Why Did Ron Paul Get a Pass on His “Hates Muslims” Comment?

When I saw the Tonight Show video clip of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul saying that fellow candidates Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum “hate Muslims”, I was sure it had been taken out of a context. I figured that maybe Jay Leno had jokingly asked Paul to describe how critics would try and frame each of the candidates if they won the nomination, or something of that nature. Boy was I wrong. After watching the entire segment, it was clear that he was absolutely defining the two as bigots. I imagine even the most loyal Ron Paul supporters found themselves cringing at that moment.

For the past three years, conservatives have loudly and rightfully objected to the absurd narrative from Obama supporters that people who oppose the president’s policies are racists. Practically every prominent conservative and conservative group with a national platform has publicly lambasted and mocked the vile claim. Yet, now that a presidential candidate from their own side of the aisle has used essentially the same tactic (in front of a national audience, no less) to proclaim that fellow candidates are guilty of religious bigotry, the assertion has largely escaped meaningful scrutiny.

Paul’s apparent reasoning is that someone who supports tough action against a country that happens to be predominantly Muslim is a bigot. Of course, the irony there is that the same logic could be used to categorize someone who supports inaction in response to a nuclear attack on Israel (as Paul does) as an anti-Semite. Something tells me that the congressman would take fierce exception to that accusation.

Now, I wouldn’t expect anything less than passive analysis from the mainstream media. After all, the only thing they like more than scathing liberal criticism of conservatives is scathing conservative criticism of conservatives. They love Republican infighting, and many of them are so loathing of social conservatives like Bachmann and Santorum that they’ll condone any sort of attack on them. My guess is that they probably don’t even think Paul’s comments were all that controversial.

Of course, it would be an entirely different story if Paul had laid those claims on President Obama, Joe Biden, or Hillary Clinton. After all, the administration has presided over multiple wars and sanctions in the Middle East. CIA director Leon Panetta, in fact, reiterated just this week that the administration would take “all steps necessary” to prevent Iran from getting the bomb. This seems to meet Paul’s criteria for bigotry. But if he had directed those comments toward the administration, there would have been an absolute media firestorm. Swarms of reporters would have relentlessly followed Paul around to campaign stops, repeatedly questioning him and demanding that he clarify his allegation. It would have been a topic on all the Sunday morning talk shows. Jon Stewart would have had a week’s worth of comedic material. And of course, the ladies on The View would have been in complete hysterics.

But what I really find interesting is the lack of condemnation and scrutiny coming from the right.

Just a few weeks ago, FOX News ran segment after segment on Jimmy Fallon’s band leader blasting out a song titled “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” when Michele Bachmann was introduced on his late night  show. Just about every conservative analyst on television and radio had something to say about it, and it remained in the national news cycle for days. Apologies were demanded and apologies were given.

But I ask you: Which is worse? The immature insinuation that someone is a liar and a bitch, or an outright accusation that someone is a bigot who wants to “go after” a religion? To me, the answer is simple.

Yet, over a week has gone by and the story has never exceeded that of a passing news tidbit. Most of those who have commented on it have dismissed it as a tacky “cheap-shot” in a competitive race. To me, a cheap-shot is mocking Rick Perry’s failure to remember his own talking point. Throwing out gratuitous accusations of bigotry is not a cheap-shot. It’s deplorable, and Paul’s use of the typically left-wing tactic may have been the most personal and hostile attack from any candidate on a fellow candidate in this campaign. Ron Paul has not offered an apology, and there has been no pressure on him to give one.

Why aren’t influential conservative voices coming out against Ron Paul the same way they’ve come out against Newt Gingrich over his controversial comments? After all, those same people can’t be any happier with him as a candidate than they are with Gingrich.

The default excuse used to be that Ron Paul’s candidacy was so inconsequential to the presidential race that he wasn’t worth extensive probing. But that has changed. Polls are now showing that he has a very real chance of winning the Iowa caucus. While few believe he can win many (if any) states beyond that, his candidacy certainly impacts the race.

Maybe many of those voices from the right checked out for the holiday season. Maybe Romney Acceptance has settled in, and they’re content with letting the remaining unelectables beat each other to a pulp and split the conservative vote to ensure Mitt’s victory. Maybe Ron Paul has gone to the well so many times with his provocative rhetoric that critics have grown tired of addressing it.

Whatever the explanation, I think there’s something very wrong in how inconsistent we continue to be when judging what is acceptable in our political discourse. I fear there’s no limit to how low the bar can be selectively lowered.

Author Bio:

John Daly couldn't have cared less about world events and politics until the horrific 9/11 terrorist attacks changed his perspective. Since then, he's been deeply engaged in the news of the day with a particular interest in how that news is presented. Realizing the importance of the media in a free, democratic society, John has long felt compelled to identify media injustices when he sees them. With a B.S. in Business Administration (Computer Information Systems), and a 16 year background in software and web development, John has found that his real passion is for writing. He is the author of the Sean Coleman Thriller series. His first novel, "From a Dead Sleep," is available at all major retailers. His second novel, "Blood Trade" is available for pre-order and will be released in Sept. 2015. John lives in Northern Colorado with his wife and two children. Like John on Facebook. Follow John on Twitter.
Author website: http://www.johndalybooks.com/
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  • Mel

    Dorothy Rabinowitz’s Attack on Ron Paul


  • Shane

    I find it hard to believe that so many Iowans are seriously considering voting for the cranky old man Ron Paul. I will support any of the GOP Presidential candidates, except for the Libertarian loon Paul. Ron Paul is a true RINO, a Republican-in-Name-Only. Paul has no loyalty to the GOP as evidenced by his vicious attacks on the other GOP candidates. His statement that both Bachman and Santorum hate Muslims is unforgivable and not true. Both Bachman and Santorum (and Newt too) recognize that our enemies are fundamentalist Muslims who are engaged in a Jihad against the USA and the West; Paul does not understand this.

    Furthermore, Paul is an Isolationist whose foreign policy and views on Islam are more similar to Obama’s than to the other Republican Presidential candidates. Paul thinks it’s fine that our sworn enemy, Iran, gets a nuclear weapon. Finally, Paul recently stated that Bradley Manning, the traitor who leaked classified files to Wikileaks, is a patriot! Don’t waste a vote on the mean-spirited RINO, Ron Paul.

    • Mike Jackson

      Shane, I’m in Iowa and I’m NOT supporting Ron Paul. I didn’t know about the Manning is a patriot comment until reading your post. In any event, that doesn’t affect my decision except to affirm that I don’t support Ron Paul.
      He’s got his core supporters here and crossover democrats to skew results, but that’s about all he’s got going for him here.

  • rider237

    RP is hard to understand. i have come to the conclusion that he simply does not have a grasp on human nature. if you don’t understand what makes people tick, you can’t be seriously considered as a leader.

  • Issac R.

    Why would someone who professes that its not true that they don’t like Muslims, go around spreading lies about them?

    Politifact has exposed Michele Bachmann for the liar that she is. At the very least she uses half-truths to promote her pro-war/pro-Zionist agenda.

    She calls the leader of Iran a “madman” when she knows full well that she is using mistranlation to spread lies and slander about Iran.

    Iran does not want to nuke America or Israel:

    “We have already expressed our views about nuclear bombs. We said those who are seeking to build nuclear bombs or those who stockpile, they are politically and mentally retarded. We think they are stupid because the era of nuclear bombs is over,” [Ahmaninedjad] said.

    Ahmadinejad has said some tough things about the United States and Israel, but we find no evidence that he has said he would use a nuclear weapon against either country. In fact, he has maintained Iran has no interest in building one. We rate this {Michele Bachmann] claim **False.**


    • rider237

      seriously? you have not listened to an Ahmadinejad speech, have you? not that i blame you. they are tedious.
      now…wouldn’t he be foolish to say “as soon as i have to bomb, i’m going to nuke Israel”? he’s a nutter, but he’s not crazy….much. instead, he talks about wiping Israel off the face of the earth. is that different?

      you might also want to study the beliefs of the 12ers. fascinating stuff.

      there is a difference between not liking Muslims, and not liking Islamists. those Muslims who want peace and freedom aren’t to fond of Islamists either.

      • John Daly

        The anti-war crowd always dismisses such statements from Ahmadinejad. Even if he came out and specifically said he’s going to nuke Israel, they would claim that his words weren’t interpreted correctly.

      • Mel

        So where was the GOP when Kim Jong Il of North Korea was threatening to bomb South Korea, America and anyone else who got in the way of North Korea?

        Pakistan has over 100 nukes (and we all know how “stable” that country is don’t we?)

        Iran doesn’t even have 1 nuke. Even if it did manage to get 1 nuke, what will it use it on? Israel with 100 nukes? America with 500+ nukes?

        Don’t make me laugh!

        Iran is about as dangerous as a kid with a firecracker (more likely to blow themselves up during launch).

        • rider237

          Irans motivation is completely different. they believe that in order for their end times prophecy to take place, there must be chaos. they believe that it is their job to help create that chaos and usher in the 12th Imam who will create the “new caliphate” and the new Muslim world.
          if they die in the process, that’s fine. there is no guarantee of salvation in Islam outside martyrdom. everyone else has to wait until they die to find out if they made it…if they were good enough Muslims.

          you can’t reason with, or barter with, those who’s goal is death.

          • Mel

            “”…Consider, for example, the CIA-instigated coup in Iran in 1953, which ousted the democratically elected prime minister of the country from office and replaced him with a brutal unelected dictator, one who continued oppressing the Iranian people for the next 25 years.

            It would be fascinating to read YOUR take on the CIA coup. DO YOU believe that the U.S. government was justified in destroying Iran’s experiment with democracy and installing a brutal U.S.-supported dictatorship in its stead? DO YOU consider the CIA’s coup an act of war against a sovereign and independent regime? DO YOU consider it an act of goodness for the benefit of the Iranian people? DO YOU justify the coup by resorting to the old time-honored mantra of the national-security state, “national security”?

            Equally important, how DO YOU perceive the reaction of the Iranian people upon learning what the CIA had done to their country? DO YOU feel that Iranians became angry over the coup? Or DO YOU take the position that it is inconceivable the coup would generate anger among Iranians given that a friend of the United States was installed into power?

            When the Iranian revolution occurred in 1979, after 25 years of brutal and oppressive U.S. government-supported dictatorship, some of the revolutionaries took U.S. diplomats hostage, which was clearly an act of terrorism. What would YOU say about that? Would YOU say that the terrorist retaliation had nothing to do with what the CIA had done 25 years before and nothing to do with the U.S. government’s support of the Iranian dictatorship for the previous 25 years? Would YOU say that the terrorism was instead motivated by hatred for America’s “freedom and values”?””…

          • rider237

            oh mel, if i had a dime for every time someone has cut and pasted that argument off the RP web site…..i’d be a 1%er.

            what i think is that we don’t always do everything right. we are a nation of humans. i do not think that wallowing around in the past trying to identify mistakes (perceived mistakes) to bolster your position as an isolationist is wise, or intellectually honest.

            we have 3 distinct periods of isolationism in our history. all 3 ended in war, 2 of them world wars. that’s a bit of history conveniently left out of RPs rants.

            there is a pesky thing called human nature. humans seek leadership. if we are not leading, flawed as we may be, someone else will be. RP is either uninformed, or naive, or this is just some hook that he has found useful which makes him a pol like any other. take your pick.

          • Mel

            You don’t believe in “wallowing around in past mistakes”?


            You know if it was China that staged a coup of the White House and boot out the democratically elected President and replaced him with some psycho DICTATOR for 25 yrs, well then you would be justifiably angry…or maybe you just wouldn’t be “wallowing in the past”.

            America is allowed to be the world bully …its patriotic dontcha know!

          • rider237

            ok, well, lets let china or iran be the worlds bully. heck, we should have stayed out of both WWs and Germany and japan could have had it all.
            better yet…TJ could have let the pirates raid ships until shipping was killed and we’d all still be burning cow dung for heat.

            i see your point. we are so bad that it’s time we step out of the way and let others have at it.

      • Lgod

        Wow, talk about uifanr interviewing there at the beginning for Ron! Also that booing when he was talking about? 9/11 motives was he at a kindergarten or something?! That couldnt have been adults surely .

  • Glen Stambaugh

    John, could this be why the media ignores Paul’s “missteps”? Nah, they wouldn’t be affected by clueless needlers. Much too dedicated to let that deter them.

    • John Daly

      It really is fascinating, isn’t it? A couple of my friends are pretty big Ron Paul supporters. I’m pretty sure they’d lose their lunch reading some of the comments here from fellow supporters.

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  • Abigail Wright

    Michele Bachmann compared the Muslim threat to Nazis, so either she loves Nazis & Muslims or she hates them both.


    She must be a very sad & unhappy woman :(

    • John Daly

      Complete trash. You’ve got to love how the video was edited to remove the context of what she and Huckabee were actually talking about: The Iranian government… not a religion.

      Abigail, When you post something like this, do you rely on the hope that readers are too lazy or stupid to watch the unedited video and discover the truth?

      Here’s the actual video, if anyone is interested:

      I was hoping propaganda tactics like this would vanish along with the 9/11 truther movement.

      • Abigail Wright

        Abigail, When you post something like this, do you rely on the hope that readers are too lazy or stupid to watch the unedited video and discover the truth?

        No, I rely on the word of John Daly because its the gospel!

        Somehow its OK to slander the good Dr Ron Paul and call him crazy, racist etc but its not ok to call out Michele Iran-is-a- Nazi-Threat Bachmann.

        Jews live in Iran so would Ms Bachmann evacuate the Jews of Iran before invading the Muslim infidels? Or would she bomb them as well. So much for her love of Jews.

        • John Daly

          I have not called, nor do I believe that Ron Paul is crazy or a racist. And there’s nothing suggesting that Michelle Bachmann is a religious bigot.

          However, you linked to a propaganda video, so that certainly tells me something about yourself.

          • carlc55

            Mr Daly – your NeoCon is showing. Your distain for Ron Paul is obviously. You castigate him for speaking the truth about Bachmann and then have the audacity to claim the moral high ground when someone posts a video supporting Ron Pauls assertions. You then post MORE of the same video (an interview by Mike Huckabee of Bachmann) where she buries herself even further (thanks for the vid BTW). Huckabee (also a real RINO imho), gives her a chance to explain her position and she propmtly compares Iran with Nazi Germany. Oh yeah she really LIKES muslims alright. All she can do is spout the same lies and false facts, and good old huchster sucks them right. You GOP establishemnt types are so far afield of the Republican platefrom (posted on GOP websites nationwide)it’s astonishing. The fact that your are a Weld County Precinct Committee Person in the county were I live is disheartening to say the least.

  • James

    There was nothing Ron Paul said that wasn’t the truth. Truth is always a defense to slander.

    Melk – good point on North Korea. I’ve personally wondered where was the United States when 500,000 people got chopped up in Rwanda? How about Darfur? Bosnia? Oppressive regimes are all over the world and Uncle Sam Policeman is no where to be found unless there is a pipeline or oil well nearby. Fighting for Liberty my arse! Band of hypocrites the lot of them. You’ll turn blue in the face waiting for the likes of John Daly to admit any error on his part though.

    PS. Proud Ron Paul Veteran Supporter who loves their country too much to let it get hajacked again by lying war propogandists! Bring our brothers and sisters home!

    • John Daly


      How can a mere guess with no supporting evidence be the truth?

      If someone says that Ron Paul is an anti-semite, is that the truth?

      • carlc55

        Bachmann condemns herself by her own rhetoric. SHE is the scary one. Thank god she hasn’t got a chance of becoming President.

        • Mike Jackson

          “Bachmann condemns herself by her own rhetoric. SHE is the scary one. Thank god she hasn’t got a chance of becoming President”

          Neither does Ron Paul.

  • John Daly

    Melk, You’re a riot. You can’t defend your argument so you randomly accuse me of supporting Japanese internment camps? It’s times like this that I reaffirm my opposition to drug legalization.

    • Melk

      John, you were the one who supported “hard-line” tactics against Asians not me.

      • John Daly

        Obviously, I was talking about the atomic bomb.

        • Melk

          Nuke all the Asian women, children, elderly…. But its only collateral damage. End justifies the means?
          Is that it?

          • John Daly

            Time to stop feeding the troll.

  • brad gillespie

    I’m not so sure how anyone in this country could spend too much time defending radical muslims anywhere, or take lightly the overwhelming evidence of what a corrupt, dishonest regime Iran is. Dark age, religious monstrosities such as Iran, pose a serious threat to any civilized country — and only the worse can be assumed about them. I think Paul has a lot of great, basic ideas that should be instituted in this country — ideas the adhere to our constitutional rights and limit government. But he hasn’t got a clue about what should happen beyond our borders; his libertarian stance is absurd when it comes to feudal dictatorships that rely on dark age mysticism for their guidance. Besides which, he does look like a frothing idiot when gets cranked up during the debates.

    • Melk

      Ooohhhhh….RADICAL Muslims…. Scary!

      Hey guess what brad, there are RADICALS in every religion including christianity…. Maybe we should take a closer look at the deep south where all those KKK/white supremist radicals live and rout them out before another federal building goes up in flames.

      Obama just signed away the bill of rights and your worried about corrupt regimes overseas?

      • EddieD_Boston

        Somehow I doubt the double-digit IQ redneck white supremacists are planning on flying 747s into skyscrapers let alone doing it in the name of Christianity. Your analogy is beyond stupid.

        Any instances of rednecks sentencing 12 y/o girls who’ve been raped to 100 lashes?

        Just wondering.

      • Joe

        Melk, you miss the crucial point. It’s getting tiresome having to repeat it to, presumably, adults, when it’s so obvious, but, since you elide smoothly past it I’ll try again. When Christians engage in violence, no matter how fervently they declare themselves to be doing God’s work, they are either deluded, or outright evil. There is not a *word* in the New Testament ordering, enjoining, encouraging, or even *permitting* Christians to kill other folks for not being Christian. Compare the koran and haditha, where the commands to violent conquest are explicit. When a Christian commits violence, it’s on *him*; when a mohammedan commits violence…it’s because his book *says* he should; in other words, the blame is not on the mohammedan, but on islam itself. See the difference?

    • carlc55

      The utter lack of respect for Ron Paul from idiots like this gillespie clown are the reason why people so vehemently defend him. Personal attacks such are these denigrate the principals and ideas the Congressman stands for and are typical of the insipid drivel presented as reason thought by braindead zombies of his sort. I, for one, challenge inane posters like this when ever I see them.

  • Melk

    I have heard Bauchmann speak and it’s obvious she HATES Muslims….in fact Even her denials proved she hates Muslims “I don’t hate Muslims…I love Americans” WTF is that supposed to mean? Its like a Nazi saying he doesn’t hate Jews, he LOVES Germany… Germany FOR Germans remember that?

    Just as all Jews were branded and scapegoatted by Nazis as blame for Weimar Germany financial destruction (all Jews must be bankers don’t you know) so the likes of Bauchmann, John mcCain and the rest of the neo-con warmongers use all Muslims as scapegoats for “terrorism”.

    I feel sorry for any Muslim living in America right now. Worse days are coming thanks to the NDAA. why not write about THAT John Daly instead of stupid comments on the tonight show?

    • John Daly

      You know…

      I’d heard rumors about the kind of backlash you receive if you write ANYTHING negative about Ron Paul, and it’s fascinating to find out just how true that is.

      In the case of you, Melk, can you really re-read what you posted above and feel that you made a serious, coherent argument? A candidate claims that their stance on Iran has nothing to do with a religion and everything to do with love for country… and you equate them to a Nazi? Unbelievable. Even if you disagree with her policies, it’s cheap and disingenuous to misrepresent someone like that.

      I’m not even a fan of Bachmann’s, and I’ve been critical of her on this website in the past… but it’s amazing to me how unhinged some people get when it comes to her, and how some of Ron Paul’s supporters admittedly defend every sentence that has ever come out of the man’s mouth… even the one’s I’m sure he wish he himself had back.

      • Melk

        Thats funny! John, Please show me ONE word where I claimed to be a Ron Paul supporter?……. Still waiting

        You incorrectly assume anyone opposed to targeting an entire class of civilians based on their RELIGION is a Ron Paul supporter(after all RP=kook in you books!)

        Bachmann calls herself Christian and yet has no problems bombing women, children, babies in Iran (just in case they MIGHT get a bomb and use it) and using water board
        torture on people the US govt does not like.

        • John Daly

          The Ron Paul stuff was a general statement for several of the people who’ve commented here.

          Your assertion that Bachmann opposes Islam is a complete fabrication on your part. There’s no evidence to support it, and that doesn’t seem to make a difference to you.

          Explain to me how you are any different than a common race-baiter?

          • Melk

            Bachmann supports Islam then? Don’t make me laugh! She has stated numerous times that Islam is the enemy of her brand of little “c” chrisitanity . There is nothing Christ-like about her paranoid fantasy of bombing countries who don’t even have the bomb.

            Tell me, if nuclear power is such a threat then why not invade North Korea? No oil there I guess, so who cares about more human rights abuses.

        • Joe

          Melk, take a look at my response above. You can’t logically compare moslems to Germans, because one is an ethnicity, the other a freely held belief. The analogy is *precisely* between moslems and *NAZISM*. The two are philosophies, barbaric and dangerous to the rest of the world. Not all moslems are Arabs, nor are all Arabs moslem. (My dad was born in Syria, brought to this country when he was less than a year old, and, like his parents, his siblings, my Brooklyn-Irish mom, my sister and me, a lifelong Catholic.)

      • carlc55

        Daly you are really proving yourself to be disingenuous. Granted it may have been audacious to be so blunt about Bachmann, but that does not diminish the truth regarding her statements. As for getting backlash from Ron Paul supporters (such as myself) for critizing him, it wouldn’t happen if your criticisms were honest and not so obviously politically motivated. Whether you realize it or not you can’t find fault with his foreign policy without admitting to being a warmonger and an interventionist. You can’t find fault with his domestic policy with out supporting tyranny and the trashing of our constitution. All you can do is focus on a percieved (by you) faux pas, and proceed to whine about how the press is giving him a pass. Maybe that is because most people realize the truth when they hear it. To compare this to some of Gingrichs doozies is laughable. I’m thinking of his
        “we’ve had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs ” and “perhaps the government should allow terrorist attacks to happen … just to remind us of the threat”, comments, just to mention a few. And you wonder why people who support Ron Paul are willing to defend him against the guilefulness of persons such as yourself.

        • John Daly

          I got a kick out of watching my wife read some of these comments last night with wide eyes, a lot of head shaking, and some occasional laughter.

          I don’t get how people like you can read a logical, non-personal critique of someone’s careless comments and take such personal offense. I’ve taken Michele Bachmann to task for reckless comments in past columns, as well other GOP presidential candidates.

          My column was completely honest. No hidden agenda or disingenuous wording. I hold no ill-will toward Ron Paul. I like that he speaks his mind. I wish more candidates would follow his lead so it would be easier to evaluate them.

          But… when it came to the Tonight Show, his remarks on Bachmann and Santorum were classless, ridiculously speculative, and were no different than the absurd claims of racism that Obama supporters use regularly against the Tea Party.

          I get your loyalty to your candidate. I’ve felt it in the past for other candidates. But I’d never lower myself down into the depths of goofiness to defend every last word that ever came out of their mouths. Ron Paul is a man with several admirable qualities, but he’s not infallible by any stretch of the imagination. No one is.

          I know nothing I’ve written will change your mind, but I hope you and those like you can bring yourselves to realize that someone can disagree with the great Ron Paul without being part of some vast conspiracy to undermine his coronation to the presidency.

          • Mike Jackson

            Well said Sir.

            And Mr. Paul’s appearance on the Tonight Show didn’t help him.

            I have long held that the greatest problem confronting the GOP candidates is not one of them has given a compelling reason, shown a sense of direction, and a focus on what he or she will pursue as president, beyond NOT being the current president.

            I will grant exception to Ron Paul. He has verbalized where he wants to take the US. I just don’t happen to want to go in his direction.

          • Jt5542002

            john daly: hey bud, i was just wondering where i can find your article on the the other candidates classless, rediculously speculative remarks. you say you have no political motivations, so man up. the research shouldn’t be hard. hell, thers’s a couple of examples above this comment.  Come on man. let’s see some truly UNBIASED writing.

      • rider237

        john, you might as well give it up. they are like a cult.

        • John Daly

          So true.

        • Mike Jackson

          I’ll take my religion with a large grain of salt, thank you.

    • EddieD_Boston

      Were the Jews in 1930s Germany strapping bombs on themselves trying to kill 4 y/o children on buses?

      Seriously dude, you’re off kilter.

  • Mark Smith

    When you ardently embrace policies that result in hundreds of thousands of deaths among a target population (as does Bachmann), it is reasonable to infer you hate that population.

    • John Daly

      Did we bomb Japan in World War 2 because we hate Asians?

      • Melk

        We bombed Japan because they bombed us FIRST!…remember Pearl Harbor? We also arrested, tortured, starved , and “indefinitely detained” without charges, legal representation or trial millions of Innocent Americans just because they were of Japanese heritage in these things called INTERNMENT CAMPS.

        Now they are called FEMA camps….wonder who they will be using those for now that the homeland is a battlefield?

        • John Daly

          Ahhhh. I see. So if you support a hardline tactic against people who happen to be Asian, there’s a logical explanation. But if you support a hardline tactic against people who happen to be Muslim, it’s bigotry? No other reason, right?

          Thanks for clearing that up.

          And thanks for the FEMA thing. I needed a good laugh this morning.

          • Melk

            Japanese internment camps are/were shameful! There was no reason to do it other than racist fear mongering war zealots who had nothing better to do than punish innocents based on racial profiling. There is a reason over $1.6Billion was paid out to survivors of these US concentration camps.

            Now America is going Dow the same road with the Muslims. Shame on You John for condoning such ignorant atrocities in the name of the “homeland”.

        • EddieD_Boston

          Don’t forget, it was a Democrat president that implemented the policies you mention.

          For some strange reason this is never mentioned.

  • Mike

    Why did you wait so long to write this? The interview was about a week ago. Are you guys starting to run out of things to use to dismiss him with?

    • John Daly

      I wrote it last week, but it was initially posted with the wrong time stamp on the website, so it didn’t show up until the problem was corrected this morning.

  • ivykid

    The only thing that’s extreme is his desire to pull back the reins on this countries out of control run toward bankruptcy, and the removal of our bill of rights.

  • Shirl

    I had so much respect for Fox but this in-your-face bias for Romney is disgusting. I watched that Paul segment also and my jaw dropped; and then silence on Fox. You are absolutely right about no one calling him out on his stupid comments. Apparently, Mitt is the next chosen one in line but a suprise may be in the making when the candidate wins that has earned it and has been selected by the people vs the media.

    • Shirl

      Oh yeah! and it won’t be Ron Paul. I still think Newt is the one to take it to Obama.

    • Priya

      Nice Work. Dont care for the first one but looks good awyany. Looks much better than I could ever do. My favorite is the last one with the good DR. face.

  • Jay

    Bachmann loves Muslims so much that she wants to invade their countries and bomb them into submission.

    • John Daly

      Does that mean that Paul feels the same way about Jews?

      • carlc55

        What an asinine statement – WTH is that SUPPOSED to mean anyway.

        • John Daly

          Really? You honestly don’t get the point I’m making there? I’ll spell it out for you.

          Under the criteria that your candidate has put forth, someone who supports bombing Iran as a last option to prevent them from getting the bomb is only doing so because they hate Muslims.

          So if that’s the criteria, what does that say about someone who is indifferent to Iran dropping a nuclear bomb on Israel? Does that make them an anti-semite?

          Under Ron Paul’s criteria, it does. Under mine, it doesn’t.

  • Chris

    … Paul supporter here. Was not cringing, nor did I think he inaccurately characterized Bachmann or Santorumn. He was certainly playful in his tone though, but reality is that both Bachmann and Santormn have been particularly “hawkish” in their approach to Iran and other Muslim countries. In addition they have predicated their “hawkish” mentality on misinformation and propaganda. Either they are poorly informed which would be a disqualifier, or they are actively spreading lies about Muslims.

    I tend to think they are simply misinformed, but perhaps Paul was giving them the benefit of the doubt regarding their knowledge and simply assumed that they were intentionally spreading lies.

    2 examples.

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad_and_Israel

    A huge part of their basis for wanting military action was because of Ahmadinejad’s supposed threat to “wipe Israel off the map.” This is a blatant lie. Please see above article.

    2. http://www.thehindu.com/news/international/article2615436.ece

    Another major point the “hawks” have used to support their insistence on bombing Iran is the idea that the IAEA has shown evidence that Iran is seeking a nuclear weapon. This is the same organization that provided the propaganda for the U.S. to attack Iraq. Clearly Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. There is a tremendous amount of information that is readily available regarding the falsities found in the latest round of documents on Iran that have come via the IAEA. The above link is one example of many.

    Paul should have just said that Bachmann and Santorumn were ignorant of reality. But, I think that what he said shows he is not afraid to call them out in a bold way for their willingness to kill people based on bad information. Thankfully, Paul is rising in the polls because of his boldness and because of articles like this which inadvertently give opportunity for people to learn the truth via the commenting system.

    Although I know this was not your objective, I thank you.

    • John Daly

      I have no problem with Paul claiming that someone is ignorant for their stance on issues. But I absolutely have a problem with him claiming they are bigots.

      I actually “get” his positions when it comes to foreign policy in the Middle East, and I agree with some of the points he’s made… even over Bachmann’s and Santorum’s arguments (as well as the arguments of other candidates). What I can’t accept is the motivations he attributes to their arguments. He sunk to Obama tactics with the “hates Muslims” nonsense, and he deserves to be criticized for it.

      • carlc55

        From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
        Definition of BIGOT
        : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance

        I would say Michelle Bachmann fits that definition pretty closely given her often stated position on Iran.

        • Joe

          Would you have said that anybody who felt “hatred and intolerance” toward Nazis was a bigot? Notice, now, we’re not talking about *Germans* – just as we’re not talking about *Arabs*. We’re talking about willing followers of a particular philosophy dangerous to their neighbors, their countrymen who believe differently, and ultimately, to the world. To frame the question differently: Is it bigotted to feel “hate and intolerance” toward bigots?

    • Daniel

      Hello my loved one! I want to say that this post is aaimzng, nice written and come with almost all significant infos. I’d like to peer more posts like this.

  • John Daly

    I don’t believe he’s a racist or a nut job. I just think he deserves the same level of scrutiny that every other candidate has received.

  • Brian

    Didn’t you get the “Ron Paul Must Not Win” memo?

    You are supposed to make racist accusations, and call him a nut job, and criticize his foreign policy, and then you are suppose to say “he can’t win” and a Paul win would be bad for the country and minimize Iowa.

    You really need to keep up with your instructions on how to dismiss Ron Paul so you guys can SELECT your candidate, which is anyone but Ron Paul.