Trayvon Martin and Media Hypocrisy

President Obama called it a “tragedy,” and he was right.  “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”

The president, of course, was talking about the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year old black teenager armed with nothing more than a pack of candy and an iced tea who was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida by a 28-year old neighborhood watch volunteer.

The president never spoke directly about race. He never said, not in so many words anyway, that Trayvon was shot because he was black or that his death was the result of racism. Others were not so careful.

At a rally in Florida, Al Sharpton demanded justice.  “We are tired of going to jail for nothing and others going home for something,” Sharpton told the crowd. “[George] Zimmerman should have been arrested that night … you cannot defend yourself against a pack of Skittles and iced tea. Don’t talk to us like we’re stupid! Don’t talk to us like we’re ignorant! We love our children like you love yours. Lock him up!”

Jesse Jackson also weighed in, telling the Los Angeles Times that there was a mistaken belief that racial problems in America went away with the election of our first African American president.  “There was this feeling that we were kind of beyond racism,” he said. “That’s not true. His victory has triggered tremendous backlash.”

According to the LA Times, Jackson predicted that the protests would continue to multiply and that the number of protestors would grow until Zimmerman is arrested.

It is understandable why so many Americans would demand justice for Trayvon Martin.  But the hypocrisy and the high profile sanctimony of the oh-so-concerned media and the civil rights establishment is downright galling.

Let’s not be naïve: If Trayvon Martin had been shot that night by another black teenager there would be have been nothing from president Obama, no nationally televised demonstrations, no demands for justice by prominent civil rights leaders, and nobody outside his immediate circle of family and friends would even know his name.

We know about Trayvon Martin only because the man who shot him looks white.  Actually, Zimmerman’s mother is Peruvian, which makes him half Hispanic, a fact you might not have known if you get your news from the usual places.  That would only detract from the storyline: black kid shot by overzealous (and probably racist) white vigilante.  For what it’s worth, the New York Times refers to him as a “white Hispanic,” a politically correct description to make sure we know Mr. Zimmerman is a white man – and not “a person of color.”  You think the Times would call him a “white Hispanic” if he had won a Nobel Prize for curing cancer?

And this explains why there are no rallies and no national outcry over Delric Waymon Miller IV.  If you just said, “Who?” you are not alone.  It’s a safe bet that not one in a million Americans has the vaguest clue as to who Delric Waymon Miller IV is.

Delric was a 9-month old baby – a 9-month old African American baby – who was sleeping on a couch at home in Detroit a few weeks ago, when in the early morning hours, someone fired 37 shots from an AK-47 into the house.  One shot killed Delric Waymon Miller IV.

Delric’s 19-year old mother said to get away from the gunfire she grabbed her baby and took him into the basement.  That’s when she saw the blood.  The baby wouldn’t wake up, she said.

Police think the shooting may have been an act of retaliation stemming from a fight between rival gangs a few days earlier at a bar.

So of course there would be no national outcry, no comments from the president, no rallies led by Al Sharpton demanding justice for Delric, no pieties from Jesse Jackson about how “blacks are under attack” in America.  It’s a safe bet the shooter was black.  This was just one more case of black on black crime, the kind of story that gets ink in the local papers but that’s about it.

Hundreds of young black men are shot and killed in this country every year.  In almost all the cases, the shooter is also black. Try to name one of those dead black men.  Just one.

Journalists who work for the national news networks, or major American newspapers with a national reach, don’t spend a lot of time shining a spotlight on dysfunctional behavior in parts of black America.  Stories about such things in black neighborhoods, imposed on black people by black people, would be tantamount to airing dirty laundry in front of the whole country.  And that is something liberal journalists who are proud of their good racial manners (along with their friends in the civil rights establishment) do not want to do.

President Obama said we need some national “soul searching” in the wake of the tragic death of young Trayvon Martin.  Looking inward is a good thing. So let’s have that soul searching.  And while we’re at it, let’s ask ourselves why the death of a young black man in Florida means so much more to Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and so many other concerned Americans than does the death of a baby in Detroit who was murdered in his sleep.

Could it be because one shooter had light skin and the other dark?

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  • Marc McGuire

    THANK YOU! President Obama’s remark ” If I had a son he would look like
    Trayvon Martin.”. THANK YOU Attorney General Eric Holder, Jessie
    Jackson, Al Sharpton and to our over zealous Media that NOW, RACISM IS RUNNING AMOK!

  • Iron palm

    Amen, brother!

  • Latoyą Luvnyunômô Matthewş

    Everyone has their own beliefs in the Trayvon Martin’s case. Mark Goldberg states that, “If it were a black man who killed one Trayvon Martin, we as black people wouldn’t even care or be rallying together to get justice.” I for one believe that this is not true to a certain extent, but to be honest being as though they stated in the “New York Times” that he is considered a “white hispanic” this is an advantage for Trayvon Martin’s family to some extent, because the only way our black people will get justice is if there is another race involved other than black. Sad, but true. I say this because if Trayvon Martin’s killer was black, what white people or national brand companies would have rallied together to back up a black man who killed a teenager, NONE!! In fact that black man would be convicted of murder. You know why, because the killer was black. Black on black crime to me in America is sad, but the White man knows we are killing ourselves off so we are labled as statistic in our society its a generational curse that dates all the way back to the Willie Lynch letter. This is how they held us down and they will continue to do so if we dont put an end to black on black crime Today.

    -Davell W

    • Guest

      Nobody’s holding us down LaToya but ourselves. I am a black man. In regards to black on black violence – we have to stop glorifying rappers and thugs in our society. We celebrate young black men such as Little Wayne and the like, when in fact, these young men could do so much more for our black youth than talk about money, jewelry, cars, guns and hoes. Our youth look up to these celebrities and want to emulate them. Lil Wayne should be rapping about getting an education, a job, taking care of your family and children, and being responsible. The youth would begin to emulate this image. As long as we continue to glorify rappers and gangsters, the youth will cobntinue to think they are “little waynes” and kill eachother.

  • Dan

    I was arrested for Bicycling in the wrong direction & I was obviously not a threat and shouldn’t have been arrested yet Zimmerman killed someone and went free lK AT Harvard Professor Gates

  • Are you all BLIND?

    Where was Jessie Fat head Sharpton and the NBPP for Monae Turnage, Phylicia Barnes Fred Martin. The same time the media was hyping this up and black youths were going around saying ” this is for Treyvon and beating up random whites Fred Martin of California died protecting his son from out side gun fire.

    NBPP put a bounty out want to march? Fat head and Jessie were not there either and no out rage from these activist brain washed kids who think flash mobbing whites is going to help.

    GZ is not white because back in the day when open white racism ran rampant, if GZ moved into an all white neighborhood, he would of had a cross on his lawn . But yet shirts are made saying kill cracka.

    Why is it that certain people in the black community don’t get mad when a father dies protecting his son from gun fire? Why are they not mad about Monae Turnage a sweet young child who had goals, who had her life taken from her by other blacks?

    What about this?  Why isn’t Fat head , Jackon and the NBPP who loooooooooooooooooooove “their people” helping out the mother and the mentally challenged daughter who was gang raped by a group of  black teen agers? Oh, there is SO much more isn’t there?

    And some say they want to riot ? NBPP sthreaten to burn down Detroit not too long ago? Did they stop to think about this? The people there that are working  to get out who have to live in third world conditions?  Children going to school and being in fear of being attacked or raped by their own people?

    Where is the out rage? Where is the “love’? Where is the support? Why hasn’t Fat Head and Jackson donated or showed support and why has the NBPP not gone down there,  oh because they are not that tough just wanna be thugs who would get shot down they are scared of their own people but want to be martyrs and approach young blacks like a cult because grown men don’t listen to them but our youth is acting out in misdirected anger because of them.

    Anyone see the hypocrisy ? Anyone?

  • terry


  • Norbit Peters

    Wow Bernie,

    Reading through some of the comments here, I thought this site would have attracted more well-reasoned and informed thinkers!

    Wanna’ know the root cause of MOST problems in black communities today? – 72% FATHERLESS households=(PBU) Permanent Black Underclass.

    The Real Question:
    Why is a RACIST Agitator – Tawana Sharpton once again employed the “we” (blacks) and “them” (white) RACIST monickers in the Martin case – allowed to host a nightly network news show? – or is it only NON-WHITE racial agitators that are permitted to be RACIST hosts?  

  • Dennistidwell

    The big deal is more about a guy killing an unarmed boy and not being arrested for it. I understand the facts of the case led to him not deserving arrest, but the media was on it for that reason.
    Your article makes the ridiculous comparison. If the police would have found the baby’s shooter, I’m sure the would have not released him.

    • Nunyabiz

      Thanks for highlighting the obvious! Sadly, most can’t see it!

  • Deborah Jean

    What you’re saying in this article is ridiculous. It doesn’t matter whether the man was Hispanic or not, it was racially motivated. You’re an idiot if you think because a person is Hispanic, they can’t and won’t hate on blacks.  It doesn’t matter if Zimmerman were Hispanic, Chinese, Russian, whatever…it’s not the nationality, it’s the f*cking skin color. He could be red, yellow, green, or turquoise…if he hates on blacks, he hates on blacks. His color didn’t make this story hit headlines, it was the fact that he got shot for going to the store to buy skittles and tea, and he was murdered by a man in cold blood who happened to be a neighborhood watchman, which shows that they need to investigate, and consider a change to those stand your ground rules. For those of you who have an issue with this story getting more attention than any other story..imagine if you will a news channel that covered every murder in the U.S. to the point of it being sensationalized like this one.  All of the news stations put together couldn’t even do it considering that our murder rate averages 38.85 murders per day. Get real. You want to worry about what story gets covered on the news, then start you own news station…and have a nice time choosing which one of those murders gets the coverage.

  • Scottcharles

    In the early morning hours of March 5, 2008 a promising
    young life was stolen in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The student-body
    president of the University of North Carolina, Eve Carson, was kidnapped,
    robbed, and murdered by two young men. Other than being in the same geographic
    location and approximate age the three had nothing in common.

    She was white; they are black.  That is fact. Everything else is a relative
    opinion based on the experiences and interpretations on the individual.

    For example, based on my experiences and interpretations­–that
    of a middle-aged white guy- Eve Carson was an intelligent, smart, ambitious
    young women who had already made a positive impact in this world who’d set her
    sights on accomplishing great things. Her murderers,  Demario Atwater and Laurence Lovette, are
    criminal predators  aspiring to another
    level of loser-hood.

    I had relocated to Chapel Hill only days before Eve was
    murdered, and I did not know her, nor did I know anything of my new community.
    But I cried and mourned at the loss of so much promise, and hoped the senselessness
    of the actions of these two miscreants could be explained.

    It was several days before an arrest was made, although from
    the outset of the investigation a photograph of a suspect- in a hoodie- was
    widely broadcast as authorities sought help from the public. At no time did any
    organization level a bounty on his head. No “white advocates” poured into the
    area to blanket the airwaves with self-serving cries of “justice” for Eve while
    reciting the litany of crimes against young white woman at the hands of “men.”
    No lynch mobs assembled at the corner of Franklin and Hillsborough streets.

    President of the United States at the time, George W. Bush, did not tell the
    nation that the victim looked like his daughter.

    And the murder charges eventually filed against the
    perpetrators did not have “hate crime” attachment. After all, there is no other
    possible explanation for why they committed that final heinous act after they’d
    stolen her car and accessed her bank account through an ATM beside their hatred
    for who Eve was and what she stood for.  Was she not targeted because she fit the
    profile assigned her by her assailants? Is that any less racist than what
    occurred in Florida when George Zimmerman took the life of Trayvon Martin? 

  • C. Rich

    George Zimmerman will walk and clear his name:

  • OperationIraqiFreedomVeteran

    Murder and accidents are the number one killer for young people in America. Many are killed daily, black, white, hispanic, asian, male and female. The president should not be addressing something that should be handled by the local government, it only agitates the uninformed public.

  • terry


  • Justice For All

    You just don’t get it.  Trayvon was murdered BECAUSE he was black and because the psycho who did it had a pass (his father is a retired judge), and knew there would be no repercussions from police, again, BECAUSE Trayvon was black.  Black on black crime is not racially motivated.   What African-Americans (and other rational, honest Americans for that matter) are upset about is the targeting of black people by non-blacks, simply because of their skin color, which is a violation of their human right to exist the way God and Mother Earth made them. 

    It might help you to understand if you can just picture yourself attacked by opportunistic, idiot non-white people merely BECAUSE you are a different color from them — exacerbated by a sickening legacy of white enslavement, a government that is largely unsympathetic and unresponsive to your concerns, that makes excuses for your attackers (the way you are making excuses here for the demon who murdered Trayvon), that imposes few if any legal sanctions on them, and that participates in many cases in oppressing white people through a sinister prison/industrial complex that thrives on the cheap prison/slave labor of whites incarcerated en mass for largely petty crimes.   

    It’s really not that hard to understand.  Try learning some fact-based history, and maybe it’ll be easier.  You can start with the authentic slave narratives, written by slaves themselves; proceed through Jim Crow and the era of the Saturday night lynch mob (did you know the word “picnic” derives from “pick a nigger” to lynch for your family and friends to watch while enjoying a tasty outdoor meal); through the Civil Rights era — when every single one of our brilliant, shining stars were maliciously harassed and assassinated by the FBI; through the drug attacks of the late 60’s through the present — when our unsuspecting communities were deliberately flooded with crack cocaine and other addictive drugs (black people certainly don’t produce cocaine and heroin), with entire generations of African-American youth lost to either a mafia-based drug distribution network commonly referred to as the Crips and the Bloods, or to hopeless drug addiction itself — or prison — or all of the above; to the present day, where it is evidently a crime not only to drive while black, but to even exist while black, since the police and other trigger-happy non-black asses are now apparently authorized to shoot blacks on sight without even an arrest, much less a consequence.  Maybe such a study will help you get some idea of why African-Americans resent the racially motivated murder of Trayvon Martin and far too many others.

    Stop pretending like you don’t understand, and accept responsibility for your own bias and malice against a people who have done absolutely nothing to you.

    • Paul Courtney

      Good to know that writing script for msnbc leaves one with free time to visit this site.  Someday maybe you’ll find time for thought.

      • Trochilus

         Perfect response.  Concise and to the point.  No need to waste time responding point by point to trash talk.

    • Mzmaggie62

      Get your facts straight                                                                                                    The first usage of the word is traced to the 1692 edition of Tony Willis, Origines de la Langue Française, which mentions pique-nique as being of recent origin; it marks the first appearance of the word in print. The term was used to describe a group of people dining in arestaurant who brought their own wine. For long a picnic retained the connotation of a meal to which everyone contributed something. Whether picnic is actually based on the verb piquer which means ‘pick’ or ‘peck’ with the rhyming nique meaning “thing of little importance” ihs doubted; the Oxford English Dictionarysays it is of unknown provenance. The word predateslynching in the United States; claims that it is derived from a shortening of ‘pick a nigger’ are untrue

  • bbf

    Killed at Home: White Plains, NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead Black Veteran, 68

    As the Trayvon Martin
    case draws national attention, we look at another fatal shooting of an
    African-American male that has received far less scrutiny. Kenneth
    Chamberlain, Sr., a 68-year-old African-American Marine veteran, was
    fatally shot in November by White Plains, NY, police who responded to a
    false alarm from his medical alert pendant. The officers broke down
    Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, and then shot him dead. Audio of the
    entire incident was recorded by the medical alert device in
    Chamberlain’s apartment. We’re joined by family attorneys and
    Chamberlain’s son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr., who struggles through tears
    to recount his father’s final moments, including the way police
    officers mocked his father’s past as a marine. “For them to look at my
    father that way, (with) no regard for his life, every morning I think
    about it,” he says. [includes rush transcript]

  • bbf

    This administration lead by Obama and Hillary Clinton were supporters of the illegal invasion of Libya and the deaths of over 50,o00 Libyan civilians.  Included in the dead are a reported 30,000 Black Libyans.   Why no marches or protest against this slaughter..which is evidently still going on?


    Butchering of Gaddafi Is America’s Crime

    by BAR executive editor Glen Ford


    Obama and Hillary Clinton appeared like ghoulish despots
    at a Roman Coliseum, reveling in their Libyan
    gladiators’ butchery.”

    Last week the whole world saw, and every
    decent soul recoiled, at the true face of NATO’s
    answer to the Arab Spring. An elderly, helpless
    prisoner struggled to maintain his dignity in a
    screaming swirl of savages, one of whom thrusts a
    knife [4] up his rectum. These are
    Europe and America’s jihadis in the flesh. In a few
    minutes of joyously recorded bestiality, the rabid
    pack undid every carefully packaged image of NATO’s
    “humanitarian” project in North Africa – a horror and
    revelation indelibly imprinted on the global
    consciousness by the brutes’ own cell phones.

    Nearly eight
    months of incessant bombing by the air forces of nations
    that account for 70 percent of the world’s weapons
    spending, all culminating in the gang-bang slaughter of
    Moammar Gaddafi, his son Mutassim and his
    military chief of staff, outside Sirte. The NATO-armed
    bands then displayed the battered corpses for days in
    Misurata – the city that had earlier made good on its
    vow to “purge Black skin” through the massacre and
    dispersal of 30,000 darker residents of nearby Tawurgha
    – before disposing of the bodies in an unknown location.

  • Raffaele

    I agree with Hans theory.  I am astounded that this story has spun so far out of control and immediately became a race thing.  Its a tragedy yes, but please don’t make it a white-black thing or a “white hispanic”-black thing and say the cops didnt do their job when most people commenting have probably a small fraction of the facts.

     It scares me that the public reacts so strongly without knowing any facts on this case.  This is how riots get started and people get hurt.  Ridiculous. If Zimmerman was black and Treyvon was white we wouldn’t even know about this case. 

    • Justice For All

      Probably not, but it would be because the black attacker would have been hauled off to jail instantly, beaten to a pulp and, if he survived, scheduled for immediate arraignment.  Take the blinders off and get a clue.

  • Hans Ecker

     The evidence shows that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and beat him severely until he discovered that Zimmerman had a gun. Then Martin tried to take the gun and Zimmerman began to scream for help. In the ensuing struggle Martin was shot.

    The recent junk science “forensic” analysis of the screams by “experts” are fatally flawed. You cannot compare a distant, strained scream to a calm, clear voice spoken directly into a microphone as was done in these “analyses”. Any real expert would realize these facts. These so called “experts” are either boobs or liars who are deliberately misleading the public.

    It doesn’t matter that Zimmerman might have followed Martin to find out where he was going. He had a right to do that. But police tape shows that Zimmerman stopped following Martin when the dispatcher said “we don’t need you to do that”. You hear on the tape that Zimmerman was looking for an address to give to the dispatcher.

    Trayvon Martin had no right to start beating Zimmerman. All the evidence shows that Zimmerman had been beaten and that Martin was unscathed. Even NBC News finally admitted that the video of Zimmerman getting out of the patrol car does indeed show significant injuries to the back of Zimmerman’s head. Then you have the police reports that also confirm that Zimmerman had been beaten.

    So, it is clear that Zimmerman was beaten by Martin. And from the timing of the screaming and the gunshot, it is clear that the struggle was going on right up until the gunshot. The urgency and panic in the voice very strongly indicates that there was a struggle over the gun.

    So here is what happened. Trayvon Martin was angry that he perceived that someone was unjustly following him. So he confronted Zimmerman and hit him in the face and knocked him down. Then he got on top of Zimmerman and began to bash his head on the sidewalk. Zimmerman struggled to get away and in so doing exposed his gun. Trayvon Martin saw the gun and tried to grab it. Zimmerman also grabbed for the gun and started screaming “help, heeeellllpppp, Noooooooo”. And in the end Trayvon Martin was tragically shot.

    A scenario of Trayvon Martin screaming for help while he is beating Zimmerman makes no sense. The screaming voice is obviously that of Zimmerman.

    Trayvon did not have to attack Zimmerman, he could have just run away. But he chose to stay and confront Zimmerman and paid the price.

    • bbf

      1 comment collapsed Collapse Expand  The
      evidence shows that Trayvon Martin attacked George Zimmerman and beat
      him severely until he discovered that Zimmerman had a gun. Then Martin
      tried to take the gun and Zimmerman began to scream for help. In the
      ensuing struggle Martin was shot.

      1. Zimmerman called the
      police to report Martin’s “suspicious” behavior,
      which he described as “just walking around looking
      about.” Zimmerman was in his car when he
      saw Martin walking on the street. He called the police
      and said: “There’s a real suspicious guy. This guy
      looks like he’s up to no good, on drugs or something.
      It’s raining and he’s just walking around looking
      about… These a**holes always get away” [Orlando

      2. Zimmerman
      pursued Martin against the explicit instructions
      of the police dispatcher:

      Dispatcher: “Are you
      following him?”
      Zimmerman: “Yeah”
      Dispatcher: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”


      3. Prior to the release
      of the 911 tapes, Zimmerman’s father released a
      statement claiming “[a]t no time did George follow
      or confront Mr. Martin.” [Sun

      4. Zimmerman was
      carrying a 9 millimeter handgun. Martin was carrying
      a bag of Skittles and a can of iced tea. [ABC

      5. Martin weighed 140
      pounds. Zimmerman weighs 250 pounds. [Orlando
      Sentinel; WDBO]

      6. Martin’s English
      teacher described him “as an A and B student who
      majored in cheerfulness.” [Orlando

      7. Martin had no
      criminal record. [New
      York Times]

      8. Zimmerman
      “was charged in July 2005 with resisting arrest
      with violence and battery on an officer.
      The charges appear to have been dropped.” [Huffington

      9. Zimmerman called the
      police 46 times since Jan. 1, 2011. [Miami

      10. According to
      neighbors, Zimmerman was “fixated on crime and
      focused on young, black males.” [Miami

      11. Zimmerman “had been
      the subject of complaints by neighbors in his gated
      community for aggressive tactics” [Huffington

      12. A police officer
      “corrected” a key witness. “The officer
      told the witness, a long-time teacher, it was
      Zimmerman who cried for help, said the witness. ABC
      News has spoken to the teacher and she confirmed that
      the officer corrected her when she said she heard the
      teenager shout for help.” [ABC

      13. Three witnesses say
      they heard a boy cry for help before a shot was
      fired. “Three witnesses contacted by The
      Miami Herald say they saw or heard the moments before
      and after the Miami Gardens teenager’s killing. All
      three said they heard the last howl for help from a
      despondent boy.” [Miami

      14. The officer in
      charge of the crime scene also received criticism in
      2010 when he initially failed to arrest a
      lieutenant’s son who was videotaped attacking a
      homeless black man. [New
      York Times]

      15. The
      police did not test Zimmerman for drugs or
      alcohol. A law enforcement expert told
      ABC that Zimmerman sounds intoxicated on the 911
      tapes. Drug and alcohol testing is “standard
      procedure in most homicide investigations.” [ABC

      16. In a cell phone call
      moments before his death, Martin told a teenage girl
      that he was “hounded by a strange man on a cellphone
      who ran after him, cornered him and confronted him.”
      “‘He said this man was watching him, so he put his
      hoodie on. He said he lost the man,’ Martin’s friend
      said. ‘I asked Trayvon to run, and he said he was
      going to walk fast. I told him to run but he said he
      was not going to run.’ Eventually he would run, said
      the girl, thinking that he’d managed to escape. But
      suddenly the strange man was back, cornering Martin.
      ‘Trayvon said, ‘What, are you following me for,’ and
      the man said, ‘What are you doing here.’” [ABC

      17. Police have Trayvon Martin’s cell
      phone but never contacted his girlfriend. [Miami

      18. Zimmerman told the police “he had
      stepped out of his truck to check the name of the
      street he was on when Trayvon attacked him from
      behind as he walked back to his truck.” “He
      said he feared for his life and fired the
      semiautomatic handgun he was licensed to carry because
      he feared for his life.” [Miami

      19. The incident occurred in a tiny gated
      community Zimmerman patrolled regularly. [Miami

      20. Zimmerman was
      not a member of a registered Neighborhood Watch
      group. Zimmerman also violated basic
      Neighborhood Watch guidelines by carrying a weapon.

      21. The police
      reports were amended to bolster Zimmerman’s claim
      of self defense. “Initial police reports
      never mentioned that Zimmerman had a bloody nose or
      a wet shirt that showed evidence of a struggle.” [Miami

      22. Police ignored witness whose account
      was different from Zimmerman’s.“One of the
      witnesses who heard the crying said she called a
      detective repeatedly, but said he was not interested
      because her account differed from Zimmerman’s.” [Miami

      23. Just prior to killing Martin,
      Zimmerman may have used a racial slur. The
      police admit they initially overlooked the remark.
      It’s unclear exactly what Zimmerman is saying. [ABC

      24. Zimmerman still has a permit to carry
      a concealed weapon in the State of Florida.

      25. In April 2011,
      Zimmerman called the police to report a suspicious
      black male, “7-9″ years old, “skinny build.”

      26. Zimmerman’s friend, Frank Taaffe, says
      Martin was shot because he wasn’t “honest and
      truthful” with Zimmerman. NBC News reported
      that Zimmerman called Taaffe to thank him for his
      support. [Huffington
      Post; MSNBC]

    • Justice For All

      Hopefully you’re just spoofing and not completely irrational.  It would be hilarious if not for the fact that we have another dead African-American youth at the hands of another hateful racist.

  • McNicholasG

    Excellent article Bernie. Once again you’ve hit the nail on the head.

  • ph16

    Honestly, the more I follow this case, the more ridiculous it’s getting. Believe me, I want justice done as much as decent human being wants in this case. I do think the Sanford police really dropped on the ball on this one and I’m glad it’s been reinvestigated and a special prosecutor has been appointed and all the steps that have been taken are so far so good. That’s not ridiculous at all. What’s ridiculous is that even before the case has gone before a grand jury to see if it can go to trial or not, everything that’s been going on: The looting at Walgreens in Miami, the twittering of Zimmerman’s address by Spike Lee which turned out to be the wrong address and caused the couple living there to move to a hotel, and the Black Panthers putting a bounty on Zimmerman’s head. I can only imagine what happens if a jury decides that there’s not enough evidence for it to go to trial or even if it does go to trial, not enough evidence to convict them. Oh wait, I can, think LA riots of 1992. 

    Honestly, I’m glad people protested when a case didn’t get investigated carefully enough and that’s it’s out of the Sanford’s police’s hands and that is being investigated. That said, now that IT IS being investigated carefully and all the evidence and witnesses are being collected, I think the best bet is to keep a cool hand and let the judicial process go through now that it’s started. Unfortunately I get the feeling that some people’s definition of “justice” is conviction no matter what the facts not too unlike the overzealous prosecutors in cases like the Duke Lacrosse rape case. 

    Finally, I do agree with Bernie’s point that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and other black leaders only come crawling out when there’s a case (real or percieved) white-on-black racism. Outside of those types of cases, there’s really no black leadership on any other type of ill befalling blacks. Something tells me that it shows that Sharpton and Jackson like they have for a long time care more about themselves and getting attention than anything else. If it won’t get them any attention, they won’t bother with it. 

    Honestly though I agree with Megan Kelly who said, “This case stinks to high heaven.” Boy does it ever. 

  • shreder747


    It’s deliberate, it’s planned, it’s working, as it’s all about control of frustration and passion The more this style of trashing media that stirs our emotions, sells the illusion of mistrust and directs the masses into a feeding frenzy of controversy, the more chaos of protesting will be overflowing into the streets. Then these same pendents will sit back and relish in there political posturing of there opinionated frothing rants and finger pointing of the blame game.

    When we are DIVIDED, we pose no threat.  Let the system bring the facts, before the rush to judgement.

  • Nancye

    Has nothing else happened in this country since we’ve focused exclusively on this one incident?  How many people – of any color – been killed? 

    • Nancye

      HAVE been killed I meant to say.

  • Brad

    The media calls Zimmerman a ‘ white hispanic’; will they start calling Obama a ‘white african american’? 

    • Amazed

      As soon as he attacks a black-American.

  • Amazed

    My God !!!

    If medical research today depended on facts the way so many opiners in this comment section seem to, we’d be selling leaches in drugstores as some modern marvel. “If the roles were reversed” — “If the shooter were black” — “Zimmerman looked just fine” — “The police screwed this one up” — “A black shooter would have been arrested by now”  … etc. etc.

    I don’t think there were this many “eye witnesses” on 9-11.

  • Charles Brister

    Do you believe Zimmerman’s father or brother or neither?

  • Imjustsaying

    Bernard Goldberg said,  if Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by another black teenager the media would not be running this on tv for hours.  This may be very true simply because the black teenager who did the shooting would have been arrested!

  • Brian_Bayless

    Here is some more hypocrisy in the media.

    If the roles were reversed and the attacker was white and the victim was black, how big would the baclkash be in the media? The same people who call Zimmerman racist should call the attacker racist as well, shouldn’t they?

    • Jenn

      Looks like a hate crime to me.  Please give our thanks to Jackson, Sharpton and Lee for running to the aid of the white victim in this video.  Oh wait, only blacks are victims, sorry.

  • Brian_Bayless

    Can’t believe the reactions to this case.

    How can anyone defend Zimmerman? First off, he directly disobeyed the poilce dispatcher. This Zimmerman seems like a wannabe cop and thought he could be the hero in this “situation”. After viewing the police tape of him being brought to the station, there was zero evidence of injury to his head. His story doesnt add up. No one will probaly ever know the true story of what happened but it seems like Zimmerman instigated Trayvon, he reacted, Zimermman got scared and shot him. That is not racism. It was a situation that escalated for a number of reasons. To defend Zimmerman and declare racism as the reasons for this happening are simple reasons to a complex problem. Simple answers are given by simple people. I know the police screwed this investigation up and that is part of the problem as well.

  • Ken

    Why doesn’t anyone say,including Bernie, that all lives are precious? If its a baby asleep on the couch or a tracked teenager, is there a difference? The reaction by the media and public  is appalling, the outcry from Black Leadership is even more appalling. The lack of outcry regarding the deaths of sleeping babies and six year olds on thier front porches from the Black Leadership is outright……. I can’t even think of a word other than criminal!

  • EddieD_Boston

    Wow Bernie, one of your best and I can tell it really came from deep inside you. I couldn’t agree more. You grew up in the city and you’re (like I am) probably amazed at how liberals don’t grasp what their “Great Society” has done to create the disfunction in the inner city.
    Nobody works and every woman (or 15 year old girl) is pregnant. Our country is suffering from this in ways liberals are too clueless to grasp. Forget the cost of welfare. What about the cost of crime that burden courts, prisons and hospitals whenever there is a stabbing or shooting (daily). What about the shrinking tax base of cities as business and the middle-class flee to the burbs.
    There’s not a liberal in the world who get it. Not one.

    • spongeworthy_us

      I live in a city too.   This: “Nobody works and every woman (or 15 year old girl) is pregnant.” is not true.

      • EddieD_Boston

        You must drive through the 'hood with your eyes closed. Seriously, do you live on a different planet? I was in Lawrence, MA yesterday and it couldn't be more sickening. Your tax dollars at work and my guess is 75% are here illegally.

        • spongeworthy_us

          No, I don’t drive through the hood with my eyes closed.  No, I don’t live on a different planet.

          This: “Nobody works and every woman (or 15 year old girl) is pregnant.” is not true.

          I don’t know what your other beefs might be, but that sentence is not true.

  • spongeworthy_us

    Let’s also not be naive about this, Bernard Goldberg: if the roles had been reversed and Trayvon Martin had shot and killed George Zimmerman under exactly the same circumstances, do you really believe the Sanford PD would have let him go free after having conducted as slipshod an investigation as they did, even going so far as to write in the police report that the shooter had a broken nose and head injuries afterwards when it is clear from the recently leaked video that neither of those injuries had occurred? 

    You know as well as I do that would never happen in a million years.  Trayvon Martin would be under arrest, probably without bail or with a prohibitively high bail, and charged with some crime, in spite of the SYG law.

    That is what has the media up in arms, the fact that Zimmerman killed a man and now walks free,charged with nothing, still in possession of the CCW license and his weapon, while a black man would never be accorded the same treatment.

    That is the hypocrisy we should all be upset about, the hypocrisy of the judicial system toward blacks who are victims vs blacks who are suspects. And with this article, you are helping to perpetuate that hypocrisy.

    • MerchantofVenom

      If  Trayon Martin was killed by another black teen we wouldn’t have heard a word about it. It may have been in the local paper but would have never reached the national hype that it’s getting now.

      That said, you your point is well taken and just as valid if not more so. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      • Charles B.

        If Zimmerman were arrested and charged like the lead homicide detective recommended you would have never heard of the case.

        Instead state attorney Norman Wolfinger blocked the arrest.  I’m wondering if he had connection to Zimmerman’s father, retired judge,
        Robert Zimmerman.

        Did you see the video of the  group of Whites  in Missisisppi severely

        beating a Black man, and then running over and killing him. Very little
        media coverage.  Arrest were made  and justice was served.  The sister
        of the murdered Black man asked that they not given the death penalty.
        Again very little media coverage.

        • MerchantofVenom

          I tried to be objective and look at it from the black viewpoint. For that you pull out the machete? Are you a angry black man?

          • Charles B.

            Sometimes.  I’d be a little wary of someone who never got angry. The sister of the murdered Black had every reason to be angry. Instead she stated that she awas praying for the person that drove his truck over her brother and his family.  He asked the court not to execute him.  The court listened and he was sentenced to life. She did this because she was against capital punshment and in hopes of promoting reconcilation.
            Unfortunately this story has gotten litte media attention.

      • spongeworthy_us

        But the problem in this case is not the simple matter of one man killing another, bad as that is.  The problem in this case and the reason it finally touched off a media firestorm is the nearly total apathy of the Sanford PD (except one particular cop who did not believe Zimmerman’s story) and the county prosecutor.  The investigation by the Sanford PD was botched in a number of ways, including failing to drug/alcohol test Z, failure to dispatch a homicide detective, failure to contact all known witnesses including Trayvon’s girlfriend who was talking to him on the phone as the scenario unfolded.

        • Right

          Once the investigation is over and Zimmerman is absolved, will you apologize?

          • spongeworthy_us

             I don’t know why I should apologize, especially since you’ve not specified a good reason to do so.  But I suppose if you could specify even one reason why I should apologize for something, if Zimmerman is exonerated in a court of law, sure I would apologize.

          • Raffaele

             Spongeworthy, I would like to point out a few things about your argument.  Police cannot force a drug/alcohol test on someone.  This requires a warrant.  If there are no indications of impairment, its notated in the report and that’s the end of it.  Getting a warrant wouldn’t be possible.   

            Second, if no one talked to Trayvon’s girlfriend, then how would they know he was speaking with her?  A dead man tells no tales.  Third, you are bashing the police investigation when it is clear you don’t have much knowledge regarding the case  or police work.  A homicide detective should have done the interview but, detectives in other fields are more than qualified to conduct this interview.  Fourth, any county attorney’s office has a duty not to charge cases or bring them to grand jury if they do not have a likelihood of conviction.  If every case went to grand jury it would be a tremendous waste of money and government resources. 

            In hindsight, they should have done so in this case due to the media backlash, as it would appease the public.  This case, whether it happened the way Zimmerman said it did or not, has no likelihood of conviction.  Its simply the way our system works.  It is possible he killed without justification and made up a story “that he tried to grab my gun.” 

            Unfortunately for Trayvon, Zimmerman had injury consistent with his story, which was later seen in the enhanced sally port video.  Zimmerman’s injury was also documented in the on scene officer reports.  This for some reason is chosen to be ignored by most people and the media.  

            So, in a nut shell Spongeworthy, i respect your opinion but as in all things, passing judgement by an emotional response does no one no good.  The facts support Zimmerman’s claim, whether its true or not. 

    • Defender

      Thank you for your speculation, conclusions, gross generalizations and wholly unoriginal playing of the race card. 

      Each case is decided on its facts at each stage, including the probable cause/arrest phase.  That does not mean the investigation is over, and it surely does not mean the case is over.  I’m sorry this particular investigation did not meet your “million years” criteria for the arrest phase, but the law is the law, regardless of your color, race, gender, creed, etc.

      Your answer is, of course, will be “The law is not the law; if he was black, he would have been arrested right away, etc., etc. . . . ”  My response is to refer you back to the beginning of my post. 

      There have been many ocassions over the years where the system did not seem to treat people fairly, and that goes for whites, blacks, hispanics, etc. (I know, I was a public defender).  In this case, would it have been any better if they arrested him and decided not to press charges?  Given the tenor of the media/muckrakers/opportunists, this would spark further outrage, flash mobs, etc.  Same thing if he were arrested and a plea deal was struck, or he was tried and acquited.  The reason is that the foregoing groups (media/muchrakers/opportunists and one politician) start from a conclusion and ignore everything else that conflicts with that predetermined outcome.  Let’s wait for all the facts to come out, and treat all parties fairly in the meantime. 

      • spongeworthy_us

        Why don’t you post an example of a case where it took the family and
        their lawyers of a white man taking their case to the media as a
        desperate struggle to get the justice system to make a real effort at
        finding out what really happened and holding the victim’s killer (black
        or white) to account? Maybe that happens all the time wherever you live
        but it doesn’t around here. I’m personally fine with the idea of letting
        the facts come out now, since it appears the justice system is
        belatedly moving in that direction. But keep in mind that it took a
        herculean effort on the part of the family to get the media to take
        notice, to rub the justice system’s nose in this. I’m not speculating
        about the outcome.  If the justice system’s representatives, the state
        and federal DAs, determine there is no case, then there is no case as
        far as I’m concerned.  But up until the state and the feds became
        involved, no one in the city of Sanford or it’s county took the crime

        You said ” That does not mean the investigation is over, and it surely does not mean the case is over. ” That is true now. It was not true a couple weeks ago as the city and county had punted on the case without making any serious effort.

        • Common Sense and Discourse

          Duke Lacrosse Case….. (murder or rape no difference to me, Death Penalty)
          …only the media involvement polluted the case, the prosecutor was disbarred, and the rich white kids walked away with their names tainted the rest of their lives.

          Food for thought- being a war vet i take comfort in carrying my 9mm on my hip. Everyone nows looks at me like i am their towns version of a “zimmerman”.

          Afternote… When will this country wake up and realize that racial hate is as pervasive today as it was in 1963 Alabama, only one big difference, its been reversed and is currently being promoted by the media (hence msnbc scripted 911 call). Learn a little about the American Justice System, give it sometime to process, and stop polluting the jury and forcing bench trials. Congrats media you just deprived a racial minority of a fair trial.

        • Defender

          There are many examples, starting with what Common Sense said below.  And, moreover, there was no “herculean effort” to get justice.  The investigation was never over; they just did not make an arrest right away (and still may not).  The investigation was still ongoing.  The only difference is that now a “special investigator” was appointed to appease the race-baiters, such as yourself.  It will not change the facts.  FACTS — the all-important part of this and every other case.  NOT emotion, opportunism, and politics — which is what you and your ill-content brood wish to inflict on this case.  Guess what; not every single thing that happens to a black person is a conspiracy — so get over yourself.

          And “where I am from”; reality.  Thanks.  When you’ve actually been in the justice system and seen it from all sides, then come talk to me.  Otherwise, all you have is your biased, prejudiced opinion, and that aint worth spit.

          • spongeworthy_us

            The only example you can give is the Duke lacrosse case?  That was very different from this case, in fact the exact opposite. In that case what you had was an OVERZEALOUS prosecutor who took a case to trial based on faulty evidence from untrustworthy witnesses. I’ll agree the Duke lacrosse case was a miscarriage of justice but it was nothing like the miscarriage of justice that was developing in Trayvon Martin’s case and which would have come to fruition if the MSM ansd social media had not raised their voices.

            It was indeed a mistake but not the same kind of mistake that was made in the Trayvon Martin case. In his case, prosecutor Wolfinger declined to press charges, citing lack of evidence, after a failed, slipshod investigation performed by the Sanford PD. I listed a small number of failures in the investigation in another post.  But most of all it appears that Wolfinger may have been doing Zimmerman’s father, a retired judge, a favor in this case.

            Totally opposite of the Duke lacrosse case. Sure, maybe the case file was still open on Trayvon’s shooting but I doubt that as long as Wolfinger was the prosecutor that anything was going to come of it. And I doubt the special prosecutor was appointed to “appease” reace-baiters.  If you can find an objective source for that, I’d like to see it.  On the contrary, I think the state saw that Wolfinger and the Sanford PD had so thoroughly hosed up the case that the only thing fair the the dead boy’s family would be to have the investigation overseen by an objective prosecutor.  If Zimmerman is really blameless in this killing, he should have nothing to worry about the special prosecutor.

          • Common Sense and Discourse

            We are talking about MEDIA pollution and hypocrisy, hence the duke case. If you can’t remember the news coverage from the beginning than you’re missing the point. Duh, they’re different cases, we are highlighting the MEDIA involvement. NOT the individual characteristics of a case. Do I need to get a crayon app? Keep It Simple Stupid.

          • spongeworthy_us

            First, regarding hypocrisy, do you even know what the word hypocrisy means? At this point, I doubt if even Bernard Goldberg himself knows what the word hypocrisy means.  Here’s why I say that: in the original article title and text, he uses the word hypocrisy to describe something the media has apparently done to earn his scorn. But, he never actually describes the hypocrisy the media has engaged in, he just says they’ve done it. And the reason he hasn’t described the hypocrisy the media has engaged in is that the media has done no such thing, unless you define hypocrisy as being something other than what it is generally accepted to be which is “to say you believe something but behave in a way that demonstrates that you do not believe that thing or, most seriously, that you believe the exact opposite.”

          • Billyjean

            You missed the hypocrisy, idiot.

          • spongeworthy_us

            What is the hypocrisy, idiot?  That’s exactly my point, idiot. If there was hypocrisy, Bernard Goldberg failed epicly in pointing it out, as did you, idiot.

          • spongeworthy_us

            Here’s a great example of hypocrisy: All through the W administration, money was deficit spent by the federal government on wars and giveaways like Medicare D but no Republican raised a voice in protest of the excessive spending.  But as soon as Obama was elected, they and their tea associates all of a sudden decided that the deficits must end and the budget must be balanced, many of the very same Republicans who were fine with W’s deficit spending.  That was hypocrisy at its finest, because they were fine with deficits until a Dem became president at which time they were no longer fine with it.

            So what hypocrisy are you guys accusing the media of?

          • Amymartin

            Here’s another example of hypocrisy — Obama on everything he does.  Let’s make sure everyone has a fair trial, except if you are a victim of one of his Predator drone strikes.  Illegal wars in Pakistan and Libya.  Guantanamo Bay still open.  Unemployment above 14%.  Get off your soap box — you are not spongeworthy at all. 

          • spongeworthy_us

            Not sure where you got the idea Obama has ever called for fair trials of anyone who eventually wound up being killed by a predator strike. If you can provide a source for that, I’ll stand corrected.

            The war in Pakistan is an extension of the war in Afghanistan and hence is not illegal.  We were never at war in Libya though we did assist NATO in some operations there, hence was not illegal. In both cases though, unless you can cite a source where he said he was against those actions before he acted in support of them, or vice versa, they weren’t hypocritical.

            Yes, Guantanamo is still open but not for lack of him trying.  He was prevented from closing it by the Republican-dominated congress. Again, unless you can cite a source where he spoke in favor of closing Gitmo and acted oppositely, or where he spoke against closing it and acted in favor of closing it, that’s not hypocrisy.

            Employment above 14%?  Where and when?  Cite the source.  Yes unemployment is still too high but that’s not hypocritical.

            What else you got?

          • spongeworthy_us

            You also said something about “MEDIA pollution”. Now I see a few of your allies on this board have used a similar or the same term but I’ll have to admit I don’t know what you’re talking about.

            Enlighten me, please.

          • Defender

            WOW!  Again, all you have is speculation.   “Well, if not for this, then that would have happend.”  And, “If not for that, then this would have happend.”  And, “It must be this wasy because Zimmerman’s dad is a retired judge.”  You have NO objectivity whatsoever; and NO facts to support any of your gross and hateful speculation.  Again, how’s that working out for ya? 

            Plus, I doubt Zimmerman is worried about any special prosecutor — he’s worried about you racists rushing to judgment, trying to publish his address and the addresses of his family members, and putting bounties out on his head.  I would think intelligent people would find this sort of a public lynching reprehensible.  But intelligent is a word not to be associated with the race-baiters. 

        • Captain

          Oj Simpson??

    • EddieD_Boston

      If a black taxpaying homeowner, who was helping police his community b/c of numerous break ins, shot a white maggot in self defense he wouldn’t be procecuted either.

      Also, you probably are a shut in b/c if you actually looked around you’d be able to understand that police forces have a a ton of black cops.

      • spongeworthy_us

        This has nothing to do with the number of black cops.  It has everything to do with the clear double-standard of justice. If Trayvon’s family and their lawyers had not raised hell,nothing would have come of the halfhearted, slipshod investigation performed by the Sanford police. When was the last time you heard of a similar  thing happening in the case of a white being killed by a black? Never.

        • Bruskie

          Your point is valid and all too real.  It is hard to say anyone in the black community could be hypocritical.  However, shouldn’t Sharpton and the rest speak out about black on black violence, black teen pregnancy, black prison populations, black language barriers and the general and widespread problems in the black communities?  This is where the profiling begins.  Come up with good workable long-term solutions perhaps things could change.  Instead, he (Sharpton) and many other so called “black leaders” go to the “blame the whites” argument and stoke the problems rather than attempt to fix them.  This could be the real hypocrisy.

          • spongeworthy_us

            You said “However, shouldn’t Sharpton and the rest speak out about black on black
            violence, black teen pregnancy, black prison populations, black language
            barriers and the general and widespread problems in the black
            communities?”  Yes, these are all problems and probably a lot more attention needs to be paid to these. Absolutely not only Sharpton but everyone both black and white and every color needs to be saying more about these problems and doing more about these problems. Now I don’t know if the sentence about hypocrisy was intended to be sarcastic because I do think any group or any person in a group such as the black community (not only tham, others as well) certainly could at times be guilty of hypocrisy.

            However, I think that the Trayvon Martin case deserves most of the attention it has been getting lately for the simple reason that it took all the uproar it has taken in the media and the social media to make something happen in the justice system after the cavalier treatment the case has received from Wolfinger and most of the Sanford PD.

            While the problems you have listed above are big problems, I think at least some effort has been made by a variety of groups to address those problems.

            On the other hand, were it not for the mainstream media and social media speaking out, it does not seem to me that a serious investigation of Trayvon Martin’s case would ever have occurred.  Now that Wolfinger is out of the picture, there is a fighting chance that Zimmerman will eventually have to go before a jury of his peers to have the case heard instead of being arbitrarily dropped by Wolfinger, possibly as a favor to Zimmermans father, a retired judge.

            That’s how I see it.

          • Charles Brister

            Black on Black  crime should be discussed and not simply used as a distraction.  So does White on White crime.  Happens every day but rarely discussed.  

            I first heard Jackson address the issue 20 years ago.
            Sharpton and I have both spoken out gangsta rap.
            But unless you read Black publications or attend some of the events, or belong to organizations like Stop the Violence increase the peace,  you wouldn’t know.

  • Mawmoses27

    Listen Here Mr. BERNIE GOLBERG understand one thing right now if Trayvon was killed by a black man I gaurantee you 100%  he would have been locked up right there on the spot. You want to so badly just have people believe that racism no loger excist that you would use this case that is so injust to compare black on black crime like you are really conerned about that.. PLEASE!!!!!!!! You are whats wrong with this country RIGHT-WING white american trying to use this case to hide what the truth really is here in america. Do not sit up there bringing up black on black crime like you have deep conerns about it until you and and rest of right-wingers can come to grip with the realization that there is still something truly wrong in this country keep the black on black crime references out of it. Anybody with two bits of sense can cleary see this case has been mishandle to put it lightly. Justice should be served in this case and we all know if it was a black man that did this he would be in jail so you are right you would not have heard about it because justice would have been served already so there would be nothing to talk about but how much time he would get and why  it happend. (You need help Mr. Golberg REALLY!!!! I mean that.)

    • Richkelley

      You missed his point, entirely.  That happens when you start with a predetermined view.

  • guest

    After Trayvon’s mother provided the country with a picture of her son when he was a smiling, clean-cut 13-year-old, she went out and trademarked his name.  I wonder why we’re not seeing any pictures of Zimmerman when he was 13.

    • Charles B.

      Well if it will make you feel better the released pictures of him 9 days before Zimmerman killed him.  Police also released a video of Zimmerman at the police stations 4 hours later. No sign of cuts of  bruises. The nose looked fine.  

      • guest

        Thank you doctor — that determines everything.

  • guest

    If Obama had a son, why wouldn’t he look like Zimmerman?  After all, they’re both half white.

    • Charles B.

      Psst Goldberg doesn’t want you to say Zimmerman is part white.

      But to answer your question.
      Height, weight, frame, skin tone, and hair texture.

      • New

        Pssst — the media doesn’t want you to know that Trayvon was suspend numerous times from school and was in fact serving a suspension for drugs at the time of this case.  The media also doesn’t want you to know that Trayvon was over 6 feet tall and Zimmerman was uner 5’10.  That’s because the media, and yourself, are race-hustlers, and you could care less about Trayvon — you just want a soap box to spew your racial crap. 

        • Brian_Bayless

          God, you are a useless poster.

          Suspended for pot at school as nothing to do about this case. Is that supposed to justify your reason why him and the media are “Race-hustlers.”

          Height as nothing to do with this either. You just take this as an example of the LIBERAL MEDIA MACHINE and have to be against what the liberals are defending.

          How about this, if Zimmerman obeyed the dispatcher and not follow Trayvon, noe of this would have happened.  

          • New

            God you are  stupid poster.  The point, which you clearly missed, was that NOTHING the media was advertising about Zimmerman was relevant.  Moreover, what they were advertising was UNTRUE. 

            Post a picture of Trayvon from years ago looking angelic (untrue).   Post a picture of Zimmerman from years ago looking like a demon (untrue).  Report that Zimmerman was bigger (untrue).  Report that Zimmerman was the agressor (untrue) (and, idiot, Zimmerman did not have to listen to anything a 911 dispatcher says — nothing he did was illegal, including defending himself).  Report on Zimmermans legal issues from years ago (irrelevant).  Etc., etc., etc.

            If you are going to do all that, then reporting on Trayvon’s numerous suspensions, twitter accounts, etc. is just as relevant.

            Of course, it all comes down to the facts, which you ignore and, instead, just make up your own.  How’s that working out for ya?

          • Fupascoop22

            No, Zimmerman ignored the advice of he people he called. He wanted to take the situation into his own hands. Also, why was he armed?

          • New

            He is under no legal obligation to listen to the 911 operator.  He does, however, have a legal right to carry a gun.  And good thing too, otherwise he would just be another death statistic; and you would be making excuses for Trayvon. 

        • Brian_Bayless

          God, you are a useless poster.

          Suspended for pot at school as nothing to do about this case. Is that supposed to justify your reason why him and the media are “Race-hustlers.”

          Height as nothing to do with this either. You just take this as an example of the LIBERAL MEDIA MACHINE and have to be against what the liberals are defending.

          How about this, if Zimmerman obeyed the dispatcher and not follow Trayvon, noe of this would have happened.  

  • Vwoodgett

    Yeah most Blacks who kill other Blacks get arrested and sent to prison if caught.  This my friend is more of a Emmit Till murder.  A Blatant murder for no reason, not retalitory or gang related, just an innocent young man brutally gunned by a pscho for no good reason.

  • disgusted

    omg … always manages to be crazy

  • Ldkfjdlkfjldkfjldkjfdk

    Thank you Bernie.

  • Don Lawhead

    Upsets me that now a profit is being made on this…I told many this incident would go way beyond the core facts and investigation. 

  • guest

    If Zimmerman is a “White Hispanic” then what is President Obama?  A “Black Caucasian” or a “White  African American”? What you do to one you do to all.

    • American

      Well put.  Obamaman should have kept his mouth shut about this case.  He did the same thing when that Professor in Mass. got himself in trouble instead of waiting for the whole story to come out.  Can you say “Open mouth and insert foot”  He just loves the limelight and looking for every chance to keep himself in it.  I hope the truth comes out for all to see.  Then and olny then can people say what they want about this case based on facts instead of listening to the likes of Obamaman, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.  The last two are the biggest racists in this country.   

  • Sol

    exactly why he cannot be arrested

  • Sol

    good stuff Bernie

  • Charles B.

    Since Goldberg is playing the race card:

    Imagine Goldberg’s reaction if the media reported that Zimmerman was a Jewish Hispanic. 
    Imagine this headline Zimmerman Described As ‘White’ Because Media Can’t say Jewish. 

    Indeed Zimmerman father Robert Zimmerman is Jewish and a retired judge.

    Norman Wolfinger, the state attorney, who blocked manslaughter charges and the arrest of George Zimmerman is also Jewish.

    George Zimmerman had 3 prior arrest, 2 for assaulting police, and one domestic violence  all three charges dropped. Coincidence?

    Norman Wolfinger recently recused himself from the case. When why asked why he blocked the arrest and manslaugher charges, his office responded no comment. I think he owes

    that state of Florida a comment.

    • Guest

      Well, your comments are right in line with Jackson’s and the rest of the crew’s public distain for jews.  Waitta go Charles, you just confirmed it! 

      Of course, none of your comments refute any of the physical evidence or eye witness testimony of what actually happend.  But who cares about facts, not when there is a lynching afoot and an opportunity to be had!

      • Charles B.

        Thanks for proving my point. It’s okay for Goldberg to play the race card and say White this and Black that, but the minute anyone mentions Jewish oh no, no, no.
        Now if I wanted to I could have posted on the Nazi websites and got an attaboy.  But instead I wanted to come to the source.  Goldberg recently complained about antisemitism among conservatives.
        Here is what Goldberg needs to understand if you program people to hate one group it’s easy for them to hate another group. 

        Remember that story first they came after.. .
        and then they came after me.

        • Sol

          Goldberg is not playing the race card; he merely points out that the liberal media and the hypocrits of the civil rights groups are playing the race card.

          • Charles B.

            Of course Goldberg is playing the race card.  Think of all the people he’s accusing. People he doesn’t even know.  Count the number of times he mentions White and Black in the article.

            Of the course the biggest race card is the U.S Census form.


            The U.S. is the only country where the majority of  people identify themselves primarily by color.

          • Joey

            Sharpton has a history of rushing to judgment and in stirring up racial discord while ignoring the facts of these cases. Do you need to be reminded of the way he trashed the Duke LaCrosse players? After trashing their character he never once apologized when the facts showed they were wrongfully accused and innocent.

          • Charles B.

            What did he say about the Duke LaCrosse players?  Will you apologize if you find nothing to support your claim?

          • Sad

            Then move to another country and rid us of your stupidity!

          • Charles B.

            I like it here in America. My roots run deep.  My great great grandfather, a free Black fought in the Civil war, to end slavery   My uncles fought in WWII and helped free your people from Hitler and the Nazis. My father served in the Korean War, and I participated in Desert storm. What about you and y0ur family.

          • Sad

            Much better than that; thanks.  My family came over in the late 1700s.  My family fought in the civil war to free “your people” from slavery (you racist pig).  My family worked from very little and made a better future for them their children.  Now you and “your people” persecute mine for being white, and racism runs rampant and unchecked amongst “your people”.  And the hypocrisy is what Bernie was pointing out; but you miss that because you are a racist.

      • Charles B.

        Perhaps you bought Zimmerman’s story, but the 15 year veteran lead homicide did not.  He wanted to arrest Zimmerman and charge him wth manslaughter. Details available upon request.

        Here is what we know. Zimmerman shot and killed an unarmed teenager 5 minutes after 911 told him not to follow Trayvon.
        We now know the version Zimmerman gave to police.  But here is another possibility. It was raining that night.  Zimmerman slipped and fell on his back and banged the back of his head.   Another possibility Zimmerman grabbed Trayon shoulder. Tryavon spun around and his elbow struck Zimmermen in nose.
        The anoymous testimony conflicts with that given by neighbors.

        We can only speculate
        All this needs to be sorted during trial. 

        • Guest

          Fortunately, Charles, the law does not speculate, especially as ridiculously as you do. 

          Since we are speculating,  however, let’s say that in the time that Zimmerman followed Trayvon, but then turned to go back to his car, Trayvon and a group or racist black panther members (as if there are anything other than racists in that group) plotted to knock Zimmerman down and break his nose.  When they snuck up on him and executed their plan, Zimmerman fell and banged his head on the sidewalk.   When he hit his head, he lost the part of his memory that recalled all those racists standing over top of him laughing at the jew they had just persecuted (jews are the most persecuted group in the history of the world — sorry to take that card away from you).  At the same time, spike lee and the rest of the race-baiting rabble-rousers (Jackson, Sharpton, etc.), who were angry that they were unable to falsley convict innocent Duke lacrosse players, jumped at the opportunity and started to organize rallies to protest the death of a young black man.  Of course, since Trayvon was not dead yet, the black panthers shot him with Zimmerman’s gun, and the whole ordeal turned into what we have now.

          Sounds stupid, doesn’t it.  Now you know what your idiotic tale sounds like, especially since it fits none of the evidence. 

          In this country, we do not simply arrest people because we think they might have committed a crime – you have to have probable cause.  Rather than just throwing EVERYONE into the sometimes long, arduous, emotionally taxing and financially crushing burden of a trial, an investigation is first done and a decision is made as to whether or not to make an arrest.  This not only helps out innocent suspects, but it is necessary for the prosecutors as well.  If an arrest is made too soon, and the prosecutors do not have enough evidence or are not prepared to go forward, then the case could be dismissed and a guilty person could go free. 

          As has been documented numerous times throughout this thread, an initial investigation was done, complete with a five-hour interrogation of Zimmerman, the review of physical evidence, the interviewing of witnesses, etc..  Zimmerman was brought back the next day and interrogated again.  You may not like the decision not to arrest him right away (lots of folks did not like decision not to arrest Drew Peterson right away), but it happens, and that does not mean the investigation is over.

          So rather than grossly mischaracterizing and distorting the facts, rather than intentionally trying to pervert Zimmerman’s likeness and reputation and do the opposite with Travon’s, rather than jumping to a conclusion and then race-baiting your way to justifing that conclusion while ignoring the facts, rather than making absurd, inflamatory and plainly stupid speculations, RATHER THAN TRYING TO PROFIT AND CAPITALIZE OFF A YOUNG MAN’S DEATH WHILE ATTEMPTING TO DIVIDE THE NATION, perhaps folks should just let the investigation play out. 

    • guest

      Goldberg was pointing out the hypocrisy of those who use the race c ard
      selectively. Secondly I guess you didn’t listen to the eye witness accounts of Martin on top of Zimmerman and beating him while Zimmerman called out for help. Selective hearing? People who are calling this racist with no proof are the real racist.

      • spongeworthy_us

        You said “Goldberg was pointing out the hypocrisy of those who use the race c ard selectively.” That may be inconsistency but it’s not hypocrisy.

        You said “Secondly I guess you didn’t listen to the eye witness accounts of Martin on top of Zimmerman and beating him while Zimmerman called out for help.” More eyewitnesses stated Zimmerman was on top of Martin than vice versa. And 2 independent voice analysts have stated the voice calling out for help was not Zimmerman.

        The fact remains that had Zimmerman stood his ground, as the law allows, instead of pursuing Trayvon, Trayvon’s death would probably have been avoided. In fact, the two Republican writers of the bill and Jeb Bush who signed the bill into law have stated that once Zimmerman defied the suggestion of the dispatcher not to pursue Trayvon, he was no longer shielded by “Stand Your Ground”. So since his actions were outside those allowed by “Stand Your Ground”, he should have been held and arraigned for murder or manslaughter.

        • Doug MacArthur

          No, “guest” used the word hypocrisy correctly, but they should have included “intellectually dishonest” in the description as well. These race-baiters (Sharpton/Jackson) are the biggest racists in the world (on par with the Klan or neo-Nazis), but they have the gall to hurl the “RACIST” epithet at others, even when it is not warranted. However, they don’t see themselves as racist, because in their minds, only white people can be racist or discriminatory (a racist notion in and of itelf).
          Also, the “Stand Your Ground” law did not apply when the dispatcher told him not to follow. Zimmerman apparently followed him for a bit, then returned to his car. Upon his return, Trayvon followed and confronted Zimmerman, at which point the “Stand Your Ground” law does apply, especially if Trayvon was acting in a threatening manner.

  • terry


  • Nancye

    Something that hasn’t been commented on is the fact that Obama immediately took the side of the young man who died by saying, “If I had a son he would look just like him”.  Really?  How would he know that?

    • Nancye

      P.S.  And that without knowing any of the details. 

      (Look just like him) ???

      • Bob Hadley

        Nancye, you’re overzealous in your determination to condemn President Obama.   President Obama didn’t take sides on the issue of who started what or whether the police handled the matter appropriately.  Rather, he was expressing sympathy to the family for Trayvon’s death.  How many details does President Obama need to know before he expresses sympathy and condolescences?

        In fact, President Obama stated very clearly that there must be a thorough investigation into the facts leading up to Trayvon’s death.

        If President Obama developed a cure for cancer would you him of conspiring to over-populate the planet. 

        • Ron Kean

          It’s about him choosing one teen’s death over another that offends.

          • Bob Hadley

            Which teen’s death did President Obama choose to ignore so he could express sympathy for Trayvon’s death?

            President Obama was answering a question about the shooting death of Trayvon.

          • Charles B.

            What was the name of the other teen?

    • Charles B.

      The President didn’t say “just.” You did Nancye.  Why Nancye why did you add in the word” just”  But looking at Barack Obama’s features,  skin tone, height,  weight and hair texture, there could very well could some resemblance.   He was responding to a question about racism and the Trayon Martin case. 

      • Bruskie

        Paraphrasing!  Duh.

        • Bob Hadley

          Distorting!  Duh.

    • no longer a republican

      This is a true statement.  Since is it  wrong to tell the truth?  And if you look at the President’s youngest daughter, that statement may not only be in color, but in appearance. 

  • Bruskie

    It is indeed terrible that a young man is dead however the hypocrisy goes beyond what you have written here Bernie.  In the month that this story has been BIG, how many times did we hear that Zimmerman was bloodied in the face and back of the head?  Or that he (Zimmerman) was interrogated for 5 hours the night of the incident and again the next day when the crime was reenacted with the police?  I heard it briefly on Scott Pulleys’ news report about a week ago, and again last night, it was never mentioned in any news reports, and I read many online.  Perhaps I missed the true, whole and objective news we should be getting.  Most of the media seemed to say an unarmed black teen was murdered for no reason whatsoever and the police allowed murder to go uncharged and unpunished and there was perhaps a cover-up, all this because of nationwide racism.  That was the story I was told.  Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

    • Sharon D. Causey


    • Charles B.

      How many times did you hear that the lead homocide detective didn’t believe Zimmermans account, and that he wanted to arrest Zimmerman an charge him with manslaugter? 

      • Sol

        turns out the kid was a thug.  Eye witnesses confirm Zimmerman’s accounts.  Get it? 

        • Astronobot

          Nope. You are wrong. But keep deluding yourself.

    • Roxiebell

      You nailed it!  We got a biased account of the case which incited the public into a frenzy.  Its a race baiting tactic that has gone to extremes under the Obama Administration and the reference to the young mans looks and our need for “soul searching”  was way out of line which seems to the norm for this incompetent. I’ve never heard a POTUS say the things he says and/or the way he says them, which is usually insulting, asinine or idiotic and DIVIDES this country like no other President,  or politician for that matter, ever has.  

      I don’t think the media knew they were dealing with a man “of color” when they started the blood sport of racism against Zimmerman.  When it was revealed that Zimmeran was hispanic it was like “oops” we better come up with a “new” word for our liberal gibberish PC urban dictionary and refer to him as a “white” hispanic and if that is not outrageous I don’t know what is since there is “no” such thing as a “white” hispanic. Just where is that classification on any Government form or on “any” form that asks for ethic background for that matter?  Its not there because there is no such thing.

      • Lavern Merriweather

        So if he’s so not ‘white’ why are YOU ALL tripping over yourselves to defend him then?!!

    • Lavern Merriweather

      Well maybe he wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t goteen OUT OF HIS CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE!! Zimmerman was playing Wyatt Earp and you dummies are hailing him as if he were a REAL cop instead of an overzealous arrogant thug trying to be a tough guy.

  • MerchantofVenom

    The gist of what I’m getting is you want Zimmerman locked up. That’s not how it works. But for the sake of argument lets lock him up. Then after a full investigation the case is dropped or he goes to trial and is found not guilty. 

    What would you say then?

    • Sad

      He would say, “TIME TO RIOT!”  The flash-mobs, however, are already ahead of that game.

  • Git2itgal

    Where to begin? Delric wasn’t stalled through the neighborhood; Trayvon was? It is possible to hold sorrow for more than one life lost in your heart? Whites still possess most of the authority zoned power in U.S. institutions and thus white crime on blacks actually is different? And yes, the dirty laundry of black on black does need to be addressed, but perhaps Al Sharpton et al don’t really seek your change of behavior in that, so they’re not bringing it to your neighborhood. They apparently do seek your behavior in changing white behavior that sends GZ home wearing his bloody evidence and carrying the murder weapon. The fact you can’t see a difference is part of what is being addressed in all the protest. Dude.

    • Sharon D. Causey


      • Git2itgal

        Dear Sharon-
        You gave every right to be dissatisfied with the inequities heaped on a lower-class woman, but the solution to your problems will not come from denying and denigrating the very real legacy if slavery, Jim Criw and other forms of institutional racism in our country. It is actually very sad that you think it will. As an upper-class white woman, I have much greater recourse to legal representation, respect and preferential treatment than you do – not because it was handed to me but because I earned it. However, if I had been black my challenges and risks would have been greater. It is quite sad that your circumstances seem not to allow you to recognize that. It’s really up to white people to undo the racism that is still alive and well in this country, despite our brown-skinned president. If people like you were in common cause with other disadvantaged people and voted your self-interest instead of an ideology that fails to advance your priorities, classism and sexism could also be part of the conversation. Unfortunately, lower-class whites tend to identify with the issues, agenda

        • thebigpromper

          Institutional raciszm. what a false and phoney idea;It is BS. 

          • Git2itGal

            That’s an impressive argument. Surely you change lots of minds with your eloquence.

        • Sol

          total baloney.  The black community needs to clean up their own act first..period.

        • Sad

          If you were black, Git2ital, you would have had to work half as hard and would have gained twice as much.  That is not to say those that succeed did not earn it, but the field is warped in their favor; unless you believe in the racist boogie man that searches the country looking to thwart the success of every black person that lives.  Get over yourself.

          • Astronobot

            Bahahahahaha how do you like it now? Zimmerman is free of blood and wounds on the police video. Because the deck is ALWAYS stacked in favor of the black man. Keep parading your astonishing ignorance if it makes you feel better about your own poor life accomplishments. If your logic is any indication, your accomplishments are a reflection of your intellectual acumen.

          • Joey

             His lawyer said he had a broken nose. Do you really think his lawyer would have made that statement to the media on the record if it wasn’t true?

            Way too many people on both sides of this case are jumping to conclusions, just let the investigation play itself out and the facts will be revealed.

            Just because you watched some police video of Zimmerman in poor lighting from about 2o feet away from the guy doesn’t make you a medical expert to determine if the guy had cuts or a broken nose.

          • Sad

            You must be truly omniscient, knowing so much about not only the case, but authors of posts on this site as well. 

            Either that or you are just an idiot who spews forth unsubstantiated facts and gross generalizations.  Congratulations — you have elevated yourself to the metaphoric position of a homeless vagabond who rants all day on the street corner. 

    • Sol

      kid was a thug, a thief, and a druggy.  Fix you own neighborhood first if you want the preception of the black community to change.

      • Astronobot

        Fix your own spelling and grammar if you want to pass as intelligent.

  • Blakely

    Oh,Oh! I think the liberals have found this website. The tone has changed. The “moron”
    bit is their M.O..

  • Bernieisasian

    Bernie, I have to laugh when I watch you on Real sports, not because of your ridiculously cosmetically altered appearance (although I do chuckle) but because of the liberal bias you display in your reporting.  Yes, liberal bias Bernie…

  • Bernieisasian

    truth is out morons, lead investigator wanted to charge manslaughter but told not to, I guess the thug didn’t deserve to die after all…  Don’t worry though, bernie will come up with the truth for you…

  • Bernieisasian

    bernie,  I give you credit for creating two truths in the US, the real truth and the conservative truth.   Above is another example of conservative truth.

  • Ballzinthepocket

    Right on .. Bernie ! .. heard you last night on  Orielly and today with Megan. Our president put his foot in his mouth when he commented on the policeman who pulled the  son out of  his parents house (after a hit and run). He later got the policeman together with the man  at the  Rose garden at the white house for a beer. We will see what transpires this time ? Oh Yes ! lets not forget about the men’s lacrosse team who was falsely accused (the media went all out on that one). The pictures that are being shown of the young man are when he was about3 years old (not 17 years old with a 6’2″ frame). It is tragic that a young 17 year old boy/man lost his life but once the TRUTH comes out lets see if all these CONDEMNERS will line up for an APOLOGY for Zimmerman ?

  • wally


  • JF

    your a complete jackass

  • A. Cross

    Your ignorant comments and idiotic statement that if Travon Martin’s shooter were black the media would not make such a fuss about it are the height of hypocrisy because if the shooter were black he would have been arrested that day your reasoning is despicable!

    • Sharon D. Causey


      • Charles B.

        You probably would not have heard about this case if the lead homicide detective was allowed to arrest Zimmerman and charge him with manslaughter.  But the state attorney general blocked the charges.

        • Sol

          still with that weak argument.  Face it, it was self-defense, and the law is written that way in Florida. Go re-write the law if you don’t like it.

    • Sol

      happens all the time…I never see such media coverage for black-on-black murders.  Bernie is correct. 

  • Red

    I believe you misquoted Al Sharpton.  What I heard was “Don’t talk to us like we stupid! Don’t talk to us like we ignernt!

  • Democrits

    Luckily Florida has good self defense laws to protect from thugs.  Zimmerman was protecting himself from getting his head bashed further by a thug.

  • John Saseen

    Just wondering…
    Now that more details are coming out, we are finding Trevon Martin may not have been the poor little innocent boy that the media first portrayed him with the, when he was 12 years old, photos and misstating his actual age. The fact that he had been suspended from school for Marijuana begs one to ask the question, was this kid a user, or was he selling drugs? One also wonders if the night he went out to buy iced tea and Skittles, was he also going out to smoke a joint? If he was smoking, on this fateful trip, was he high when confronted by Zimmerman? If so maybe his being confronted caused him to become overly aggressive and this was the reason that he then turned around and followed Zimmerman back to his car and attacked him. Martin was 6 ft-2″ and weighed 200+ pounds, larger than Zimmerman. Some types of people just seem to always have an attitude about them, and when questioned by anyone, this attitude propels them to become aggressive. Add possibly drugs into the mix, and Martin possibly having a chip on his shoulder from being suspended from school, and then add in a semi official figure confronting and questioning this kid, and you have the mix for violence.  Zimmerman pulled the trigger. If you look at the statements coming out now, quite possibly he was totally justified in doing so.

    • Git2itgal

      You have an awful lot of possibles supporting your argument, proving the facts are not in. Police could have avoided all this by making some effort to gather and assess the facts – beyond GZ’s say-so – from the start.

    • Sharon D. Causey


    • Charles B.

      Wow I’m reminded of how rape victims are often demonized.
      They drug tested Trayvon corpse but not Zimmerman.
      Zimmerman  had been arrested for violence more than once.
      Trayon left to buy some Arizona Ice tea for himself, and Skittles for his younger brother during the NBA Allstar half time game.  He was on his way back home talking to his girlfriend. Remember when you 17 and how you liked talking on the phone.  That’s when Zimmerman saw him got paranoid and called 911. 5 minutes later he killed Travon

      • Bill in MD

        You skipped the part about how Trayvon, currently serving a suspension for drugs and a much bigger individual than Zimmerman, pursued Zimmerman to his car, confronted him, threw the first punch, breaking Zimmerman’s nose, and then jumped on top of him and started banging his head against the concrete while Zimmerman cried out for help.  BUT, when you are trying to reach a predetermined conclusion, ignoring facts often helps.  Idiot.

        • Lavern Merriweather

          What a crock!! That has ZERO to do with Zimmerman being an overzealous jerk who followed Trayvon AFTER cops told him not to made over 96 911 calls harassing other citizens doing nothing! And for your info Zimmerman isn’t ‘innocent’ either having been arrested himself for domestic violence. So if I happen to have stolen a blouse 5 years ago and then I’m walking down the street minding my own business that justifies some thug shooting me because they THOUGHT I was up to no good?!! And if he was getting beat up which I doubt then he should NEVER have gotten out of his car in the first place!

  • fair and balanced


    I respect your views and suspect you wont read my comment but here is why your premises are flawed. For starters this is a news story not just because the alleged perpetrator is “white”. There are multiple instances on black on black, black on white crimes and vice versa but in all of those cases the justice system is allowed to work.

    In a case such as this where there wasn’t even an investigation until the media shined a spotlot on this case is the point of the endless coverage. So rather than attribute media coverage to race baiting, how about acknowledging the fact that in some instances and in some areas the justice system is broken. Is that not a major story in and of it self?

    With regards to Obama commenting are you suggesting he shouldn’t have answered the question the press personnel asked him? This is my friend a right and wrong issue so lets not politicize it. Your assumptions as to why the national media doesn’t cover black on black crime is flawed. On my local news stations; a disproportionate amount of the news coverage is precisely about that and this may be the precise reasons that fuel negative stereotypes about black males. So black on black crime in the inner cities  does get the attention it deserves. Lastly your insinuation that some persons in the “civil rights” establishment are expressing selective outrage is false. I dont know of any black, white, asian, or Latino person in the “civil rights” community who isn’t deeply upset and outraged and actively working to highlight and cure inner city crime. Just because the media chooses not to cover it doesn’t mean it is not happenning.

    • Doug MacArthur

      In case you were not paying attention, the justice system WAS working just fine, until the notorious race-baiters Sharpton and Jackson stepped in. Investigations take a long time to complete, especially in situations where there is little physical evidence and the investigat0rs are depending on “eyewitness accounts”. This is entirely a play by certain individuals to call attention to a problem that just doesn’t exist – that of rampant “white on black” race-based crime.
      I’m not going to assume I know exactly what happened that night, but the evidence (the REAL evidence, not the Sharpton-Jackson race-infused hate speech) is landing more in Zimmerman’s favor than Trayvon. That may not jive with certain people’s mental picture of a young black teen skipping along minding his own business, eating Skittles and talking with his devoted prom-queen girlfriend on the phone, while an evil, black-hearted RACIST white (oops, white-Hispanic, whatever that means) man decides to blow the kid away just “for the hell of it”, but that’s just too bad. Sometimes the “victim” is not the victim at all, but the aggressor.

  • Cmac4445

    Ok so I think this whole thing is just a media jungle.  Yes a 17 year old lost his life, that simple fact is sad, very sad.  A man has admited to killing the boy.  However because of the laws in Florida he is not arrested because it was self defence.  Now we were not there, it seems new witnesses are comming forward each day.  Maybe Zimmerman should be held in jail right now.  But because of the laws hes not.  However it seems really crazy that it has become a race issue.  Because a hispanic/white person killed a black man it has to do with race, it has to be a race crime.  I believe racism is still alive in America today.  However being a white man it seems to me that the race card gets thrown on whites only.  Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton jump at any chance they get to throw the race card and accuse white people and I guess in this case hispanics of being racist.  So I am confused why is it only white people have to be P.C., we cant throw the race card.  We cant say that everytime a black man or women kills a white person its racist.  It keeps coming up but if he was shot by another black man it would not have made the news.  Its only because the race card could be used.  I dont understand how it is a hate crime.  It is ruled as self defence thats why Zimmerman is not in jail.  Thats the way America works, if this was a case where Zimmerman was black and the kid was white would we still hear it was a race crime?  No it would have been looked at as self defence because thats what the law is in Florida.  Maybe the protesters should stop protesting and try and change the law if they dont like it 

  • Keith Moe Johnson

    The point is not about if,this was a Black shooting another Black!!! How this was handle by the police !!! No charge!!! Dead body being held three days without notifying family!!!! Maybe your point should be that why so many(Youth) are getting killed in America.  Let’s work on that!!!   

  • Sad

    So upset about their son’s death, that the family had the peace of mind to hire attorneys to file copyright apps. with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for slogans being used in the current racist rallies that are continually covered by the liberal media (as opposed to the facts).

    “Also Monday, an attorney for Martin’s mother confirmed that she filed trademark applications for two slogans containing her son’s name: “Justice for Trayvon” and “I Am Trayvon.” The applications said the trademarks could be used for such things as DVDs and CDs [trademark attorney, Kimra Major-Morris, said in an email]”

    So upset was Obama’s camp that they began selling Obama 2012 hoodies.  You can’t make that stuff up!
    It is also worth noting that the family attorney is the same one that represented Mike Nifong, the disgraced prosecutor who knowingly and recklessly prosecuted innocent white young men from the Duke lacrosse team.  I believe Jackson and Sharpton were part of that?
    And “They killed Trayvon, and now they are trying to kill his reputation!”  Who is “they”?  I believe it is beyond dispute that only Zimmerman was involved.  How does it become a “they”?  Perhaps, since spike lee has joined the picture, it is the vast conspiracy that exists and unfolded in FL specifically to kill a teen just because he was black and carrying skittles.  Or perhaps it was the whites and hispanics; or the white-hispanic race classification that was recently invented. 

    Or perhaps it is just rampant racism used to garner emotional support, ratings and divide the country as much as possible.  Screw the facts, there’s an opportunity afoot!  It is shameful; just shameful.

    • Roadmaster

      “Justice for George,” “I am George Zimmerman.”  Hmmm, sounds about right, except I’m only a white Caucasian, not one of them there new types, a white Hispanic.

    • Sharon D. Causey

      RIGHT ON MY BROTHER !!!!!!!

  • Peter Whitney

    The outrage, is that Trayvon’s killer has not been arrested.  We know that Zimmerman killed Trayvon, even Zimmerman will admit that.  But nothing has been done.  Zimmerman should be arrested and tried in court for murder.  Worry about if it really was self defense, or a hate crime later.  Arrest Trayvon’s killer first and go from there.

    • MerchantofVenom

      Your logic is stunning!

    • Harmlessnot

      You are obviously ignorant of how laws work. The death of someone at the hands of someone else does NOT automatically constitute the necessity of an arrest of the individual. Many circumstances need to be weighed and reviewed before that decision is made. You’re drinking the black radical hype that the media is more than happy to spew all over the place. The media’s current marching orders are to hyper-inflate ANY news story that will create division. Why? Because division = distraction. And given the sad state of affairs we now live under, distraction is necessary for TPTB to continue their looting of America.

      • Sharon D. Causey

        RIGHT ON TIME !!!!

  • Kristina

    Thank you for putting a spotlight on the the clear hypocrisy taking place here.

    A child’s life is a precious thing – not a vehicle for liberal activists to put non-blacks under attack so they can usher in a victory for Obama this November.

    Instead of seeking justice and a thorough investigation, his parents and all public figures with enough melanin (our President included) deem this tradegy about race.

    If white Americans can be threatened with the label of “racist” by the media for not re-electing a completely unqualified politician who most likely will go down as the worst POTUS in recent memory – our country is in grave danger of abandoning any sense of liberty and justice.

    • Sharon D. Causey

      AMEN !!!

  • American

    Maybe the Media and Obama have hyped this up for another reason.  They both are looking for a racial war to start so Obama can declare Martial Law and stay in Office for an undertemined amount of time.

    • hotbarb2614

      Your full of BS

    • Ron Kean

      I agree with you American.  

    • Sharon D. Causey


  • Harmlessnot

    This was labeled as a hate crime, that is strange, when it takes place against a black it is called a hate crime. When a black commits a crime against white it is not..Example: Denver, CO – A White female teenager, Brandy DuvaI, is raped, sodomized, tortured with a broomstick and stabbed 28 times by a gang of six blacks and Hispanics. Her skull is caved in and corpse dumped into a ditch. Police confiscate a blood soaked mattress as evidence. This was not investigated as a hate crime. Killeen, TX – A White couple, Todd and Stacy Bagley are kidnapped on the way to church, lit on fire, burned to death and shot in the head by four blacks. This was not investigated as a hate crime.South Carolina – A White female, Melissa McLaughlin, is raped, tortured and skinned alive in a tub of bleach by seven blacks. This was not investigated as a hate crime.Racine, WI – A black gang member, Nazeer Ghani, fires into a crowd of White concert-goers while shouting racial epithets, killing father of two, Joe Rowan. Although identified by 30 witnesses, police release the killer for “lack of evidence.” This was not investigated as a hate crime.Burlington, NC – A 10 year old White child, Tiffany Long, is raped, sodomized, sexually tortured and murdered by two black males and a black female. The black female rams a broomstick up her vagina and rectum. The parents were prohibited from seeing their dead daughter’s body. This was not investigated as a hate crime. And the list goes on

    • Sharon D. Causey

      SO RIGHT ~ THANK YOU !!!

  • pmt

    Thank you, Bernie, for stating the facts about mainstream media.

  • Ted Wight

    This is not hypocrisy.  The media never admits to being balanced.  So it isn’t hypocritical.

    This whole extravaganza is, however, frightening.  In a flash mob of media and blog propaganda, over 70% of the country I heard last night believes Zimmerman should be locked up.  They didn’t ask if the key should be summarily thrown away.  Now translate this into the relentless propaganda from kindergarten (oops Headstart) through graduate school then in the media promoting the anti-achievement, anti-free-enterprise agenda of the Progressives.  It’s amazing the country is even 25% to the right. 

    What the Republicans don’t seem to understand is that the Progressive Agenda is also anti-The People.  It takes free choice from the people and puts it into the hands and minds of the few Ivory Tower elites, Left-wing politicians and bureaucrats.  That is anti-People.  Democracy, some of you might remember, belives, like free-enterprise does, in the People.  WHY CAN’T REPUBLICANS SAY THAT?

  • Sakara

    jesse jackson and al sharpton are the black version of adolf hitler and josef stalin.

  • Will Swoboda

    You’re right again Bernie. The real tragic story is the 70% out of wedlock birth rate among the black community.

  • SG

    Mr. Goldberg, The nation is not concerned because one teenager was killed. The nation is outraged because the police apprehended the killer and let him go. You make a false and dishonest analogy with the baby killed in Detroit. Did the police apprehend that baby’s killer and let him go on some stand-your-gangster-ground law?

    • Ron Kean

      And what should they have charged him with?  What if he had acted in self defense?  

      • King

         self defense based on who’s account? His own? If it worked like that, our prisons would be empty.

        • Patrick


          Zimmerman does have a witness who has backed up his story. Honestly, this story is getting messier and messier by the minute. It’ s going to a media circus the next few weeks at least, I can tell you that much.

          As you’ll see by this article, invetigators are having a heck of time piecing the whole story together. Too bad, they didn’t investigate this earlier like they should have.

          • King

             In that article, it has another witness contradicting that witness.  There’s two sides to this story and only one is able to tell it. Regardless, he shouldn’t be able to walk around free when there is this many questions on a killing that he admitted to doing.  Self defense or not, he still killed another human being and you have to keep that in mind.

          • “T”

            “he shouldn’t be able to walk around free when there is this many questions”

            That is precisely how the system works in this country.  One can be arrested on “suspicion of” but only when facts in evidence support such a suspicion.

            That an arrest has not yet been made might simply mean that the investigation is ongoing.  Give the police some credit here.

            Sheesh!  They don’t even do it your way on “Law and Order”.

        • Ron Kean

          I’d like to give the Florida police a little credit.

  • Arilsaad

    I look at Sharpton and his MSDNC cohorts as circus performers……………

    • Harmlessnot

      Yes, but circus performers entertain the circus goers, getting them to believe any and all sorts of tricks and illusions.

  • Arilsaad

    I think it is important to note that he said ignant, not ignorant, my 12 year old son pointed this out to me.

  • Shane

    Great article, Bernie! If Trayvon’s killer had been black, no one outside his neighborhood would have heard about this story. Jackson and Sharpton depend on whites discriminating against blacks, and if it doesn’t happen, then they will manufacture an incident. I believe that there is more hatred from blacks towards whites, than from whites towards blacks because of race activists like Revs. Sharpton, Jackson, and Wright.

    • Sharon D. Causey


  • Ron Kean

    I used to think this would blow up in the manner of Rodney King.  Now I think it’s just going to fade away until the media can find a new situation where whites or Christians can be made to look culpable for something else.  Here’s hoping that the majority of Americans are as reasonable and intelligent as the people whose opinions are here.

    Also, recently Santorum’s been dealt with on this site but I think he may have stumbled on to something by accident.  I’d like to see more people look media personalities in the eye and say ‘bulls*it’ to them.   Whether it’s defending the Right or for this faux racist bulls*it, they should have to hear it.

    • Harmlessnot

      Ron, you are right. The GOV/Media spin machine are desperately seeking the next Rodney King event to distract us from the fiasco’s and terrible leadership plagueing our country. This one won’t be it. But I can almost guarantee that sometime in Summer/Early Fall IT will happen. They will find (or create) the ultimate divisive event. Bank on it.

    • Sharon D. Causey


  • RestlessLegs

    If Zimmerman is a “white Hispanic,” then shouldn’t the New York Times refer to our esteemed leader as a “white African-American?” 

    • Lavern Merriweather

      Not if he is in YOUR neighborhood let’s see him called ‘white’ then

  • KG

    great article and you are so correct.   I would love to see to likes of Sharpton and Jackson once stand up and say something about black on black crime but I never do.     Good thing the shooter was not a lacrosse player.

  • Mstinalou

    Are you really serious, had he been shot by another African american that man would be locked up right now. Yes black on black crime is out of control, but arrest are being made. Regardless of how you want to put a spin on it. That man should be arrested for what he did.  He was in the wrong regardless of what race the young man was. He was wrong.

  • Bruce A.

    I wish the MSM would wait for the facts to come in before going ape.

  • nafadda

    great article Bernie and so correct .
    I grew up across the Lake(lake Monroe) from Sanford Fl…it was always a sleepy little southern town in a great location.back then I never saw a blck/white thing going on..there were blacks and there were white and for the most part I saw people live in harmony.
      now it’s a much bigger place and I do think the police dept should maybe just done a little better and not so quick investigation and this may have went a lot smoother.also last year when they had on tape a big drunk guy knocking out a black homeless man that wasn’t hurting anything ,outside a bar and laughing about it after he smashed the man in the face for no reason and the drunk guy that beat down the homeless man walked away from the charges (prob because his dad worked for the police dept)..i think that started off getting the ball rolling with  the PD not looking so good.

       whats going on now with the media feedimg frenzy and the likes of sharpton and CO. ,is going to only
    insight more violence and hatred I believe …

      also since i am a strong  supporter of the ‘stand your ground’ law ,i think there will be many that try and blame that law now.the  SYG law has been a good thing for Fl and is not the reason this happened  IMO.

          It comes down to a media wanting to see a witch hunt feeding frenzy, a bunch of angry people all over now,and a PD that should just have taken a bit more time before they closed a case.( and that includes the case of the homeless man that was beat down)…

         nafadda AKA robin in fl
    .robin in fl

  • Ballzinthepocket

    Right on .. Bernie ! .. heard you last night on  Orielly and today with Megan. Our president put his foot in his mouth when he commented on the policeman who pulled the  son out of  his parents house (after a hit and run). He later got the policeman together with the man  at the  Rose garden at the white house for a beer. We will see what transpires this time ? Oh Yes ! lets not forget about the men’s lacrosse team who was falsely accused (the media went all out on that one). The pictures that are being shown of the young man are when he was about 13 years old (not 17 years old with a 6’2″ frame). It is tragic that a young 17 year old boy/man lost his life but once the TRUTH comes out lets see if all these CONDEMNERS will line up for an APOLOGY for Zimmerman ?

    • Sharon D. Causey

      THANK YOU !!!

  • Bob Hadley

    Was Delric Waymon Miller IV’s shooter located by the police and allowed to walk free?  It seems her situation, though tragic, was a completely different situation.  In this case, the focus was injustice by law enforcement and racial stereotyping by vigilante types..

    In fact, you allude to this difference when you say that certain black leader don’t like to focus on dysfunction and violence within black communities.  And you’re obviously right that more needs to be done to address the problem of dysfunction and violence.

    I do know, however, that Jesse Jackson at least used to hammer away in black communities that people should work hard, kids should study hard, and get involved with their churches and communities. His refrain was something like “Put hope in your brains, not dope in your veins.”   I’m confident that he still does.  The MSM  gave scant coverage to this.

    But what’s wrong with making a general protest against the perceived racial injustice and then going into troubled communities and stressing personal responsibility, community,  focus and hard work?

    I agree that if the shooter were black there would, at most, be only a local concern.  But what if the shooter were black AND the one shot dead were an affluent white?  Would the shooter have been arrested?  I’m tempted to say “You betcha.”

    This should also be an occasion to re-examine the so-called stand your ground law.

    • Ron Kean

      I also remember Jesse Jackson wanting ‘…a hand up not a hand out.’  

      The other point about the black person in Zimmerman’s shoes assumes race has or had more to do with the issue than weighing the evidence.  Do we give law officers credit to see a bloody face and grass stains and then decide what to do next or to just act based on skin color?

      Times have changed since the ’50’s in the south.  The argument today is, has it?

      • “T”

        “Times have changed since the ’50’s ”

        No they haven’t.  There are still racists calling for someone’s arrest and even death based purely at this point on the color of the victim’s skin (“Wanted Dead or Alive” posters by the New Black Panther party) .  Role reversal, perhaps, but the same melodrama plays out as before.

      • Bob Hadley

        I agree with you that even if the shooter were black and the victim was white and affluent, the shooter might have received the same treatment from the police as Zimmerman did.  Good point!  :)

  • Vinbick44

    This story sounds so much like the Duke University team being convicted by the media and the race card gang led by Dullton and Jessie James.  Time will tell the whole story, but all the noise by these empty barrels now adds to BO’s stinky division of the races in our great nation.
    Color or race are NOT real issues in 2012; only the use of same by those in the business of keeping the fires fanned is in play here.

    • Sharon D. Causey


  • Sharone Winston

    THIS is not  a case for the media, and if i am correct you are not white. you are jewish american so there for u should understand the out cry for equality, i believe in do process, but i also believe he should have been arrested and givin a chance to prove his innocence just like all african americans have to do . not because of his race but for his actions. please give me one reason why this is backwards. this is not about the far left oe the far far right. its about human beings. bieng treated like they matter rather its the baby in DETRIOT. OR SANFORD FLORIDA. EQUALITY IS THE KEY. we do not need permission to be free humna being from any one white black or hispanic. thank you……

  • Lindajiffy

    I saw you on Megyn Kelly today and I thoroughly agree with you.  I live in South Jersey just across the bridge from Phila.  As of 2 weeks ago there were 72 murders in Phila. most of which  were black on black crime.  The mayor of the city is on television calling the death of Trayvon an assassination.  What about all the young black males in Phila. who have been murdered by other black males. Aren’t they someone’s son, husband or brother?  Surely they must be important to their families.  It’s a lot easier to make judgements then to clean up the mess that is in Phila.  That goes for the mayor of Phila., Michael Nutter and the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who’s job in life is nothing more than to stir up trouble between the races and make themselves relevent.

    • Sharon D. Causey

      THANK YOU !!!

  • King

    The real hypocrisy in all of this is the lack of outrage of other publicized events in this country. The Nancy Holloway case, The Casey Anthony case, The Scott Peterson case, The other Peterson case. Where were your stories about pointing to other tragedies happening in the country when YOUR media was covering them too? Why is it ok to cover every attractive white girl gone missing but point to an agenda when a minority is involved? Cmon, Bernie, you have to note the differences in reporting when it comes to these national publicized cases . There’s always some other crime/tragedy that they could cover in those too.

    • Nancyroxxx

      Natalie Holloway

      • King

         Thanks. I wish I could edit.

  • Quit_man

    Bernie… could mention a simple statistic, when you get a chance, that on St.Patrick’s day weekend in Chicago, fifty blacks were shot…….ten died and forty were wounded. The youngest one killed was one year old and the youngest survivor was six years old. None of the usual rabble rousers or race hustlers went to Chicago to bemoan the dead. Obama did not call their families to assure them that justice would be done nor was the FBI sent to Chicago to second-guess the local police investigations. In none of these did the shooter call 911, nor did he hang around waiting for the cops to arrive, to help sort out the respective race of the shooter, and put blame on this group or that group. Very likely, there were no witnesses that came forward. All very different from the Trayvon Martin case…..but somehow, this case was pulled from the fishbowl to be the “racial outrage of the month” by the usual suspects……like Jena 6, Duke Lacrosse, Twanna Brawley, and dozens of other hoaxes.

    Shine a little light on the case in Tulsa, Oklahoma…..Nancy and Bob Strait. She was 85 years old and he was 90 years old. Their home invasion by Tyrone Dale David Woodfork, a 20 year old “unarmed black kid” was particularly brutal. She was raped and beat to death. Her husband was severely beaten, as in hospitalized. Where are the thousands of marchers demanding justice be served on the black punk. (Bob Strait was in the 101st Airborne in WWII.)

    • Sharon D. Causey

      THANK YOU !!!

    • Lavern Merriweather

      And why don’t youmention the race of the 2 thugs who murdered that family in Conneticut or the thug who raped,then stabbed then set on fire a 67 year-old woman in a Chicago Suburb and THEN sent death threats to her family?!! Or the murderer of Chelsea King who was TWICE convicted of sexually assualting minors or the murderer of 3 year-old Riley Fox also TWICE convicted of seuxally assualt on minors. Or the dirty old man Robyn Baumgartner went to Aruba with who had a HISTORY of violence towards women.Or Chester Hicks who videotaped the rape of a 3 year-old or Cameron Hooker who held a young woman prisoner in his basement for 7 years.

  • Drbrown

    mr. goldberg i have to let you know about a question that was on a usa news letter about trayvon and the shutting in florida the guestion was should the appointted zimmermans of the community( watchmen)be able to carry a gun i took the servay and said yes and hit vote the vote that i cast was changed to no and submitted i called the usa news phone number and they said they where sorry it must have been a computer glitch isnt it funny that this was addressed this way

  • concerned

    I would like to know where is the outrage about the racist balck panthers offering a $10000 bounty on the head of an innocent person. Mr. Zimmerman is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, no matter what the supposed facts of the case are and no matter what the liberal media reports. Until a jury of his peers say so, he is an innocent man. The black panthers should be arrested and charged with conspiracy to cause murder. 

  • independentinlasvegas

    BO needs to fire up his base for votes.. Why is anyone surprised by this.. I’ll put my pyschic hat on.. BO is hoping that something like this happens to a hispanic. (Preferably in Arizona).  Then he can get rid of the gov of the state..

     I’m originally from Chgo..BO and Axlerod are in the words of Trump BAD GUYS!

  • Jim

    As one of the silent old people, that has not yet lost my memory, “I do not recall Rev. Sharpton say anything about the Duke students who were wrongfully accused of the rape charges…” He should be in the olympic games. He would win the award for jumping to conclusions.

  • MerchantofVenom

    You’re right. If he had been shot by another black teen we wouldn’t have heard a word about it. To be truthful I don’t really know what happened in the Trayvon Martin case. You know why? Because I wasn’t there. Unlike Sharpton, who seems to have the uncanny ability to be an eyewitness at every one of these events, some of which have come back to bite him on the -ss.  The guy who shot this kid may be guilty has hell. Nobody knows for sure what happened. Except Barry, Al, and Jesse. Barry just can’t resist fanning the flames. First the Beer Summit and now this. …”if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.” What is that supposed to mean? When I first saw the picture of this kid the only thing missing was a halo. Since then there have been some disturbing new developments that may paint a slightly different picture. I can’t remember any of the president’s predecessors wading into these waters. Where was his outrage when Casey Anthony killed her daughter and got away with it?

  • soundnfury

    I agree with the President that Americans need to do national some soul searching in the wake of this tragedy. May I respectfully suggest, sir, that it’s time black Americans got their own house in order.

  • Sidney18511

    If Obama spitout bricks of gold and handed them out to the public, you would still find something wrong.

    • Glen

      We’d prefer them to the cow puckie he “spits out” daily.  Obama the man is not this issue, it’s Obama the “change we can’t believe in”.

  • Quit_man

    Bernie…..I just watched you on FoxNews talking about this story and I just have to ask you…..Why does FoxNews do like all the other media and keep showing the same little boy pix of Trayvon Martin? Yes, I know the cute 13 year old is much less menacing than the 17 year old. Much more recent pix are circulating on the internet these past few days, some taken from his Facebook page, which show a punk with his pants sliding down his thighs, flashing gansta signs, complete with gold grill teeth. If they are going to show negative images of Zimmerman (and not little boy pix) then why not show Trayvon Martin as he appeared last month? Why don’t you speak to your friends at FoxNews and ask them why they do the same thing? (Consider these “softball” questions.)

    • King

      That’s not the same person. That’s why no one is reporting that. If you go back to the original breitbart article, the author admits to getting it wrong.

      • MerchantofVenom

        Perhaps you should do a little more research.

        • King

          Ok. Here I did the work for you. Dan Riehl blogs for breitbart. Here is his website:

          • MerchantofVenom

            Research means more then one source. Would you like my help?

          • King

            Dan Riehl was the one who found the facebook page and broke the now bogus story. I don’t know why another source is needed but please enlighten us with the research you’ve come up with.

    • Jose Cervantes

      Wow. How is that relevant? You are suggesting the teen had it coming and that more people would see that if they could only see how menacing he looked.

  • King

    You seem to be missing the point that the shooter was let go and allowed to walk free in this case. Can you site other examples where this has happened? Involving any color..

    • King

       Instead of shooter, I should have put killer because someone died at the hands of another human. I’d love to hear other examples of where a situation like this has happened and the media coverage of it/if any.

    • MerchantofVenom

      Have ya ever heard of O J Simpson?

      • King

        Yes I have. He was taken into custody and charged with 1st degree murder. Do you not remember the white bronco chase?

        • MerchantofVenom

          And what happened after that?
          (I’m trying to move this along)

          Answer: He was judged by a jury of his peers and found innocent.

          Reply: You really believe he was innocent?

          Your turn.

          • King

            No, we’re not at what happened after yet. It still hasn’t  happened. That’s the point.

             OJ was arrested, on suspicion, less than a week after Nichole Simpson and the other guy were murdered. George Zimmerman is still out free ONE MONTH after we know that he shot and killed the kid.

          • MerchantofVenom

            This is a link to the official statement issued by the Sanford Police Dept.


            Perhaps it will answer some of your questions.

  • Nils

    I rarely agree with you .Bernie, I hanger-on fan from your sports reporting days. This time I am in total agreement. This was an excellent piece and thought provoking, although the provoking thoughts will probably never get to the right people. I agree with you on all points. Keep up the interesting journalism.

  • Drew Page

    Bernie  –  You are right about the absence of outrage from the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, MSNBC, CNN and other liberal media when countless black-on-black murders are committed.    It seems the outrage from these sources only emerges when its white-on-black crime.

    That said, and only going by the sound bites of Zimmerman’s  911 call, it seemed to me that Zimmerman was looking for a confrontation.   He did not heed the advice of the 911 operator who told him to back off following or confronting the kid he reportedly shot.   Subsequent reports say that Zimmerman was involved in a physical confrontation with the shooting victim where he suffered a broken nose and other bruises and now claims self defense.   Admitedely, I don’t know any more of the facts than those released over the news.  But we live in a world of perceptions and while I could be totally wrong, I perceive Mr. Zimmerman to be a self appointed Barney Fife looking for a problem.

    I think Florida’s “stand your ground” law is a reasonable one.    One shouldn’t have to run like hell from being robbed, beaten or raped if you are legally carrying the means of lethal self defense.   Often an attacker can be discouraged by the proposed victim showing that he/she is armed and willing to use deadly force if necessary.   This law was not meant to give license to would be vigilantes and wanna be cops that go out looking for an excuse to use a gun. 

    • Joser Cervantes

      Excellent comment. It’s important to note that this issue has caused particular outrage because Zimmerman was never arrested and the Sanford Police Department did not properly investigate the incidence. I can understand the frustration at the lack of coverage or outrage for other incidences but I don’t think that should make people so callous to a particular situation. I don’t care if Zimmerman is Hispanic, white, or both. Racial profiling played a role in his suspicion(okay), he called the cops based on an assumption that the teen was up to no good (not cool but still okay), he pursued Trayvon despite the police operator’s insistence he stay in his car (not okay), he shot an unarmed teen (not okay), and he was not arrested (extremely not okay). If there had been no outrage, Zimmerman would be a free man, no questions asked.

      • Jose Cervantes

        Incident* Incidents*

  • beniyyar

    While in a general sense “any man’s death diminishes me”, according to John Donne,  Barack Obama has exploited Trayvon Martin’s death to increase someones popularity, you guessed it, Barack Obama’s! 
    Barack Obama now has a son, well not literally, who would have looked like Trayvon Martin, and would have been shot to death as well, not literally of course, but in such a way as to make Obama look like the wonderfullest and most specialist President in history.  After all, Trayvon Martin’s death was really all about Barack Obama, even though Obama is half White, as Black American Everyman and the shooter, even though he is half Hispanic, is a White Racist American Everyman who deeply desires to spill Black American blood.
    After all, no matter the event, no matter the occasion, it’s all about Barack Hussein Obama, all the time and every time!

  • LAB

    Talking about selective coverage, check out the case of the Florida teenager (black) who shot and killed two British tourists, who made the mistake of venturing into the “wrong” neighborhood.  Even though he’s on trial now, there is more coverage in the UK than here.

  • mojjo1

    Why are the media calling this guy “white-hispanic?” Does that make a half black-white person, like the President, “White-Black” or (pc) “White-African/American?” Does it make it a race crime when a White-AA person shoots another black person? Will the media say a “white-African/American, shot a black person because of racial profiling and hatred? The White side of him took over him in this incident?  

    Aside from his last name, Zimmerman would be considered Hispanic otherwise, not “white”. If his father were Peruvian and his mother white, would this outcry still occur? Would the black protesters look to deport all Hispanics? This is really odd. 

    What I do know is this is the first column that does not convict either party without knowing the facts, because no one knows the facts yet. Absolutely no one should rush to judgment until all the facts are known. We need to trust the justice system. If it means they let Zimmerman go home for the time being, then they have reason, and not because he was “white.” If he did do something wrong, then that will come out and he will be punished.  People casting judgment without knowing the facts first should pause before they speak against either party.  What we assume at first glance may not be the truth at all. It is a travesty to comment opinion on guilt in an ongoing investigation. It is not always black and white, literally.

  • bearone7777

      Very GOOD article Bernie, and the truth all the way AROUND.  But as with most all media personalities these days you have a “BAD” habit of linking Black Americans into a category as Quote-UN-Quote,  “AFRICAN AMERICANS”, and I am still waiting for someone to tell me what part of the African Continent that we as Americans are a part of, or have in our possession.  Just do not get why on earth people in the Media cannot say it this way——-“BLACK–AMERICANS”.  I think that is the way they should be known.

    • LAB

      If we use the term “negro,” like Martin Luther King did, there is no confusion at all…

      • bearone7777

         LAB I totally respect your opinion, and I say thanks for it.  But if you see what my user-name is IT might tell you a little bit of what I am. I am most all Native American, and to me that also is a disgusting, non-respectful way to address “BLACK AMERICANS”.  That of course is my opinion, and we are all still allowed that under the First Amendment.  Thank you for your comment.

  • FloridaJim

    Yours is the most decent writing on this subject the entire week. thank you Bernie.
    Wait until all the facts are in and then decide.

  • Brian

    I think that Bernie is one of the few people in the media who is 100% honest, whether you agree with him or not. And yes, the media does fuel racial tension (and anti-Semitism to a degree) as they always seem to side with and glorify Blacks as being victims, being hypersexual, or as being super heroes, even before they get all the facts.

    First off, we all need to look deeper into this shooting and get all the facts before making a final judgement. I think there is more to this story than is being told and it is too soon to tell why this really happened. I want more information before making a judgement.

    Bernie, I mentioned before that it is not fair how the media will not talk about hate crimes that Blacks commit against other races, especially if they are White. The flash mob attack in Wisconsin was at the very least, partially racially motivated. But it was not taken seriously. Even Bill O’Reilly dismissed race as a factor in the flash mob attacks and the London riots in Tottenham. Sigh.  The Black/Latino tension in Los Angeles gets little coverage as well.

    Rapper Ice Cube use to make hateful remarks about Whites, Jews, and Asians in his lyrics. Nothing is said about it. But if a White person did this, even if they changed and became a good Sumaritan, this would still haunt them.

    Personally, I think it is tiring how considering that only 2% of Whites ever owned slaves in the US, many Whites freed slaves in the Civil War and in the Underground Railroad, and how African tribesmen sold their own people into slavery, in both the Atlantic and Arab slave trades, that we all get blamed for slavery and many people in the Black community (but not all), use slavery as an excuse for failure, acting disruptive in schools, or being violent against Whites.

    Those of you who live in Iowa, Vermont, Nebraska, Utah, etc. may not understand this next paragraph.

    But those of  us who live in an area with a high Black population are aware of the dangers that could result from the Trayvon Martin incident, or if Obama were to lose in 2012, or if Affirmative Action were to get struck down by the Supreme Court later this year.  We are very cautious when riding on public transportation (city buses, metros and subways), and are aware that the chance of being a victim of a violent crime goes up if you have a large Black population, especially in an urban setting. We know the problems that could result if our children go to a school with a large Black population ie violence, disruptions in classrooms, lower test scores, etc. Call me bigoted, but stats and probability back this up. I never worry about Asians attacking me when in an Asian restaurant or neighborhood nor would I worry about them disrupting classes in public schools if I had children.  When visiting an area that is majority White, I worry less about my safety than when I am in an area that is majority Black. Again, call me bigoted. But many people  understand my points.

    Yes, there is good and bad in every race. But stats and probability and personal experiences I have living in the DC area, prove that my concerns are usually legit.

  • Wmslaw

    You allude to one of my pet peeves.  The most color conscious people are white liberals.  Which also makes them one of the most racist groups.  Because someone has the skin, facial or hair characteristics of a person commonly referred to as Black then they asssign him to that amorphous group.  I once represented a young male defendant who had several physical characteristics of a “black” although he was very light colored and freckled.  His self reported history to me was that he had a “white” mother and a “black” father, but he wanted to be known as a white person.  The federal probation officer refused to allow him that privilege and checked the box for black. 

  • Nebraskatpp

    Where is the outrage for intentional racial attacks in this nation against whites? In Kansas City last week, a teenage white boy was attacked by two black youths while returning from school. When the boy got to his front door, the two black youths beat him and set him on fire causing serious burns. They even yelled hate terms while the young man was burning. So where is the outrage in the national news on this heinous  hate crime against a white youth? I thought so. Typical of the double standard on race issues within this nation.

  • Kmacd

    After ALL the vitriol from Jackson, Sharpton, Spike Lee and the like, they ask about WHY there is STILL a racial divide in this country? It’s because of the likes of THEM! They are ambulance chasers who come on the scene before the blood dries and the facts are known and are ALWAYS calling “FOUL”… and “POOR US”. Why don’t you for once SHUT IT and let the police and the special prosecutors do their job.
    As for Lee, he is a small man with a small mind… and someone ought to post his address and phone number and see if HE likes all the attention HE gets.

    • kmacd,0,4845076.story

  • Tomfoolery227

    It’s different because one was the result of a gang dispute, and the other was a result of getting skittles. 

  • genann59

    Unfortunately, you are right again. Sad commentary on the real state of this union.

  • Pete

    After reading many comments on this issue, I wonder in the political correctness world we have to have racial identity.  Why cannot we say, we are Americans.  

  • Terrytaylor

    Regarding the New York Times description of Zimmerman as a white-hispanic, does that make President Obama a white-afro american?

  • Jerome

    I am currently a Pediatrician who grew up in south central LA and also made a couple of felony arrested through law enforcement related work during college.  Two points that I would like to make. Every state has different lethal force use laws. This case highlights what possible limitation this puts on Law Enforcement investigations that would not be there in other states.  Any law can be abused and I’m glad that this terrible incident will hopefully have the Law further clarified so this does not happen again.

    I have not seen a truly equal comparison to deaths relating to race since this story rose to the national spot light. In my opinion what makes this different that is was a gated community where this happen, where both families lived, not a bad part of town, or drug/gang area.  The hope and assumption is that if you trascend you economic class upward (American dream), and if you can afford to be in a gated community that is suppose to give you some protection for the outside world, then in theory you should not be stereotyped by a neighbor in the same community and end up unecessarily killed.

    This story has brought to light many of the senseless and unfortunately race motivated killings that happen every day in this country. There continues to be a substantial racial and economic divide in this country. This make me wonder about the people who say that the educationa and work related playing fields in this country are equal, clearly not there yet. I continue to be hopeful that one day it will happen.

    • Guest

      That would be an apt analysis, but for the fact that it was reported that the neighborhood was plagued with crime.  In addition, Zimmerman’s long-time friend, who is black and claims to know him very well, has already come out and said that there was no racial motivation.  Since the main stream media does not report that, I guess you would not know about it.  Nonetheless, concluding that there was a racial motivation and then spinning a yarn about it is beneath what I would expect would be the requisite critical thinking of a doctor. 

    • genann59

       Jerome – you apparently haven’t read very many facts in this case. For one thing neither parent lived there. His father’s girl friend lived there. He was staying there while on suspension from school for drug offenses at his school.
      And from the witnesses, of which at least two have come forth, Zimmerman was on his way back to his vehicle when the kid confronted him and then clobbered Zimmerman, knocking him down and then got on top of him and was beating his head into the pavement, upon which time Zimmerman was screaming for help and then shot the kid when he got no help.
      And the kid was wearing the hoodie, yes, in itself no big deal, he also had a habit of dressing gangstra, with the gold teeth, and apparently had a reputation amongst his friends of not only using drugs but it is suggested he might have also dealt them from notes his brother had written on his facebook page, where, by the way there are photos of him with the droopy britches and underwear showing, making gang signals. If you dress like a gang member, you might expect people to be suspicious you just might be a gang member.
      You are following the racial divide party line, and not presenting actual facts, and since you apparently only wrote this a short time before I am writing this, from the time period given on this page as to when your note was posted, you could have been more factual if you had wished to do so.

  • Kathie Ampela


    Thank you for the column and for the honest commentary on Bill’s show last night. I think you have coined a new phrase “Civil Rights Establishment” or at least, it’s the first time I’ve ever heard it.  Tawana Brawley and Morton Downey, Jr. gave Al Sharpton his place in the Civil Rights Establishment for those who are old enough to remember. He has zero credibility, in my opinion. He ruined an innocent man’s life…true he did have a civil judgment made against him in the case, not sure if he ever paid any money, but it doesn’t matter. The damage was already done. A man’s life is ruined and Sharpton has his career and power base. Tawana Brawley was a minor at the time who was in an abusive home and was exploited for political gain, in my opinion.  This case is somewhat reminiscent of that. Rush to judgement before all the facts are known, whip up anger and fear, reap political benefits. A young boy is dead and another young man may have his life ruined before we even know what really happened. We can all be Monday morning quarterbacks…I can speculate on what I think happened, too. Someone told me over the weekend that the guy, Zimmerman, lived in a closed gated community. I have a home in a closed gated community too. No one can get in or out without passing a security guard and gate. Don’t know if this is true so I’m not going to speculate.

    I do find the media bias despicable and divisive. There was a case of a young white boy, 13, set on fire by 2 black teens in Kansas City. Has anyone else out there heard about it? I stumbled upon the story a couple of weeks ago by accident, I heard nothing about it in the MSM. It is repugnant to me that certain stories have more value than others. It’s as bad as saying some lives have more value than others. Where is the outrage over that case? Why didn’t the WH press corp ask Pres. Obama to comment on that case? If the press and the “civil rights establishment” are letting the system handle that case and not rushing to judgement, why not offer the same respect in the Martin case? (The young white boy was badly burned, I hope that he recovers. I have a young son, I don’t like to even think about the case too much.)

    Thanks to the terrorist tactics of the Black Panthers there must be great fear amongst television commentators, even liberals, to dare offer an opposing view.  I assume there are death threats even against somewhat moderate liberals like Juan Williams, Howard Kurtz and especially Geraldo for his “hoodie” comments.  Terrorist tactics, feeding on ignorance and turning people into angry mobs do not win hearts and minds and do nothing to advance racial harmony in this country. Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated.


    • Dullknife11

      You should take your own advice —-
      “Do not allow yourselves to be manipulated.”

      Racism created Al Sharpton.  But racists don’t seem to understand that concept.

      • Guest

        Yes, everyone who disagrees with you is a racist — very strong argument. 

      • Kmacd


    • Kmacd

       Kathie …you are SO right. We NEVER hear the White on Black crimes or the black on black crimes as Bernie has said, Why? because it would OUT them and make them look bad…
      Did you hear about the white MSU student last week shot by 3 black men in campus? Probably not… Why Not?
      Where are Al, Jesse, Louis, Obama etal..? Hello?

      • Drew Page

        Kmacd  —  The reason you don’t hear about these things is that Eric Holder doesn’t believe that black-on-white crime should be punished, because because of all the crimes historically perpetrated by whites on “his people”.   Doubt it?  Refer to his dropping the charges against the ‘New black Panther Party’ members for voter intimidation of whites at a Philadelphia polling place during the 2008 presidential election.  Ironically, Holder had the charges dropped after the Panthers were found guilty and were waiting to be sentenced.  

    • dware

      Kathie, we will never know and can only speculate about why the media is so selective with the stories that outrage us, perhaps the sheer number would overwhelm us.

      As a mother of a young son, would you be upset over the media attention your son’s case received if he were Trayvon and his killer was set free by the police? Are you willing to let justice take it’s course?

      • Kathie Ampela

        It’s my understanding that the state of Florida has appointed an independent prosecutor to the Martin case. Justice, from what I know of, is in motion in that case.  2 black teens have been arrested in the Kansas City case of the young boy being burned. Justice, apparently, from what I have read and there’s hasn’t been much published on the case, is in motion. Angry mobs, terrorist tactics, phony race baiters and a complicit media will not further the wheels of justice in ANY case. I love my country and I WANT racial harmony. The players who have injected themselves in this story are NOT interested in racial harmony, they want power and big ratings. We as citizens have to be aware of that, and be better than they are, that’s my point.

        • Kathie Ampela

          And I would like to clarify my earlier comments. When I said, where is the outrage in the case involving the white boy in Kansas, I mean I found the story buried on an obscure blog, it wasn’t anywhere in national media (unless someone else saw it somewhere, I didn’t). And I also said that I’m not going to speculate what happened but in my opinion, if the shooting took place in a closed gated community, it seems suspicious. You need to pass security to get in the community, no strangers can get in. Why was a neighborhood watchdog required? But, again, I don’t know what happened.

  • dware

    In our world, some stories catch others don’t. That’s the way it goes. Unfortunately our ‘outrage meter’ isn’t privy to all the facts and all of the atrocities that occur everyday.

    This post along with the comments have turned into a tit-for-tat of outrage. The baby getting shot in Detroit is a tragedy, along with all the other crimes against children. The white guy getting killed at Mississippi State is a tragedy, along with all the other white people who are killed unjustly by the hands of another. These stories, while they may receive local attention, just don’t catch the national spotlight. The same way so many stories of missing children are never reported and some become the media darlings for months.

    To Mr. Goldberg’s point, there is a lot of racial pandering that happens today on all sides of the media, not just by Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and others. Frankly, I don’t understand why it inspires such passion when these guys do it. The tone of this article along with some of the comments is that people (black and white) can’t believe that these black men have the nerve to selectively speak out publicly and rally against a very tragic event. My question is, why do you think you don’t hear their outcries on other events? Do you really think that in the last 20 years the only events they have covered are Rodney King, OJ, some unjust shootings by police on blacks, Duke Lacrosse and Trayvon Martin???

    I understand that outrage is the way of the world and have come to accept it. I also understand that most people are unwilling to do anything about the events that cause their outrage, mostly because they don’t know how and perhaps due to their own problems/life overshadowing the tragedy going on around them.

    Every once in a while a story gets national attention and it reminds us of some very real problems in society. Given what we’ve heard so far about this case, most people believe that in another jurisdiction in Florida and in many other states, the shooter would have been placed under arrest by now. That he was not arrested is a reason for concern and it reminds people (of all races) of some very real problems in our society.

    • kmacd

       Really? Do you Seriously believe it’s all random? Why doesn’t it RANDOMLY go in the OTHER direction then? You can’t be that naive…

      A White man was killed at MSU last week by 3 black guys.. they even have video on campus of them driving off.. Where is the media OUTRAGE?
      WAIT… He’s WHITE and these are BLACK GUYS that did the shooting…
      It won’t be covered!

      • dware

        Where in my post did I use or suggest it was random? I said that some stories catch the spotlight while others don’t. Someone is telling the media which stories to talk about. Media, like all of television, is a ratings game. Do you have any idea how it works? Maybe you should shed light on that because I certainly don’t, short of speculating.

        The white guy killed at MSU last week by 3 black guys was a tragedy. I’m sure they don’t know who these guys are, but are presently looking for them. I’ll bet that if they did know who the 3 black guys were and where these 3 black guys were and didn’t arrest them, this would be a much bigger story and would be covered.

        • kmacd

           No, you said some stories “catch”…like it’s a RANDOM thing.
          The media are VERY LEFT WING and if everyone doesn’t believe that, they are living in the dark ages… So this Race Baiting is right up their alley…The other story will NEVER be told by the media, it doesn’t fit into THEIR AGENDA!

  • Stella Baskomb

    Clearly the police acted stupidly.


  • Lbheyward

    Isn’t this really about “rule of law”. With “stand your ground” anyone can commit murder and get away with it. This is not a discussion of race or age but of common sense.

  • Farthgum


  • terry


  • Lary9

    Bernie; What about the alleged patent application for the Trayvon Martin name? Is this real? What’s the source?

  • One Over 99 Ministry

    The #1 killer of young black males is young black males. The Race Hustlers as David Webb refers to them (Jackson, Sharpton and friends) are not calling for marching against that. Matter of fact, the TV series, First 48 on A&E, has made a lasting living off the chronicles of police investigators during the first 48 hours of a murder and how the police solve the case. Every time, and I mean EVERY time there’s a black on black crime depicted on the series, no one, and I mean NO ONE will come forward to help the police. I’m in prison ministry, and I know the ‘G’ code; snitches are bitches. If you snitch, you die. However, when a WHITE/Hispanic male shoots a black male in self defense (evidence points to so far), the black community, including upstanding and racist scum (like Black Panthers), are tripping over each other as they come out of the woodwork claiming foul play. They are after the “white” man as if they were on a witch hunt. They behave like the white scum they despise (kkk). It’s very sad behavior and IMHO this behavior sets us all back to the 1960’s because it only spawns hate and ends in violence.
    The other thing we do, is buy the media hype, hook-line-and sinker! No one waits for the FULL investigation. Many did it on the Casey Anthony case as well. Remember people, until Obama burns the constitution, we are innocent until proven guilty.

    Finally, another staggering statistic against the black community where Jesse Jackson and Sharpton have failed those who think they love them, is abortion. Blacks abort far more babies than any other ethnicity. For example, in NYC alone, for every 1000 black babies born alive, there are 1489 black babies aborted.
    Where’s the Race Hustler outrage over that murder? Blacks are aborting their race faster than they can
    reproduce it, yet there is never any mention of the euthanasia of blacks, by
    blacks. Visit and tweet this info.

  • Gbot2

    So I have one major issue with this story.  The 9 month old baby was shot in a drive-by shooting.  The shooting was some gang members?  How do you know that as a fact?  How do you know they were black?  These are the stereotypes that cause so many issues with this country.

    • Patrick
    • BernieGoldberg


      The police believe the shooter was in a gang … and since gangs in that neighborhood are black … i say the shooter almost certainly was black.  it really is a safe bet.  my point was the national media have not picked up on this story.  why not?  could it be because it looks like one more black on black crime?

      • Sickofthesilly

         You’re really reaching with this one, Mr Goldberg.  The differences are obvious, but most notably, there appears to be a lack of justice/police action in the Florida case, but that’s not so in the Detroit case.  It’s not complicated…but then, you don’t get attention /web traffic by making reasoned and thoughtful blog posts.  You get it by posting silly, apples to oranges comparisons with the veneer of intellect.

    • genann59

       Do you really think Mr. Goldberg is such an unprofessional journalist that he would come up with those remarks off the top of his head? He got it from the information the police have put out. Don’t be a total jerk, Gbot2.  He is a professional, one of the few reporters left with any integrity. He does not make things up to make a point.

  • andy

    zimmerman was watching out for suspicious persons. he had a right to call the police. he may or may not have acted prudently in confronting the possible trespasser. the the possible trespasser could have retreated to safety or if he saw a gun run for his life like any sane person would do, but that’s not what happened. so far we don’t know much, do we? thank god al sharpton knows all just like all the other times he has been out front of every wrong headed hysterical racial controversy he can conjure up. there should be an anti-sharpton for every sharpton out there and maybe they could cancel each other out so that progress could be made in the area of trust and mutual respect we need among people who deserve it from each other. these types of racially charged polarizing incidents divide us at a time we need to be brought together to solve problems not create more of the same. this incident will be milked till a new one comes along or people actually think before they react.

  • Bskarupa

    T he president was in Asia this weekend. Again, another 40+ shootings occured in Chicago, and several more Blacks were killed, most by their “brothers”. Perhaps if he had hung out on the south side, instead,  with Jesse Jackson, Sharpton and a few of the new Black Panthers, they might have saved a life or two. What hypocrites, each and every one of them. Each of you disgust me.

  • Jaredwarren4802

    i think its funny that people are on here acting like black people have no right to want other race in america has gone through the persecution that black people guys brng up the case of the boys who were burned,yes it was horrible and yes whoever did it deserves whatever punishment they get.

    let me ask this though,whose fault is it that it has not gotten any national press coverage,not black people,whose fault is it that the parents of the two boys are not on tv,not black people.has o’reilly covered it,nancy grace,bernard goldberg,anne coulter?….nobody has covered it,which is sad and deplorable within itself,but its not black peoples fault.

    and as far as saying the whole black community is saying the guy is racist,if im not mistaken,i do see alot of whites,blacks,hispanics and asians in the protests,its not a black or white or hispanic issues,its an issue of justice,and two parents wanting to know what happened to their child.

    • Patrick

      No one is saying it’s not a legitmate story (it is) or blacks have no right to be outraged (they do), Bernie was more focusing on the aspect of how civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are a lot quicker to react to white on black crime stories more than they do on black on black crime or any other stories. In other words, to the civil right leaders and many reporters in the mainstream media, blacks have to be protected and can’t be criticized or portrayed in a bad light. Of course, I want Trayvon Martin to get justice and I think it was stupid of the Sanford police not to even investigate, but basically that wasn’t the point. It was more against the Civil Rights leaders than the Trayvon Martin case itself. That’ s what I think at least.

      • bobbyv33

        Not to mention the President. I think that the President should be using his bullypulpit to talk about the general problem of Black on Black crime well before inserting himself into a  specific local issue that has yet to be investigated or have all the un-spun facts revealed.

  • iguana

    Mr. Goldberg, you are incorrect sir.  There is much more than white / black here.  The main issue is the shoot first ask questions later mentality that is characteristic of the Southern states.  Florida with its stand your ground law goes too far, the police are legally required to back off once the magic words “stand your ground” are uttered.  Another distinctive feature of this case is that Zimmerman was given explicit instructions from 911 to back off before the incident.  Regarding Sharpton and his alleged conflict of interest leading a rally while hosting an MSNBC show, your boy Glenn Beck did the same thing if I remember correctly

    • Guest

      Grossly generalizing the “Southern” states is a bit much.  Plus, Zimmerman has a right to follow anyone he wants on a public street; that right is not abridged by a 911 operator.  Moreover, that has nothing to do with the confrontation that ocurred; which you know nothing about.  What is know is that Zimmerman had a broken nose, a gash in the back of his head, and an eye witness stated that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman and that Zimmerman was calling for help — so he certainly wasn’t “standing his ground”; he was being beaten.  Did he deserve to be beaten?  Did Trayvon deserve to be shot?  Well, that’s what the investigation is for.

      • Wil

        Sez who?

    • Smglasser

      So if the main issue is the “shoot first ask questions later mentality”, what questions were the Detroit shooter asking before unloading 37 AK rounds into a home?  Perhaps it was a Southern gangsta impersonating a Northern Gangsta.  Simpletons go back to the drawing board.

    • Wil

      So does Sean Hannity, but Bernie just sees bias at MNBC and the liberal

    • kmacd

       Get the WHOLE story first. From an eye witness, Zimmerman was backing off and going to his car when TRAYVON went after him from behind and punched him. Then TRAYVON threw Zimmerman to the ground and repeatedly threw his head against the sidewalk… He doesn’t sound like an innocent 17 year old anymore does he?

  • Defenseattorney

    Zimmerman has not been arrested because in order to do so the police/prosecutors must have probable cause.  The “evidence” that has been released to the public is not enough to make the arrest at this time, and thus the investigation continues (the public does not get to know all the evidence ahead of time; it could compromise the investigation and, potentially, the prosecution’s case).  The “stand your ground” law makes it more complicated as well.  There are numerous cases where arrests are not made right away and sometimes not for days, weeks, months or even longer.  This is because when a person is arrested they have a right to a speedy trial.  If the prosecution is not certain of its evidence and prepared to go forward, they run the risk of the case being dismissed.  Perhaps, rather than just making blind assumptions, mischaracterizing the facts or just blatantly ignoring evidence  and calling everyone that disagrees a racist, folks should wait for the investigation, which is ongoing, to run its course.  Otherwise the case could be botched, and a murderer could be loose on the streets (I’m sure OJ is still in pursuit of the true killer(s) of his victims — oops). 

    • Su Gould

      That’s all very nice, and maybe even entirely correct, ut I strongly suspect- had there been no outcry from the family- there would have been NO INVESTIGATION whatever.

      • Guest

        There was an initial investigation, which included a review of the physical evidence, a five-hour interview of Zimmerman, and the interviewing of several witnesses, among other things.  AT THAT TIME they determined they did not have enough to charge Zimmerman with a crime.  That did not, however, mean that the investigation ended, and it still has not ended.  To say that no further investigation would have been done is at best speculation, and at worst factually incorrect and manipuation. 

    • Wil

      Don’t they even put policemen on administrated leave after a shooting death?

      • StanW

        Standards for police officers are different from citizens Wil!

        • Wil

          I’m wondering, does Zimmerman still have his gun.  Does anyone know?  

    • Lavern Merriweather

      And I had it clocked at about TEN SECONDS before some dummy made this about OJ!! And I’M still waiting for all the so called ‘outrage’and white males who murdered young white women like Chelsea King,Natalie Holloway,Riley Fox,Polly Klass,etc. Not to mention the MANY white male serial killers most of whom victims are drumroll please…… WHITE WOMEN!! Yet I don’t hear THEM yack about 18 years later or the still whining so maybe you all need to look in a mirror before you whine about selective outrage and from who.

  • willow53

    Just saw your interview on The Spin…thank goodness someone has the balls to say these things that so many of us cannot say for fear of various things happening…thanks Bernie for being real!!!

  • southernconservativeteen54

    its funny how one white guy kills a black guy possibly out of self defense or out just being trigger happy; nobody knows and the whole black community rises up and uses it as an excuse to call another white person racist. There are no concrete facts to arrest him on so why would he be arrested? 2 white boys were burned alive in kentucky by some guys and there is no media coverage on this at all, because its impossible for a black guy to be racist supposedly even though the black community brings race into EVERYTHING! calling someone racist is a black man’s #1 weapon to get what he wants

    • Missouri31

      He is not white, he is Hispanic.  

      • willow53

        he is 1/2 hispanic, 1/2 white

        • Guest

          The president is 1/2 white; why isn’t he refered to as the first white-african american president?  Folks can’t have it both ways; unless you are just a race-baiter. 

          • Teo55

            Are you people that dense? Stop confusing race with ethnicity. He is indeed white. “White” people are categorized as “Hispanic White” or Non Hispanic White”

          • Guest

            No, it is not.  Perhaps you have not filled out a job application or school application.  “White” is different than hispanic, and there are NO categories for “hispanic white” or “non hispanic white” — NONE.  A more comprehensive example is the 2010 national census, where the foregoing is also documented.  Your comments are not even a very good try at spin, Teo55, but then facts never stopped folks from trying, as is demonstrated by the events at hand.

        • Begbie

          which is the good half?

      • Buckeye27

        Tell that to the media.

      • Lilmvp73

        He’s half. but then again so is obama but he is considered black

    • Farthgum

       They will never be free..never..until their grievances stop and until they take 100% responsibility for their lives.

    • Lavern Merriweather

      And what about the WHITE GIRLS being murdered by white males where is your outrage about that?!! Or the white teen thugs targeting homeless blackmen two of whom were killed.

  • Scnadallk

    The police would have shelved this case if it weren’t for public outrage.  A man confronted a 17 y.o. boy because he was black, confronted him with a gun, killed him and they drug tested the dead boy.  The police did not investigate.

    • bobbyv33

      A man confronted a stranger in his neighborhood after a string of burglaries, not knowing what race he was because he was wearing a hoodie that covered his head. (I too can make up facts that are not necessarily in evidence)


    It doesn’t matter if he is black white Hispanic or Asian. It is the matter that a wrong was done and there are no consequences. The case of three black men killing a white man was brought up. Yes that too is wrong, however, we’re they not arrested? Was Zimmerman arrested? He was let go with little questioning. THAT and THAT alone is the major issue.

    • Dustin R

      and something similiar doesn’t happen every day?

    • Dustin R

      Arrested for what?  If you’re getting beat to death, like witnesses say, you have a right to protect your life.

    • bobbyv33

      Reposted from above…

      A witness says that Zimmerman was getting beaten up, Zimmerman is bloodied with a broken nose. A 911 tape has somebody that, according to a witness that has NO skin in the game, was Zimmerman screaming for help and you think that the bloodied man with the broken nose should have been arrested on the spot?

  • Century34

    ONLY IN AMERICA! There’s no question that the very serious issues surrounding the Trayvon Martin death have now been corrupted. Am I living in another world, or we are now being led to believe that young Black males in hoodies are now “victims.” That now the the greatest threat to hoodie wearing Black males is being shot by neighborhood watch people?? How many Black males are murdered by other Black males in this country? Is this the same country where Chicago, Phladelphia, Los Angeles, Washington and New Orleans are littered with the bodies of Black men every day? Is this the same country where far too many Black males, some even wearing hoodies, rob, shoot and beat up people on city streets on a daily basis? So people like CNN’s Roland Martin are telling me that these thugs hanging on the corners of our city streets can no longer hold their bible studies because the police and neighborhood watch people may kill them? Listen America to an urban Black father of two sons: THE GREATEST THREAT TO BLACK MALES IS OTHER BLACK MALES. That’s right … I SAID IT! Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good narrative.  CNN, I know Roland Martin is bitter by his recent suspension, but can you beg him to provide facts about the leading causes of death for Black males in his next column?  

    • Dustin R

      You’re living in a country where they can provide 5 year old pictures of someone and people think THAT IS THE KID that was shot, not a full grown almost 18 year old athlete that was 6’3

    • LifeObserver

      Thank you for being honest sir.  It’s the first step to changing things. 

    • Hatheg

      Actually, Jesse Jackson said that too, back in the Eighties, when he’d still say the occasional not stupid thing. 

    • Lavern Merriweather

      Maybe that’s because for the LONGETS OF TIMES BLACK MALES WERE BEING KILLED BY NON BLACK MALES many of who never saw the inside of a courtroom let alone conviction! And should I then judge all white males as serial killers and child molesters like the Catholic priest who knows maybe you are another Timothy Mcveigh or Ted Kasinsky.

  • Lilqt793

    Zimmerman’s race has little to do with it; it’s the fact that no justice has been served. The fact that the man is Hispanic does not matter, and the man is clearly Hispanic and has been depicted by the media as so. The example that was given of an African American shooting and killing another African American is completely irrelevant, in that justice was served in that case, and the person or group of people obviously in the wrong were handled accordingly. However, in the Trayvon Martin case, no matter the race, America will continue to speak out because we will continue to demand that justice be served. We are no inferior.

    • J.R.

      “and the man is clearly Hispanic and has been depicted by the media as so.”

      That is clearly false!  Yes he has been referred to as Hispanic, but lately I have seen the term “white Hispanic.”  What the heck does that mean, it’s barely ever been used before and it’s not like the President is a white African-American.  More importantly, many media outlets referred to Zimmerman as white which they used to build the legs to this story as racially motivated.

  • Vincent06066

    I saw your comment on Bill O’Reilly tonight and I think you are missing the point in the Trayvon Martin case.  Yes that there is a lot of Black on Black violent crime.  The difference is there is a thorough investigation and an arrest is usually is made (thus explaining the large number of black men in prison) in those cases.  That did not happen in the Trayvon Martin case. You made a reference to the shooting of a baby in Detroit.  Now obviously the baby was not armed.  What you conspicuously omitted is what kind of investigation was conducted to bring the shooter to justice.  Did the police simply accept the story of the alleged shooter and make no arrest?  What the parents of Trayvon Martin wanted and what  should have been done is a complete and thorough investigation not simply accepting the word of the shooter.  So it is not a racial issue, but a fairness issue in terms of what kind of police work all citizens are entitled to.  The racial aspect comes into play in the belief that because it was teenage black he probably assaulted the shooter as the shooter reported to the police and that story was not properly verified by a canvas of the neighborhood, or the shooter’s background was not checked and he was not tested for intoxicants in his blood.  It was like” O he attacked you and he’s a black teenager”, in that case do you need a ride home Mr. Zimmerman.  It would have served Zimmermen if the police had done a better investigation because if they had it may have exonerated him more completely.  But the Sanford Police didn’t do their job and we have the situation we do.

    • Dustin R

      Remember Zimmerman had no way of knowing how old Trayvon was and he wasn’t the 12 year old child in the pictures.  He was an almost 18 year old, 6’3 athlete.

      • Gathly

         is it ok to shoot someone if they’re 6’3?

    • bobbyv33

      A witness says that Zimmerman was getting beaten up, Zimmerman is bloodied with a broken nose. A 911 tape has somebody that, according to a witness that has NO skin in the game, was Zimmerman screaming for help and you think that the bloodied man with the broken nose should have been arrested on the spot?

    • Wil

      You have to realize Bernie is on Bill O’Reilly’s Show. Do you think O’Reilly’s
      would have Bernie on again, if he didn’t agree with O’Reilly? What you have
      written is cogent explaination of what happened, but Bernie would never say that
      on Fox news! He will talk about 9-month old African American baby and do a screed about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton!

  • CDean

    Never once in all the images of Zimmerman that I have seen have I thought he looked white, but that is beside the point!  I am white, so what?  Let’s forget about skin color for a minute here!  An innocent child was killed and the killer should not just go free!  My heart breaks over the entire situation.  But as a parent I know I would want justice for my child.  It is true the media is not always fair in the stories they air, and neither is the system but regardless of how it is, we can not continue to let this type of message be sent, that it is ok to just pull out a gun and start shooting and then go home.

    • None

       Trayvon Martin is 6′ 2″ and 180 pounds. Why doesn’t the media show a recent picture of the black young man. Yes I said young man because he wasn’t a child. Trayvon also has a Facebook account with pictures of himself  flipping the bird and doing gang signs with his hands. He also has permanent tattoos, gold grilles on his teeth and pants hanging. No child has tattoos. Zimmerman has a broken nose and a gash behind his head. There is also a witness that has testified that Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman. The witness also said that it was indeed Zimmerman that was screaming for help. The media want’s us to believe that Trayvon was this innocent and helpless child. No he wasn’t. He was suspended from school and his mother had him stay with his father for the week. He also has a picture of a blunt on his Facebook page. And why hasn’t the media revealed that Zimmerman is Hispanic? Believe me there is more to this than the media wants us to see.

      • Dustin R

        that’s what Obama’s sons Facebook page would look like?  Come on.

    • J.R.

      “An innocent child was killed and the killer should not just go free!”

      This statement is pure opinion.  thank goodness our laws and judicial process have evolved to the point where you can’t convict someone by mob rule.

  • Weebleswooble

    Its amazing that the national media is all over the case in florida when they didnt darken the city of knoxville which is in the state of tennessee a few years ago when chris newsome and channon christian was raped and murdered and set on fire by three black men.I guess it wasnt news worthy because the chris and channon were white.I beg the people reading this to google chris newsome and channon christian and really hope Mr Goldberg would research this and report on this.

  • NoMoreGrapeKoolAid

    just heard Mike Nifong will be representing Travon’s family….once Mom gets back from the Patent office copyrighting her dead son’s name…..

  • dullknife

    and how do whites see the world…..falsely(superior and inferior)…..

    • bobbyv33

      I think you are, once again, mistaken.

      I can’t imagine anybody turning down an invitation to break bread with Mohammed Ali, Bill Cosby, Barak Obama, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Ralph Bunche, Juan Williams, Herman Cain or any of a number of Black people in the world. I also can’t imagine any employer being so stupid as to hire a white person over a black person who is better qualified. Not only would that be outrageously stupid, it is against the law.

      On the other hand, I (and you don’t know if I am black or white or green or polka dot) and I suspect you would never invite somebody who can’t speak properly, who wears their pants down around their knees with a hoodie on in 80 degree weather to your home for dinner, white, black or polka dot.

      The only people who care about if somebody is black are black people. Nobody makes an issue of it except the race baiters and those that think they are entitled to something. I will agree that people of color sometimes have to work harder to prove themselves, but that is BECAUSE of the race baiters and a society that looks the other way when 50 black people, including that 9 month old baby, get killed by black people.

      • dullknife

        based on the people you mentioned, I can only guess that you are pretty young and are probably still impressionable; please think for yourself and don’t get caught up in catch phrases like “race baiting”; a term used by those in the media to support the institution of racism. Do you understand bobby that the 50 black people you mention are in jail already? Just look up the stats of blacks in prison. this case is about the absence of justice. not talking about race doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. please don’t get distracted;

        • bobbyv33

          My age is not relevant, i am sure that I am older than you are. The term “race Baiting” is the exact right phrase to use when somebody starts protesting and screaming about something as soon as they hear that a black person was shot by a white person without knowing anything about what happened. It didn’t really matter, did it?
          The 50 people that I mentioned were shot, they didn’t necessarily belong in jail. My point is nobody in the media nor any of the race baiters (the proper term) give a damn about those 50 people because they were shot by other black people. The fact of the matter is that a black person is 40 times more likely to be killed by another black person than by a white person but we are marching and protesting before we even know what happened. No question it was a tragedy but that is all we know about it.
          Are the lives of the 90 black people who were shot in chicago worth less than the one who was shot in florida? Where are all the people marching down the street asking for the heads of the people who perpetrated those crimes? We don’t talk about that because nobody can profit from them.

  • Edthedev

    I worked with many blacks a few years ago. I can you that they (the blacks)
    do stick together and always see the world in black and white as in us vs them.

  • Mailabull

    Please cover the incident in Mississippi in which a white student was shot by 3 black males. Media has ignored this.

    • Cj91413n

      I guarantee those three males were arrested without question!

      • sybilll

        You would be dead wrong.  No arrests have been made. 

      • nobama12

        ya you are so right those cops were probably racist. because according to black people everyone white is racist.

  • dullknife

    The truth of the matter is that racism created Malcolm X, Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Panthers.  If racism didn’t exist we would have never heard of them.  If the shooter was black maybe it wouldn’t have gained national attention; but rest assured that if the shooter was black and the victim white, the shooter would have been arrested and that is why people are upset.  I know it’s difficult for racist people with racist views to understand what I just wrote and honestly I don’t expect you too; it really shows how racist you are when you start pointing out examples of when whites were the victims at the hands of blacks;  I am sure blacks could give you a list a lot longer than what you could ever produce in 100 lifetimes about injustices.  

    • Patrick

      I believe you really missed the point about this article. It WAS NOT to say the story was legitmate or that it didn’t deserve the attention it got. It was more on a running trend of how civil rights leaders are much slower to condemn black on black crime than as they rightly do on white and white crime. How dare you call someone a racist just because they express a different opinion from you?

      • dullknife

        I believe I did understand the article. That’s why they are called “civil rights” leaders. They are doing their jobs. Here are a couple of definitions of civil rights. 1.
        rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. constitution and certain Congressional acts, especially as applied to an individual or a minority group.
        the rights to full legal, social, and economic equality extended to blacks.
        Black on black crime is not a civil rights issue; that’s an entire different story. they are not slow to talk about black on black crime; those issues are constantly talked about; but those stories don’t sell like ones that involve race.

        To answer you question on “how dare… someone racist”….I don’t call people racist for having differing opinions. I call them that for what they say, how they act, for their denial about obvious racial issues etc….

        This article is no more hypocritical than one from CNN or MSNBC..they all have agendas that they want to promote.

        • ph16


          “To answer you question on “how dare… someone racist”….I don’t call people racist for having differing opinions. I call them that for what they say, how they act, for their denial about obvious racial issues etc….”

          Really, okay then:1. Name ONE thing that Bernie has said that is racist.2. Name ONE action that Bernie has done that is a racist action.3. What “obvious racial issue” has he denied? 

    • bobbyv33

      I Disagree. If it had been a white man who got shot after punching a black man in the face the story would have been how racist the white man was for knocking down the black man and all those very same people marching in the streets now would be protesting what ever charges, if any, were brought on the black man. Remember Jenna 6?

      • dullknife

        Jenna 6 was because a school had a “white only” tree with a noose tied to it. The “white only” tree was only for the white kids btw; and the school allowed it. additionally if a white man had gotten shot, the black man would have been arrested—period; again that is why people are angry.

        • bobbyv33

          from wikipedia:
          The Jena Six were six black teenagers convicted in the beating of Justin Barker, a white student at Jena High School in Jena, Louisiana, on December 4, 2006. Barker was injured in the assault by the members of the Jena Six, and received treatment for his injuries at an emergency room. While the case was pending, it was often cited as an example of racial injustice in the United States, due to a belief that the defendants had initially been charged with too-serious offenses and had been treated unfairly.

          • dullknife

            I apologize….that’s why I went to Louisiana…. does the fact of having a”white only” tree mean anything to you? Do you think that fact had anything to do with the racial climate that caused the fight? Again this is my point don’t get caught up in the hype.

          • bobbyv33

            Having a white only tree gives somebody the right to beat the crap out of a couple of guys? I turn on my tv and see a black only Station (BET) does it mean I can go beat some black people? I go to the news stand and see black only magazines, can I beat up the guy selling it? Why do you think that is ok? How long would it take for Al Sharpton to be marching down the street if somebody started a whites only tv channel? You can’t have it both ways. You want to be treated as equals, as I believe you should be, but do everything you can to point out that you are different. This case in florida is a perfect example. Here is some idiot following a stranger in his neighborhood. The stranger confronts the idiot and punches him in the nose (probably deservedly so) and then starts to beat up the idiot. It has nothing to do with race and all to do with idiocy.

          • dullknife

            I think we may be on the same side possibly.. Again I don’t understand what’s so difficult to understand about this story. People are angry because someone was killed and the shooter wasn’t arrested….Period….The dead victim was tested for drugs and the shooter wasn’t. I am sure if this happened to your mom, dad or your brother or sister…meaning they were shot and killed by someone and no one explained anything to you, they tested them for drugs and not the shooter, gave the shooter back his gun after asking him a few questions….i am sure you would want answers and be upset… having said that you would probably be suspicious if the arresting officers were Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson and the chief of police was a black panther member….you might be a little suspicious….just maybe..

          • bobbyv33

            First off, he was arrested, see the video of him being led into the police station in handcuffs. I have no information about being tested for drugs, but if I had to guess I would say it is standard procedure to do blood tests of anybody brought into the morgue but not of anybody being brought into a police station (that brings issues such as constitutional rights and such). The video proves that what you are saying about handing him back his gun after a few questions is just incorrect propaganda.
            There is NOTHING here to suggest that the police did anything racist or unprofessional. To compare them to the race baiters or a black panther is not called for.

          • dullknife

            Unfortunately, I love all people; and I say unfortunate because some people only love people who look like them; and it makes it difficult to keep loving someone who spits in your face; I have come to realize after speaking to several people, particularly on this site and some of my co-workers, that some people can’t empathize with others; that some people live in denial; that some people just don’t care; that fact is that many of people only see the world the way you want to see it; how can you have a conversation about alcoholism with an alcoholic, when he won’t admit that he’s an alcoholic or that alcoholism exists.

            –if there are bumper stickers that reads “don’t re-nig” some people on here will say that’s not racist.
            –when there is a “white only” tree in Jena Louisiana, some people on here will say that’s not racist;
            the way these cops handled the Trayvon Martin case, people on here will say that’s not racist;
            –people on here will say that having separate water fountains isn’t racist;
            –people on here will deny until they are blue in the face that racism exists or that something that is obviously racist is an over reaction from the people that have to deal with it.
            –people on here will say that the people who made the comments about the movie the “Hunger Games”
            –“Why does rue have to be black not gonna lie ruined the movie,”
            –“EWW rue is black?? I’m not watching,”
            –“Kk call me racist but when I found out rue was black her death wasn’t as sad

            are not racist.

            Some people on here are like the husband that beats his wife, calls her names, makes her feel unworthy and unwanted, and then will want to have sex with her and get angry with her when she doesn’t want to have sex with you. They will completely ignore their role in creating the condition that caused her not to want you.

            Many people on this site sound like the people in the 60’s in Mississippi, who said that there is no racism in their state and hated Martin Luther King. I am sure they would have called Dr. King a “race baiter” too.

            The bottom line is that if you don’t see blacks and other people of color as human, then really there is no point in discussing race. But if that’s the America you all want keep it up. But I’m here to tell you that soon there are going to be so many mixed babies in the country that Fox news will have to find something else to be racist about because white people will be the “minority”.

            If you just learn to love humans, be more concerned about justice for all and not justice for the few, we can be a better world.

          • bobbyv33

            As I have said before in our conversation, I have nothing but respect for anybody that deserves it, that includes you. I couldn’t care less what color you are, I don’t know, and I don’t really care. There are people who you would consider racist. I have no doubt about that, however what do you mean by that? Are you saying that if I don’t like somebody who is black that I am racist? because that is how it gets presented. If I don’t like a policy, for example, of Barack Obama the first thing everybody says is that I am racist. Using that criteria, 60% of the population is racist because they didn’t like George Bush and he was white, therefore most people must hate white people. So, I am happy to continue this conversation (BTW I am always happy to have a debate with somebody who will not turn too name calling when they disagree, congratulations to you on that, btw) if you will first define what a racist is.

            What did the cops do in the travon Martin case that you think is “racist?” I don’t see it. Perhaps it wasn’t handled as you think it should have been, but from what I have read and seen the police were very professional (btw, Zimmerman WAS arrested, as he should have been and let go later after questioning all people involved other than travon, unfortunately )

            As for the movie, I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment.

          • dullknife

            by the way just to make it clear…i am not suggesting that zimmerman was a racist…although he was heard saying “fucking coon” on the 911 tape…..I am suggesting without a doubt, that the sanford police department which has a history of questionable racist behavior, acting unjustly. You, I and everyone else knows that if that shooter was black, he would have been arrested….Period.

          • bobbyv33

            The new video that came out showed Zimmerman being led into the Police station in handcuffs after being cleaned and checked by EMT. The police, certainly in this case, did their job. He WAS arrested, look at the video.

          • dullknife

            the jury in the O.J. Simpson case also did their job…

          • bobbyv33

            Were they racist?

          • bobbyv33

            He DIDN’T say “fucking coon”, that is hyperbola. You and I also know that if the shooter was black nobody would give a damn about the whole thing regardless of the race of the victim because such a crime happens every day. So, tell me, what is the interest in this case?

  • Dorothy

    This article should be put on the front  page of every newspaper inthe country, After the facts come out  Jesse Jackson and  Al sharpton will go away just like they did in the Duke LaCrosse  case, after  the  low life  female  was wrong.

    • Lilmvp73

      ya man! Zimmerman is obviously racist he killed a gang member after he broke his nose gosh only a racist

  • DwightKSchrue

    Seriously, Bernie nailed it.

  • Mariena

    Bernie, I just watched your comments on BIll O’Reilly on this topic and you are totally right!!!!!

  • Deadman Turner

    So, “soul searching” is a bit like “soul food” or “soul music”*, then?

    * Booker T and the MGs, for instance, were half-white, half-black yet are called black—rather like the president.

  • Cain2Convention

    we’re thinking along the same lines Bernie;but you said it much better. 

  • desert

    There is no race more racist than the blacks…they want to educate whites…but they would be better served educating the pathetic street blacks….imho

  • Darylbrobst

    If Mr. Miller is a white man and not a person of color , what’s that make Mr. Obama?

  • sybilll

    Bernie, 3 young black men killed a white male student at Mississippi State this weekend.  If Obama had a son, would he look like one of the shooters? 

  • Gammy Sparkles

    nailed this one!  Also, there are some real questions? He is 6’3″ ??? The shooter was injured????
    Some unanswered questions remain! Gammy Sparkles!

    • Montana

      Grammy- so far, and I stress so far- the police have had a witness come forward that says Zimmerman was attacked bynMartin, and in the struggle the gun went off. Now, how they got to that point is still a guess, but it would suggest that Zimmerman didn’t give up his chase and Martin confronted him. During the fight, Martin was on top and was pounding on Zimmerman- various cuts, scrapes and bruises are seen on zimmermans face as well as grass stains on his sweater, which explains the eye witness account. Martin was not completely sweet & innocent in this, but neither was Zimmerman.

      It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. But to Mr Goldbergs article (BTW Great Work Bernie) the media has got this so upside down it will be hard to get real justice done.

      • Jaredwarren4802

        no one knows what happened in between the time trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend…..zimmerman approached him….she heard zimmerman ask him what he was doing there…..and then the call went  dead.

    • Wil

        I understand, that Trayvon was drug tested, was Zimmerman? These a questions that also, need to be answered.