This Just In: John Wayne Is Dead

John Wayne is dead and sometimes I think the Republican Party didn’t get the news.

We Americans don’t latch onto just any old myth. We pick only the ones that make us feel good about ourselves.  So even if it was only the stuff of Hollywood movies, John Wayne became a giant in our culture, a genuine make-believe hero, because more than anything else he was the embodiment of American rugged individualism.

Whatever we are in America these days, we’re not that anymore.  If we were, Barack Obama —  a left-wing pol who sees answers to just about everything not in individuals but in big government — couldn’t have been elected once, let alone twice.

Once upon a time we were a center-right country and the GOP was the center-right party.  It still is (except when it’s the far right party) but the country has moved left.  And that’s why, I think, a new CNN poll says that a majority of Americans – 53 percent – say they view the policies of the Republican Party as too extreme.  That’s up 17 points from just two years ago.  And only 37 percent say they view the Democratic Party as too extreme.

In times of crisis it’s important to state the obvious, so here goes:  The Republican Party is in big trouble.  It not only needs a messenger that America can embrace, which will be no easy task — it also needs a message that will resonate with a majority of center-left Americans.  How do Republicans accomplish that without abandoning their center-right principles?

Let’s start with the economy. I think Republicans are right when they say we have a spending problem – not a taxing problem.  And yes, most Americans also think the federal government spends too much.  But they also think President Obama is right when he says we need to raises taxes on the so-called rich.

According to a poll by Scott Rasmussen, 62 percent of Americans are in favor of raising taxes on millionaires.  When John Boehner can’t get enough of his people to support a bill that would do just that, his party comes off as hopelessly out of touch with “ordinary” Americans.

There’s something to be said for Republicans who stand on principle and won’t go along with higher taxes on anyone, even millionaires, at least until the federal government stops its out of control spending – something President Obama and his fellow Democrats don’t seem to have much interest in.  But being right and winning in the court of public opinion is not always the same thing.  So Republicans can refuse to give an inch on taxes.  They can stand on principle.  And they can also lose the next election.

There’s also a fear factor that has taken hold of the GOP.  Take the current gun debate. Republicans say we have enough gun laws and don’t need any new ones, not even after the massacre at Newtown.  They may be acting on principle, but they’re also acting on fear, afraid of the blowback from Second Amendment purists who think they have a constitutional right to own just about any weapon they want, along with magazines that hold as many bullets as they want.

There are plenty of gun people out there who won’t vote for a Republican who supports a ban on so-called assault weapons.  And GOP politicians know it.  So when Congress convenes in January, and gun legislation is brought up on day one, it’s a safe bet that a lot of Republicans will vote “No” on any new gun laws.

They may or may not have the Constitution on their side, but they sure as hell don’t have the American people on their side. Another reason a majority of Americans see the GOP as too extreme.

And Republicans are also afraid of even the most pathetic dolts on the religious right.  Ask any halfway smart high school kid how old the planet is and he’ll at least know the answer starts with the letter b.  Ask any Republican the same question and you’ll see panic in his eyes.  If he says 4.5 billion years old, the answer will infuriate those who think the Bible is a science book and believe the planet is only 6,000 years old.  And if you infuriate the religious right, they’ll find a challenger to run against you in the primaries — someone as ignorant about science as they are.  Or they’ll just sit home on Election Day.  So if you’re a Republican who wants to win, you have to make peace with ignoramuses.  This leads to stories in the media about how the “GOP is the Anti-Science Party.” You think ordinary Americans don’t notice that?

Republicans are even afraid of the craziest of the crazies on the right fringe – the “birthers,” the zealots who think Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a fake, hiding the fact that he was born someplace outside the United States.  The best you’ll get from a Republican is something like “I believe he was born in Hawaii, but people can believe whatever they want.”  Wrong answer!  The correct answer is, “I think they’re nuts.”

If you’re a Republican and you’re afraid of the fringe members of your own party, if you’re afraid you’ll offend them and they won’t vote for you, you don’t deserve to be elected to anything anyway.

There is one possible way out  for the GOP, but it’s not a good one for the American people.  If the economy heads south again and we go into another recession and more people lose their jobs, some Washington insiders are already saying that President Obama will no longer be able to blame George Bush for the mess.  This time, he will own the economy and have to take the blame for whatever goes wrong.  If the experts are right, Republicans would have a chance to come back from the dead.  If the experts are wrong … oh wait … Is that Hillary Clinton I see off in the distance taking the oath of office?

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  • Sam Base

    I almost feel sorry for the GOP. In a way they’re like the famous “red shirt guy” on Star Trek, the one who always ends up….uh….irrelevant. As an American I’d like both parties to be strong and healthy, but not at the expense of sanity, reason, and basic human decency.

  • Reality Based Media

    Bernie and Newt are right. Hillary will be sworn in as President on Jan. 20, 2017.

  • Anna Rounseville

    Wow. There’s just so much here to tear apart.
    One thing to take note of. This country was founded upon a small group of people who took a huge risk to strain towards freedom. Freedom of Religion. Life, Liberty, and Property (later changed to Pursuit of Happiness). Maybe these ideas are dead. Maybe not. To smear the name of a person who has faith used to be a big deal. Now people who believe in the Bible are called names by the likes of you and others who agree with you. That’s ok. Our families fought and died for your right to say anything you want, within reason for this American Experiment. Don’t think however that because you don’t have an altercation on your hands that everyone agrees with you.


    It just seems to me that everyone has gone nuts. The evil web that has been woven in America and world wide is a disgrace to the human race. Everyone hating everyone else just because they are different.

  • hammondhank

    Bernie, you’re a twit. Semi auto weapons vs. everything from machine guns, grenades, mortars, tanks, planes, artillery, ships, nuclear bombs, lasers, etc.?! And you think average Americans want every weapon?! Shut up, you nitwit. You know who’s the real ‘extremists’?! The Leftist marxist MSM that contantly spews their commie agitprop while shilling for your false tin god Obamassiah.

  • Greg Weber


    I have always liked you, but you show your ignorance when you out of hand dismiss any one who believes anything other than evolution and billions of years. Try Creation Research Society or Answers In Genesis for hundreds of scientists and mounds of evidence that say otherwise!!! You also show your left of center political views and even RINO characteristics by supporting a form of gun control!

  • Frank Emkey

    I am a converted republican for being an independent. I was raised in the 50s and 60s and loved my country. I fought in the unpopular Vietnam war and have the scars to prove it. However in the last several years I dont know if I even like the country I used to love. I am very concerned about the way our country is headed. Mainly for my Grandchildren. They will never know how great this country can be. I agree with your coments about the republican party and the changes they have to make. It is very discouraging. I feel helpless.

  • Iowa48

    “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government.
    It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves
    largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always
    votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury
    with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy,
    always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest
    civilizations has been 200 years.”

    ― Alexis de Tocqueville
    We have reached de Tocqueville’s tipping point, which means we are from here on a simple one-party oligarchy. The Republican party has gone the way of the dinosaurs, and America will follow along shortly. The only silver lining is that the Democratic Party will become just as irrelevant as the Republicans, once Amercia ceases to exist. Parasites generally do not live long once they have killed their host.

  • Walter Mattson

    So Bernie what the republicans should do is to do exactly the same as the democrats. Promise all the folks an increase in SS ,Medicare, right to work, more unions for all groups, higher taxes for just the rich down to $250,000 per year, even more single payer insurance, etc, etc. Then the voters will not know who to actually vote for and the republicans will get more votes. Let us have one party, the democrat party. In that way it will not take as long to end up like Russia or China because even the GE CEO states that China is the one who has their crap together. NOT! NOT! NOT! Your statement that the republicans will lose votes if they develop a single answer for how old the earth is hog wash. Most religious people are smart enough to know that the earth is billions of years old. The few that think it is 6000 years old is a small number and are clueless just like the dumb nuts that think Obama is better than sliced bread. The gun rights people are simply gun rights people. They believe in the second amendment. You sound like someone who is willing to give up that right. I believe from the amount of guns that are presently owned in the country that the republicans can win elections on this item alone. Yes there is more than enough gun laws on the books now and adding additional ones will do nothing to reduce the gun violence. The citizens of this country need to have the benefits of improvements in hand held guns such as semi automatic rifles and pistols. Just because the original patriots had muskets doesn’t mean that 21 century citizens should be burdened with these out dated guns. You are giving up just like some republicans if you continue to agree that weapons that are classified as assault weapons be banned. After all, this is precisely what the liberals want. That is the first step or the camel’s nose under the tent. The next step is to ban more weapons because the liberals are smart to label any gun as an assault weapon since that is what all guns are. Of course , they will still allow knives and forks even though these are assault weapons. If the republicans agree to any compromise it is permissible to regulate the number of bullets in a clip to 10 rather than 30 even though changing the maximum number will have absolutely no affect on reducing the number of fatalities.

  • DOOM

    Liberals in the GOP told me that Romney could get elected. I hope they take his defeat as a sign that they need to provide an alternative the the democrats.

  • randy

    What’s that I hear? It’s the fat lady signing for the ole US of A!

  • ThomPaine2nd

    So, Mr. Goldberg (as well as some of his followers here in the comments section) are anti-Christian bigots. Well, I suppose that is to be expected since Jesus Himself told us that this type of thing would happen. What surprises me most, however, is that this sort of bigotry is coming from folks who claim to be conservatives. Anti-Christian bigotry is something I expect from from the far left – the pro-Homosexual militants, the pro-abortion groups, the pro-Islamic fundamentalist people, Marxists, and others on the left.

    I will not go so far as to say that those anti-Christian bigots such as Mr. Goldberg and those here who have made their bigotry known through their comments, are anti-First Amendment as well. I know (or at least I hope) you will all support the First Amendment right to the free exercise of our religious beliefs, even if you are more than willing to express your beliefs that we are (to use Mr. Goldberg’s words) “pathetic dolts, ignoramuses,ignorant anti-science” people. You do have that right to voice your bigotry, and that right is protected by the First Amendment as well. I would ask, however, that you not add hypocrisy to your bigotry by condemning Jihadists who murder children because they picked up a Bible, or who teach their children to hate all Jews and Christians simply because they are not muslims. Do not condemn those who insist on the removal of all nativity scenes at Christmas, nor those who insist that the phrase “Merry Christmas” is offensive. In other words, do not condemn others for their anti-Christian bigotry, while voicing your own anti-Christian bigotry. Unless, of course, it is your goal and desire to be hypocritical as well.

    • ThomPaine2nd

      It seems I need to revise my comments. I was under the impression that Mr. Goldberg was a conservative. I have. however, just read an interview with him and he states quite clearly that he is, in fact, a liberal. Now I understand why he is a bigot.

  • amerigom

    “If we were, Barack Obama – a left-wing pol who sees answers to just about everything not in individuals but in big government — couldn’t have been elected once, let alone twice.”
    What a wonderful statement!

    When Hitler began his trudge to the Dictarorship of Germany; he started by taking over the newspapers; burned all the books in the librarys; and everone had to have

    “papers” to identify their status!

    Is History repeating itself?

    Mr. Obama; (Or whatever his name is), is mimicing Hitler! It is NOT government taking over; as much as Politicians taking over! We have a sham of a battle going on in the Congress; over a Budget! I say “sham” because; the supposed opposition to anything; is just that! In the end; the Imposter wins!

    The “supposed” Supreme Court; added another blunder in the decision on “ObamaCare”.

    It’s the Government against the Electorate! I do NOT see any difference between the D’s and the R’s! They cannot get along separately; they get along together!

    There is no opposition; only sham disruption, until the knowledge sinks in; and then there is compromise!

    We; the American People, are being led, with a ring in our noses!

    ALL proposals; have one thing in common; going deeper in debt!

    If you have a pension; your dollar in the pension is getting less valuable every day! The price of Gold is going up every day!

    What does that tell you? If you do not understand; you are a perfect robot!

    I remember a time, when I sold Gasoline @ 8 gallons for $1.00!

    I remember when you could buy a brand new car for $600.00! AND, they were constructed with Metal, not Plastic! Automobiles used to look classical; and you can see some of them at Antique Car Shows!

    Today; we are getting upholstered Plastic machines, that have no distinguishing appearance; EVERY automobile is a carbon copy of a Toyota, and costs, an arm and a leg!

    Fancy Foreign models; Both Arms and Both Legs!

    When will we have enough?

    The taxing of the American People is a real problem! It gets more and more complicated; the tax Code is a 60,000+ pages of indecipherable garbage. It is not understood by the people that wrote it! It is full of contradictions, and favoritism! Many loopholes, and much duplication!

    Our Country needs a plan that is fair and without all of the above,

    Everyone must participate; and we sure do not need “class” of taxpayers!

    We need a tax plan that is not subject to manipulation, one that has NO Favorites, NO evasion, NO “riders” , NO pork; NO anything; except a simple way to collect taxes with out all of the extremely strange and complicated rules!

    There is a Bill in Congress; (HR 25), called The Fair Tax!

    The Fair Tax is a completely new way of financing the Government.

    The Fair Tax is different; because; it DOES NOT Tax income!

    The Fair Tax will eliminate the IRS Code; (Those 60,000+ pages)!, and change everythging about the existing Federal taxing system!

    It could eliminate MANY committees, (There would be no need for them).

    What is the Fair Tax?

    The Fair Tax, is a tax on Consumption, instead of the tax on Income!

    With the Fair Tax in place, a worker would get an entire salary, with NO deductions!

    The Fair Tax would eliminate all of the bickering about who would pay!

    It is so simple; even I could understand it! (You could too!)

    The Fair Tax, is a tax on ALL NEW Goods and Services.

    It would be collected at the time of purchase! There would be no receipts necessary, except for a warranty! The SELLER of the product, and the SERVICE PROVIDER, would be doing the Paper Work!

    Are you interested?

    The existing dollar; (U.S.), would immediately increase in value by; 22%!

    Are you interested?

    Read all about it; there are several books available!

    Then watch us grow; (Not Government), but the Economy!

  • Bob Hadley

    You did not call Bernie that name, but you did make a comparison of sorts. If you know what they did you’d know emotion-laden subject it is. It only serves to shut down dialogue.
    I tried using the word but was censored. So I’m not using it. But I think it’s obvious what word I’m refering to.

  • SeattleSam

    The Party is in big trouble because the country is in big trouble. But you suggest that we should roll over because a majority of the country favors the sorts of things that will get is into bigger trouble? How’d that work in Italy and Germany in the 1930s? Much bigger majorities in those countries aligned against the “extreme” parties that were warning against the insanity.

  • michael binder

    i told u a long time ago not to underestimate the stupidity of the american voter….it still applies. although i would now include the republican party

  • gbandy

    It is the media who created Obama. What other President would of been allowed a total free ride and all the support of the media for Benghazi? 4 Americans died our Embassy burned and Obama goes to Las Vegas. Or Fast and Furious, Holder supplies the Guns and Obama gives speeches to Calderon calling for strict gun laws. We Americans are the real losers and the things are only going to get worse. Now just remember back to Watergate. No one died and Nixon lied and lost his job. How many lies and broken promises have we heard in the last four years?

  • Dave W

    You are absolutely right! And it is valuable to have a conservative criticize the Republican Party if there is any hope for the GOP in the future. You could also have added that Republicans are on the wrong side of women’s rights and gay rights, as well as the demographics of the US moving against them.
    If the last election had been about economic and foreign policy, as is should have been, the Republicans would have won. It was the social issues that killed them. Many who supported Romney on his economic policy could not support a party with so much influence from the “crazies” on the far right.

  • jamesod2

    Geez! After 87 years (twenty eight of them in the military, in three damned wars:
    WWII, a rifleman/ I&R scout; Korea, an Inf line company aidman; The Nam, a
    Med Grp Ops Sgt), it would seem that I should have “larnt enuf” to keep me inner
    thoughts . . . inner thoughts . . . and not blurt them out to the left-handed,

    self-gratifying crowd of “Stalin Is Dead! Alas, Alas–What shall we DO? ‘Intuhlectables!’”
    The “tutti-fruity, ‘overly-miss-edicated’, jackbooted murderers to be who, abetted by
    the entertainment industry’s outsize brains, master thinkers, like Teddy Turner
    and his former, ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda (surely you’ve seen pics of the wee brained little
    woman mounted in the seat of a North Vietnam antiaircraft gun mimicking the

    shooting down and killing of a United States of America pilot), and the likes of

    Letterman (or is it ‘Leadheadman’) we’ve stupidly turned loose within the now

    overly socialistic-be-laden, ivy halls of “intellectual ‘larnin’,” where they bemoan
    the fact, whilst praying mightily to their Gods–the glorious Lenin and Stalin,

    and the lesser valued Castro–that they’ve no Gulags prepared—and no bloodthirsty,
    Ernesto “Che” Guevara (June 14, 1928 – October 9, 1967) available to
    execute, en mass, those who did not/do not choose to accept the dictatorial
    rule of a single political party. Party, party, party—the Democrats, or their

    bloodthirsty, leaders (need I name each of them?), are Lenin’s, Stalin’s, Castro’s
    begat, intent on employing re-education facilities to indoctrinate all our poor,

    sexually deprived citizens who respect and honor those, who in their wisdom prepared,
    and wrote, and presented to us a CONSTITUTION that has made our nation the

    greatest on the Earth!

  • John H

    Maybe Barry has convinced you, Bernie, that he was born in Hawaii. But why don’t we get to see his real birth certificate? Or any of his college records! You’re not as smart as you think you are.

  • Tim in California

    As usual – Bernie nails it… “we”, the Republicans, are the “stupid” party (While the Democrats are the dangerous party) … going to our graves, holding on to “principals” while we lose every election…… The GOP needs an Obama like “Messiah” who can tell the right wing nuts to take a hike, and bring in the moderate Republicans who look at the GOP as out of touch… it’s all about winning the next election boys…. You don’t want to lighten up and compromise? Bernie is right – get ready for 8 years of Hilary Clinton…

  • Switchlight13

    Headed over the “cliff” and the Obama family vacations in Hawaii at a cost to US taxpayers of 4 million dollars according to a report on Fox News. His moron supporters in the hood go “Hawaii…Duhhhhh wazs dat”?

  • Hondo Lane

    I am in Israel and have been for ateast 15-20 years. Bernie and all of yoiu are dead. The police come every January and give me an injection, for what I have no idea, I learned perhaps 4 years ago fron a woman that works at the Mossad that Saddam sold to the Iranians and Syrians 4 biological diseases that are suspended in water ! and are seeds, not raw bacteria or virii or spores. One is Pneunomic Plague, V-P-Pasteuerla Pestis. The Iranians have smuggled a cardboard box containing 12 vials of the Plague into the USA.. A crazy Imam in Michighan is trying to find Muslims dying of cancer to take the vials to Idlewlld Airport,, wherever rhat is,, throw them on the ground and smash them. This will kill hime in say 3 days and the rest of the world follows. They was crazy bastards, I wouuld not give you a cup of cold piss for any political party. When Obama srews Israel who to knock of Pakistan and Afganistan ehrtr thr Hebrews just have to bomb a gouge of the Indus River an the Pasthun are finished. They are not Howietat and glory in death. There is no way to pay off the Federal, not even with a massive delvuation. 16 Trillion with a phony GDP of at the most 1.1 Trillion yearly. Breath deep.

    • Switchlight13


    • Stimpy

      Take your meds. Now.

  • Anna G. Johnson

    Thanks for calling the birthers nuts! Unfortunately these nuts are my neighbors and friends, regular people – not the stereotypical fringe elements. I have voted Republican, but I am not sure what will happen next time – I don’t like voting for nuts.

  • John Probst

    no, Bernie: Romney won in a landslide and there was massive vote fraud in all the key states…you don’t even need a recount when there is 100-140% voter turnout and the pre-programmed voting machines could only record a vote for Obama. So what if if 63% don’t think Dems are extreme? Pravda calls them fools and idiots to accept communism and Chavez says O is to the left of him! Total news coverup of election fraud.Even you cannot hide your head in the sand over what happened to Allen West. Regardless of where O was born, the BC was an obvious fraud and the Soc. Sec. #’s are fraudulent; you are crazy not to look at the evidence just like our scared, corrupt courts who render decision based on “not your lucky day” or “the gov’t seems to think he is eligible”. So much for Due Process..heard Sheriff Joe on MSM at all except them calling him a racist?? Seen the immigration records for the week O was born?? Anyone attendant at his birth (nurse/doctor), other than Kenyan G-ma?? Ask Corsi to take a lie detector test.. You sir, are an NWO globalist stooge like the rest of the R-establishment. But you are mostly right about the religious right on some positions=and embarrassment.

    • Kansan

      Woo, woo!

      I think the commies have poisoned your “precious bodily fluids.”

    • Tracy Sherwood

      You sir…are HILARIOUS!

  • LibertysSon

    Also Bernie, on the criticism of the gun rights folks. What part of “..shall not be infringed” don’t you understand?

    • John Probst

      And guess who needs a BACKGROUND check

    • Stimpy

      That was in the flintlock days. I don’t imagine they saw autoloading with laser sights coming available to the local yokels. Get a clue. Have a heart. Get with the program.

      • LibertysSon

        So you mean that we can censor the internet and twitter since they didn’t exist in those days too?

        The muzzle loading rifle was the assault rifle of it’s day.

        Besides the AR15 is not an assault rifle The US military uses full automatic weapons. The military does not use AR15’s.

        The AR15 is functionally no different than any semi auto rifle made since 1901.

      • JmThms

        One thing, though: “Have a heart” is irrelevant. ‘Have a head’ would be more appropriate. Will your gun control ideas REALLY have a positive impact?

  • LibertysSon

    Bernie, You got this one wrong. The GOP hasn’t moved rfar right. The Democrats and the press have moved far left and the GOP has remained stationary. Relatively speaking looking over from the left the GOP is farther away but in reality the GOP is just Democrat Lite.

    Why the big shift in the public polling? Advertising thats all! The Democrats have saturated the airwaves with non stop pro liberal anti Republican chatter.

    I remember writing a piece about the changes in America in the 50’s when Madison Avenue gained prominence and advertising on TV became big business. You didn’t have to build the best widget. You just had to spend lots of money on good advetising and make the public believe your widget was better. Thus the advertising age was born.

    The Democrats have mastered saturation advertising. The unions, the Pacs and the party have mastered the art of deception and convinced the masses that the republicans are a bunch of right wing crazies.

    Most people live right of center and yet they vote for left wing policies that they have been sold by a complicit press and a tsunami of lies told so many times they become truth to an uniformed low information voter. Goebels would be proud.

    • John Probst

      also, immigration was designed to internationalize us out of existence. L-son

      • Kansan

        Bilderbergs! Protocols of the Elders of Zion! Trilateral Commission!

        Black helicopters!!!

  • TC

    Bernie: most birthers simply want to know why he refuses to submit a genuine birth certificate. Most believe he was born in Hawaii. So why produce an obviously computer PhotoShop produced certificate. If you believe that POS certificate he threw on the Whitehouse webpage was a genuine certificate, you have the problem, not the so called birthers. I have always been agnostic about the issue, but there is much evidence that the certificate was a fake. Unless there is a monstrosity of a conspiracy amoung many Photoshop experts who have convincingly shown it to be a fake. I’ll bet you haven’t even watched the YouTube presentation of unlayering the certificate by many experts.

    • John Probst

      Fraud is still a crime and the multiple Soc. Security #’s are also a crime and there are the questions about his education records, qual. for being a Const. scholar (other then working to destroy it), giving up his law degree and being touted as the “Kenyan Senator”. Does anyone think he looks like O Senior and that is is his real Dad? In his book, he says that his Grandpa and Frank Marshall Davies exchanged looks when he was in the room and the commie pornographer Frank was the major influence on him like age 10-18 or so. And check out the def. of Natural Born Citizen as understood at the time and decided in 2 Scotus cases (being scrubbed from internet). Like the liberals Bernie you resort to name-calling rather than refuting the facts such as TC calls on you to do

  • Gene

    Thank you for calling me a dolt…. I sure spent many years in formal education after high school to become so.

  • Rob

    We are NOW a third country. The libs WON. America is over.

    • Switchlight13


    • JmThms

      You pretty much summed it up. We are headed down primarily as a result of the triumph of liberalism by demographics. We are not a third world country but will move downward and increasingly loose relevance as the pace setter for the world.

  • IJustHaveAQuestion

    Hadrian’s Wall and Antonine’s transcending through the ages and generations that has come to America in this neo age over the past 200 and so years. If you, Bernie, study the culture of far right politics in America you will find the line of thought can be traced back through time to those who lived north of this division line. They have never had to compromise. They have just wore down their opponents to build walls.

    lt worked for this culture for over a thousand years so why would they choose to change tactics now? Look at the Whiskey wars? Our founding father’s vs. this far right culture over taxes and government control over them. Now they claim to embody the founding father’s. Rome couldn’t change them or course them into assimilating known world thought, so how will any moderates?

    Some of them are not poor folk anymore. They are powerful coal, oil and gas dynasties now. These are the very people who we depend on borrowing money from to buy things when we get a loan from the bank, credit cards etc. Who else has the cash to prime the FED’s discount window?

    Unless you believe the myth that the FED simply creates money out of nothing beyond maintaining USD stable values in order to maintain liquidity in the marketplace.

    Talk to the Anglo conservative billionaire crowed, Bernie? See what they have to say on moderating their people as a whole. What they have in the way of dissimulating cultural influences among the general population is what counts anyway. They are the shepherds of their people. The flock will follow wherever they shepherd them to. Am radio for instance is their talking points main outlet and then the far right blogs and News Corp news outlets pick it up from their.

    I thought you already knew how that whole dynamic works, Bernie? haha

  • docww

    I am conservative but I’m not stupid. In recent years the Republican party has become the “stupid” party because they have failed to evolve. Life is an evolutionary process. If you stand still, you die.

    Bernie, you make some very good points. A good starting point is to stop trying to regulate people’s private lives. I personally don’t give a rip about who marries who or what they do in their bedroom. The same is true concerning people’s religious beliefs. I do care about how our government spends our money. It’s time to move on and get with the program.

    • JmThms

      OK, but has the Democrat party ‘failed to evolve’. They are still mired in the looney, over-reaching beliefs of the 60’s radicals. That isn’t evolving. Some say that they are regressive rather than progressive. But I say its more anachronistic in that they seem to see everything as if it were still 1935. Why then are they succeeding? I believe it is due to the growth of the demographics they target as their ‘oppressed’ constituents, and their corrupt control of the ‘institutions of influence’ (mainstream media, academia, popular culture, etc).

      • docww

        I agree. The Democrat party does not evolve. I don’t discuss them because I simply don’t think they are relevant to finding solutions to our problems.

        • JmThms

          OK, but even in forums like this, I like to put criticism of Republicans/Conservatives in context. Its much much worse, by an order of magnitude, on the other side.

      • Tracy Sherwood

        What exactly are the “looney, over-reaching beliefs of the 60’s radicals.”? Social equality, Women’s liberation, Civil Rights, Anti-Colonialism? I will give some latitude on the free love and drug culture, but what about those crazy 60’s values strikes you as bad?

  • Trochilus

    Sad to say, but this column is pretty lame, Bernie. I don’t think you carefully thought it through, as you have done on many other occasions. To me, this reads like a lecture from someone who is frustrated. All you’ve really done is paint a caricature of Republicans that is no more accurate than, say, a caricature of a “typical” CBS employee . . . ex or otherwise!

    There is nothing wrong with individualism, Bernie. Nor is It evidence of harboring “fringe” beliefs to say that you firmly believe in individualism. The lead that has been taken by many greats in our society is evidence of that, even in recent years.

    Public opinion tends to ebb and flow over time, and you may or may not be right about it leaning leftward these days. But it will turn.

  • Colsoh statesman

    It’s less than brilliant to note the pres. Is setting the agenda, and hordes are following him, regardless of

    fundamentals, or deity. I believe it was sol himself (alinsky) who defined a LDR as ….anyone who has a following, principled or not. Does this mean principled people should just lay down and get in same line because of the leader’s. popularity. Principled in this society mean someone higher is calling the shots. Godless and confused will always go after what pleases them (Obama cones, food stamps, section 8 (I pay $85/mo on a $900 mortgage)…. Republican conservatives….do not, repeat, do not abandon s single principle. God does not change or bend to every swaying branch, and this latest one is lulu (no Honolulu pun intended)

  • Tony Chopkoski

    Yea, Bernie, you do have a good hold on the shovel handle. But, hey, maybe things have gotten just too large to handle. And the forlorn have taken the stage with very negative ways. Is that where the US is heading? Answer this for me: What is the longest stable period for any democracy? I have some guesses but I know there are people out there with the exact answer. Naw, this is no Mayan end-of-the-world bit. Just a look at the shufflin’ down the road. Add this forlorn woe–is-me world the Democrats bring to the table along with nutcase Republican
    Dimwits and yea, Democracy never looked so feeble. I suppose something we can look forward to is just how bad Obama screws up foreign policy. (Note how the buck stopped well below him, the Greatest of Movie Reviewers, who found that some never watched tidbit had riled the Muslim masses against us. If we keep getting this form of analysis, I can assure you things are going to get cockeyed.)

  • Financial sanity

    Mr Goldberg all your points are valid. In addition, the RP could take a strong stand for elimination of governmental privileges embodied within our tax code system. Eliminate all loopholes! This will reduce the corruption generated by the lobbyist that hover over Washington lobbying for special tax breaks and would raise revenues.

  • Glorstuart

    But WHY else do these opinions come back as shifting to the left of center Because of two things………the mainstream media BRAINWASH of the last 20 years, starting with the Clinton era, and the leftist college professors educating our students with their own biases in place. So the slant comes from two sources that have a direct effect on people’s thinking. And it’s not just the idiots or the recipients of government largesse – but add them on and it’s no wonder the Republicans have a problem holding on to the center right as they once did. Yes they need a fresh articulate spokesperson who is NOT AFRAID to challenge the media and the left leaning socialist big mouth politicians with some real common sense for a change.

  • Larry B

    Bernie, what’s wrong with you? You forgot to say that Republicans should also go all out for open borders!

  • Peter Kleinschmidt

    It does not matter that Obama was not born in the U.S. But it really does not matter when Barry Obama has anything shady in his past. That is the way the media is. First they act like they look into a story, say there’s nothing there then when it’s proved later they go on to say everybody does it or who cares. The real issue is not just if he was born here but the fact that he can’t prove it. Pretty famous person and no one can prove it either way. How about the dual citizenship? Who cares right? But Dan Rather can make lies about Bush, and that is proved and people still don’t believe Rather was a liar.

  • Shane

    It’s clear that America is no longer a center/right nation. The GOP must move to the middle in some ways or it will be irrelevant. Refusing to raise taxes on millionaires that would save everyone’s taxes from going up may be the end of the GOP.

    • JmThms

      Yes, unfortunately demographic shifts that increase the voting power of those ‘poor oppressed’ constituents of the liberal agenda, as well as the influence of the corrupt institutions of the main-stream media, academia, and popular culture, have doomed the conservative movement. Its a matter of numbers now. The entire country will move to the left. And is moving to the left.

  • eRightWinger

    So, Bernie Boehner, we have a spending problem but before we fix that we need t take more money out of the private economy and give it to the people who will surely waste it? And even though any new gun control law will surely have zero effect on criminals, we need to pass them anyway so we can feel good about it? This sounds awfully like liberalism from a guy who used to rail against them. Are you surrendering?

  • Stephen Boone

    The GOP has to wise up and the gun issue isn’t the problem. The United States will NEVER meaning not in the next 50 years have any meaningful gun laws meaning the type of thing they have in England for example. The dems want to run against it while they privately support open gun laws, with minor minor exeptions. They know any attempt to really restrict guns can only end one way. With them deader than Nixon. Is that clear enough? NO, it was NOT a threat. I have never hurt another human being unless you count the time I put some belt stripes on my 9 year olds buttocks. He had pointed a BB gun at his brother and threatened him. I explained first, then gave him the only real whipping he ever got from me and I would do it again. You never point a gun at someone unless you intend to kill them. PERIOD. When I used to travel I taught my wife that no one had ever died from a stomach wound so shoot them three times and don’t worry. I lied, but it was a bad neighborhood.

  • MTwolfhunter

    I guess that means that the GOP is now the minority and that the minority (minorities) are now the majority. That doesn’t mean I give up my principles to join the ‘majority’. I’m clinging to my guns and religion, despite the marxism that obama spews and the new America majority believes

  • Stephen Boone

    This just in, too. Bernard worked for CBS for a long long time. He has been a liberal his entire life. I know that writing one book that isn’t as leftie as Lenin makes you a conservative pundit on fox, but here’s the news…. NOT. He is was and ever more will be a Liberal.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Bernie, I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I don’t believe America is a center left country. If the GOP wants to win in 4 years, they have to do better than Mitt Romney and get rid of the out of touch, risk adverse consultant class. It’s not that hard to figure out. I knew for a year Romney would lose. Why bother picking Paul Ryan as a running mate if you run a deeply apologetic, non existent campaign.
    Obama cannot spend another 4 years blaming Bush for “this mess.” Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    • Brian

      Paul Ryan was a terrible VP choice.

      • Kathie Ampela

        I’m not sure about that…the campaign was so low key, apologetic, inoffensive and risk adverse I don’t really know who Paul Ryan is.

  • Webmaster

    And George Bailey never was born. Just look around. It’s why I can’t watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” Anymore, because it isn’t.

  • gurpsgm

    I remember that in ’80, there was something called “Reagan Democrats.” Reagan’s message got through to them. What is needed is the right message with evidence to back it up. No more rhinos.

  • Cecilio Mendez

    I, for one, do not agree that America have changed much form the John Wayne era. I believe that schools (by not doing right their job of educating) and the media (for it’s bias and by lecturing, instead of informing) have combined to make America look like something that is not. There are enough “gun” laws in the books; many of them not working at all. Making more of them will NOT change things for the better. The bad guys ARE armed or can be armed very EASILY; and they care less for any new law. They already care less for the ones on the books today! Personal safety is an individual responsibility, not the government’s. The GOP is getting low approval rates, because is coming out as a bunch of cowards. The Democrats are getting better approval rates because of the media bias (you wrote a lot about that Mr. Goldberg) and the “freebies” it is handing out like candy. When kids learn true AMERICAN history – without Muslim and atheist filters – and the media publishes BOTH sides of the story in a factual manner; America will be seen again as the one John Wayne represented to the whole world.

  • Kuskokwim

    When the Republicans decided to let religious fundamentalists dictate so
    many of their policies, they signed a pact with the devil. It helped
    them for a while, but now it is coming back to haunt them.

    That’s when they lost me – and I’m not one of Bill O’Reilly’s
    secular-progressives – I’m a secular-moderate-conservative.

    I believe in separation of church and state. There should be no prayer
    in schools. Even if it means no seemingly harmless Christian
    Christmas displays in the public square – so be it.

    And speaking of O’Reilly, does any rational person really believe that
    the bible is only a book and that Christianity is a philosophy, not a

    It’s no wonder that educated “NATURAL REPUBLICAN” Asians shun the

    A couple of years or so ago, on the “O’Reilly Factor”, Goldberg (I
    usually fast-forward until I get to people like Bernie) said
    something to the effect that Fox News should become center-right. I
    wish they would.

  • nono524

    While your analyses is correct, the truth is the gun laws did work. Lanza tried to buy a gun and was turned down.

  • Stop It, Just Stop It.


    After you “throw out” the republicans that stand on “economic
    principle”, ignore the “blow back” from the second amendment purist, cease to “fear” the pathetic dolts on the religious right and the brand as ”nuts” the craziest
    of the crazy the “birthers” from the Republican Party you’ve got about 15 to 20% of the electorate.

    Do you really think the Republicans can build a national party with so few? Why would someone vote for a pale imitation of the Democratic Party when they can vote for the real deal and just vote Democrat.

    You don’t see left leaning writers like you urging their Democrats Party to throw out the socialists, the communist, the occupiers, the union thugs, the race baiters or the “truthers” do you? No of course not, they use them to get out the vote. They tap in to their energy, they do all they can to “mainstream” them and their ideas. You rarely and I do mean rarely see them talk about them as you do their republican counter-parts.

    Your recommendations are a prescription for permanent minor party status for the Republican Party. You keep pushing this ugly name calling to members of the Republican Party and they will form their own minority party. Without the support of these “crazy fringe nut cases’ you so regularly disparage and Speaker Boehner will be Minority Leader and Nancy Pelosi will be the Speaker, is that what you want in 2014?
    Lighten up on them name calling, win them over. If you can’t win them over then you’re not the voice of reason that we need or we’re looking for. Regan said it well when asked by a reporter if he agreed with what “these people stand for” referring to the “nut cases” that were supporting him. He responded with “I think they support the things I stand for.”

    Come on Bernie, you can do better I’ve read your writings
    and know better!

  • Barney

    Bernie, You are so spot-on!

  • Kevin G O’Brien

    You’re not always right Bernie. This is one of those times. The people you cite are outraged that 20 children were killed, for many reasons on both sides of the issue and for different reasons. Where’s the same public moral outrage from liberals for millions of children killed in the name of birth control abortions, and now gender choice abortions and partial birth abortions, not to mention abortions where if the baby survives the doctors just neglect the baby to death allowing them to die of cruel exposure? Killing children that way is ok I guess. Many, if not most abortions today are done with the same callous disregard for human life as that exhibited by Lanza in Newtown, CT.

  • rudebutcool

    Goldberg, you voted for Obama didn’t you…go ahead, jump on the UN Agenda 21 takeover..maybe you can make a buck working with Al Gore, a democrat who is not a crackpot…and join move, another bastion of sane thought. You earned it

  • John Tashjian

    Hillary Clinton taking the Oath of Office in 2016? And here, all I thought we had to deal with was the end of one “baktun” of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. Silly me.

  • Brhurdle

    I think Mr. Goldberg assumed too much from the results of the last election. Consider that there are approximately 211 million eligible voters in the US but only 119 million voted in the last election – a 56.4% participation rate. It’s a pretty good assumption that the “voters” have shifted left, but I’m not at all sure you can make that assumption about the population. While I understand the issues of religion, gun rights and tax the rich are divisive and I personally wish they didn’t exist, they are “deal breakers” to significant portions of the population and must be dealt with (with all due respect, Mr. Goldberg should know better than to try and use the birther issue as significant). It seems to me that Mr. Goldberg is proposing a “Democrat Lite” position for the sole purpose of carving out a plurality of “voters”. At what point do you realize that there is no discernable fisical difference between Democrat and Democrat Lite. Thus we are left on the same path of economic destruction through the elimination of the benefits of capitalism. I’m afraid I have to disagree with Mr. Goldberg’s solution.

  • 633

    Forgot to add: John Wayne was voted the third most popular actor in the country in 2005-26 years after his death. You can start from a worse jumping off place-pilgrim.

    • Jenna

      Ask a single young person (under 30) who JW is and they’ll be like ‘Duh?’ People are so clueless. They use their technology incessantly yet have no idea about what’s going on. I think Apple needs an app that pertains to the news; the REAL news. Like..the truth. Hey! A Bernie App!!!! :>

  • Sheryl

    Bottom line is that Obama is a better liar, and Americans believed the lies, thanks largely to the cheerleading media.

    Policies and principles are irrelevant, yet all the pundits and analysts keep ‘debating’ this as if they mattered. It makes me laugh; you (and others) give the American public way too much credit. Most Americans couldn’t tell you the name of the VP.

    There are only 2 things that might work for the GOP.

    1- Learn to do what Obama.does: Tell people what they want to hear and then do whatever you want once you’ve won.

    2 – Dump the religious nuts (they can start their own party!), and start rebuilding the GOP with a TRUE small government (libertarian) slant. I believe they’d more than make up for the loss in support from the religious right if they reached out to independents and libertarians.

    GOP failed to give voters a clear choice in November. And that clear choice is small gov’t vs. big gov’t. Period the end. Everything else is just noise.

    • Jenna

      Don’t forget the media.

    • artlouis

      I fear that if the GOP dumps the “religious nuts,” as you call them — a better way to describe them would be “people who care about the decline of our social values” — the party will finish no better than third n 2016. Why not dump the gun owners too, and wind up with zero votes total?

      I don’t see the Democrats talking about dropping their drug addicts, welfare sponges, black racists, communists and certifiable morons. You take whatever votes you can get.

    • Jared Hansen

      You mean thanks COMPLETELY to the cheerleading media. There’s no question that had the media went after Obama the way they did Bush, Obama’s approval rating would have been at least 15 points lower.

      The problem I have with point #1 is the media would actually do their job and report it, because it’s a Repub, instead of a Dem. The problem with #2 is you assume the GOP would actually go toward small government…they wouldn’t. A better solution, IMHO, is instead of the religious nuts starting their own party, people who are actually for small government, the free market and individual liberty and responsibility should start their own party.

    • Colin Jansen

      I would aggree with the Libertarian option Sheryl, even as an outsider looking in to American politics. What America and the Constitution stood/stands for id LIBERTY, and it can again.

  • 633

    Reagan once responded to a religious critic “I define conservatism in our time-not you”. I would certainly and regrettably agree the current voter consensus is center left. I don’t believe its static however: liberal economic policies will soon create a financial reality that will likely offer an opportunity to change the political culture. I have tried and frequently failed to convince my conservative brethren that their tendency to cite Reagan as an example fails to note the following: Reagan “became Reagan” after he became President, and he won because of who he was- an adept politician running in opportunistic circumstances-not because he was a “conservative”. The bulk of the electorate is non ideological: we need a leader who is also an effective politician, and not one whose strategies/ policies are defined for him (the opposite of leadership) by fear of his own party reaction. I just hope it doesn’t take a political disaster (see Goldwater) to convince the activist base that honorable intentions are not a license to dictate ineffective strategy, and preferring to be a purist loser makes you-a loser.

  • k962

    Taxing the rich, is a ruse, that will neither solve the deficit or debt problem! Americans are either too lazy or are math challenged to see this! It doesn’t even begin to cover the deficit! It is nothing but an Obama whipping stick on the Republicans! I say let Obama have his way, let em tax the rich and watch what his next excuse will be!

  • waterlylies84

    On one hand I believe the GOP is in trouble. But not for the reason’s you suggest. First of all, I do not trust a CNN poll to tell me what the American people believe or feel when it comes to Republicans. They are just too far left to know when they see reality. Secondly, if so many American’s want some form of gun control why is the NRA membership growing by thousands a day?

    No the GOP is in trouble for many reason’s but I truly believe the main reason is because they have been infiltrated. Their handlers tell them not to do things when the rest of the country is begging them to answer POTUS. I don’t think Romney lost because he is too far right or not conservative enough, I firmly believe he lost because his advisers advised him wrong! Either advisers are even more out of touch than their candidates or they plants from the left!

  • Viperkat

    Bernie, if you read these posts at all, I hope you see this. Even though I don’t agree with everything that you say all the time, I love the way you write, and put things. Ignore all the hateful comments. Most of them are pure BS. I guess I am naive, but I’ll never get why those on the left think they have to defend everything those politicians do, and those on the right do the same. People should stick to their beliefs, not act like a collective.

    • Kansan

      The lion’s share of the criticism of Obama came from the left, these past four years, so you haven’t been paying much attention. The left wanted single payer, it wanted out of Afghanistan and Iraq, it wanted the Wall Street banksters prosecuted, it wanted an end to the drones, it wanted prosecution of whistleblowers who outed murderers to come to an end, and weed smokers to be left alone. It wanted Erik Holder to stop retaining, promoting and appointing all those stooges of the prison industrial complex at the Department of Justice.

      Look for the resistance to increase in the second term. It was only the fear of the appointment of another Scalia that kept them from voting for other truly progressive candidates such as Stein or Anderson.

  • sean1

    Truth be told, I don’t know if the Repubs can do ANYTHING to save themselves at this point. While some of your points may be valid, even acting on those particular problems won’t help the GOP much. The country has indeed gone left – perhaps further than center left.

    The country also – and I shudder to say this for fear of being mocked – has a quasi religious figure in the White House. You can’t beat a guy who many literally see as a messianic figure. It just ain’t gonna happen. Not only is he unstoppable in elections, his AGENDA is pretty much unstoppable, as well.

    In a sense – and I may REALLY get called out for this one – we might actually be fortunate Mr. Obama is not an aggressor in the Napoleon Bonaparte/Adolf Hitler mode. He certainly arouses passions and loyalty similar to the kind those two men did, after all.

    Still, the situations sucks – and I don’t think there’s much clear headed people of any ilk can do about it right now.

  • Victor LaPorte

    Bernie, I will stand up for our founding principles as long as I am breathing. When this leftist shift of the public and pols inevitably cause our country’s destruction I hope to be able to aid in our reformation. Your leftist viewpoints and capitulation only serve to speed our nations fall.

  • Ken

    A swing and a MISS, Goldberg. “Americans” still feel pretty much the same way they did 50 years ago. The 10s of millions of 3rd world immigrants we have FOOLISHLY allowed to come here, the 10s of millions of illegal immigrants we allow to STAY here, the millions of ANCHOR BABIES we suicidally made CITIZENS, and evidently, people like YOU, — THEY have different attitudes.
    Throw in the millions of progressive little programmed MUPPETS that graduate from our “We Be Socialist” education system every year and the treasonous politicians that PANDER to ALL OF THE ABOVE, it’s no wonder America is on it’s death bed.
    THIS is why we need to be armed. NOTHING will change until “Americans” take emphatic action. And that means ARMED response.

  • Jack Oujo

    Bernie is “right on the money”. We should also start to see immigration in a positive way. Immigrants should be seen as people who PAY TAXES and contribute to society. If we had that attitude we have won this election. The term “self deport” is a major reason #44 was re-elected.

    • SpecialForcesVet

      Excellent point. Hispanics are natural Republicans; they come here to work for the most part, are strong family people. Their work ethic puts pressure on traditional Democrat constituencies, especially unions. Reagan had the right ideas on immigration reform.

      • Brian

        Agree. But the Dems try to sell the stereotype that White men are holding everyone else down and that minority groups need Affirmative Action programs to level the playing field and offset the past. They never admit that the US grants more rights than any other nation. No. It is all negative bs from the Dems. I am tired of this. And to me it shows the Dems are using a form of human exploitation by marketing an agenda that works up people’s emotions through fearful tactics.

        • Kansan

          “… the US grants more rights than any other nation.”

          Have you ever been to any other nation? Did you pay any attention while you were there?

      • Kansan

        Hispanics are a traditional Democratic constituency and they join unions big time.

    • Benmaxcon

      Unfortunately, most illegals pay very little or no taxes. I worked in the restaurant industry for 16 years and employed hundreds over the years. I could always tell an illegal because he or she claimed 8 withholding exemptions on their W4. That way, they only paid payroll taxes, no income tax. They didn’t worry about a refund because they got all their money up front. By the time the IRS caught up to their invalid social, they quit and went to work across the street. I personally saw people bring in three or four different social security cards when I had to tell them their number was invalid. Plus three or four different drivers licenses.
      When they learn a trade, they start a business and undercut American citizens. They do it by paying other recently arrived illegals under the table to work for them.

      • John Probst

        AND the immigrant businesses get intert-free loans and no taxes for 2 years i believe

    • John Probst

      he wasn’t re-elected and there was MASSIVE VOTE fraud..we have 2 milliuon underemployed and don’t need immigration to internationalize us out of existence–that’s why 63% might not find O extreme even in he is a bisexual, muslim communist

    • Jared Hansen

      You conveniently forgot the term “illegal”, which is what all the left-wing pundits do. It’s ILLEGAL immigration that the GOP has a problem with

      • JmThms

        Bulls eye.

    • JmThms

      Again you conflate ‘immigration’ with ‘illegal aliens’. Sorry, but there is a difference. Sorry you had to fall for liberal propaganda.

  • SpecialForcesVet

    Bernie is sadly correct. The country has moved left, at least for now, with the collectivists outmaneuvering those of us who still hew to a belief in individual responsibility. Rational thinking is the only way not to totally lose the country.

  • Switchlight13

    Obama vacations in Hawaii taking bare chested photo ops on the beach and the sheep go “Baaaa…he’s so sexy”. Meanwhile the high school drop out idiots and drug addicts in the inner city who voted 98% for him line up for Christmas food bank and toy handouts…

  • Switchlight13

    Again, a nation dumb enough to have elected Obama twice will fall for anything.

    • Brian

      More and more people are dependent on government. It is almost as if they are fearful or are insecure and believe the Capitalist system is stacked against them.

      • Tony Chopkoski

        I think that might be a problem with large populations (per land size..rats in a cage if you will) and the hopelessness of…how to make a living. Look,k Rome started as a Republic and ended as a dictatorship. I guess things go downhill.

  • John Daly

    Bernie, I agree with your overall point, but speaking as a Republican from a county that is more socially conservative then I am, I can tell you that I’ve never encountered any stigma against conservative politicians who aren’t biblical literalists. Maybe you’ve had different experiences. I’ve definitely seen litmus tests when it comes to gun rights and abortion, but never on the age of the earth.

  • David M. Hodges

    Re: Your identifying all those unwilling to grant that Earth is undeniably “4.5 billion years old” as “the most pathetic dolts” and “ignorant about science.” Though many who deny the billions-of-years tale may indeed be ignorant of science (as are many who accept the tale), this is by no means true of every person representing the viewpoint you caricature. Please take time to review the work of such scientists as Jonathan Sarfati , Jason Lisle , and members of the Creation Research Society before engaging further in these simplistic slams of persons with a viewpoint at variance with your own. On most subjects, you’re a clear headed, fair, and persuasive thinker; on this subject, you’re as bad as the liberal media hacks you justly condemn. Your caricatures on this subject were unconvincing in Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right , and they’re unconvincing here.

    • Patrick H.

      Those people are scientists like I’m a doctor which I’m not.

  • ARJ127

    The Republican Party of the 1950s bears an uncanny resemblance to the Democrats of today. Aside from the social conservatism, it looks like the Democrats. Back in the good old days, what was the top tax rate? An awful lot higher than today – even with Obama’s proposals.

    The Republicans have been hijacked by an assortment of religious fanatics, economic imbeciles and kooks off their meds. It’s not a pretty sight.

    I’d like to see Bernie do a fully researched article with fully disclosed references on the shift of the Republicans to the far right of the political spectrum.

    • Patrick H.

      Do you honest believe that the Republicans of the 1950s would have supported either FDR’s New Deal or LBJ’s Great Society? They wouldn’t have and they didn’t. I think they’ve been more stable in fiscal issues and limited government (in theory that is, in practice the crop during the Bush years wasn’t at all). The change has been more in becoming less libertarian and more evangelical which is the result of moving to the right on social issues like abortion and gay marriage which is a result of trying to win Southern voters in the 70s and 80s which was why, not race, the Southern became solid GOP by the 21st Century. That’s to the best of my knowledge.

      • ARJ127

        In retrospect, the New Deal was one way to get America back to work. Roosevelt was America’s only 4 term president and is considered one of the best presidents in history as a result. The Great Society was also a success. LBJ’s undoing was the Viet Nam war. If he had found a way to disengage, he would have been electable in 1968.

        Republicans in the 1950s included moderates like Rockefeller and Eisenhower. Today, the party has been hijacked by the Tea Party. The Mad Hatters (with apologies to Lewis Carroll) are running the show.

        • bba1950

          The great society was a success??? Are you crazy? FDR was the greatest president for his new deal? Get a grip…

          • ARJ127

            It brought about Medicare and Medicaid. It also included the Voting Rights Act and other civil rights legislation. Those were successes and have been preserved by successive Republican administrations.

            Other programs were less successful. The War on Poverty did bring down poverty rates in America – particularly among African-Americans. However, the programs weren’t sustainable in the long run.

            Johnson’s biggest problem was the Viet Nam War. He wasn’t winning so therefore he lost support. The Democrats split along pro and anti war factions as well as between the Chicago-based crowd led by Richard Daly and the Dixiecrats.

            As for the New Deal, the Great Depression reached its nadir in February 1933. Roosevelt’s 100 days turned around the free-fall that America found itself in.

            I found the following from Wikipedia:

            The New Deals enduring appeal on voters fostered its acceptance by moderate and liberal Republicans.

            As the first Republican president elected after FDR, Dwight D. Eisenhower (1953–61) build on the New Deal in a manner that embodied his thoughts on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. He sanctioned a major expansion of Social Security by a self-financed program. He supported such New Deal programs as the minimum wage and public housing; he greatly expanded federal aid to education and built the Interstate Highway system primarily as defense programs (rather than jobs program). In a private letter Eisenhower wrote:

            “Should any party attempt to abolish social security and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group of course, that believes you can do these things … Their number is negligible and they are stupid.”

            He pretty much summed up the Republicans of the 1950s and 1960s. Today’s Republicans bear no resemblance to the Republicans of old. The party has been hijacked by the “stupid” people Eisenhower referred to.

          • JmThms

            “Today’s Republicans bear no resemblance to the Republicans of old. The
            party has been hijacked by the “stupid” people Eisenhower referred to.”

            BS. The Republican part is NOT trying to abolish social security nor are they trying to eliminate labor laws, They are however, trying to REFORM social security and REFORM labor laws amidst the corrupt influence and power of unions. Nice try but no cigar.

        • Patrick H.

          Economists argue over whether the New Deal was a success or lengthened the Great Depression, so it’s not an open and shut case. Also, keep in mind, that we got a recession within the Depression in 1937, so I think the success is debatable. As for the Great Society, I’m not sure it was so successful especially since it made people become more dependent on welfare and drove many fathers out of the house because a single mother could get more money from welfare than if there was a man in the picture. So I wouldn’t exactly call the Great Society a success in that respect.

          • ARJ127

            Economists will argue over everything. However, the economist that you cite used more conjecture than empirical evidence. However, the consensus opinion of economic historians is that the New Deal did not lengthen the depression.

            You may wish to refer to this study: ” Where Is There Consensus Among American Economic Historians? The Results of a Survey on Forty Propositions”, Robert Whaples, The Journal of Economic History Vol. 55, No. 1 (Mar., 1995), pp. 139-154.

          • Patrick H.

            1. Just because the consensus believe something is true, does that make it true? Long ago, the consensus of so called experts believed that the Earth was flat and the Sun revolved around it? My point is that you can not say something is true just because a consesus says it is and it applies to issues on both the left and right.

            2. Exactly what do you mean by conjecture? Elaborate a bit so it doesn’t sound like something you’re throwing out just because you disagree with someone’s opinion.

          • ARJ127

            Patrick, it’s a matter of assessing the odds. If the majority of trained economists say something, I’ inclined to concede that they are probably right. The accent is on “probably” . These people are looking back at history. I’m inclined to think that they are probably right.

            As for conjecture – some economists have their theories, without any supporting evidence. That’s conjecture.

          • JmThms

            Which is why support/opposition to such programs in the 1930’s and support/opposition today are two different things. We are now a growing entitlement-dependent society. That is the main problem TODAY. That in part was seeded during the Great Depression and the New Deal. Liberals tend to see our world as if it were still 1935. So they are anachronistic rather than progressive.

        • JmThms

          The Tea Party is by and large not extreme. That is a myth perpetrated by the main-lib-stream media. A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at random photographs of the Tea Party events and compare them to random photographs of ‘occupy’ events. Its night and day. Tea Party = working, tax paying, conservative, well bathed and sanitary, accomplished adults. Occupy = crazy nuts, unkempt, unsettled, young idiots. ‘Nuff said.

    • JmThms

      “The Republicans have been hijacked by an assortment of religious
      fanatics, economic imbeciles and kooks off their meds. It’s not a
      pretty sight.”

      BS. The issue is the Democrats shift to the far left on the spectrum, and the institutions (main-stream media, academia, popular culture) that provide that vehicle for that. Regardless of what the tax rates were 50 years ago, we are taxed too heavily today. Period. The underlying issue, once again, is spending. We are on the road to an E.U. style social welfare state. And you can just look at those failed models to see the folly in that. Now, who is the economic imbecile?

  • EddieD_Boston

    Two thoughts:

    Gun nuts think they need automatic weapons to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. But the government has smart bombs, drones and Navy Seals. I think you’re gonna lose fellas.

    Also, 3 million less republicans voted for Romney than McCain. Betcha it was 3 million Evangelicals who think Mormonism is a cult and refused to vote at all.

    • Bob Hadley

      I just looked it up: Sen. McCain got 58,393,671 votes in ‘o8. Romeny, as of that counting, got 57,653,982 votes. In 2012, as of that count Pres. Obama got 62,615,406 votes, which is obviously much more than McCain got in ’08.

    • Cawoonache

      We’re out gunned, so we may as well go ahead and submit when tyrany finally consumes our nation, right Eddie? Just curl up in a fetal position, whimper, and accept the inevitible outcome.

      By the way, I would wager that those Navy Seals you mentioned (along with most of the rest of the military personnel who swore and oath to defend the Constitution, not President Obama) will be fighting alongside we “gun nuts” who refuse to submit. You might want to stay out of our way when the time comes.

  • Patrick H.

    Great article, Bernie. I think now more than ever, the GOP needs to develop more of a libertarian flavor than an evangelical flavor which both sides having been fighting for control for a long time. I would recommend reading ”

    The Elephant in the Room: Evangelicals, Libertarians and the Battle to Control the Republican Party” by Ryan Sager if you have any interest in this battle of the two wings of conservatism. I believe Bernie referred to it in “Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right”.

  • Chris Matthewson

    Sorry, Bernie, but it’s the Republican party that has red-shifted–like a
    crazy quasar run amok in the political heavens–so far to the right, that the
    country actually appears left-leaning to you aging dinosaurs. What you refer to
    as the “fringe” of your party is increasingly becoming its mainstream.

    A true test would be to resurrect Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater et als and see
    what they would think of your “new” Republican party. They would be appalled at
    its dominance by an ultra-conservative religious faction and the
    no-holds-barred, uncompromising, intellectually dishonest right-wing
    ideologues, not to mention the truly dim-witted in the “conservative
    entertainment complex” like Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Coulter and Palin.

    You and your merry band of right-wing ideologues can’t seem to appreciate a
    simple tactical point: If the R’s would simply embrace ALL of the tax increases
    suggested by the President (and even propose a few more revenue enhancers, such
    as closing a few tax loopholes), then they could condition their acceptance
    of an overall deal on Obama’s having to make the truly painful, but necessary
    cuts in federal spending, such as those recommended by Bowles-Simpson (I would
    personally go far beyond those inadequate, but necessary spending

    Your party’s obvious reluctance to pursue such a responsible and tactically
    beneficial course highlights to the nation its selfish and
    irresponsible agenda. The difference between John Wayne and your right-wing
    colleagues and is that the Duke always stood tall and wore the white hat. You
    and your abysmal crowd repeatedly act like a bunch of dimwitted, out-of-control,
    gun-toting ideologues, running around with black hats and shooting themselves in
    their two right feet.

    • Bernie

      Very intelligent, Chris. Not really. If I’m an ideologue why do I get so much negative mail from the right. Like so many on the left, you’re angry, mean-spirited, predictable, and forgive me, not too deep.

      • Chris Matthewson

        You get so much negative mail because so many in your party are exactly as I’ve just described above!

        You are wrong in all your descriptors of me, save one: I admit I’m not very deep. That is why it is so amazing I can clearly see that your angry, mean-spirited and predictable anti-Obama rants feed into the anger and mean-spiritedness of your audience with such predictable results.

        You have written so eloquently about media bias In the past and, much more recently, about gun violence and those who cannot resist the temptation to proselytize at the drop of a hat. But, like all commentators (including myself), you have certain blind spots. A glaring one is your inability to credit anyone on the left as having a positive, constructive idea or view.

        When the nation rejected your candidate, you attacked not only its collective judgment, but its collective intelligence. Excuse the biblical reference, but you love to point out the splinter in the eyes of your opponents, while ignoring the logs in your own.

        Like so many of your conservative colleagues, it’s so easy to feed red meat to your readers and listeners. But you have become just like those you have, in the past, so rightly criticized. You are now the equal, not the superior, of Olbermann, Mathews and Schulz and Maddow.

        Congratulations. I had expected much better.

        –a happy, conservative, but somewhat unpredictable Republican

        • Patrick H.

          “A glaring one is your inability to credit anyone on the left as having a positive, constructive idea or view.”

          I think you’re somewhat wrong, watch the O’ Reilly segment from this past week, he said he agreed with those on the left who were talking about federal weapon assault bans even if he didn’t think it was the right time.

          Also, could you give me a quote that screams an anti-Obama rant? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I would like to see an actual quote of his that is an Obama rant. Too often, people take criticism as ranting especially in politics. So one passage will do.

          • Chris Matthewson

            How about this one from “Obama and the Dolts Deserve Each Other”:

            Bernie: On a personal note, I hope that every small business operator whose taxes go up, fires somebody – or several people – to make up for their lost revenue. First, they should find out if, during the presidential campaign, the employee thought raising taxes on the rich was a good idea. If yes, fire him or her and make sure he or she understands why you did it. “My taxes went up, my profits went down,” the business person will say, “and you’re going to pay the price since you thought Mr. Obama had such a great idea when he said the ‘rich’ need to pay their ‘fair share.’ Bye Bye.” Sure, this will cause a lot of pain and suffering. Too bad I’ve reached the point where I don’t care anymore. Barack Obama doesn’t understand how the economy works and neither do the slugs who voted for him. They deserve each other – and the consequences of their actions.

          • Patrick H.

            Oops sorry, my reply to you appears above you, Chris. I must have hit reply and typed in the wrong comment.

          • Chris Matthewson

            No problem, Patrick, and you’re welcome.

            BTW, I think “rant” can be defined as the use of angry hyperbole to make a point.

          • Patrick H.

            Maybe, the first definition in Merriam Webster’s dictionary”to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner” So it’s more about the manner someone talks and writes than what is actually being said and written. Hyperbole can be part of ranting but I’m not sure it’s necessarily a rant. Anyway, that doesn’t mean it’s good and what I find myself is that I usually chew up the meat of the article of any commentators and spit out any bones or any angry hyperbole or anything like that. Then I find I can pull out a couple of valid essential points and then agree or disagree with them. But that’s just me, anyway we’re all human, we all rant and rave at times.

          • Patrick H.

            I do appreciate the fact that you did give me an example and did quote an entire passage instead of just one line or two. To his defense, I will say I don’t think he was serious at all, but was using hyperbole to prove his point, I do think though being it’s the internet and you only have the benefit of the text, it takes away from the column itself which I think raises legitimate points. Anyway, I do thank you for honestly finding me an example and showing to me. That is appreciated.

        • bba1950

          Chris, I guess I am one of the so called stupid conservatives who actually believe it counts to stand up for something. How can the republican party be viewed as EXTREME when the democrats support everything that goes against the values Americans have always held dear. I do not hate gays but I feel marriage is between a man and a woman. I do not hate blacks and other minorities but I feel affirmative action has been used callously. I do not hate muslims. but I feel there is an obvious bias against Christians and Jews from this administration. I am fed up, but I guess I do lot have the right to express my opinion, according to you, since my opinion is that Obama has been a travesty for this country. His agenda is devisive and it has nothing to do with his color—-His policies will be the end of America as we know it. I, for one, happen to think America is a special country. We were given a republic, as Ben Franklin, said, if we could keep it. I fear we have not been able to.

          • Eric Hutchison

            The America I believe in and loved is gone. I don’t know if it can ever come back. Not likely.

        • John Probst

          they didn’t like Romney but they DID reject O–there was MASSIVE SYSTEMATIC vote fraud

          • Kansan

            And the moon landing was faked and there are the bodies of space aliens at Area 51 and Obama was born in Kenya, right?

            Get a life!

          • hammondhank

            Kansan, you’re an ignorant twit.

        • Jared Hansen

          The Republican party today is more moderate than where Reagan was. Everything about being more extreme you certainly could attach to the Democrat party. There is no question that the Democrat party is more in line with Socialism/Marxism than it ever has been before.

        • IJustHaveAQuestion

          “a happy, conservative, but somewhat unpredictable Republican”

          You should be able to describe yourself as a mainstream Republican. That’s the shame of it all.

      • John Daly

        Don’t waste your time with Chris, Bernie. I’ve debated with a lot of bizarre individuals over the internet, but he’s in a class of his own. The words we write somehow get turned into alphabet soup by the time they reach his brain.

      • sean1

        I don’t agree with everything you put in your piece, Bernie, but I certainly like your response to Chris.

      • 633

        Well said, but too charitable.

      • John Detwiler

        No matter what your naysayer say about you, I still think you are the most honest journalist out there and I appreciate your honesty. Oh yes and your appearance on the factor. You keep Oreilly on track.

    • Brian

      And the Democrats are not being taken over by radicals? Go watch Current Tv, MSNBC, etc. Look at Pelosi, Obama’s associates, the banning of big gulp slurpees in NY. Nannyism at its finest.

      I do agree that the ultra religious, hardcore evangelicals are doing the Republican party a huge disservice. Same thing with the hard-line anti-abortion stance. That needs to be toned down.

      • Eric Hutchison

        I do hope, with all of the talk about religion on this thread, that most people here are able to make a distinction between the minority far-right religious extremists and the rest of who believe in God but try to leave those beliefs out of our politics,

      • Kansan

        I watched Current TV for the first time last night, doing the top 25 bonehead stories of the year. I thought it was pretty funny.

        I’ve only watched MSNBC a dozen or so times. It seemed pretty good, including Scarboro. I’ve rarely watched Fox because it’s such obvious horse manure. Those “6,000-year-old” earthers and birthers probably constitute the majority of its audience. I’ve even asked doctors’ offices to turn to another channel, even C-Span if they have cable.

        • Jared Hansen

          Obvious because you deem it as such? How very elitist of you.

          “Those “6,000-year-old” earthers and birthers probably constitute the majority of its audience.” – I suppose I could say “those 9/11 truther’s probably constitute the majority of MSNBC’s audience”, but it would be just as silly as what you claimed, especially without statistical evidence, whatsoever.

          • Kansan

            A poll by Farleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey showed that of all the news channels out there, Fox News viewers are the least informed.

            People were asked questions about news habits and current events in a statewide poll of 600 New Jersey residents recently. Results showed that viewers of Sunday morning news shows were the most informed about current events, while Fox News viewers were the least informed. In fact, FDU poll results showed they were even less informed than those who say they don’t watch any news at all.

            Readers of The New York Times, USA Today and listeners to National Public Radio were better informed about international events than other media outlets.

            In one major example, New Jersey poll participants were questioned about the outcome of the so-called Arab Spring uprisings in North Africa earlier in the year. A total of 53% of respondents know that Egyptians were successful in overthrowing dictator Hosni Mubarak. Also, 48% know that the Syrian uprising has thus far been unsuccessful in ousting
            Assad. But on balance, Fox News viewers were 18-points less likely to know that Egyptians overthrew their government than those who were not TV news viewers. Fox News viewers were also 6-points less likely to know that Syrians have not yet overthrown their government than those who watch no news, suggesting a daily dose of sound bytes from CNN at the gym, and headlines from Google News were enough to surpass what average Fox viewers polled knew about current events.

            Fox News is the leading cable news channel.

            “Because of the controls for partisanship, we know these results are not just driven by Republicans or other groups being more likely to watch Fox News,” said Dan Cassino, a professor of political science at Fairleigh Dickinson and an analyst for the PublicMind Poll. “Rather, the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all.”

            The kicker is that MSNBC didn’t do all that much better. In one
            question, some 11% of MSNBC viewers actually believed that Occupy Wall Street protesters were Republicans compared to just 3% of Fox viewers.

            “Ideological media does a very poor job overall,” Cassino told
            Forbes. “They don’t challenge people’s assumptions. In traditional news, you will find that more often than not, there actually is a correct answer and there is no gray area. People who tune into ideological media are motivated to hear their side of the debate and so you can have someone who watches MSNBC be so used to hearing about protests coming from the right that they automatically believe that Occupy is mostly a
            Republican protest.”

            Occupy Wall Street leaders are not in support of any political party.

            In international news, Fox viewers were by far the least likely to
            know that the Egyptian protests led to the resignation of Hosni Mubarek, followed by MSNBC in a distant second for least informed.

            See: Some News Leaves People Knowing Less–Farleigh Dickinson University, poll results and methodology.

          • Bob Hadley

            Surprise, surprise! Is it any wonder when Fox News is more a business than a news organization? Roger Ailes, the genius who makes it all happen, confessed, “I’m not in the politics business, I’m in the ratings [read profit making] business.”

            Yes, much of FNC’s programing and reporting is tailored to certain demographics. It’s not only their editorial shows but their news programs as well that encourage misconceptions. Of course, there are pockets of good journalism here and there on FNC.

            Yes, other news organizations o it too. But FNC seems more
            cynical in appealing to certain demographics.

            I agree with Ted Koppel that journalism, once a calling, has become a business.

    • JmThms

      “it’s the Republican party that has red-shifted–like a crazy quasar run
      amok in the political heavens–so far to the right, that the country
      actually appears left-leaning to you aging dinosaurs. What you refer to
      as the “fringe” of your party is increasingly becoming its mainstream.”

      This is simply not true. Its another lie liberals perpetrate through the lib-stream media. There are ‘far right’ crazies, if you want to even locate them on the political spectrum. But its not mainstream Republicanism. And in contrast, liberal craziness is institutionalized. And therefor it has become mainstream.

      • Bob Hadley

        Then how do you explain the Republican presidential primaries? The Repub candidate were trying to our-crazy each other. The primary process pulled Gov. Romney so far to the right that he had trouble orienting himself in the general.

        • Kansan

          If Bishop Romney was any better at doing 180 degree aerial turns, he could get a job in the tank at Sea World. What position did he ever take that was based on ethics or rationality, rather than on what his handlers believed voters wanted to hear?

          • Bob Hadley

            “Gov. Romney didn’t do anywhere near a full 180 until his first debate. Before then, his general election posture was closer to that of John Kerry in ’04: “Hey man, I’m not Barrack Obama, so vote for me.

          • Jared Hansen

            Exact same for Obama

          • JmThms

            My read on Romney is that he is extremely principled in his private life, but is overly pragmatic in his political life.

          • Kansan

            If you consider that Bishop Romney’s trying to coerce a single parent, member of his stake to give up her white child for adoption, but not her mixed race child, and raiding viable businesses, parting them out, destroying their pension funds, as being “extremely principled,” I guess you’re right.

            Romney didn’t deduct a couple million in contributions to the Mormon church in 2011 as tax exempt, in order to inflate his tax rate to make it appear close to 15%. I wonder if he’s amended that return yet? I expect you think that was a pragmatic political decision.

            How about his sucking up to the Zionists who steal huge pieces of land daily from Palestianians? Was his support of their quest for “Lebensraum” personal or political? How exactly do you separate the two?

          • JmThms

            I have no idea what you are talking about but its obvious you are anti Romney. Can’t win for losing with you people. You are now complaining that he ‘didn’t deduct a couple million in contributions to the Mormon church in 2011 as tax exempt’. You seem to see a boogey man in everything Romney does – and probably everything every Repuplican does. Tell me, what do you see in the mirror?

          • Kansan

            I’ve worked with a lot of decent and professional Republican politicians over the last 40 years, in many states. They are becoming a dying breed. In Kansas, for instance, the Kochs mounted campaigns against ten moderate Republican state senators this year, removing eight from office. In turn, the governor and the right wingers have exempted the two billionaires from income taxes, and raised taxes on the poorest Kansans to make up the difference.

            Romney got a lot of heat for the low taxes that he’d paid. He wouldn’t release his returns because in some years, like Exxon and General Electric, he paid none, in all likelihood. So when he filed his 2011 returns which he promised to release, holding off until August, he deducted only about half his contributions to the Mormon church. That enabled him to claim that his tax rate was almost 15%. (instead of the 35% he might have paid, if it wasn’t for the exemptions granted to the wealthiest Americans). However, he has three years to amend those returns and get a substantial refund, simply by taking exemptions for that $2 million he didn’t declare this year. Want to bet he won’t do it?

            In response to the criticism he received, his campaign made the fake claim that Obama had gotten enormously wealthy while in office, inflating his net worth by as much as three times. In fact, he’s worth about 2% what Romney has.

            So that was a lie, of course. Do you think Romney was “principled” for allowing his campaign to lie?

            Even McCain didn’t do that.

            I’m not anti-Mormon. I am certainly against some of the things the church does. For instance, it provided every penny of the funding for an anti-gay marriage constitutional amendment in Alaska, At the same time, the church determinedly looked the other way when polygamist Warren Jeffs was leading a community which collectively engaged in massive welfare fraud, pedophilia, forced marriages and expulsions of teenaged males.

            I thought it was particularly ironic when racist-for-hire Kris Kobach addressed the Republican nominating convention and compared gay marriage to polygamy. Not one commentator, of which I’m aware, had the courage to mention that.

          • JmThms

            And to your ‘Zionists’ comments, the Palestinian extremists are savages. I’m against continued Israeli expansion (unnecessary provocation), but they (Israel) are 98% in the right on the Palestinian/Israeli problems. You probably think the Israeli Jews are racist, don’t you, just like the dysfunctional, liberal U.N? Despite the fact that it is the PALESTINIANS who refer to Jews as “descendants of apes and pigs”. Liberal logic. Are you also anti-Mormon?

          • Kansan

            In this country the mainstream media inevitably takes the side of the Israelis in any conflict with the Arabs they drove from their homes. I wrote a letter (unanswered) to NPR years ago after hearing any dead Palestinian boy or elder inevitably and implausibly described as “gunman” and equated to a “terrorist” on the radio.

            The Israelis have killed almost seven thousand Palestinians in the past 12 years. The Palestinians have killed a little over a thousand Israelis. I’ve notiiced that in some of these altercations, especially the attacks on Gaza, the Palestinians have died at a ratio of about 75 to one. That’s more than the 50 to one that the Nazis murdered when one of their soldiers were killed in Yugoslavia.

            Are you familiar with the Stern gang, and Irgun, and the massacres they perpetrated? Did you know that the Stern gang sent bombs to President Truman four times in 1947, and tragedy was only avoided because of a tip from MI-5.

            If anything, the Israelis are far less “Semitic” than the Arabs, as a result of thousands of years of the Disaspora and the mixing of ethnicities. Have you ever seen a blonde or red headed or black Arab? So who are the real anti-Semites?

            I’m probably wasting my time presenting any facts here. If you were interested in the truth, you wouldn’t be spending so much time on this blog.

        • JmThms

          The explanation is quite simple. The opinion that they were trying to ‘out-crazy’ each other is from your liberal perspective. Therefor its not valid in the sense that its not from the center and therefor a more ‘extreme’ perspective. Almost all election cycles have the candidates oriented toward the ‘extreme’ ends in the primaries, shifting toward the center in the national campaigns.

          • Bob Hadley

            You’re right, the “out-crazy” remark was my interpretation, with which many centrists agree. But to say that the Republican primary presidential candidates were trying to sound more conservative than each other and trying to show that the other guys were too soft is much more of an observation taken directly from the numerous debates, the speeches and the campaigns.

            Yes Pres. Nixon’s is employed by both sides: in the primaries run to the right (if you’re a Republican) and in the general run to the middle. But this particular Republican primary took candidates far to the right. Did you watch them?

          • JmThms

            Yes I watched the primaries. And no, they were not too far right by and large. Tell me, just so I can get a calibration on you, did you for example ever hear that idiot Nancy Pelosi (San Fran Nan) publicly support a revival of the “Fairness Doctrine” — which would
            require radio station owners to provide equal time to radio commentary
            when it is requested? Just because she didn’t like talk radio?

          • Bob Hadley

            To answer your question, I heard something about Rep. Pelosi reviving support for the so-called Fairness Doctrine a while back. To answer the question I think you had in mind, although I haven’t read the proposed legislation, I oppose what i understand it to say.

            How do you think Santorum, Bachmann, Cain, Perry or Rep. Paul would have fared against Pres. Obama in the general? Any one of them would have been slaughtered, even if they didn’t make any gaffes. ….Gov. Romney won the nomination by trying to out-crazy them.

          • JmThms

            Again I vehemently disagree. You are obviously left of center. That is why I wanted to ‘calibrate’ you on the spectrum. As I posted on another Goldberg article thread, the main difference between conservative ‘stupidness’ (or ‘craziness’ if you will), and liberal stupidness/craziness, is that liberal stupidness/craziness is much more institutionalized. And to answer your question about how anyone else, particularly Republican, would have fared against Obama, anyone else would have been slaughtered at least as badly as Romney was. That is the power of political correctness. Obama’s campaigns and presidency is more about the power of political correctness than anything else. You can’t beat a near deity in popular culture (which is of course dominated by liberals). Even Hillary couldn’t beat the deity because on the pecking order of liberal ‘victimization’, race trumps gender.

          • Bob Hadley

            “And to answer your question about how anyone else, particularly Republican, would have fared against Obama, anyone else would have been slaughtered at least as badly as Romney was.”

            First, that was not my question. You made up your own question to suit your ends. My question was how the other Rep. presidential primary candidates would have fared agains Pres. Obama. I think that a sane Republican like Geb Bush might have been able to beat Pres. Obama, that is if he could survive the primary process intact..

            Second, you’re making the misstake that many ideologues make. If their guy or side loses, it’s because the voters were bamboozled, hypnotized or were under some other unsavory influence. If their guy wins, the people have spoken: they’ve seen the light. Their agenda has a mandate. This thinking hampers self-improvement.

            There’s some truth to the notion that in the ’08 election a lot of then candidate Obama’s supporters were koolaid drinkers. Mrs. Clinton obviously knew the issues better and had more experience. But to say the ’12 Obama voters were largely koolaid drinkers strains credulity. I think that’s why O’Reilly, Goldberg, et al. talk about Obama voters wanting “free stuff.”

            BTW, whether or not I’ve heard that Rep. Pelosi is trying to revamp the so-called Fairness Doctrine hardly calibrates me on “the” spectrum. Things are much more nuanced and multi-facteded than that.

            Yes, I’m generally center-left, although many liberals consider me conservative and many right-wingers consider me far-left. If you’re on the far-right, then I’m far-left to you.

          • Bob Hadley

            One more thing: what is it that you “vehemently disagree” with in my post immediately above your last post?

          • Tracy Sherwood

            By “Center” you of coarse refer to the central median of current culture, its values and politics. If “liberal stupidness/craziness is much more institutionalized” as you posit then perhaps your “calibration” should be based using that as the neutral or center point for valuation to either side. Lets practice logic and good science right?

    • IJustHaveAQuestion

      That’s really GOOD!

      Everything is viewed from a relative perspective. The article says more about where Bernie sits on the political spectrum than anything else.

      To Bernie: No offense, but it is what it is, and applies to everyone.

  • MochaLite

    I tend to agree with you (and I’m firmly glued). I think we’ll have Hillary in 2016, and at least another full generation of liberal direction, until we do a full-on Greece and perhaps begin the turnaround. In the meantime, I’m working on how to profit in hyperinflation.

    • Brian

      Hillary does not have the outgoing personality to be president, imho. To get elected president in the US, one has to be extroverted.

      • Kansan

        Eisenhower, Nixon and Carter were “extroverted?”

    • Kansan

      Hillary will be 69 years old on election day in 2016. Her tenure as Secretary of State has worn her out.

      Forget about it.

  • DOOM

    The republican party nominated a man that is so far left, his only credible claim was that he was more conservative than Obama. That’s about as impressive as being thinner than Michael Moore. When faced with the choice between a liberal and a liberal, which are people going to choose? We have our answer, now we just need a second party.

  • bradgorn

    The amazing thing to me is that President Obama is supposed to be the leader of this country, but he only seems to be leading people into blaming the Repubs in congress for his own failings. He has never demonstrated an ability to achieve compromise. Why would anyone believe he could succeed this time or any time in the near future?. It is fine to blame Republicans, but should not Obama somewhere deep in the core of his being realize that he is supposed to be the leader and he needs to get something done. He seems to care more about blaming congress rather than getting something done to help this country. Bernard, you are talking about science. Does the president affect science? The age of the universe is irrelevant when talking about the president. The president needs to lead. He needs to get things done. The country is going over a cliff and the president seems satisfied watching everyone go over the cliff as long as he does not take the blame. What kind of leader is that?

    • Patrick H.

      How can you take someone seriously who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and that it was created in six days in the face of all the science that is out there, for one thing? And another thing, even if it doesn’t affect his or her economic or foreign policies for example, that belief will affect something as Bernie has said himself before. So those type of religious beliefs do affect a president in his or her standing and his or her policies.

      • Bob Hadley

        “How can you take someone seriously who believe the Earth is 6,000 years old and that it was created in six days in the face of all the science that is out there…”
        Easy. He votes. Worse still, he has a lot of moola and is willing to contribute.

        • Patrick H.

          I know Bob, I was responding to bragdon’s question and coment “Does the president affect science? The age of the universe isirrelevant when talking about the president.” I was just trying to explain to him with what you quoted why beliefs like that do matter? Trust me, I know how he can take someone like who I described seriously.

          • bradgorn

            Who would take any president or politician seriously? I certainly don’t, especially not the clown that resides in the white house today. No politician should get sucked into the question of how the universe was created. Smart politicians avoid answering questions that are irrelevant to their job. Obama does not even answer questions that are critical to the functioning of his job.

      • JmThms

        I don’t vote for someone that believes the Earth is 6,000 years old. Unless they are running against Nancy Pelosi or someone of her ilk. But most Conservatives and Republicans do not believe the earth is 6000 years old.

    • Phil Silverman

      Really?…he blames?. Isn’t that rhetoric getting a little tired 5 years into his adm.? He has send good jobs and infrastructure bills plus an approx. FOUR TRILLION DEFICIT REDUCTION PACKAGE to the Tea party House…but no. So who is not interested in compromising? The President or the extremists in the House, obsessed with BLAMING OBAMA! :)

      • JmThms

        The underlying problem is spending. Not lack of tax revenues. Spending, spending, spending.

  • Switchlight13

    GOP not dead yet. A feel good semi-auto ban will result in a GOP sweep in 2014; a repeat of 1994 after Clinton’s feel good ban. Gun owners will get out and vote while the sheep & Blacks stay home on an off presidential election year. Everything happening in America has been predicted by Pat Buchanan over the last few years and in his book “Suicide of a Superpower”. btw: The NRA today came up with a school security plan that might actually work as opposed to Obama’s feel good tired old gun control scheme.

    • Patrick H.

      I do agree the NRA’s school security plan is worthy of debate (if you are referring to having armed security guards in schools), but I don’t think the semi-auto ban will have the same effect in 2014 as it did in 1994. For one thing, the ban in 1994 was before Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Newtown and the other tragic shootings which has probably changed the views of a lot of people. Also, let’s face it, going from what Bernie has written here and other places, the GOP is damaged goods right now and needs some change.

      • Tracy Sherwood

        Agreed. I grew on a working ranch in Eastern WA and guns were a tool like any other. I have always opposed gun regulation but at this point I really think some strictures and limitations need to be set.

    • Eric Hutchison

      It’s gonna shock some people, after we pass some kind of gun ban, when a few years down the road gun violence hasn’t decreased at all. Outside of banishing the 2nd Amendment altogether, gun violence will never stop.

      • Jared Hansen

        Repealing the 2nd amendment won’t do it, either, because that assumes that citizens who are already breaking the law will suddenly abide by the law.

    • Kansan

      The NRA’s plan is to turn schools into concentration camps.

      Of course, Buchanan didn’t have a real problem with the camps. It was he who wrote Reagan’s speech at Bitburg: “The SS were victims too.”

      Pat’s about one goose step short of Nazism.

  • disqus_HFLxTTMRzk

    Bernie… you sound a bit unglued…

    • Bernie

      HFL etc … I think you mean I disagree with you. That’s not the same as unglued. Merry Christmas

      • disqus_HFLxTTMRzk

        Well I was referring to the general tone but I disagree to the extent that you simply lack a sufficient background in firearms to comment intelligently…. and I don’t mean that disparagingly. There is a great deal of ‘back story’ that must be understood. In the coming ‘debate’ there will be predictable misrepresentations with language like ‘heavy weapons’, ‘the Bushmaster .223 is the most powerful weapon in America’, ‘these weapons are only made for killing’… and on, and on… I really do appreciate your view on most things, but the guns, gun violence and the ‘gun culture’ simply defy you and Bill O’Reilly in producing educated and relevant commentary…. makes me grit my teeth sometimes. Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday, Happy Hanukkah!

        • ARJ127

          Knowing the technical details about weaponry is one thing. Knowing the effects of firearms laws in America as a result of the NRA and the second amendment as misinterpreted by them is another. Bernie knows the latter. The former is unimportant in the overall discussion.

          • disqus_HFLxTTMRzk

            Comments about firearms offer insight as to the speakers understanding of the so-called gun culture. It is easy to deduce a persons knowledge of the subject and by extension, his understanding of the back story I mentioned. It sounds as if you are satisfied that you know all you need to know. Sounds as if you understanding is pretty simple. Guns are bad. The Second Amendment is about hunting and self-defense…. am I close?

      • Bob Hadley

        Bernie, I agree with your sentiment here, but I hope you realize that you often encourage people to think that way, e.g. by witing articles strongly implying that those who vote for Pres. Obama don’t merely disagree with you but are stupid, ignorant and/or are bought off by the scent of “free stuff.”
        And Merry Christmas to you!

  • Radio Relay

    My word .. I never thought you to be such a bigot Goldberg! So, we just throw the birthers, and Christians, and people who own guns under the bus (i.e. just get rid of them hillbillies and hayseeds) , and the republican party will be better off … WRONG!! … The republican party will be even more of a clone of the democrat party … I see why you and O’Reilly are such buddies. Effete snobs of the right! Both of you!

    • Patrick H.

      Who’s talking about throwing those groups under the bus? Bernie was rightly pointing out that the GOP has some soft spots that could make the party irrelevant and impossible to win any elections. It’s not a center right country anymore and the conservative purism won’t work. Do you honestly think Pat Buchanan, Michelle Bachmann, or Rick Santorum or any other “pure” conservatives would have won against President Obama this past election? If you do, there’s some land in Siberia that I would love to sell you.

      • Raul

        Exactly, Patrick. Exactly! Bernie is one of the few in opinion journalism who isn’t an ideologue. He’s an honest commentator who won’t pull punches when he disagrees with the right anymore than when he disagrees with the left. We need more of that, not less.

        • Patrick H.

          Some might disagree with you there, like Bob Hadley or other commentators like him come to mind, but I do think Bernie is one of the least ideological commentators out there and I like the fact that he isn’t afraid to upset the apple cart especially when it comes to the Religious Right as well as other purists in the GOP which is needed and frankly, you don’t see too many people on the left or the right who are willing to do that anymore sadly.

          • Bob Hadley

            Did I hear my name? :)

            I suspect that Bernie sometimes has a conflict between the straight-shooter growling watch dog in him, on the one hand, and the businessman on the other hand. He shows some good insights and acumen, but I think he also has an eye for his bottom line.

            For example, only a fool really believes that anyone who voted for Pres. Obama is stupid, ignorant and/or simply wants “free stuff” (i.e. birth control). Bernie is certainly not a fool. So why would he indicate this in his writings just prior to the election and just after the election? It’s possible that he was seized by a hyperpartisanship and that he didn’t recover his sense until after he posted his articles. . But I think it’s more likely that he was trying to encourage and capitalize on the crazies, i.e. get their juices flowing even more.

            I suspect that Bernie sometimes bottles his criticism of many in the Right and the Repubs until it boils over, such as in this article.

            Over-all, I think he’s honest and insightful, but that he often pulls his punches for the sake of business. I could be wrong.

          • Patrick H.

            You could be right because unfortunately it’s something that anyone on the right or left who is making commentary has to deal with especially with this past election. It’s too easy to get caught up in the hyperpartianship whether you’re on the right or on the left. We are all human unfortunately.

  • Richard Drake

    So when do you stop compromising Bernard? When your kids are forced into indoctrination camps, when they confiscate private property, when they develop secret dosias on private citizens? When? When the government dictates you buy a health care product? Enough!

    • Bernie



      I’m against mandatory health care “products.” But that’s a long, long way from indoctrination camps. I’ve noticed a paranoia on the right that is, let’s say, troubling.


  • GlenFS

    Used to be when the topic was taxes Republicans won. This has been turned on its head and now reelects Democrats who have been able to shift it to taxing someone else (greedy, filthy rich, uncaring…). Of course the real issue IS spending. I think the Democrats are apt to be victims of their own policies and we will look back with fond nostalgia when it was only a ditch the car was in.