Time to Go, Rick

It’s time for Rick Santorum to go.  He’s getting more whiny than usual and it’s getting tiresome.

Like Newt Gingrich, he’s not going to win the nomination, and I suspect he knows it.  But I get the impression that he doesn’t really care who wins in November – unless it’s him.

Where did I get an idea like that?  From Rick Santorum himself.

On the campaign trail in San Antonio, he said: “You win by giving people a choice,” You win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who’s just going to be a little different than the person in there.”

He’s got every right to take a shot at Mitt Romney.  And he’s got every right to believe he’s stands a better chance of defeating President Obama than does Romney, even if he’s wrong.  But what he said next was just plain petulant.

“If they’re going to be a little different,” he said, “we might as well stay with what we have instead of taking a risk of what may be the Etch A Sketch candidate for the future.”  That was a reference to a Romney adviser’s comment that “everything changes” when the campaign begins in earnest in the fall.  “It’s almost like an Etch A Sketch,” the adviser Eric Fehrnstrom said.  “You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again.”

Usually the politically dumb statements come from Romney himself.  Does this gaffe feed into the image that Romney is a waffler who will say anything that serves his political purposes at the moment?  Yes.  It’s Romney’s biggest weakness and for good reason:  he is a waffler.  But Santorum went way too far in saying Romney is no better than President Obama, prompting this entirely accurate headline in the Washington Post:  Santorum says voters might as well re-elect Obama because Romney offers little difference

(Hit with a barrage of criticism from Republicans for his comment, Santorum now says the “we” in “we might as well stay with what we have …” refers to “we, the American people” — the American electorate — who he says would figure, why not stay with President Obama if Romney is the GOP nominee.  “I would never vote for Barack Obama over any Republican and to suggest otherwise is preposterous,” Santorum explained.  This is how politicians walk back their mistakes.  I suspect no one will buy it.)

I could never picture Rick Santorum in the Oval Office.  He always struck me as the annoying goody two shoes kid in high school who you wanted to slap around simply on principle.  Then when he began sharing his religious beliefs with the American people I started believing that if this guy could snap his fingers or wave his magic wand, he’d turn the United States into a theocracy.  That may not be a fair characterization, of course, but that’s the impression he gave me – and I suspect it’s the impression he gave a lot of others who will decide if Mr. Obama stays or goes.

Those of us who want Barack Obama to go should now also want Mr. Santorum to go.


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  • bbf



    Does anyone really believe he didn’t say what he said? Had the thousands who voted for him forgot this speech (like all the MSM and LSM chose to..after about one week)…or did they vote for him because they remembered it?

  • jennifercarol

    April 3, 2012,  Yes, Absolutely, It certainly is Time for Rick Santorum to step down and get out of the Race for the Presidency. Rick is extremely Dishonest and he is taking unfair and terribly unkind shots at Romney. Rick is not showing any kind of Christian Values by the way he is lieing about Romney and the Massachusettes Health Care that Romney put in for Massachusettes. The Massachusettes Health Care is completely different than the Obama Health Care. Obama is EVIL and Wicked and should never of been a President of America. Everyone should have “IMPEACHED” Barack H. Obama 3 years ago. Rick Santorum lies and Rick gets way too Angry. And I do not want a President who gets Angry too easily. I want a Strong, Morally Sound and Dignified Man to be the President and Mitt Romney is the Best Choice for America Right now. Rick Santorum should get out of Politics all together now, and go home to his family because his little Daughter needs her father more at this time in her life and Rick would be making a terrible mistake if he does not go to his family first before Politics.

  • mojjo1

    I personally loved the way Gingrich debated. I would have loved to see him against Obama.  Santorum never appealed to me. Romney really had his pac play dirty on the advertisements. It really took away from the issues. Gingrich should have said “sticks and stones” and kept on with the issues. Whatever. Now it looks like we may be stuck with Romney. Anyone is better that Obama. I think Romney may be the most electable at this point. I could be wrong. If he does pick up Rubio, that might take him over the top. 

  • Ceoeditor

    It takes more than merely a good platform to be a leader once elected. You nailed it — Rick is a whiny thing who can’t command respect. That would also be a disaster in DC. 

  • Wmslaw

    hear hear !!

  • Barbaravasek

    I usually agree with Mr. Goldberg, but not on this one.  If  Romney is the candidate, we will probably lose the election.  He is a liberal and Obamacare is fashioned after Romneycare.
    Santorum is right, we need a choice this November and Romney is alot like Obama.

  • Ghostwriter

    The most important thing in this election is to defeat all 
    republicans. They are out to destroy the middle class.

  • Brokerbruce

    I like what Santorum stands for in general, but he needs to think about taking one for the team, the Republican team and all of us who are anti Obama! He said he voted for bills, cause he was a team player. This is the most important time in US history. Rick, take one for the team, we know who you are now, you made your point, but if you want any future with Republicans or voters, LET IT GO! Than we can have the team take down the Obama Regime and get America back to the people.

  • Jrv290

    Totally agree Bernie it’s time for whiny Rick to get out of this race. The most important thing is to get the current President out of the White House. Romney isn’t perfect, no man is, but I’d rather give Romney a shot at turning the country around than watch as our great country falls, which will happen if Obama is reelected.

  • mgysgt

    Bernie,I had to laugh and agree with your comment about Santorum being the goody two shoes who needed to be slapped around.I never really listened to him as he looks like a wimp and whinner. Why did he lose reelection in Pennsylvania some time back ?

  • Mehootie

    If you could take the good from all four candidates and make one better candidate we would have it made…Romney’s business experience, Santorum’s morals, Gingrich  is the best at debating, and Paul , the man with the smarts on the constitution…
    Instead, we have these four men battling like four year olds over a piece of candy and none of them really deserve it…It is a real shame that an ordinary man or woman cannot become POTUS without millions of dollars to spend…WE ordinary citizens have more on the ball than these men..
    Pray that God will help us…

  • MerchantofVenom

    The time is upon us for the also ran’s to leave their egos and self gratification at the door. Romney is going to be the nominee. Do now what is good for the party and more importantly the country. Step aside.

  • potvin

    A dirty sock would make a better president than Obama.

  • poljunkie

    Personally, I’d like to start the primaries over. 
    Ya, I know thats not an option. 

  • beniyyar

    Saint Rick the Sanctimonious from Santorum is just about right!

  • Kings0431

    It is not only time for Santorum to go, but please take Gingrich and Paul with you, too. This election is about beating the failure Obama. Nothing else really matters.

  • http://twitter.com/ceolas Mary

    Bernie, firstly, Mitt Romney is NOT a conservative, and he’s not electable in any way. Romney isn’t getting large numbers of conservative votes, like Paul, Romney’s getting votes comprised of Mormons, RINOs and democrats voting in the suddenly large numbers of open primaries, given they don’t have to vote against a primary opponent to Obama, they’re using their votes to disrupt the GOP primary. Large percentages of republicans are already committed to never voting for Romney, our strategy is to retake the senate, and let establishment RINO hacks like yourself loose the presidency. We refuse to be herded into voting for a RINO who is as bad as Obama, if denied Santorum as nominee we’ll write in his name, but never vote Romney. Those of us who remember Romney’s term as governor of Massachusetts know that full well,  the 7 tax and fee increases he imposed, then he and his radical cronies imposing a state cap and trade law that drove biz out of MA, then Romneycare, and those of us who know capitalism and the free market from the crap that’s passed off as the same in China, know that Romney’s record at Bain wasn’t an example of a businessman who would benefit the US economically, rather, Romney would do exactly what Obama is doing , loot the US for the profit of himself and his cronies.. which is why Bernie, you want Romney elected. The fact is, Romney is an affirmation of Obama’s foul policies, and Obama could take Romney down in any debate, and publicly embarass him, by giving voice to all the MSM has ignored during the primary, which would destroy Romney’s career and any credibility he has in one fell swoop. Obama can take him down, because the media will do whatever Obama wants them to do, and Romney is a coward, and either has already made a deal with Obama to lose the election to him, or will shortly cut such a deal. If you really don’t want Obama getting a second term, you had better be supporting Santorum, because he’s the only candidate who can beat Obama. We know Bernie you don’t want to save the US, you just want to make sure you profit from it’s looting,.

    Hey Bernie, we’ve woken up to to the fact that neo-cons like yourself have sought to erode the conservative movement from within, by advocating  the imposition of your Trotskyite agenda for diverting US resources and energy overseas, and allowing our nation to be overwhelmed and over burdened. You’ve demanded open borders, the displacement of citizens you support subsidies for foreign interests, for corporations,  outsourcing of jobs, the displacement of citizen workers with cheap foreign labor, the selling off of US resources and national secrets to foreign governments and companies. The husking out of US sovereignty and national security. You don’t love America, you love power, we know that, but not this nation. Neo-cons like yourself have been advocating the destruction of the United States for decades now.

    • Footballfish9

      Bernie is not a neocon at all. If you actually look up what a neocon means you will find out Rick Santorum is the archetype of a neocon. He sees everything as either good or bad. He believes it’s governments responsibilty to get rid of the “bad.” That is essentially the neocon philosophy.

    • Tim Ned

      Romney faced the same problems that Pawlenty faced in Minnesota.  Fighting every day with an ultra left wing senate and house.  Pawlenty did his best to keep the nutty spenders under control.  He was forced to make deals.  At least Romney was smart enough to get out after one term.  Pawlenty didn’t and is now attacked by both the left and conservatives like you.  Pawlenty’s service as governor probably killed his political career.  Now in MN we won the senate and house but have a left wing governor.

      If you believe keeping the house and wining the senate is a strategy with Obama still in office, look to the problems in MN with our left wing governor who has the full support of the local press.

      As a conservative, conservatives like yourself are the problem and it’s time Santorum gets out!

    • Brokerbruce

      It’s obvious you are a liberal, writing on a conservative website. Most Americans that work, cannot afford more Obummer.

  • anneinarkansas

    Agree completely…Santorum has lost it…he was shrill and whiny on Neil Cavuto yesterday.

    • anotherstorey

      I wondered why Neil let him rant and rave like that, now I know, he let him dig his own grave deeper and deeper.  This clown would gripe if they hanged him with a new rope.

  • lrrivera

    First  I begin by saying I have great respect and admiration for Santorum and his family.  They are exemplary in how they live their faith.  I do believe though that at this point he does not have the discipline or organization to win in November.  I think it is interesting that everyone says that the reason they believe in Santorum is his how his actions in life obviously demonstrate his beliefs.  Yet no one gives Romney credit for his exemplary life .  The guy has been married forever to his wife, never any indication of infidelity.  He has lived his life for his family.  All those who have worked for him are loyal to him and describe him as a man of integrity.  He has run businesses in the real economy, so he been creating wealth for the private economy, not the government.  Yet he is not given the same respect.  The reality is as an executive, everything you say and do will have direct consequences on the results.  Unlike senators where decisions are made as a group, an executive has to live with results directly.  This has taught Romney to be measure and thoughtful about his words and actions.  He must analyzed all aspects of a problem before making a decision.  For conservative that makes him “not passionate” because he won’t give you an answer that he knows may not be possible when getting into office and seeing what the facts really are, not what the MSM has fabricated.

  • Dr. Funke

    Well said

  • lea

    Clear case of someone being demonized because he tells the truth.  At some point, the truth should matter, maybe now is the time.  It just takes some longer than others to see it, especially those who only play politics.  Santorum has my respect, Romney does not.

    • G Tegs

      Santorum is a sniveling whiner who wants to take his ball and go when he isnt picked for the team.

    • anotherstorey

      Clear case of a major difference of opinion.  I have absolutely NO respect for Ricky boy or his wife.  Who is taking care of that poor little Bella, a stranger?

  • JW

    I’ve always admired  you Mr. Goldberg, but I think your article exemplifies the disconnect, the chasm between the elite, intellectual coastal people in this country, and the rest of us.  Believe it or not there are people outside the metropolitan east and west coast areas of this country that have post-graduate degrees and do have some intellect.   We understand that this country is rotting from within, and that the path of the last 40 years is killing this country.  We want neither the media, nor the Republican party elites to tell us how to think, and what to do – hence Rick Santorum.  Frankly Mr. Goldberg, we buy into the 10 commandments and believe that a lie, is a lie is a lie, no matter when said or for what purpose.  Constant flip-flopping should raise a red-flag for everyone.  I’d rather stake my life on a person who tries to be honest, than one whose statements match the political winds. I trust neither Obama nor Romney who have been the greatest flip-floppers in my lifetime.

    • G Tegs

      Santorum is flip-flopper number one. He endorsed Romney heartily in 2008 but now when Romney is his competitor, he flip flops on that too.

    • http://wfnt.com/ Dr Psarcasm

      Mr. Santorum is playing Republican primary politics.  He won’t be the
      nominee, but if he were, do you think he would not “reset” his
      message?  Would it upset you if he re calibrated his “message”
      in order to win?  He laid the groundwork for this in Michigan, e.g., by appealing to big labor
      Democrats.  And what about Rick Santorum the team player? 


      isn’t about elitism, JW. The Declaration of Independence focuses on our God-given
      rights: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We aren’t told what to do, we aren’t even
      told what happiness is; happiness and its pursuit is left to the individual (you
      know, as long as we don’t impinge too much on others).  Liberty
      is the key, God given liberty.  There is
      no mention of the God-given Ten Commandments; government of by and for the
      people is not instituted to enforce God’s Commandments.  It is instituted to protect our God given
      freedom, including the freedom to heed those commandments. 


      would be amusing if it weren’t so pathetic the way the pious left capitulates,
      when not actively engaged, in eroding this freedom, all the while attacking
      others for this very thing, in the name of economic freedom, social justice, or
      whatever new banner under which they lead the assault.


      the extent that there is ONE, the banner of the Tea Party is freedom.  The appeal, especially to young voters, of
      Ron Paul underscores the importance of freedom. 
      President Obama and his leftist co-horts are very vulnerable when it
      comes to freedom.


      When it
      comes to what freedom is for, I would rather hold up examples than hold others
      responsible.  Not only is this perfectly
      in line with our political founding, it also shares a Christian pedigree, does
      it not?  The pious left even attacks
      holding up examples.  It might make
      others feel bad if they don’t measure up. 
      This is another fight we can win.

    • anotherstorey

      You couldn’t be more wrong about Rick Santorum.  He is the political insider.  Unfortunately for him, he wore his brand out when he was in PA.  He has never had a regular job in the private sector.  He was raised in a family where both parents worked for the VA.  The Federal Government in other words.  He ran for the house then the senate until they thre him out for his arrogance.  All you have to do is google  his article from 2008 on mandates on Ethanol.  85/10 .   Mandates he blamed Romney for.  This man has not ethi

  • Mom2mn

    Your column is a slap in the face to those of us who hold dear the few that the Judeo-Christian foundations upon which this nation is built. You are correct, Mr. Goldberg, that this is growing tiresome. However, I would submit that it is those of you who hold the erroneous assumption that people like Rick Santorum want to turn this into a theocracy are the ones who are growing wearisome on the rest of us. We’re sick of the slow march toward a dysfunctional atheist-ocracy to which you would have us aspire.

    • anotherstorey

      I am also a Christian, go to church every Sunday, a Pentecostal Church, and half the congregation is for Romney and  a third for Santorum and I don’t know the rest.  But one thing I know for certain, Santorum is not the Christian you think he is.  I am retired but still give my 10% on a very limited income.  Ricky Boy doesn’t even give 2%.  And that lie he told about his daughter is crap.  He has the best insurance money can buy, government insurance and we are paying for it.  He did not lose it when they threw him out.  Also he made over a million dollard on K Street as a washington lobbyist.  This man is FAKE just like Ron Paul said.

  • klaffner

    Santorum is a patriot.  He is also human.  Anyone who has invested as much time and commitment of his soul to an endeavor as all consuming as running for President, will find it close to impossible to accept the idea that his continual losing is a result of reasonable voters choosing the other guy.  But that is what is happening.  Here’s hoping he allows himself some perspective and follows your advice.  

    • anotherstorey

      I do not believe Santorum is a patriot, I believe he is a self serving politician who has lived in the Beltway way too long.

  • Emerson_C

    With respect this is a misrepresentation of Santorum.  For example, anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that Healthcare reform is the great issue in ther Nov election.  Surely it is utter madness to have a GOP nominee who, depite all his protests to the contrary, is not really opposed to Obamacare?  The same is true about cap-an-trade is it not?  Romney makes the right noices now about ‘social’ issues, indeed he makes the same noices as Santorum.  The only diffference is that no one believes.

    The idea that Rick Snatorum wants to set up a ‘theocracy’ is ludicrous.  His point about contraception law is that it was, like so many other issues a matter for the legislature and not unelected judges.  The point about Kennedy’s speech is that it provided an alibi for others to drive religion from the public square.

    This commentary is not up to Goldberg’s usual standard of discernment.

  • Mhhopson

    After today, perhaps Santorum will disabuse himself of the hope of ever having a seat of leadership in the Repulican party. For me it was always a question of leadership. When he continued the “poor me” meme, it became tiresome. He was couching himself as a victim and that is not what we need in a leader who will have to take on the Obama machine. The denouncement of Romney in such stark terms gifted the dems with a soundbite that will be looped over and over again in ad after ad. I am sure they are licking their chops and Santorum will forever be known as the gift giver. Thanks, Rick. NOT!

    • G Tegs

      Santorum is finished in politics after this. He is an embarrassment and a sanctimonious cry baby.

  • Flop_Flipper

    Santorum is openly encouraging people to vote for Obama. Campaigning for him, pulling a Specter. He really hates Romney that much. And apparently he isn’t too fond of the GOP.

    This Etch-A-Sketch comment has been blown way out of proportion. Of
    course a candidate retools and rebrands for a general election. That
    Santorum and Gingrich don’t understand this only demonstrates that they
    don’t know how to win.

    • Emerson_C

      Yes the ‘etch-a-sketch’ thing was blown out of proportion.  We did not need to be told that Romney is a political chamalian.

      • Ron Kean

        It never meant that.  It meant that after Romney is chosen, animus between Republican contenders and their followers would be wiped clean bringing unity.

  • FloridaJim

    Your column states my feelings very well. Why must candidates not think before they speak an utterance that will rebound for days?

  • countryroad2012

    What Santorum said is unforgivable as a conservative trying to get rid of Obama.
    He is trying to tell me that Romney is no better than Obama so vote for Obama.
    I think Romney has a proven history of fiscal conservativism and has lived his life that way.  He has been a faithful family man and successful business man.  Just what has Obama done: Community agitator, give speeches, take drugs, show his hatred of American ideals, defy the constitution at every turn, as well as give the middle finger to the American people.  I think Romney is WAY different than Obama and I am going to vote for Romney and get this country back on the right track.  I think he has the potential of being a great president.  Rick GET OUT!

  • kegan05

    Good Grief, I am SO sick of this Whiny Goofball who is the most unpresidential candidate and the most emotionally unstable crybaby we have seen in long time.

    Please, Saint Santorum, just go!  Enough already!

    Romney/Rubio – 2012

    • anotherstorey

      Couldn’t agree more.  He is the one that sounds and acts like Obozo.  It’s always someones else’s fault.  He never takes responsibility for anything.  He also lies about his record and makes excuses for bad decisions he made.  But does not award the same courtesy to Romney.  Romeny is a class act and so is his wife.   She never worked and lived with an abortist and did not drive women to his office to kill their babies, then years later act like Sister Teresa.  Rick and Karen need to go home and take  care of their sick daughter.  The poor little thing has been at home all alone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Schochet/1450539098 Stephen Schochet

    Also what is this about wanting to slap “goody two shoes kids” around on principle.  I assume that is a joke but how does it lead to limited government.  When you say  “I started believing that if this guy could snap his fingers or wave his magic wand, he’d turn the United States into a theocracy.  That may not be a fair characterization, of course, but that’s the impression he gave me ”  you are of course entitled to vote on a feeling but isn’t that what liberals do?  I thought conservatives were supposed to be about issues and record, not hunches and feelings.  There are, I will admit A LOT of Big Government votes Santorum has made but your editorial doesn’t cover that at all.  I just have to ask why do you want Obama to go?  I want to him to go because he’s a statist, not to replace him with another one.  

    • anotherstorey

      Then what do you want, a preacher or a theologian.  I want someone who can manage the economy and get this country back on track.  Someone with experience and the knowledge to do it.  Not some K-Street lobbyist spouting bible verses and playing with toys on stage.  Mitt Romney is the only one up there on the stage that can do it. Rominy/Rubio 2012

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Schochet/1450539098 Stephen Schochet

    Mr. Goldberg Romney supported TARP, health care mandates, and cap and trade; as far as I’m concerned these issues cannot be brought up enough. You do not seem to  care that any politician that supports these things is an enemy of liberty. TARP is the FORCED REDISTRIBUTION of taxpayer wealth towards Wall Street Investors; Cap and Trade is the accepting of the Global Warming myth so the Government can increase their power, Health Care mandates means the Government can order you to buy a product and you endorse all of things, why?  You apparently don’t care that if you accept politicians like Romney who for these things you are in fact saying that GOVERNMENT CAN FORCE YOU DO ANYTHING Obama Romney, it is a matter of degree. There is no point in having a GOP if it has a nominee like Romney, he is an echo of Obama not a choice.

    • kegan05

       Mitt Romney was Governor of the most LIBERAL state in the Union and had a Congress that was 85% Liberal Democrats.  You don’t really expect him to govern as a Conservative Wingnut, do you?  He Veto’d over 800 pieces of legislation and many were overturned and passed by a 2/3 majority.  His judicial nominee’s all had to be approved by the Liberal Congress.  Give the guy a break! 

      Like Ronald Reagan, who had the same conditions in California, I think these men did a remarkable job of governing very liberal states.  He has my vote!

      Go Mitt!  On to Victory!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Stephen-Schochet/1450539098 Stephen Schochet

          Was he Governor when he supported TARP?  Does he still believe in man-made global warming now?  Does he still stand up for Romneycare?

        • klaffner

          I am an economic conservative of the highest order.  TARP had to happen or we would have had a bread line depression as the entire monetary system collapsed.  Romney is smart enough and honest enough to say that out loud.  He is against cap and trade.  It is a little annoying that he did not disavow RomneyCare, but at this point I don’t care.  He is committed to the repeal of ObamaCare.   

      • anotherstorey

        I agree Kegan, but you are wasting your time trying to tell these right wing-fanatics anything.  I truely believe it is Mitt Romney’s faith that is behind all the vitrol.  They simply hate Mormans.  I would like to see our country get back to more Christian vaules also but not at the expense of our demise.  First you have to have a country to change and at the rate we’re going Obozo is going to get  another 4 years thanks to the Christian Right.

    • anotherstorey

      You better google your buddy Saint Santorum.  In 2008 he wrote an article about the government mandating ethanol standard to be raised from 15% to 85% by 2010 and also to mandate the auto makers to manufacture autos that can run on bio-fuels.  They have already proven that ethanol is not the answer. 
      What government burns up their food when they have oil.  Saint Santorum also believed in Global Warming so get off Romney and clean your own candidates house.  There is a lot about Saint Santorum you don’t know.  As for TARP, Romney wasn’t even in the government to support anything.

  • cmacrider

    Bernie:  I think your colleague Burt captured the essence of Santorum when he wrote some time ago that Santorum was a nice guy but he envisaged him as coming out of the country club and saying “tennis anyone?” 

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/5Z3L7DFVLUSXNDXRRIAMSMQYD4 General Zod

    santorum is desperate. he is also showing his true colors as a whiny baby. if he had his way,  if he doesn’t win- nobody should be president.
    i would never vote for a religious nut like this turkey only hard-core bible thumpers and those on the left want to see him win the nomination.
    his ego won’t let him quit though.
    The General does not approve of this dope.

    • kegan05

      I agree.  Religious Zealots and Wingnuts cannot win a General election.  Santorum needs to back off, go home and grow up for a decade or so.

      He’s not ready for prime time.  I am tired of his angry rhetoric and his “preachy” attitude.  No thanks!

  • guest

    I have never been so “sick” of anyone as I am with Santorun..talk about two-faced and will say or do anything to get attention..that’s Rick.  Calling Romney names “he Thinks” keeps the light off his pathetic,my way or the highway attitude,never have I seen such a whinner,childish person as he is. I WOULDN’T vote for him under any condition. He would not be good for this country..you could never believe anything he said..such a put-on..he’ s “sneaky”, by the way the church he attended this past week-end and took part in the service..looked and sounded a lot like , remember Rev. Wright?? He uses religion as a crutch  to get people on his side and lord help us, a lot fall for it..

  • Gaspain

    Very well put. You have him pegged well. I cant believe so many of my party support his thoughts and presentations.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/RNVVMUMK7RDSUCW5GQJPXZ3TKY Donn N

    I’ve searched and cannot find any instance when using the term “we” the speaker was not including himself in the term “we”, “we” being the nominative plural of “I”.

    • Brg007

      We agree.

  • Annien

    Every time he goes on camera with an etch a sketch, Santorum looks petty and nasty, something I thought he wasn’t going to do.  His true self is becoming more and more clear as time goes on.  Romney isn’t perfect, nobody is.  He is classy and very presidential looking and guess what folks he’s proud of his country and he’s proud of us, the American people.  Obama is the worst president I have ever seen in my lifetime.

    • Mhhopson

      Rick did not comport himself in as an adult while auditioning for the most important job in the world. Mitt Romney is an adult who has real world experience and the leadership quailities needed to counter the worst president ever. I believe, as well, that even though Rick did win southern states,  we southerners will rise up enmass to rid ourselves of Obama and his dismissive attitude toward us. Mitt Romney may not be a southerner but he loves this country and  will represent all Americans. We must save our Free Republic from the despot, Obama.

  • Will Swoboda

    Hi Bernie,
    When asked about abortion, why didn’t Santorum just say that a woman’s right to have an abortion is the law of the land and move on? If pressed he could have said he didn’t agree with the law but it’s the law and move on? If pressed further, just say I answered that question twice.
    There is nothing wrong with being a person of faith but talk about how to change the country we live in for the better. You will never please everyone so stop trying. I’m so discourage by these debates, which are not debates, that I’ve cut back on watching FOX News. I can’t take it when politicians do nothing but knock the other guy about things that really don’t matter.
    Discouraged in Baltimore,

    • anotherstorey

      Santorum had to talk about abortion and social issues in order to get the christian right vote.  He could not compete with Romney on anything.  He made a deal with that Tony Perkins and that other religious guy in Iowa, paying him money so he would endorse him.  Also Tasty Freeze is a religious fanatic and he is the money guy behind his Super-Pac.  He has to keep these people happy or he won’t get any votes.

  • http://twitter.com/Omegahpla Bob

    Goldburg, you’re getting sloppy, buying the hype, not doing your home work. The BS on Romney is flip flopper. It’s not the truth. Flip Flopper is like Kerry who changed his story depending on who he was in front of as much as 3 times in one day recorded. It made a great narrative to stick on someone else, but Romney is nothing like that.

    Romney is much more steady in his actions & philosophy than Reagan before he became president.

    Don’t be lazy Goldberg, do your homework before you go smearing someone accidentally. People listen to you, you’ve got a responsibility. No resting on laurels when you affect public opinion, that’s the only way to an informed vote. Misleading is egregious assault on the process of self rule in this country. It’s what’s made us great, don’t mess with it.

    • kegan05

       I think Mitt Romney will be an even more conservative president than Ronald Reagan, in that he will not increase the size and scope of our already bloated government.  He has the opportunity to become a GREAT president and I wish him luck.  I can’t wait to have a REAL LEADER back in command.  Go Mitt!

      • anotherstorey

        Bravo to that Kegan  Romney/Rubio 2012

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GC36UFUX3FP57OIQ74YHHQUL3M wally

    Bernie: The primaries need to continue. The longer they go the better. When all of the primaries are done, we will see who is on top. Sure it may be Mitt but when there is so much division between the candidates it may send an important signal to Mitt or whoever that the winner can not go in any direction but to consider the other options.  All the candidates have questionable sides. Mitt says he is a conservative but many of his past actions say otherwise. The excuse given is that he had to compromise with a democratic legislature. Really? Newt is a fantastic debater and has many bold ideas. But his past is filled with distrust from even Republicans. Would he also compromise with conservative principals if elected and create a bigger government than now? Rick says he is the most conservative but some of his past shows that he was also big government. The fact that he voted for higher debt ceilings and for the bridge to nowhere are not relevant because we all know that ceilings are always raised and that pork projects are not understood by anyone but the recipient. Remember that must bills are not read by our legislators.   Would he revert back to some of his former agreements? Paul is a libertarian and has some real conservative ideas when it comes to financial issues. But would he carry his conservative ideas to everything including military and foreign affairs?
        The ones that are not in the race such as Sarah Palin were not acceptable to many of the elite republicans because she had the B—s to go against some of the old boy republicans. That was a good thing and I still would vote for her as a vice president because she is not easily influenced by the so called elite.
      Compare Palin to our existing VP Biden. She is head and shoulders better than he is.
      In my opinion, Herman Cain was a much better candidate than than Mitt in his record of business management but he was viewed as deficient on foreign subjects.  So what. His management skilled would take a measured path and he impresses me as someone I could trust.
       President Obama has demonstrated much poorer management of both domestic economics and foreign affairs.
       I think that anyone but President Obama is the one that I’ll vote for.

    • http://twitter.com/Omegahpla Bob

       Wally, if Romney is a waffler then Reagan was super waffler. Romney had an 85% democrat congress, it’s not “excuse” but reality. Much of what was done that Rick & Newt dishonestly lay on Mitt was done by liberal courts & congress. Mitt set a record by a governor for vetoes, what does that tell you?

      Anywhere Romney is known he kills the primary votes. Mass 72%, won big in NH & way up all around his home of Mass. (Also around Utah … not it’s not just Mormons, Mass is less than .5% Mormons) In Idaho he won by 62% of the vote, in Utah polling 85% NV 50% 6% Mormon population. You didn’t know this did you?

      The whole Health Care thing? Actually Newt pushed National mandates until 2011, and Santorum is on record far back as 1994 supporting National Mandates. Romney never did support them. If you know the whole story, Mass was going to do a program, Romney pushed it right, then dems in Mass pushed it back left, but the end result is more right than would have been. Rick Santorum, who’s got quite the record of bald face lying, omitted portions of Romney’s letter to Obama, very important parts.

      Santorum selectively editing Mitt Romney’s letter to Obama on Health Care

      Rick was pro choice before running for congress, but you didn’t hear about that, did you? Karen his wife shacked up with an abortion doctor (who actually OB during her birth) for 6 years. She was pro choice, they were liberal. Rick has a huge history of lying & not following through. He’s also got a history of corruption, part of that he stole from his own charity. Hear about that? Most corrupt Politician awards for 2005 & 2006, hear about those? He’s just recently been busted lying bold face to a radio DJ about hanging up on another, said he’d called right back and finished, busted, hear about that?

      Santorum has HUGE electability problems. That’s why Obama wants him so bad he’s spending to knock down Romney & Democrats are turning out to vote for Rick, exit polls say it’s not because they like him, because he’s the weak Republican & they want Obama to win. He’s been bigoted to everyone from women, black people, Mexicans, Protestants, gay people (gay sex compared to bestiality) really stupid stuff that will KILL HIM in a general election.

      I won’t get into Newt, but he’s the most hated well known politician around. He’s also campaigning with a Wife who was a Mistress when he treated his X wives like hell … you think Obamaco will just nicely over look that? The whole Moon thing? So much more baggage including corruption charges that we have never seen, but Democrats in the house have them, you think they won’t leak them? Really?

      What you don’t know fills volumes. Not your fault, who has time? Besides me, lol. I mean the media should inform you, but they are doing a horrible job. Fox doesn’t like Mitt, and Obama doesn’t want to face Mitt so the Prog media shills against him.

      Now this is just some of what there is, but isn’t it enough?

      • kegan05

         Well said!  I agree completely.  Some of these people are posting garbage and have not bothered to do any real research.  They hear something or read something on another blog, and run with it if it fits their view of the  candidate. 

        Romney was not my first choice but the more I dug into his background, the better I liked him  He is a very honorable and moral man with good character and sound principles.  He loves his Wife of 43 years, his Family, his Country and his Church.  You won’t hear much about his religion because he doesn’t wear it around his neck.  I was impressed to find  out that he taught Sunday School for 25 years.  He gives a ton of money to Charity and will only accept $1.00  per year as his Presidential Salary, should he win.  He did the same thing as Governor.

        He will be a very good and maybe even a GREAT president.  I truly believe he is the best of the bunch and more qualified than any of the rest.  He is my candidate.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shefali-OHara/100000539994086 Shefali O’Hara

         My Mom lived in Massachusetts when Mitt was Governor. My Mom has voted Dem for 40 years, but says if Mitt is the GOP candidate, she will vote for Mitt. Only one person, but still…

        BTW, while I don’t think Gingrich can win the Presidential race, and Ron Paul won’t win the GOP nomination, at least both of them are not tearing down Romney the way Santorum is. I mean, they both attack Romney, but Gingrich repeatedly points out that any of the GOP candidates is better than Obama, etc. Santorum is the only one trying to destroy his own party if he loses. It’s really sad.

    • kegan05

      No more of this bickering crap!  It is tearing the Party down and making us look like Amateur Hour Bozo’s.  Romney will have the required number of Delegates by mid May or early June and there is no way the Two Stooges can catch up.  These two guys are nothing but DC Beltway Buffoons who have sucked at the government teat for a combined 42 years.  Enough!  They both have enough baggage to bring down a 747.

      I am even more convinced that only previous Governor’s  (except 1/2 term drop-outs) should run for President.  These two unprofessional,whiny petty men are not ready for prime time.  No more Congress Critters need apply!

      Romney/Rubio 2012 

      • anotherstorey

        Thank goodness for a voice of reason.   Romney/Rubio  2012

    • anotherstorey

      The longer this goes on the better for Obozo.  Obviously that is what you want another four years of total destruction for America.  With voters like you we might as well give up.

  • http://twitter.com/gracefl Stan Grace

    He is indeed whiny! His attempts to blame his own lack of success on Romney’s superior campaign funding isn’t a positive effort towards advance his cause. “If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen,” comes to mind when I hear him complain.

    • kegan05

      He is becoming more like Captain Queeg with each passing day.  Scary!

  • Glen

    Santorum is way over the line and needs to call it a day.  His desperation is not how a winner acts and we need a winner more than perhaps any other election.  It’s time to go.

  • brendan horn

    It is a good sign for Santorum to go when he starts sounding like the people at MSNBC. The “etch-a-sketch” gaffe is relevant for people who do not care about real issues. If someone cares more about style than substance than the etch-a-sketch issue will be significant, but hopefully people will say something in response like: “while you are talking about etch-a-sketch, I am interested in fixing the economy.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VGDVYXTP3EIFOODTIX4ZDJD66Y Lori

    Santorum has all the charm of a crazed gunman.  Time to go  Mr Santorum before you cause anymore damage.

  • Phil

    Amen, Bernie. If Santorum were the nominee, he’d win the South and nothing else.

  • Elemconeil

    I’ll go a little further, I want ALL of the current candidates to drop out. Romney started the !#$% slinging, and I’m not surprised with what I see now.  The RNC should have stopped this silliness months ago.  Instead they took an election that Republicans have to win, and should have won, and gave us a circus supporting Obama. 

    • kegan05

      They have all done their share of mud-slinging.  It’s time for it to stop.  One is the obvious front runner and the only one truly qualified to be POTUS.  The three losers should drop out and get behind Romney, like he did with John McCain when he dropped out of the election 4 years ago. 

      Unfortunately McCain was a horrible candidate and a mind-numbing speaker.  Again, these LOSERS have all been former Senator’s or Congressmen.  No Way are they ready for the Big Job.  I don’t think I will ever vote for anyone other than a former Governor again. 

      Look at what a God-Awful MESS Comrade  Obozo has made of everything he touches. 

      Go Mitt!

  • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

    Frankly he’s sounding more like Obama with his blaming and pouting about the other guy.
    I’ve notice an increasing petulance in both Gingrich and Sanrtorum (much like Obama); Gingrich who seems to enjoy waddling in puddles of intellectual arrogance, and Santorum with aspirations to set speed records for reverse gear. Paul? Remember that old uncle that told the same old story at every wake, wedding or family cattle call.
    But, Bernie, we’re in crisis. Legislators, generally, don’t make crisis managers. (We probably won the Revolution thanks to the absence of those who dribbled and scribbled at Philadelphia, and kept out of the way of heroes like Washington, Greene, Knox field of battle.)
    I’m concerned about their “Parthian Shots”. And I sense their stringing the bows.
    (“[G]goody two shoes” do that and are quickly safe at home – above it all – not held accountable for their harm.

  • Nancye8232

    Rick has “fixed his wagon”.   However, I’m a Newt fan and wish he could win the nomination.  I don’t trust Romney but what can I do? 

    • Kentwebb6464

      Newt is the one driving issues that make the administration squirm much more than Santorum or Romney. Even if his prospects are poor, I think Newt’s continued candidacy hurts Obama more than it does any other Republican. Thus, I think voting for Newt is perfectly justified.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shefali-OHara/100000539994086 Shefali O’Hara

       Romney will still be better than Obama, just like Gingrich would be.

  • Bruce A.

    Well said Bernie.    I think he had his lunch money stolen one too many times.

  • John Daly

    I admit I laughed when I read the “slap around” line. Santorum has always struck me as someone who was bullied a lot in high school and is still angry about it.

  • John Daly

    I completely agree. I’ve never been a fan of Romney or Santorum, but regardless of preferences, the reality is that Romney is going to be the GOP candidate. At this point, the others are just making it harder for him to win against Obama in the fall.

  • independentinlasvegas

    RS would be lucky to get 10% of the female vote…I wouldn’t be suprised if the BO regime contributed to RS campaign…we know the demo union people are voting for RS..

    The suprise is NG he nailed it in South Carolina then sunk like the Titanic…

    • kegan05

      Rick’s hoof and mouth disease and his constant whining and complaining about being “outspent” is boring and no one cares.  He needs to shut up and act like an adult.  No one forced him to run for office, the big jerk.

  • Vinbick44

    The folks in the Deep South–LA–ought to send a clear message to Rick.  Hit the road; we do not need a wimp.  He turned on the GOP when he was a senator, too.  

  • JohnInMA

    My colleague just made a good point along these lines.  As Bernie says, it is time for Santorum to go, but the most convincing reason is that no one wants a leader who outwardly shows weakness when challenged.  In this case, he has shown just how desperate he is in more than one example.

  • Kathie Ampela

    I don’t trust Romney as far as I can throw him…he will say one thing to appease conservatives until he obtains power and then we will see a double cross. That said, we are left with little choice. Rick Santorum was incredibly stupid for his “we may as well keep Obama” comment…it gives the dems a terrific soundbite. We are going to have enough trouble convincing “independents and moderates” who aren’t paying attention right now there is a big difference between Obama and Romney.  The clip of Romney in Ill telling the voter who wanted free birth control pills to “vote for the other guy, that’s not who I am” would be great…except Team Romney told us that it’s just part of the playbook. The latter part of the campaign will shift “to the center.” So what will be the difference?

    • TroubleShooter

       RE: “he will say one thing to appease conservatives until he obtains power and then we will see a double cross”  That pretty much describes the behavior of all candidates of every political stripe (although Ron Paul has at least been consistence, even if some of his cow-towing to the far right is at odds with real Liberalism).  

      Here’s my proposed fix:  Three months after the filing deadline, every candidate gets  to make one 30-minute, nationally televised speech about their values and their proposed fixes for what they perceive as the most urgent issues. They all deliver their speeches the same day, in alphabetical order.  We all get one week to digest their speeches, examine the truthfulness of their statements, and then all go vote on the same day, during the same time 24-hour time frame, regardless of time zones.  No need then for primaries, or even parties, just one election.

      • Troubleshooter

         I meant consistent, not consistence. Sorry for the poor proofreading.

      • Kathie Ampela

        Thank you, TroubleShooter for your productive comments. I agree all the candidates have their inconsistencies, including Santorum, but he strikes me at the most candid. Romney is by far the most disingenuous, in my opinion. I like your proposed fix..the endless debates and primaries opens the door for mistakes and endless gaffes. Good for the 24 hour news cycle but harmful to the process.

    • kegan05

       That is pure BULL!  Stop with the hyperbole!  You are putting words into that Aide’s mouth.  He was merely saying the campaign would shift like ALL CAMPAIGNS must do if they are to win the election.  Grab a clue, for Pete’s sake!

      Oh, and Mitt is doing just fine with Independents, Women, Seniors and 61% of those who say beating Obama is their most  important priority.  Try to catch up.

      • Kathie Ampela

        YOU try and catch up. YOU grab a clue!  Just because YOU have been herded aboard the Romney train doesn’t give YOU or anybody else the RIGHT to diminish the millions who remain unconvinced about his “electability.” If YOU choose to vote for Romney or have been with him since the beginning, GOOD for YOU, you do what you want! I refuse to be bullied into a mindset!  RESPECTFUL discourse is what we need not name calling bullies like YOU! I didn’t agree with certain things Bernie said in his column and don’t always agree with him on some things, but he is HONEST, BRAVE and GRACIOUS enough to allow readers the opportunity to post comments in his forum whether they agree with him or not. As for Rick Santorum, it was very foolish of him to make the comments about Obama, but generally speaking, I prefer a policitican who speaks honestly and devil may care about political consequences (even though I disagree with him) rather than plastic, political calculation that I don’t trust. That’s MY personal opinion and I have just as much right to it AS YOU! And I believe that Romney will double cross the conservative base on behalf of the establishment that has backed him from the start.  THAT’s MY OPINION and I have JUST AS much RIGHT to it AS YOU! I will probably in the end vote for Romney in November (since everyone has assumed he will be the nominee), but I will not be fooling myself into thinking Romney is something that he is not..it will merely be the lesser of two evils philosophy.  That’s MY OPINION!

        And I have the courage to use my real name, not hide behind an anonymous comment!! This is Bernie’s forum and apparently, he welcomes and RESPECTS both sides of the argument!!!

  • Paul Borden

    I guess that answers my question I had a few months ago about whether the candidates would vote for the nominee if it wasn’t him/her. What a selfish, self-centered twerp. I would like to see a conservative president, but neither Santorum nor Gingrich has the stature needed to hold the office.

  • Gboppe

    As usual Bernie you are right on and hit the old nail on the head.   Rick would be a scary president, and just as you said base his leadership on what is largely set out in the bible.    I believe too, but there is a whole world out there that doesn’t really care.   

  • Rick Johnson

    Santorum sure lost me too with those comments as well, Mr. Goldberg. I voted for Newt Gingrich, because I felt he had a real plan to rein in the runaway spending and rein in runaway departments like the EPA, et al. Come November I will vote for Romney, presuming he wins the nomination. He is 10 times an improvement (at least) over Obama, even if he wasn’t my first choice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shefali-OHara/100000539994086 Shefali O’Hara

       I like Paul, because I lean Libertarian, but I’ll vote for Romney as well, would have voted for Gingrich. They are all better than Obama.

  • Iowa48

    In effect, Santorum is saying that an anti-American marxist without a clue about economics or leadership or the  US Constitution would be better than Romney.  Seriously, the 2012 election is existential for America, and Anybody But Obama is the only real choice. Santorum needs to take his ego outside for some fresh air.

  • Jeannette

    It has been time for Rick to go from the get-go.  It has been time for the newt to go from the get-go.  Time to rally ’round the flag, and rally around the next President, Mitt Romney. 

    • Use Your Heart and Mind

       So, Jeanette,  you’re saying if we don’t vote for Mitt, we’re un-American? What a load of ….  Might as well say anyone who isn’t Mormon (or insert your favorite sect) isn’t a real Christian.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Shefali-OHara/100000539994086 Shefali O’Hara

         I think (I hope!) his point was that we need to support the eventual GOP nominee against Obama, whoever it is. I think Obama’s been a disaster for this country and any of the GOP candidates would be better… but of course, decent people can disagree. I hope no one calls you un-American simply for disagreeing!

      • anotherstorey

        That is unfair to Jeanette, you sound just like whinny Rick.

  • JohnInMA

    It is clear that at least Gingrich and maybe now Santorum are in it almost exclusively for themselves.  For both of them to be overtly telling voters that their goal is to make it difficult if not impossible for Romney to get the nomination, or that if they can’t get it the other guy shouldn’t either, is disgraceful.  Gingrich made it clear a long time ago.  Santorum, presented with the reality of his challenge, has shifted from his message of how his vision is “better” to playing the Gingrich game.  I predict that when each of them finally falls out, their brand will be harmed to some degree.  If any given conservative feels like they have damaged the party, they will be very skeptical and distrusting of their “output” no matter whether it is writing, opinion-making, etc.  That anger may last a long time.

    The most shameful aspect is the clarity with which they are now communicating their selfish interests.

    • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

      “The most shameful aspect is the clarity with which they are now communicating their selfish interests.”
      John, you’re saying it! That’s what’s twisting my gut. It’s a case of narcissism run rampant.
      As, I wrote above, I worry aboout the “Parthian Shots”.

  • Ron Kean

    I was always for Romney.  I considered Newt for a short time but I never understood Santorum’s appeal.  Was he surreptitiously aided by the left?  Didn’t Democrats show up somewhere and vote for him?

    The calls are coming from many people for him to back off.  Newt’s enjoying the limelight but Santorum seems awkward.  

    And once and for all, the etch-a-sketch analogy meant wiping away the animus between Republican primary candidates and starting over with a clean slate – one party unified for the campaign to replace the president of the United States in a fair election.

    • anotherstorey

      You will never convince these Santorum people of that especially when the Conservative media and the Liberal media are beating that stupid drum also.  Fox is doing the bidding of it’s owner Murdock.  Too bad the UK didn’t put him in jail also.  CNN and the liberal media want Obozo to run against a sure loser Santorum so the etch a sketch will go on for as long as they can drag it out.

  • Chasarthur

    I agree 100% he was totally wrong saying that He needs to throw the Towel in get behind whoever gets it and go to the Poconos and be a Camp Counselor

  • http://twitter.com/garnerpartyof9 sMITTened

    Go please go Rick