This Pretty Much Sums It Up …

I received this from a friend … and wanted to share with all of you.  Please tell me what you think.

Perfect Quote

Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way that you can quickly understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper Prager Zeitung.


“The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

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  • TheBuddyLama

    Remember Rod Blagojevich? That POS was convicted of trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat and is now serving a 14 year sentence in prison. Why hasn’t anyone bothered to ask who sold that seat to Obama, and who paid for it?

    • jadegreen_eyz

      Late to the party here but… during obama’s tenure in the IL legislature and in a similar manner in the U.S. Senate, he chose to vote “present” to avoid voting on actual issues so as to not tarnish his record when it was time to run for the presidency (he was well coached). I believe bill ayers, et al, had a hand in all of this; ayers —–> soros.

  • TheBuddyLama

    WHAT POSSIBLE RATIONALE can anyone offer to justify voting for the junior junior Senator from the most corrupt state in the country, to the highest office in the land? A dodgy fellow elected to a political seat that we now know for a fact was bought & sold by Chicago scum like the convicted Democrat Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich? Of the last 7 Illinois governors Blago is the fourth to be sent to prison, three of whom are Democrats.

  • TheBuddyLama

    Like our current President, much of the current generation seems to suffer from pathological narcissism exacerbated by cranial-rectal inversion; it’s a cultural psychosis. Narcissists cultivate solipsistic, even autistic fantasies, which is to say that they live in their own little worlds and react with affront when reality dares to intrude, it shields them from their economic illiteracy and ignorance of history, and buttresses them with delusions of adequacy. Just like the Occupiers of the “Me Generation,” before having achieved anything with their lives they are already legends in their own mind.

  • TheBuddyLama

    NO more Marxists! I don’t care what color or gender they are. The free world has had to fight multiple world wars against your lot, and we defeated you every time. We will again.

  • Christoper Wish

    Mr. Goldberg you are an idiot for posting the drunk rambling of another idiot.

    • SeeTheLight

      Oh, & Chris Wish is a bright bulb??? Pleasseeee…. !!! This guy from the Czech Republic hits the nail squarely on the head!

  • Dusty Ayres

    Something I’ve wanted to post about you right wingers that’s still somewhat true: An open letter to the people who hate Obama more than they love America

  • Tommy Ge

    You idiots on here thinking you are so smart as to point out that this article didn’t originate where it was thought to come from are misssing the point. The prince of fools was indeed elected by a bunch of ignorant fools. I see that none of you deluded Liberals are disputing the gist of that statement, which happens to be coherent and accurate.

  • Dusty Ayres

    The quote was exposed as a fraud by

    Try again, you right-wing racist bastards, and also (from a person of color), go fuck yourselves.

    • uberdave1

      Oh sure, ‘person of color’ my eye. I know the lefties tendency to lie, alah Liarwatha, the junior Mass. senator. You’re more likely a latte sucking white liberal.

      As for that last part, we conservatives truly wish that you mentally arthritic lefties would ease up doing that to our entire country.

      BTW, whoever wrote that quote is dead on accurate.

      • Dusty Ayres

        If you can’t believe that I’m black, kiss my ass.

        • uberdave1

          Move your nose, I don’t work in the shade…

    • TheBuddyLama

      The quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. It was translated into English from an article in the Prague newspaper Prager Zeitung.

      See more at:

    • TheBuddyLama

      Consider: Comrade Barry’s mother was a lilly white Marxist from Kansas. His baby daddy was a black Marxist from Kenya, but his grand parents were Kenyan and Arabic (hence his middle name). Therefore assuming Barry Hussein is black based solely on his appearance makes YOU the racist, bitch. PS. Arabs are Semitic, ie: caucasian.

  • jim

    both parties are hopelessly corrupt, bought and paid for. the american empire is collapsing.

  • Mark Rogers
  • Paul Hue

    Wonderful observation. I wish we could attribute it to somebody in particular.

  • 1954

    Both parties rely on the ignorance of the voting population to
    believe whatever they put out. Just like this country survived a president and
    vice president lying about weapons of mass destruction, getting us into a war
    costing the country more than a trillion dollars and four thousand American
    lives. This country will survive this too.

    • Andee Kleinhans

      This sums it up and more! The ignorant, those with their hands out for “free,” the Unions, with their heads in the sands, thinking the Union is their friend, the government employees that are sure to be dismissed with a new President, they are amongst the stupidest of people..they count on the government, as do those with their hands out for “free” to take care of them forever..well forever never comes except if you burn in hell or make it to the Kingdom of Heaven!
      The Bible and the Native Americans talks about the stupidity of birds, well, the birds are smarter than the above mentioned groups and as for the Muslims, I would hope with a new President, they will see themselves being deported somewhere than wants them like Iran~!

    • jimcourtney

      Oh those weapons, yeah they are in Syria as Powell said when he was a normal guy – keep drinking the Kool Aid . Mr No GONADS Guest..

      • jim

        naive and ignorant.

      • Gene

        Thank you for pointing out the fact about the weapons. Georges Sada, former Iraqi Air Marshal and #2 officer in the Iraqi Air Force under Sadam Hussein, states in his book, “Sadam’s Secrets” that the weapons were moved from Iraq to Syria in Iraqi commercial aircraft configured to carry the cargo, under the cover of humanitarian aid to Syria necessitated by a natural disaster in that country. Russian special troops assisted the mission, according to Air Marshal Sada who, incidentally, is a Christian. There are reasons why our government could not divulge this info to the public. Of course, any position the administration took would invite the obvious harsh criticism from political opponents i.e., Then why did the administration not go after the weapons in Syria, etc., etc. The administration went to extreme lengths to gain the agreement for an invasion; however, critics now deny any support , knowing Americans are asleep and ignorant. sad, very sad.

    • jim

      it will not. the empire is on it’s descent.

  • Guest

    Both parties rely on the ignorance of the voting population to
    believe whatever they put out. Just like this country survived a president and
    vice president lying about weapons of mass destruction, getting us into a war
    costing the country more than a trillion dollars and four thousand American
    this country will survive this.

  • 1954

    Both parties rely on the ignorance of the voting population to
    believe whatever they put out. Just like this country survived a president and
    vice president lying about weapons of mass destruction, getting us into a war
    costing the country more than a trillion dollars and four thousand American

  • Robert

    The derivation and authenticity of this quote is clearly in question – however the message is both sound and profound. Doesn’t matter who said these words, it’s understanding how the masses of fools can be so easily…well, fooled.

  • Dayton Waters

    truer words have never been spoken.

    • Andee Kleinhans

      Here is a comment: I am hopeful Bernie will pick it up and run with it in his own style.

      We need to pray and hope for a Conservative Senate and Rinos out of the House of Representatives and here is why:

      The Senate, I believe their constituents have to make the call to him or her; they have the power to take a vote on the failure of this President to follow and implement his Oath of Office, which we all know, he has done just the opposite from fraud of himself, not releasing his required info for vetting purposes, tyranny, at least 10x treason, high treason twice, attempt at Sedition, at least twice and going on right now in America, high crimes, etc.
      From there, if we can get a majority vote in the Senate, the Sgt. of Arms, whom happens to be fairly young and is present in the Senate when they are in Session, a Sgt. Willison can then arrest and imprison the President and bind him over for trial. This is actually a short way to impeachment but what it does that impeachment would do and hurt American further is this: In caps for emphasis, IF AN ILLEGAL PRESIDENT IS IMPEACHED, THEN ALL HE HAS DONE IS LEGITIMATE AND WE CAN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, MAKES IT HARDER FOR THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION TO UNDO WHAT HAS BEEN DONE, IN OTHER WORDS, IT MAKES HIM “LEGAL” WHICH WE ALL KNOW HE IS NOT TO SERVE. If we go the direction and get the Senate vote, he is arrested and will stand as guilty until proven differently which, he is not legal and he has defied the Constitution x how many, whom truly knows? Once the guilty determination comes in, all he has done is a moot issue!
      Guess at that point the USAF and the whole of Congress can then be impeached and should be with few exceptions like Ted, Tray, Mike, Sessions and few like them in both Houses. I say the USAF for they are the ones delivering the killer chemicals from the skies 24/7 along with a few commercial liners such as Delta, United!
      Now, people, think of this: Just why is the judicial system, policemen, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, Judges, etc., all imposing their rule over us when all that has been done and supposedly is in place – just why are these new laws legal? He is an illegal, therefore, nothing he has done is legal and therefore should not be being imposed upon the Public.
      Just asking!

  • Johnny Amundosn

    My friend posted this quote on Facebook and I thought it was a little fishy. Another country’s leader would most likely never say anything negative like this about a foreign leader. Especially not of the US.
    I google searched part of the quote and literally found nothing credible.

    • Andee Kleinhans

      Does it really matter? Here is a thought for all of you! Our country, our Ambassador and the others killed, matters and this matters!
      We are the most hated country on the planet! Why? Because, the Constitution says no monetary aid to Terrorists countries and we continue to do that, but over and above that, look at the conditions we put upon these countries for monetary help – this is what Ron Paul was telling us during his time of running for the Presidency; then the media comes out with he is an isolationist, when in fact he certainly is not…that is Constitutional. Take a few moments and think this out – would we be in as big of mess if we had not been handing out six billion plus a year to the UN to give to these countries that want to remove us from this planet? Would the Muslims be expanding like wildfire if not for the funding here and abroad to help them do whatever and that is to overthrow America? Too, what right do we have to tell these countries how to run them? They have been this way for centuries – that, again, is why no monetary aid to Terrorist countries!
      Unlike HRC’s comment, it does matter and we should have stopped this practice a long, long time ago, very long time ago.
      As always, both parties are complicit. It is your tax monies and mine that are paying for the position we are finding ourselves in!

  • Gigi

    It seems that Mr. Goldberg’s “friend” might have written it himself, and Goldberg is passing it off as…something. A search for this article in the paper to which it was attributed turns up nothing. It was never appeared in Prague newspaper Prager Zeitung.

    • down_with_BongHit_Barry

      It doesn’t really matter to me who it was that wrote it as much as what he had to say. It’s a good observation and almost certainly the truth, regardless of who said it. Most politicians have other people write their words for them anyway, so if it were attributed to a politician, we still wouldn’t know who wrote it.

  • Bud Brota

    What is your friend’s name? For the sake of intellectual honesty, it would be nice to be able to attribute it.

    • biscuitsngravy

      “what difference does it make”?

  • Paul Peters

    Why no actual source citation? That makes the quotation suspect.

  • robin in fl

    I agree and I find myself caring less and less about what happens to this multitude of fools.

    robin in fl



  • JJ Foley

    Ha ha lol-Who was in office 2007-2008?
    What happened to the economy then?

    I rest my case-

    It must be difficult performing the mental gymnastics necessary to demonize Obama when you have that legacy to contend with-Where was Bush during the Romney campaign? Where was Palin? Being hidden away because your policies caused worldwide conflagration of markets-if you could stop having a meltdown over Obama and look in the mirror maybe we could get somewhere in this country-

    • Bud Brota

      The policies of which you speak were signed into law by W.J. Clintion. He is the one who signed the abrogation of Glass-Steagall. They were HIS policies. This requires no mental gymnastics, just a knowledge and acceptance of the facts of history. If O can point to Bush as the source of his problems, the same courtesy should be extendable to Bush, no?

    • John Anthony

      When Obama spent nearly a trillion dollars of our money, the recession became his problem. That was his choice. He bought it and ought to have the guts to admit he blew it.

  • marni

    Put my thoughts into words

  • snappa55

    How sad! America is now a country to be laughed at not admired. For America to work we all have to contribute even the 47 million that want the rest of us to pay their way? It’s a team effort and when half the team chooses not to play the whole team looses. Well, I hope the 47 million are happy but they won’t be laughing for long. The joke is in them because companies are cutting full timers to part-timers, laying off, cutting back and shutting down. So, if nobody is working how the heck is anybody going to get anybody’s money? What were they thinking? Only about themselves, Thanks.

  • Chris

    I’ll gladly be a “fool” in the Obama camp. History (and it will be the not so distant future variety) will place him in the top tier, not the bottom tier like the real fool… yer boy, W.

  • Venterr

    The statement is real and scary. Too many Americans have forgotting what america is about. The old immigrates came here knowing if they worked hard, obey the laws of the land ask not what the country will do for them but what they could do for the country. (Kennedy) That is how this country grew and became great However, now everyone voted for things and everyone wants something from the giving tree.. People can’t see what Obama is , and how the country is being set up for failure under his leadership. He will be gone in 4 years and he will be a rich man and the country will be in poor shape. I pray that he will love America more than himself and keep America Safe.

  • Mario__P

    How funny, Rush Limbaugh just mentioned this “prince of fools” statement, and he also claimed it came from the Czech Republic. The great majority of Czechs wanted Obama to be reelected, but that wasn’t mentioned on Rush’s show. Is the entire Right fooled? I guess so.

    • down_with_BongHit_Barry

      So, apparently, were “the great majority of Czechs” if they think this jackal is any friend of theirs, ours…………or any other western country for that matter.

  • Glorstuart

    Amen. That is exactly right, and the crux of the problem. It’s not him, it’s the face of a changing nation that put him there – AGAIN. Feel sorry for us.

  • texexpatriate

    Well said, and said a couple of weeks ago by Rush Limbaugh. We must fear an electorate who would elect such people as Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Hoyer, and Reid.

  • Lee Luckman

    Or….in the kingdom of the blind the one eyed man is king. And the blind elected this near sighted fool.

  • Joe Palmer

    We have become subservient,socialist,stupid and senile and WE will have NO ONE to blame but ourselves (although we will try to BLAME somebody else) when the fall comes—–not IF but WHEN

  • CarlaJD

    Wish the people who voted for him could read & understand this

    • Mario__P

      I wish the people who believe in this hoax would not vote.

      • oifbtdt

        So here we are a year later.

        Which hoax is “this hoax”?

        “If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance”?

        “You can keep your doctor. Period.”

        “This is the most transparent administration in history.”

        Man-made global warming?

        • nobodobodon

          The hoax is that it came from a Czech newspaper. It did not.

          Obama remains very popular in Europe. Interpret that fact however you like.

  • jack ryan

    Yes. Agreed. What is not being mentioned is that these “fools”, the American electorate is now very different than it was in 1960 or even 1984. Mass immigration, and the emergence of a near permanent welfare underclass has changed so many things. Here in my Congressional District in Chicago, the electorate just re-elected Jessie Jackson Jr as our Congressman and he isn’t even showing up to vote. California, once the “golden state” with the highest scoring public schools is now one of the poorest states, with public school scores lower than Mississippi. In inner city areas of Phildelphia, virtually 100% of the vote went for Obama, voters there don’t even read up on issues. We need to study what works in countries like Mexico and Brazil as that is the kind of nation the US has become.

  • Tom Jones

    No your wrong Bern, Hussein is good for leading the Rabble. Our best bet from here to salvation is a Military Junta or a good Christian Dictator. LOOK>>at what’s coming>>Here is what we face too, Israel
    Siraj Wahhaj is a favorite of the various Brotherhood affiliates and was listed as an “unindicted person who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He preaches that the U.S. should become an Islamic State.

    “If only Muslims were clever politically, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir and give allegiance to him. Take my word, if eight million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us,” he said.
    This Sharia Islam was banned from the US, however in 2010 our favorite, named Hillary Clinton,the Heathen lifted the BAN? NICE!!

  • Dumbfounded

    Absolutely perfect!

  • Switchlight13

    “Black Friday” sounds “racist” in our new Amerika. Bet it’ll go the way of “Merry Christmas” soon enough.

  • Papa Linus

    Obama’s performance was totally predictable for anyone paying attention to facts. Full disclosure: these are my numbers. I looked at ‘Senator’ Obama’s voting record during his first term in Congress. Everyone seems to focus on his record being the most liberal in Congress, and it was. But what most people miss is the he only bothered to vote on 21% of the bills that made it to that stage during his truncated term. He was too busy running a victory lap for his total B.S. speech at the Democratic Convention. The verbiage for that speech, largely pulled from ‘The Audacity of Hope’, just stunned people. It took Joe Biden a long, long time to get over the fact that a black guy could be intelligent and articulate… can the Dem’s call anyone racist when criticizing Obama when Biden said it first?

    The follow-up to ‘Audacity’ was the unbelievably ludicrous ‘Dream of My Father.’ Have you read the book? It sounds more like a dreamer who did inhale trying to mimic the thought processes the thought processes of Joseph Stalin than a plan to ‘lower the oceans.’ It is a complete fantasy, as Bill Clinton said during the 2008 race………but that was before Clinton decided that the self-proclaimed star of a fairy tale was better for the country than a man he had previously described as possessing ‘a stellar business record’ because, you know, in 2016 it will be Hillary’s turn (or maybe Bill is really looking forward to his 3rd term that would make him available to, you know, the laydies).

    I admire Silverman for hanging in there and taking it like a man. That takes guts when he has to know that everyone who looks at this site loathes Obama. So give him credit for that.

    But, Phil, the thing you are missing is what all Obama-mites miss: the answer to our problems isn’t ideas or, in the President’s words during the debates, “what I wanna do” (I don’t think he ever said “what I am going to do’ because that would be a commitment, and he is incapable of making commitments unless there it means an opportunity to influence the electorate). The issue is execution of policies. He doesn’t see the difference, and apparently neither do you.

    The federal government is good at about 2-3 things….we can debate which things some other time. But, for the most part, everything they touch just makes things worse.

    What Republicans need to acknowledge is that, while the government screws anything up that it touches, when the world of business is allowed to run with the ball at their sole discretion, they have not done the right thing in far too many cases.

    The fact is that it is easier for people who have been made to feel vulnerable and powerless by the Democrats for over 100 years to trust the government than it is to trust the capitalistic economy. You see, once a person feels impotent in the world, grasping at the least competent option is preferable to trusting rich people. The Democrats have succeeded in portraying the fat cats (many of which supported Obama, amazingly) as the bad guys. Pretty foolish stuff.

    Consider the fact that Joe Biden talked of Republicans wanting to ‘put them back in chains,’ and contributed a whopping $1100 of his 6-figure income to charity last year while Romney, the wily, selfish businessman who can’t be entrusted with their lives, gave over $20 million to charity.

    Whey Sandy hit the east coast, Obama talked, talked, then talked. Then he made an appearance – then talked some more. Romney did something different: he organized an effort by his friends and neighbors to send supplies and food to those in need. It was a huge, bellicose, pretend effort like Obama’s. It actually accomplished something. Meanwhile FEMA, the group that Senator Obama described as ‘not caring about black people as much as it does about white people’ proceeded to screw up the super storm’s victims even worse than they allegedly screwed up post-Katrina in New Orleans. If Obama has proved one thing during his presidency it is that talk is cheap.

    He made election-results-focused changes in his positions on gay marriage and immigration law, but Mitt Romney is the ‘flip-flopper’ just because he gleans life lessons from his experiences that shape an ever-evolving man of character?

    I, like the writer that inspired all of us to respond, think Obama is a political animal, pure and simple, a pathological liar and, yes, a fool. But what is worse is when people mindlessly vote for a fool who hasn’t brought one good thing to this country via a legitimate method (midnight Pelosi/Reed sessions to pass laws that no one has read and Executive Orders don’t count – that is not collaboration, it is what a 3rd world strong man from a junta does). Even things that he has ‘done’ are all from the world of “it sure sounds good.”

    Obama hasn’t executed a single thing in his entire career that involved actually doing something. In his mind if it sounds good, it must be good. Let other people pay for it and work out the details.

    A community organizer does one thing, and one thing only: in the purest example of sleaze imaginable, the C.O. finds government programs (this is redundant, but needs to be said here: programs that are funded by someone else’s money) and finds community overlords who want those benefits in exchange for what? In exchange for keeping the overlords constituents dependent on government. The C.O.’s life is not related in any way, shape or form to production. It is perhaps the most deceitful form the sponsoring of investment-free consumption in the history of our country.

    Obama won. It’s funny, but I remember him gloating at Senator McCain after McCain made a valid point during an early collaboration opp orchestrated by Obama for television viewers, saying “John, we won the election.”

    Now Obama sees himself as having received a mandate. Hilarious. The only mandate he received is
    a) from blacks, who only see racism as a white vs. black thing, as evidenced by the fact that 90+% of them voted for Obama, and maybe 9% of them even knew what he did during his first term (short answer: let other people execute his agenda while he campaigned for the Presidency)
    b) from hispanics who just heard the suspiciously timed statement by Obama that,l once again, he will ignore the law (immigration law in this case) whenever it doesn’t suit him
    c) from single woman with Freudian defects that see Obama as sexy, articulate and cool. Add to that the fact that he is pledged to save them $7.00/month on contraceptives and – bonus – ‘fix’ any sexually irresponsible ‘mistakes’ that they made – and the result was a candidate that they found irresistible.

    The sad thing is that the fools that voted for Obama will gain the most during his time in office via ‘free things,’ but the responsible people in the country who actually produce something will not only fund this folly, but will likely be even more punished by the disaster that lies ahead than the people who voted for Obama. See, when times get tough, the producers have to come through. The takers just get mad and riot, like those lovingly ‘spontaneous’ Occupy Wall Streeters over which Nancy Pelosi fawned.

    And when the riots come, those nincompoops won’t have the slightest notion that it was their collective irresponsibility and laziness that put them in the predicament that they will be in. Absent their Moron in Chief, there will be no one to save them.

    • Mario__P

      It’s tough to consider the ideas from the Party which can’t present a record better than its opponent’s in nearly every economic category. First, work on your performance, and once that has improved, then maybe the Left will consider listening to the advice from the Right. But until then, it’s all a bunch of nonsense with no results to back up the ideology.

      And to add even more lack of credibility, when you state something like “Your United States of Kenya”, I hear nothing but lunacy. You over-analyze the real Hawaiian birth certificate until you form a crazed theory of forgery, but you ignore the fallacy of the Kenyan birth certificate. How come no GOP leader nor Trump are claiming fraud like the wacky conspiracy theorists?

  • Papa Linus

    From The Supreme President of YOUR United States of Kenya:

    “For someone to suggest that I am a fool is, uh, foolish and….and I find that very offensive. If you want to blame someone for me being a fool, blame Michelle for finally being proud of her country. That really got me going.”

    **for those of you who voted for me, ‘BHO’ is not short for ‘Browser Helper Object.’ I know a lot of you have video game machines and maybe a phone, but the whole world thinks that ‘BHO’ is short for Barack Hussein Obama so let’s go with that….at least for 4 more long, nauseating years.

  • Maribeth Sudfeld Wallace

    couldn’t have said it better, myself!

  • Switchlight13

    Take solice in the fact that these young white guilt leftists will be unemployed when they graduate college and their Mulatto Messiah will ensure his people will get the jobs under affirmative action.

  • poetreviewer

    Amen again and again. A young college wrote woman wrote an Op-ed piece, the Wall Street Journal published last week. Did anyone else read it? She was spot on in terms of speaking for young people and she received so much “sh–” for it and yet, like the woman’s writing above it spoke so true. She however did also blame the Republican Party for being so far right and that is “right” too. Politics and religion don’t mix. The Republican Party has pandered too long to the FAR right side and it has gotten what it deserves. Do we, the people have a say anymore or will they keep going stupidly into the future thinking that archaic methods of getting themselves elected will work? Young woman didn’t vote Republican because the Republican Party refused to hear their voices. Wake up Republican Party.

    • Switchlight13

      So you want two Democrat Parties? Whats so “far right” about fiscal responsibility and self responsibility with out relying on a big nanny Govt for every want?

      • poetreviewer

        What young women don’t want is the possibility that Roe v Wade be reversed. The Republican Party lost young and middle-aged women due to that stupid issue. Assinine that people attach such importance to one issue, but yes it’s true. Sorry.

  • Jennifer Weber

    That’s as depressing as it is true. We didn’t hold the line, folks. This is our fault and now we get what we deserve.

  • rparker104

    wow!! Wells said!


    Bernie, you are a biggoted fool!
    “Prince of fools” – fake “quote of the century”

    The following e-mail doing the rounds in South Africa, aside from
    circulating among expats and having an irritatingly unlikely
    headline, rang the urban legend alarm bells because of its
    unlikely source:


    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way
    you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech
    Republic. Someone over there has it figured out.

    “The danger to South Africa is not Jacob Zuma but a
    citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the
    Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the
    follies of a Zuma presidency than to restore the necessary
    common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate
    willing to have such a man for their president. The problem
    is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Zuma, who is a
    mere symptom of what ails South Africa. Blaming the prince
    of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy
    of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can
    survive a Jacob Zuma, who is, after all, merely a fool. It
    is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those
    who made him their President.”

    The reality is, you could apply this to any country. Merely
    change the names. It is usually used by American right-wingers
    with reference to Barack Obama. The most common Obama version
    also claims it to be from a Czech newspaper, even though that
    is also clearly a fake origin. Here is a
    typical example.

    It has been commonly adapted to local politics around the
    world, and I suspect we’ll find the origin is decades or even
    centuries old.

    It’s used with local amendments in a left-wing New Zealand blog attacking the Key government, in the comments on an Australian blog entry on carbon tax, castigating the Labor government, and in the Northern Mariana Islands , on what ails their Commonwealth.

    It is used without acknowledging the amendments in the comments

    section of a Nigerian news report, and even in comments on a Lesotho
    news report,

    The quote is given life because it is so easy adapt it to any
    nation in the throes of political struggle and upheaval, and
    to any leader who inspires vehement opposition. The ease with
    which it is justified as usable by critics who acknowledge its
    potential lack of veracity is summed up in this letter

    to the editor of the Daily Tribune News in Georgia. “I
    cannot verify its authenticity but if no one can be found to
    claim authorship, I will volunteer to do so!!” writes one
    Elvis D Rush.

    Everyone likes a good quote, and everyone repeats a good quote that
    both reinforces prejudices and declares those prejudices to
    the world.

    The subtext of the South African version is similar to the Obama
    versions, since it tends to repeat the Czech origin: that
    even continents away, the follies of our leadership are an
    embarrassment, and make us the laughing stock of the world.
    The truth of the matter is that, even in those distant
    countries, the citizenry tends to be more concerned with the
    quality of their own leaders than of those ruling over
    foreign lands.

    The beauty of the quote is that it works even without having to invoke
    foreign sources. This is what makes it so popular in the
    furthest reaches of the world.

    As it is transformed into local variants, it takes on more
    and more of the character of an urban legend: its origins
    become more and more shrouded, and those passing it on argue
    that, regardless of origin, it remains valid because it is
    so applicable. However, arguing that a questionable source
    can be excused by the supposed “truth” of a statement defies
    logic as well as honesty.

    • Switchlight13

      Another White Guilt Obama cult member probably unemployed and on his parents health insurance at 26……..loser….lol

  • gena


  • Mario__P

    In case you’re still a believer…

    For the conservatives there is nothing left but to hang onto a prank.

  • Switchlight13

    The Congressional Black Caucas has used the “race card” to defend Susan Rice………..Imagine that.

  • theslowrider

    The 5th grader running for class president who proclaims “free ice cream for everyone” will always win. We now have over 50% of Americans who are still that childish, and lazy. Pretty sad.

  • switchlight13

    On the up side, Michelle’s mother can continue to live large in the White House for four more years. Breakfast in Lincoln’s bed is a sweet thing and better then public housing in Chicago. On the down side, ServPro has twice the clean up in 2016.

  • switchlight13

    We’ll see a good portion of Obama supporters outside Wal Mart at 2AM on BIK Friday preparing to stampede for a cheap Chinese TV and a pair of Air Jordan Chinese Knock offs.

  • Mario__P

    The elections have really done it to the entire conservative clan. They have all resorted to these nutty messages for nothing else but motivational purposes. I can’t imagine the agony and depression the Right must be feeling right now, and there is no one to blame but themselves. The Right cooked up its soup of misery by living in an isolated fantasy, listening to Right-wing propaganda, and cheering for moronic candidates and platform, which had no chance of winning. The illusion of the GOP’s victory lasted until the very night of the elections, and for a good reason; every conservative pundit fueled the fairy tale, many even calling for a landslide win. These past elections should be a hint of how out of touch with reality the Right is, especially since their entire source of media called the vote so very wrong.

    There is absolute nothing in that statement, from the fictitious newspaper Prager Zeitungon, that applies specifically to our president, Barack Obama. One can replace Mr. Obama’s name with any other past president’s name from our or any other nation, and the losing, gullible political party will view it as the truth. The real newspaper, Prager Zeitung, is a German paper published in Prague, and that paper would never print such nonsense. Why? Because the majority (67%) of the Czechs wanted Obama to be re-elected. The Czechs are wise, and they are far from the Right-wing loons found in our nation. They are also one of the least religious populations, with less than 20% of them believing in a god. The majority of Czechs would never believe such garbage you all believe in.

  • faxxmaxx

    I read this also right before the election, and it gave me pause as well. Lets face it guys, libs are dumb. They don’t know the issues, they don’t want to know the issues and lastly, they don’t have the attention span to learn what they don’t know.

  • kukki44

    well stated ! but does DSSA (Divided Socialist States Of America) have the will and the ability to recognize and call a fool a fool???

  • Mike

    Snap! Give that man a cigar – oh, and a seat as an adviser to the RNC

  • Citizen

    OBOZO has ruined this country. His socialist/communist ideology WILL require many generations to wash the bad taste out of our mouths and systems!! When the American people find out who he really is (hopefully there is no statute of limitation!! He needs to be hauled before the court in the Hague!!

  • Phil Silverman

    “A man like him”? I guess we would have been much better off with a guy who would privatize medicare, medicaid, social security, the post office, and public schools; start 2 new wars. Bernie, all due respect, time to retire…you already have shown your….FISHING skills.

  • Henry Tisdale

    I hate to “spit in the soup’, Bernie, but this was written and passed around about 3 weeks after the 2008 election. I include it as my summary in my blog entitled, “Obama, His Crimes and Treasons”. Thanks anyhow, Bernie, but it is indeed a great summary of how Obama remains in the WH. I thought I sent you a copy of my blog, but apparently I did not. However I did send it to many key congressmen in both houses.

    Yes, Bernie, a good sumary to tell us where we are. There is another one, a blog by a democrat who really tells us all just what Obama accomplished in the Senate and his association with the ultra liberals (Obama being at the top).

    Thanks, Bernie, I would like to think of you as an honest friend, who remains on the tradk no matter the condition of the trak

  • Daniel

    The reason why a multitude of fools elected Obama is because the “political shepherds” have a bankrupt message devoid of truth. Secular humanism and rationalism rules the political field. Until God’s authority is respected, until Jesus’ lordship is acknowledged, and until the Bible is understood as authoritative truth, a majority made up of foolish people will vote and subject America into the exclusive rule of evil men

  • PeterFitzwell

    Stick a fork in it. The USA is done. Work is no longer valued & the freeloaders are celebrated.

    • switchlight13

      Well said

    • WitnessToHistory

      It is no wonder that the everyone from Piers Morgan to all of MSNBC to the people screening ads for the Super Bowl are so dead set on restricting our 2nd amendment rights (i.e., disarming the populace). That is because there is a strong core of patriots who will refuse to have their freedoms restricted in ever-increasing severity by an overreaching and anti-American federal bureaucratic system (not the three branches, but the multitude of un-elected and outside-representation organizations such as the EPA, et al). How long will people stand for this? It is utter foolishness to think that we are beyond revolution in the US. Those who think that are ignorant to history. I fear we are on the edge of a new era where patriots will take back their rights by force, and those who seek to subjugate the entire populace under leaders like the supremely dishonest Obama will be on the wrong side of someone holding onto their “second amendment rights.” Let’s see how well their Orwellian double-speak will help them then. However, if we let them disarm us and surveil every movement and word spoken, then we’ve lost. Who will preserve liberty then?

  • Cliff Quoyah

    It takes someones vision and opinion that are not influenced to bring our problems into perspective.

  • terry


  • Newmansgang

    Totally agree! Americans are unengaged in anything other than things that make them feel good. That is why guys like Obama can win reelection after four years of hurting the country. Fifty one percent will get what they deserve, unfortunately forty nine percent have to suffer right along with the fools.

  • Ken Sandale

    Bernie, you are such a sore loser.

  • Bob Bernet

    Very true. Advances in technology have been both a blessing and a curse. Citizens no longer get their information from three networks and local newspapers. There are 300 million people living in their own insulated worlds. As a result, the majority of Americans have no idea what is truly happening to their country. As a high school teacher, I see first-hand how pop culture influences the perception of current events. Most things conservative and traditional are mocked and this attitude permeates into core beliefs. I’m afraid we have passed the point of no return. The once great United States of America is well on its way to being just another color on the globe.

  • switchlight13

    The buffoons in the Black Congressional Caucas has, as usual, pulled out the “race card” to protect Susan Rice. I’ll work to, it always works in “white guilt” America..

  • IJustHaveAQuestion

    Quote, “Issues in the Czech Republic are actually quite similar to the ones in
    Austria. There are hate groups, police brutality, and prevailing
    attitudes of discrimination.”


    Do you think your friend might be influenced a little by a far-far right dominate white culture that permeates the Czech Republic?

    Just a question…

  • Dave O’Connor

    Right to the point. Who voted this guy in? “the vast confederacy of fools”.
    Aren’t you just ‘pickled tink’ that we’ve so much on “higher education”.
    Higher than what?

  • Pam

    The American people spoke on Nov 6th, where does that leave the rest of us? Do we stay and fight for our ideals or do we cut and run? I find myself and my family in a country that wants every thing handed to them on a silver platter. I’ve taught my children that they need to work hard and take responsibility for themselves but all around them, they see the entitlement state of mind of their peers. They ask us, are we normal? How can i make them understand that a majority of the American people feel that they are owed! They do not understand and i’m at a loss for words. I never thought i would feel hopeless but i do.

  • Gene
    • IJustHaveAQuestion

      Yeah its origins can’t be verified. Bernie claims it’s written by a friend of his, so I guess we have to take his word for it. I don’t know what has happened to Bernie’s judgement lately, (writing an article on something that’s, well, trash) O’Reilly’s too.

      I say that because tonight Bill has some far right comedian hosting his show that FoxNews plucked out of the depths of obscurity. Some guy they gave his own show to out of the blue. Guess cuzzz he was a friend of the late Andrew Breitbart another one they plucked and puffed out of the of nowhere.

      The old news men seem to all be losing it. OR they simply don’t care anymore. They made their fame and money already, so it’s all a meaningless party now. LoL

  • Shane

    Yes, I agree 100%. Too many Americans voted for Obama because of the free stuff he was handing out and because he is the most popular celebrity in America. they ignored the fact that Obama failed as our President.

  • Dennis Fox

    Bernie, Wholeheartly agree! We all need to fight the bickering going on by both political parties and lack of rising up above politics and save America!

    Simpson and Bowles are on the advisory board of The Can Kicks Back organization established to fight both parties. Their website is Simpson recomends all citizens get involved and try to wake of the politicians and rise up above their own party and think about the dangers they are creating to destroy America by their lack of adult compromise. Like Simpson said this AM, …”if they don’t know how to compromise in a healthy way, none of them should ever get married”.

    Bernie, as a strong and astute media leader, you can be very instrumental in bringing sense to our crazy politician and, more importantly, to the media.

    Please carefully consider bringing your weight toward this effort and make a difference.

    Thanks, Dennis

  • Ellen

    Why does this guy in Czech Republic see so well what so many Americans do not see? I hope we can correct what caused this second term to happen, but I just don’t know. I have turned in my papers to switch from the democratic party to the independent party. I just don’t want to be on either side of extreme.

  • Hondo13

    I risked my life liberating them from the ghost of Herick or whatever kauts name was. You blew him up and made gief for me. Screw the Czechs, scew Europe. It was my life you risked while you were hiding and Goldberg was crying about his wet diaper.

  • Mari Jo O’Neill

    This is so,so true that all people with any common sense could see that this great Country has lost the morality and the ideals that made it “great”. People seem to think that everyone should be protected and supported by the Government and that they have no responsibility to take care of themselves and their families. We have seen things like this happen in other Countries and we have also seen the end result of this kind of thinking. Where and when did this all start. I am 69 years old and worked for 49 years so that one day I could retire and take life a little easier and not be dependent on anyone else to do it. I saw my children grow up and I am now able to see my grandchildren grow upand to see that the changes in today’s society are disturbing and pathetic and I am concerned for them. I won’t be around forever and that scares me, because so far I & my husband have been able
    to teach them the ideals that we had growing up and what is there for them. Yet it is very worrisome that people have elected this man who is a danger to all of us and a fraud in my own opinion that I have believed since he first came on the scene. people will not wake up until destruction is at their door and they will wonder how it all happened.

    • leaningleft

      In the part of your statement “the people have elected….in my own opinion” just proves how arrogant, The people have elected is exactly what the Constitution stands for, and in my opinion …. opinions are like assholes everybody has one and some have the same odor. So either you bekieve in the constitution or you don’t. DECISION TIME MARI !!!

  • Bethany Carol

    Absolutely correct — so true — so sad … Goodbye to an intelligent and hard-working American electorate who believe in individual responsibility…..

  • r3154

    Back in 1973 my relatives over in Hungary warned that unions would destroy the US. They said they are nothing but a bunch of communists. Boy were they right! And they were experts as they were run by them under communist control.

  • Leo from Cork

    Hurrah for Czech wisdom,not for the first time has such wisdom been displayed by the Czech leadership,recall just a few years ago it was the Czech leadership,under Havel, which stood up to the Eurocrats pushing their frantic version of European social equality on the unsuspecting populace with centralised regulation upon regulation,contributing to our seriously listing ship,which continues to take on water.
    As an Irishman who had the good fortune of living ,, in Hawaii for 15 yrs,the first half as a typical immigrant sheepish supporter of the Democrats, but happily the second half as an enlightened GOP believer in what makes America great for it’s people,i still have faith that the American people will correct their compound error with a vengeance. Just wait and see.

  • Flower Bell

    We can thank Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Single Women and Impressionable, Naive Young People.

    The smear attack on intelligent, mature white people has been a success.

  • aturboz

    That does in fact, sum it all up!

  • floridahank

    Without going into specific details which are most revealing and frightening, I see our country following the same fate as the powerful Roman Empire. There are
    many great examples of how we compare with them and explain each of these categories — they sound like something written today about us.

    The Major Causes for the Fall of the Roman Empire

    Antagonism between the Senate and the Emperor

    Decline in Morals

    Political Corruption and the Praetorian Guard

    Fast expansion of the Empire

    Constant Wars and Heavy Military Spending

    Barbarian Knowledge of Roman Military Tactics

    Failing Economy

    Unemployment of the Working Classes (The Plebs)

    The ‘Mob’ and the cost of the ‘Games’

    Decline in Ethics and Values

    Slave Labor

    Natural Disasters

    Barbarian Invasion

  • joer1

    This election has left me speechless. I love this country and I am not leaving but, I sense we are in serious trouble as a nation and as a society and we NEED to hit bottom. Sadly, don’t anyone ever expect that the citizens who put us in this spot will ever admit they were wrong. They will continue to blame Pres. Bush or whatever. The “fools” are like Obama …. responsible for nothing and therefore they will not accept responsibility for anything … ever!

  • Mike

    Spot on! Up until election night, I was convinced that the polls were wrong. I mean, after all, aren’t we a just-right-of-center country? As the result was confirmed, I had one of those “light-bulb” moments that made me feel too that it’s not Obama that’s the enemy… is US! :(

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Rush Limbaugh said that many weeks ago. He said America can probably survive (emphasis on probably) another four years of Barack Hussein Obama but we will have a difficult time surviving the fools that vote for him. I realize the Bernie doesn’t like Rush Limbaugh, a man who had the balls to say that he hoped Obama failed because he did his homework and knew exactly who Barack Hussein Obama was and where his roots were. What amazes me is that people like Bernie and his friend Billy O’Reilly who are suppose to be pretty smart journalist still don’t realize that Barack Hussein Obama and the radicals in his administration know exactly what they are doing and it is with INTENTION to destroy America. They are constantly trying to make excuses for this Fraud in Chief.

    The moderate sell outs will stand up and cry bloody murder about a few comments of TRUTH from Mitt Romney, screaming at him to shut up and go on vacation but don’t have the cajones to stand up to a man who is a fraud and a criminal. They fear this man and the wrath of the liberal media. Shame on them.

  • ksp48

    We reached the tipping point. Perhaps the collapse will cause a change, but even that seems unlikely.

  • Simon

    I disagree – to blame the American people is misguided. The American people vote foolishly because they are informed by a corrupt and foolish media. It is not the people’s fault because every individual American cannot be expected to independently research everything and determine truth in spite of the media. They don’t have the time for it.

    That is the media’s job, and Obama is the result of a corrupt media. Blame them, not the people.

    The American peoples’ poor judgment is a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. Bernie should know as well as anyone that the media is the problem here.

  • Lar9291

    Remember Jim Jones, the guy who convinced his followers to drink poison? Doesn’t Obama remind you of him? The difference is that Jones only did in his followers. Obama is going to get us all, even those of us who didn’t vote for him. How sad.

  • Bruskie

    This sounds way too much like a typical liberal rant! “It’s not that the Republicans didn’t do enough to sell their ideals and philosophy’s, it is just that the nation is foolish”! No, no Bernie! I hate the direction that our country is going. However, if the Republicans would come into the 21st century on things like immigration, abortion and many other dividing issues, sell it like intelligent adults and lead all the old school GOPers into this century, well then, perhaps we could be on the right track now! Did anyone hear the idiotic things some of the campaigners said on the campaign trail? And they all lost. Explain to me what happened in 2010 if the quote is to be believed? I reject the idea that we as a country are just too stupid for our own good!

  • Joe Chernicoff

    As Dambisa Moyo wrote in her 2011 book ‘How the West Was Lost”, “America’s fast-growing population(…)of unskilled, unemployed and disaffected citizens is at the core of the threat to the country’s wealth and economic stature.”

  • Iklwa

    The truth is not always or even sometimes pretty. This same document was recently printed in my local Bellingham Washington newspaper as a letter to the editor. Apparently, there is plagiarism of some sort going on.

    Regardless, I love the sentiment, logic and syntax of the commentary.

    I will make the same offer I did for the Letter to the Editor contributor:

    Should the original author (whomever he might be) wake up to find a burning donkey in his yard, he is welcome to bunk in my spare bedroom for the duration. We need to establish a conservancy for persons with opinions of this ilk. It would seem they are nearing “endangered” status in this country.

    As a Texican expatriate, when we moved to Washington State nearly twenty years ago, I told my wife that were she (Texas) ever to succeed from the Union we would have to return and lend our efforts to that nation’s efforts.
    Perhaps the Czech author would be interested in moving with us?

    Or maybe Israel might be an alternative destination.

  • Donald Story

    Wow. That says it all.Right to the point. An accurate expression of our situation. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Rbache

    This could not have been said better and so true.

  • disqus_XeFVQf2YXo

    very true.. well written article..

  • KG

    And worse yet, these fools reproduce!

  • Red47


  • Stephanie S

    On my Facebook page, I’ve invited anyone who voted for Obama to unfriend me on Facebook or unfollow me on Twitter if they want to. I’ve announced that I’ve grandfathered in those over 40 (will continue to Friend) on the basis that they suffer from early dementia and can’t distinguish a con artist from a principled individual. I’ve excused those under 40 because they are immature and may be educated. However, I have invoked a “no Obama voters” policy that means I am refusing all requests to Like someone’s page or do other favors (these requests often come in from other writers). I have enough Patriots in my life who will receive my assistance if needed and frankly, I don’t need to hang with Stupid.

  • Larry B

    Bravo to the unknown writer who has BO pegged, and the electorate who foolishly voted for him! Of course, we mustn’t forget the equally stupid voters who could have voted for Romney, but sat it out because he wasn’t perfect enough for them.

  • Chris Matthewson

    I think the conservative echo chamber reverberates all the way to Prague.

  • Ted Wight

    And the people will stay ignorant until it’s too late, if it isn’t already. Propaganda against business, against competition, against success, against the Constitution, Rule of Law. From kindegarten through highschool by unions; in port-graduate educaton by Far-left instructors, professors and administrators; in general by the Non-Fox media. It is over.

  • barnesacle

    Goldberg, you and your fawning followers are so full of nothing its pathetic. Obama has been one of our best presidents addressing an array of problems with great success. Employment is increasing, economy is expanding, housing has bottomed, auto production up, Iraq closed, crippling sanctions imposed on Iran and more.

    Your sad supplicants have little fact and no analysis to offer.
    Why dont you just close your website and move to the Caymans and help Mittbot count his tax sheltered money while the rest of us advance the country.

    • LUIS S.

      Don’t ask Bernie to close the site….you can close your computer and avoid this site…it’s easier!!

    • Johnny Deadline

      Hostess closing and 18,000 more unemployed. Yep, one more little step for Obama, one giant step of ineptitude for America.

    • Theo Racle

      more cognitive distortion: e.g.,
      “economy expanding” – (Dow down over 1000 pts since election)
      “Iraq closed” – ( “The fact is, our engagements have increased.” – Joe Biden)
      “crippling sanctions” – (“Tehran Poised To Expand Nuke Work”-Huff Post)
      “Employment is increasing” – (Real earnings fall again-
      “best presidents addressing an array of problems with great success.”;
      One thing we do agree on….
      He is one of the best at ADDRESSING problems. To bad he can’t execute.

    • Bruskie

      Sorry barnesacle! In my world of manufacuring the job market is again shrinking at a startling pace. We had to lay-off 35% of our personel just 1 month before the election. Of course if you believe the MainStream Media, all is full speed ahead! No Way! Our next recession is here! Welcome!

  • LUIS S.

    I am not a US citizen, but I feel sorry for that country for having a foolish majority who voted for four more years of incompetence and poor leadership. Maybe Romnney was not a better choice, but it was a much needed change to, at least, have a new attitude in front of a crazy world!!

  • JagWA

    Got this a few days ago, too. I “broadcast” it to my email list. My liberal cousin accused me of quoting a commie – LOL I pointed out to this retired university professor, the newspaper is merely expressing an observation, not a
    political posture

  • trailbee

    The question is how did they get to be fools? I am in the middle of Bernie’s first books, Bias, and am convinced that the reason the bias exists is the same reason that the fools elected BO. By degrees, we have removed thinking from our educational curriculum! That’s it. Why was it removed? Who removed it?

  • Bonnie Thomas Usrey

    Your friend from the Czech Republic is absolutely on point, but it rains on the good as well as the evil! The older, wiser, or even younger traditionalists, who don’t want our country to be “fundamentally transformed” into something we don’t recognize as America, have been mocked, ridiculed, labeled as Racists, ignorant, “clinging to our Bibles and our Guns.” Mitt Romney is being blamed and criticized for being who he is and not pandering to the right people, and losing the election. Years ago I went to see “Schindler’s List” by myself, on a cold winter day, on a business trip to Chicago. I wanted to find out WHY or HOW the Jews were loaded into cattle cars with their children without putting up a fight! The movie showed very skillfully how they were for years, mocked, criticized, disenfranchised, isolated, disarmed, betrayed by their neighbors and friends, their own children, disgraced, businesses and property confiscated by the Government, generally beaten down into compliance. Then, they were “prepared” to go into the cattle cars, many never seen again. Similar tactics are being used here. Are we just going to let it happen?
    I think, hope and pray not. When our children are not taught history, but indoctrinated in places like Harvard, UCLA, and most of “academia” we are in danger of history repeating itself.

  • Bob

    I agree and have said the same thing many times to friends. Half of Americans do not care, and Obama doesn’t care either. That’s also his new name. President I don’t care.

  • Connie Foust

    I’ve read this quote before and agree. We need to hold our values close and not back down. I am disappointed in the Republican’s stand on taxes, let Obama tell us what programs he is willing to cut first and then deal with taxes.

  • chief98110

    Spot on!

  • Mike Satterwhite

    1) You people are incredibly gullible. A newspaper by that name doesn’t even exist.
    2) Even if the editorial were legit (which it doesn’t appear to be), who wrote it? What is their stake in the election.
    3) There are already been plenty of Americans questioning the sanity of Republican and Democratic voters alike. Republicans seem to think Democrats are all poor, black women desperate to hang on to their welfare (a view not backed by actual demographics). Dems think Republicans have had a psychotic break from reality.

    • ahalbert

      The only accurate thing in your post is the last sentence. Like Charlie Brown and his security blanket, Dems simply don’t comprehend self-reliance, and they’re inclined to think anyone advocating it is psychotic.

      • Mike Satterwhite

        Well, when you find me a copy of the newspaper, let me know.

  • Ted Crawford

    I read this last year. It’s from an article in the Czech Newspaper, Prager Zeitung, I believe it’s a German language paper. Printed on April 28, 2010, can’t find any information on the Journalist!

    • jimzien

      From a discussion thread concerning the purported quotation source, on the website

      Have searched the Prager Zeitung website for the article in question. Searched all articles that mentioned Obama, articles went back thru 2009. The article is not online. [Yes, I read German.] Although I agree with the sentiments expressed in the email, we do not need half-truths or made up stuff to make the case that our Pres is a socialist and a revolutionary trying to usurp our Constitution.

  • sunny_1

    Yes. Agreed. It’s a fact that Obama isolated his constituent groups and appealed to each group individually. He did this using the power of the incumbency, and he was successful. But the liberal elites’ desire to conquer conservatives through excessive political correctness has also succeeded. They have effectively silenced any criticism of the president’s divisiveness and approach to governing. One only has to look to the backlash against Romney for his post-election comments.

  • Da_Brain8

    Pretty much sums it all up! well said and truthful.

  • julies

    Sums up my feelings in the past week.

  • Patty

    Sadly true. This country has really fallen from Grace…many years ago. Now she is
    wallowing in her allowance of great sin. Not a popular word or idea…but that’s it in a nut shell.

  • jimzien

    Of course, the quote doesn’t apply to the very common-sensical voters who had the good judgement to give Mr. Romney majorities of up to 72% in AL, AK, AZ, GA, ID, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MO, MT, NE, NC, ND, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WV, and WY.

    Then again, those proud Red States are home to the largest populations of real takers in America, sadly lacking in personal responsibility:

  • Cecil

    As a republican I believe our problems lie within the party. 2014 congressional votes may determine our very survival. Follies of fools are often repeated and will not be easy to undo with a 55-45 senate. A chess games with pawns only.

  • Tim in California

    Yes – all too true – and so,so sad

  • Jeffrey Price

    I fear for our republic with this cretin at the helm.

  • maliamd

    Amen. God help this country of fools.

  • Daniel

    What really scares me is if and when our economy tanks the media and Democrats will still be blaming us on the Right. They will claim it’s our policies that began it and this is the result.

  • Catholic Voter

    This is very wise, Bernie. As upset as I am at Obama, I’ve been furious at my brothers and sisters who voted for him. I have almost zero sympathy for those who have been laid off, had their taxes raised or are experiencing other woes caused by this administration’s poicies who voted for Obama. The miniscule sympathy I have for them is that they really don’t know any better. Some have heard their entire lives that the rich are evil, whites are racists, etc. The person who wrote this knows what he’s talking about but I doubt those who voted for Obama would even consider it.

  • Robert Miller

    Democrats almost always vote self-interest ahead of country while Republicans generally do just the opposite.

  • john nazzaro

    Yep. But indicting the electorate isn’t a recipe for victory, even if the electorate deserves it.The GOP might start with a public campaign focused unabashedly on issues:i.e.the outcome we can reasonably expect if generational transfer payments are not changed (cite the actuaries and annual report of the Trustees). its pending marketing initiatives a statement of issues and Party principle (with an obvious supposition to create the salient issues and a public/durable GOP agreement on those), in contrast to its Democratic rival. Then let the chips fall where they may. That at least inclines the potential nominees to a cohesion that may minimally obviate a repetition of the clowns’ journey that characterized the GOP primaries this year. And maybe we have a shooter’s chance of scoring in the last minute: if the public isn’t educated lets try and see if we can do it. We don’t need a super majority-just a majority.

  • lad87111

    The Fitrakis v. Husted case (Google the case at included an Affidavit from a computer programmer, testifying that the last second unlawful, unapproved ‘patch’ to the voting machines in Ohio (and where else?) was “ROM” (read only) and not able to alter the vote tally. It was therefore ‘harmless’ and the judge dismissed the case.

    However, the expert (who worked for that very voter machine company) admitted that the patch did something which you should find interesting. It allowed the Sec of State to be delivered almost ‘real-time’ tabulation of the vote prior to the closing of the polls. Now, wouldn’t the Polling companies love to have that information!

    Prima Facie Evidence of Vote Fraud

    Why would a Sec of State require, or be allowed, access to that vital information? Of what use is it? I posed that question to a rabid Obama supporter, and she thought for a while (her father and brother, both attorneys) and she replied, “Fraud.”

    If you look at the Red/Blue map broken down by counties, very few high population density counties are blue and the rest of the nation red. All the Democrats needed was knowledge of the real-time tabulation prior to poll closing and use that data to lose exactly enough early ballots ( reported to be 35% of the vote) to turn Obama’s 9 million 2012 deficit to a win over Romney somehow getting 2.5 million fewer votes than McCain-2008.

    Did 15 million FEWER voters turn out in 2012 versus 2008?

    That is impossible. With 43 straight months of record unemployment and 2/3rds of the nation against Obamacare and further job losses . . . and tax increases . . . NO WAY!

    Fatally Corrupted

    This is an elegant way to control elections, by fatally corrupting the process. Republicans take fraud for granted, but their cure is to get voter turnout, e.g., the polls plus 5%. However, with the pre-poll close tabulation in the wrong hands, that cure is worthless.

    Related News

    Rebecca Vigil-Giron (D-NM Secretary of State), indicted and on trial for conversion of voting funds had her case dismissed yesterday. She made the news admitting to issuing drivers licenses (and therefore 82,000 potential Dem voters) to 82,000 illegal aliens.

  • Wheels55

    Yes, we have become a nation of fools.
    A liberal friend said to me just yesterday “I think Obama has been a friend to the second amendment”. I asked him if he was kidding. He wasn’t. He then said Obama has done nothing to hinder our gun rights. I responded that Obama has done nothing much at all. But he has said many things that makes one think he will start doing liberal stuff in his lame-duck term. I think the left will wake up, but will they think it was all just a dream?

  • Caren

    This sums up perfectly what I have been saying for weeks. Our problem is not only that we will have to try and survive four more horrific years of BO, but that our electorate has become a nation of fools with no moral character. In other words, we have an overwhelming societal problem. The most frightening thing to me is that I know really smart people that voted for BO. They are all fine with the idea of “redistribution” as long as it doesn’t affect them. Makes me think we may never get back to the our true American convictions that made our country great. Nov 6 was a very sad day for America. My heart still aches.

  • nickshaw

    The Czechs seem to have no lack of folks able to see things clearly.
    I guess it has something to do with “being there” once already.

    • Mario__P

      Yes, the Czechs do see things clearly. If the Czechs could have voted for Obama these past elections, 67% of them would have re-elected him. Regardless, this statement that the Right is praising so much, didn’t originate in the Czech Republic, and the fools are not the ones who voted for Obama, but the ones who fantasize about the statement’s vague validity. It’s all a very evident prank, and the gullible Right ate it up. The questions is, is Bernie a fool as well, or is he knowingly doing the fooling?

  • DB

    Totally true. Totally sad. Now what do we do?

  • Johnny Deadline

    Bernie – sounds like your Czech friend could make a fine career of doing nothing but responding to the lunkheads in our lame stream media. His concise, laser-like focus on the travesty of the Nov 6 election results is a nice parallel to John Daly’s post today, “Obama Throws Susan Rice Under the Bus, Then Blames the Bus Driver; Media Applauds.”

    As Walt Kelly’s Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Please tell your friend, Bravo, velmi dobře řečeno!

  • Robert L Macchia

    Bernie is right on the spot. Obama is a loser and will never be a winner. All the lamestream media paised him and then all of a sudden The NY Daily News and NY Newsday endorsed Romney, and they are both liberal papers. It was too little, too late. IMPEACH OBAMA!

  • Tony Fressola

    I have family in Italy. They are stunned Obama won, with America having no growth and psycho debt. But this man from the Czech Republic has a point. Its what I thought, that we are not the smartest people you’ll find. I just can’t write as eloquently as him. But I agree with every single word he said.

  • Joy

    It is hard to wrap your mind around the fact that this man could be elected. Reform our education system now……huge partof the problem. Shut down Dept of Education and give control back to the states.

  • VanNostrand

    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.” -H.L. Menken

  • Ben Davis

    Hilarious – the fools. The fools saw through the Lee Atwater campaign of Romney and the Luddites of the extreme right.

    • April Carter

      Romney was extreme? Atwater and Luddites? You have much to learn Ben Davis and that is exactly the point of the article. Thanks, Bernie

    • nickshaw

      Oh look, it’s a deluded Zero supporter. Exactly the type Bernies’s Czech friend speaks of.
      Come back in a year and share your thoughts, would you?
      Or next week if you are a Hostess employee.
      Mind you, from the sound of it, your delusion has such a strong hold that it won’t be until your UI checks run out, with no hope of more help from the government, that your mind will change.
      So, I’m willing to wait a bit longer. I’m gracious like that.
      A trait not often found on the left.

  • blossom

    So true Bernie – but will these fools admit and REALIZE their mistakes before it is too late.

  • rlpincus

    Substitute “George W. Bush” for “Barack Obama” and you’ll have something.

    • nickshaw

      Sure, Helen, blame the other guy.
      Bush is going to look like an angel by the time Zero gets done with you.

      • rlpincus

        Your reputation as a prognosticator has been somewhat damaged over the last few weeks. Perhaps you should take a break.

        • nickshaw

          It surely has.
          But, I am not about to give up.
          This country is too great to be given over to fools.

  • John L. Armstrong

    This is not a new quote, it was floated about after the ’08 election…but it nails where we are.

  • VanNostrand

    “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance” – H. L. Menken

  • Mark in Chicago

    As the old adage goes, FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME. The Republican’s have to come up with a new playbook. The message is getting old.

  • Henry

    Eloquently and articulately stated. Couldn’t have better said it myself!

  • TransplantedTexan

    Upon further reflection, consider the source of the quote – from Prague,
    in a Country which lived under a forced system very much like Obamaism for
    almost 50 years. It must seem inconceivable to the people there how the
    American people can so blithely voluntarily surrender the freedoms that the
    people of Czechoslovakia struggled (and in some cases gave their lives) to achieve.

    • Phil Silverman

      excluding the War on Terror-based PATRIOT ACT and certain Homeland Scurity measures, NAME ONE FREEDOM OBAMA REMOVED. Name ONE TAX on 95% of tax payers. Are you a big fan of Alex Jones?

  • switchlight13

    The sheep voted for national suicide and thats what they’ll get. A nation with 47 million on food stamps, a nation that revolves around a group that has a 73% out of wedlock birth rate and a monumental violent crime rate. A nation that won’t defend its own borders. A nation where 47% pay no taxes but get a refund (EIC). A nation no longer worthy of the freedoms lost. A nation of sheep.

    • nickshaw

      Err, nearly three million more than that on foodstamps we conveniently find out two days after the election.

      But, at least they will all get “free” health care! That’s a plus ain’t it?
      Remember when the health care bill was supposed to address the 40 million (or whatever number it was supposed to be) without health care? And it was supposed to lower health care insurance costs by $2500?
      Now there are more people who cannot afford health care (hey, if they can’t afford food I guess they can’t afford health care, right?) and health insurance costs have gone UP by $2500.
      What was that about “not costing the taxpayers a penny”?
      I’d love to tell libs they made their bed but, the frustration is, they’ll be sleeping in ours, with us. If you know what I mean.

      • Phil Silverman

        you want to go back to pre-AHCA? 30+ million Americans who want and are able to pay a premium denied? cancer victims denied for mercenary reasons? you and I paying an extra grand per yr. to cover guyswho refuse to pay for their own healthcare?>>>> FOOD STAMPS? I wonder why Food Stamps, Unemployment, Welfare rolls go up? could it be the GOP/House War on the bluecollar worker? The sending back of stimulus $$$; the mocking of josb and infrastructure bills?

        • nickshaw

          Yeah, sure. Keep lappin’ up that Kool Aid.

          • Phil Silverman

            please…”Kool aid”..redo and leave out the trite phrases.

          • Phil Silverman

            ok…explain to us what is wrong with my statements. go ONE by ONE. I’m easy. I’m friendly. You might sway me here and there. :)

          • courage the cowardly dog

            This may be an exercise in futility, but I will give it a shot. There are a multitude of problems with the AHCA. One of which most people will love and so it won’t go away. One of the provisions of the AHCA is that insurance companies, must refund a percentage of the insured’s premium, if the insurance company spends less than 80% of the premium on health care for the insured within a calendar year. I believe that this provision is designed to ultimately put health insurers out of business. Think about it. Insurance is a means of spreading risk. Because the AHCA also prohibits denying coverage for pre existing conditions insurers will be incurring the additional risk of insuring those individuals with pre-existing conditions while at the same time cutting into insurers ability to collect additional premium from more healthy insureds so as to allow insurers to make up for the lost profits spent on those with catastrophic and pre-existing conditions. It is a receipe for failure, ultimately resulting in the government becoming a single payor provider. I believe that Obama did this on purpose because the far left wanted a single payor system, but he knew he couldn’t get that passed but could get the AHCA passed with liberal and moderate support. To the liberals he offered this as the path to single payor, while at the same time appearing to preserve the private sector, at least for the time being. We used to call Clinton “slick Willie”, this guy makes Clinton look like a choir boy. Remember during the second debate, Romney accused the president of failing to call the attack on our Benghazi consulate a “terrorist attack” and Obama insisted that he did call it a terrorist attack and that B**** Candy Crowley inappropriately corrected Romney and Obama said get the transcript. So I did and if you listen to and read his remarks, he does not use the term ‘terrorist attack” until 4:20 into his 5 minute remarks and then not until after he has said that we are a people tolerent of other religions (referencing the smoke screen video) and the “terrorist attack” reference is made in reference to 9/11, not Benghazi. An honest polititican would have at a minimum said that he could see how there was ambiguity in his remarks. But no he and his lap dog press scored a decisive blow to Romney before 60 million (approximately the number of votes he go) and no amount of post debate correcting by Candy Crowley, which she did do, made a damn bit of difference. This election left a bitter taste in a lot of peoples mouths and it aint going away, much to my chagrin.

          • Mario__P

            I thought the discussion about the 2nd debate’s “act of terror” was resolved, but apparently not. Please don’t mix up the two terms, “act of terror” vs. “act of terrorism”. Look up the definition for each, and hopefully then you’ll understand why they differ.

      • JJ Foley

        It’s not free and no one ever said it was free-Single payer was a conservative idea until the black guy mentioned it-

    • JJ Foley

      And Bush defended our borders???????LOL!!!!!!!! Tell that to Arizona!
      Tell all Manhattaners who voted for Obama that they are sheep-the richest city in the country with the most successful people who pay millions for an apartment-Obama took the election by a LANDSLIDE-yes they are all sheep I suppose-do you realize how utterly ridiculous you sound people!!!! The most liberal cities are BY FAR the richest cities-New York Boston San Fran and ALL heavily Dem- time to wake up to reality-

      • Demsreallysux Smith

        Rich liberal cities… Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Newark, Philidelphia.
        I would like Gina to relocate to one of these rich liberal cities.
        Have a nice liberal time. Might want to pack heat though.

        • Gina

          Haha-I just moved to Manhattan and I love it-

          ANd I don’t have or need a gun since it’s one of the safest cities in the world-

          Sorry! Better luck next time! I’m from Boston. Fantastic liberal city. Proud of it!

  • Gina

    I agree…I am beginning to think you should have to take a test to qualify to vote. If you don’t know enough about the issues, the candidates, and what is at stake how can you really make an educated decision? This is our Country, not some video game. These decisions have real consequences for all of us and so many people have no clue.

    • nickshaw

      Just post 4 photos at the entrance to the voting booth of the president and vice presidential candidates. Before you can vote you must correctly identify each, the position they are running for and their political affiliation.
      That itself would weed out about 25% of those who should not be allowed to determine our fate.
      Throw in 2 more, the Speakers of the House and Senate, and you’d weed out another 25%.

      • HumbleEuropean

        I’m not American, so correct me if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that there was no such thing as the “Speaker of the Senate.” I thought that the U.S. Vice President is the “President of the Senate.”

        • nickshaw

          You’re right of course, Humble. The Senate “mouthpiece” is the majority leader (as is the majority leader in the House). He’s just not called Speaker.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    I am terribly concerned for the future of our country. This quote is exactly where our problem lies, Mr. Goldberg. The arrested development of the electorate is the problem, not the fool elected by them.

    • Phil Silverman

      you really want a guy who wants to start 2 new wars and privatize medicare and social security? :)

      • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

        Where would the 2 new wars be? Yes, to your question on medicare and social security. Thanks for asking.

        • Phil Silverman

          oh, maybe, Syria and Iran.

          • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

            In over 150 years, Democratic Presidents have ignored situations at their (our) peril. All the way back to James Buchanan who tried to sit out the slavery issue. Wilson ignoring the buildup in Europe, Roosevelt ignoring the same, Truman entered into Korea, Kennedy/Johnson into Vietnam, even Clinton ignoring Bosnia until he couldn’t anymore. This Democratic President’s mess looks like it is going to be the middle east. God help us it’s not more.

      • burkanuck

        “It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

        Hey Phool, He’s talking about you and the fact that you have been posting these inanities is just further evidence.
        A Phool who doesn’t even realize he’s a fool. You can’t make this stuff up!!! Hilarious!

        • Phil Silverman

          how about taking 2-3 of my statements and in a semi-civilized way, explain why U disagree. :)

          • wally

            I will, what two wars? you prove that. name someone you know that has been denied coverage…not just talking points. I had a Heart attack and stroke 6 years ago and I still have coverage. The war on the blue-collar worker, explain.

        • leaningleft

          Do you recognize yourself as a fool?

          • burkanuck

            Of course not. I recognize anyone who supports the fraud in the White House as a fool, though. No wait, make that a complete moron.

          • JJ Foley

            Yes all those morons living in the rich and productive blue states that pay the most into the feds which then gets spread around to the red states- and you point the finger at them like a FOOL-keep it up-the Republicans are killing themselves with blindness-

          • Mario__P

            Exactly! The conservatives in the red states are dreaming of a secession, but they don’t realize it’s the blue states that support their wasteful spending. I would love to see them beg for mercy to rejoin the union, if they somehow succeeded with their plan. But then again, the conservative mind is very stubborn, and even when wrong, they never admit fault. They would rather self-destruct than ask for forgiveness.

            And Obama clearly won, with nearly 3.5M more votes than Romney received. So who are these clowns who are petitioning for a secession? Back on 2000 Bush didn’t get the popular vote, but did you hear any such delusional talk about leaving the union? Talk about sore losers, just like immature children. The conservatives are fine with the rules of the game when winning, but when they lose, they start crying. Get a life and some maturity!

        • Mario__P

          “Hey Phool, HE’s talking about you…”

          burkanuck, who is this HE? The HE you are referring to, the writer of the quote attacking Obama and his supporters, does not exist. The original quote has been plagiarized and altered without the true writer’s knowledge, to fit yet another political agenda, like it has been done so many times before. The fool is the one praising and believing in this prank.

          “A Phool who doesn’t even realize he’s a fool.”

          I could not have said it better.

          • burkanuck

            Who cares if he used a quote from someone else you idiot? The point I was making is still valid. Leftists are such morons.

          • Mario__P

            Yeah, that altered quote about Obama was very accurate and convincing, just as convincing as when you replace Obama’s name in that quote with any other leader. You fool.

  • Seattle Molly

    So true, so trues.

  • Theo Racle

    I think a lot of us knew in 2008 that the empty suit was filled with
    false hopes and fantasy. I agree with the Czech writer. That republic
    remembers well the fools that nearly stripped all traces of freedom from
    them. What continues to boggle the mind is watching friends and
    associates engage in cognitive distortion so they can feel a part of
    this fools parade.

    • Phil Silverman

      NAME ONE FREEDOM THAT BARACK OBAMA HAS REMOVED FROM YOU. Leave out the Patriot Act and related War on Terror business. NAME ONE. Your rhetoric suggests that you listen to Alex Jones and other NRA-shills.

      • wally

        Freedom of religion for one. Or do you believe making them provide birth control for women not against the Catholic doctrine. Freedom from the government in religious practice.

        • leaningleft

          And who is making them take them only that must provide equal and fair access to them,

  • Orejon54

    We’ve been going down this road since Johnson rolled out his Great Society program. All it aacomplished was to create a permanent class of dependents, housed in government funded housing projects that are petrie dishes of social pathology and fed and cared for through government largess. If you want to get an idea of what awaits us, talk with anyone who lived in New York during the late sixties and early seventies, the “Lindsey years”.

  • Carterthewriter

    The Liberal press has produced a nation of ingrates

    • Phil Silverman

      you mean the auto belt is all ingrates? New York? New Jersey? What should they be grateful for , other than being in the USA? Grateful for what the munificent top 7% GIVES ‘EM? The Middle covers their tax loopholes and fights their manufactured wars. No?
      Should the bluecollar worker be grateful for the House War on the Workforce since 2009?

  • landofthefree1

    Of course!An educated populace understands the importance of upholding r Constitutional laws.An ignorant populace is the most powerful weapon of the redistributionist,progressive politicians.In previous yrs.we had more individuals who understood Bible doctrine,which upholds individual freedom & accountability.

    • nickshaw

      True but, you don’t need a working knowledge of the Bible to know right from wrong.

      • floridahank

        Yes, but if you had a working knowledge of the Bible, you’d have a much better understanding of history, of human nature and of course of morality that is forever declining with a known final result.

        • nickshaw

          I disagree, Hank but, I understand where you’re coming from and actually agree with your last few words.
          We’ve lost our moral compass. I just don’t need the Bible to tell me so.

          • floridahank

            Because most of the US are atheists and they each make up their own moral laws, that’s why we have so much corruption, selfishness, violence, nonjustice, lack of compassion for the elderly and down-and-out people who have not done anything to deserve the negative world they live in. The Bible gives great positive principles that would make for a better life for everybody.

    • Ted Crawford

      “If a Nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be” Thomas Jefferson

  • Yankyclpr

    Well stated. Wish out populous understood its meaning or the context from where these words came from.

  • TransplantedTexan

    What can one expect – we are becoming a third world nation in fact and in deed.

  • FloridaJim

    I agree 100% I am ashamed of our citizens that they have fallen to serfdom giving up freedom for “free things”.

    As John Stossel says in his book “No They Can’t”
    “There is nothing that government can do that we cannot do better as
    free individuals–and as groups of individuals working together
    voluntarily, not at the point of a gun or under the threat of a fine.
    Without big government, our possibilities are limitless. ”

    Capitalism has been the greatest boon to the world and these “fools” are throwing it away to unions and politicians both beyond contempt.

  • POC247

    Perfectly said!

  • JohnInMA

    I would add that part of our recovery requires more than to address those who actively reelected him. We must address those who passively reelected him, also. When I look at the election map by counties, I see so much red and so little blue and wonder, what if just 3% or 4% more of the red voters came out in each county? Even if that means just tens of people for some and hundreds or thousands for others, there are so many red counties, the mind reels as to how this reelection succeeded. I understand the realities of population distributions. But I also realize how low this turnout was overall, compared to what the country was led to believe was the ‘excitement’ level. If the red counties were just marginally more motivated, what would the outcome have been? I can dream……

  • suellen

    Thank you so much. You are absolutey right. It’s clear, to the point but very sad!

  • Cyberquill

    What I think is that if Mitt Romney had won the election, somebody else would have composed the exact same paragraph except with “Mitt Romney” instead of “Barack Obama,” and instead of on, the statement would have been featured prominently on to be applauded by the left-wing partisan zombies over there instead of the right-wing partisan zombies over here.

    • nickshaw

      Well, except we don’t drool and use our fingers when we read.

      • Bob Hadley

        But your knuckles bleed.

    • Ted Crawford

      Oh Goodie! We have a cynical idealist on board!
      ” Cynics regard everyone as equally corrupt, an idealist regards everyone is equally corrupt, EXCEPT themselves” Robert Wilson
      ” An idealist is one who, on noticing that a Rose smells better than a Cabbage, concludes that it will also make better soup” H.L. Mencken

      • Cyberquill

        Thanks for the sage quotes, but one needs to be no cynical idealist in order to notice a certain measure of symmetry on display by inveterate ideologues on both sides of the political aisle when it comes to trashing the opposition.

  • jazzdrums

    true fools are easily bought for a very low price or promise

  • ed2056

    Incredibly well said. Now, when America bounces back, and indeed she will, and there has to be steep cuts to unearned entitlements, will the fools say “how do i care for myself now?” or will they say “Who will take care of us now?”?

    • switchlight13

      When America bounces back?….lol

    • Ted Crawford

      “When America bounces back”? ? ? IF, America bounces back, it will certainly not be within the lifetimes of any of us old enough to have voted on Novemvber 6th.!
      Case in point; Are you aware that Obama has instituted a mini-purge of our Military over his Benghazi debacle! Of course we all know of Generals Petraeus and Allen, sexual misconduct! He also sacked General Ham. For attempting to send a Rapid Response Team to aid Ambassador Stevens, after being told to “Stand down”
      Rear Admiral Gaouette was also relieved of Command. For providing Intelligence to aid General Hams operation!
      General William Ward lost a Star, but that was, proportedly, over some financial misconduct!

  • Career Soldier

    In general, I’m not a fan of running down the American people – recall Reagan’s many speeches alluding to his trust in them to do the right thing. And as a practical matter, it didn’t work too well for Romney. But I’m afraid, literally, that there is some truth in the notion above. A majority making conscious decisions to vote for whomever promises the most of someone else’s earnings is bad enough. A majority that is unable to discern that which is immediately attractive but ultimately destructive is, I believe, that which pushes us from merely severe difficulty to an unrecoverable, and irreconcilable, crisis. I have studied the history of our nation’s last such rift quite extensively, and have no desire to see anything like it in my lifetime, or those of my children and grandchildren.

  • John H

    Fool is right! And the majority of Americans are fools for voting for this fool!

  • anneinarkansas

    How true. I have seen that before and agree, sadly.
    The four people that I know who voted for Obama are foolish people anyway…very uninformed folks.

  • John Daly

    The writer nailed it. The point being made is similar to a couple of columns I’ve written since the election. Though I always knew the election would be close, and accepted that there was a good chance that Obama could win, I found myself unexpectedly floored by the reality that he actually did. How could a majority of voters reward this man with a second term? Ideology aside (and his ideology is a big part of the problem), he hasn’t the leadership judgement, attitude, or competence to deal with any serious problems. The fact that those who support him are so completely superficial in their reasoning – especially given the current state of the country – is as bothersome as anything I’ve observed in my lifetime. I didn’t blame the electorate four years ago. Now I not only blame them, but question now whether or not this country even deserves saving, because of them. I’m not signing on to this secession movement by any means, but I certainly understand the frustration of those who are adding their names to the petitions. The “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan has traditionally been directed toward the government, but now it seems to apply to half the country who willingly bet all of our futures on a proven loser.

    • Phil Silverman

      explain how Obama is such a loser when he has continued Bush II programs? The loser buy the way got 332 electroral votes. I mean the winner. The non-imaginary loser lost his home state, his governorship state; his little buddy lost Wisconsin. Why not rewrite your comment and leave out the bitter bias? :)

      • Fed up with Phil

        Go to lunch or something. You’re giving me a headache. Why do you bother if you already have ALL of the answers smarty pants?

  • mdl

    I like many underestimated the stupidity of my fellow Americans. I refused to believe that could be fooled twice. I expressed the above sentiments all along, not as eloquently of course, but the message is clear. It is hard to believe that the divide is that wide and split so evenly across the country.

  • Robert J.

    Bernie, Thomas Jefferson understood very well what was required for a self governed people to have a successful constitutional republic. The electorate must be well informed. Sadly we do not have a well informed electorate.

    • ksp48

      Listen to the Obamanites defend Benghazi. They no longer inhabit reality.

      • Phil Silverman

        Other than it took 25 minutes for the CIA to arrive on the scene….what “facts ” do you have to show malfeasance?

  • Molly

    Sadly, that is exactly my sadness. It’s the character of America that voted Valeria Jarret back as president. It’s left us all homeless in a way.

  • Ray in Ca

    Amen, brother … We’re screwed indeed as a nation of fools… If you
    Don’t believe it, just watch the late night shows interview the man
    In the street with a few simple questions, they haven’t a clue…!

    • JohnHD

      And unfortunately it will continue as long as we have Government Schools, Teachers who are incompetent and choose Unions who nave infused tenure for incapable teachers who distort the truth. And if fact because of that tenure they are assured of a life time income.

    • Csori

      Unfortunately, it is not only the uneducated and uninformed who voted for the fool. Sadly, I know several highly educated and successful people who enthusiastically voted for him, even members of my own family. We are on this side can not comprehend that they couldn’t see the enormous difference between the two man. Their blindness seems to be permanent, so it looks almost impossible to have “real change” in the future.

      • Phil Silverman

        Is “fool” the new RNC-induced mantra? Seems you guys are getting weary of “appeasor”, “liar”, “redistributor”, etc. If Obama is a fool then is Bush II a semi-fool? Obama has continued the Patriot Act, the Tax Relief program, the TARP, and the Solyndra project.

        • TexMexSoup

          Possibly…… However your side is still stuck on racist.

    • Phil Silverman

      yeah, that says it all. GOP voters are much smarter as they have great minds like Malkin, Coulter, InGraham, Angle, O’Donnell, West, Alex Jones, Bill O’Reilly, Hannity, Beck, Wayne LaPierre, to quote.

      • jcox56

        And you have such mental giants as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Martin Bashir, Ed Schultze, Chris Matthews, As Sharpton, Debbie Wasserman Schultze, Keith Olberman, Jay Carney and, the genius of them all Joe Biden arguing your side.

  • Trevor Davis

    Booking my flight to the Czech republic right now.

  • Diane

    Blaming all of America is little more than old-fashioned bashing. In the popular vote close to HALF voted AGAINST Obama. Obama succeeded in dividing America along racial lines, economic lines, age and gender. You name it. The half who voted AGAINST Obama resent foreigners especially in judging all of us as a collective whole. Look around. Are you doing all that well, yourselves? If YOU are perfect, you can smugly judge us. Just don’t think your opinions mean all that much.

    • Diane

      That being said, the half who voted for Obama are young, idealistic and without the maturity coming with experience, or looking for the Government to support them in every possible way, greedy (thinking big Unions and their leaders, the minority voting nearly collectively against whites, with hands deep in the pockets of those who support them. And the just plain incurious and insufficiently educated, unable to look at the Big Picture, being led by the MSM rapidly becoming little more than State TV. Show me a permanently successful socialistic society…anywhere. (sorry, my rant for the day; still verrrry angry.)

    • Ted Crawford

      TRUTH, no matter it’s source should always be welcomed!

  • JohnRichards

    He nailed it Bernie but he did overestimate our country’s ability to bounce back from Obama. Either that or he underestimated the damage Obama has done to the one thing that made us an exceptional nation, capitalism. We’ve become much more like Europe than he believes.

    • Phil Silverman

      how is our bouncing “back” reflected in our demanding his return? R U an O’Reilly *premium* member?

  • Diane O’Neal

    The damnable truth…

  • Mike

    I agree completely. It is a sad thing. I was more disappointed by the fact that there are so many that would live off the labors of others than the fact that conservatives lost.

  • Rennae Christman


  • MsBoop

    Well said! I agree wholeheartedly.