The October Surprise

Looks like we just got the October Surprise.  The unemployment rate dropped below 8 percent.  It’s down to 7.8.

Normally, that number would be considered terrible news for any incumbent seeking re-election.  But compared to 10, 9, or 8 percent … anything starting with a 7 looks good by comparison, especially this close to Election Day.

So, in this cynical age in which we live, the new number raises a question:  Is it real or was it rigged by Mr. Obama’s henchmen to take the stench off of his debate performance?  No less a giant in the world of business – and a widely respected one at that — than former GE CEO Jack Welch tweeted this:

“Unbelievable job numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

Yes, Welch supports Mitt Romney and is no fan of Barack Obama, but still … this isn’t some right-wing screwball roaming the dark corners of the Internet.  This is JACK WELCH.

So let’s take a look at the numbers:

Without sinking too deep in the weeds, there are two ways to measure employment and unemployment – the Household Survey and the Establishment Survey.

Total employment as measured by the Household Survey rose by 873,000 in September, the biggest jump since June 1983.  But the Establishment survey rose by only 114,000 in September.

So if you’re selling old toasters and combs on eBay because you haven’t been able to find a real job for the past year and a half … you’re considered employed.

That doesn’t mean Jack Welch is right, that the numbers were rigged, but it does mean unemployment is a lot worse than the 7.8 number indicates.

But don’t expect too much nuance – or honesty – from President Obama’s most loyal supporters … so-called mainstream journalists.  They will do PR for him and put the most favorable Obama spin on the new number.  I won’t be shocked if I see a headline that screams “Economy Roars, Recovery Arrives, Just in Time for the Election”

As for Team Obama, they have already embarked on their post-debate strategy.  One day after the debacle in Denver, Mr. Obama’s political hit man David Axelrod summoned reporters to a conference call and said Romney is a liar who will say anything to get elected.  That was supposed to explain why Romney came off as the winner.  It’s not that Romney performed better, or that he had better arguments, or that President Obama’s answer to every question was more government. No,  Romney was a liar.  That’s why it looked like he did well.

Yes, it’s pathetic.  But reporters will be fact-checking every syllable Romney utters from here on out to confirm that he is indeed a liar.  If Romney tells supporters, “I’m glad to be here with you in Ohio today,” the press corps will investigate.

But I suspect we only witnessed the first October Surprise.  The other one, I think, will be coming very soon.  It will be a drone that hits the terrorists who killed our ambassador and three others in Libya.  I’m all for drones that kill terrorists.  But when Axelrod said Mitt Romney will do anything to get elected, this was a psychological slip.  He was really talking about Barack Obama.

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  • feddup

    When are we going to hear what the “adjusted” unemployment figure is for September?  California was “oops” omitted from the September number of 7.8% for submitting their report late, if at all. We Californians are in terrible shape with our leftist legislature stifling business, spending addictively, and demanding higher taxes.  California must have a deal with Obama to keep our unemployments stats out of the national calculation, in exchange for federal bailout of our bankrupt state.  Oh, maybe I’m just suspicious because I live in Stockton, and our government is so corrupt.

  • John nazzaro

    It would be interesting to do a comparative analysis of historic data points. In June 1983 as an example-with the recovery in full bloom-all data points were collaboratively up. This time only the household survey was an outlier: virtually everything else was down or flat. While not conclusive, this absence of collaborative data does lend credence to Welch’s assertion that someone had his thumb on the scale.

  • Dr. Rich Stiso

    Just saw Obama’s new Big Bird ad. It’s bad enough that he wastes the taxpayer’s money, but to waste money that came from donors, especially small donors, for an ad like this, is inexcusable. The ad may be funny but it’s not going to make anyone change their vote. I’m not surprised though. Think Solyndra!

  • Cynthiawww

    We all know the unemployment numbers are much higher, many have given up looking for jobs, and many have taken part time $12 an hour job.   The unemployment numbers for blacks are at 13% (sure it’s hight, too) but it doesn’t matter most blacks voting for Obama, but not as many out campaigning for President. The enthusiasm is up for Romney. 

  • Bai-shan

    Bill Jay made this comment on cnbc squawk box:

    “I have a question for Squawkbox regarding the unemployment report. I understand the break even jobs number is around 150,000 per month. I also understand that the unemployment rate, jobs number & workforce participation rate must correlate mathematically. With a .3 drop in unemployment and a jobs report almost 50,000 under the break even point, I expected to see a decrease in the workforce participation rate by at least .1 (if not .2). Instead, it went up by .1?!? I always thought 1+1+1=3. In this case it doesn’t. A recent study was published in Bloomberg that stated in order to reduce our unemployment rate from 8% to 6% over a 2 year period, we would need to create 324,000 jobs per month. If you recalculate this to how many jobs would move the unemployment by .1 at a time, it would come out to around 408,000 jobs in a one month period of time. For that .3 movement on the unemployment rate, that would be about 1.2 million jobs. Since there were only 114,000 jobs in September, that leaves close to 1.1 million jobs to account for. If the workforce participation rate dropped by close to .2, that would account for it. Because it went up instead by .1, we seem to not be accounting for about 1.5 million displaced workers that just disappeared somewhere. I saw Steve Leeseman’s accounting, but he didn’t talk about the workforce participation component. Can anyone explain all these missing workers that weren’t accounted for in those numbers”

  • Phil

    Oh, Bernie, you’re just saying this because you’re a racist. Or, at least, that’s all the Left has left to say any time someone criticizes The One. Isn’t it wonderful that everything has to be dumbed down to a fourth-grade level to make sense to the “common man” today?

  • Search4Truth

    7.8% unemployment on GDP of 1.3% growth?  Hmmm.  BLS should have gone through the statistical report on unemployment and find out where the flaws are.  Definitely something is wrong with the methodology.   It’s just not believable.   Credible economic analysts will have more realistic unemployment of about 10% with a GDP of 1.3%.   I don’t expect ordinary citizen to understand the theories in economics but ranking public officials and economic analysts/journalists defending the 7.8% rate is immoral.   

  • Kurt B

    just as it was “evident” the attack on our consulate was a terrorist attack, reluctantly and finally admitted by the Obama spokesman Jay Carney, it is also “evident” that Obama and his team will do ANYTHING to re-elect the President. they are now coming out and directly calling Gov. Romney a liar. the only lies i’m hearing are coming from the Obama administration.

  • Geraldodell

    These numbers are chicago lies,,,, unemployment is 18 to 23% ,,, is there anyone that believes oscumba won’t do anything to keep the big airplane and  helicopter,,,oscumba wants to be world king,,, he thinks he really is the anointed one,,,

    • George – CPA

      You are right.  The way unemployment is calculated is misleading; but, it is the same methodology that was used when President George Bush was in office.

      When President George Bush left office, the true unemployment rate was at 18% to 23% or higher.  So what is your point?  Are you just too stupid to understand that?

      Thanks to Bush’s deregulation of banks, not funding two wars, and giving trillion dollar tax breaks to his wealthy friends, which also benefited his family – which should be illegal – we had the greatest recession since the depression, which finally after almost 4 years of very hard work, President Obama is fixing.  

      The mess created by Bush in 8 years will take 20 years or more to fix; but, it will never be fixed unless mega corporations are forced to bring back over 20 million jobs that have been outsourced to third wold toilets, and the Plutocracy pays its fair share of income taxes; since they own 93% of all wealth, they should pay at least 90% marginally of all income they earn.

      What President Obama needs to do next is to force the mega corporations to bring back over 20 million jobs that have been outsourced to third world toilets; then are economy will rebound.  Then he needs to raise the marginal tax rates on all millionaires to 91% like it was from 1946 to 1962; and tax all estates at those rates too.  And, eliminate all tax loopholes that allow Americans and Corporations to shelter billions in off-shore tax havens.  The whole tax code is full of loopholes for the wealthy that were bought by paying off dishonest members of Congress, most of whom where Republicans.

      Funny, that is exactly the opposite of what that greedy job outsourcing, give more breaks to the wealthy demigods Romney and Ryan want to do.

      So, I don’t know what your point is about the true unemployment – again it was even higher under Bush? 

      • Vincent DiPentima

        George CPA  better go back to school of accounting He knbows that LIARS  can figure

      • Jeffreydan

          As much as BO likes overstepping his authority, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried in this case, he won’t be able to force any businesses to come back. And if you really think 91% taxation is currently feasible, you don’t think particularly well.

          What country do you think this is?  

        • George – CPA

          What country – it is the USA, but, it is not the America we need- it can be much better and for everyone, not just the few at the top.

          Labor is more important than Capital, as President Lincoln stated in 1861..

          The Plutocracy needs to be taken down and their wealth redistributed.  All workers need to share in the profits.  

          Everyone needs to help everyone else; we are brother and sisters of the human race.  

          We need much higher minimum wages like in Canada – e.g., $10 per hours for farm workers and waitresses.

          We need Universal Health Care, including dental and vision.

          Every worker needs collective bargaining.

          All State “employment-at-will laws need to be repealed.

          All employees at all companies should have the right to form a union or join a union, even if only one employee wants to join.

          Current Social Security benefits need to be increased by 40% and then increased annually for inflation, even if it takes a Federal Sales Tax.

          The Social Security Retirement Age needs to be lowered to 60.

          All public school classrooms need have no more than 15 students per teacher – which is a few more that Mitt Romney had in his private boarding schools – his schools were 5-10 students per teacher.

          All public schools need to be modern buildings with the latest heating, air conditions, etc. 

          All public schools should have very subsidized breakfast and lunch programs for everyone, not just the poor.

          All public schools need to have the latest equipment (e.g., computers, science labs, sports equipment and facilities (e.g, swimming pools) just like the schools the Plutocracy sends their kids to.

          All wars unless America is being attacked, need to be stop, e.g., all troops in the Middle East need to be pulled out now and never sent back, unless Israel is attacked.

          The military budget needs to be cut by 50%.

          That is only the start.

          • Sick and Tired

            I couldn’t think of a better strategy for economic disaster. As a CPA myself, I think that your anger at the current state. has taken over your better senses. Helping others is wonderful, but at what price? We need a lot of things today, but every time we try to buy it with borrowed money we send our children, our grandchildren and their offspring further down the ladder of success and  darken their chances for a brighter tomorrow. The all or nothing attitude has split our legislators and polarized our congress into inaction. Let’s figure out how to get people working again first, then when the money becomes available, let’s accomplish everything you mentioned – just not today.

          • George – CPA

            You know nothing!

            The people would be working if the greedy bastard Plutocracy had not outsourced over 20 million jobs and insourced another 5 million jobs that were once done by middle class workers making a decent middle class wage.

            And, we would not need to borrow anything if the Plutocracy had been paying their fair share of taxes as a percent of the income they earned in relation to   everyone else since 1962.  Also, the trillions held in trusts and generational trusts that have never been taxed at a fair rate.  Also, if the war machine was shut down with the trillions that are wasted on a military budget that is 13 times higher than anyone else – a pure money making machine for the Plutocracy.

            There is a brighter tomorrow, but it is not with the Plutocracy and vulture capitalism and CEO’s and those above the glass ceiling being paid billions/trillions more than the workers – the labor that President Lincoln talked about in 1861.  

            Lincoln and many other in the 1800’s new of the evils of the big corporations and greedy Plutocracy, even many of our founding fathers new of those evils.

            You know the numbers as a CPA, assuming you have audited all the payrolls of the larger corporations, as I have done.  The disparity between wages for those who actually do all the work in any corporation, those without which a corporation could not exist, are dismal compared to management.

            But, as a CPA you have been trained just to look at the numbers and follow GAAP and FAS….  You have not opened your eyes to the disparities in our broken system of vulture capitalism to see that there are better ways to grow a society for everyone, not just the few at the top. 

    • Paul Courtney

      Gerald, Obama administration has lost all credibility on figures, to paraphrase Dorothy Parker:  “Every number put out by Obama is a lie, including 1 and 0.”  Computers think that’s hilarious!
      To George below,  “Bush’s deregulation of banks…”  Dereg you decry was done in ’98, when Bush was Gov. of TX.  By your thinking, the drop in unemployment should be credited to Rick Perry.  Can you be any more misleading?  Yes, you can!  The Iraq war was funded, or NYTimes and other progressive press could not have reported how much was being spent (prior to Jan. ’08, that is, when they suddenly went dead silent on such things).  You may be right about one thing-the recession (thanks to bipartisan gov’t policies and programs) will take 20 yrs or more to fix-if we re-elect Ds. 

      • George – CPA

        I stand corrected –  on
        President Bill Clinton signed the GLB – Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act that repealed
        the parts of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 that prohibited one institution
        from acting as any combination of an investment bank, a commercial bank, and an
        insurance company.

        This repeal allowed banks to sell securities just like they
        had done during the Roaring Twenties up until Black Tuesday – the Wall Street
        Crash of 1929, also known as the Great Crash and the Stock Market Crash of 1929,
        which signaled the beginning of the 10-year Great Depression that affected all
        Western industrialized countries and did not end in the United States until the
        onset of American mobilization for World War II at the end of 1941. 

        Anyone who bought stocks in mid-1929 and held onto them saw
        most of his or her adult life pass by before getting back to even.

        —Richard M. Salsman

        Despite the dangers of wild speculation, many believed that
        the stock market would continue to rise indefinitely – just like the wild spectators
        still believe on Wall Street now.  It was
        this wild speculation that cause the worst depression in America’s history that
        took over 10 years to fix and a World War. 
        It is doubtful that had we not entered World War II, that it would have
        been fixed in ten years. This same wild speculative mindset on Wall Street is
        what caused the 2008 financial meltdown that will most likely take over 10 years
        to fix, if we are lucky – despite the nonsense from the GOP, Romney, and Ryan
        that President Obama should have been able to fix it completely in less than 4

        This wild speculative mindset on Wall Street is exactly what
        must be stopped through the repeal of most of  GLB – Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act  and reenactment of all of the Glass-Steagall Act.
        But, as in 1929, most members of the Plutocracy that caused Black Tuesday and
        the 2008 financial meltdown remained unscathed and very wealthy, while the
        middle class was destroyed – so what, right? So, it will be very hard to change
        the mindset in Washington to get anything done to once again control the wild
        speculation on Wall Street.

        “The oldest propaganda technique is to repeat a lie
        emphatically and often until it is taken for the truth. Something like this is
        going on now with regard to banks and the financial crisis. The big bank
        boosters and analysts who should know better are repeating the falsehood that
        repeal of Glass-Steagall had nothing to do with the Panic of 2008.  In fact, the financial crisis might not have
        happened at all but for the 1999 repeal of the Glass-Steagall law that
        separated commercial and investment banking for seven decades. If there is any
        hope of avoiding another meltdown, it’s critical to understand why
        Glass-Steagall repeal helped to cause the crisis. Without a return to something
        like Glass-Steagall, another greater catastrophe is just a matter of time.”

        Wall Street is a zero-sum game of chance, except for the
        billions that are earned in fees.  It is
        no different than gambling at a casino, except sometimes the odds are better,
        but very often, unbeknownst to the buyer, the odds are worse.  Just like how casinos always make money because
        of the house edge, Wall Street will always makes money because of the fees,
        except when they start trading in their own accounts, which should be illegal.  For every dollar gained by someone, someone
        else loses a dollar – again, except for the fees earned by Wall Street, which
        in this case are hundreds of billions annually.

        The only true exceptions, are IPOs initial public offerings
        of stock, where the money goes to the corporations and stocks are issued in
        exchange, versus getting a loan for additional capital.  This practice should also be illegal because
        it is also prone to wild speculation.  If
        a corporation needs money, it should sell bonds to the public or get a loan
        from the bank.  Wall Street needs to be
        shut down before it causes another depression.

        In the interim before Wall Street is shut down, the Income Tax
        laws need to be changed.  Gains on stock
        you sell from a IPO, should get favorable capital gains tax treatment; but,
        stock resold in the open market after that should be taxed as ordinary income E.g.,
        you buy 10 shares of stock in a IPO, you sell those ten shares for a profit,
        that profit should be taxed at a favorable capital gains rate.  The person who bought those shares from you
        is not the initial IPO purchaser, and any gains he makes when he sells those
        share should be taxed as ordinary income because that purchaser is engaged in
        stock speculation, which is the same as gambling – he is not lending any money
        to the corporation.  If all states allow the trading and selling of stocks, then all states should allow gambling and casinos and internet poker – do you get it yet Hawaii and Utah?

        I have never been a fan of President Bill or Hillary Rodham
        Clinton, especially since he signed NAFTA, which was a President Bush Senior
        initiative that has helped destroy America by increasing the rate at which jobs
        are outsourced to third world toilets – the free trade part was not meant to
        allow the outsourcing of millions of jobs. The Clintons are just like many of
        the crooks (e.g., Whitewater, trading cattle futures illegally) in politics
        that gained their wealth through politics and political power and influence peddling.  So, it I am not surprised that he signed the GLB
        – Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act on 11/12/1999.

        • Wheels55

          George, Good post.
          The Glass Steagall repeal created too much of the “too big to fail”. Clinton’s effort to put more people in houses also created an opportunity for a monster to emerge. These things show that good intentions can lead to bad things. Politicians really should stay out of business except for top level regulation (like Glass Steagall).

        • Paul Courtney

          George:  I hope you’re sitting down.  I agree with much of this. I don’t think stocks are like casinos, ’cause guys like W. Buffet don’t really gamble, they act on good info and their returns are consistent.  They don’t always pick winners, some element of speculation, but some investors do well.  You should be even more upset with Ds who pushed Dodd-Frank through, which does absolutely nothing about the problems you identify, even though it was sold as a fix for the ’08 collapse.  It actually sets up the next round of “too big to fail”, and sets up a completely useless Federal Consumer Protection system (well, not useless if you’re Richard Cordray).  More importantly, what has Holder’s Justice Dept. been doing, as far as I can tell not a single investor, banker, mortgage bundler, appraiser, nobody is even being scrutinized, never mind indicted.  Recent story is NY AG is finally filing a civil suit.  Consider this-if E. Spitzer had kept his pants up, and stayed Gov. or even picked for AG over Holder, think he would have given Bernie Madoff some company in that cell?  I think so, and I think Eric Holder is an embarrassment to your side.

  • George – CPA

    Good for you!  You are
    one of the lucky ones whose job was not outsourced or insourced.  For everyone of you, there are tens of
    thousands, millions that were not so lucky. 
    Do the math, over 20 million jobs have been outsourced to third world
    toilets plus over 5 million jobs have been insourced.  That is 25 million folks that once had good
    jobs, benefits and a good life like you have had and have now; but those 25
    million are now poor and losing their homes and have no future; but, that is OK
    with you because of demigods like Jack Welch whom you worship.

    You were also one of the lucky ones to have worked for a
    company that had a 401(k) plan.  Most
    small businesses offer no investment opportunities for their employees and
    therefore match nothing. You are also lucky you worked for a corporation that
    paid you great wages so that you could afford to pay for 3 daughters weddings
    and putting them through school (I am assuming you are talking about college at
    a 4 year university). That is a dream that many Americans had, but now, most
    will never realize – all thanks to the new vulture capitalism that is practiced
    by men like Jack Welch and Mitt Romney, and most members of the GOP.

    There are many old men like you that don’t get it because
    you were employed before the mega corporations really began outsourcing and
    insourcing and you did not get cut.  So
    you actually are delusional and believe that somehow everyone else was not as
    good as you and they deserve what they got. 
    Isn’t that what you believe? 

    Everything is right in your world, so everyone else must be
    wrong?  Isn’t that what you believe? You
    are a conceited self-serving self-righteous right wing reactionary moron who
    will never get it.  Because you don’t get
    it and most likely can’t be educated to get it, you resort to saying that I have
    been “swooned by this Marxist/Communist/Radical Progressive regime”.

    That is really funny; I felt this way in 1969  as a sophomore in college after studying many
    of the world’s great philosophers, economists (Karl Marx) and studying various
    economic systems.  I had the realization
    then that Capitalism would destroy the dignity and self-worth of all workers
    except a chosen few at the top of the hierarchy, and the world would be ruled
    by a Plutocracy – the new Kings and Queens. By that time, I had worked in factories on machine presses and loaded trucks during summer breaks. 

    I had another realization earlier while in high school in
    1966 after studying physics, chemistry, and psychology, especially Sigmund
    Freud. That realization was that all religions were dogmatic nonsensical mythical
    creations of man with the sole aim of the Church to control the tribes and the
    people in medieval societies.  This
    believe was further strengthen in college by studying all the bullshit written
    by the likes of St. Anselm, Aquinas (“The Five Ways”.),  Palay’s Evidences of the Existence and
    Attributes of the Deity”, and Kant and his metaphysical proof of God – Kant’s
    Critique of Metaphysics. Religion helps create loyal subjects that will obey their masters on earth, just like the Plutocracy wants. But, I bet you believe all that religious crap too, just
    like you believe that the Plutocracy is good and does no wrong and is not
    screwing most Americans.  I bet you even
    believe you are a good Christian, even though you do  not exactly follow Jesus’ teachings.  I accept that Jesus was a man who had great
    insight into human nature and how societies should be run – not by Kings with
    all the wealth, but by humans who love one another and all people, who help
    everyone – but you sir will never understand that because you too, like Jack
    are and most Republicans are greed idolaters and believe in vulture capitalism.


    You were lucky with your 401(k) because most will be worth
    zero with the next stock market crash, which will be worse than in the great
    depression. The odds of Wall Street causing another depression are greater the
    less regulations that are in effect, like Romney, Ryan and the GOP wants. Remember
    this fact, most 401(k)s are not protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance
    Corporation like your bank checking and saving accounts or CDs. 


    “The FDIC, or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, only
    covers cash deposits in individual or joint bank accounts. Mutual fund
    companies, which usually administrate and monitor 401k retirement accounts, are
    not covered by the FDIC. Money market investments offered through 401k plans
    also are not covered by the FDIC. Although mutual funds and money market
    accounts held in 401k retirement accounts are protected by the Securities
    Investor Protection Corporation, or SIPC, that protection only applies if a
    brokerage firm were to go out of business. It does not reimburse account
    holders for any loss in value of the account assets.”


    The only people really making money on the 401(k)s are the
    investment managers on Wall Street.  Most
    corporations no longer match any of employee contributions or just some token
    amount (e.g., ten percent of 1% of your salary, or one tenth of one percent),
    because they must continually increase EPS – Earning per Share so they can pay billions
    in dividends to the Plutocracy who own 93% of all wealth in the USA –  screw the employees.  But, that is OK with you, because you were
    one of the lucky ones.  I bet in your
    mind you feel it had nothing to do with luck – well that could be but only
    because you were in the system over 40 years ago working for a good
    company.  You kids and my kids will not
    be that lucky.


    I bet when you started working for your company, they had
    much better matching than they do now.  When
    you started working, many corporations were matching up to 6% of your salary at
    100% (my company was); and many guaranteed the rate of return on savings 401(k)
    s – my company guaranteed a 12% rate in the 1980s if you invested in savings,
    the return on the mutual funds was much higher then, but the risk was greater
    too. No companies now guarantee any rate of return. Those days are long


    When I graduated college in 1971, most mega corporations had
    “Defined Benefit Plans” (i.e., pension plans where you contributed nothing) and
    you were guaranteed a great pension. 
    Those days are also long gone too unless you are one of the executives
    above the glass ceiling.  But, that is OK
    with you, blind worshiper of the Plutocracy and demigods like Jack.  Why should those above the glass ceiling get
    guaranteed golden parachutes and other retirement benefits not offered to all
    workers?  I know, they make the world go


    But, it is OK by you that bastards like Jack, and other
    members of the Plutocracy have done this just so they can make billions more annually
    that they don’t need, while the middle class is screwed and over 25 million
    America lives have been destroyed.  Don’t
    you have any empathy for those 25 million middle class Americans who lost their
    jobs because of the Plutocracy?  Or, that
    is OK with you because you made it; who cares, I have got it, too bad they were
    not as good as me.  How do you rationalize
    that bullshit?


    I feel very sorry for shallow people like you.  You are just like Jack, a greed idolater.

    I hope your children and your grandchildren are as lucky as
    you have been; but, most likely they will not be, nor will their kids.  America is turning into a two class service
    economy where only the Plutocracy will have the best of everything – which is
    what Karl Marx predicted over 150 years ago – very smart man.  But, that is OK with you, because men like
    Jack are demigods to you.  Pathetic!

  • Cyberquill

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Iklwa

    As posted elsewhere on this site by me:

    Banging his own drum…in this case a funeral drum…dry, dusty and low keyed at best.
    I liken this to a fellow bragging how after having shot himself in the foot, he successfully managed to unload the weapon without shooting himself in the other foot.
    Too bad about that ugly stain on the floor…and the hole and dead nieghbor.

  • Ramonespinosa

    My gosh BG your right
    Axel rod needs an aspirin

  • Cynthia Flanagan

    I just finished reading an article about another October surprise! It is a real sneaky, criminal move that Obama and surrogates have done. From a conservative paper that seems to know lots. Also quite a past and LSM never did vet him as he was a Chicago thug!
    Many other secrets about him as well..

    • Joane17

       And the only secrets about Mitt are all the incredibly wonderful deeds he has done for the needy!  Probably!

  • EddieD_Boston

    Relax Bernie, Romney did such a great job exposing how clueless Obama is that Obama’s dear-in-the-headlights look we saw last week sealed the deal for Romney. The MSM may not get it but the 70 million voters watching sure picked up on it. Liberals may never admit it but they saw the emptiness too.

  • Sick and Tired

    If you or I do something for 4 years, and I mean anything, since when do we not own the results iof our actions? It is sad that so many people believe that the President hasn’t been responsible for the TRILLION dollar debts PER ANNUM that he has amassed, together with all of his parties’ syncophants. It is sadder still that no one holds him to his own statements and promises, especially the media. It is time to let both his cronies and the media know that a new day is coming and they will see the truth for themselves – too late for them to repent.

  • Drew Page

    I did the same things you did and have the same feeklings toward people like Jack Welch.   I’m also retired after having put two daughters through college, paying for their weddings and paaying off the mortgage on my home.  I live on S.S. and a modest pension and 401k savings. 

    I think George’s ‘CPA’ moniker stands for Communist Party Affiliate.

  • Drew Page

    If you have exhausted your unemployment comp benefits, you are no longer considered unemployed.   If you have given up trying to find a job, you are no longer considered unemployed.    If you had a job that enabled you to support your your family that provided health insurance, but have had to take a part-time job with no benefits, perhaps at minimum wage because your unemployment comp was exhausted, you are considered employed.   Now there is a presidential record to be proud of.    I’ll bet all those ‘twenty-something’ college grads still living at home with mom and dad take a lot of pride in that 7.8% figure and have put down security deposits on their own apartments and have gone out  and bought that new car.

  • bobemakk

    Obama’s cronies will do anything to get re-elected.  God Forbid! 

    • Drew Page

      They have already accused Romney of being a felon, responsible for a laid off worker’s wife getting cancer and death; of being a racist, anti-women and a liar.    I’m not sure there is much left to accuse Romney of, except perhaps being a domestic terrorist.   I’m sure that will be next.

      • Deny916

        You can’t get much lower in the mud than calling someone a murderer.  David Letterman called Romney a felon (I just read) on his TV show last night.  How do these skeezy people get a forum anyway????

    • Alden514

      they’ll probably revise the numbers….November 8th or 10th…

    • Vincent DiPentima

      About the first presidential debate. Axelrod and his Chicago  BAndits could have saved Obama and his Democrats much embarrassment, had they only sent an empty chair, and kept Obama home

  • MerchantofVenom

    Another scandal in the making. Chicago politics at its finest. All 25 of Americas top Economists predicted a rate of around 8.2%.  For 43 straight months unemployment has been over 8%… suddenly just before the election.. it drops to 7.8%.

    This ranks right up there with Barry notifying Lockheed and Boeing not to send out layoff notices even though it’s the law solely for his own political gain even going as far as to say “we’ll pick up the tab (using taxpayer dollars) if you are sued or fined”, and he gets away with it!

    • Drew Page

      He hasn’t gotten away with it yet.   Yesterday Lindsey Graham said that he and other Senators will fight any attempt to use tax dollars to pay for fines or law suits for failing to provide advance notice of layoffs to workers at defense dept contractors.

      • Jeffreydan

          If Graham wants to address this (and so far he has only partially done so), he should either go after the administration for this obvious crime, or also raise holy public hell if there’s so much as a whiff that the companies plan on doing what they’re being asked. 

  • Deny916

    What I really want to know is HOW did obama brainwash so many people?  His followers are so blind to everything he’s (not) done for the country and they still back him and would jump off a cliff for him.  HOW did he do it?????

    • bobemakk

      They are simple minded and back him because they feel sorry for the first black president, AND I am black.  These politically uneducated people back him because of his social justice giveaway programs.

      • Alden514

        he’s like Jim Jones…a cult leader, but on a nationwide level.

        • Deny916

          Sure seems like it…and Jones’ people drank the kool-aid too.

    • Vincent DiPentima

      OBama earned his B—S—degree with high honors. Thats why so many, including most of the news media would rather print about Obama’s  BSm than actually ccheck out the truth

    • Tommy Farmer

      Deny, It’s partially brainwashing and people following blindly but don’t underestimate the loyalty of folks that have been given 99 weeks unemployment, SNAP, free phones, subsidized housing, welfare forever, government backed student loans, free passes to come across the border, vote with no identification, etc. etc.  Obama gives out far more “stuff” than Bob Barker and Oprah ever did and we the taxpayers get stiffed with the bill.

  • Ghost Writer

    Thomas Jefferson described Mitt Romney like this.

    “He who knows
    nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and
    errors.”  – Thomas Jefferson

    When Republicans speak or write you
    can count on it to be filled with the same platitudes, anecdotes, cooked stats
    and a tenuous connection with reality. It’s a laundry list of conservative
    fantasy, couched in populist rhetoric and designed to make the 1% richer while
    destroying the middle class.

    • George Williams

      Funny, that’s exactly how those who aren’t sycophants of Obama feel about Obama.

    • bobemakk

      You must be drinking too much Kool Aid.

    • Drew Page

      That’s right, attack Romney for what has gone on over the past four years, you simpleton.  All this time, since his inauguration, I thought it was Obama that was president.   Somehow, according to you, it’s Romney’s fault that unemployment has been over 8% (until a month before the election it’s only 7.8%).  It’s Romney’s fault that the deficit increased by $6 trillion.  It’s Romney’s fault that the Keystone pipeline was halted, there has been no construction of new refineries, of new nuclear or coal fired power plants and that no new leases have been given to companies to explore and drill for oil and gas on public lands and that the price of gas has doubled over the last four years.  Oh yes, and it’s Romney’s fault that our Middle East embassies have been destroyed, their staff killed and let’s not leave out the Fast & Furious gun running operation into Mexico that got Brian Terry killed along with hundreds of Mexicans.  Yeah, that Romney needs to be held accountable.  Barack said so.

      • Deny916

        Wow.  And here I thought it was always Bush’s fault!  Now it’s Romney’s…


        Guess what–IT’S  obama’s fault!!!!!!!

      • Deny916

        Ooops!  Sorry Drew.  Mean to direct that comment to Ghost Writer!

  • Clark Kent

    The Obama administration and it’s media enablers have called ‘wolf’ one too many times or by omission misled.  The video caused the death of the ambassador.  Wrong.  Holder never read a single email about Fast and Furious.  Wrong.  The LA Times video.  The social security number.  The bio on his Literary Agents catalog for 15 years.  Who can believe anything they say?

    • Drew Page

      Obama lies like the rest of us breathe.   Who would be fool enough to believe a single thing this man says?    Obama has broken every campaign promise he made.    Does anyone believe that the 9/11 attacks on our Middle East embassies and the murder of four Americans was an unplanned spontaneous act of some protesters?    Does anyone believe that the U.S. did all it could to protect these embassies and their personnel?   Does anyone believe that Eric Holder and Barack Obama knew nothing about the Fast & Furious fiasco until after it happened?    Does anyone believe that Obama sees America an an exceptional country, providing equal opportunity to all?   Does anyone believe that Obama knows how to restore full employment to this country through the private sector?    I don’t think that even Obama believes these things, but he wants everyone else to believe.

  • CoffeeNerves

    I don’t understand how we can generate only 114,000 new jobs, which isn’t enough to keep up with population growth, and still get a 7.8 unemployment rate……..oh, wait!  I just remembered, two of the Economist at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are Obama donor’s.  Never mind…….

    Come on, November!

  • James King

    My previous comment had to be approved. I think it is because I said something not so nice about BO and Lincoln.

  • George – CPA

    Jack Welch is another example of a  vulture capitalist that does not give
    a rat’s butt about the middle class and poor. 
    He did just what Mitt Romney did; he destroyed tens of thousands of
    middle class workers’ lives by closing down plants and outsourcing jobs to third
    world toilets, and insourcing jobs within the USA – just so he and the
    Plutocracy, the greed idolaters, could make trillions while screwing the
    workers who make America possible – the 99%, the laborers that Abraham Lincoln
    spoke so eloquently about.

    President Abraham Lincoln, the Illinois Rail-Splitter, told
    his audiences that,
    “Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital.  Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could
    never have existed if labor had not first existed.  Labor is the superior of capital, and
    deserves much higher consideration.” 1861

    The money powers prey upon the nation in times of peace and
    conspire against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than a monarchy,
    more insolent than autocracy, and more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces
    as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.
    I have two great enemies, the Southern Army in front of me and the Bankers in
    the rear. Of the two, the one at my rear is my greatest foe.. corporations have
    been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the
    money powers of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon
    the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in the hands of a
    few, and the Republic is destroyed.”

    You folks better understand what President Lincoln said
    above and join us. We the people, the 99%,  will no longer tolerate executives like Welch.  To all those above the glass ceiling, you
    better be ready for huge pay cuts.  You
    will be lucky if we allow you to be paid more than 5-times that of the lowest
    paid worker.  We revolutionaries will
    fight to our death to see that all corporations are employee-owned and Wall
    Street is shut down. Wall Street caused the Great Depression and caused the
    recent almost depression, and will surely cause the next great depression if we
    don’t dismantle it first for good.

    No more unjust
    distributions of wealth by the wealthy that claim the labor market is free,
    which is pure bullshit.  There has not
    been a free labor market in the last 150 years, if ever.  The wealthy and the mega corporations control
    the labor market and wages, which is why Federal and State minimum wage laws
    had to be enacted.  The greedy in
    business would operate sweat shops,  pay
    almost nothing and bring in illegals if necessary in order to not have to pay
    fair wages, while paying those above the glass ceiling egregious salaries and exorbitant
    bonuses, golden parachutes and H&W benefit packages that are ten times better
    than those given to all those below the glass ceiling – pure bullshit.  The bottom 80%-98% has always been screwed by
    the Plutocracy.  No More!

    I don’t know what is worse, the mega vulture corporations
    outsourcing and insourcing millions of jobs and overpaying those above the
    glass ceiling billions, or the small business owners (i.e., 0 to 20 employees)
    that don’t pay their fair share of Federal and State income taxes because they
    underreport billions in revenues and overstate billions in expenses each year; who
    also pay their workers shit wages, with few benefits if any.  The IRS estimated that the tax gap in 2006
    was $385 billion, of which 84% was due to underreporting of income/revenue,
    which is almost $4 trillion per decade.  So
    much for the bullshit about how great small businesses are for America – most are
    dishonest cheats that pay their workers shit wages with lousy benefits, if any.  If these dishonest jerks would pay what
    Federal income taxes they truly owe, the USA would not have a deficit.

    I know this for a fact because I did the tax returns for
    many small businesses.  Usually one of the
    first questions out of the business owners’ mouths would be “how much income do
    I have to report”?  As a CPA, I had to
    tell them that they had to report all their sales, revenue, and other income.  Most of these clients had detail records of most
    all their expenses, but, not for their sales – too funny. If I calculated that their
    taxes would be this and that was too high for them, they would provide a
    different sales number or remember other expenses they had forgotten, just so
    their taxable income would be much lower. 
    They wanted their business tax returns (e.g., Schedule C – Profit or
    Loss from a Business) to look good so as not to be audited – again too funny –
    they all had two sets of books, one for the IRS and one that had what they
    actually made. And, then there are the small businesses that don’t bother
    filing tax returns for their businesses, e.g., seasonal businesses, e.g.,
    canoe, rafting rentals, chartered fishing boats, guides, professional gamblers,
    CPAs who do taxes on the side part-time. 

    Sorry, I got sidetracked. 
    Back to how the unemployment rate would now be much lower if the GOP had
    worked with President Obama. But, the GOP would not work with a Black President
    because they were hell-bent not to have a black president reelected, mainly
    because that Black President knew that the wealthy needed to pay higher taxes and
    because he was the first President to finally get healthcare passed that would
    help everyone, not just the wealthy; just like Governor Romney did in Massachusetts.
      And, just in case you white folks don’t
    know this; we will have Universal Health Care next.  We will take down those greedy bastard medical
    insurance companies and drug companies that are destroying America.  And, we will get the greedy wealthy doctors
    after we get those other dickheads.

    If the Republicans, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians in Congress
    would have passed the Veterans job bill and President Obama’s Job Act bill,
    millions of unemployed Americans would have jobs and the unemployment rate
    would be most likely 6.5% or below.  But,
    that would make President Obama look too good. 
    And, as it has been since President Obama was elected, the main focus of
    the GOP has been to make sure a black man is not reelected as President.  Despite what you morons claim, Mitt Romney
    and those of his ilk are elite white racists that will do anything to make sure
    a black man is not reelected.  For

    GOP blocks veteran’s jobs bill with budget vote…“Instead of
    saying yes to the nearly one million unemployed veterans, it seems some on the
    other side have spent the last week and a half seeking out any way to say no.”

    “For the second time in two weeks, every single Republican
    in the United States Senate has chosen to obstruct a bill that would create
    jobs and get our economy going again. That’s unacceptable. We must do what’s
    right for the country and pass the common-sense proposals in the American Jobs
    Act. Every Senate Republican voted to block a bill that would help middle-class
    families and keep hundreds of thousands of firefighters on the job, police
    officers on the streets, and teachers in the classroom when our kids need them

    “The president has put forward a plan that uses exactly
    these tools. Nine months ago, President Obama outlined his American Jobs Act
    and independent economists said it would create as many as 1.9 million jobs.
    While Congress has acted on some of his proposals—most notably, extending
    payroll tax cuts that provide $1,000 for an average family—it left more than a
    million jobs on the table.”

    So, all you wealthy folks better run; you are going to be
    brought down.  If I were you folks, I
    would be thinking about moving to another country where white elite racists are
    welcome.  Didn’t Hitler’s SS escape to Argentina?





    • James King

      Yes, you sure have to watch those rich guys. They’ll do anything to get elected, like when they were president and shredded the U.S. Constitution and then, because of an inherent ability to write the greatest speech ever, put together a spin machine like none before him, or since.

      Everyone thinks Lincoln was great, including those who reported on his built-in racism. But oops, I forgot. That is not supposed to be mentioned, or it just wasn’t true, or some other spin about a great guy. My ass! But again, oops, he is BO’s favorite president, and BO certainly is only for what is good for poor folks or those called middle-class. I should be shot.

      BO is a bad pres. Lincoln was a bad pres. Both will be presented in history books as great, but then, the Rockefeller family had a lot to do with changing what went in history books, too. But that’s to be understood, because they were rich and only cared about rich folks.

      If any of you were surprised at the spin Oct. surprise you really are living in a dream world. BO will do anything to hold on to power, and by that I mean ANYTHING, including action to stay in office if he actually loses the election, but of course he won’t lose even if he does. That’s how deep I think the conspiracy goes, but what can you expect from a Lincoln-hater like me. Just goes to show you, but don’t be surprised if the BO people don’t latch on to this one as being from a right-wing nut case. And just so anyone will know, I haven’t voted for a Republican for more than 40 years, and I always vote.

      My vote has been for Libertarian’s because they are the only one’s who cherish the Constitution and would abide by it if elected. And that’s why they’ll never be elected. Not enough American’s who also cherish the Constitution.

    • wally

      So what you are really saying is that Obama is telling the truth whenever he speaks? That the people that he has as czars, cabinet members and agency directors  are true/ blue patriots? Do you expect anyone to believe you? The treasury secretary didn’t pay his taxes, many in the government agencies haven’t paid their taxes. Why don’t you admit that there are cheats in all functions of the government. What about the czar that is a socialist or communist? It sounds that you have some of the same tendencies by the words that you have printed. As to Obama helping the poor and middle class, its a pure lie. Obama wants to make us all dependent on the government. He knows that if he gets enough people dependent, these same people will vote for the democratic party. He isn’t for jobs and his policy and actions on energy prove it. He stated that he wants existing energy costs to skyrocket. His energy secretary admitted that $10 per gallon gas was the goal. This was to make the green energies competitive and the US would be energy independent and we would all live happily ever after. $10 per gallon gas results in hurting the poor and middle class the most since it is a large portion of our budgets.  It hurts the US manufacturers, farmers, tourism, transportation industry and businesses of all types. It even would affect your business. Now if you counter my statement of high gas prices that they are good because redistribution of wages solves the problem, I will recognize you as someone we all should avoid. 

      • George – CPA

        wally (unregistered) wrote, in response to George – CPA:

        Wally said: “So what you are really saying is that Obama is
        telling the truth whenever he speaks?”

        My response to Goldberg’s article said nothing about anyone
        lying or always telling the truth.

        What many politicians talk about is usually their opinions
        supported by the facts as they have manipulated them, regardless of whether
        those facts can be substantiated by an independent third party or not, or
        whether those “facts” are presented properly so as not to mislead the

        The adage

        “Figures Don’t Lie, But Liars Do Figure”

        will always be in politics.

        For example, take Romney’s statement that 47% of all
        Americans pay no taxes.  Wow, that is
        amazing, that is not fair, right? 
        Goddamn poor people always get the breaks!

        What Romney said would have been factually correct if he
        would have said,

        “after tax credits, and all other legal deductions, 47% of
        the population paid no Federal Income Taxes.”

        But, Romney chose not to say that, just that 47% of the
        population pays no Federal Income taxes. That makes Romney’s statement very
        inflammatory and misleading because he does not tell you why.  Romney also forgot to mention that even
        people who have taxable income below certain levels that paid no Federal income
        taxes still paid FICA tax, unlike all the wealthy that receive billions in
        dividends that pay no FICA – Romney failed to mention that fact. 

        Now if Romney had said that out of all the Federal Income
        tax returns filed in 2011, that after tax credits and other legal deductions,
        18% paid no Federal Income tax because their incomes were below the Federal
        poverty levels and those income levels are not taxed under the current tax code
        approved by Congress, that would have been a true statement. But, that
        statement would not have inflamed the public as much as his misleading
        statement that 47% pay no income taxes. 
        47% is an inflammatory statement, 18% is not.

        So Romney’s statement that “47% of all taxpayers pay no
        income taxes” is a classic example of where the adage “Figures Don’t Lie, But
        Liars Do Figure” is applicable.  

        Romney is a bold two-faced liar.  And, I
        can’t wait until all his tax returns are audited by the IRS.

        Back to the good unemployment numbers for President Obama. I
        do find it amazing that when the United States Labor Department – Bureau of
        Labor Statistics publishes unemployment numbers that make President Obama looks
        bad, those number are not questioned by you folks and used as absolute proof
        that President Obama has failed. 
        However, when the United States Labor Department – Bureau of Labor
        Statistics publishes unemployment numbers that make President Obama look good,
        then obviously those numbers have been rigged and manipulated by those who work
        for President Obama, which is basically what that Plutocrat slime-ball and
        former CEO of GE Capital Jack Welch said.

        Wally said: “That the people that he has as czars, cabinet
        members and agency directors  are true/
        blue patriots? Do you expect anyone to believe you?”

        Wow Wally, what you are reading into my response.  I did not mention “true/blue patriots” once,
        nor do I know the meaning of that phrase “true blue patriots.”   I will venture that the meaning is open to
        various subjective criteria, especially if you are a right wing reactionary,
        like you Wally. And, yes Wally, people do believe my facts and statements.

        For example, I fly the USA flag in front of my house daily
        from “dawn to dusk,” as is done by the USA military under Flag Code (§
        174). In my neighborhood of 250 homes, maybe 10 other homes fly the USA flag
        daily and maybe 25 on the fourth of July. 
        Are all those who do not fly the USA flag not “true blue patriots”?  My neighbors immediately to the right and
        left of my home are Black and do not fly the USA flag ever; am I to assume they
        are not “true blue patriots”? Just maybe my Black neighbors are radical Muslims
        that were not born in this country and are secretly in the USA to overthrow the
        government to kill all non-Muslims? My other neighbors are predominately White,
        but they too do not fly the American Flag; maybe they are all communists.  They seem like very decent folks though. 

        My sixteen-year stepson, who was born in Canada, is in the
        NJROTC at his high school and wants to join the Navy, but he is a Canadian; is
        he not a “true blue patriot” just because he has not taken his Citizen Test
        yet?  My wife and step kids were all born
        in Winnipeg, MB, Canada; my wife thinks Canada’s Universal Health Care is
        wonderful and can’t understand why America does not have Universal Health Care.  Does that make her a non “true
        blue patriot”?  She does love America
        though, except for the health care nonsense in America.

        Wally said: “The treasury secretary didn’t pay his taxes,
        many in the government agencies haven’t paid their taxes. Why don’t you admit
        that there are cheats in all functions of the government.”

        Wally, I think you got me on this one.  I will have to agree that “cheats” come in
        all shapes and colors.  But, you need to
        understand that from the IRS perspective.

        Tax avoidance is perfectly legal (just ask Mitt Romney) and
        encouraged by the IRS, but tax evasion or tax fraud is against the law. The
        burden of proof for the IRS to prove “tax evasion or tax fraud” is substantial.
        Tax Fraud occurs when individuals working and earning income knowingly and
        intentionally fail to file their income tax return or falsify information on a
        tax return.

        Treasury Secretary Timothy Franz Geithner did get his
        Federal Income tax returns audited and several errors were found where he had
        to pay back taxes and interest for not paying his share of FICA, and other
        deductions that he took that were disallowed by the IRS.  In his defense, Geithner said at the hearing
        that he had always believed he was an employee, not a self-employed contractor,
        while serving at the IMF.  The IRS
        believed that his errors were unintentional, an oversight and lack of
        understanding of the tax law; therefore, they did not charge him penalties or
        charge him with tax evasion or tax fraud. 
        What Geithner had to pay was immaterial – under $50,000.  Again, Geithner was not charged with tax
        evasion or tax fraud. 

        Wally, since you brought up Geithner and have called him a
        tax cheat, which according to the IRS he is not, I will have to list just a few
        Republicans that have actually been charged with the crime of tax evasion or
        tax fraud.

        What famous Republicans have been charged with tax evasion
        or tax fraud:

        “Washington, Oct, 10–Spiro T. Agnew (Republican) resigned
        as Vice President of the United States today under an agreement with the
        Department of Justice to admit evasion of Federal income taxes and avoid

        Jack Abramoff, the once-powerful lobbyist who built a political
        alliance with House Republicans, pleaded guilty to fraud, tax evasion and
        conspiracy to bribe public officials in a deal that requires him to provide
        evidence about other Republican members of Congress…”

        Catalina Vasquez Villalpando, (R) Treasurer of the United
        States. Pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and tax evasion. The only US
        Treasurer ever sent to prison. (1992)

        “Randall Harold Cunningham – Republican –  resigned from the House on November 28, 2005,
        after pleading guilty to accepting at least $2.4 million in bribes and
        under-reporting his income for 2004. He pleaded guilty to federal charges of
        conspiracy to commit bribery, mail fraud, wire fraud and tax evasion. On March 3, 2006, he
        received a sentence of eight years and four months in prison and an order to
        pay $1.8 million in restitution.”

        Jared Carpenter (R) Vice-President of the Council of
        Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, was discovered during the Abramoff
        investigation and pled guilty to income tax evasion. He got 45 days, plus 4
        years probation.

        Republican Chief of Staff Peter Ellef and part of Gov.
        Rowland’s administration corruption scandal, pled guilty to bribery and tax
        evasion.  Ellef was sentenced to 30
        months in jail followed by three years of supervised release, a $15,000 fine,
        and 400 hours of community service.

        Anyway, I am sure there were many from all political parties
        that have been charged and convicted of tax evasion and fraud over the last 100
        years.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Franz
        Geithner was not charged with tax evasion or tax fraud.

        Anyway, I am sure there were many from all political parties
        that have been charged and convicted of tax evasion and fraud over the last 100
        years.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Franz
        Geithner was not charged with tax evasion or tax fraud.


        I will address your other comments in another post or two.


        • George – CPA

          Wally said: “What about the czar that is a socialist or

          Wally, was Jesus a Communist because he wanted everyone to
          care for his fellowman and provide for them and for everyone to live a very austere
          lifestyle?  The Plutocrats seems to have
          forgotten that, they are hypocrites that go to church each Sunday and live in a
          world where they truly believe they can go against Jesus’ teachings, and still
          be a good Christian.

          Wally seems to have forgotten that the USA is a Republic
          that has what some would call socialistic policies, e.g., Social Security,
          Medicare, Federal and State Minimum wage laws, …etc.  However, none of the polices or laws in the
          USA would be considered communistic.

          As far as my being a Communist, what is your definition
          Wally?  Are you talking about Russia’s,
          China’s, North Korea’s and Cuba’s Communism, which have nothing to do with what
          Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx wrote about in the  “The Communist Manifesto.” Wally, have you
          read “The Communist Manifesto” by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx, Wally?  Most likely not, and you have no clue as to
          what they were talking about in their book.

          I have read “The Communist Manifesto” by Friedrich Engels
          and Karl Marx ; and, everything stated in that book has been realized, e.g.,
          the majority of workers are suppressed by the wealthy and we are ruled by the
          Plutocracy that controls the distribution of wealth.  Does that make me a Communist that wants to
          ruled by dictators like in China, Cuba, The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist
          Republic, and North Korea?  No, it does
          not; just means that I am well read and educated, unlike most people in the USA
          and world.  Unfortunately, most people
          are dumb sheep that have voted one party all their lives just like their
          parents and grandparents.  Most have no
          clue what is going on in business, politics, the world or anything else for
          that matter, except maybe Monday Night football, and tailgate parties. 

          Back to your contention that Van Jones
          is a Communist, a view shared by former Fox News host Glen Beck, who
          mysteriously is no longer allowed on TV by FOX. 
          Glen Beck is a total right wing reactionary like Rush Limbaugh – total “nut
          jobs” that are out of touch with the majority in America. Both Beck and
          Limbaugh do share two things in common, they were both drug addicts, and both
          continue to suffer from delusional paranoia.

          Van Jones who in
          “March 2009 Jones was appointed by
          President Barack Obama to the newly created position of Special Advisor for
          Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on
          Environmental Quality, where his focus is on the administration’s climate and
          energy initiatives, with a special focus on improving vulnerable

          Van Jones would
          appear to be a perfect choice for the job based on his credentials.  “Anthony
          Kapel “Van” Jones is an
          American environmental advocate, civil rights activist, and attorney. Jones is a co-founder of three non-profit
          organizations. In 1996, he founded the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, a
          California non-governmental organization (NGO) working for alternatives to
          violence. In 2005, he co-founded Color of Change, an advocacy group for African
          Americans. In 2007, he founded Green for All, a national NGO dedicated to
          “building an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of
          poverty.” His first book, The Green Collar Economy, was released on October 7, 2008,
          and reached number 12 on the New York Times Best Seller list. In 2008, Time
          magazine named Jones one of its
          “Heroes of the Environment”. Fast Company called him one of the
          “12 Most Creative Minds of 2008”

          So Wally, I am going to have to put you in that same
          category as Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, most of the GOP, and most Libertarians,
          which is “white wealthy elitist racists.” 
          I am guessing you are not in the Plutocracy or even the upper middle
          class and probably earn much less than $100,000 per year, but are blaming all
          the poor people for the “shit” that is being done to you by the Plutocracy.

          Wally said:  “As to
          Obama helping the poor and middle class, its a pure lie.”


          Wally, that would be it’s a pure lie, not its. “Its” is a
          possessive form of the pronoun “it.”  Are
          you delusional?  Don’t answer that, it
          was a rhetorical statement or question. 

          I know you are delusional. 
          You don’t seem to understand that the “Affordable Health Care” Act, was
          passed to ensure that millions who have no medical insurance now will have
          medical insurance; to ensure that medical insurance companies can’t deny
          coverage because of pre-existing conditions; to ensure that medical insurance
          companies can’t impose limits on the amount of your medical costs they will pay.  Unfortunately, it is not Universal Health
          Care, which is sorely needed in the USA, which all other civilized industrialized
          countries have had for years.  The greedy
          insurance companies in the USA have been screwing everyone for too long.  But, they will destroy themselves under the
          Affordable Health Care Act and keep raising premiums and denying coverage; and
          then, Congress will then have to pass Universal Health Care – I can’t wait. Wally,
          why don’t you understand this fact?

          Wally said: “Obama wants to make us all dependent on the
          government. He knows that if he gets enough people dependent, these same people
          will vote for the democratic party.”

          Wally, without the government we would have no internet, no infrastructure
          (e.g., roads, bridges, major airports, major sports stadiums, etc.)  or protection (e.g., military, policemen,
          firemen, etc.)  So Wally, all Americans
          and businesses are already dependent on the government. I bet Wally thinks we
          should have soup kitchens like in the Depression to feed the poor; the poor
          should live in shacks or tents with no heat; the poor should just die in their
          homes when they are sick because they can’t afford medical care or can’t find
          jobs.  Wally seems to forget the
          Plutocracy has outsourced over 20 million jobs to third world toilets just to
          make them wealthier, while screwing the middle class and poor.  Do the math, 20 million jobs have been
          outsourced by the Plutocracy, and there are at least 15 million unemployed in
          America.  You force the greedy Plutocracy
          to bring back those 20 million outsourced jobs, then there is no
          unemployment.  Why are you and the GOP so
          stupid as not to understand that fact. 
          Actually, it is not your fault Wally; but, the GOP knows why – to increase
          the dividends paid to the wealthy by hundreds of billions annually.

          Maybe Wally is one of the few fortunate that has worked for
          a mega corporation where his job was not outsourced or where his department was
          not eliminated and combined with another department.  Maybe Wally has never had to reapply for the
          same position he had been doing for over 20 years because his company decided
          to do away with his old department and combine it with another department.  And then, after reapplying for the same position
          he has been doing for 20 years being told that he is no longer qualified and walked
          out the front door with security guards with pink slip in hand and maybe ½ year
          severance pay.  This is another technique
          used by many mega corporations to get rid of the old timers they no longer
          want. The people that survive in these mega corporations are just thankful they
          still have jobs – they worship the Plutocracy and A-holes like Jack Walsh – the
          mega corporations have turned once decent folks against their fellow workers –
          no more compassion – just vulture capitalism – too bad if you get screwed – I still
          have my job – the hell with teachings of Jesus – they don’t apply in a society controlled
          by vulture capitalists. 

          As for the rest of Wally’s comments, not worth a
          response.  But, for all folks like Wally
          that actually believe that “Oil and Gas” are the future for America, you are
          sadly mistaken.  The only two sources of
          energy that will never be exhausted are wind and solar.  Well, not exactly true, the sun will burn in
          about in a few billion years, and the earth will most likely be toast. But,
          going forward for the next billions years, we should be concentrating on wind
          and solar energy.  

          But, most likely, unless we get hundreds of millions more women
          on birth control and limit families to two kids, there will insufficient
          everything to support the world population in less than 5 centuries – 500 years. 


    • Steven R. Roy Sr.

      you really need to get a hobby.

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      You don’t have to give a rats ass about the middle class, just keep hiring them and keeping food on their tables and allowing them to put money away in 401Ks.  I was born into the middle class and lived my entire life in the middle class.  I have been very successful in putting three kids through school (not one dime from the government), gave the girls three beautiful weddings and am now retired with all bills paid and living on SS (which I paid for) and a lucrative 401K.  All done as a middle class employee working for a rich man like Jack Welch.  Thank you for the Jack Welch’s of this world.   Oh, by the way, my 401K is invested in rich men’s companies and I love every dime of those investments.   How many other stupid people are there out there like George- CPA people are out there who have been swooned by this Marxist/Communist/Radical Progressive regime?  

    • bobemakk

      Obama lied about drilling, which he stopped in the east and west and gulf coast and won’t open the Keystone pipeline, adding to unemployment, and do you like paying $4 for a gallon of gas, I don’t. 

      He lied about Fast and Furious and both him and Holder buried documents about that issue and the death of the amabassador when asked for more security.  He added to our deficit more than the 4 prior presidents and now they are talking about allowing Communist China to build cell towers here in the US, they are our enemies, including Russia, N. Korea, and Iran.  He also allowed GM to build a plant in Communist China when they owe US over $80 billion in stimulus money, which adds to unemployment.  Chrysler paid back their stimulus money and Ford didn’t take any….OBAMA LIES all the time, and the list goes on…and on and on….

      You are a CPA and you actually believe all this jargon you just wrote??? Stop drinking Kool Aid and wake the hell up.

    • Drew Page

      Jeff Imelt, CEO of General electric and Jack Welch’s replacement is doing the same things for which you criticize Welch .   but did that stop Obama from naming him his “new Jobs creation”czar?  Hell no it didn’t.  In fact, your man Obama keeps Jeff on as his business advisor. 

      Yes a farmer must labor to plant, irrigate, fertilize and harvest a crop in order to earn capital.  But  how did he pay for the seed he planted, the equipment he used to cultivate, maintain and harvest his crop and where did he get the means to purchase the land for his farm and the money he needed to live on until the crop was harvested?    Try starting a busineess without capital.   The truth is both capital and labor are necessary, each is as necessary as the other.

  • wally

    If you look at the employment numbers from July August and September, you will see very low values. In fact, the numbers are below the numbers that are necessary to keep up to the number of people that are entering the labor force. So maybe it is you that need to get your facts straight. When the economy doesn’t create jobs in excess of the people who are entering the work place, the economy is decreasing and not getting better. It is as simple as that. The formula used to determine the unemployment numbers is flawed. Most people know this so the numbers need to be taken with a grain of salt. I will not go so far as to say the labor department is cooking the books but Most government agencies are flawed and do a substandard job in what they do. Many agencies and departments need to be consolidated, reorganized and/or eliminated.Tell me what use does the rural electrification agency do today? It was started in the FDR administration to bring power to rural areas. I think rural areas have electricity don’t you? In other words, the government exists to create more government and not to look out for the tax payer.

  • Judy

    Great article and take on things!!!

  • Mari Jo O’Neill

    These moronic minions of Obama are just a bunch of liars themselves. Obama has been coddled by the left wing media, all they ever ask him are fluff questions that are
    foolish & ridiculous. With out a teleprompter he is a bust.  He is the President & he should be able to answer on the issues and this just shows he doesn’t have a clue. To call mitt Romney a liar when Obama has lied since day one to the American People. He is just a suit with no substance a fraud.  He always has reminded me of a slick used car salesman who will say or do anything to sell you a peice of crap.  Oh and lets not forget Al Gore another phony who made millions promoting his fairy tales who said and I quote “it was the altitude” so so pathetic.  What will all of these morons do when Romney is elected??????? Should anybody wonder what garbage will come out of their liberal mouths.

  • Doug

    What I’ve noticed is there is a lot of whining going on. Everyone who doesn’t have these needs to grow some. I’m talking about some freakin’ “balls”! Government is not the answer. We, the People, are the answer. 

  • Elaine Coyle

    Wait a minute…Since when is 7.8 % unemployment acceptable? 23,000,000 unemployed,
    gas at almost $4.00 a gal. food prices soaring, 16 Trillion dollars in debt & Democrats are spiking the football on the ECONOMY???

    • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

      Gas is not “almost $4.00” it is way beyond that in many states, especially those blue radical progressive states.  They are getting what they deserve and they better not complain, just bend over and bend FORWARD with the petroleum jelly in hand.  

  • Brushfour

    Having your campaign managers call the opponent a ” Liar,”…is bad strategy.  Playing up the 7.8% number good strategy.  But I’m not sure if it’s enough to stop Romney’s upward momentum.

  • suki33

    Occasionally I sell books and DVDs through I’ve done this for years as I weed out my collection, never making very much (maybe a few hundred dollars a year, which I usually plow back into other book and DVD purchases).

    This week I got an inquiry from Amazon for my tax ID information since I’m nearing 50 sales in a year. Hmm, does that mean that I will then be counted as an employed statistic that will be used to skew the employment numbers? I hope not and wish I hadn’t given that information, but thought if I owed taxes on what I sold I should be responsible for it.

    It’s enough to make you cry to think that we have come to this place in this country.

  • Randy

    The numbers don’t make sense.  114,000 jobs yielded a .3% point decrease?  There are jobs added each month.  Why didn’t the August or July jobs added decrease the unemployment?  Don’t think you need to be an economist to see the fallacy of these numbers.  And two people in the Bureau of Labor Statistics are big Obama donors?  Ya, that wouldn’t have anything to do with suddenly better numbers.  No one should be surprised though.  Any administration as lawless as this one certainly wouldn’t hesitate to fudge a little old number a bit, would they?  What’s a couple a tenths to an administration that spends millions of dollars buying a prison congress denied them the funding to do?  Or to pass a regulation when a law can’t be written.  It’s just the constitution and that whole separate but equal thing.  No big deal.

  • lemonfemale

    I could see Obama doing a drone hit.  The numbers … they could be real; let’s see if they get revised later.  A lot of the unemployment drop was people taking part-time jobs.  If you look at new jobs created that number is not only anemic, it is down somewhat.
    While I’m here, a CBS columnist made a devastating case that Romney cheated by bringing notes.  Or it WOULD have been devastating,  if the rules for the 2012 debate actually barred  bringing in notes.  So what Romney really did was follow Obama’s advice and bring a gun to a knife fight.

  • Caren

    One big reason the unemployment rate fell to 7.8% has to do with Obama changing the “right to work” for people on public assistance back in July 2012.  People on the public dole no longer have to look for work.   When everyone realized this they took their names off the unemployment lists.   As such, they are no longer counted as “unemployed”.   It took a few months to show up, but I bet the number will be even lower next month, as more people on welfare remove themselves from “those looking for work”.  Pretty clever.  And Axelrod says Romeny will say anything to get elected – Freudian slip???

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    An journalist that demands to be respected should take a stand and tell the American citizens that “they believe the books were cooked.”  You can be the first Bernie and then ask your buddy Bill O’Reilly to do the same.  NO SPIN RIGHT!  The Labor Department will need new tires after this one!!!

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    “This is not a right wing screwball roaming the dark corners of the internet”, this is Kevin DuJan take on the debate.  His Hillbuzz site is one of the more popular web pages, Bernie should take a look at it after all Kevin talks about the circles of friends that Barack Hussein Obama use to hang out with in Chicago.  Rahm Emanuel was also part of that “dark corner of Chicago’s homosexual community.  Kevin, by the way is a Conservative homosexual from Chicago, he knows the community very well.

  • terry



  • Robert Morelli

    Then Obama called his disciples unto him, and said, I have compassion on the multitude, because they continue with me now four years, and have no jobs: and I will not send them away unemployed, lest they faint in the way to the polls. And his disciples say unto him, Whence should we have so many jobs in the Obama economy, as to fill so great a multitude? And Obama saith unto them, How many jobs have ye? And they said, 114,000, and a few little trinkets to sell on eBay. And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the ground. And he took the 114,000 jobs and the trinkets, and gave thanks, and brake news of them on the MSM, and gave favors to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude. And they did all have jobs, and were employed: and they took up of the broken economy that was left, nine battleground states full. And they that were employed were eight hundred seventy three thousand men and women.

    And he sent away the multitude, and took ship, and came into the coasts of Hollywood and thence to Las Vegas.

    • Ahalbert

       much appreciated

    • Jane Scroggins

       You said that very well!!!  LMAO!!!

  • rlpincus

    Ooooh! Hitmen, Henchmen, October Surprises, Cynical Ages!!!  Oooooh!!!

    The great Jack Welch–oh, I’m sorry, JACK WELCH–on the facts behind his ridiculous claim that the BLS can be manipulated politically:

    “I have no evidence of corruption, none whatsoever”

    Bernie forgot to tell you all that little nugget.

  • Michael Handley

    Maybe it’s just the usual holiday season hiring that started early because business is doing so well….. NOT!!!  

  • asl3676

    If the books were cooked in October why had they not been been cooked earlier?

    • Michael Handley

      Just look around you…  What do you actually see?

    • Ahalbert

       It’s the opposite of obfuscating Ft Hood and Benghazi. In those cases, you delay the “investigation” so people forget. It’s like moving the venue of a trial. When you cook the books on unemployment, you want to do it a few weeks before the election so there isn’t time to investigate.

  • Sue

    If the numbers are true, the reason is this. After the butt whooping Romney gave Obama in the debate, businesses became hopeful that we will have someone new in the Whitehouse, and so began hiring again.

    • asl3676

      Great creativity and funny too….

  • floridahank

    First of all,  I’d want to know the political backgrounds and Presidential preferences for those compiling these records. I’m certain that most of them would be in the Dem. group.
    Second, these people putting out the reports are the same kind of people who would come to your house or business, and say “We’re from the Govt. and we’re here to help you.”
    And any person with commonsense knows what that means and  would tell them, “Get off my property, I’ve got enough problems.”

    It blows my mind how so many people fall for the garbage and propaganda put out by the Govt.  I never believe ANYTHING they say, and in fact most of the time, I’d read the report in reverse and believe just the opposite and be more right then them.

    Statistics give you anything you want if you ask the right questions and select a very special group for your answers.

  • kcinco

    I have blogged on other sites that I am grateful to get our people back to work.  And if this number is true, then a big “Hallelujah” is in order!  However, considering the tactics the democratic (really the progressive) party has taken over the past 3-1/2 years, and during this campaign cycle, my gut tells me that there has been manipulation of numbers and/or the BLS has issued a selectively-calculated statistic to make the unemployment number look better at this coincidental point in time. 

  • Tmwight

    This wasn’t any surprise, who was really surprised? It was a pretty-well expected manipulation which will be adjusted afterbthevelection. The Big One will be a drone kill, or, more likely the arrest – in handcuffs – of a high-level banking CEO. Remember Goldman’s indictment before the election in 2008, later “settled”!

  • Taurus4

    Al Gore and his crackpot Gorean Science theories is  perhaps the best known living example of the effects of oxygen deprivation. Even Tipper finally came up for air! Lordy, ta think that wooden mouth-breather was a hog’s breath away from bein’ POTUS makes the Dear Organizer look dang near tolerable.

    Was Obama trying to channel Mr. Bojangles or Chuckles the Clown? He gave us his usual little song and a little dance, but this time his schtick went south when he got screwed by lightening and plumb fergot to shoot the seltzer down our pants.

    The ‘Dust-up in Denver’ showed Americans why, when you want a winning team, you always pick a leader who can think on his feet and make good decisions in the heat of a battle. You want a quarterback for your captain, never the 2nd string punter!

    Clint Eastwood was bang on with that empty chair routine and Denver showed us an  empty lecturn manned by an empty suit.

  • Jpaller

    Just like when Bill ran the first time the press and other Dums chanted about how the economy was so terrible under Bush Sr.—- till the day after the election.  Suddenly the economy went “golden”.  How could that cigar abusing ass have changed anything about the economy when he had not taken control yet?  Really, overnight? Sickening press, they lied about Bush Sr. in order to make sure Repubs didn’t win the election again.  The Dums had been fighting the Repubs, not allowing any of the Gingrich/Repub changes to balance the budget.  After Bill the cigar abuser took office suddenly all the Republican proposals get passed and Bill the fornicator gets credit for balancing the budget.  Also look up what it takes to become a Rhodes Scholar and you will laugh your rear off.

    But for now, the Dums are suddenly overnight saying that BO has caused a golden economy.  Their lies are just amazing.  Our “fairy princess” has given everyone jobs in one stroke before the ball was to begin.  Funny thing though, dinner at the ball will be paid for in food stamps.  It will all be Chinese food too.

  • Lsal

    You have to give these Obama boy’s credit. They come out with the things that should be said about themselves only they charge Romney.  Will say anything to win  come on!!
    I have listened to several lines from them talking about Romney when it’s exactly what should be said about Obama. The Chicago gang is staying one step ahead of the Romney criticism of Obama and accusing Romney of it.  Maybe Obama knew they were fixing the employment numbers among other things and didn’t care about the debate??

  • Vin Bick

    Even the suckers who voted for Stinky BO in 2008 have seen the light.  This fake, phony, fraud will be sent packing a month from now.  Sure, the kooks, the kool-aid drinks, and the blacks will still vote in lock-step, but the rest of this country will vote for R& R to restore our great nation’s proper leadership position in the world.

  • Bootumall

    I would like to hear Jack Welch’s opinion of his successor. I have a lot of respect for Mr. Welch and I had a lot of respect for GE until his successor turned facist.

  • stmichrick

    Obama and his comrades have effectively neutered the term ‘liar’ as they had done with the term ‘racist.’ Neither word has shock value in public discourse anymore. Everyone on the other side is both without exception.

    Another distinctive oratorical tic of Barack is his pronunciation of the word ‘profit’ in a sentence; as if it is something we should be wary of and minimize. When discussing healthcare or energy he implies that ‘profit’ should be avoided or capped.

    Our side needs to turn these perverse verbal usages on their heads whenever encountered.

  • DOOM

    I was expecting gas prices to magically fall.

  • Cyberquill

    I liked Al Gore’s explanation for Obama’s lackluster debate performance, namely that while Romney arrived in Denver early and prepped for the debate on location, Obama landed just in time for the debate itself; therefore, Romney’s brain had time to adjust to the relatively high altitude (Denver is located at 5,000 ft above sea level), while Obama’s brain did not, leaving the president a little tired. 

    There may actually be something to this. 

    • DOOM

       I spent a week in Denver once.  It affected my lungs quite a bit, but my brain functioned just as it does at sea level.

    • ron

      I’ve been to Denver many times and it never affected my thought processes.

    • Deny916

      Obummer has a brain???????

      • Cyberquill

        Yes. Hard to believe as it may be, it even takes a brain to post a question as stupid as yours.

    • Fitzphotos Suellen

      Oh please……..this is Al Gore’s theory. When did we ever believe anything out of the mouth of the inventor of the internet?

    • Elaine Coyle

       At least he didn’t blame it on Global Warming.

      • Cyberquill

        No, he just blamed it on thin air.

  • Jonrod

    This is the most honest journalist out there. If Bernie says it you can bet your A$$ it’s the truth. And I love his last two sentences. I listen to O’Reilly for two reasons. The truth and Bernard Goldberg

  • Bj Rutledge

    I’ll be convinced he pulled a rabbit our of his hat when it costs $20, not $40 to fill my tank.

    • Michaelhandley

      I just bought gas today in Southern California. $4.59 a gallon. I’m voting for Romney… 

  • Bj Rutledge

    Remind me not to sleep with FOX NEWS on, Just had a nightmare that BO won the election. Needless to say I was despondant.

  • Bj Rutledge

    Look around you… do you see people who got jobs? I don’t. Anyway, we already see that BO wants the defense contractors to hold off on their legally required layoff notices. and has even donated our taxpayer dollars to defend the contractors in court if they are sued, as well as covering any severence as needed because of the law break. I read a couple of months ago that the government was trying to pay part of the salaries for some employee groups to delay the other wise necessary layoffs. So, did they cook the books? ABSOLUTELY. One way or another! Does he really think he could pull a miracle out of his butt the month 47 of his otherwise sucky presidency? NOT!

    • Jonrod

      There should be a lawsuit over this. But don’t worry we have an honest congressman who swears to resist any funds for those who obey the administrations offer.

    • asl3676

      What are you going to do when Obama wins? Claim he didn’t win? Claim you don’t know anty people who voted for him? Claim it’s fixed? The Cranky and Crazy Party are alive and well…..

      • Michael Handley

        Well I live in Southern California. Where I live I don’t see any new businesses opening up. I don’t see advertising for new jobs being offered. I do see lots of boarded up buildings and many of my friends can’t find work. So who you gonna believe, President Obama and his statistics or your lieing eyes? The truth in in actions, not words… 

      • Ahalbert

        What are Dems going to do when Obama loses? Claim we’re duped, greedy, uneducated, and racist? But you’ve already said that.

      • Brett

        If you want cranky and crazy, letters and numbers, just watch your boy, Chris Matthews, after the debate. Oops, was that racist to call C.M. a boy? Rumor has it he’s on a morphine drip ever since, sobbing uncontrollably at Obummer’s miserable performance. O. was heard to say, “Where’s my teleprompter, what do I say now, without it”? Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP.

      • NS Sherlock

        Neither my “anty” or uncle are voting for obummah.

        • Brett

          Hey Sherlock,  letters and numbers says he’s a lawyer.  And I’m going to the moon for a slice of cheese as soon as I finish this. He can’t spell and has never had an original thought and whines and name calls; that’s all he’s got. Hey, letters and numbers, stop wasting our space , time, and oxygen. JUMP!

  • John C. Davidson

    Already saw that report about the recovery is in full swing coming from the Tampa Times, Bernard. Your assessment was right on.

  • rlpincus

    Henchmen, hit men, October Surprises–you gotta love the whole 1930’s crime noir thing that Bernie lays over this campaign.  Soon, Mitt Romney will be the Mormon Elliot Ness.

    What Bernie could have said is that the firewalls between the BLS and politicians is gigantic, and the BLS employees operate completely independently of any administration.  But that would be a fact.  Instead, he trumpets Jack Welch–oh, I’m sorry, JACK WELCH–as an arbiter of conspiracy theories.

    More proof that the right, when determining reality, is much more concerned with how they feel about it rather than objectively observing the facts of it.

  • venter


    How can I get a list of Obama’s 5,000,000  new jobs.  I know people who are looking for work.  Could the number be 1/2 that because many people are working 2  jobs to feed their families?

    I am also cynical ………………could Obama have known the job number before the debate therefore he didn’t study.  Or was that the real Obama without the teleprompter?

  • Patrick

    Amazing, 873,000 more people managed to get employed, but only 114,000 jobs were created? Did that many people suddenly find it affordable to retire? And how could the unemployment rate drop .3 points when only 114,000 jobs were created (lower than the last two months) and the labor participation rate went only up .1 point? Maybe I’m a dummy, but the numbers don’t make sense especially the fact that more people were employed than jobs created.

  • venter


    where can I get a list of the 5,000.000 Obama create.  I know people who looking for full time work.   Could it be 2,500,000 jobs, because many people are working 2 jobs to feed their families.


  • Bob Hadley

    “But I suspect we only witnessed the first October Surprise. The other one, I think, will be coming very soon. It will be a drone that hits the terrorists who killed our ambassador and three others in Libya. I’m all for drones that kill terrorists. But when Axelrod said Mitt Romney will do anything to get elected, this was a psychological slip. He was really talking about Barack Obama.”

    Bernie, I’m actually surprised that you let such stupidity appear under your byline.   Your desire for plaudits from the choir is apparently draining your integrity account.

    Let me get this straight:  You’re in favor of killing terrorists by drone strikes, but if a drone strike kills the terrorists responsible for the Libya slaughter before the upcoming election, it only proves that Pres. Obama will do anything to win? 

    Is he supposed to delay hunting down those terrorists until after the election???????????????  Would that make you happy????  Shouldn’t Pres. Obama CONTINUE to do (almost) anything to expeditiously hunt down and eliminate terrorists?  Duh!

    I suppose your remarks seem sane in comparison to at least a few shameless Obama haters (or those trying to profit from Obama haters) when you don’t criticize Pres. Obama’s drone strikes because he’s eliminating terrorists who could possibly give us valuable intelligence if and when they’re captured.

    • asl3676

      These blogs must take Bernie at least 15 minutes to complate…Next Bernie is going to be incredulous when Donald Trump makes a nonsensical statement ala Jack Welch….Welch admitted to Chris Mathews that he’s full of it,..He is simply trying to protect his anticipated tax decrease from his buddy Willard Romney..

  • Deny916

    These numbers are soooooooo fudged it’s not even funny!  Do they honestly think we’re dumb enough to believe this crap?!

    • Michael Handley

      Unfortunately the answer is, Yes they do…. 

  • Arjay4

    Another “creative accounting” report

  • Bruce A.

    Bernie , the term debacle should be amended in this article to include  President  Obamas entire term in office.  The only October surprise I find is that people are still willing to vote for more of the same.

    • Taurus4

      Racial guilt drove Americans to fulfill the ‘equality dream’ of putting a person of color in the White House, but in their haste to achieve a lofty goal, the Dems disn’t do their homework. They put the wrong ‘person of color’ in job, and are so invested in the idea that their intentions were good, they can’t come to grips with the fact that they not only ‘skrewed da pooch’ but they also skrewed the country. 
      Good people, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, and the Dems, Liberals and Progressives are using their shovels to insure we’ll have a smooth ride all the way to the edge of the cliff.

  • Count_E_Limerick

    “Romney lied!” they bitch and they moan,
    “The prez is thoughtful, more cool,” they groan.
    “Romney maybe can recite –
    But Obama can excite,
    By using his tendency to drone!

  • Count_E_Limerick

    We’re all concerned about an unemployed neighbor.
    Then Romney, while debating, rattled his saber.
    We said, “Barack, find a new job!”
    So he unearthed a huge blob
    Of unknown new ones at the Department of Labor!

    Think America is on the wrong course?
    Think in ’08 we chose the wrong horse?
    Said O, “They may be on ‘o me –
    I can improve the economy,
    By getting more people to LEAVE the work force!”

  • James T Mooney

    Now its a matter of how bad Mitt wants it. These socialist could make a billy goat puke and you’ll will see what I mean in the coming weeks until election day. They will be in overdrive from here on in and we have to meet their emotionalism with our intensity

  • Bill C

    I predicted this “cooking the books on jobs” in October by Obama’s Dept of Labor back in July on another forum.  The question is “Are Americans as dumb as Obama and Axelrod think they are”?  Twenty bucks says the next jobs report have the unemployment rate fall even more and then AFTER the election it will “surprisingly shoot back up over 8%. 

    • Wheels55

      It seems that this “jobs report” was from a household survey. We all know how any given survey can be.
      I think different jobs numbers will come out increasing this amount. It also seems that the next month’s report should have a higher number.
      Yes, many Americans are dumb enough because when they see a statisical number, they think it must be true. Obama is counting on enough dumb people to vote. I’m not saying everyone who votes for him is dumb, but Obama needs dumb people to vote.

    • Deny916

      I’m predicting the next jobs report will be 7.5–they have to do something to make idiot boy look good before the election and that’s they only way they can do it.  There is NO WAY IN HELL the 7.8 could be accurate. 

    • Deny916

      I’m thinking they take it down to 7.5 for November’s numbers.  Totally agree with you Bill!

  • NS Sherlock

    What does it mean when even MSNBC is questioning the numbers?? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark…or, DC.

    • Taurus4

      Didn’t you know DC=Don’t Care?

  • Jena Marie

    I assume that the Fed will be able to wean the QE infinity soon, now that the jobs trajectory is so improved.  But wait!  Not yet, or any time soon?  That might be the most true test of the accuracy of these numbers and whether they fit the real picture.

  • Wheels55

    It does seem odd that suddenly a key number comes out in Obama’s favor in October. A number alone does not mean much unless one knows what it means and how it was derived. I hope that number is true. But dropping .3% or.4% is hardly putting us where we need to be in October 2012.

  • Gloves Donahue

    There is an actual enemy of America in the White House.

    Imagine what this lawless, corrupt man would do if he never had to face the voters again.

  • cal40gal

    Hasn’t it been likely that the numbers would start to show the economy in a pre- election recovery? This, plus all sorts of MSM headlines proclaiming that we are on the verge of the Hallelujah recovery? Stay with the savior and don’t risk voting for Romney they will say.

    This will be our October surprise.

  • Aptrahan13

    OObama is the liar. He is worst than the slim from pond scum .Obama and his cronies think we are stupid. Well we have a surprise for Obama in that we will elect Mitt Romney come Nov.

    • Taurus4

      If y’all ever wanna know whut the Democrats are up to, look and see whut they are accusing their opposition of doin’. It’s the ‘mask’ they’ve always worn, and it seems to be very effective.

  • R-house

    What is this world comming to, I have never seen a President that was such a LIAR to the American people

  • Charwagner12

    The Household Survey showed a gain of 873,000 people employed in September – resulting in the surprise drop in the unemployment rate – while the Establishment Survey only showed a rise of 114,000.

  • Mister Duke II

    I fully expect a “wag the dog” moment between now and November 6th. #war

    • NS Sherlock

      I agree. When the DoD acknowledged the planned attack on Libya, gave the terrorists a ‘heads up’ to either head for the hills, or hide among the civilians. Regardless, there will be a lot of sand pounded and a few civilians killed and held up as “terrorists”. This idiot boy in the White House keeps digging his hole deeper and deeper.

  • bears5314

    Is there anyway to determine the impact the HHS change to the welfare requirements has on the unemployment numbers?

    • asl3676

      Yes there is….Your psychiatrist can give you the details…