The question might be have they changed enough?

        • Paul Courtney

          Seems we agree, no, things have not changed enough. You make a fair point, WFB came along when conservative wing of Rep. Party met in a phone booth. He had to build from ground up, conservatives are in much better shape today thanks to him. The whole D. Trump thing shows how anxious some are to see Romney pushed aside, but patience may work. If Bachman, Pawlenty or Perry surge a bit when Newt drops (wait for it…) and Sarah throws her name behind one of them, causing another push, I can live with it (no tingle up leg but) if they can send Obama back to IL. Yes, she could, too, but it’s hard to see how. And consider Newt, who 2 mos. ago could have kept his great Fox gig and the respect of cons, instead he runs for Pres., shoots himself in foot, reloads and shoots self in ass, now where’s he go, Current tv won’t have him. Sarah seems smarter than that (smarter than Prof Gingrich!). I’m recommending patience. Thanks for reading.

          • T


            Yes, patience! What more rigid conservatives need to understand is that this is a long term project. To go from the most liberal president ever to the most conservative ever just feeds into the pundulum swings and sets the conservative up for criticisms of failure if each and every problem is not handled successfully and with aplomb (“Yes, s/he did okay with that, but look at how______ turned out.”). I have no problem with incrementalism, but I hate the thought that this evolution could stop with a pro-Romneycare AGW believer as Mitt claims to be. I want the govt out of my light bulbs and out of my medical care and I’m not sure Romney will provide that after he sets the economy on a better path.

    • Cameron D. MacKay

      T. This is a good post. You may want to read my comments as a Canadian posted above.

      Cameron D. MacKay

  • John In MA

    The media influence on public opinion of Sarah Palin can only push it further in a direction it is already heading. Very few independents that I know change their mind based on the old media. But if they already have a viewpoint, it can be reinforced by what they read and hear.

    I don’t hate Palin, but without all the media attention she would still not be a favorite of many when they hear her speak. Until very recently she was a font of catch phrases and conservative talking points with very little depth.

  • Shirl

    Sarah is simply fighting to keep America, America; showing people what is so great about our country. Doesn’t anyone get that? Not fundamentally change America into a socialist country. She doesn’t mince words. This is the reason for her bus tour; she hasn’t made up her mind whether or not to run. But if she does, she has my vote. The choice for 2012 will be Americanism vs Socialism simple put.

  • http://BernardGoldberg. daryl d duke

    The way I see is the Libs, MSM and the worst of all, the Rep. appasers hate her. She has more smarts in her little pinky then Obozo. Without his hidden sponsers, he would know nada. I can’t stand this moron. The world laughs and the MSM way over.

  • Kathie Ampela

    I agree with another post I saw here..Energy Secretary, Interior Secretary..a right wing Oprah..leader of a conservative feminist movement. I can think of a lot of things Sarah Palin can do that will help the Right, but running for President in 2012 is not one of them. I’ve been following her for 3 years now and remain unconvinced she is ready for higher office. She seems to be in a big hurry, quitting as governor after only 2 years. Not sure common sense is all you need to be commander in chief..policy knowledge is required..she doesn’t seem to have taken the time to learn more.

  • Kat

    So you are not sophisticated if you like Sarah palin. Sir I don’t live in a bubble. I happen to like Sarah palin. You want to know why people truly like her, because she is like the average American. Not a stuck up snob like your average politician. I can’t relate to Obama I can’t relate to Romney or the others. The truth is the country is in dire straits and I worry for my kids future. My husband owns a small business and the economy has severely affected us. What we need is someone who cares about the average American and is willing to change dc before we go bankrupt. I’m sorry but she speaks for the average American. Maybe she isn’t able to win but to continue to belittle and make people feel stupid for liking her is not going to get any other republican elected. For someone that is so stupid she sure has a lot of good ideas.

  • Ron Kean

    This is what primaries are for. All of the numbers of all the polls will play out in the end and Republicans will have a nominee. If she makes it to the end, Republicans will have no choice but to vote for her. The alternative is that bad.

  • Dr Robert L English

    Once again Mr. Golberg you have distilled the obvious even further into digestible terms, Thank you!
    However, I believe that Ms. Palin is placing herself into a position of strength, waiting to see who will become the Republican designate then, throw her support behind that individual. Possibly securing a quid pro quo for a cabinet position if this individual wins. This will enable her to develop the experience that she is lacking in foreign policy, economics, or domestic policy which she will most definitely need. I seriously believe she will make a “run” for the presidency in the future yet, needs more experience to be truly viable. Caveat: This is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong…I am just a dentist!

    • sodakhic

      Yes Dr, you are completely wrong. I’m just a selfemployed business hic from So Dak and I can see she is not looking for a cabinet post. She is a leader. She resigned the governorship to run for President. Get ready folks.

  • manonthestreet

    Benard Goldberg is a total Idiot! Goldberg and O’Reilly are living proof that man once slept with Buffalo.

    • Ron Kean

      Where did you come from?

      • John In MA

        Probably from his basement working for free for Media Matters.

        • Ron Kean

          Actually, the wording, ‘…that man once slept with Buffalo’ gives us a hint. It should be, ‘…that man once slept with the buffalo.’ or, ‘…that men have slept with buffaloes.’

          Either it’s a typo that can happen to anyone of us, or he may be from Eastern Europe, Russia, or some middle eastern country because of the lack of the preposition.

          I think he’s been here before with a different name.

          • JDO

            I believe he’s infering that both Goldberg and O’Reilly slept with the entire city of Buffalo, NY which, frankly, would make even Wilt Chamberlain blush with shame!

    • EddieD_Boston

      What an cogent and well reasoned argument.

      Go back to the Daily Kook. Dope.

  • Terry Walbert

    I think that Sarah Palin can do more good as a conservative force against the Republican Washington establishment. That’s why people like me are waiting to see how Palin is treated.

  • JDO

    I love Sarah Palin. She blew in back in ’08 as a breath of fresh air. She spoke her mind and that mind was conservative. She gave a much needed spark to John McCain’s candidacy … but, really, that was it. For those of us who had McCain as the LAST Republican we would’ve voted for in the primaries, it was nice that at least he chose a new, conservative, exciting running mate. Truth to tell, though, being conservative and running a state for two years might’ve been enough to help spark the hopes of Republicans in ’08, but it’s not nearly enough to spark the hopes of Republicans in ’12.

    We (well, not me) voted in one of the most inexperienced Presidents ever in ’08. Obama was the “feel good” candidate (you can take that however you want). His past didn’t matter. His inexperience didn’t matter. Do we, as Republicans, really want to put our hopes on someone who is, quite frankly, only slightly more experienced than Obama was? Has the Presidency really come to that, a “learn on the job” position?

    Again, I love Sarah Palin. Has any other public political figure been so ridiculed, insulted and, basically, been so treated like dirt by the mainstream media? And yet she has fought through all of that (well, except for quitting as Governor of Alaska, of course) and managed to stay true to herself. I’d love her to run. I’d love her to run for the head of the RNC. But that’s it.

    • Bob Hadley

      If Barrack Obama was a conservative Republican you’d be screaming that no other political figure in the history of the world has been so ridiculed, insulted and trreated like dirt.

      If Sarah Palin were a high profile and influential liberal Democrat, you’d say that she’s a moron and a joke. And you’d lay in on thick.

      • Tim Ned

        Bob, do you truly believe that the MSM has been as hard on Obama as they have been on Palin? Let me play your game:

        If Palin was President and spoke to the recently unemployment rate increases not knowing if it was a short term issue or long term indicator as Obama did, do you believe she would have received a pass on this as Obama?

        Come on, get your head out of the clouds!

        • Bob Hadley

          First, my post wasn’t about bias in political coverage. My post was about the attitudes of hyper-partisans who are policitically correct or resuilt oriented in their assessments of political figures. If they like the views or policies of someone, they’ll typically rave about him and attribute any shortcomings as propaganda-driven or hate. If they dislike his views or policies they’ll find a way to trash him, especially if he’s highly influential.

          Your evasiveness leads me to believe that you know what i said is true.

          Second, don’t be fooled, FNC and certain other conservative news outlets ARE mainstream, i.e., they are part of the MSM. FNC promotes Palin and grates on and is often deceptive (largely by ommission) about President Obama. You can argue that FNC is simply trying to even the scales. But guess what the liberal hyper-partisans say about leftwing bias in the news media?

          You seem to think that right wing double standards are justified because much of the MSM is hard on Palin and soft on Obama (no double entendre intended). What justification do you imagine that left wing ideologues use for their double standards? Left wing ideologues and right wing ideologues need each other for self-justification.

          Were President Obama your guy, i.e. a conservative Republican–presumedly, I bet you and many others on this website would brag about how level headed, brilliqant, decisive, (inspite of popular opinion polls), likeable and down-to-earth he is. Were Gov. Palin a liberal Democrat, I bet you’d say that she’s an arrogant, ignorant, publicity-seeking hillbilly who’s all sizzle and no steak.

          If you’re interested in getting a balanced view of political fact and opinion, you need to get your news from a variety of sources and you need to think critically, even about those with whom you agree.

      • JDO

        Hmmm, let’s see, let me read YOUR mind, Bob Hadley, and tell you exactly what you’d say in different situations. LOL, I love people like you. If this. If that. Telling people what they’d say or not say IF a situation was different. You know everyone else Sooo well. Heh, you crack me up. I cannot even argue with people like you, it’s just an incredible waste of time, just like I know this paragraph will be but, what the heck, I had a free 45 seconds to waste on you. That’ll be it, though. LOL, cracks me up.

        • JDO

          Thanks to a busted printer, I have another 30 seconds to waste on you, Bob Hadley, aren’t you glad? Go back and read my first post again, bonzo, and tell me again how hyper-partisan I am. So hyper partisan about Sarah Palin that I DON’T want her to run for President. Whaaaa? DON’T? Yeah, don’t. If I was as sold on her as the “hyper-partisans” are (your inference), wouldn’t I want her as the leader of the Free World?

          Let’s toss Obama and Palin out of the picture for a moment. Would you agree that George W. Bush was the most reviled and insulted President we’ve ever had? Even the few Democrat and Liberal friends I have agree on that. Let’s see how “non” Partisan you are, Bob Hadley.

          Printer is back working, Will B, er Bob Hadley (sorry, us hyper partisans think you all look the same, our bad). Go to go.

          • Bob Hadley

            I didn’t hear a denial amidst all your yammering. I’ll take it as an admission. BTW, you don’t sound like you’re laughing.

            I read your posts. They reveal quite a bit about your political thinking.

          • Bob Hadley

            I haven’t studied enough presidential history to say who the most maligned pres. we’ve ever had. After all, one newspaper called Abe Lincoln a baboon. But I’d say Pres. GW Bush comes in behind Presidents Clinton and Obama. GW Bush, although subjected to abuse, was never to my knowledge accused of murder and drug pushing. Nor was he told to essentially show his papers like Obama and, when he did show his legal papers, wasn’t told that his legal papers weren’t good enough.

            But, yes, left wing ideologues and rightwing ideologues are similiar in many respects. One difference is that the right wing smear machine is more effective than the leftwing smear machine.

            By hyper-partisan I was refering to almost indiscriminately speaking highly of influential political figures with whom you concur and speaking lowly of influential politiical figures with whom you disagree. Admitting that Palin, although you love her, etcetcetc, is inexperienced hardly makes you less partisan.

            Incidentally, I hope you can overcome your ad hominem remarks and your name calling. it doesn’t make you a very good role model.

  • Terry Walbert

    Sarah Palin has one thing in common Theodore Roosevelt. She could split the Republican Party like TR did in 1912. TR felt he was cheated out of the nomination by the party regulars and ran on the Progressive or “Bull Moose” Party. The result was Woodrow Wilson’s election.

    The party regulars and the WFB wing of the party had better be careful about how they handle Sarah Palin. She could be a great asset in the 2012 campaign because she’s not afraid to attack Obama. If the party establishment craps on Sarah Palin, they will cause many conservatives like me to stay home.

    • JDO

      Theodore Roosevelt? You don’t have to go back that far. Two words: Ross Perot.

      • Bob Hadley

        I remember a respected non-partisan pollster back in the mid-90’s saying that Perot took votes about equally from Democrats as with Republicans. Facts don’t stop partisan talking points, however. A lot of Republicans don’t like taking responsibility for Pres. Clinton victory in ’92. For them, responsibility applies only to those who don’t preach about it.

  • Andrew Brandt

    All conservatives should rally on the eventual Republican nomination I agree. However, let me bring to your attention your article is supportive of the 2008 campaign and exactly why McCain lost to Obama. Surely you had to know that Bernie! There is now a Tea Party and don’t under estimate the change that took place. Palin would be a great: Interior Secretary (drill baby drill and open parks for hunting) or Engergy Secretary.

  • Brian

    Palin will not run. She makes a great living doing what she does and has a fanbase that supports her. Why risk all of that running for an election she will not win?

    • Bruce A.

      My thoughts exactly.

    • C. Deniston

      I agree also.