The Supreme Court Vindicates the Tea Party

It was December of 2010 when I received a letter from my health insurance company informing me that the rates on my plan were about to increase by a whopping 33% for the new year. Compliance with regulations in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was given as the explanation, along with the gratuitous rising cost of health care. I knew the passage of Obamacare would lead to higher premiums and more expensive treatment, along with a plethora of other nasty things. I was just shocked by how quickly I began to feel the pinch.

Nine months earlier, I had called my representative’s office in D.C. (for the first time ever) to make my voice heard on President Obama’s healthcare bill. Democratic Congresswoman Betsy Markey had originally taken a principled stand against the bill… until she had a brief, closed-door meeting with an Obama adviser which led her to miraculously change her mind. I spoke to a Markey aid who sounded overwhelmed and exhausted, which wasn’t all the surprising. The Capital reportedly received a record number of calls from people like me that day – March 20th, 2010. Constituents from all across the country were outraged by the unprecedented intrusion of the federal government into their lives. We didn’t buy the promises repeatedly dished out by the administration either. None of us believed the claims that the bill’s implementation would cut our deficit, lower our premiums, and allow everyone to stay on their current plans. Lastly, we knew it wasn’t constitutional.

The overwhelming public discontent fueled the Tea Party movement, and though not everyone who opposed Obamacare held up protest signs and waved American flags, we were thankful for those who did.

In the end, our persistence did no good. The bill was jammed down our throats and signed into law under a breathtakingly shady process, even by Washington’s standards. For our trouble, people like me were portrayed by the media as being too stupid to understand that Obama’s healthcare initiative was for our own damned good. They were appalled that we weren’t thanking our president, and because we weren’t, they decided that we might just be racists.

Thanks to 26 State Attorneys General who filed a multi-state lawsuit against Obamacare, we got another shot.

This week, people like me have felt a sparkle of hope that there may be some vindication coming our way. The Supreme Court heard arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare’s mandate that every American must purchase health insurance, and things didn’t look so great for Obamacare supporters. President Obama’s Solicitor General, Donald B. Verrilli, was filleted by the justices who insisted that the government overreached its authority under the Commerce Clause. Crucial swing-voter, Justice Anthony Kennedy, seemed to lead the charge when he declared that the law was “unprecedented” in its imposition of forcing citizens into purchasing a product. CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin called the display a “train wreck” for the Obama administration. Toobin was but one of a plethora of analysts who were adamant last week that this would be a slam-dunk victory for the president. The tone of the hearing has left those people completely stunned.

The push-back by the Supreme Court has been very encouraging, but I’m not getting my hopes too high yet. There was a time when I was certain the healthcare bill had been stopped in congress too, but it was resurrected and pushed through by the skin of its teeth.

Still, it’s hard not to be optimistic.

The dismantling of Obamacare via a Supreme Court ruling would apply some brakes to the downward trajectory of this country and remind Americans what we’re about as a nation. Those of us opposed to the legislation were criticized and mocked by pundits for not understanding the specifics of the 2,700 page bill, even when no one in congress did either. What we did know was that our freedom was under attack. What we did know is that this country couldn’t sustain yet another entitlement program that we and future generations can’t afford. What we knew instinctively was that Obamacare was Un-American.

By Un-American, I’m not suggesting that supporters of the bill aren’t patriotic. Unlike many of my fellow conservatives, I do believe that the desire to extend health coverage to those who can’t afford it is based on good intentions. What I’m saying is that we became the greatest, most prosperous country in the history of the world because we’ve resisted the intrusion of government into our personal lives. While other countries have let heavy-handed government bury them under oppression and dependency, we’ve cherished personal freedom and it has paid us tremendous dividends. We need to be reminded of this from time to time because far too many of us have forgotten it, or maybe we never quite understood it in the first place.

The plight might seem hopeless at times. We’ve certainly been sleep-walking down the road of expanding government for far too long. But when there’s on overreach the likes of Obamacare, we’ve found that we won’t go down quietly, sitting on the sidelines and being timidly complacent with our own decline. People who’ve stood up to Obamacare through all the mockery and defamation over the past three years should be proud of themselves, because it seems our fears have been substantiated by the highest court in the land.

If the Supreme Court does decimate Obamacare, it will be interesting to see the political backlash it will have on President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Democratic strategist James Carville insists that the defeat would actually help the Democratic party. He believes that it would give his party an opportunity to say that they tried and were obstructed by meddling conservatives who don’t want poor people to receive healthcare.

I find that perspective ridiculous, and I doubt Carville even buys it himself. If the Republicans allow such a narrative to be successful, even with the mainstream media promoting it with all of its might, they deserve to lose in November.

All the Republicans have to do is state the truth: At at time when our country was on its knees in the midst of a collapsing economy, closing businesses, and double-digit unemployment, President Obama and the Democrats spent nine months wasting the country’s government resources on an illegal bill. They didn’t care about its constitutionality and they didn’t bother to even read it. Instead… at the very worst of times, they spent an enormous amount of time and taxpayer’s money with their ideological pursuit for which more time and tax-payer’s money will be required to unravel it.

The Republicans should argue that the Obamacare debacle was merely a preview of more irresponsible decisions Americans would suffer from if President Obama is given another term. They should explain that with four more years in office, the president could very likely be nominating new justices to the Supreme Court – liberal ones that would be more inclined to pass through radical legislation like Obamacare, rather than serving as our last, ethical defense against it.

The Supreme Court is expected to announce their verdict in June. Until then, speculation on their decision will run rampant. What can no longer run rampant is the continued, media-driven insistence that those who oppose President Obama’s grand vision of a government-controlled healthcare system are baseless in their reasoning. It’s the opposition that was right. They were the ones who took the initiative seriously and understood its ramifications while our elected leaders showed them little respect, choosing rather to blindly tote the party line.

Hopefully, the Supreme Court’s decision will be cause for celebration among those of us who resisted Obamacare from the beginning, and a lesson to those in Washington who have no understanding of the proper role of government.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series, which is available through all major retailers. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
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  • Mitch Black

    If the mandate is struck down, then some other parts of the law (related to severability) stand, wouldn’t that be a bad thing?  

  • Drew Page

    This is typical of Obama.  He is out to buy votes and doesn’t care a bit what it will cost those of us who do pay taxes.    Undetr Obamacare, which he spent no time reading and even less time drafting, access to physicans will be very limited for everyone.  You can’t expect the current number of doctors and hospitals to treat 25 or 30 million more people without severely limiting access.   Regardless of all protests to the contrary, care will of necessity have to be rationed.  and although the supporters of Obamacare don’t like the term “death panels”  there will be panels of government bureaucrats that determines who gets treatment and who doesn’t.  And if you think elected officials will be subject to Obamacare and its limitations, you are very naive.

    • kayakbob

      Hi Drew,

      Actually I must disagree with one point – they spent over 9 months [carefully, I would think] drafting this monsterous – not to mention monumentally naive – overreach of federal powers.

      I came to the ‘naive’ comment recently when I heard Justice Kagan ask (my paraphrase) – what’s the big deal? The federal govt. is giving the states a boat load of money. Why wouldn’t that be just grand?

       Again, my paraphrase.

      • kayakbob

        I must say if I wanted to draft a document that was more offensive to individual liberty, I could not have done a better job that this 2,700 page “act”.

  • Wmslaw

    it’s good “intention” not “attentions”

    • John Daly

      Thanks! One of the disadvantages of not having an editor. 😉

  • Jumpinanddosomething

    Sorry you don’t know what you are talking about when you imply that your representative cut some backroom deal with the Whitehouse – you weren’t in her office…   Ms. Markey was against the first version of the bill (House version)  even though her Deomcratic base and leaders were for it.  She actually voted against it because she thought it was to costly and didn’t do enough to help small businesses.  There were two healtcare bills (House & Senate)  and the second bill (Senate version)  was scored by the congressional budget office at a much lower cost and she decided to vote for it.   It was a corageous vote because she knew the conservative rhetoric would cost her her job but she made the decision based on what she thought was the best thing for her constituents and the country.  

    • Drew Page

      Baloney.   Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Mary Landrieu of Louisianna got their bribes and sold their votes in what came to be known as the Cornhusker Kickback and the Second Louisianna Purchase.  And your description of Ms. Markey’s sellout sounds like the typical “I voted against it before I voted for it” nonsense that Kerry used to rationalize his flip-flopping.  I am sure the ‘courageous’ Ms. Market did “what was best for her constituents and the country” AFTER meeting with the White House staffer.

    • John Daly

      You don’t think that it’s a coincidence that she now works for the Department of Homeland Security?

      • John Daly

        Oops. Meant “You think…” 😉

        • Jumpinanddosomething

          I know people think it works like that (you give me the vote and Ill get you a job when you lose) but those are people that have never worked on capt hill.   That kind of bargain is saying these people are dishonest and the vast majority are not.    If they were there are many better places to be dishonest and make a ton more money.  

          I not saying there aren’t bargains made but not ones like that;  it is more like you support my bill and later Ill help you out if I can.  Just like it is in business or anywhere else, you help people out that help you but you dont bend your morals or sell people out so that you can get a job later.

          Ms. Markey worked for State Dept and Customs (part of Homeland now) prior so she is more then qualified for that job she got.  I’m sure she could have made much more money as a lobbiest or back in business for herself like she did before.

          The cloak and dagger story sounds good and sells more hits on a web site but it is not very real.    

          • John Daly

            Truth is stranger than fiction. There were all kinds of “cloak and dagger” realities during the healthcare bill vote. Drew listed two of the bigger ones earlier.

  • FloridaJim

    Our country has been built on being Independent People not living off the dole, until rcently. We have more energy than any country on earth yet we allow the Obama led 60’s radicals to install their progressive, Stalin-like programs which 65% of us do not like. It is time for the 65% to stand up , oust Obama, fire the czars and radicals, undo all the mischief and become energy independent off Oil and gas while the private companies search for the elusive “alternate” energy sources. Wealth comes when Obama goes!

  • wally

    Think about how health care has changed in the last 80 or 90 years. My grand parents came to this country from Europe in the hope of starting a new life and they did just that. I do not think they even thought about having life insurance if it even existed. Plus by the way, if it did exist, the cost would have been relatively cheap since what  a doctor had as his arsenal was a bag full of rude equipment. So why buy insurance? One, they couldn’t afford it then. Two, they paid the doctor with chickens, eggs, beef or vegetables. They had 14 children because that was wealth. Grandmother died when she was around 65 (understandable) and grandfather died when he was 90. Not bad considering that they didn’t have insurance. By the way, they didn’t have food police so they ate what was available and that included salt pork, salt beef, unpasteurized milk, potatoes and the vegetables they grew. In those days if the doctor made a mistake, the patient died. No lawsuits because the doctor was practicing medicine. Contrast that to now where if a mistake is made or if not enough testing is performed, the doctor is liable for real or perceived damages. Take the surgeon  of today who pays  $200,000 per year of insurance for possible damages. This amount equates to $100 per hour of his time. A stiff price to pay for someone who is trying to save you. Think of all the expensive equipment that is available today. Some cost $1,000,000 or more to purchase and not including maintenance. Think about the additional insurance hospitals and health professionals pay to pay for lawsuits. Think about all the regulation costs that a hospital must meet.
      We as a nation are driving up the cost on everything that we do with too high and outrageous lawsuits and regulations. We need to recognize that all options for health insurance are not possible for everyone. Some of us need to take the less expensive road such as true basic health care rather than the expensive spread. If we do not,  hello Greece.

  • kayakbob

    Well written essay becayse it goes to the very heart of what I have believed since I was about 6 years old. ( I am 55 now) –

    “What I’m saying is that we became the greatest, most prosperous country in the history of the world because we’ve resisted the intrusion of government into our personal lives. While other countries have let heavy-handed government bury them under oppression and dependency, we’ve cherished personal freedom and it has paid us tremendous dividends. We need to be reminded of this from time to time because far too many of us have forgotten it, or maybe we never quite understood it in the first place.”

    I have always believed that concept, but it has been difficult to show examples of what happens when a country goes down the other road.  But now? Can you say Greece? Can you say Spain?

    • kayakbob

      …now if I could just spell ‘because’

  • bonzo3244

    I think Carville’s wrong. I think the average American hates this bill. Hated the way it was passed and hated the People who were voted for it. I think should SCOTUS dismantle it there will be no Dem sympathy bounce and the Business community will start to breath once again. All these things would benefit the GOP. I just wished they had a better bunch of morons to vote for

  • independentinlasvegas

    Don’t get too giddy!  The supreme court has been known to blow people away when they make their final decision…

    • John Daly

       Yeah, I know. I’m trying not to count my chickens. At the very least, they’re giving it the scrutiny it deserves. A stark contrast from Nancy Pelosi who seemed completely taken by reporters who asked her if she thought Obamacare was constitutional.

  • Superamerican

    Carville spoke truth when he indicated that helping Obama win is IT, ALL and EVERYTHING. To hell with reality, to hell with what helps America and Americans, it is spinning everything, deciding everything for the reelection of Obama.

    America is so over as a free nation; as in Europe it is now controlled by labor union bosses, selfish trial lawyers, rich socialists. The few with control over the rest of us. It is here.

  • Vinbick44

    Thank you, Mr. Daly for your insightful, accurate assessment of the present status of the healthcare  issue.  The future of this great nation is under attack, and it is critical that the Supreme Court meet its obligation to uphold our Constitution by throwing out BO’s  healthcare debacle.  It stinks, just like all BO!

  • Scheer

    I live in MA and the premiums are through the roof (I have my own plan since my employer plan doesn’t pass MA requirements). However, MA is different than the entire US. Mitt Romney is right, MA needs this type of plan. 

    But…the plan is more PatrickCare than RomneyCare. Deval Patrick turned it into one huge welfare plan. Plus illegals got over $100 million in free care last year.

    Massachusetts is the state where all immigrants pour into because of the liberal benefits programs.

    The worst.

    Oh, and my premium just about doubled over the course of 2 years.

  • Dave O’Connor

    I’m not projecting how the court will report out on this case, but, for certain; we’ll know its legal implications will have been exhausted. That would seem to be more dialogue than Congress’ population gave it.
    As to the “Tea Party”, this is what they wanted, broader participation, in the first place.
    History may just prove out that we’ve had a US President, known only for a bargain basement priced Nobel Prize.
    And, that’s about all.

  • Gerjanel

    Among the American citizens who will have to purchase health insurance if the Supreme Court does not overturn the Individual Mandate are those of us who permanently reside outside of the USA.  We will have to pay $750 each for health insurance which we will not be able to utilize unless we return to the States.   Many of us live in countries which have some kind of National Health program which covers most, if not all, our health needs. 

    If we conservatively estimate the number of Americans residing outside of the USA at 1,000,000 (and I’m sure that’s low), and multiply by $750, we are subsidizing the Obamacare by $750,000,000 annually.  That’s not a fee—that’s a tax.

  • Bruce A.

    Another good one John.  I must note you did neglect to call the US the most generous country in history especially when it comes to world aid & disaster relief.
    Anybody looking for free health care?  Get elected to Congress. get on welfare or go to prison.

  • Worldbuilder

    Mr. Daly,
    Thank you for the well written essay. 

  • harryperezz

    This special program was launched in 2010 and was originally expected to run out of money before it could cover everyone who needed it. But the opposite happened. People with pre-existing conditions either didn’t know about this plan or didn’t care to take part. Less than 20,000 people have signed up across the country. learn at “Penny Health” for your self

  • Bob

    Well said,  Not sure there’s much that I can add.