When Conservatives Are as Dopey as Liberals …

With no apologies, I admit that I’m happier when the only passengers on the Crazy Train are liberals.  It’s fun to see them say and do dopey things as the train goes careening down the tracks. Fun is good, right?

But it troubles me – more than you might think – when I see conservatives filling up half the train and behaving like the screwballs on the Left.

I’m bringing this up now because liberals, as you probably know, are in a tizzy (or at least claim to be) because Mitt Romney talked about having “binders full of women” at hand when he was governor of Massachusetts, an obvious reference to binders full of women’s resumes which he used to hire some of them.

Everybody, even the goofiest feminists knew what he meant.  But they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to liken this to a white racist calling a black guy a you-know-what.  Leaving out the word “resumes” amounted to a crime against humanity for these ninnies.

I personally witnessed more than a few Democrats on TV whine about how demeaning Romney’s comment was to women.  But it wasn’t only Democratic operatives who were trying to make more of this than it deserved.  It was also the president and vice president – understandably because they’ll do anything to change the subject from their dismal economic record of the last four years.

“We don’t have to order up some binders to find qualified, talented, driven young women who can learn and excel,” Mr. Obama told a campaign event Thursday in New Hampshire before going on to say he wanted new women graduates “to receive equal pay for equal work.” Memo from Axelrod to POTUS:  Make any connection, no matter how inane, from “binders” to “equal pay for women” (because we can’t win without them).

Joe Biden chimed in saying the binders comment showed that Romney is in a “1950s time warp” in how he views women.  Interesting comment from a guy who told a campaign rally not long ago that we were living in the 20th century.

Okay, you get the point:  For political gain, liberals will feign anger and distress – even if it’s over a harmless comment about binders.

But conservatives can be just as cynical – and come off looking just as foolish.

Which brings us to President Obama’s comment in an interview with Jon Stewart that “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.”

This set off a lot of conservatives, including lots of opinion people on Fox.  They found the remark beneath contempt.  Some free advice to my conservative friends:  Knock it off!  You’re acting just like those crazy lefties over the binder comment.

Mr. Obama didn’t come up with the word “optimal” all by himself.  In his question to the president about the administration’s handing of the Benghazi attack, Stewart said, “I would say, and even you would admit, it was not the optimal response – at least to the American people as far as all of us being on the same page.”

That’s when the president made his “If four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal” comment.

The president made a mistake.  When interviewed, you don’t let the interviewer put negative words in your mouth.  But that’s all it was: a mistake.  It wasn’t a sign of disrespect; he wasn’t belittling the death of four Americans.   And conservatives know it!

I’m tired of this faux outrage designed only for political gain.  I’m tired of it when goofy liberals play the game — and I’m just as tired of it when cynical conservatives play the same crummy game.

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  • Roxiebell

    Bernie if you want to see a conservative as dopey as a liberal, look in the mirror.

    Its bad enough that our Military is burdened with 17 ROE’s in fighting for our country and their very lives doing battle with  a barbaric enemy who has ZERO ROE’s! We don’t need “rules of engagement” to counter progressive socialist statist and “barbaric”  libs and scold those who choose to fight on the low level set by the left.

    Give it a break already Bernie are you are the  BIG DOPE!

  • sendtheclunkerbacktochicago

    Nit picking is in the eyes of the beholder.  What is nitpicking for one person might be a great bumper sticker for another and a whole lot of nitpicking statements will make a great campaign advertisement.  For instance, SENDTHECLUNKERBACKTOCHICAGO!!

  • Kewgah

    Thank you Bernie.  I’m getting sick and tired of the pettiness shown by both parties.  By lowering ourselves to the campaign tactics of our president, we hasten the need to take a bath.

    • Wheels55

      This is why I am glad to see that Romney took the high road in the debates. Maybe attitudes in both parties will change when Romney gets elected (except for hopeless people like Pelosi, Reid and DWS).

  • Phil

    I agree with you, Bernie. Enough with the nitpicking of every syllable. Let’s focus on public policy and issues, rather than semantics and how each sentence could have been worded better.

  • mtshark

    Sorry Bernie, your way off on this one. I agree that we conservatives need not
    nit-pick on many of the moronic statements from the left, there’s so many it is
    not necessary, however, this President has made a habit of using inappropriate language when speaking of the death of Americans. He has made his contempt for those who make the ultimate sacrifice for their country clear in many statements long
    before and even during his presidency. Think for a moment how you would feel if
    it was a relative who had died and you heard the Commander and Chief speak with
    such a callous disregard for the victims. His statement shows who and what he
    is and always has been.

  • http://hotair.com/ StewartIII
  • Wheels55

    When Romney becomes President in January, he will have to grow several layers of thick skin and use his words carefully, even more carefully than he does now. The liberal media and liberal Hollywood will be so pissed that they lost, they will use anything they have to get Romney’s image to appear hazy and dirty.

  • Johnny Deadline

    I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one, Bernie.  One of many reasons I was never tempted to jump on the Hope and Change bandwagon was because many of us still believe that words matter.  Back in ’08 many of Obama’s words didn’t add up and they still don’t.  If Obama was really distraught and angered about the Libyan atrocity,  he would have said as much.  

    While it’s true that Stewart used the word “optimal” first,  it doesn’t excuse Obama’s lackadaisical response.  It seems that Obama was more interested in recycling Stewart’s words in order to connect with the comedian than making the effort to use his own to connect with those mourning the loss of four Americans.  

  • mquez

    Mr. Goldberg – Love your daily articles and have read all your books, but as you say reasonable people can disagree and here I do.  When John Stewart framed the issue with not being “optimal” Obama should have excercised some leadership qualities and politely corrected him.  But, Obama wouldn’t do that with one of his water carriers.  To your point, I don’t like to see conservatives on the crazy train but framed properly it was more about leadership and rising above Stewardt than the words.

    Keep up the great work.

    • jujubeebee

      I agree with mquez.  Obama has been Mr. Words or Mr. Wordplay for 4 years now.  Surely he has a bigger vocabulary.    
      I believe Pres. Obama is laughing behind his supporters’ backs with his “middle out” campaign.   How does that work?  You print money so you bleed the middle class dry while supplying the lower and upper class?
      While word choice may be insignificant President Obama has been playing all of us for fools with how the UN ambassador and the rest of them came out and blaming the Benghazi thing on a video for days then using Candy Crowley to get the transcript showing he used the word terror once on 9/12.   If President Obama wants to play word games then he needs a better word for killing 4 Americans!

    • jujubeebee

      Yes, parroting Jon Stewart is not an excuse for his poor word choice.   Obama has been skillful in using words to his advantage for 4 years and now we are to say ….oh….that’s okay….he was only parroting Jon Stewart.   
      The binder comment doesn’t even come close to comparison.  10 years ago people put the resumes in binders.  
      Obama’s whole campaign is word play and he can’t come up with his own word?  Give me a break!

  • FloridaJim

    It is very difficult for President Obama to make one statement that is 100% truthful he obfuscates, he exaggerates, he clouds the issue and he outright lies. How did this man get elected in America?

  • kayakbob

    Mr. Goldberg – I agree with your basic thought because I too was taken by the Presidents’ use of the term “optimal”. I thought, “can he be less engaged?”. 

    But then I heard the full clip which included the actual question from John Stewart.  Within the context of the question, the Presidents’ response was clumsy, but understandable.  He heard a term and he responded within the context of that term. 

    In fact – and in 4 years I think I can count my defenses of this President on one hand – I suspect had he NOT heard that term used in the question, he probably would not have used it in his response. 

    So, yes. We need to focus on real problems resulting from actual policies enacted in the past 4 years.

    • Ahalbert

       But he said, “we’re going to fix it”. Does that mean he’ll raise them from the dead?

  • Gerpac

    In your next column please explain the difference between between Watergate and Benghazigate. Watergate was a stupid attempt by the Nixon campaign operatives to steal information about the DNC  election strategy. No one was injured, no one was slaughtered.  Nixon paid for this dumb act by being forced to resign from the presidency  and was disgraced for the rest of his life.  The Nixon cover-up was disclosed by Woodward and Bernstein.

    Now we have Obama’s Benghazigate. Watergate  pales by comparison. Here we  have a U.S. brilliant young career ambassador and three young American’s who were salughtered
    and dragged through the streets of Benghazi. There has been a massive coverup by the POTUS his disengenious aides, Secretary of State, press secretary and state department.
    Why is this not being covered by The New York Times, Washington Post (of Watergate fame), AP, major TV networks and almost every major circulation newspaper in the U.S.
    We now have the most corrupt media in the history of our country. If they resorted to credible and unbiased reporting, Obama would be training in the campaign by at least 10 percentage points. Hope you zero in on the dispicable situation.

    • Fishnazi3

      I’m hoping you meant it to read ‘trailing in the campaign.’

  • Farthgum

    “But that’s all it was: a mistake.”
    The mistake was made in 2008 putting this fool in office. 

  • Farthgum


  • Marian Degner

    Bernie, you have bunch of anarchists writing BS on this block..;

  • http://twitter.com/burkanuck R F Burke

    I agree completely! There is no need to stoop to their level and start making up gaffes, they are everywhere within this administration.

  • Kevin

    I had the same thought when I heard the response to the “optimal” comment. It was obvious he was simply reissuing the questioners words in his answer to make his point. But when you’re operating in a double standard it gets frustrating. I have to believe it was too hard to resist the temptation, especially with this arrogant man. That’s an excuse, but the conservative pundits are only human. By and large they are disciplined and focused on the big things.

  • souvoter

    You’re right Bernie; conservatives should leave the little obvious mistakes Obama makes alone and hammer home the fact of what an incompetent potus he is!!!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3OWN6HAJYLKRLCWBBCFRLJAMU VermontAmerican

    Agreed, Bernie, but I think you know that an inordinate amount of feigning originates with the Left. 

  • Mark Brickey

    No, the outrage aught to be that this POTUS saw fit to be playing around with Jon Stewart on COMEDY Central! Instead of talking with a REAL reporter & on REAL news in front of a REAL audience, he made the decision to be on Comedy Central. What a peice of work this guy is….

  • GlenFS

    Bernie, I agree and did personally cut him some slack.  To me though, it shows that his focus was on the political effect and not the tragedy itself.

  • danduckworth

    Obama has the same look in his eyes as the Ft. Hood Shooter.  Thank goodness great Americans speak up!

    • Farthgum

       Obama would have gladly shoot US soldiers with his Islamic-Marxist-Brothers.

  • Roadmaster

    Someone who is more thoughtful, with somewhat better speaking skills would NOT have parroted Stewart’s use of “optimal” back to him.  The fact that Obama did shows him for what we suspect he is;  detached, disinterested and somewhat dull!

  • Kathie Ampela

    What bothers me is not that Obama said the word “optimal” parroting what Jon Stewart said, but he chose to go on a comedy venue where he knew he would be given softball questions.  I can’t recall any presidential candidate go on AS many entertainment shows as this one. He hasn’t faced any hard questions over Benghazi yet. We’ll see if Schieffer protects him at the debate tomorrow.

    Who wants to make bets on what the October surprise will be?

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3OWN6HAJYLKRLCWBBCFRLJAMU VermontAmerican

      The October Surprise looks like The New York Times’ reportage that the White House and Iran will “talk” after the election. This gives the appearance of a foreign policy plus for Obama. I have my doubts. 

      • Blakely

        The Iranians have done this countless times to buy time, but nothing ever comes of it. It’s old hat.

      • Paul Courtney

        I thought same thing, here’s the Oct surprise.  My second thought, “this is all they got, their best shot?!”  Only Obama and his inner circle believe such “talks” are good for anything, but boy do they believe it!  They think this fake announcement will win undecided voters, or energize the base?!  Obama’s inner circle is his worst enemy, and Mitt may get that.

  • soundnfury

    Agreed, Bernie. Both remind me of middle-school children who bully the poor kid as gay because his mom put “Ben-Gay” in his gym bag.

  • SuzyQue

    I hate to agree with you on this one, but, you’re right, Mr. Goldberg.  Optimal shouldn’t have been an issue for the GOP.

    It was, however, an issue for the mother of one of the four Americans murdered.  

    • Joker302

       “It was, however, an issue for the mother of one of the four Americans murdered.  ”

      I see you missed his point. But keep trying.

      • Montana

        Suzy did not miss the point- you are wrong to think she did. The Mother (and ONLY the Mother) has the right to say tat her dead son should not be viewed as “not optimal”- she felt slighted from the POTUS and she should feel this way- as she says, the POTUS still has not called her about this or has he released and real meaningful details of what the heck happened over there. 

        Tomorrow eve- Obama is going to be taken to the woodshed over the whole affair. Believe it or not, Romney set him up in the last debate with the “terror” comment- it will be brutal- but Obama will be shown for the fool he is- a man without a plan- for ANYTHING!

        • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3OWN6HAJYLKRLCWBBCFRLJAMU VermontAmerican

          Montana, I hope you’re right but I take exception: Romney didn’t “set him up.” Romney was obviously flustered in his attempt to nail Obama (and Crowley did her part for Obama).  But I hope Romney settles the score tomorrow night.

        • Joker302

           “and she should feel this way…”

          “Tomorrow eve- Obama is going to be taken to the woodshed over the whole affair”

          You are illustrating the issues with Dems and Reps.

          They don’t care about policy. They don’t care about substance.

          They just want a good ‘ole mudslinging affair.

          One-liners win the day for the majority of Americans with the attention span of an eight year old.

      • SuzyQue

         I see you missed my point.  But, don’t keep trying – it’ll just aggravate you and you won’t get it.

  • Gradivus

    When I was younger, no politician with any self-worth would make hay over slips of the tongue like this, but would react to what it was obvious was actually meant. Not only because it was the fair thing to do, but also because trying to capitalize over verbal “typos” would make them look like fools.

    Perhaps people were smarter then – anyone who’d play the infantile “gaffe gotcha” game would have been rightly ridiculed as mental lightweights. Today, we put them on television to provide political commentary.

  • http://mykhel.cgsociety.org/gallery michael lofrano

     Everything you say is correct and a conclusion that I came to also when I first heard the “optimal” argument.  It is a very little deal and should be treated as such One thing went unsaid, though. Had it been George Bush talking about anything optimal in the same circumstances that very little deal would have been turned into a very big deal by the Democrats. 

     Politics–silly politics–you say….and so do I.  Parity. Equal opportunity silliness. But it would not stop there.  The innuendo and direct accusation from the media would see to it that it became a story, a story as big as the American people would allow.

     In the end, there is no story, and the American people would see it as such. But it would not be from lack of trying.

  • justlisa


  • http://www.facebook.com/buz.chertok Buz Chertok

     The success of Obama’s ludicrous defamation of Romney that, according to polls, was solid until the moment that the gullible public laid their eyes and ears on Romney, unfiltered by the crooked media, at the first debate was solid. Then, a flip in opinion almost instantly occurred. Counting on the public’s gullibility, the dems continue with their exaggerated complaints of which the binder crap is a prime example. The conservatives, in criticizing Obama for his ‘optimal’ remark, are admittedly as dopey as the dems with their’binder’ nonsense but it takes people with a brain to take umbrage at it and, unfortunately that is not an  attribute claimable by the bulk of the electorate. So, Bernie, put a sock in it—you gotta fight fire with fire–and that’s what is going on. 

    • Kld

      Liberals have to grab on to ANYTHING they can right now- they know the game is over, so go with anything people are talking about- no matter how ludicrous it is. They have nothing left in the tank- but for the next couple weeks- we will see everything AND the kitchen sink thrown Romney’s way- just to see if it sticks. 

      it won’t…

  • Bisi

    I’m a Dem but I read you Mr. Goldberg because I respect you. Kudos for your effort to stop nonsense. BTW, Jon Stuart is THE BEST!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6U5XRIOFAXL466VJKDIHO34OIU John

    Thank you Bernie, totally agree with you.  Folks need to lighten up a bit. 

  • http://twitter.com/RROKC Robbie, American!!

    Shoulder to shoulder with you on this one, Mr. Goldberg!  EVERYONE knew what he meant, but if liberals can keep muddying the water, it will continue to divert attention from what’s important. 

  • Ted Crawford

    While I do understand that Jon was refering to the ‘response’ as “not optimal” and, clearly, Obama refered directly to the deaths of our personnel, still with everything else he’s done with his amateurish incompetence, this is simply a straw man, and not worth the effort !

    • http://twitter.com/RROKC Robbie, American!!

      Absolutely right! I have questioned whether Obama even knew what optimal means. Without his teleprompters, he actually is a dimwit! Literally!

  • Blakely

    Please, someone explain to me, what Obama meant.
    If he didn’t mean,”If four Americans get killed it’s not optimal;”
    What did he mean?
    IMO, there is no way that one can equate the inane binder remark  with Obama’s.
    There has been ample evidence that the welfare of the Ambassador did not have a high priority in the State Dept.
    How do you know that he did not mean that the appearance of order  & Muslim sensibilites   was   more important than the lives of  four fine Americans?

    • Ted Crawford

      The problem with this is, I think,  that there are far better examples of Obama’s preference for Muslims! For example his  flat out admittance to that fact in his books. His refering to the Muslim call to Prayer as ” The most beautiful sound in the world” is further proof.
      This arguement over his use of the word “optimal”, is easily, even if incorrectly, comparable to the Progressive rants that the “Binder” comment is an example of Romneys archaic sexism, or that the phrase “Targeted Districts” is militant! 
      Obamas’ policies provide one with a very “Target rich environment” This one isn’t worth the effort!

    • John Daly

      He meant that it was ‘bad’… and he unfortunately played off of Jon Stewart’s phrasing when he shouldn’t have.

      Reading any more into it is a wasted effort.

    • http://twitter.com/RROKC Robbie, American!!

      I don’t think Obama knew at that time what optimal means. I’ll bet a dollar he does NOW, though! 

  • 49corvette

    Hit the nail on the head—who was it anyhow that offered “Straight Talk”—I cannot remember—maybe America is mature enuf for some of that now—think that deck chair arrangement is “not optimal” when the ship hit an iceberg—my 2cents—Thanx for reading

  • “T”

    Mr. Goldberg,

    I agree and had the same reaction as you did when I heard the quote in its entirety with Jon Stewart’s question.

    My criticism of the president, however, is that he should have corrected Stewart at the outset.  “Jon, ‘not optimal’ is not a phrase we would use in discussing an event that resulted in four American dead.”  That he did not say something like this was a revelation of  his own mindset.  What was NOT said was the scandal.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/B3OWN6HAJYLKRLCWBBCFRLJAMU VermontAmerican

      Obama’s problem is that he’s so used to his pals in the media coddling and helping him that he didn’t even THINK to question Stewart’s unfortunate word choice. Obama just expects the left wing media not to lead him down a blind alley.

  • James King

    I agree with your comments about liberals believing in goofy ideas with this proviso–I think that most of them really don’t believe in those goofy ideas–they just want you to think they do if that makes any sense.

    Libs go for ideas meant to appeal to emotion. I have never heard one try to appeal to reason, because reason is never on their menu. They want you to believe in the feel-bad/feel-good ideas they try to sell, but many of them really don’t believe them, but think you will buy in to the absurdity if they can make you feel bad.

    I was married to a lib. She was beautiful and funny and liberal in every way, but when pressed in our times alone with each other admitted that what she wanted didn’t really make any logical sense but she believed them anyway. She really didn’t.

    In many ways it’s like modern people actually believing that the crap they listen to is actually music from talented people. Not!

    • Ted Crawford

      Plato had the same experience as your wife. After writing The Republic, and tweeking it several times, he was forced to admit ” I cannot make it work” ! Yet he followed that statement with another, that I think perfectly displays “Progressive Logic”. He said ” But it should work” ! 

  • IJustHaveAQuestion

    Excellent comparison!  It equates in perfect balance.

  • brendan horn

    I agree with you in theory, but the problem is that if you refuse ever to take Obama and Biden out of context you are sort of putting yourself at a disadvantage against them. We know that Biden and Obama do not hold themselves to any standard when it comes to putting Romney in context. We also know that Obama often claims he is taken out of context when the context is actually worse than the reality. He has demonized Republicans for four years. I am not sure it is overly worth it for Republicans  to hold themselves to a standard that places them in a disadvantage. It would be sort of like fighting with one hand tied behind the back. This being said, if journalists actually did their jobs and were truly nonpartisan there would be less incentive to distort the opponents record because people would be better informed and the politicians who engaged in such behavior would look foolish. 

    • Bob Hadley

      ” We also know that Obama often claims he is taken out of context when the context is actually worse than the reality. ”

      You’re probably refering to Pres. Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment.  Any fool who sees this comment in context knows “that” refers to infrastructure. i.e. roads and bridges.  Anyone who denies this after seeing the context of the remark is either stupid or dishonest or both.

      • Jeffreydan

          Obama was a jerk for making it a point to put us businesspeople in our place to begin with. We know exactly what we’ve built, and without the money the govt takes from us, they don’t get to “build that” infrastructure either.

          BO is in no position to tell taxpaying entrepreneurs what’s what.

        • asl3676

          You’re a business person? Watching Fox News all day is not considered a business….LOL

          • nickshaw

             And playing with yourself all day is not considered business either (even if you call it “gettin’ busy”), Helen.
            That makes about as much sense as your comment.
            Why do libs go to such absurd lengths to comment when they have nothing to say?

        • Bob Hadley

          Yes, governme nt functions on tax revenue.  Without tax revenue, the collective (i.e. the government) could not create the infrastructure that promote commerce.  Duh!

      • Ted Crawford

        There are two primary facts about that statement that point out Obamas’ complete lack of understanding !
        The first is the simple fact that the Infrastructure that he is so proud of (rightly so), was built, in no small part, by the taxes collected as a result of these same business that he derides!
        An even more damning fact is this, if Obama believes that the Government deserves the major credit for the success of these business, due to the fact that they used the Infrastructure to become successful, it simply follows that the Government must then also accept the major share of the responsibility for those such as Ted Kaczynski, Bernie Maddoff, and Mohammed Atta ! They also used the very same Infrastructure to accomplish their goals!

        • Bob Hadley

          “…if Obama believes that the Government deserves the major credit for the success of these business….”

          You’re fighting a straw man! 

          Pres. Obama did not say that gov. created infrastructure deserves the major credit for bus. success.  He was making the obvious point that any reasonable and honest person would acknowledge:  gov. created infrastructure promotes commerce and makes bus. success possible.   He was making this point because many anti-government types go to extremes to minimize the role of government. 

          Infrastructure makes bus. success possible but individual hard work, talent and good judgment is what actually creates bus. success. 

          And yes, infrastructure obviously can be used for bad things (e.g. carrying out terrorist plots) and for good things (e.g. promting commerce).  Education can be used for good things (e.g. promoting commerce) and for bad things (e.g. Bernie Madoff’s or Ted Kaczynski’s reign of terror)  So what’s your point?

          BTW, the collective (government) is created by taxpayers pooling revenue.  Yes, this is obviiously what enables the government to create the infrastructure that promotes commerce and makes bus. success possible.  Duh!

      • Drew Page

        I think that Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment had little to do with infrastructure.   I believe that Obama’s comment was meant to convey his belief that just as individuals are not responsible for their own success, neither are they responsible for their own failures.  If the first part of this observation is true, then it follows that the second part is also true.  Therefore, since success or failure is merely a matter of good or bad luck, it is altogether fitting and just that the government step in to level the playing field by taxing “the  lucky” and redistributing to “the unlucky”. 

        Mr. Obama continually talks about the rich paying their “fair share” and about everyone doing their “fair share” and getting a “fair shot”.   Exactly who are “the rich” ?   On one day Mr. O refers to them as millionaires and billionaires; in his tax proposals though, “the rich” include a person making $200,000 + per year, regardless of where he lives or how many dependents he may have.   What is the “fair share” of the 47% of wage earners who currently pay no federal income taxes?   How much should they be paying in taxes, nothing?    And what does Mr. O mean about everyone getting a “fair shot” ?    As I understand it, all Americans are equal before the law; all have a right to a public school education; all have equal opportunities for employment, providing they have the qualifications to do the job they want.   So what is the” fair shot”, he thinks certain people aren’t getting and just who are these ‘certain people’ ?     

        • Bob Hadley

          “I think that Obama’s “you didn’t build that” comment had little to do with infrastructure. I believe that Obama’s comment was meant to convey his belief that just as individuals are not responsible for their own success, neither are they responsible for their own failures.”

          You are so eager to dump on President Obama that you suspend integrity.  You’re only degrading yourself.

          Pres. Obama was addressing the notion that gov. has little or nothing constructive to offer commerce.    He said that government created infrastructure promotes commerce and makes bus. success possible.

          On the one hand, the concept that gov. created infrastructure makes business success possible and, on the other hand, the concept that individual hard work and sound judgment actually create business success are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, the two concepts go together.

          Look  at it another way.  A good education helps you to become a successs.  Whether you actually become a success depends on whether you take your good education and run with it.  If you actually become successful it is because of your efforts, judgment and talents (even though you received invaluable help along the way).  If you choose not to use your education or choose to use it in a bad way, then it’s your own fault. 

      • Tim Ned

        I wonder why Henry Ford didn’t wait for the infrastructures, i.e. roads and bridges, before he rolled out his first car?  Or why Edison didn’t wait for the power plants before inventing that first light bulb?  The Obama context gets more silly ever time I read it.

        • Bob Hadley

          There were roads and bridges long before Mr. Ford developed the automobile.  After his invention, the gov. improved and expanded the roads and bridges, thus making Ford’s invention ever more profitable and enhancing commerce.  It’s a classic twofer.  the gov. helped to elevate Ford’s invention and, at the same time, expanded commerce. 

          It was a sim ilar story with Mr. Edison.

          You illustrated President Obama’s point nicely.

        • Tim Ned

          Good Defense Bob, but absolutely wrong.  The roads and bridges of the time were unsuitable for automobiles.  Edison built his own power company.  Entrepreneurs, commerce,
          industry, and then government and now those dependent upon government benefit.

        • Bob Hadley

          Like I said, after the development of the auto, gov. improved and expanded roads and bridges.  They enabled Ford’s invention to thrive.

          Of course, Ford’s success was his genius and his hard work.  But roads and bridges made his success possible.  That’s almost axiomatic.

        • Tim Ned

          If you studied the conditions of city roads, country roads, bridges in this nation at the time Ford rolled out his car out, you would finally understand.  Although I am convinced you would not accept it.  Roads outside cities were nearly impassible without a horse.  It was only after the rush by Americans to buy cars that the government became involved.  The model T was designed for the harsh road conditions of the time.  Same with the light bulb.  Edison founded the first power company and provided power to the first streets, businesses, and homes.  The only infrastructure required of government for entrepreneurs is freedom to take risk.

        • Bob Hadley

          Mr. Ned,

          Apparently we’re not communicating well.  We seem to be doing the same thing.   Yes, the existing roads and bridges were inadequate for cars back in the day.  After the invention of the automobile, the system of roads and bridges. such as it was. was improved and expanded.

          You can dance all you want, but most or all businesses would collapse, in fact tyhe whole world economy would collapse,  if government created roads annd bridges disappeared.  It’s such a simple and obvious point.  Why the fuss?

      • brendan horn

        The whole context of a vast array of Obama’s speeches are quite a bit worse than the actual statements that Obama claims are taken out of context. Obama’s “You didn’t build that speech” is an excellent example of his condescending speech toward people who have built a whole hell of a lot more than he has ever built. What the hell has Obama ever built? He takes credit for ending the war in Iraq. He didn’t do that. The war was essentially over before he took his oath of office. The increased oil and gas production of this country. He didn’t do that. It happened in spite of him, not because of him. The death of Bin Laden. He didn’t do that. Our brave soldiers who risked their lives in that mission: they did that. What the hell has Obama ever built?

      • Jpz44

        Bob  —  You sure come off sounding like a dyed in the wool liberal.    You resort to name calling when someone disagrees with you. 

        I listened to the whole of Obama’s commentarywhen he spouted his “you didn’t build that” remark.   Neither I nor the millions of others who take offense at those remarks have taken them out of context.   We know what we heard.   His remarks were demeaning and insulting to those who built successful businesses through incredible hard work, determination, risk taking and loss of time with family.   He and his apologists can say his words were taken out of context, but the damage is done.   There are some words, once spoken, that cannot be taken back. 

        • Bob Hadley

           “Neither I nor the millions of others who take offense at those remarks have taken them out of context.”

          You and millions of others afflicted with Obama Derangement Syndrome were generally offended and looking for something on which to hang your offense.  There were probably some innocent bystanders who were swept up by the Fox (uh, I mean “faux”) outrage.  The Romney campaign and Fox News exploited your state of offense and gave you a pretext for your outrage.

          President Obama was obviously saying that businesses depend on government created roads and bridges.  Of course the businesses themselves are created by hard work, talent and good judgment.  That’s almost axiomatic. 

          BTW, I didn’t call anyone names like certain others on this website.  I characterized the denial of what President Obama said as foolish, stupid and/or dishonest.  There’s also a lot of name calling on the Right.

      • brendan horn

        Bob, I think Obama often whines about being taken out of context. His “you didn’t build that” comments are not really much better when taken in context than they have been when taken out of context. Obama has a very condescending attitude when referring to people who have built much more than he has built; “you didn’t build that exemplifies” this attitude. A similar phrase could be applied to Obama. Obama takes credit for increased oil and gas productivity in this country. He didn’t do  that. It happened in spite of him, not because of  him. Obama loves to take credit for ending the war in Iraq. He didn’t do that. The war was essentially over before he became president. Also, Obama and his surrogates love to tout how Obama killed Bin Laden. This is perhaps the worst of all. He did not do it. The brave America soldiers whose lives were endangered by that mission killed Bin Laden. They should get at least 90% of the credit for killing Bin Laden. Please tell me: What has Obama built? I can’t think of very many things that Obama has truly built.

        • Bob Hadley


          By “that” President Obama was refering to bridges and roads.  Any fair-minded, neutral person would see this.   Granted his remarks were inartful.  But he was saying that businesses depend on roads and bridges, and that without government created roads and bridges, businesses and  our entire economy would collapse.  This is almost axiomatic. 

          The Romney campaign exploits those wiith  Obama Derangement Syndrome by twisting and morphing his remarks into something else.

          You also changed the subject by bringing up a lot of unrelated stuff.  OK, let’s talk about Bin Laden.

          On the night that President Obama announced the killing of Bin Laden, he credited the bravery and skill of the special forces who carried out the task.  He also credited American intelligence.  He has done this time and time again.

          Those with Obama Derangement Syndrome will zero in on the few times President Obama says “I” and will disregard all the other times he gives credit to others. 

          But President Obama also deserves a lot of credit for the Bin laden mission.  When he took office he revitalized the Bin Laden search.  He played an active role in the planning of the mission to kill Bin Laden.  He was the one who insisted on a back-up helicopter.  What would have happened if we didn’t have a bach-up helicopter????

          When the time came, Preident Obama’s team was split on whether to execute the mission.  He made the decision.  The safe thing would be not to have gone forward. 

          What would you have said if the mission was a fiasco?  Be honest.
          My bet is that you and others with Obama Derangement Syndrome  would politicize the failure, screaming bloody murder. 

          I’ve read many of your posts.  You’ll bend yourself like a pretzel in order to carp on President Obama.  There are real issues to be discussed.  President Obama is subject to real criticism about many of the real issues.  But to engage in real issues, you need to be thoughtful and informed. 

          As I’m sure you’re aware, the danger to being thoughtful and informed is that you might be forced to change your mind.  We couldn’t have that, could we?

          Yes, liberal ideologues and Democratic campaigns (including President Obama’s) are guilty of much the same thing.  But, I think it was Bernie who said that liberals must call-out liberals and conservatives must call-out conservatives.

        • brendan horn


          You say his comments were inartful. I disagree with that. I think they were stupid comments even if he meant exactly what you said. No CEO goes around pretending that they have built roads and bridges, except for road builders, bridge builders, and liars. His comments were inane at best. The comments were also quite clearly consistent with the  sort of rhetoric that Obama loves to spit out. How many times has he said “millionaires” need to pay their share. He implies with this that they are not paying their fair share. Worse, he never really defines fair share. Some people pay no share. Do they pay their fair share? 

          Killing Bin Laden was a success. He was lucky no Americans were killed in the mission. If Obama toots his horn too much about Bin Laden, he deserves to lose the election for that reason alone. What the soldiers did was way more courageous than what Obama did. It is not even close. 

          I admit I do not like Obama as president. I do not like his speeches. He is not a great speaker to me. He is effective when speaking to his base, and he can generally persuade enough moderates to his way of thinking but that is about it. 

          I do not have derangement syndrome about Obama. I may exaggerate at times.  I think the internet was created  for exaggeration. However, I generally believe what I write.

          You may say it is changing the subject, but most things are connected. To me, Obama’s worst failure by far is his inability to work with the opposing party. Clinton was able to do this. Romney was able to work with 87% Democrats in MA. Obama had trouble getting things done when he had 60 Democrats in the Senate. I cannot remember the last time Congress was so dominated by the same party as the president (maybe FDR). Why has Obama had so much trouble getting things done. To me Obama’s lack of success in achieving compromise is an incredible failure, a clear lack of leadership ability. He always blames Republicans, but he will have to work with Republicans if he wins reelection. Is there any real evidence that he is capable of doing this? Congress can be partly to blame, but the President is mostly to blame. 

        • Mario__P

          Bob Hadley,

          Thank you for your explanation about Obama’s killing of Bin Laden. Do you think brendan would need such detailed breakdown of the takedown had Bush2 gotten Bin Laden? Brendan would not only give the credit to Bush2, he would probably claim Bush2 was droning the choppers in.

        • Bob Hadley

          “No CEO goes around pretending that they have built roads and bridges, except for road builders, bridge builders, and liars. ”


          No one has accused CEOs of going around saying this, but there are many anti-government types and others who try to exploit anti-government sentiment who go around saying that the government can’t do anything right and that the government should “just get out of the way” of businesses and the economy.

          President Obama was addressing this sentiment by saying that businesses don’t succeed in a vacuum.  Yes, businesses succeed because of individual hard work and good judgment, but businesses also rely on, for example, government created roads and bridges.  What business would succeed if all the government built roads and bridges disappeared?

          Yes, this is an obvious point.  But many anti-government types, often fueled by right-wing demagogues, talk as if this isn’t true.  The point President Obama was making was obvious.  The point I’m making here is obvious.  The mere facts that we’re having this back-and-forth shows how low political discourse has sunk.

          And BTW, people with derangement syndrome usually believe what they say.  I don’t doubt your sincerity.  And to blame exaggeration on the internet is to reject personal responsibility.  I find that many right-wingers who preach personal responsibility think that they and their ilk have a pass on personal responsibility. 

        • Bob Hadley

          Mario,  I don’t know if Brendan is male or female.  For some reason I always thought she was a girl.

          Anyway, if someone she liked were in President Obama’s position and said and did everything President Obama has said or done, I think it’s clear she (or he) would have a vastly different perspective on our president. 

          People like Brendan should simply stop, look and listen, and ask themselves why they hate President Obama.  I don’t have the answer.  The same kind of hate was heaped on President Clinton by the same types of people.  Mass hysteria?  I dunno

          It’s nice that you’re back Mario!  It was getting lonely here without you. 

        • brendan horn

          For Mariop and Blob Hadley,

          I do not hate Obama. Never have, never will. He is a bad president but I do not think that is a justification for hatred. If I saw him, I would shake his hand. I will never vote for him, but he is human being. I think it is fair to criticize him whenever I have the time. This is America. The president is always criticized. It is part of the greatness of America. I may exaggerate about him every once in a while but I strive to be truthful. I do not lie about him. If I have ever lied, show it to me. I would apologize for it. The president himself says he goes to far sometimes in criticizing Romney. Why would anyone pull any punches against him if he rarely pulls his punches. I don’t play rope-a-dope. You play rope-a-dope too many times you become very dopey. I try to avoid punches and then counter-punch. Also, part of exaggeration is humor. Some people have a sense of humor, Bob and Mariop don’t. 

          BTW, I watched the debate today. Obama did not give much credit to the soldiers for killing Bin Laden. He did imply that he was the main reason Bin Laden was dead. The soldiers did that, not Obama.

        • Mario__P

          Bob Hadley,

          I completely agree with you, that many conservatives will agree with whatever their candidate stands for, even if he just changed his position from the prior week. Their biggest, and probably their only, beef with the opposition is that letter (D). Look at Romney during last night’s debate. Do you think the Right will disagree with his recently revised Mideast policies, even though last week the Right was criticizing those same policies, since last week they were only Obama’s? The Right will follow their candidate however he meanders, and this one meanders widely and frequently. Does anyone even know what Romney stands for? What policies is the Right voting for? Beats me!

          Hypothetically, if Obama was currently running against Bush2, now knowing the two leaders pretty well, who would you vote for?

        • brendan horn

          Mario, I know you would not defend this current economy if Bush were president instead of Obama. I think you are confused about Romney. You get misinformation about him from MSNBC or some other source and then say he has changed his positions when he has not. Liberals are mainly upset that Romney is articulate enough to define himself. The changes in Romney are changes from the distortion put out there by liberal brainwashers. It is a waste of time to talk too much about Bush. I will say this: the economy was much better at the end of Bush’s first term than it is now. 

        • Mario__P


          If Bush2 would have faced such an economic disaster and he managed to reversed the economy in only nine months, I would not attack him. Surprisingly, Bush2 actually understood the severity of the meltdown more than most in his party, and thankfully for the nation’s sake he initiated the bailouts. However, because of the GOP economic policies, I highly doubt the Republicans would be able to swing the economy in less than two or three years after such a disaster. 

          And why did you even bother bringing up the economy during Bush2’s second term? Did Obama and Bush2 inherit the same problems? If you still want to compare the two president, look at their net unemployment records. Obama’s net is currently at zero, while Bush2’s was +1.1 percentage points from 2001 (4.2%) till 2005 (5.3%). Bush2 inherited a mediocre economy and he managed to lose jobs in four years. Obama inherited a disaster, and the manged to restore the unemployment rate is where he started at. What do you think of that comparison?

          Regarding Romney’s change in foreign policies, you must have noticed he came across more negotiatory during the last debate than his typical self . He took lessons from the Democrats and abandoned his Republican roots. His presentation during the debate was beyond just being articulate. He talked about working with other nations and using force as the very last resort. That is exactly what Obama is doing and differs from the conservatives’ position on foreign policy. You must have noticed the obvious change on Afghanistan, correct? Romney finally decided to pull out of Afghanistan by end of 2014. That was not his previous position. 

        • Bob Hadley

          ” the economy was much better at the end of Bush’s first term than it is now. ”


          This is absolutely false!  When President GW Bush left office our econommy was in free-fall.  The stock market was taking a nose-dive.  The real estate market was plunging.  Jobs were disappearing at the rate of almost 800,000 a month.  Financial institution were teetering on the brink.  Foreclosures were multiplying.

          Now, we have much more stability.   The housing market is improving and much better than 4 years ago.  Financial institutions are doing much better.  The stock market has almost doubled.  And personally, I’m doing much better than 4 years ago.

          BTW, to call Romney a flip-flopper is polite.  I get my assessments of Romney from Romney, not from MSNBC or or other news network.  I watched all of the debate during Republican primary.  Romney went to great extremes to appeal to the right-wing crazies.

        • Mario__P


          Great minds think alike. I initially made the same mistake as you just did, and I had to modify my post. I also though brendan was talking about the end of Bush2’s SECOND term. But he is talking about the end of Bush2’s FIRST term.

          The reason brendan was referring to the end of Bush2’s first term was because every knows the disaster Bush2 left behind at the end of his second term. But although the economy was better in January of 2005 than it is today, the comparison is ridiculous since the two presidents started with very different economies. Even though Bush2 inherited an OK economy in January 2001, by 2005 he managed to lose jobs, unlike Obama who improved the economy since he took over.

        • Bob Hadley


          Yes!  I just re-read Brendan’s post below and realized my error.   I was blinded by my assumption that Brendan’s remark had a kind of logic to it.

        • brendan horn

          Bob and Mario, you must pay heed to all of the words I use otherwise you will be unable to comprehend my sage words. My main point about Bush was that he was more worthy of reelection after one term than Obama. Pelosi and Reid were the worst congressional leaders of the past 50 years. Study the economy under them and compare it to other congressional leaders. None have matched those two for incompetence. Obama went along with them every step of the way. I will not be following this thread anymore. I am sure I  will disagree with you guys in another thread elsewhere.

          • Mario__P


            How did you conclude that Pelosi and Reid are the worst congressional leaders of the last half a century? Would Boehner and McConnell pass your extensive analysis as the other two worst congressional leaders as well? Like advised, I studied the economy under the two GOP congressional leaders, and I concluded they must be the worst leaders since the great depression.

            And you believe Bush2 was way more worthy of reelection after his first term than Obama is? That is strange, since most of the damage Bush caused was during his first term. During his second term all his chickens came home to roost.

            Bush2’s first term failures:
            1) Drastically lowered the fed rate in 2001 from 6% to 1.75%, which resulted in bidding wars for homes, inflating the American real estate by $2.5T.

            2) Limited stem cell research in 2001, causing a delay in medical discoveries and cures.

            3) Didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol, which would have encouraged research in fuel efficiency.

            4) Passed his 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that cost the government $200B to $400B annually in tax revenue and interest paid.

            5) Passed the 6,000lb vehicle tax credit, which increased our nation’s dependence on oil.

            6) Started the unjust Iraq war in 2003, costing us $100B/year.

            7) Passed his American Dream Downpayment Act in 2003, which eliminated the downpayment requirement and resulted in tripling of sub-prime mortgages in 2004, 2005, and 2006.

            8) Took a surplus in 2001 and turned it into a record setting $600B deficit by 2004, and added unprecedented $1.6T to the national debt in just one term.

            9) Inherited an average economy with 4.1% unemployment rate in 2001 and turned the rate to 5.5% by the 2004 elections.

            With so many of such major blunders, I’m perplexed how people still voted Bush in the second time. I guess all it takes is to pay off the near-sighted and greedy public with some tax breaks.

        • Mario__P


          How did you conclude that Pelosi and Reid are the worst congressional leaders of the last half a century? Would Boehner and McConnell pass your extensive analysis as the other two worst congressional leaders as well? Like advised, I studied the economy under the two GOP congressional leaders, and I concluded they must be the worst leaders since the great depression.

          And you believe Bush2 was way more worthy of reelection after his first term than Obama is? That is strange, since most of the damage Bush caused was during his first term. During his second term all his chickens came home to roost.

          Bush2’s first term failures:1) Drastically lowered the fed rate in 2001 from 6% to 1.75%, which resulted in bidding wars for homes, inflating the American real estate by $2.5T.2) Limited stem cell research in 2001, causing a delay in medical discoveries and cures.3) Didn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol, which would have encouraged research in fuel efficiency.4) Passed his 2001 and 2003 tax cuts that cost the government $200B to $400B annually in tax revenue and interest paid.5) Passed the 6,000lb vehicle tax credit, which increased our nation’s dependence on oil.6) Started the unjust Iraq war in 2003, costing us $100B/year.7) Passed his American Dream Downpayment Act in 2003, which eliminated the downpayment requirement and resulted in tripling of sub-prime mortgages in 2004, 2005, and 2006.8) Took a surplus in 2001 and turned it into $600B deficit by 2004.9) Inherited an average economy with 4.1% unemployment rate in 2001 and turned the rate to 5.5% by the 2004 elections.With so many of such major blunders, I’m perplexed how people still voted Bush in the second time. I guess all it takes is to pay off the near-sighted and greedy public with some tax breaks. .

  • Venter

    For so long the LIBERAL   MSM have  been carrying on in a very mean-spirited way towards  Republicans and others who are not for Obama.  Very often I have question if  they really knew a conservative or  anyone out of the media that was a Tea Partier.   We have been called alot of awful names mostly racists.  We have to be cut a break.  When I got up on Wednesday and heard that the word Binder was another word that had racial undertones I was shocked.  Maybe I wasn’t because the MSM had to find something to make Mitt look bad.  Non liberals think in a reasonable way,  therefore Romney has bad moments during a debate because he gets thrown by what Obama says and how Obama acts.  Romney has to look through Obama stay on target and pretend he is at a board meeting with intelligent thinking  men.   In the last debate when Obama said ” gas prices went  down(something like that) because the country was going into a recession”  I looked at the T.V.   checked my coffee and made sure it was coffee.  Now Mitt has to get throw off having to talk to an Arrogant president and unknowledgeable one.
     Bernie it is O.K. to be goofy once in awhile.   You have to see my dictionary I had to cross out all these bad words  Chicago,  Binder,  Welfare, Illegals, Food Stamps, Peanut Butter, Photo I.D. & on and on! What am I to do with the BINDERS  I keeps my documents in.  There goes another business out of business.  I think I will invent a  new envelope that looks like a binder.  Getting Goofie!!

  • Iklwa

    I find it interesting how the feigned outrage over “binders full of women” was nowhere to be seen (or heard) when we had a fellow who would have the White House full of women…out of their “binders”.
    But then I guess those same feminists were secretly applauding Bill Clinton’s behavior because it “liberated” those women from social, political, moral and wardrobe constraints.
    It has been many years and I still can’t get the idea of that cigar out of my mind…

  • http://twitter.com/ConserveTruth12 Joe Myers

     Sorry, Bernie.
       Hate to do it, but you’re the one who is off their rocker here. Instead of giving substance, you create an article to bitch and moan about nothing at all while you could have said something  of substance..
    let me show you how a real journalist does it……..
     “Barack’s Bigoted Binder Full of Muslims ~ Ignorant of Religious ‘Feelings'”
     ” Chicago Tribune: (3/29/09) In a bid
    to get more Muslim Americans working in the Obama administration, a book
    with resumes of 45 of the nation’s most qualified — Ivy League grads,
    Fortune 500 executives and public servants, all carefully vetted — has
    been submitted to the White House.” Bernie..save your asinine swipes at the Right for three weeks from now…creep.  

  • pomeroo

    Bernie, you made the point for many of us. The left specializes in faux outrage. Let’s not emulate them.

    • Ted Crawford

      One of the easiest ways to cause your philosophyto lose credibility is to argue it with a false or tenuous premise!

    • Drew Page

      For all the supposed public disgust with negative campaigning, exaggerations, falsehoods and outright lies, most everyone agrees that they are effective.   The scolding of conservatives and those on the right to take the high road, not to engage in ‘gutter politics’ may be virtuous advice, but it doesn’t work.   The reason the colonial militias beat the British in the Revolutionary War is because they didn’t abide by the “gentlemen’s way” of fighting battles.   The colonials hid behind trees and boulders and fired upon the British who followed the “honorable” method of fighting by marching, rank and file, out in the open  —  and getting slaughtered.   

  • asl3676

    Good to see the haters are out today….Let see..you hate hispanics, gays, liberals and muslims…..Anyone I left out? How many years did Bush claim he received no CIA warnings about 9/11? Guess that didn’t bother you too much..

    • Jeffreydan

        You’d see racism in a glass of iced tea. You’re a joke, kid.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Koffer/1020263329 Dave Koffer

      you’re an absolute moron!!….and a LIAR to boot, period.

      • asl3676

        The truth is painful….isn’t it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

      Put down your BONG and pick up a History Book.  Obama and his Communist Cadre is a Train Wreck for America and Freedom Loving people everywhere.  

  • http://twitter.com/DianneInIndiana Dianne

    Bernie, I agree with you, but you have to admit “faux outrage” is the only thing that liberals can connect with!  lol

    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      read THE FOX EFFECT and THE NEW HATE and the 24-7 OBAMA HATE MACHINE and maybe you’ll get some insight into that. :) Also please go to the Library and watched OUTFOXED! on DVD. 

      • Iklwa

        Phil, oh Phil…
        Where was your pithy commentary when G. W. Bush was being castigated on a second-by-second basis for eight years?
        Did you see a DVD on that subject and suggest to all they view it?
        Oh, I know, you were in complete agreement and wrote checks to Code Pink and Move On.

      • nickshaw

         What a clown you are, Phil.
        Obviously, you don’t recall a full length movie about the assassination of W during his term.
        Or the hundreds of signs depicting him as Hitler or the burning in effigy.
        Of course, we despise Zero and all that he stands for but, to imply that we have a lock on the “hate” machine is just, plain delusional!
        And if Outfoxed was such a good movie, filled with truth and all, how come that network is still at the top of the heap in ratings?
        Does Fox have a conservative slant? Of course it does. No one would deny it. But the hard news is undeniably fair. Hence the ratings.
        Unlike the LSM!

  • Farthgum


    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      seems like Ol’ Bern’ couldn’t cut it with MSM so now he rails against MSM on the “fair & balanced” station. Interesting.

    • asl3676

      Bernie got canned at CBS News…Why do you think he’s bitter?

      • Jeffreydan

          Go find a thesaurus and please be quick, Bitter-boy.

  • dah

    Bernie,  I hate to tell the liberals, but I have worked in Human Resources for 20+ years and yes, there are still such a thing as “binders”.  These are usually kept as confidential records and list all of the information on “high potential’ candidates.  They are printed out from a database, but many top executives still like to get a handout at a meeting especially when it comes to considering potential candidates for advancement.  They are dicussed, notes added that so-and-so requires more experience in a certain area, etc., so, I’m sorry libs, it still happens.  And they’re still called binders. And HR personnel work very hard to ensure that there is an even distribution on the list of minorities and females for advancement and training. In addition, unlike the WH admin., HR professionals in the private sector do an annual analysis of the pay between men/women and have to justify to the CEO, why it is so, and plans to get the persons doing the same job on par with the others.  Those who have never worked in the private sector just don’t get it. It’s called work.

  • asl3676

    Why don’t you whiners put your money where your big mouths are and go bet on Romney to win the election…..Odds are currently about 2 to 1 on Obama to win so go help the economy and lose some money betting….

    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      I can’t make heads or tails of your post but I dig it.

      • asl3676

        Romney is a significant underdog in Vegas betting…bet $100 win $180…..The 47% on this site should go bet their Social Security checks on Romney…at least they might get some benefit if Romney wins….LOL

        • John Daly

          You know you’re desperate when you have to look at Vegas odds to find good numbers for Obama. lol.

          • asl3676

            I stated a fact…..on which I made a bet….I do not make the odds I only made the bet….

      • nickshaw

         LOL! A lib writes gibberish and another lib doesn’t understand his own language!
        You girls are hilarious!

    • Jeffreydan

        My, you certainly are bitter all of a sudden! What’s the matter, Bitter-boy? All those polls favoring Governor Romney a little scary? Does the idea of a man who respects America taking over for the whiny little girl who hates it make you shiver? Afraid your precious little flower will become an even bigger joke when President Romney improves things inside 3 years? Can’t stand the idea of our representatives overseas being less likely to die a violent death?

        Your child-in-chief is about to get humbled for the first time in early November. Your fear is obvious and your bitterness is pathetic.         

      • asl3676

        I made a sizable bet on Obama….easy money

        • Wally

          we will see if you are still happy November 7th.

          • Jeffreydan

              He’ll be bitter. Count on it.

          • asl3676

            I’m happy everyday….some days more than others….

        • nickshaw

          Betting your mother’s TV doesn’t count as “you” making a bet at all, Helen.

          • asl3676


    • Brett

      More than money, letters and numbers, here’s the deal. Obama wins, I will not make another post on this website, ever. Romney wins, YOU never make another post on this website. Now, YOU put YOUR  money where YOUR big mouth is. Do we have a deal? Show me the money whiner, or every comment you make henceforth will remind us all that you are totally irrelevant as I’ve been saying every time you make one of your ludicrous comments, not to mention your lack of courage and conviction. Courage or cowardice. Tell us what you’re made of and PROVE it, by accepting the challenge. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP.

    • Brett

      I thought so, letters and numbers. No response! You are a COWARD. Like all your lame comments, you again have just blown it out your a.. . Take your bat and ball, put your tail between your legs, and run home little boy. You disgust me. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

  • ohiogal65

    I agree with Bernie and I did hear Jon Stewart phrase the question so Obama answered quickly in the best way he could.  Why can’t talk show hosts just ask a simple question without inserting leading questions. 

    • John Daly

      It wasn’t a leading question. Stewart was talking about the public response to the attack, not the attack itself.

    • http://shawmut.blogspot.com/ Dave O’Connor

      “Why can’t talk show hosts just ask a simple question without inserting leading questions.” 
      It’s because they’re “Stage Managing”.  That requires leading the audience into the ‘Fog of Awe’.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMJUHF4UNZWSLIDRXPSSTOHA3Q Shane

    I disagree. Calling the deaths of Americans “not optimal” is belittling  the importance to the Benghazi attack. Their deaths is a tragedy. The coverup of the Benghazi attack that has been orchestrated by Obama is a major scandal, and conservatives are right to keep pressing Obama on it. We need the truth about this affair, before the election. Obama lied and our ambassador died.

  • Bob Hadley

    Good article Bernie!

    It reminds me of the time Juan Williams said “the wealthy made out lke scoundrels” when Congress extended the Bush taxcuts.  Some conservative pundit actually accused Williams of literally calling the wealthy scoundrels!!!! 

    When called on it, the conservative pundit actually doubled-down on his acccusation.  Go figure.

    • Ahalbert

      Juan Williams is anything but a conservative pundit.

      • Bob Hadley

        You need to take a course in remedial reading. Read my post a few more times. The you’ll realize your error.

    • Drew Page

      Who hired Juan Williams when liberal PBS kicked his ass off the air?   It was those nasty, unfair, minority hating conservatives over at Fox News.    His firing prompted his book, Muzzled, which was hyped on Fox News.   Between the book and his contract with Fox, old Juan became pretty wealthy himself.   I don’t recall Mr. Williams volunteering to pay and extra 5%, or 10% in federal income taxes.

      As for your classification of Juan Williams as a conservative, that makes about as much sense as the rest of your comments. 

      • Bob Hadley

        Can you read???????? I was refering to a conservative pundit commenting on what Juan Williams said.

        • Bob Hadley

          BTW, that conservative pundit was Bernie Goldberg. Comprendes?

  • barjandor

    Where was the left or, more importantly, NOW, when President Clinton was boffing the intern?  The silence was deafening!  These are the same nit-wits who didn’t like Laura Bush only because she married George W.   Total lunacy.  But nobody in the MSM seems to call them out on the double standard.   Guess it’s because self-righteous indignation can only be voiced against conservatives.  

    Don’t agree in giving BO a pass on “optimal”.  Guess the Prez didn’t get, or better yet, read the memo with the questions in advance.  Remove BO from the Stewart interview and put MR in his place using “optimal”.  How’d ya think that would have played on MSNBC, CNN etc.?    Holy cow, if “binders” got them stoked……………… 

  • Bai-shan

    Cheap shot makes people sick!

  • Trspa

    Liberals are desperate and trying to create any issue the can to deflect attention off of Obama’s horrible presidency and inability to lead. Unqualified doesn’t come close to describe Obama. It’s a wonder Biden hasn’t responded to Romney’s binder comment by accusing Republican’s with “they’re gonna put you’all back in binders”!

  • http://twitter.com/kward307 k ward

    As my kids used to say when I interrupted the fighting, “I’ll stop when he stops.”

  • Patrick

    Bernie,  I agree. Getting upset over word choices detract from the bigger issue at hand which trust me hurts Obama.

  • Judy

    Surprisingly, as a conservative, I actually do agree with Bernie on this one. I, too, heard John Stewart suggest the term to Obama, who bit the bait!

  • Barbaravasek

    Even the mother of Christopher Stevens was offended by the comment.  Obama doesn’t seem to be taking any of this seriously and he looks silly being interviewed on the Comedy channel.

  • bobemakk

    Binders of resumes is the only way to receive them unless they are posted on the internet.   The fools who criticized Romneys comments had better wake up.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/XCQGC2VDAWROELL22F7MQJKGF4 Jack Cox

    I know your right Bernie, I just wish everyone would use logic and common sense in anything said or done, with regard to the success or failure of our nation. I sometimes get the feeling there are some people who just don’t care what happens!

  • Marymaturi

    Regardless of what Obama said( which one can never believe),his hopping to Las Vagas
    the next day for a fundraiser says it all!

    • http://twitter.com/PhilSilverman7 Phil Silverman

      yeah, I guess he was limited to pay phones, in that case.

      • nickshaw

         Why not limit Zero to pay phones? He should be able to call all of his supporters personally in a couple of hours.

  • floridahank

    Politicians are full of it.  None of the debates amounted to anything of substance –it was a “beauty contest” to see who came of  better to the audiences.  I think the debates as they are are worthless.  What they should have is both sitting at a desk with a moderator who simply watches that the time is equally used — that’s it, no questions, no comments. Let
    each candidate make their comments, ask their questions for  5 min. each.  Let each of them have control of the “debate”   and that way we’ll see who is better. No “set up” questions, no interruptions — just one-on-one between the two and let the fireworks begin

  • asl3676

    It’s very upsetting when Bernie writes something reasonable….He must be back on his meds…

  • Dallas

    I hear your argument, and I agree, at least in theory.
    HOWEVER…….I am sick and tired of the left jumping on every poorly worded statement, or mistaken turn of phrase as proof of Republican evil, and then when the shoe is on the other foot, the Republicans fail to respond.

    • bobemakk

      In the next and last debate Romney has to “zero in” on Obamas lies and boost his lead and win the election.  I don’t like the liberal commentators that interrupt (Candy Crowley) when Romney wanted to get his point across.  It was obvious that she is a liberal.  What happened to the fair and balanced commentators in these debates?  How could the republicans agree to this liberal media bias?

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      For the left.. that is what they have.  Look at Mitt Romney’s political career, and while he wasn’t the most popular politician, he did well.  His position is out in Wilkepedia and I think it is good.. and an answer to Democrats who make this garbage up on the spolt.

      Obama, by the way, has nothing similar.  So let shuck the bull slinging and work the hard points that Romney will be dealing with.  I think using this link will make a difference too.

      • asl3676

        Romney’s great political career? 3 races 2 losses…He did well?

        • Joel Wischkaemper

          I sense that you are not a citizen of the United States.  The races are not the political career or maybe you do.  The solutions to problems confronted are the political career.  Given all the event that have passed over Mr. Romney in office, it is mildly astonishing he has done as well as he has.  Democrats slander him with misdirection as you have done here with  3 races 2 losses.

          asl3676 made a very leftist condemnation of capitalists in our country on this board.  It was a condemnation you would hear from a confirmed, and left wing communist.  Yet Mr. Romney is not a reactionary political figure or actor, and the condemnation is droll 1950’s condemnation.

          • asl3676

            Wow…calling people Communists? You’re frozen in time like Romney….get back on your medication ASAP

          • Ted Crawford

            Many of us have found it wise to follow Mr. Jeffersons advice where ASL is concerned. ” It is as useless to argue whith those who have renounced the use and authority of reason , as to administer medicine to the dead” Thomas Jefferson

          • nickshaw

             And like all communists, Joel, they deny it’s very existence when confronted (unless they are in a crowd of communists!) as can be seen below.

  • http://twitter.com/rckymtnclarity Jean H

    Obama’s overused  strategy of  sarcastically “turning the tables” and projecting any criticism somewhere else actually worked perfectly because Stewart had already spun the Administration’s response as “not optimal” rather than a string of LIES.  So here we are again, with absolute complicity from the liberal media, arguing over semantics instead of  making Obama accountable.

    • bobemakk

      Obama loves to spin and lie when he has no defense.

    • Joel Wischkaemper

      This IS a bit of accountability, but it is only part of the promises he made.  (Why oh why so short I ask, but look at the Press and the answer is clear.)  Anyone else remember his suggestion that he would accomplish tort reform?  BUT.. the link:

  • Marian Degner

    Conservatives took Nation On the ” Crazy Down Hill Train” with no Breaks in 2007.
    Nation stop them, Put Liberals On the Charge in 2008. Liberals stop the train and save the Nation.Now Liberals climbing with this train Up Hill, Up to Summits and on the Horizons, to touch, see and enjoy peaceful Life Ride and Beautiful scenery ! I’m exited for US !

    • Ted Crawford

      Slight flaws here, both with your timing and your premise. The Progressives were elected in 2006 and took control in January of 2007, with the swearing-in of the 109th. Congress. Harry Reid – Senate Majority Leader – (D) Nevada and Nancy Pelosi – Speaker of the House – (D) California!
      In accordance with  Constitutional Mandates, specifically Article 1 Sections 7 & 9, funded,, largely by provisions of the 16th. Amendment. The Congress is expected to honor the provisions of Article 1, Section 8 , leaving everything else to be addressed by the Tenth Amendment.
      What actually happened? Bush ’43’s administration had run an average anual budget deficit increase of 2.7% for the previous 6 years. Begining about mid-2007 this deficit increase began a meteroric rise, culminating about mid-2008 at over 6%! The collapse of the economic system followed a couple of months later!

  • http://twitter.com/pianobymoonlite Erika

    TOTALLY agree about the ‘not optimal’ wording.  It’s bogus to say that that’s proof of his insensitivity.  He was using the word Stewart had put into play, actually trying to be sarcastic with it probably.  Keep in mind, I do NOT trust, nor will ever trust Obama.   I believe he’s done these things purposely to whittle away at America’s power, standing and existence frankly.  But this was indeed beneath Hannity, et al.  O’Reilly was the only one I’d heard on t.v. calling this off, and I’m not that great a fan of Mr. O’R. so knock it off guys.

  • Mbabbitt

    Bernie, I have to disagree with you here. I think it’s true Obama followed a lead by Stewart with the language used in that moment but if something like the death of 4 Americans affected him deeply he should have immediately added that that is a terrible way to put it and that this is a horrible tragedy for our country and their families. Or at the very least announced to the press immediately after the show how he wanted to reword what he said. This was more that taking a few missing words about a binder gaffe and trying to make it into something silly. This was talking about the death of 4 murdered Americans  in the service of their country -as less than optimal. Big difference. The real problem is Obama going on Comedy in the first place and other comedy shows to discuss such deadly topics. Even Stewart’s initial characterization shows a callousness and shallowness that pollutes our culture today. Obama got caught up in it – and that his responsibility. If he’s the smartest person in the room, that can’t be a room filled with that smart people.

  • E. Jay Nilsson

    Right on Bernie!  Making that inane criticism of  Obama  1),  implicitly conveys the impression  that the GOP has no substantive critiques of the encumbrant and 2), actually steals precious time from making substantive critiques.  The president has offered up to Republicans  a rich sm0rgasbord of triple-A rated screw-ups.  So why not select the optimal targets?        

  • Jeffreydan

    Part of me wants to ask any liberals annoyed by the conservatives’ reaction to this, “sucks, doesn’t it?”

      I didn’t think anything would or should have been made of BO’s response either. The only offense I saw was Obama didn’t actually answer the question. Like other politicians but worse, Obama acts like he processes hard questions differently: something like “who dropped the ball following the attack in Libya?”, by the time it reaches his brain, becomes “Would you be so kind as to ramble out a brief campaign speech?”     

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Roscoe-Bonnifitucci/100000459519027 Roscoe Bonnifitucci

    The Racist Turd in the White House would be singing a different story if it were Black Americans raped, tortured and murdered in Benghazi. Where is the Selective Big Mouth Outrage? Barack Lied to America for over 2 weeks when we know the 5 hour murder scene was being watched live in Washington.
    …and then the Propaganda Machine a’la Axelrod comes up with more Fake Women Crap!  My wife, who is normally calm and logical, is Yelling at the TV in Full Vocals.  I’m thinking she will pull out her concealed firearm and put down our beloved set.  She says these ‘outraged’ women make her and her sisters look like complete idiots!
    Let’s get it right, Obama and his group of Liars, Phonies and Fakes learned from a World Class Liar, Phony, Fake, Fraud, Thief and Traitor…Barack Hussein Obama himself.  Time to throw the bum out with the rest of the dung in the White House.  

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/XCQGC2VDAWROELL22F7MQJKGF4 Jack Cox

      Beautifully said Roscoe!!  Love the last name too!  Your wife is the kind of woman I wish all women would be like. Intelligent, normal, sane, common senseical (not sure this is a word-Ha!) logical, and a happy person! If all the women in this country cared enough, like her, I wouldn’t have to worry about this nation. However; there are some really stupid people (liberals) in our nation, both men and women, who seem not to care about what happens in the future to the country or the rest of us. Thanks for your statement, made me feel good!!  Jack

  • costhetadtheta

    It’s hard not to root against Obama whenever you can but I really got annoyed by this.  It bothers me in general when my conservative friends and relatives focus on this kind of stuff.  Stop trying to call him a Muslim or a foreign born communist and focus on the points that are going to sway swing voters.  It doesn’t matter if you have evidence enough to prove the man is Satan himself, the vast majority of undecided voters are going to tune you out if you go after them with that line of reasoning.

  • suki33

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one with this thought. When I first heard the reports I thought the President came up with this phrasing himself, but then I watched and saw he was parroting Stewart’s  choice of words.

    There is plenty about Benghazi to be outraged about, this faux-issue is not it!

  • joer1


    I  hate to engage in word parsing … it’s so “Clintonian”.   Stewart called the President’s mis-characterization of the Benghazi attack,  “not an optimal response”.   The President called the deaths of 4 Americans … “not optimal”.   He was NOT characterizing his RESPONSE as not “optimal” … he was referring to the deaths.  I think some people – the families of the dead – could legitimately take offense.   Don’t be so quick to throw the Conservatives in with the Liberals on this.

  • Nell

    Who was it that said, ”words matter?”  I believe it was Obama.  The definition of optimal is ”most desirable or favorable.  He parroted Stewart because he was without his trusty teleprompter and it came out wrong.  A lot of Conservative talking heads thought, ”Just how MANY American deaths would be optimal, Mr. President.”   I knew it’s not what he meant but if he goes on these programs, he should be a bit more thoughtful.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Koffer/1020263329 Dave Koffer

    Let us not forget that Anita Dunn, obama’s OWN spokeswoman just recently announced that his administration was a HOSTILE working environment for women, and that they do NOT make nearly the same income as their male counterparts in his cabinet!!…..and yet, obama has the absolute nerve and the unmitigated GALL to go on and on about how much he supports women!!!!…..WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY LYING HYPOCRITE HE TRULY IS, PERIOD!!!  If I were Romney, I would defionitely make n issue out of his absolute pathetic HYPOCRISY on this during the 3rd and final debate Monday night!!!

  • Winghunter

    Liberals snivel like shameless brats to gain politically where Conservatives will only commit such psychotic behavior out of sheer frustration and it won’t take much to spill over to the tree of Liberty.

    Obama has twisted simple words to keep us off guard while he implements his plans for our destruction – We realize we have no choice but to pull apart his lies.

    Obama’s ‘optimal’ comment was to mitigate the deaths while trying to avoid culpability.

    “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the
    plain Meaning of Words!” – Samuel Adams

  • Kenneth

    Very even handed. I was nonplussed by Hannity’s tirade over the ‘optimal’ bit

    • asl3676

      Why does anyone with any intelligence watch Hannity? Pro wrestling is far more informative..

      • Brett

        Letters and numbers, aka weak kneed liberal koolaid drinker. Intelligent  people watch him for just that reason. They are intelligent. Unlike you, who obviously sits on your couch, that’s if you have one, at your trailer park, picking lint out of your navel, while slobbering with beer in hand, over your only magnificent reality, that is Pro wrestling. What a f…ing joke you are making such ridiculous, irrelevant comments. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

      • Marymaturi

        Did you know that the NAACP gave Mitt Romney a standing ovation? Only
        learned that on Hannity.  It was blocked out by other media.

        • asl3676

          If you read the press reports you’d know that he was allowed to invite people of his choosing…An standing ovation is a sign of respect not approval…

          • phantom

            Either you didn’t think or just made up a “fact”.  An audience show respect by clapping at appropriate times and is quiet the rest of the time.  A standing ovation is the highest form for an audience to express a performance or speech was superior.  When you make up “facts” the way Bill Maher does, you make Hannity sound intelligent.

        • asl3676

          Whatever… if you ever attended a meeting like this you’d know that a standing ovation is common and you’d also know that not everyone is standing….What’s your point? It was well reported that Romney was booed so the people there booed him and then gave him an ovation? LOL

  • DOOM161

    If Obama wanted women to get paid equally, it seems that the White House would pay women equally.

    • joer1

       You are right and it was a mistake when Romney did not point that out when he had the opportunity…. however, it’s very easy to be a Monday morning quarterback.  I’m sure there are a lot of things rolling around in Romney’s mind in the heat of the debate.  Some good zings are bound to slip away.

  • Galyn Jensen

    I somewhat disagree. Some of the response was over the top, but, I do think that this comment went to u derscore a lack of seriousness in this President.

  • SingleMama

    I found it interesting that everyone was going on about the “binders’ of women and overlooking the even more offense comment Romney made regarding single parents. As a woman who raised my daughter alone from the time the girl was 6 until she was 18…and with nary a gun in my house…I resent hearing someone say families like mine are the cause of gun violence, particularly when you consider that most of the school shooters, including the two who shot up Columbine High School in Littleton, CO were both from two-parent affluent households.  It’s time for people to stop laying all the guilt at the feet of lone parents.

    • alegalcitizen

      I think you are taking what he said in a wrong direction.
      I think he was talking about all the families that NEVER start with 2 parents, families that have many children and NEVER a Father influence.
      I commend you on raising a child all by yourself, that is a hard feat, it’s hard enough with teenagers with 2 parents!!!  
      There may have been 2 parents in the Colombine households, but apparently they were not paying attention to what their children “were doing”, and what was being stockpiled in their own garage.

    • costhetadtheta

       With deference to your situation.  The vast majority of gun violence from children and young adults occurs in the inner city where a lack of guidance from parents is the obvious source of their amoralistic behavior.  The statistics speak for themselves.

    • http://twitter.com/pianobymoonlite Erika

      I hear ya, was a single mom for years – during the whole Newt Gingrich “we should put those kids in an orphanage” phase.  I’d wake up at 2 a.m. panicking.  I felt so powerless and was so sick of being reviled.  It’s something that kept me seething at the Republicans for years.  However, it’s true that we need to get to a point where (big picture here) we not only value, but work toward, those things which are best for our children.  That automatically leads to what’s best for our families and therefor our entire society.  Overall, kids raised in 2 parent traditional families tend to do best. 

      Slightly off topic: there’s an excellent and slightly depressing book by Judith Wallerstein (I think) called The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: a 25 Year Longitudinal Study.  It’s an important read for everyone (even if you’re not divorced, as it sheds light on how important constancy is etc…sorry, defs off topic)

      You’re not hated, at least not by me.  I’ve been there, but sadly, so has my daughter.  Now she’s repeating it.  Breaks my heart.  All we can do is admit the truths we learn and move toward living them. 

    • asl3676

      Romney’s comments are the inane talking points of the right wing nut jobs that run the Republican Party…It’s rare that guys like Romney venture into the real world…..

      • Jeffreydan

          Yep, good old Obama, leaving the confines of the WH for the real world of numerous talk shows and celebrities’ mansions. You know, places where he’s safe from all the female WH employees who get paid less than their male co-workers.  

  • John Daly

    Agreed. When I first saw the headline on Drudge, I admit I was taken back a bit. But once I saw the video exchange (aka the context), it was clear that Obama was just playing off the phrase that Stewart had used.

    No harm. No foul.

    And yes, it bothers me as well when conservatives play the phony outrage game. There are plenty of things about the Obama administration to be legitimately outraged over. We don’t need the tit for tat, petty stuff. It makes us look as foolish a the MSNBC crowd.


  • DrSique

    I agree with Bernie to a degree. If Obama cared more about the four dead Americans, he would have chosen his words more wisely. But, in my humble opinion, Barack Obama doesn’t care about anyone but Barack Obama.

    • asl3676

      As oppossed to Mitt Romney who cares about 53%….LOL

      • http://twitter.com/pianobymoonlite Erika

        That wasn’t about “liking” them.  That was at a meeting about strategy and where to spend money etc. and where it would be wisest and to whom it would be pointless in spending time/energy/money. 

        • asl3676

          and “these people not taking personal responsibility.” This had something to do with campaign strategy? Your defending the indefensible…

        • Brett

          Erika, you are incorrect in trying to explain my meaning. That is not at all what I meant. He knows exactly what I am saying.  He can not defend my comments about Oblahblah and so like all bleeding hearts and Oblahblah “idle” worshippers, he changes the subject or ignores the dialogue because he’s miffed and dumbfounded. Letters and numbers, stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. Jump. 

      • Brett

        Letters and numbers, at least that’s 53% more than who Oblahblah cares about. Your guy Oblahblah reached his Peter Principle the moment he said yes at his inauguration. It has been a faster than a speeding light decline for him and our country since that moment. His incompetence is stunning. His inability to speak the truth on any matter he engages in is abolutely deplorable and also stunning. Your comments are childish and irrelevant. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

        • asl3676

          “our country”? “our space, time and oxygen.” ?  Who are you referring to when you write “our”?  Whiners?

      • Brett

        No comment on the Peter Principle comment….how interesting. By your ignoring it you obviously have no defense for the incompetent Oblahblah. If  you try now it’s way too late, you lost your chance, slow thinking one. The reference to “one” is you . The reference to “our” of course, you retard, is everyone else who has posted on this site…Everyone else. You have disappointed me letters and numbers, I gave you way too much credit. Stop wasting our space, time and oxygen. JUMP!

  • Cwalms

    You nailed this one. All the extremism needs to stop from both sides.

  • Mmccarthy

    Completely agree. The minute we start parsing the presidents words and trying to find fault in EVERYTHING he does or says, it takes away valuable time (just weeks now) away from the issues that really matter– the economy, our debt, and the ballooning welfare state. Axelrod and the rest of them would love nothing more that to have the other side engaged in a discussion of ‘binders’ and ‘the war on women’. We cannot make this election about small things like semantics. Especially when we have a first term president whose only gift and surviving talent lies in his rhetorical flights of promises he will never keep and shouts of ‘Forward’. Which by the way is similar to MSNBC’s sanctimonious slogan. How optimal.

  • Randy Carder

    Bernie, I am so with you on the “optimal” statement. What was far worse was when Prez BO, said he would fix it. Four brave Americans died in that attack and you can’t fix that! Please tell all the folks at Fox to keep their eye on the ball and get off the “optimal” stuff!

    • nickshaw

       I agree, Randy (and Bernie) Zero using the word “optimal” was merely parroting Jon’s use of it. It would possibly make me flinch if it came out without prompting but, the following words, that he was going to “fix it” were actually the egregious ones.
      I doubt he can fix it for Ambassador Stevens mother or the mothers and families of the other brave men that died needlessly.

  • http://twitter.com/JoeHilgerman Joe Hilger

    Excellent dress-down of Conservatives finding themselves Playing the same out-of-control game as the Dems/Prog/Libs.  There is no up-side for Conservatives to Play the game, except they have opened up attack lines of criticism upon non-playing Conservatives.