Some Free Advice for the Republican Field

To be perfectly honest, I’m not crazy about any of the Republicans running for president.   I still think Mitt Romney has the best chance to beat President Obama, but I also think he’s one of those rich guys who’s embarrassed about being rich.    Rick Santorum is a train wreck.  He blames the media for bringing up social issues that he had already brought up.  I could be wrong, but I think deep down, Rick Santorum would like to set up a neat little theocracy here in secular America just to make sure we’re all living moral lives – as he sees it.  I like Newt Gingrich.  I think he’s smart and has some good ideas and would make Barack Obama look silly in a nationally televised debate.  But every now and then he goes off the deep end and someplace along the line I fell out of love with him.  Then there’s Ron Paul, who makes a lot of sense when he’s talking about money, and very little sense when he’s talking about a whole bunch of other things, especially foreign affairs.

That said, I still plan to vote for anyone running against  the person currently occupying the White House.  But what has me worried is that the Republicans have spent entirely too much time belittling each other – all to the benefit, I fear, of Barack Obama.  I understand the reality of the situation – they have to win the nomination before they can run in the general election.  But all the name-calling can’t help the Republican who survives.  You think the Democrats aren’t taking notes – and making video clips – to use in ads once the nominee is picked?

It’s time for the Republicans to knock off the sniping and start running against President Obama.  Here’s what I think they should do — and whoever does will will stand a good chance of winning the hearts of any voter who hasn’t already made up his or her mind:

Tell the American people that this president doesn’t have a clue when it comes to money.  Tell them that he spends and spends and spends to make government bigger and more people dependent on it.  Tell them that he has raised the debt by about $5 trillion dollars since he took office and if he wins re-election things will get worse, that he will have no incentive to stop trying to transform America into something that resembles socialist Europe.  Tell them that when he gets done taxing the “rich” he’ll come after you – the middle class – because he can’t tax the top one percent enough to do everything he wants to do.

Tell them that while we had to go to war in Afghanistan, 10 years (plus) are enough.  Tell them that we beat the Germans and the Japanese in four years, and that we’ve been in Afghanistan way too long.  Tell them we go to war to defend America, not to nation build.  Tell them that 10 minutes after we leave – whenever that is – the Taliban will be back terrorizing the locals, because that’s what terrorists do when the locals are afraid.  Tell them that we as Americans abhor what the religious fanatics in that country do to their people but we will not shed any more American blood to make things better. The Afghan people must do that.  And tell them that if the Taliban or their friends even think about using Afghanistan to stage another attack on America, we will unleash drones on them and when they die they won’t even know what hit them.

Tell the American people that while you don’t care whether they use contraceptives or not, and that you’ll stay out of their way if they decide to have an abortion, tell them that having kids outside of marriage is hurting them, their kids, and their country.  Tell them that having children without being married – according to study after study – will put them and their kids behind the 8 ball; that their kids will likely grow up poor, that they run a higher risk of failing in school and will likely have all sorts of other problems.  Tell the American people that you will use the bully pulpit not to preach morality but to encourage people to think straight – and to stop their dysfunctional behavior.  Tell them that the reason they’re poor is not because someone else is rich, or because America hates minorities or women or anyone else.  Tell them the reason they’re poor is because they do things that make them poor.

Tell the American people that we’re all in this together.  That no longer will half the working population pay absolutely no federal income tax.  Tell them that we are a generous nation that will help the working poor.  But half the country isn’t poor.  So the rest of the American people – the ones who have deductions that reduce their federal income tax rate to zero – will start paying something.  Tell them that if they elect you president, everybody will have skin in the game – and even if they don’t know it now – everybody will be thankful before long.  Nobody really wants to feel like a freeloader.

And finally, tell the American people that Barack Obama rode into office on a promise to bring us together and then made a conscious decision to run for re-election trying to drive us apart.  From now on, you should tell them, there will be no more class warfare, no more pitting Americans against each other based on how much money they have in the bank.

Tell them these are not just words.  Tell them you too have a vision of America and that it is decidedly not Barack Obama’s vision.  Tell them, that with their help, we will feel good about ourselves again, that we will stop apologizing for America’s supposed sins.  And then tell them that if this is not the America they want then they should vote for the other guy.

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  • Dave

    I am amused when ‘cons call it “class warfare” and “divisive” when it comes to the top 1%. Please explain to me how it is not also class warfare and divisive when the ‘cons attack women, unions, public employees, gays, minorities, and all those folks who don’t make enough to pay federal income tax?

  • Diane

    I agree with your assessments on each one. Please tell Gov. Romney that Obama is not out of ideas or whoever is running him. I don’t believe he is an intelligent man. Just look at what happens everytime his prompter quits or he goes off script. Remember what brought about the beer drinking in the Rose Garden; mis-pronouncing corpsman twice in the same speech; he was in all 57 states; and what he says when he thinks the cameras are off. We should be playing what Nancy Peloski said about signing Obamacare and Charlie Rangel saying “we make the rules up as we go along.” Are these the kind of people we want leading our country? Or destroying it?

  • Queen Aleta Parker

    I hope you put those comments from the left on media or can you?. I just saw you for a few seconds on Fox as I was busy doing other things.
    If you can’t, if I get the info. I will put it on. The ones calling Sarah Palin names and other conservatives.

  • David R. Zukerman

    I’d like to have Gov. Romney’s view of the advice in the first half of Federalist No. 57 provided by James Madison for our political leaders. This, of course, would mean that Republicans would have to agree to a debate moderated not by a leftwinger but by someone familiar with the key documents in our founding legacy. I think lots of conservatives are puzzled why Republican candidates (would it be more accurate to call them presidential officeseekers) agree to be the targets of leftwing (there is nothing liberal about “liberals) muckthrowers. Actually, I’d like to have the views of all presidential candidate on the ideas found in the first half of Federalist No. 57. Leftists probably would not find Federalist No. 57 to be of current value — but then, this document opens with implied criticism of the aristocroatic mindset, and what are leftists if not
    neo-aristocrats — that is, quoting from No. 57: people seeking the “ambitious sacrifice of the many, to the aggrandizement of the few.”

    Leftists are hardly post-modern, given their pre-1776 economic mindset. This mindset does, I submit, explain their distaste for the U.S. Constitution–an anti-aristocratic charter if there ever was one (to the extent of even banning aristocratic titles!).

  • Randy

    Give me a break. No one is running against Obama right now because they are running against each other, so of course it’s personal and not really pretty to look at. But what do you think Obama is going to do to the eventual nominee?

    I like Newt’s ideas but he will self-immolate if he gets the nomination. And this hope to see him tearing up Obama in a debate is a pipe dream. Obama is many things but he is not ignorant and he will maybe debate Newt once, if at all, and the press he has in his pocket will give him a pass on that as always.

    Santorum will be crucified by the press with every thing he ever said of a religious connotation. Obama won’t have to take anything out of context to twist and use against him, the press will do that for him.

    And neither of these two has the ability to run a national campaign. Cherry picking a state here and there isn’t going to get it done.

    An Paul? Sorry dude, the Paul-bots need to get their hard drives reformatted. Paul is running to be relevant. He would actually be even more dangerous on foreign policy than Obama.

    Which leaves Romney. The only guy with a national campaign. The only guy without a semi-load of baggage or potentially inflammatory statements. And the only guy with the money to defeat the Obama machine. Don’t like everything he’s done. Don’t like everything he’s said. But he understands money. He’s done his homework on foreign policy. He’s had leadership experience, and he has a 1000% greater chance of being a successful president than the man sitting in the chair right now. He at least knows how to clean up a mess and that is what he is going to inherit. Not the problems Obama got from Bush, but a class A mess courtesy of the nutso liberal left and Obama’s lead from behind administration.

  • Debbie2

    I am currently living overseas. The behavior of the Republican candidates is a complete embarrassment. I have always voted Republican, but the “anyone but Obama” mantra is ringing a bit hollow when I look at this dismal bunch. Gingrich is great but you’re right, he goes off the deep end so forget that. Santorum is Santorum, enough said. Romney is whatever you want him to be on the day, would the real Mitt Romney please stand up! (problem is he can’t because no-one would recognize him) Paul makes sense to a point…from that point onwards, oh dear. So there you have it. Unless there is someone better going to put there hand up, “anyone but Obama” is just not going to seal the deal. Disgusted.

    • Michael

      What does “currently living overseas” have to do with being embarrassed about the behavior of Republican candidates, or anything else going on in the United States?

      I also live overseas and I talk politics – American and host nation – with locals every day, and I haven’t felt more or less of anything, unless it’s an occasional reminder of how fortunate I am to come from a country in which we have our little fights among ourselves through the media and the ballot box rather than in the streets with bullets and Molotov cocktails and the occasional rocket-propelled grenade, and where anyone, ANYONE, from whatever background, has a shot at the top political office if they want it bad enough. The truth is, in all my years of working and living overseas, I haven’t found many other countries where that can really happen.

      As always, the primary emotion I feel when I’m overseas for any length of time is an increased appreciation for what my country has offered me, and for the genius – that’s right, the genius – of our Founding Fathers and our constitution, and even for the sometimes quirky people who dare to ask us to let them represent us.

      Seriously, what exactly are you embarrassed about?

      • Debbie2

        I raised the fact I am overseas because obviously the coverage I am seeing is the same coverage the rest of the world is seeing of the current contenders.

        I made it quite clear what I found embarrassing, and that is the behavior and negativity of the 3 leading contenders. They have called each other every name under the sun, and seem far more interested in telling everyone how bad the other guy is. Where is the dignity?

        I have know idea why you would want to compare the US with the most extreme situations of Molotov cocktails, rocket-propelled grenades and bullets in the streets. Clearly I pick my destinations a little more carefully than you, as I have not yet come across such violence on my travels. And oddly enough in Australia, where I am currently, they too enjoy a healthy democracy without blood in the streets.

        If you are happy with the standards exhibited by the top 3, then it is little wonder the party I respect and admire is in so much trouble.

        • Michael

          “I made it quite clear what I found embarrassing, and that is the behavior and negativity of the 3 leading contenders. They have called each other every name under the sun, and seem far more interested in telling everyone how bad the other guy is. Where is the dignity?”

          Where is your sense of history? American political campaigns have almost always been marked by name-calling and dirty tricks, and every campaign season the puffers who pass as experts wail and gnash their teeth about how “this is the dirtiest it’s ever been,” when in fact, it’s usually not. Moaning about how dirty it is is not as intellectually challenging or as good for ratings as putting it in historical context.

          I understand your point about how people in other countries perceive the US through the news, but I still don’t think it’s anything to be embarrassed about. In fact, I’ve encountered many people from other countries over the years who are amused and even fascinated by it, and see it as one of our strengths that we can have those campaign battles and then move on.

          “the party I respect and admire is in so much trouble.” I think the trouble of the GOP has less to do with the people in the ring than the gutless wonders who were afraid to take on an incumbent President. At least the ones who are in there now, and the ones who dropped out, had enough guts to get in the fight.

          “Clearly I pick my destinations a little more carefully than you”

          Clearly you are unfamiliar with the concept of people going where they’re needed, since it apparently didn’t even cross your mind.

          As for that “healthy democracy without blood in the streets” you’re living in . . . be sure to overcome your embarrassment long enough to go down and welcome the US troops they’ve asked to come down and help protect them. Can’t blame that one on Republicans, either. That’s an Obama/Clinton deal. Democrats using American troops like a bunch of imperialists. What’s the world coming to? 😉

          • Debbie2

            Firstly about American political campaigns being dirty, no argument there, but I am not alone in observing that this blood letting going on between the Republican candidates has reached a level not seen before, talk about devouring your own. I also think it rather unfortunate that people from other countries are, as you put it, “amused” by our political shenanigans. It suggests somewhat childish behavior, so probably about right at the moment.

            Secondly…”Clearly you are unfamiliar with the concept of people going where they’re needed, since it apparently didn’t even cross your mind.”..your implication was that there are few places outside of the US that enjoy a healthy democracy without blood on the streets, not true. I have traveled extensively, the world is not as scary as you would like the “untraveled” to believe.

            I can also assure you the Australian people are not needing “protection” by US troops. The US is very “keen” to maintain their presence in the South Pacific. As a well traveled individual I am certain you understand why.

            Finally, it is rather misleading, although no doubt effective from the point of view of your argument, to suggest I am embarrassed by all things US. Being embarrassed by the conduct of a small group of individuals is in no way indicative of any wider embarrassment. If however they were embarrassed by their own conduct, then we would probably be better off. The’top 3′ are dismal, it is inescapable.

  • Wiley Jones

    I registerd to vote on my 18th. birthday in GA,the only state at the time that alowed 18 year olds to vote, We had never heard of a republican at that time.The dirty Chicago form has turned me off.I will vote for any one to bring THIS great nation back to what we all LOVE.

  • talers

    Why limit ourselves to the less-than-stellar Republican -OR- Democrat candidates running for office? None of them represent what our country requires.

    I don’t understand why 300M people can’t make a better choice. Buddy Roemer, for example. His platform, plans and position on issues are a way better fit for what the U.S. needs right now. Roemer has been a governor, a congressman, and a business man. He is moderate, pragmatic, brilliant (admitted to Harvard at age 16, earning an Economics degree and a MBA), and in touch with the common man (the billion dollar bank he founded took ZERO bailout money and foreclosed on ZERO homeowners). He is an honest politician with no skeletons in his closet, and no billionaire funding his campaign. He’s entitled to a congressional pension (from the four terms he served there), but doesn’t accept it. He wants what’s best for America, and if you do too, you’ll at least learn more about him as he will be on the Ballot in November along with the eventual Republican nominee and President Obama.

  • Peggy

    Goldberg for president!

  • wally

    I agree with the second half of your article that lists the things that should be said. However, these should be left for the real one on one with the current President. Your first half doesn’t do anything for me. I liked Russ Limbaugh’s comments today which I cannot repeat accurately but its something like the following. Russ said why is everyone hung up on some sound bites in that they don’t mean anything. He said does anyone really believe that Santorum is going to come into your bedroom to check if you use birth control measures? Are women really concerned that Newt will be against women because he has been married a number of times? Will people really care if Mitt wife has 2 Cadillacs? None of these type of things are going to make any difference in how we will vote. The left is going to vote for President Obama regardless of who the republicans nominate. One would think that the independents are a savvy bunch who examine all the candidates and pick their choice based on facts. I don’t think so. They are as stupid as the rest of us. If they choose President Obama after all the failures he has instituted, my suspicions will be correct. Wayward Democrats will do the same as the rest of us who see the President for what he is.

  • Ralph M. Hahn

    I fear that if the remaining Republicans in the Presidential Sweepstakes go beyond next Tuesday still sniping at each other, Team Obama will win again in November.

    The only shot the GOP will have in the Fall is for a Dark Horse to emerge. The Lib/Dems have made some of the potential Dark Horses national jokes already, thanks to their fellow travelers in the media.

    I’d vote for Mike Huckabee when my state’s primary comes along in June, as I did four years ago. Chris Christie is my second choice, but then again, he is my Governor and New Jersey still needs him to straighten-out our State. Christie is still a man young enough to wait another 4, 8 or 12 years to run for Presidency and keep building his record as a Chief Executive on the State level.

  • robin in fl

    Mr Golberg,..why did you not run for president ???? you say EVERYTHING in this piece that should be said.YOU said how SO many feel.If only you had run and said just what you said here, we know the person who is now in office would be leaving soon.

    • kayakbob

      Exactly…and Mr. Goldberg communicates these ideals (not ideas) in plain ‘ol everyday common man english.

      I tend lean toward Romney but here, in Ohio, he did it again today! When he should be just expressing himself in plain spoken english, he gets into the weeds of his health plan. I felt like I was listening to Al Gore, “….well, on page 487, paragraph 3 of my 1998 Health proposal you will see a Pert chart…blah, blah, blah..yap, yap, yap”.

  • Shane

    Romney is the best of the bunch, and he has the best chance of beating Obama. Santorum is just a nasty, intolerant guy who is hurting the Republican party with his extremist views on contraceptives. The sooner Santorum drops out, the better the chances that Romney defeats Obama in November.

  • Jeannette

    One more thing, Bernie:

    No more apologizing. No more groveling. No more kow-towing. No more prostration before savages. No more insults to Israel. (That all sort of goes together.)

  • Jeannette

    Bernie — right on all counts. I will say my favorite candidate is Romney; however, I’ll vote for any Republican running against the present guy.

    I am sick of trying to break up fights among savages; if they want to have a civil war that lasts until doomsday, that’s okay with me. I want out of it. And if said savages decide to descend upon this country, let them have it from all sides before they even get close enough to see the curve of planet earth.

    There’s the idea, too, of bunker-busting them to kingdom come, which I’ve thought more and more recently might not be a bad idea — that’s in case they get out of line with us.

    And not one more red cent to those savages. Not for food, not for medical care, not for anything. I’m sick of coddling savages, and that includes building soccer fields for caged savages. And no more money for their poppy fields, either.

    I could go on and on.

    • Drew Page

      Well said Jeannette. When I think of the money and lives this country has wasted trying to get scumbags to like us I want to retch. We won WWII in four years. We have been in Afghanistan for 10. Nobody wants to call it nation building, but if it’s not that, what the hell is it? Bin Laden is dead. We killed a lot of Taliban, but we are never going to kill all of them, or all of al Quaeda, because you can’t kill an idea. We are dealing with people who are quite happy living in the stone age and they don’t take kindly to Westerners telling them they need to be like us. We need to get the hell out and leave Afghanistan to the locals. That goes for the rest of the Middle East as well. Let’s get our oil from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Let Iraq, Iran, Libya and Venezula sell their oil to China. We then tell the Middle East that any acts of terrorism against the U.S. will result in our turning their country into a glass parking lot.

      • Jeannette

        Agreed, Drew Page. From 0’s first apology until his most recent, he has made me perfectly nauseated. I don’t really give a rodent’s hindquarters whether those savages over there like us or not. I could not possibly care less.

        We can drill, baby, drill, and we can save a drill for them, too, for all I care.

  • Bill Hurdle

    While I certainly like the explanations of why President Obama has overseen an unsatisfactory Administration, I think it is completely unnecessary for Mr. Goldberg to profess his dislike for the field of candidates. He is in fact doing the same sniping for which he critizes the candidates. It would have been quite clear to suggest that it would be more effective to criticize President Obama as opposed to taking pot shots at each other.

    • Debbie2

      By accepting this poor field of candidates, you are effectively endorsing these guys as the best you would expect to see. It is time for Republicans to stand up and demand better. When Jeb Bush states “I thought I was a conservative” after listening to the debates….you know you have a problem.

  • Will Swoboda

    I nominate Bernie Goldberg for POTUSA. I think the nominee should repeat this word for word and if people don’t like it then vote for Obama.
    Thank you,

  • Teresa V.

    Excellent article. I could’t agree more! It’s too bad that Newt goes off the deep end sometimes, otherwise, he is the antithesis of what Obama stands for. The fact that Romney is of the 1% will surely be used against him by Obama’s class warfare campaign.

    • Bob

      Everyone in the race including Obama is in the one %

  • Drew Page

    Excellent article Bernie. I agree with all the recommendations you advise the Republican candidates to follow.

    I too discourage Republicans from attacking each other, but this is a two-sided coin. The remaining primary candidates are conservative, they agree that Obamacare should be repealed, that we need more domestic oil and gas production and that the tax code should be revised to stimulate the economy and job growth. With the exception of foreign policy, all the candidates seem to agree on most issues. Since none of these candidates would be keen to reveal things about themselves that could be perceived as negative, and since we can’t trust the MSM to objectively vet these candidates, the only way we learn about what may be considered negatives are for the candidates to dig up instances where their opponents’ past actions vary from the positions they espouse during the primary campaigns.

    No one vetted the current President and look what we wound up with.

  • Dave O’Connor

    Romney left no coat-tails in the Bay State; frankly he tucked even those in. He left the GOP in worse state as he compromised many GOP supporters for his Democrat supporters. He laid his supporting GOP by a tree and let it die. He bequeathed it to a social climbing ‘Whusa Hyphen-Hyphen’ who conducted the rite of burial.
    Surely, my vote will be for the Republican candidate for the sake of the Country. But, I want that man to be supported when he gets in.
    It’s a chilly place, that White House, if your logs are cut off. I’ll vote for the man who can prove he can lead a country, but maintain, coach and lead a team.
    Frankly, I’m not that keen either in the team-building of the other candidates as well. The most statemanlike, I see, is not running.
    The idea of using a Rubio as a ‘Santa Maria’ receiver to carry a Spanish vote to a TD can easily be compromised by NM Gov. Richardson. (And, if there’s a change in the ticket, where would a strategist make it?)
    Romney, though confident is a sterile stiff, Gingrich ties with Obama in petchulance, Santorum might have his catechism in down rote, but little else, and … OH, Yes, Rag…Ron Paul… back to the Character Actors Guild.

    • Bob

      Stiff… Boring … Determined … Organized … Cut and trim … Funded … Supported … Endorsed, endorsed, endorsed is much closer to model for success in DC then hated, penny-less, despised and rejected!

  • IndependentLasVegas

    The only way the republicans win the whitehouse and control the senate is if gas hits $6-$8 a gallon.

    This weak group of candidates the GOP put up and pushed is the reason we need a 3rd party.

    Romney winning a debate against Obama,please!
    Romney stumbles and trips over simple media questions.

    • taxexpert

      I am not sure how a 3rd party candidate would help. All it has done in the past is split the Republican vote. That is how Bush, the elder lost to Clinton. Perot split the vote.

    • Glen Stambaugh

      Romney is actually very consistent and “presidential” in debates. As some commentator said, “he could teach classes in getting A- debate performance… never has the best line, but always does very well.”

  • Bill Coffey Sr.

    BERNIE AND ALL OF HIS ADMIRES NEED TO WAKE UP. First of all everything you offer to us poor non educated out of the so called Washington loop, are the reasons why the TEA Party was formed. We do not need to have any candidate running against Obama tell us why we need to vote against him. The right wing base will elect the next president if they get out and vote. Newt and to some degree Rick will bring them out. Bernie, it seems that you are obsessed with fear about this country turning into a ‘Theocracy’ you know an imitation of what our Constitutional Republic was, sort of like Jefferson and Washington imagined and accomplished back when Harvard was a divinity school. It seems that you would almost prefer a Socialist State like we now have where people are not allowed to have Bible class in their own homes. Almost one half of the country are content to live off big brother and some of them even vote that way. More then 50% of the so called independents are conservative leaning and they know what you do not seem to and that is Obama is more radical then all of the 3 Republican Candidates, (cross out Ron). Lastly I can not understand why you small minded Washington insiders think that Romney is our best chance to beat Obama. A large segment of the base are Christians who are very uncomfortable with having to choose between a Mormon or a Muslim for President. Yet you fear a Christian turning this country in to a Theocracy. Open up that bigoted brain and respond to the following. Obama and Biden or Clinton, VS, Romney and Ran Paul or Newt and Allen West. Obama’ needs every black vote to win next November. Mormonism’s dogma and history are extremely hostile toward the Black Race. Black voters will have strong incentives to not stay home but will make every effort to vote against Romney.

    • Glen Stambaugh

      Bill, if you’re counting on the black vote to turn Obama out of office, you don’t have a prayer. Righteousness is its own reward and does not need to be cloaked in religious context for all to see that. Find all the common ground values that many classes of voters can share. We all win.

      • Bill Coffey Sr.

        Glen, I wish it were so but…… we found common ground with both creation and evolution being taught is schools now we cant teach Bible in our own homes. we found common ground in abortion with the first trimester and now we kill the baby outside the mothers womb if it survives. Top 10 reasons Obama voted against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act
        10. Babies who survive their abortions are not protected by the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution.
        9. A ban to stop aborted babies from being shelved to die would be burdensome to their mothers. She alone should decide whether her baby lives or dies.
        8. Wanting to stop live aborted babies from being shelved to die was all about politics.
        7. There was no proof.
        6. Aborting babies alive and letting them die is a doctor’s prerogative.
        5. Anyway, doctors don’t do that.
        4. Aborting babies alive and letting them die is a religious issue.
        3. Aborting babies alive and letting them die violates no universal principle.
        2. Sinking Born Alive was simply about political oneupsmanship.
        1. The IL Born Alive Infant Protection Act was a ploy to undercut Roe v. Wade. Two other side notes, #1, Bernie brought up Religion with his fear of this nation becoming a theocracy if a Christian were elected. #2, I was not counting on the black vote turning Obama out of office i was exposing Mormon dogma about blacks. By the way the definition of righteousness is “acting in accord with divine or moral law : free from guilt or sin”

  • Mitch


    Republicans have got reams of video to take care of President Obama in the fall too. Your points are well taken; however, I am confident the baby boomers will vote in droves (even the ones who previously voted for the president). That will make the difference. Regardless of what the Democratic strategy is in November, there are not enough people for them to vote because they don’t have a job, can’t afford gas, and probably don’t even have a car to get to the polls. Let’s restore America!!!

    • Michael

      “there are not enough people for them to vote because they don’t have a job, can’t afford gas, and probably don’t even have a car to get to the polls”

      That’s never stopped them before. Ever heard of “walking around” money? The logistical prowess of the Democrat “get out the vote” effort is an exercise in guerrilla warfare.

  • RecknHavic

    Sounds like a ringing endorsement of Mitch Daniels.

    And I second it!

    • Dave O’Connor

      Nothing like a statesman-like figure to renew the role of the President of the United States, I vote with your second, ‘Reckn’.
      And, Daniels has won his following the hard way. He earned it.
      His comments on the “State of the Union” were clearly more accurate than Obama’s harangue; without being so partisan that they were alienating.

  • Vernon

    I like a lot of what your saying. But when it comes to moral issue’s your just not understanding where Rick Santorum is coming from.
    When was the last time you actually was in a hight school? Kids are doing stuff today that when I was in school back in the 70’s it was unspeakable…there seems to be no boundaries..what ever feels good for you do it.
    I would like to hear some of your wisdom on this issue. You have so much on all the other issue’s of today.

  • Bette Hayes

    I think until it’s one on one with the Prez, all of the candidates should keep away from tipping their hand as to what they’ll attack him on in the final debates. Why give him time and energy to build his defense? He’s a very clever debater as we saw in the last contest and he sure doesn’t need a one-up on our present candidates. I totally agree with Mr. Goldberg’s assessmemnt of the men we have to choose from…totally!

    • Nancye

      I think until it’s one on one with the Prez, all of the candidates should keep away from tipping their hand as to what they’ll attack him on in the final debates. Why give him time and energy to build his defense?

      (((He’s a very clever debater)))

      as we saw in the last contest and he sure doesn’t need a one-up on our present candidates. I totally agree with Mr. Goldberg’s assessmemnt of the men we have to choose from…totally!


      Yes – just as long as he has a teleprompter

  • Glen Stambaugh

    Bravo, Bernie!! Are you running, because you just secured my vote!!

  • Robert A. Hall

    I shareyour pain, Bernie. Is it too late to give Huntsman or Pawlenty another look? I remain unconvinced that Santorum won’t take us to a bad defeat, due to a focus on the wrong issues and his personal arrogance. I love Newt one day, shudder at him the next. Maybe he could be Romney’s designated debater versus Obama’s teleprompter. Paul’s defeatist foreign policy would be a disaster and he would get destroyed in the election. So I guess I’m left with Romney, despite his lack of passion and my concern about his ability to make the incredibly tough decisions needed if we are to turn the country back from the brink. Early voting is open here in Illinois, but I’m not feeling driven to get to the polls. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    All royalties go to help wounded veterans
    For a free PDF of my book, write tartanmarine(at)

    • Bette Hayes

      Excellent, Robert

  • Jamal

    “Tell the American people that this president doesn’t have a clue when it comes to money.”

    He’s never made money.

    He has gone to school and worked as a community organizer. He gave away scads of money to his radical friends (Woods Fund). He has also held public office. And, at the ripe old age of 45 he finished his second autobiography.

    Gave money away. Rabble roused. Held office. Wrote 2 books about himself. That’s pretty much it.

  • Ken Besig, Israel

    Mitt Romney is running for President right now, and he is also running for the GOP nomination. This is why Mitt’s campaign is so low key, moderate, and less conservative than the others, Mitt knows that in the general election he will certainly get the GOP and conservative votes anyhow, and he wants to remain popular with independents. Contrast this with Newt, Santorum, and Paul. These guys are all just trying to get the GOP nomination so they say things that appeal to the most hyper conservatives and uber evangelicals in the GOP base, but sadly a lot of what they say is off putting to independent voters and Reagan Democrats.
    Mitt Romney is in the race to win both the GOP nomination and the election. He doesn’t want to be so extreme and radically conservative that he hands Obama another four years.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Common sense presented in strong, bold language is the best strategy for the GOP..explain to the electorate the folly of socialism:

    But in the end, will it win out over “fairness?”

  • cmacrider

    Bernie: Why don’t you loan the candidates John Daly as a speech writer. He seems to have captured the essence of Obama in his “Great Pretender” post on this website.

    • Michael

      I worry that Republicans don’t have a deep enough talent pool from which to draw when it comes to campaign staff. It seems they must have a room full of snot-nosed kids who still think cheesy platitudes or – even worse – insults, are the way to motivate people to vote for their candidate.

      I wrote to one of the campaigns after receiving their standard “don’t let the establishment choose” emails. I asked if they realized how many Republican primary voters they insulted with that email.

      It may sound good to say the establishment chose Dole, McCain, etc., and that the reason your candidate isn’t winning is because the establishment is pushing someone else, but the fact is, Republican primary voters ultimately make the choice. The establishment may want and may promote a certain candidate, but only the voters can decide whether that candidate wins.

      To send out emails that imply that any of us who voted for a so-called establishment candidate were simply too stupid to make our own decision . . . well, it does not endear me to the candidate on whose behalf that email was sent. For the life of me, I don’t understand why those campaign “pros” don’t see it. Maybe I got it right in my first paragraph.

      • Ron Kean

        The ‘…pool from which to draw…’

        It’s a pity that feelings are hurt so much and a primary can cause so much animosity between Republican contenders. Otherwise Santorum could be a great HHS secretary, Gingrich a great VP, and Paul Sec of Treasury.

        And Goldberg…Press Secretary. I’d love to see that.

        • Kathie Ampela

          Excellent choices Ron, I agree. I’d pay real money to see Bernie as Press Secretary..and don’t forget John Bolton as Secretary of State 😉

  • Wil Burns

    Did anyone else see Bernie on the Bill O’Reilly Show last night? He looks 10 years younger.

    • ph16

      Wow, Wil actually saying something nice about Bernie? What has the world come to? 😉

  • Lloyd Wilson

    I want the Republicans to grow a set of stones and get out of bed with the LEFT.

    We are sick to death of the corrupt, established government that we put our trust in for so many years.

  • John Oines

    I agree Bernie, Romney is the best bet. I don’t agree with you assessment of Ron Paul, however. He’s probably too old for the job. What he has done, that won’t go away, is set fire to libertarian thinking in Americans. Most young people are for Ron Paul as are most active duty soldiers. Small, less intrusive government is the way of the future, if the US is to survive in a form most people from around the world have admired in the past.

  • Phil

    The American public wants big government, Bernie. We’ve become a nation of looters and moochers. And when we finally go bankrupt, the public will blame the evil, rich Republicans. What difference does it make who we run for president?

  • Ron Kean

    Goldberg for President.

    • Michael

      And Prelutsky for VP. And if between the two of them they find a place in the Cabinet for Daly and Salazar, more the better. 😉

      • Michael

        I take that back. I want Burt to have a real job. Make him SecDef.

        • Wil Burns

          I suggest a factory job for Burt. A little hard labor might change some of his views about working people, in America.

          • cmacrider

            Wil: I read most of Burt’s posts. I don’t recall him criticizing working people … he may have chastised those who don’t want to do an honest days work … which may be why he is so down on Obama.

          • Glen Stambaugh

            The old “reeducation camp” approach. Not original and wouldn’t change his mind either.

          • Jeffreydan

            Unless you plan on cowering yet again, why don’t you act unlike a liberal for a moment and provide examples of Burt’s questionable views about working people, Wil?

  • Stanley Yanis

    I agree 100% with your article Mr. Goldberg. They should go after Pres Obama and reveal his failed policies to date. Semper Fi and carry on.