Wanna Know What’s Wrong With Journalism?

PressThe other day I received an email from a reader named Christine who asked me to write a piece about the dangers of an “elite press.”  What got her “riled” – her word – was a story she saw on one of the networks about the Whitey Bulger trial in Boston.  According to Christine, the on-air network analyst said she would bet her “Hampton house” that Bulger is found guilty.

Get it?  Not her house.  Not her house in New York.  Her Hampton house – just so we all know that she’s one of the swells who if she lived in another time would probably pal around with Gatsby and his girlfriend Zelda.

Christine was angry, she said, because she figured anyone who would gratuitously slip in that she hung out in the toney Hamptons might have trouble understanding people in the city where Christine lives, Youngstown, Ohio – a place where people are struggling just to get by.

Christine is on to something.  Too many journalists (not all) really are out of touch with the America between Manhattan and Malibu.  It’s not just that they live in the Hamptons, where no matter how liberal you are you don’t want any poor people around whose very presence could ruin your day, let alone your marvelous summer.  It’s that many of the beautiful people don’t understand “ordinary” Americans who live in “flyover country.”

I’ve written that too many elites (again, not all) in the world of journalism think people in the Middle America are hayseeds who commit the unforgiveable sin of eating at Red Lobster and bowling and flying the flag on the Fourth of July.  I mean, how corny can you get.

Too many elites don’t share Middle American values and too often their condescension comes out in their journalism.  On just about every major social issue the elites who live and work in their media bubble in New York and Washington are far more liberal than the “civilians” who don’t work in journalism.

Politically, America is pretty much split 50-50, give or take a few points.  But journalists overwhelmingly support liberal Democrats.  My favorite statistic on that comes from the 1972 presidential election, when Nixon carried every state except Massachusetts.  Still, 81 percent of journalists voted for George McGovern that year.

In 1980, twice as many journalists voted for Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan.

In 1984, 58 percent of journalists voted for Walter Mondale, who lost to Ronald Reagan in the biggest landslide in presidential election history.

In 2004 and 2008, journalists swooned over Barack Obama, prompting me to write A Slobbering Love Affair.

The point is that journalists don’t have much in common with the people they cover.  And that’s not good for the people they cover, for the journalists, or for our country.

I thought about how out of touch with America so many journalists are  after reading a piece in Commentary magazine  by one of the most thoughtful writers in America, Peter Wehner.  He was writing about a column in the Washington Post by Ruth Marcus, who was bemoaning the sale of her paper to Jeff Bezos of Amazon.  Here’s part of what Ms. Marcus wrote:

“Don Graham’s decision to sell The Washington Post was his reverse Sophie’s Choice moment.

She had to decide which cherished child to save and which to send to the gas chamber. Don and the Graham family weren’t forced to make an anguishing choice but did so anyway. They relinquished the newspaper they love in order to protect it.

If the comparison sounds hyperbolic, you don’t know the Grahams.”

I would choose another word over hyperbolic. Grotesque, I think, comes closer to describing  the comparison Ms. Marcus makes. The decision to sell a newspaper is akin to the decision by a mother about which of her two children to save and which to give to the Nazis for extermination?  In what universe would that be?

Was there no editor at the Washington Post who read the column who might have saved Ruth Marcus from embarrassment?  Or did the editor, like Ms. Marcus, see nothing wrong?

Wehner says this about the analogy:  “Now I don’t know the Grahams–but yes, the comparison does sound hyperbolic to me. Worse, actually. I for one would feel rather awkward explaining to my children why I’d consider the choice between selling a newspaper and sending one of them to Auschwitz to be a coin flip.”

No, this isn’t quite the same as making sure your audience knows you have a house in the Hamptons.  But it is part of the same twisted way of thinking. The TV analyst feels the need to inform her audience that she is special, that she is one of the elite, that she has a house where you don’t.  The newspaper columnist feels the need to tell her readers that she doesn’t have a regular job – like you.  No, no no.  She is a journalist.  She has a calling.  She is not just different from you.  By virtue of her occupation, she is better than you.

Again, Peter Wehner on the subject:  “Ms. Marcus illustrates the melodrama and self-importance that some (certainly not all) journalists are afflicted with. They live in a make-believe world in which they fashion themselves as shining knights, truth tellers, exposers of corruption, defenders of the weak.

“Now I happen to like the Post as a newspaper. I’m one of the shrinking number of people in the D.C. area who still subscribe to it. I admire some of its reporters. And they are home to some outstanding columnists. But it is hardly a sacred, flawless, and fearless institution. It is, in fact, liberal in its orientation. It plays favorites. It tends to back down from speaking truth to power when those in power are of the left. And while Don Graham in particular seems like a fine man, the mythic personality some of his employees have created around him and Katherine Graham is a bit creepy.”

There are so many things wrong with modern journalism that there isn’t enough space in cyberspace to take them all into account.  So I will borrow one last time from Mr. Wehner, who concludes his piece in Commentary with this elegant observation: “If you want to understand some of what’s gone wrong with modern journalism, you should read Ruth Marcus’s column.” 

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  • Born yesterday

    Any journalist who owns stock in company cannot ethically report on it without disclosure. A Journalist/reporter/newscaster whose spouse works for a political party, pr/marketing/consulting/law firm serving political parties or advocacy groups, or works for the gcernment pretends that he is objective when ,even if only being fair, both the journalist and spouse would be ostracized at work and socially. The supposed Chinese wall is absurd. Make them disclose their familial connections online.

  • steve63


    • bonzo3244

      Take the caps lock off Kanye Jr.

      • steve63

        dont like it then read somthing else,,or SHOVE IT…STEVE

        • bonzo3244

          Hey I was just trying to keep you from looking like a @sshat but by all means carry on.

  • ronwf

    I have often wondered whether newspapers even employ editors anymore.

  • Alexa Geddy

    I noticed this “out-of-touch” mentality years ago when Katie Couric left the Today show and they gave her a convertible Thunderbird.

  • Wheels55

    What’s wrong with journalism is that the general public reads it, hears it and believes it rather than demanding more facts, less bull. Consumer demand always drives what businesses ultimately do. The media is business.

  • DesertLady

    As for Marcus’s column, “Grotesque” is the right adjective!

  • ballpark1981


  • BenDoubleCrossed

    In the 184 year period prior to Watergate, ”we the people” had the freedom to raise and spend money to exercise our press rights, that only State approved newspaper and broadcast corporations enjoy today.

    Lovell v. City of Griffin SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES 303 U.S. 444 Argued February 4, 1938 Decided March 28, 1938
    The liberty of the press is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. It necessarily embraces pamphlets and leaflets. These indeed have been historic weapons in the defense of liberty, as the pamphlets of Thomas Paine and others in our own history abundantly attest. The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion. What we have had recent occasion to say with respect to the vital importance of protecting this essential liberty from every sort of infringement need not be repeated.

    Amendment 1: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    If we can agree that speech, press, assembly and petition are the tools of political campaigns then we must agree that all Federal Campaign laws are abridgements of the rights of citizens and political parties, PACS or 501Cs.

    The Federal Election Campaign Act, to address serious financial abuses in the 1972 Presidential campaign, amended the FECA in 1974 to set limits on contributions by individuals, political parties and PACs.

    But the Act exempted corporate media from campaign laws and created the “State Approved Press”:2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) The term “expenditure” does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed through the facilities of any broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication, unless such facilities are owned or controlled by any political party, political committee, or candidate;

    Federal Campaign laws attempt to define newspapers and periodicals as the definition of a free press. But they are implementations of a free press and not the definition of same. The New York Times has the right to print because it employees people. People are not required to incorporate as or work for a newspaper to express their written thoughts.

    State Constitutions are where citizen’s freedoms are originated. That is why representatives to the Constitutional Convention demanded the inclusion of the 1st Amendment.

    State Constitutions declare freedom of speech, press and assembly are the rights of individuals:

    Kentucky Bill of Rights

    Section 1
    All men are, by nature, free and equal, and have certain inherent and inalienable rights, among which may be reckoned:

    Second: The right of worshipping Almighty God according to the dictates of their consciences.

    Fourth: The right of freely communicating their thoughts and opinions.

    Sixth: The right of assembling together in a peaceable manner for their common good, and of applying to those invested with the power of government for redress of grievances or other proper purposes, by petition, address or remonstrance.

    Section 8
    Printing presses shall be free to every person who undertakes to examine the proceedings of the General Assembly or any branch of government, and no law shall ever be made to restrain the right thereof. Every person may freely and fully speak, write and print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.

    To restore citizens 1st Amendment rights and return the Federal Government to Constitutionally proscribed boundaries, Call your Senators and Congressman and demand they add ‘citizens and citizen’s groups’ to the language of the press exemption. (They cannot afford to publically say you should have inferior rights and it defangs the FECA & BCRA without requiring their appeal).

    For a short term solution, conservative groups should consider incorporating as media periodicals to circumvent most unconstitutional campaign laws, rather than applying to the IRS for non-profit status to avoid a few.

    Incidentally, Red Lobster is something my wife and I can only afford on birthdays. And while I do not claim to be a journalist, the 1st Amendment grants me the same right, if not means, to use the press to express my views.

    • Bob Olden

      Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful perspective on this issue.

  • rudebutcool

    I have a beach home and a florida intracoastal home…well, the bank does anyways…besides, If you want to know what a journalist is ask Dianne Feinstein, the POS liberal from the state that is the definition of insanity, she thinks if you get paid for writing, that you are a “real” jounalist…er propagandist, now I read better comments from the readers of the newspaper stories than the stories themselves…my definition of a journalist is someone who writes and “doesn’t get paid”

  • lindzen4president

    What’s wrong with journalism? Two words. Piers and Morgan.

    • Mike

      Piers isn’t journalism, he’s sensationalism at its worst. Journalism should be a non-emotional analysis of fact and not a Lifetime Movie Network commercial. Not only that, but a good journalist is grounded in reality and understands where the people they are writing for are living on a daily basis.

      I do agree he is a horses ass though.

      • falcon7204

        Journalism should not be an analysis at all, but a simple reporting of the facts. No more, no less. Let the reader make up his or her mind. No need to “interpret” or “analyze,” because all that does is create spin that gets in the way of the truth.

        • 4Deuce

          Just tell us the “who” “what” “when” “where” and (if possible) “why” of the news . Tell us those facts and stop trying to “make a difference”.

  • racokev

    I have a 510 square foot cabin in Eastern Upper Michigan…so there.

    • Mike

      I have a bathroom that the kids leave me alone in when I’m using it…

      Does that actually count?

  • BonnieU2T2

    The best news is that the yahoos and hayseeds are not buying newspapers any more because their Editorials are biased garbage, their “News” is biased and old before it gets on the street, and no one wants to read them who lives in reality. So, one by one they are disappearing, going bankrupt, and have about as many readers as MSNBC has viewers.

    • Bob Olden

      No need for a “poll” on “What do people think about the integrity of major media news sources”! People give their opinion by canceling their subscription (as I did with the LA Times years ago) or by changing the channel. I guess that’s the only way to shut them up, because they are determined not to change.

  • BonnieU2T2

    I’m with Christine, Bernie, but we have already seen that writing about the Media bias and exposing the hypocristy doesn’t “shame” them or change anything, because they have no shame, and are currently drunk with Power and “prestige” because they have a Liberal Leader and regime and the slobbering love affair is “mutual” they think. So as HE doubles-down on the Middle Class, hayseed, ignorant, racists (everyone who didn’t vote for him) so do they.
    It’s amazing how blind they are as to what it is they are actually supporting! for instance, Obama speaks out against the Russian attitude toward Gays, but is Buddy-buddy, bows to the King of Saudi Arabia, weak on Iran, sides with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Syria. What is their attitude toward Gays? They hang them, jail them, or deport them, say “they don’t have any”
    Liberals are always passing bills touted to be “for the Children, like the big tax on cigarettes for SCHP. But Obama is the most aggressive supporter of Planned Parenthood, even partial birth abortion and continues to give grants and Federal support for killing millions of unborn children every year!

  • Kathie Ampela

    Sorry for the duplicate posts, when I posted the first comment, it disappeared under “moderation” for 14 hours and I assumed it would be deleted. I thought it was important enough to repeat. Media bias or conspiracy is completely up to the viewer to decide.

  • Ed I

    For most of my 40 plus years before I retired I had to work with the news media often weekly. From day one I was amazed at how elitist and arrogant they were; how they somehow knew more that I did, even though most of the time I was “the scientific expert” on the subject they were going to write about. I had a journalist friend take me under his wing and explain the entire journey to become a newspaper reporter. It starts in college and has grown worse over the years. Journalism students, if they are not already liberal or liberal enough, get indoctrinated by far left professors and now entire institutions. If they object or dare question liberalism they are cut out of the elite herd. If they can find a job in journalism, and if they can’t it is always someone else’s fault, they are working for people out of the same colleges, with the same biases. If their work doesn’t fit the liberal mold they are again cut from the herd. And as Mr. Goldberg found out, those that dare question the orthodoxy are labeled heretics.

    • Bob Olden

      Thank you for telling your experience from the inside. We need a book compiling lots of stories like yours!

  • Dagargus

    Cicero to Historians in 80 B.C. “The first law is that the historian shall never dare to set down that which is false. The second, that he shall never dare to conceal the truth. The third, that there shall be no suspicion in his work of either favoritism or malice.”

    Substitute the word journalism for historian. Sadly, Cicero had it right and today personality, entertainment and salaries to journalist trumps the importance of a commitment to truth.

  • brendan horn

    The most annoying thing to me about modern liberal journalists is that they so often find it necessary to pretend they are objective. Most people who pay only a little attention can see that most journalists are obviously biased. Also maddening is when these same journalists present their opinions as fact.

    • 4Deuce

      The Society of Professional Journalists includes this item in their Code of Ethics: “Distinguish between advocacy and news reporting. Analysis and commentary should be labeled and not misrepresent fact or context.” So, how well does YOUR hometown newspaper rate against this Code of Ethics item?

  • americalsgt

    Youngstown Ohio. Market street used to thrive when sheet and tube was there. Now it’s a ghost town. Going to Youngstown was a big deal when I was a kid, and the Park Burlesque when I was a bigger kid. Now like all those towns around Western PA and Eastern OH it’s nothingness and hope is gone.

    • 4Deuce

      I was an Americal E5 too – 196th Brigade, 1/46th, 1969-1970. Glad you made it home.

      • americalsgt

        Glad you made it too 4Deuce. 198th 5/46 Jan 70-Mar 71

  • FloridaJim

    I do not believe The Washington Post would have had Watergate had Nixon been a Democrat. The fact Nixon was a Republican and kind of unusual man gave them the freedom to go after Nixon and the Republicans. Woodward and
    Bernstein would have not been allowed to go after Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, LBJ, FDR or JFK their “journalism” quit at the party level. They will deny my contention but what have they done with Obama who is far worse than Nixon in lying, obfuscating and actually killing people with drones….imagine Nixon with drones!

  • bobjr4freedom

    GOOD ARTICLE BERNIE.I like to see you talk more with Bill O’Reilly
    on this.I wish no one was on the left.or the right but the center fair
    and balanced and not favoritism.JFK used to say,”Let us not look for the Republican answer or the Democratic answer,but let us look for the right answer.”I know it’s impossible but seeking the right answer in journalism and
    all occupations can help America stay honest.

  • Spacelibrarian Excel

    Great column, Bernie! The sad part is, though, everyone sees it clear as a bell except the lib journalists themselves. why? simply because they stopped seeking the truth long ago and chose to write propaganda instead. Pravda, anyone?

    • 4Deuce

      Excellent point. Most journalists and left-leaning TV news people still try to tell us their is no liberal bias in the press despite overwhelming facts and the overwhelming opinion of the public. Until those responsible for the bias see it, it will never be changed.

  • happtakytrails

    The Wash Post is NOT a good paper. Never has been and never will.

    You are a stupid man for paying to read it. It only makes you stupid.

  • poptoy1949

    YOU mean this stuff we hear everyday that they call journalism? Whats wrong with it is that it is all Propaganda. You can’t call it Journalism.

  • faxxmaxx

    Good commentary, Bernie.

  • nickshaw

    WaPoo also backs down, a lot, when it comes to publishing comments that disagree with an article or other commenters.
    I’m talking about simple disagreement with cited facts to back it up!
    Not wild eyed, derogatory stuff either!

  • TS1776frdm

    The real Trouble With Journalists? Few Have an Education in American History/Society/ or understand anything about Judeo/Christian Ethics or Ideals. Liberals (Now Named Progressives at Alinsky’s behest) seem nearly clinically ignorant of what made America Great. We Hear, each night or on line the Progressive Palaver that seems to keep those repeating the talking points completely unable to relate past and present real history/current events to one another. They don’t understand Theocracy vs. Liberty or why Egyptian People Can’t Bear the Thought of Total Mind Body Government Control By the Brotherhood. They want True Democracy, not Theocracy under Islam.
    Few Americans are Racists. The Left seems to follow the white Supremacists in their opposite but truly same Racism in regards to the Zimmerman Verdict Yet say nothing about 3 Black 15 year old teens nearly killing a white 13 year old teen. It is Black Supremacy practiced by the New Black Panthers, but few have the guts to do the analogy.. And on it goes..

  • beniyyar

    Gas chambers, really, gassing Jews to death has anything in this universe with selling a newspaper? This rhetoric is scandalous, and you should be ashamed of yourself for using it, and your editors for letting you!

  • Bob Olden

    Please keep the spotlight on this topic, Bernie. Maybe some true journalists will be badgered into doing their job with integrity and blowing the whistle on the editors who cut,paste and twist the stories to be inoffensive to the liberal world view. I have always marveled that the journalists and editors could all be such an un-diverse group, even though they all buy the liberal mantra of “embracing diversity”! I have called them out as cowards because no intelligent person could be unaware of the concerted effort to manipulate the news, but maybe they aren’t gutless, just brainwashed.

  • LAPhil

    Bernie, please. Aren’t you overreacting just a little? Who cares if the guy has a house in the Hamptons? It was just his way of saying he’d bet a year’s pay or something to that effect. He wasn’t trying to show off his wealth.

    • Michael Hudson

      Of course she was. You don’t think she would have bet her house in Flatbush now do you?

  • Seattle Sam

    I don’t expect journalists to relate to hayseeds in Topeka any more than I would expect them to relate to Indonesian Muslims. But if they were doing an article about the latter, I’d bet my house in the Hamptons (if I had one) that they would spend a great deal of time researching them, trying to understand their thinking, and would studiously avoid writing about them disdainfully.

  • davegorak

    If there’s anything worse than being considered a “hayseed” by journalists, it’s being thought of by the Fourth Estate as being racist, nativist, xenophobic, etc., if you dare demand that our immigration laws be enforced and call for deporting illegal aliens.

    • Seattle Sam

      Racist is a word that is rapidly losing its specific meaning. It’s become one of the general slurs applied to anyone not toeing the liberal line. Rather like the way 50 years ago the term “Communist” lost its meaning when it became a slur directed toward anyone who didn’t loudly express American patriotism.

      • legal eagle

        Racist is a media term for prejudice and bigotry….Conservatives are equal opportunity haters…they hate blacks, Hispanics, gays, muslims and most of all they hate Obama…

        • John Daly

          The reality is that we don’t even hate the idiots who routinely spread that lame lie. We pity them.

          • legal eagle

            The latest in Conservative talking points….everyone who doesn’t agree with you is a liar….All of a sudden politicians lying is a capital offense?

          • John Daly

            Pathetic response.

            Legal, When you say that I am a racist, that’s not a mere disagreement. That’s an outright lie. And again, I don’t hate you for lying about me. It just makes me not respect you.

          • legal eagle

            I don’t think I said that John Daly was a racist…If I specified you…I apologize…

          • Wheels55

            Legal, don’t back down. Stick to what you said – “Conservatives are equal opportunity haters…they hate blacks, Hispanics, gays, muslims and most of all they hate Obama…”
            However, it seems you, a liberal, talk more about hate than any conservatives.
            I am conservative and I don’t hate any of those people – even Obama. I dislike him as President. That isn’t hate or being racist.

          • legal eagle

            Fine line between hate and dislike…..want to quibble with the semantics? Be my guest….

          • Wheels55

            It is a big line to me. I don’t hate Obama, I dislike him as President.
            Try to figure it out.

          • legal eagle

            You’re emotional state is not my problem…You’re obsessed with hate for anything Obama does or says….

          • John Daly

            Ridiculous. Your arguments keep disintegrating into you telling us what you want us to think, instead of acknowledging what we actually think. Jedi mind-tricks only work in the movies, Luke.

          • legal eagle

            I cant acknowledge what you think because everytime I ask a specific you refuse to respond….I think you’ve been listening to right wing media talking heads. When I ask to cite the basis of your statement you change the subject…I’m still waiting to hear about how FNMA caused the mortgage crisis of 2008…

          • John Daly

            lol. Interesting. Let’s recap for a second (and all you have to do is scroll up to collaborate that the summary I’m about to provide is accurate):

            You started this off by boldly declaring that “Conservatives are equal opportunity haters…they hate blacks, Hispanics, gays, muslims and most of all they hate Obama.”

            Those were your exact words – words that you are now presenting as an example of one of your factual, intellectual arguments that has nothing at all to do with ideology.

            We conservatives told you that we’re not racist, that we don’t hate these people (including Obama) and that your assertion is just plain dumb (which it is). We told you that our problem is with what Obama has done as our president.

            You then tell us that our response (which was basically that we’re not racists) is a right-wing talking point, is not factual, that we sound like a bunch of religious zealots for saying it, that our defense of ourselves is an attack on you, and that I keep changing the subject (when I’m the one who actually stayed on topic).

            The mortgage stuff, as you know, was from a separate column all together, where I posted a link to clarify for you the precise point I was making (again, in a separate column). You, of course, ignored that link.

            Again, all if you have to do is scroll up to see that what I’m saying is true. So honestly man, I’m afraid you might have some serious problem going on in your head.

          • legal eagle

            “We Conservatives” don’t hate anyone, are not racists etc. “We Conservatives” hated Obama prior to his election, are vitriolic towards minorities, despise gays and have as their chief legislative agenda the limitation of a woman’s right to choose…..
            You can classify these points any way you’d like…This is the current Conservative ideology and legislative agenda…

          • John Daly

            lol. You made my point, legal. And sadly, you don’t even realize it.

            Next time you try to accuse someone of replacing facts with blind ideology, come back to your post above and give it a good read.

          • legal eagle

            You have no points…just negativity…..Stay hateful my friend

          • John Daly

            Atta boy. Way to stay on message.

          • legal eagle

            Your arguments are usually ideological not factual….When I ask you to cite a fact to support your ideology you attack me…Debating with you is like debating with a religious zealot…I’d love to hear your take on why government regulation of the banking and securities industry is detrimental to the economy…

          • legal eagle

            I see ….you don’t hate Obama, minorities, gays and Muslims?…You just pity them?…LOL

        • Integrity

          Counselor, How do you know what all Conservatives are thinking? I guess anyone that disagrees with you is a right-wing nut job? As I have stated before, you are intellectually dishonest and a hypocrite. You have also made allegations against Darrell Issa that you have yet to substantiate. It is time for you to become an adult. QED

          • legal eagle

            Sir, The Conservative political position has been fully articulated…Conservatives/Tea Party/Right Wing Nut Jobs/Right wing Media and right wing politicians are anti-gay. anti-minority, anti Muslim and anti-Obama…Want to tell me what I am mistaken about?

          • Integrity

            To quote Rocky Balboa, “And they call ME Punchy.” To quote Clubber Lang, “I pity the fool!!!” I am anti-Obama, but not for the reasons YOU articulate. However, you are mistaken about everything else including the allegation you made against Darrell Issa. I have been waiting a long time for you to substantiate that claim, chirp, chirp, chirp. QED

          • legal eagle

            I’m curious why you are so protective of Darrell Issa? You are anti-Obama because fear and loathing is easier than rational thinking…

          • Integrity

            It is not so much about Darrell Issa. It simply proves a point I have made several times. I don’t think any politician should be above the law, regardless of party. You are not the first person to call my thinking irrational. That hurts my feelings. I prefer to think that my thoughts are several disjoint sets. I find it ironic that someone once accused me of irrational thinking because I said that I do not believe most homosexuals choose to be that way. I am anti-Obama because I like to study historical figures such as Rene Descartes in my spare time. Cogito Ergo Sum. I think, therefore I am. QED

          • legal eagle

            Your opinions are your opinions and I respect that….I also respect the fact that can quote Rocky Balboa…LOL

          • Integrity

            I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. Not my quote, but I am sure glad that some military members were willing to do that for us. Nos ignorare periculum tuum. :) QED

          • Jen

            What are you mistaken about? EVERYTHING! Take off the blinders and use your brain just a little bit.

            Anti -gay? NOPE! I just don’t think we have to change the institution of Marriage to accommodate a small percentage of people. They can have a civil union with all the “bene’s” of marriage. Anti-Minority? Laughable. Look at the Dems for that! Anti- Muslim. NOPE Anti-Terrorism is more like it. Anti Obama- Remember Mrs. Clinton’s obnoxious rant while W. Bush was President ” We have the right to disagree with any administration.”

          • legal eagle

            The gay community overwhelmingly considers Conservatives to be anti-gay…Minorities overwhelmingly consider Conservatives to be anti-minority…The Conservative agenda is one of fear and mistrust of anyone who is not part of their little club….This is why they no longer can win national elections….
            It’s laughable to you because you believe you’re part of the “club”.

          • Jen

            Of course all of your liberal segregation of groups of people believe Conservatives are anti everything and the most evil people on the planet. Your Liberal campaign by Democrats and the press and the public school systems, hollywood, college profs, elites have been brain washing people to believe that. It has worked greatly! Because if people payed attention to what is really happening in Washington and not what is being spoon fed to them, NO ONE would vote for a democrat.

          • legal eagle

            How do you deal with being such a victim? Conservatives no what’s going on in Washington and liberals don’t? I guess all the rednecks in Southern States have now become high information voters? …..LOL

      • worker1950

        A racist has now become synonymous with anyone who disagrees w/ the President. It doesn’t matter whether you voted for him or not – at any point you disagree w/ him or one of his policies, you become a racist. Sadly, the MSM supports this craziness.

  • EddieD_Boston

    The NYT just sold the Boston Globe at a 93% loss. None of these idiots grasp that if your entity sells at a loss (let alone a 93% loss) there might be something wrong with your product and business model.
    You’re right Bernie. These fools take themselves too seriously and are oblivious to what they’re doing to their industry.

    • legal eagle

      Obviously, you did not major in economics….The Times sold off the profitable parts of that investment over the last number of years including the Boston Red Sox, NESN and a couple of other pieces…Obviously you believe that Rupert Murdoch is a gigantic idiot for paying $5 billion for the WSJ….

      • EddieD_Boston

        Right. But the newspaper was sold at a 93% loss, which was what my post referenced. What does NESN and the Sox have to do with my point about the Globe. Your reply is stupid, as all of your posts are.

        Oh, and the WSJ makes a profit. So yes, Murdoch is a pretty smart guy.

        Lemme guess, an English major right? You learned nothing from reading Yates, Hemingway and Poe. Nothing. And it shows.

        • legal eagle

          The NYT purchase included the Red Sox and NESN and a piece of the Globe….How do you know if the WSJ makes a profit?
          I went to law school and worked for a number of years on Wall Street…If you wish to ignore the facts to make a political point you are in the right place….The post is factually incorrect….

          • EddieD_Boston

            My point is the Globe is losing money and the NYT needed to get rid of it b/c they’re also losing money and are treading water. The business model of both papers is failing and they’re both oblivious and don’t have a clue as to why. The Globe has always been liberal. But now they’re out on the looney fringe, like MSNBC. I bought the Globe every morning for 25 years and stopped b/c I don’t want to finance there cheerleading anymore. It was bad enough reading their foolishness during forced busing in the ’70s (funny how the managing editors all lived in affluent suburbs and sent their kids to private schools but couldn’t understand why someone wouldn’t want their 6 y/o to be bused across town to a crime infested ghetto) but at least back then there was actually some diversity of thought. Not anymore. The Globe, like the NYT, is just plain silly. The idiot that runs the editorial page wrote an op-ed critising Susan Komen for her stance on Planned Parenthood and claimed PP was necessary b/c low-income women needed it for mammograms. But PP doesn’t give mammograms. Also, it seems to me breast cancer is more of a women’s health issue than abortions.

          • legal eagle

            I understand your point but it you are trying to fit the facts into your political narrative. Newspapers are in trouble because of technology as is the record business as are numerous other businesses. If you can get it for free online why buy it? When did you ever give a darn about the Globe’s politics?
            Who reads the editorial pages of newspapers? The New York Post. owned by Murdoch, loses a reported $100 mil a year….Newspapers made their money on ads, not circulation…The bid advertisers were Department Stores…those days are over…

          • EddieD_Boston

            The Globe’s editorials start on page one. Same with the NYT.

          • legal eagle

            So? I have never heard of anyone who gives a damn about a newspapers editorial page… I read the WSJ and the NYT every day and I could care less about their editorials…..

          • legal eagle

            Think Barnes and Noble is going out business because they sell books by liberals? It’s about technology….

          • Brian_Bayless

            Its amazing that he cannot grasp the fact that newspapers are a dying form of media because of technology.

          • legal eagle

            He grasps it…He just doesn’t want to acknowledge any facts that gets in the way of his political opinions…

  • http://Horrorfilmmusic.com/ Ramon Espinosa

    the last line made me laugh Bernie-yeah; its the story of dreams.

  • joepotato

    Weeal Bernie, your article was professionally done as usual, and your points are valid. Now, I will proceed down through the iceberg that you left us on the tip of. The evolution of the elite cracker-head journalists did not just happen by some strange fluke of nature. I think the year was 1917 when several tycoons bought a bunch of newspapers after conducting a study. That study was to estimate the number of papers that would be needed to “form” public opinion. To shorten the story, members of the CFR own the 6 major news organizations, which morphed from the original idea to control opinion. There is a documentary (free) on youtube titled “The CFR and the Media” or something like that, which goes into detail. It’s an hour long disturbing story showing the roots of propaganda in the USA. Have a gr8 weekend…

    • Tom Walsh

      Cracker -head is offensive I would not call you a N head but you is one ignorant bum

      • joepotato

        Commie shills are offensive too, genius… Oh BTW, I’m a bitter clinger cracker FYI…

      • legal eagle

        Crackerhead is offensive to whom? Ever live in Florida?

    • legal eagle

      Yeah, Bernie was part of the media “elite” for thirty years but now he’s just one of the folks?

  • Brhurdle

    I think most of us over estimate the importance of what we do. However, I think the analogy this woman used was irrational even for self agrandizing journalists. Maybe we shouldn’t be upset so much at her choice as much as the willingness of the newspaper (??) to print something so absurd. I must admit that it didn’t change my opinion of the WP since it was already at absolute bottom.

  • pupster40

    There area miniscule amount of journalists, only a plethera of opinionists. If they had to be objective, they might sever a synapse, the one that ties them to progressivism.

  • Drew Page

    “Freedom of the press is guaranteed, to anybody who owns one.” I’m not sure who to credit with this quote, but I believe it absolutely. At one point, those who got into the newspaper business saw that people were eager to know what was happening in their communities, their country and the world at large. They recognized that need and saw they could make a profit from satisfying it. They also recognized rather quickly that people believed most everything they read in the papers. News organizations learned they could sway public opinion and the power and with that came immense power. Some owners and publishers of news organizations were conservative and some were liberal. The majority of news organizations today are owned and controlled by those of liberal persuasion.
    The news media has evolved from a communications industry into an entertainment industry, especially in T.V. broadcasting. Reporters vie to be anchor people, not just for the money, but for the recognition and celebrity. Newspaper columnists and talk show hosts vie to be syndicated for the same reasons. The problem with attaining celebrity status is that those who do start believing their own press clippings. They are treated as ‘special’ people and catered to by those who wish to be reported on favorably, such as politicians. Those who report favorably get the trips on Air Force One, White House invitations to inaugural balls, dinners and cocktail parties.
    The vast majority of the public are not celebrities or wealthy. They are just regular folks who want to earn a living and provide for their families. They are the consumers, the people who buy the products the advertisers in the media are trying to sell and they vote. It is not very surprising then that celebrities, entertainers and politicians show empathy with and pander to the masses. After all, if the masses don’t buy what the celebrities, entertainers and politicians are selling, they are out of a job. As the economy worsens, a greater percentage of the masses become fearful and more willing to listen to those who say “We understand and we’re there for you”. Just don’t try to crash one of their parties at the white House or the Hamptons.

    • pupster40

      Excellent post!

  • hihoze

    Bernie: What’s wrong with eating at Red Lobster or flying the flag on the Fourth of July? How about writing a piece on it?

    As a flag flying, lobster eating victim of discrimination and prejudice by Urban Bigots including those with a press pass you might shame them into coming to my defense. Can you turn me into a cause celeb?

    • Indiana Emma

      I would love to eat at Red Lobster but that is reserved for special occasions like birthdays. I’m sure that would be hard for most of these “journalists” to understand. You see, most of our “disposable income” ends up in our gas tank. I rarely see stories about that. They see TEA party sympathizers as greedy and selfish. People who are not willing to help out their snap card using brothers. The truth is we are struggling to keep our heads above water (and our gas tanks full) while being told we are evil –our president says that Republicans only care about seeing that 30 million Americans won’t get healthcare! Yes, it would be nice to go out to Red Lobster by my birthday is months away.

  • Kajon

    Bernie, I guess I’m one of the elite. I don’t eat at Red Lobster. I don’t bowl and I don’t fly the flag ONLY on the 4th. I usually eat at home, but when I eat out, it is usually at IHOP, Denny’s or Crackerbarrel. Instead of bowling I go fishing or hunting and to FB games.

    • ph16

      I think you unknowingly proved Bernie’s point. How many journalists would go to those places you listed on a regular basis? You’re more likely to find a journalist at a fancy french cuisine than you would at Crackerbarrel for instance.

  • Chuck

    When I was a newspaper reporter, I covered some highly divisive political matters. I always set aside my personal feelings and covered them straight down the middle, producing completely bias-free stories because I understood that was my obligation as a reporter. I look at the state of media today and wonder: “What could I have been thinking?!”

    • EddieD_Boston

      The magic work is “reporter”. These idiots call themselves “journalists”, which reeks of self importance.

  • ulyssesmsu

    It’s all about feelings. These people have no connection to the real world–only to their own endlessly-replayed feelings-loop. “We’re OK–Bezos has *feelings*!” Puke.

    • Pelham123Guy

      Darn. You beat me to it. In all my years of reading columns, and replying to some, I’ve never used the word, “puke”, but as i read Bernard Goldberg’s comments about the journalist who compares the Graham’s decision to Sophie’s Choice, ‘puke’ came to mind.
      As the father of twins and going through a divorce at the time Sophie’s Choice came out, friends advised me not to see it. thank god for them, for when I finally did, several years later, it still carried a sucker punch to the gut reaction. “Puke” to anybody who compares the selling of a business to the truly gut-wrenching decision in “Sophie’s Choice”.
      Then, in reading Ruth Marcus’ column, ‘fawning, preening, and obsequious’ came to mind.
      Allow me to posit that it is not enough bemoan the sorry state of “journalism” today. We must ask ourselves what we can do to change the Journalism Schools at universities where these “elites” are born, nurtured and indoctrinated.
      One might also investigate who sits on Pulitzer committees, whether for journalism, literature, etc. Composed mostly of liberals. Maybe there could be “The Breitbart Prize” etc., which, over time, will gain in stature and repute… at least among those in ‘flyover’ country.

      • ulyssesmsu

        Beautifully stated.

  • Peep

    Bernie, I love ya but you live in a bubble town that’s full of big city liberal transplants even if it is located in the South.

  • Bagger

    Again the BIG PEOPLE are befuddled by the buck overriding the need for their privileged personalities to be pampered in a profit driven domain they dominant. Just a thought from one of the small people ;-}

  • Ordinary American

    Mr. Wehner was absolutely correct in choosing the word “melodrama” to describe Ms. Marcus’ words. THAT is what is wrong with journalism today: Instead of sticking to the facts, the MS media chooses to dramatize, exaggerate and “invent” stories. I call that being a novelist and writing fiction. I turned off yesterday’s “press conference, too” and watched a re-run of a real novelist’s work: “Pride and Prejudice.”
    Just an ordinary American

    • therealguyfaux

      One could actually make the argument that what Bernie is talking about is the “journalists’ ” own version of pride and prejudice. Just a thought.

  • gbandy

    When “Journalism” dictates prearranged political talking points and no longer actual facts it is dead. Our media today does not care about the real facts but only is being used to spew propaganda of a particular party. Just look at Benghazi and how certain media has forgotten or just down played the attack. Or better yet look at the “tomato” attack on Dan Quale versus the silence on dozens of gaffs of Biden. Journalism is dead and that is the bottom line.

    • ulyssesmsu

      Potato–but it doesn’t matter which food it was. Obama said 57 states and they all ignored it. If GWBush had said that it would’ve cost him the election.

      • AgentofACORN

        You are both being overly sensitive. Everyone is aware of the idiocy of Dan Quayle. Everyone knows that Joe Biden is open mouth, insert foot. Bushisms were all the rage. I thought the way that he took ownership of them was quite classy. He made fun of himself for them. His cabinet regularly called their meetings “stratergery” meetings. President Obama doesn’t make those types of slips anywhere near the other three.

  • SkyCitizen

    I can’t blame Ruth
    Marcus for being “hyperbolic” about the sale of the paper. When you live a
    lifestyle that is so predictable and assured any suggestion that your future may
    be determined by something so common as a business model is simply
    unacceptable. You can bet Mr. Bezos will ask the paper to improve its
    circulation and profitability. I can’t help thinking that this may be good for
    the paper and journalism, but I could be wrong. Having a wider appeal to
    readers has been known to work in the past.

    • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

      Bezos will probably continue running it at a loss and using it as an ever-more-disreputable mouthpiece of the hard left.

      • hihoze

        Yeah but Bezos will give you free delivery

  • Amerigo M. Cimino

    “Wanna Know What’s Wrong With Journalism?”
    I know what’s wrong; “Journalist” print their own ideas!
    They are opinionated, and comment instead of reporting!
    ALWAYS “suggesting”!
    ALWAYS embellishing their “reports’!
    ALWAYS adding the “In Terms Of”!!
    In terms of; sounds like the former y’know; Y’know!
    It is the journalists constant referrence to the color of one’s skin; that keeps the “color” in the news!
    When will we refer to Americans, as Americans?
    Why is there reference to parts of the family?
    Why is there a reference to the locality?
    How about the name and model of automobiles?
    Is this free commercialism?
    The big problem with Journalism?
    Telling stories; as the “Thousand and one nights”!
    Can we get journalists to “stick’ to the news?
    Your guess is Better than mine!
    GOD; Bless America!
    In GOD We Trust!

  • Joh

    Yesterday Obama held a “press conference” yesterday. I learned yesterday that he did it because the WH press corp had hurt feelings because Obama made news on the Tonight show. Are you kidding me?? Obama is not the STUDENT BODY president and the press needs to stop treating him like one. After a solid week of the hearing about “phony scandals”, not a single reporter asked Obama to explain or even name ONE phony scandal. It has gotten to the point that I refuse to watch the news on TV.

    • Haligonian Don

      Frankly, at the end of the news conference (or should I say Obama’s chance to bamboozle the press) I wanted to vomit. The only time he got up tight about a question is when it was asked by Fox News. The other questions were powder-puff and those asking them – especially CNN – should be but are not embarrassed in asking them.

      • Joh

        Right you are! I expected someone to ask him what kind of tree he would be it he could be a tree. Jay Leno asked harder questions than the idiot WH press corps

      • AgentofACORN

        It wasn’t that he was uptight when asked a question by Fox “News”, it was exasperation at having to treat Fox as though they were an actual news organization.

        • Haligonian Don

          “Agent of Acorn” says everything we need to know about you. Birds of a feather etc.

  • alegalcitizen

    They don’t want us “corny” people that live in flyover country, you know the ones that produce the FOOD on your liberal tables.
    But you do LOVE your illegal aliens there in the Hampton’s, they do your labors mucho cheaper than those legal citizens!!!!!

  • Miss Mellie

    Flyover country? Just how much does Bernie think journalists even HIMSELF can identify with we Southerners who , yes, “cling to our guns and religion.” And If as J-Zee says the police are not going to be able to control the coming black violence, we WILL CLING TO THE 2ND AMENDMENT. As we are NOT going to be beat senseless by black mobs or Islamic mobs.

  • Kathie Ampela

    Good column, Bernie, but elitism in media goes back at least 50 years to the Kennedy era and even further than that (see Walter Lippmann, read a book by Allen Drury entitled “Capable of Honor”) When I was younger and didn’t understand how this game is played I used to believe the elite media and doubt my own views. NO more. The fourth estate really began collapsing 20 years ago for other reasons beyond bias and elitism, however.
    Now, you’ll have to excuse me while I have brunch proudly at IHOP 😉

    • joepotato

      The propaganda machine started much longer ago… check the youtube video (free) “The CFR and the Media” … 1 hour of disturbing truth…

      Enjoy… & your welcome…

    • hihoze

      Woodrow Wilson began co-opting the press with the annual dinner.

    • legal eagle

      So it appears that the “elite” media is anyone you don’t agree with? Perhaps you should widen your horizons?

  • Kathie Ampela

    Lately, every time I try to post a comment on this site my comment disappears as “under moderation” Just testing to see if this works this time…

  • Dave

    As always, I enjoyed this Op-Ed. You make many good points with an entertaining style. I also enjoy the writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and particularly his famous novel “The Great Gatsby” so I feel compelled to point out a mistake. Zelda was the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald not the girlfriend of Gatsby from the novel. In the novel, Jay Gatsby was pursuing Daisy.

  • Bill

    Relax, Bernie. “Sophie’s Choice” is just a term. It’s part of the lexicon, like “Catch-22.” This was not one of your better columns. Take a few days off.

  • Joe

    Seriously? Did you run our of things to write about?

    • legal eagle

      Do you think Bernie Goldberg lives in a shack in Miami…How about O’Reilly’s seaside mansion on Long Island? Bernie, the great journalist quotes a woman who heard a “journalist” say something? Does Bernie care if it was actually said? Does Bernie know who said it? Did Bernie source the supposed quote?
      Bernie lives in his ivory tower and panders to “the people” just like his benefactor O’Reilly…

      • alegalcitizen

        Bill O’Reilly might live in a mansion on long Island, you know where he grew up, BUT he didn’t move to the Hampton’s with all those SWELL folks now did he???? What you think he should live in a trashy house because that’s what YOU would want for him???

  • John Daly

    Great piece! It cracks me up whenever you use Red Lobster as example of ‘commoner’ dining because it’s actually one of the ‘high-end’ restaurants in the city I live in. The local “Occupy” protesters even feel compelled to picket in front of it from time to time. lol.

    • kayakbob

      The Crab Linguine Alfredo tends to vary in my town. I’m just saying..

      • legal eagle

        Varies how? 1500 calories or 2000 calories?

    • legal eagle

      What city do you live in? Maybe you should get out more often…..LOL

      • hihoze

        Maybe you shouldn’t sound like such an urban bigot when posting to the public.

        • legal eagle

          Urban Bigot? I guess you don’t know what LOL means? It was a joke….

          • hihoze

            Yeah that’s right…Urban Bigot. Your LOL doesn’t change the context of your bigoted joke.

          • legal eagle

            Ok…I am an urban bigot…is that the opposite of a country bumpkin? Think Goldberg and O’Reilly eat at Red Lobster often? RL is a great place to get a lot of fattening fast food…..If that’s what you like to eat….good for you….

          • John Daly

            I didn’t take offense to your comment, legal. I live in northern Colorado, where there are lots of great restaurants. In the particular city I live in, however, there are very few restaurants considered ‘high end’. All but a few are mid-range or low-end. The local Red Lobster just happens to have one of the higher-priced menus in town. That’s why it gives me a chuckle whenever Bernie uses it as an example of low-end dining. Now, if he had used “Long John Silver’s” as his example… 😉

  • kayakbob

    Thanks for the perspective Mr. Goldberg. Opinions of “journalist” (sorry I have to put it in quotes these days) by journalist is always interesting.

    When I was in college in the late 1970s-early 80’s I wandered into a lecture hall (mostly because it was cold outside) where a newspaper journalist was speaking to a group of Communication majors. The speaker asked the audience, “why do you want to go into journalism?”.

    What struck me was that student after student..20-30 perhaps, said, in effect, the same thing – they wanted to change the world. Not one of them said they wanted to (simply) report what happened in the city/country/world today.

    So it is no surprise that journalist promote-and-vote the left agenda.

    • EddieD_Boston

      I understand your point completely. In my opinion Bernstein and Woodward ruined their industry. The end result of All the President’s Men is exactly what you describe.

  • fussbudgetjr

    This is why local bloggers have larger audiences than the press and the alphabet soup of networks….

    • legal eagle

      Local bloggers have a larger audience than the press? You have a vivid imagination….just like Bernie and Fox News…

  • BigTruckJoe

    Journalists of today are simply doing the ideological marketing of the Democrats with whom they overwhelmingly agree. How many studies have to show that journalists are biased to the Left to make everyone finally agree that the MSM of today are simply the DNC mouthpieces. If its by story omission or slanting language to disfavor the Republican point of view, journalists today are mere circus showmen barking out the company line…and the company is the Obama administration. Thats why I’m worried about a true ideological discussion in the future and another Republican winning a presidential election. The press realized they got away with it once, anointing Obama President and King, and simply wont stand for any future Republican interference.

  • RickonhisHarleyJohnson

    If anyone would like another example, how about Russ Bynum of the AP inserting ‘(and in)’ to Obama’s geographic mistake, thereby protecting him.

    • Biscuit

      Excellent example

  • T.O.

    Where have the boots on the ground journalists, chasing the big story gone? Is it a race to the “camera” mentality now? I want truthful, no right or left leaning, no slant from the reporter, reporting. Leave me clueless as to whether you are a liberal or conservative. Just the facts, please!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wheels55

      It is amazing that one cannot see the next Peter Jennings out there in the crap reporting on wild events. It may be because the war in the Middle East has gotten old to the general public and Obama declared that terrorists are on the run from us. So, major news networks just don’t bother.
      I do agree that news organizations rush to put bright shiny faces that can speak clearly in the studios rather than make them earn their stripes first. Are they just trying to attract the youthful?

      • VRC

        Unfortunately, Peter Jennings was one of the most biased journalists when reporting on the Middle East. He “raised” a whole generation of young reporter-followers who idolized him and promoted his party line vilifying Israel and portraying all Arabs as underdogs. Of course, having an Arab wife may have influenced him, but if he had adhered to the standards of journalism, he should not have allowed it to. He was also a very pretty face, which helped make him a darling of the liberal press, so his influence and legacy lives on.

  • Kevin M. Sullivan

    majority of journalists today play by biased rules. It’s no longer a
    case of delving into a story and then reporting it. Oh no. Now, it’s
    about creating a story (or avoiding a story) so they can do the bidding
    of a particular ideology. Can you imagine what some of the great news
    folks of the past would think?

    • legal eagle

      How do you know what the “majority of journalists” think? Do you even know what a journalist is?

  • Phil

    The problem with journalism is that the people who enter the profession do so because they want to IMPACT the world and CHANGE the world. That isn’t supposed to be their job. They’re supposed to REFLECT the world – and do so accurately. Instead, most of what we get today is advocacy journalism.

    • legal eagle

      How do you know what people who enter the profession think? How do you know what the job of a journalist is? What a nonsensical bunch of B.S…..sort of like watching Fox News..

      • Phil

        I know because I have worked in the news media for 20 years. That’s how.

        • legal eagle

          What was your job in the “news media”? You are stating your narrow minded opinion….

          • Phil

            A newspaper editor, mostly. I worked with many reporters, and from that experience, I have a pretty good idea of what motivates them. As my original post stated, many – not all, but many – are drawn to the profession to “change the world” or “save the world.” That’s what determined what they chose to report on – and what they chose to not report.

          • legal eagle

            Editors and publishers tell staff what to report on…A reporter in a war zone is supposed to report on “the facts”? What about investigative reporting? What are they supposed to report on?
            You worked with many reporters doing what?

          • Phil

            Sometimes editors assign stories to reporters, other times reporters approach editors with stories they want to write. Nobody will dispute that what happens in a war zone deserves coverage. But what about the reporter who comes to his/her editor and says, “we need to do some stories about gay rights. We need to find some gay people who say they are being discriminated against and do a big story on them.” That’s advocacy journalism. It’s attempting to advance a cause. You’ll never hear a newspaper reporter say, “we need to find a group of religious conservatives who are being discriminated against by their college professors and do a series of stories on that.”

          • legal eagle

            Sir, There are all kinds of stories in the papers, magazines etc.. Good to see that you are homophobic..Have a problem with gay rights? Writing about civil rights is advocacy journalism? Obviously you have a problem with freedom of the press….

          • Phil

            Wow. Way to go assuming that I’m homophobic. Never said I was. Just making a point that journalists use their jobs to advocate for a cause – whether I agree with it or not. Way to jump to conclusions, homey.

          • legal eagle

            If you want to read about conservatives being “discriminated” against read Fox News, The Blaze, Washington Times etc….Why do you think only “one side” is covered? Writing about the issue of gay rights is not advocacy journalism , it is news…

          • Phil

            You’re exactly right – and you just made my point for me. Conservative news organizations engage in advocacy journalism for right-wing causes. Liberal news organizations (which is most of ’em) engage in left-wing advocacy journalism. You have seen the light, my friend!

  • Jac

    Most realy have no clue, we need more journalists to call out the elitist s

  • Frank Thomas Ernst


    with few exceptions (yourself for one) journalists are nauseating to listen to for any length of time ; most of them really are not journalists at all, they are public relations people

  • John Havlicek

    This all is painfully and obviously true. As someone who lives on the “working class” side of East Hampton, I pick up the local paper all the time and see “journalists'” pictures hobnobbing with the (overwhelmingly Democratic) glitterati. They presumably gab to each other over glasses of pouilly fuisse’ at the polo matches about how marvelous they all look, and these folks are supposed to be getting the word out to everyday America? No wonder it passed as simply a well-intentioned minor “slip” when Candy Crowley actually joined in the debate (and with false information supporting the Adminjistration’s cover story on Benghazi no less!?) on the side of Mr Obama. I mean, what reporter in his or her right mind would have the unmitigated gall to get nuts about that! (note the intended sarcasm).

    • hihoze


    • legal eagle

      The biggest house in the Hamptons is owned by the Kochs….Maybe you should get out of the house occasionally….GO CELTICS

      • John Havlicek

        I have no idea what that means, but I’m thinking it’s probably witty as heck!

        • legal eagle

          If you live in the Hamptons and have never seen David Koch’s palace you probably need to take a drive and see how right wing billionaires live…..

          • ph16

            No need, they probably live the same as left wing billionaires do like the Kennedys.

        • legal eagle

          Can you get me some Celtics tickets?….LOL

  • Eric Johnson

    What amazes me to know end is the lack of intellectual curiosity from journalist. It’s as if their ivy league education is sufficient by itself to fulfill any & all curiosity today and forever.

    • Wheels55

      I’m amazed that any journalist would sit in front of Carney and listen to him go on and on while saying nothing informative.

      • legal eagle

        It’s what they get paid for….ever hear of the term ‘job” ? How did they sit in front of Ari Fleischer and Dana “Airhead” Perino?

        • EddieD_Boston

          Dana Perino is an airhead? Based on what? B/c she’s blond? I’ve read many of your posts and you’re not half as smart as you apparently think you are. Seriously, your act is tired.

          Lemme guess…you’re a lawyer and you were an English major as an undergrad. What do you learn from reading Hemingway and Faulkner? Nothing. Don’t ever forget that.

      • richard mcenroe

        How Carney has not been beaten to death by a hail of flying shoes baffles me.

      • JanelleHumbert

        They are waiting to see if his nose starts growing like Pinocchio.

        • legal eagle

          They are waiting for Hannity to pick his nose….LOL

          • JanelleHumbert

            Can’t find his name in this article……your briefs are in need of pulling up.

          • legal eagle

            Stay ignorant my friend…..

    • VRC

      Interestingly, Peter Jennings (referred to above) had no college education at all, and still identified with–and was idolized by–the left-wing elites. Go figure. Maybe it was his pretty face and lovely (Canadian) enunciation.

    • legal eagle

      and you know the intellectual curiosity of journalists because? You must be a right wing pundit with moronic statements like that…